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The Weekend

Misty Angel 77

Copyright 1999

All Rights Reserved



"The weekend is to begin Friday evening, slave. Are you aware of how you should be dressed?"

"Yes, Master, in a tight leather miniskirt, no panties, loose red silk blouse, and high heels. Anything else, Sir?"

"No, that will be fine. I expect you to have my clothes packed. You need not bring any clothes, since you will be nude all weekend. Do you understand all the instructions, my little princess?"

I watch in delight as you nod in agreement. Kissing you lightly on the forehead, I leave for work, confident that you will obey the rules I have set out for you.

This weekend has been several weeks in the planning. We have both been stressed from our jobs, and you have expressed an interest in spending an entire weekend as my slave--no decisions, no worries, and most of all, no interruptions.


Our cabin was chosen specifically for this outing. As it's several miles from the nearest neighbors, we need not worry about uninvited guests. And of course, no one will hear your screams! Unknown to you, I have already traveled there and provided us with many of the necessities for our games. All we need do now is to get there.

Friday evening finally arrives. You meet me at the door dressed exactly as instructed. You blush slightly as I reach out and caress my nipples. They stiffen in anticipation. I see the sparkle in your eyes as you begin to anticipate the pleasure, and the pain this weekend will bring! Lifting your hand to my lips, I kiss it gently and breathe deeply of your scent.

"What is this, my princess, do I smell your pussy on your fingers? You know the rules, did you indulge yourself today?"

Your head bows and you frown as you admit to your transgression. You explain that the thoughts running through your mind as you packed and dressed excited you. And that you could not control yourself, even though you know you are not to seek relief by masturbation unless I am present to watch or tell you specifically that you are allowed to.

"Do you wish to tell me how many times this happened?" I ask. My anger grows as you admit to doing this not only once, but twice!

Reaching for your hand, I lead you into the kitchen. I can hear your whimpers behind me. I had hoped to delay the beginning of you punishment till we had reached the cabin, but I see that is not to happen.

I instruct you to lean over the table and grab the edges. Lifting your skirt, my hand slips underneath you and touches your pussy, stroking your clit. You must have done this recently, as your pussy is still wet.

As I stroke the center of your very being, I hear you moan. I bring my other hand down sharply in a stinging slap to your tiny ass. You gasp, and the red hand print begins to show. Again and again I bring my hand down on your ass until every inch of it has turned a bright red.

My fingers have still not left you clit, and I feel you tighten with the beginnings of an orgasm. Stopping suddenly and stepping back to admire the color of your ass, I tell you that you will not be allowed to cum until you have properly atoned for your violation of the rules.

Telling you to keep the position, I retrieve a slim, vibrating butt plug that you will wear at least until we reach the cabin. When I reach for the lube, I see your relief. I smile to myself, for a surprise is yet to come for you.

You arch your ass back and I see your cheeks spread open in anticipation of the intrusion. Your cheeks clinch tightly together as the first of the lube touches you. For you see, I have had both the lube and the plug stored in the refrigerator! Your ass squirms as I force the lube into your tight little hole, and you are whining now.

Spanking your ass again reminds you to stay still. I eventually get plenty of lube inside and begin to slide the plug into your hole. You sigh as the plug finally hits its base and you become accustomed to the feeling.

"Are you ready to start the rest of the weekend, my princess?"

"Yes, Master, I am prepared for whatever you desire. "

A couple of hours later, we arrive at the cabin and unpack the car. Since it is so late, the rest of your weekend will begin in the morning.

As we are lying in bed, I instruct you to wake me at exactly seven in the morning. You are to do so by sucking my cock to orgasm. After which you will begin the weekend by cooking us a breakfast.

I see your smile as you acknowledge my orders and we drift off to sleep with you snuggled safely in my arms. I give you reassurance of the pleasures of the weekend by flipping the switch on the plug. It begins vibrating in your ass and causes you to squirm. Of course, I stop just short of allowing you an orgasm since you have yet to make amends for your earlier transgressions. We will see how things go in the morning, and maybe, then you will be allowed to cum.

I awake in the morning to the feeling of your soft lips on my cock. Your warm mouth is quickly bringing me to the peak. As your fingers are lightly caressing my balls, I smile to myself, knowing that you are following my orders this morning. That smile quickly leaves my face when I look at the bedside clock and realize it is after 8:00.

Reaching down, I pull your head from my cock and lift your face to look in your eyes. I can tell this one is done on purpose, as you are anticipating even more punishment. Believe me, I will oblige you.

You are nude, and will stay that way for the rest of the day. The plug will be removed for now and you will fix breakfast while I shower. "Do you understand, princess?"

My shower is done and we sit down to the breakfast that you have prepared. You are jumpy as my fingers caress your body while we eat, stopping here and there to pinch or slap.

Reaching between your legs, I feel the moisture already gathering there! Your ass wiggles in your chair and as my fingers close on your clit, I hear you gasp and I stop suddenly. I tell you to finish the meal and clear the dishes.

While you accomplish this task, I begin to get the rest of the day ready for you. I am anxious to start your punishment.

"There is a tree in the backyard. You will go there and await my arrival. "

"But, Master," you whine, "it is outdoors and I am naked!"

"Yes, princess, I am aware of that. No one will bother us here. Now move! You are making me even angrier!"

I can since the hesitation in your walk as you head for the door. But I remind you that I love you and would never place you in danger. Surely you know this but a reminder is always nice.

Your body relaxes and you realize that I am there, both as a punisher and a protector. So you make your way to the tree and stand at attention with your arms to your sides, head bowed, and breasts thrust proudly forward.

I leave you standing there for about twenty minutes before I come out. I hold in my arms two spreader bars, a paddle, several clips, and a small bucket.

Kneeling before you, I spread your legs and attach the three-foot spreader bar to your ankles. The leather cuffs fit snugly but gently around you flesh.

Your legs are spread obscenely, just as I desire. Stopping to run my hands over your legs and gently petting the soaking mound, I can hear you moans.

Next I stand and ask you to give me your hands. These also are attached to a spreader bar. The bar is secured to a rope that runs through a pulley that is secured to a branch in the tree! I pull the rope tighter and tighter until your hands are stretched above your head and you can barely touch the ground with your toes. I step back and admire the sight of your body, stretched and available for the punishments that will now begin.

"First I want you to tell me why you are being punished. I want to make sure you are aware of the reasons for this. "

"Yes, Master. It is because I pleasured myself without your permission. And because I failed to wake you up as instructed this morning. I am yours to punish as you deem necessary!"

I begin by using my crop to work my way over every inch of your body. Standing behind you, I begin to strike your calves, then work my way up the insides of your thighs, paying special attention to your ass that is still red from the night before. The strokes become firmer on your ass, and you begin to wiggle and test your bonds. I have managed to make your ass a bright red, from the roundness of your hips to the insides of your cheeks. Even managing once to direct a hit squarely on your puckered asshole. This particular blow causes you to scream, and I can see tears begin to trickle down your cheeks.

You beg me to stop and I do. You need the rest. But before that, I attach clips to your nipples and the weights cause your breasts to sag uncomfortably. Leaving you there, I go to the cabin.


It is an hour before I return.

The clips have made your nipples extremely sensitive. Tears pop to your eyes as I release the weights. But relief is not complete because I leave the clips on. I can see the look in your eyes as you wonder what is next.

Kneeling between you legs, I softly caress the lips of your pussy. You moan as my fingers brush your clit, but stiffen as I pull your lips apart and attach clips to each side. I want to have access to your clit and it is hidden between your swollen lips. The clips have a string attached and I loop it around your thighs, pulling your lips apart for the desired affect. Then I am back to the crop.

Now, I begin to work on the front of your body, paying special attention to your breasts and thighs.

You scream as my blows are directed at you pussy, especially centered on your clit. Some land on the clips, causing them to squeeze even more painfully.

As the tears begin to flow even more freely down your cheeks, I stop. I can sense that you have reached your limit, and the clips are removed.

Your whimpers do not escape me. I know that I must try to make some of the pain go away. I reach into the bucket that I have brought. I can see your eyes widen as I apply handfuls of ice to your skin. While I rub the welts made by the crop, you dance as much as your bonds allow.

The coolness after the heat is a welcome relief. I can see your thighs try to clinch as I apply the ice directly to you pussy. My one hand strays to your breasts. Your nipples tighten when the ice touches them. Your breathing comes in ragged gasps. I can tell you are about to reach orgasm.

I stop applying ice and loosen the rope that is holding your arms up. Letting you down gently, I lower the rope until you are forced to bend at the waist. My hands stray to the cheeks of your ass.

"There is one last part to your punishment before I allow you to cum. Then we will end for the morning and both of us will rest. Understand, slave?"

Your moans are all the acknowledgment that I need, because you know what is coming. Spreading you, I apply a large amount of lubricant to your asshole, and then I lubricate my cock. Grabbing your hips, I pull your ass back to me. I feel it stretch over the head of my cock.

Finally, I am inside of you till my balls are slapping your pussy. Your head merely nods when I ask if you want more. I begin stroking into you with more and more force. My hands circle around you to lightly rub your nipples.

I can feel your body tighten for your orgasm. Your ass squeezes on the shaft of my cock and begins to milk the cum from me also. Just as the hot liquid of my body squirts deeply into your bowels, your body shakes through an explosive orgasm. Tears of relief come to your eyes as you enjoy your first orgasm of the day.

I continue to stoke into you until I have no cum left. Then I pull out of you to catch my breath.

Releasing you from your bonds, I lift you gently in my arms and carry you to the cabin. Laying you on the bed, I slide in beside you and caress your face softly as you drift off to a much-needed nap.




Resting comfortably in each other's arms, we snooze the afternoon away.

As I slowly awake, the first thing I notice is the cold empty space beside me in the bed beside. I wander through the cabin in search of you. I hear voices coming from the living room. Peaking around the corner, I see you sitting on the couch, watching TV. You are wearing a robe, with panties no less!

"Young lady, what is the meaning of this? You were told not to wear clothes all weekend. You know better than to get out of bed without my permission!"

"I'm sorry, Sir," you stutter "but I thought you would be sleeping longer. "

"Oh, so it is OK to break the rules if you think I won't know about it?"

"No, Sir, I am sorry, Sir. I will accept whatever punishment you deem necessary!"

"Yes, you certainly will. Now remove what clothes you have on. Your punishment will begin right now!"

I watch with interest as your trembling fingers undo your robe and remove the skimpy panties you are wearing. You drape the clothes over the back of the couch and stand at attention, your eyes carefully avoiding me.

Sitting on the couch, I grab your arm and pull you roughly across my lap. Since there is much more for you to endure tonight, this will be a short spanking. You have been instructed to count each one of the twenty slaps as they are administered. You do so flawlessly for you can tell by the strength of the blows that I am not happy with you. Finishing, I stand you up and point to the bedroom.

You have been told to lie on the bed face up. The tears from the spanking are still in your eyes.

As I come to the bed, your eyes widen in anticipation, for in my hands I hold the spreader bar I used on your feet this morning. You lift your hands above your head as instructed. I attach the bar to your feet. This leaves the lips of your pussy open and pouting.

The moisture is already beginning to collect there, and will only become worse. Since it is your fault that you are being punished, you will inflict some of that punishment yourself. But first I will have some fun!

The bar is attached to a rope and a pulley, and your legs are lifted into the air. Since the pulley is above your head, this brings your feet back towards you and leaves both your ass and your pussy fully exposed to whatever I decide to do to them. Of course, I want them both to be wet. And I believe in giving you a small measure of pleasure before the rest of your punishment!

Lowering my head, I begin to slowly lick and suck on the lips of your pussy. I work my way carefully around your clit, making you squirm in an attempt to make my tongue touch your swollen button.

"Will you never learn, young lady, that your pleasure is in my control?"

I reach under the bed and bring out the plug for your ass. Holding it to your lips, I make you lubricate it then slowly push it into your tight hole. I see the ring of your ass tighten around it and know that it will stay there.

Of course, I must add more to your problems. There are weights attached that will force you to concentrate on keeping the plug there! The clips for your pussy lips are also weighted!

I can see the look of confusion as I place the clips in you hands. "They are for you to apply. Maybe this will help you think twice before you transgress again!"

I see your brow furrow, and I notice the beads of sweat break out on your forehead as you grasp a lip between you fingers. I hear the gasp of pain as you attach first one, and then the other to your pussy.

Finally you accomplish the task and your head sinks back in relief. The strain has caused you to breathe deeply. But the best is yet to come, my princess.

I lower the spreader bar and release it from the rope. Your face reveals relief because you believe that the punishment is about complete.

"Now, princess, I am hungry. Fix me something to eat please. "

"But, Sir, aren't you going to remove the bar?"

Unknown to you, I have picked up the crop, and sharply strike your left nipple. "NO, I am not going to remove the bar. You must do your best to walk with the bar on. Now move!"

You make a wonderful sight as you swing your legs over the bed and stand. The weights drop quickly and make you wince in pain. Your hands are free and you use them to balance yourself. But as you bring your foot forward, it causes all of the weights to swing back and forth. You break your concentration and the plug almost slips. It is amusing to watch your cheeks clinch, especially with the bar impeding your effort.

I follow behind you; swatting your ass occasionally, prodding you along, and watching the sweat begin to roll off your body.

In the kitchen, you are fortunate because the refrigerator is beside the stove and the dishes are near. But once the meal is finished, you must clear the table and put away all the dishes. All the while, you are being helped along by the occasional sting of the crop.

Once we are finished, you make your way to the living room where I have set up the whipping horse. I can see the fear in your eyes as you realize there is one more hurdle before your punishment is complete.

Bending you over the horse, I secure your hands to one side and your feet to the other. I finally remove the spreader bar but the legs of the horse keep you spread for my pleasure!

I reach underneath you and remove the clips from your pussy. I hear you moan as the blood rushes back to your bruised lips. But the clips are not gone for good, for I am going to apply them to your nipples, weighted.

Your nipples are swollen and sensitive. The bite of the clips causes you to gasp and bite your lower lip. But you take what is coming to you, as I expect you to do.

I have gotten rid of the crop and picked up a fat paddle. Bringing it to your lips, I make you kiss the instrument of your punishment.

"You will accept twenty strokes and will count each one. Do I make myself clear?" Your head nods in agreement and one blow falls to your ass. "I said, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir, I will count as required, Sir!"

Then the spanking begins. You do not begin to cry until the twelfth strike. You have made me proud and the final eight fall in quick succession.

Your ass is a bright red, and I can see your trembling cheeks as I reach to remove the plug. I use a lubricant on my now hard cock and slowly slide it between the bruised lips of your pussy. I did not need the lube as you are soaking wet and ready for the intrusion.

Reaching around you, I release first one then the other clip from your breasts. You begin to orgasm. Your spasms of pleasure reach my cock, and I fill you up with my hot cum.

The explosive orgasms we have just achieved leave us both weak with pleasure.

Releasing your bonds, I lift you gently in my arms and carry you to the steaming bubble bath that I have prepared earlier. I lower you into it gently. Softly, I begin to wash you, letting the heat of the water soak into your sore body. I have pushed you hard this afternoon and now it is time to reward you for your strength.

The bath is complete and thorough. When we are through, I stand you up and use the shower massage to wash the soap from your body.

Drying you carefully with a warm, fluffy towel, I lift you and carry you to the bed. I lay you down carefully and cover you up.

I look at your gentle face as it slips into a deep slumber. I realize how lucky I am to have found you. With that, I crawl in bed and wrap you into the safety of my arms. Drifting into sleep to the cadence of your breathing, I smile, knowing there is yet one more day to this weekend!




Our weekend has been a success so far. Plenty of play and more than a little discipline mixed with some tender loving care.

We wake the next morning with you doing just as I instructed, sucking my cock to a long explosive orgasm. My hand gently caresses you hair as you lick me clean.

"Pet, I have a special surprise for you today. I want you to take a shower and shave yourself well. Take your time, I want you relaxed and comfortable, my baby."

"Yes, Sir. "With one last lick to the head of my cock, off to the bathroom you go, cute little butt swaying back and forth.

I smile at your cocky walk. You have no idea what is going to happen to you today, and I'm sure that walk will be gone in a few hours.

I make breakfast, do the dishes, and just let you relax in general. Yours will be a long day and I have no intention of pushing your limits.

Reaching for your hand, I pull you to the living room and stand you in front of me as I sit on the couch. "Inspection, pet," I say with a smile on my face.

Your feet are spread three feet apart, your hands are behind your head, and your eyes are straight ahead. I hear you gasp as my fingers trail across the outside of your thighs. Circling to your front, they slip up to the center of your pleasure, tickling your pussy lips and gently flicking your clit.

I watch with amusement as your pussy opens like the petals of a flower. Clear drops of fluid begin to form on them, and a finger gently touches one to its tip. I lift my hand to your mouth and offer it to you, knowing that you aren't too enthused about female fluids. You keep your mouth closed. A quick pinch of your nipple fixes that problem and you suck my finger as far in as it will go. I can feel your tongue doing to my finger what it does to my cock. I have trained you well I think.

Pulling my finger from your mouth, I instruct you, "Turn around, pet, and bend over. "

I watch your face blush, for you are embarrassed to expose yourself that way, but know there is no choice.

The same finger you have had in your mouth slowly tickles the insides of your ass cheeks, teasing the tight ring. As it's a bit tender now from yesterday's plug, I am not rough. I push inside slowly but forcefully. A finger flips across your clit, and your moan of pleasure is unmistakable. Your ass moves backwards, trying to fit more into your asshole and make my finger rub more forcefully on your clit. I allow you that pleasure, slipping another finger into your pussy. I massage your clit faster and faster. Your ass is moving in quick thrusts, fucking yourself on my fingers. Your moans of pleasure are almost continual now.

"Master, please, allow your gentle slave to cum. Please, Sir?" you gasp.

"Yes, pet, cum now, and cum hard, give your Master what he desires!"

Your body convulses in orgasm, knees buckling.

I pull my fingers away, grabbing you around your waist and pulling you onto my lap. I hold you tenderly and let you catch your breath, softly stroking your hair and kissing your cheek. I see the smile light your face and I know you are happy to be mine.

"Now off you go. Clean yourself up and head for the shed out back. I'll be there shortly with your surprise. "

Off you go, butt swaying still, and a confused look on your face when you hear a knock at the door. But a quick look from me and you continue down the hall.

Our guest walks in and we sit and talk for about fifteen minutes. I allow this time more to let you get to the shed than anything else. Although our guest and I, do discuss limits for a little while too. A service will be performed for us today and you will be the payment, an exchange if you will.

Presently I hear the back door close, but we wait just a few more minutes.

The rules in the shed are simple for you--no clothes are allowed. There are hooks on the door for you to hang them on and the building is kept warm for your naked body. I desire to have total access to your body without having to tell you to remove anything while we play there.

You know the punishment is swift and sure when you vary even a little with a skimpy pair of panties. So after a little while, I know you are nude and your mind is beginning to play tricks with your body. You are wondering what exactly is in store for you. I have never invited another to play with us and you are more than a little apprehensive since you don't even know the sex of our guest. I have always promised you that no other man would experience your pleasures and I intend to keep that promise.

Our guest is Barbie, a lady friend of mine. But you don't know that so when we arrive at the shed your eyes are wide with amazement, and a little fear I think!

"Pet, this is my friend Barbie. She is to be your Mistress for the next hour or so. You are to obey her as you would me," I say to you as I walk to the wall and pick out a crop. "Understand?" I ask.

Your eyes fall to the floor and you dig your toes into the carpet. "But, Sir, you know I don't like that. "

The crop falls swiftly across your exposed nipple. You jump and the crop follows your movement to also sting the other nipple.

"But I do, slut, and since it is what I desire, you will do it. Do you understand now?" I hiss into your ear as my hand tangles in your hair.

"Yes, Sir, I understand, Sir!" you squeal.

I push you towards Barbie and your eyes meet hers for just a moment. Suddenly you seem to become more aware of your nudity and you flush with embarrassment.

"Undress me, slave," Barbie says, her voice hoarse and barely above a whisper.

I know that she's not very experienced with this play, but she has a special talent that I intend to take advantage of for allowing her to play with us. But that is later, after you have serviced her and fulfilled our end of the arrangement.

Your hands tremble as you reach for the buttons on her shirt. Slowly undoing one at a time, exposing her skin, inch at a time. Her breath is quickening and I can see the eagerness in her eyes.

The crop falling against your ass makes you jump.

"Faster, pet, she has a time table here. "

Your fingers begin to move as fast as the shaking will allow. Soon enough you are pulling her blouse open, exposing her. Double D breasts. The nipples are erect and the areolas are at least two inches across. Your eyes widen at the sight and your tongue flicks across your lips.

"Go on, pet, suck them, make her moan for me," I whisper into your ear.

My hands begin to slide over your body--tweaking here, caressing there, delving into the dampness between your thighs, and making your little butt twitch a little. I watch with interest, as there is no hesitation when your mouth dips to first suck one nipple, then the other into the warmth of your mouth. Barbie's eyes flutter closed and her back arches. As her hand slides to the back of your head and pulls you closer to her breasts, a moan begins deep in her throat. Reaching for your hair, I pull you back, not wanting everything to happen so fast that she doesn't enjoy it.

"You have some more to take off, baby," I whisper in your ear and step away to watch.

Your fingers hesitate at the waist of her skirt, but a crop quickens your pace. Soon, the zipper is down and her skirt falls to the floor in a heap. Barbie isn't wearing any panties.

I press down on your shoulders to keep you kneeling there. Barbie's legs spread and I slip a finger into her already dripping pussy. Flicking her clit a time or two, I pull my finger back and offer it to your lips. A firm line sets across your mouth, and a smile crosses mine.

"I expected that much, pet. Stand!" My fingers grasp a nipple and I help you stand with it.

Pulling you to the X-frame, I quickly begin to strap you down--wrists, ankles, a strap around your waist, and your head supported. The frame tilts at its center so we can lay you down and have access to all of your most private parts. Doing just that, we lower your head slightly lower than the rest of your body and Barbie steps up by your now fearful face.

"Pet, this is what we are going to do. Barbie will use the crop, and I will use the bullet and vibrator on your pussy. Sound fun?" I ask.

The only response is a tiny whimper that escapes your lips.

My fingers spread the lips of the pussy that I own and I put the bullet on the special spot that I know drives you crazy. Barbie starts slapping across your stomach, working her way around your breasts and making you squeal. The bullet is buzzing faster and faster on your little clit and the crop begins slapping your tender nipples. Then Barbie moves away and works her way back, down your stomach to your thighs. I begin to open the folds of my wet little pussy with the buzzing vibrator. Your hips move as much as your restraints will allow and I reward you by sliding the vibrator deep into you.

"Oh god, yes!" you mumble. "Can I cum, Sir, can I please?" you beg.

"What will you do, baby, what will you do for the pleasure of cumin?" I ask.

"Anything, anything at all," you hiss. Your eyes are closed in concentration.

I nod silently at Barbie.

She steps over your face, spreading her legs and moving so that her pussy is spread directly above your mouth.

"Open your eyes, pet. When your tongue touches her, you may cum," I say to you.

Your eyes open, and they go wide. But your tongue quickly flips out and takes a tentative lick at her clit.

"It needs to be better, pet!"

I nod at Barbie and the crop falls on your nipples. The vibrator is yanked from the clenching hole between your legs. Your tongue slides out again and licks a few more times. The vibrator slips back in, the crop stops, and Barbie forces herself down on you.

It seems you have become more accustomed to the taste of her juices. You now eagerly suck her clit into your mouth, and her moans come faster and faster.

"You may cum now, pet," I whisper to you.

Your body shudders through the first orgasm. I leave the bullet and vibrator where they are. Your mouth and tongue are busy on Barbie's sweet pussy, licking and sucking, bringing her to the very brink of cumin. I pull one of her nipples into my mouth to help her along. Making sure the bullet never leaves your clit, I leave her nipples to give you permission to cum again. Then quickly I'm back to her nipples. Just as she watches you shuddering through yet another orgasm, she begins her own. I grasp one of her hands to help hold her up. Her head is thrown back in ecstasy and her whole body shakes as she screams her way through one orgasm after another.

I lay the toys down and step away. You catch your breath and so does Barbie. We both step away. Leaving you there while we smoke, I pull Barbie to me and wrap an arm around her shoulders.

"Satisfied, my friend?" I ask. A quick nod of the head is the only response I get.

"Ready to finish?" I ask Barbie.

"Sure, this was definitely worth it." Turning to her bag, she begins to pull items out.

Stepping up to you, I lower the support under your head and pull my partially erect cock from my pants. Laying it over your lips, I know you understand what to do. Your lips part and you suck the head in, licking and swirling your tongue around it.

I don't want you to see what Barbie is doing right now. Pulling my cock from your mouth, I lower my balls over your lips and feel the caress of your tongue.

Barbie leans over and pinches your nipples to harden them. You are unaware that her part of the deal is to pierce your nipples for us. Lifting a swab to clean and disinfect the area, she then uses an ink pin to mark the entrance and exit points for the needle. The clamps are applied next, and she nods at me. I step away since I don't want anything near your mouth when this happens! I hold your hand and whisper to you what she is about to do. The only response from you is a squeeze of the hand and a nod of the head.

The needle quickly pierces the first, then the second nipple. Then Barbie inserts the loops that I have chosen for you. As soon as she's done, she quickly packs her equipment, gives you instructions for their care, and makes her exit.

Releasing your bonds, I help you to your feet and wipe away the tears in the corners of your eyes. Wrapping my arms around you, I hold you tightly to me.

"It's time to get dressed and go home, pet. This weekend has been wonderful, and I love you dearly. "I kiss you gently on the forehead.

Hand in hand, we walk back to the cabin to pack. You stay nude till we are ready to get in the car. I hand you a large T-shirt of mine, large enough to cover your whole body. The shirt is soft and won't bother your nipples when they rub.

I know you are tender and I lift you in my arms and carry you to the car. I seat you in the car and kiss you on the lips. My hands cradle your face and I whisper softly to you again, "I love you, pet, with all my heart."

"I love you too," you whisper.



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