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Misty Angel 77

Copyright 1999

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The cold winds of December blew harshly, tangling her long brown hair. A faint mist of rain showered her and made the tender rose petals glisten. Pushing her black veil back, a tear mingled with the droplets of rain and slid down her pale face as she placed the flowers on the grave.

"Master, it's been almost a year since you left me. I'm so lonely and empty inside. My heart feels as if it could burst. Oh, how I wish I could go back in time, back to when you could hold me in your arms, to when I could see your face," she mumbled past the tears.

Lying beside the grave, she closed her eyes and returned in memory to a time past--shutting out the pain of today and fading into a life that once was.

The warmth consumed her as she peeled her eyes to squint against the bright sunlight that had replaced the cold bitter rain. A shadow moved across the ground. Stunned, she quickly rolled onto her back to see a tall slender man, his deep blue eyes staring down at her soaking wet form.

"Afternoon, young lady," he said as he extended his hand.

"Oh, I must look a mess. Please excuse me," whispered Amanda as she tried to hide her face beneath the veil.

The man smiled past his mustache, revealing warmth as he took the veil between two fingers and lifted it gently. "Too pretty a face to hide away beneath such a dreary covering. Why do you hide, my dear?"

"In respect for...never mind."

"I asked a question, young lady, I expect and answer!" he said softly, yet firmly.

A feeling of arousal swelled within Amanda, a feeling she hadn't felt in almost a year. "It's in respect for my Master who lies here," she whispered as she pointed to the drenched soil beneath her feet.

"Come girl, can't have you soaking to the bone to catch your death of cold!"

Taking her by the hand, he pulled her behind him and lead her to his car. Opening the door, he seated her and fastened her seat belt. The snugness reminded her of the safety she felt in her Master's arms. The man slid in the drivers seat and headed for the highway.

When he pulled into the parking lot of her apartment, Amanda turned, looking stunned. "How did you know where I live?"

"My dear, I know much of you and your Master. And in time, I will tell you more. Now go and dry yourself. I'll return for you tonight at to go to dinner," replied the stranger.

"May I ask your name?" asked Amanda.

His deep blue eyes gleamed as he pushed a twig of dark brown hair from his face. "For now, you can call me Nathan."

The smell of the leather interior still filled Amanda's senses as she watched Nathan's bright red Trans AM drive out of sight. For the first time in a long time, she felt a wave of happiness.

In her bedroom, she quickly stripped away her clothes and stood before the full length mirror. Her waist length auburn hair draped softly around her delicate form. Her small breasts, thrust forward, rose and fell as she breathed deeply. Turning, she admired her round ass, firm legs, and then her flat tummy.




Checking each strand of hair and each crease in her royal blue dress, Amanda pranced across the room. She wobbled unsteadily in her heels as she watched the second hand on the clock tick away. It was a quarter till seven.

The chiming of the door bell send a shiver that went all the way to the top of Amanda's head. Shaking from excitement and nerves, she opened the door.

Nathan stood there, the smell of musk filling the room. He wore a gray three-piece suit. A light blue shirt completed his ensemble. Stepping inside, he took Amanda's hand and kissed it softly. "Shall we go, young lady?"

Amanda had expected a dim lit dinning room in some expensive restaurant, but instead, she found herself in Nathan's garden, surrounded by large Weeping Willows with foliage that touched the ground. The scent of Honeysuckle filled the air. Beneath the pavilion, flickering candlelight danced to the sound of soft music. There was a faint trickle of water rolling over rock. A gentle breeze set the moment with romance.

"Oh, how beautiful!" exclaimed Amanda as she seated herself across the table from Nathan.

A smile lit his face as he again took her hand and kissed it softly.

"Please tell me of yourself?" she asked timidly.

"I am heir to many fortunes. Not of money or gold, but of wisdom, which I hope to share with you. I have known you many years. Known your Master all my life. Look at me, look closely, what do you see?" replied Nathan in a British accent.

"I...I see much of my Master in you. Not sure what it is, but something about your ways, your speech, even your mannerism and looks."

"Very good, my lady, you observe much. I am Nathan to you, but to your Master, I was big brother. Yes, my dear, he was my brother. That is why I know so much about you. He shared many a tale of his time with you, his love."

Embarrassed and in shock, Amanda hid her face in her hands. "If I may, just how much do you know?"

"Ah, sweet Amanda, I know all there is to know about you. Your likes and dislikes, your fears and your most treasured secrets, all are safe with me. You have suffered loneliness long enough. It is time to regain life once more. That is why I am here--to give you back a piece of what you had with my dear brother."

"I'm sorry, Nathan, but no one can replace him, or even come close to gaining what we had together!" she replied as a tear eased past the corners or her eyes.

"This is true, if you let no one try. What would you say if I told you that you were a gift to me from my late brother?"

"He wouldn't do that!" said Amanda as she stood. Nathan grasped her arm. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a crinkled letter. "Please sit and read this!"

Returning to her seat, Amanda slowly removed the letter from its envelope.

"Dear Nathan, my time is growing short, my health is failing fast. You know of my love for Amanda--she is my whole life. I fear that once I am gone, another will take her and not see the gracious submission she surrenders. You have taught me much of this lifestyle. She will need time to adjust to my loss, but when the time comes, if, and only if, you can win her trust and love, it would honor me if you were to step into my shoes and guide and love her. But it must be with her consent." signed your loving brother.

The slow fall of tears now became a downpour. Shaking and trembling, she held the letter to her lips and kissed it softly, then spoke sniffling. "If this is what my Master wanted, then so be it. If you can win my love and trust, then I will serve you. If not, after a period of three months, I will go my way!"

Nathan gently wiped her tears away. "Fair enough, my dear. Shall we begin tomorrow?"

"That's fine. What do you wish of me?" she replied.

"Leave all you have behind, other than the clothes on your back and the keep sakes you wish to hold to. I'll be by to pick you up at seven once more. I'll do my best to give you all that my brother did, and more. Now, we can eat and discuss anything you desire."




The day had been like a nightmare, where one is awake and yet in a daze. The closer the time grew to Nathan's arrival, the more knots tied up in Amanda's stomach.

The doorbell sent a shiver up her spine. As she opened it, in hand was her one small suitcase, carrying gifts she had collected over the years with her Master.

With the door shutting behind her, her old life came to a close. A new beginning awaited, one she was unsure of.

Unlike the warm inviting garden behind the house, the entrance to the manor was supported by huge dark columns. The front door made a chill run up Amanda's spine as she walked in. Its heavy hardware and sturdy oak gave the appearance of no escape. Her stomach churned and a knot swelled in her throat. How could her Master do this to her, or wish her to do?

"Set your bags down and remove your clothes. You will be given proper clothing to wear, but for the moment, I wish to see what is mine," Nathan said.

It took all her strength to make her hands work the buttons of her blouse--one by one, each giving way to a better view of her bra clad breast. Slowly the blouse slid from her shoulders and heaped into a pile on the floor. Reaching behind her, she unsnapped her bra and dropped it into the pile. A blush entered her cheeks as her breathing became ragged. The sound of the zipper echoed throughout the room. Then her skirt fell to reveal a pair of white hose, held up by a white garter, and no panties. Stepping from the heap on the floor, Amanda blushed and tried to cover herself with her hands.

Nathan pulled her hands free and placed them at her sides. Totally vulnerable now, her embarrassment grew. He grasped a handful of her hair and pulled back, making her small breasts thrust forward. Licking a finger, he slowly circled her left nipple. Like a prune, it began to crinkle at his touch as he tenderly pinched it till she moaned. Then wetting his finger once more, he circled her right nipple till it too produced the same effect.

His hands trailed down her slender tummy, prying his way between her legs to caress the hidden hairless treasures. His finger slipped into the folds and found an abundance of moisture. Lifting his finger to his lips, he sucked softly, then kissed her, letting her taste her own juices.

Releasing her hair, he pulled her close to him. She could smell his cologne, its aroma strong and sexy. Reaching behind her, he took her ass cheeks in hand and squeezed, bringing her up on her tip toes.

"Excellent, my dear girl. Now please bend forward and grasp your ankles!" he ordered.

Amanda's eyes widened. How she dreaded this position that left her totally exposed in the one area she was uncomfortable with to no end. Sucking in a deep breath, she did as told and watched his feet disappear behind her.

She felt the tickle of his fingers roaming over her curved spine, and between her ass cheeks. As Nathan grabbed a cheek in each hand and pried them apart, a crimson red filled her face.

"You, my dear, are more then a sub. You are truly a treasure. I see now why my dear brother adored you so. You obey without hesitation, even when you are overwhelmed with humiliation. Now come, let's find you some proper clothing and let me show you to your room."

The room was like a page out of time, Victorian from wall to wall. A velvet blood-red bedspread adorned the full-size canopy poster bed and matched the black and red wallpaper. Gold mirrors and sconces, and black lace curtains that allowed just a hint of sunlight to pass through their thick flouncy layers.

Placing her suitcase on the bed, Nathan, pulled her naked body to him and kissed her softly on the forehead. "Your clothing is in the closet. Choose what you wish. I'll return for you in one hour, then we shall discuss your rules here." With that he left Amanda standing in the middle of her new world, still surveying its content.

Opening the closet door, Amanda gazed at what was to be her new form of dress. Conservative, yet with easy access to her body for whenever Nathan desired so. Each dress had buttons or zipper in front, a tapered waist line, and was low cut to show just enough breast to be arousing--simple, yet tasteful.

Suddenly the room filled with soft sensuous music. Amanda chose a dress, then proceeded to the bathroom.

In the shower, thoughts of happier times, when she felt safe and loved, filled her mind. She breathed in the clean smell of soap and felt its slickness cover her tense body. As the warm spray washed over her, she slowly began to grow more at ease. She took the razor and spread her legs, then soaped herself and gently removed what little hair there was. As her hand ran over her smooth shaven privates, she let the sensation take her away from the moment. Close to achieving her goal, she suddenly realized she had not received permission to orgasm, and quickly stopped. Climbing out of the shower, she dressed in the pale pink dress, and nothing more.

The opening of the door surprised Amanda. She turned to see Nathan staring at her with a smile.

"Come, dear, we have things to discuss, and a hot meal awaits us."

Amanda followed in her bare feet as Nathan took her hand and lead her into the huge dinning room. Seating himself at the head of the table, he motioned for her to sit by him on the plush carpet.

Her eyes wandering about the room, she listened silently as he began.

"Amanda, till the day you leave this place, you will call it home. I will give you love, security, and all that your heart desires. If you follow my rules, you will be rewarded with many things. If you fail, you will be punished. But, you will never have to fear abuse just as you didn't with my brother. As you know, there is a difference, one is done with love, the other, in anger. I will never raise a hand to you in anger.

"There will be no under garments when you are with me. You will always sit here at my feet when a meal is served unless told otherwise. You will wait for me at the foot of the bed each night, and when I go to bed, you will go also. You will only leave the grounds with permission. You will serve no other, nor will I expect you to surrender your body to another without consent. You will refer to me as 'Master' when in private and 'Sir' in public. I will treat you like a lady, and you will behave like a lady. No foul language is to come from your lips. And, I will not accept the word 'no' when I desire to use your body. Is this acceptable to you?"

"Yes, Master, it is, and I will do my best to give you the same respect as I gave your brother."

"Good. Now, shall we begin our meal?"

A smile crossed Amanda's face, "Yes please."

Nathan tore a small piece of meat from his plate and held it against her lips. She accepted it eagerly. As he ate, he shared his drink and fed her bite after bite until they were both full.

Leading her to the indoor pool, Nathan stood with his hands on his hips." Come, girl, undress us both. It's time for a little exercise."

Shaking as she did, Amanda slowly unbuttoned his shirt. The thick gray mass of hair came into site and she ran her fingers through it, its soft curls tickling her palms. Her heart raced as she began to undo his pants, wondering what was beneath them. Peeling his jeans past his pubic hair, his cock jumped out at her. Every vein was distinguished as it stood protruding along the shaft. The head was wider than she had ever seen. Wrapping her small hand around its base, she found her fingers were unable to touch. Invited by its appearance, she leaned forward to wrap her lips around it.

"Not yet, young lady. That is something you earn in time. For now, finish the task at hand!" scolded Nathan in a warm, yet demanding tone.

Slipping his jeans and the remainder of his clothing off, Amanda stood back and admired the form before her. Strong legs, especially for his age. His cock was long and thick. His chest was firm like his arms. Without hesitation, she quickly shed her own clothing.

Taking Amanda by the hand, Nathan lead her as they slowly emerged into the water. The coolness made her nipples grow erect. He leaned forward and softly sucked her nipple. The warmth of his mouth made a moan escape her lips. Flicking his tongue over the delicate bud, he watched as she shook with excitement and her breath grew rapid.

Pulling her to the shallowest end, he bent her upper body over the edge of the pool. He slipped two fingers between the folds of her cunt and teased her clit as she squirmed.

Suddenly Amanda felt the head of Nathan's cock begin its entry. Spreading her wide, he pushed forward almost painfully and made her gasp. His thrusts caused her nipples to brush against the roughness of the concrete. With the water splashing and swishing, he continued to pound his manhood into her tight cunt until roaring like an angry animal, he exploded and filled her with his hot cum.

Nathan climbed out and placed a towel on the concrete, motioning for Amanda to lay down. He then removed a handkerchief from his jeans and handed it to her. "Please make a blindfold. It is time for you to receive pleasure, my dear. But you will ask for it."

Darkness took Amanda's sight, and silence soon followed as the last sound she heard was the slamming of the door behind Nathan. She soon became aware of her nakedness once more. As a breeze blew over her wet body, she shivered and thoughts of her vulnerability entered her mind. Reaching to cover herself, a sudden sting on her thigh took her off-guard--she wasn't alone. She knew to return her hands to her sides. Nathan' swarm lips returned to her nipples, sucking and nipping, keeping her in a constant state of movement.

Suddenly the attention to her nipples changed. The bite of clips brought a squeal from her lips.

Nathan lifted her tits by the chain as he spoke. "Now, my pet, you will cum on command, and only on command, or these stay on. Each time you fail, I will tighten them one turn. Is that perfectly clear?"

"Yes, Nathan...I mean Master. It's perfectly clear!" she whispered as she bit into her lower lip.

The sound of a bullet being turned on made her cringe. She knew the effect the vibration on her clit would have. "Please, Master, please don't use that on my clit. I'll loose control, Sir," she whimpered.

"So now my slave is telling her Master what he can and can't do?"

"Oh no, Master, your slave is only begging you not to as she knows what will happen."

Releasing the tension on her nipples, he smacked the inside of her thigh, indicating he wished her open. The cool breeze swept across her hot cunt lips as Nathan parted them, exposing her completely.

The sudden thrust of the vibrator took her by surprise, making her raise her hips, and he buried it deep within her.

Nathan gently tugged at the chain. Her nipples stretched slightly, enough to make her gasp. He fucked her slowly at first, then picked up speed to match her moans. Without warning, the bullet touched her clit and she tightened her muscles around the vibrator.

"Oh Master, please may I cum?" she begged between gasps of breath.

"Don't you dare, young lady. I said on command, not one second earlier!" he scolded.

Watching her movements, Nathan waited till her juices were flowing down her as cheeks, its clear slickness covering the vibrator. "Come for your Master, my pet. Give it to me now, or I'll take what is mine!"

A squeal echoed past Amanda's lips as she shook and bucked through her orgasm. Then her eyes rolled back and she lay almost limp.

Removing the clips from Amanda's nipples brought a slight moan. Nathan put the toys away, then carried her inside and laid her on her bed. Kissing her softly on the forehead, he bid her goodnight and turned out the lights.




Amanda awoke to the feel of cold air rushing against her nude body. Suddenly, before her eyes were open, she felt herself being penetrated. The thick shaft buried itself to the hilt and made her moan. As Nathan grasped her hands and pinned them above her head, his body pressed her to the bed. Stroking forward feverishly, he suddenly groaned and Amanda felt the cock within her twitch as he came.

Pulling free, Nathan climbed off the bed and disappeared, leaving Amanda with his cum seeping from her cunt. She slipped out of bed and made her way to the bathroom and into a hot shower.

The door creaked open as Nathan entered with a tray in hand. "Morning, my pet, are you hungry?"

"Yes, Master, I am, thank you," she said as she sat down to see what he had brought her.

Again, he fed her each bite and held the coffee cup to her lips as if she were a child. When the meal was done, he set the tray aside. Taking the hairbrush, he began to comb her long hair.

"Do you know why I chose to use what is mine without hesitation this morning, pet?"

"Because it is yours to use as you please?"

"Very good, my little girl, that is exactly why. No matter when or where, if I decide I wish to use you, I shall. I promised to never let another use you, but there will come a time when you will be used or asked to play with yourself while others watch. If I decide to use you while driving, I will simply pull over, bend you over the hood, lift your dress and fuck you then and there. If I decide you are to entertain guests, you will expose yourself in any manner I desire. But be assured you will never be in any danger. You have to learn to trust my judgment. I know my dear brother was conservative to a point that I am not."

"Master, may I ask a question?"

"Yes, of course you may, please go ahead."

"What are we doing today?"

"I have some work to do in the study. You are to write a journal and have it ready by five this evening. I wish you to be naked, kneeling at my door with the journal. You are to be wet and ready to be used, which means you are to play with my pussy while you wait."

"But, Master, what about the housekeeper?"

"Don't worry, pet, she will not be offended. If anything, seeing your nude body will only excite her" he said with a grin.

Kissing her on the forehead, Nathan exited the room. Amanda gazed at the pad and pen on her dresser. How could she hide the excitement she had felt by the pool, or this morning? How could she dance around the fact that she had felt sexually aroused at his words today? Sitting down, she began her task.

As the clock struck a quarter till five, Amanda quickly stripped and headed toward the study. Olivia, in her tight fitting maid's uniform, stood at a distance. She watched as Amanda knelt in front of the door, one hand holding the journal, the other stroking her cunt. The smile that crept on Olivia's face as she licked her lips, made Amanda cringe and lower her head.

The turning of the doorknob made her look up. There, towering over her was Nathan, a smile on his face.

"Come, my dear, let's see what you have done on your work."

After reading the journal, a frown covered his eyes as he looked down at the kneeling Amanda. Crumbling the paper, he tossed it in the trash." Is this what you think I wanted to know--how well you slept, how nice my home is? What did I want, young lady?" he asked with a bit of a growl.

Amanda wiggled, knowing what he meant. "But, Sir, I can't yet!" she blurted.

Nathan grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled till she was standing. Leading her to the basement, he grasped her around the waist and bent her double before she could catch her breath.

His hand came down hard and heavy till she was bouncing in place, her bare bottom aflame.

"Once more, young lady, when I ask a question, I expect an answer!"

"You wanted to know what I was feeling!" she shouted as she squirmed from the burning in her ass cheeks.

"You knew this, did you not?"

"Wellll, yes, Sir, I did. But it's so hard for me to let anyone inside my head."

"I am not anyone, young lady, I am your owner for the time being. You knew what I wanted, yet you supplied me with nothing but ramblings."

"Yes, Master, I suppose I did."

"Extend your wrists. You will be punished for your actions of deceit. You thought that by showing me just anything, you could slip past your task. I will not permit a submissive to try and top from the bottom or take charge!" he said as he attached the leather restraints around her wrist. Then, pulling her closer to the wall, he raised her hands and fastened them to a protruding eye hook.

Amanda's breathing quickly became erratic. Even though she feared the punishment, she also could feel the moisture growing between her thighs. She watched as Nathan picked up a pair of clips she had never seen.

The first clip was enough to drive her to begging. She tried to pull away as he reached for her other nipple. But one look from Nathan and she stood as still as possible until he finished fastening the clip. Then she began to bounce around from the pain.

"Oh please, Master, I'm begging you, please take them off. I will never as long as I live ever deceive you again!" she shouted.

"In five minutes, I will remove the clips. You will return to your room and redo the journal as intended. Do not fail me again, young lady!" Turning, he walked out of the room and left Amanda withering.

It felt like hours of torment, but indeed it was only five minutes before Nathan returned. As he removed the clips, Amanda felt the blood rush back into her very tender nipples.

"You know, you could have avoided this. You will do as told, young lady, or you will pay the price. Now, I have something for you." Dipping into his pocket, he took out a small chain with bells. "These are slave bells. You will wear them on your ankle at all times so that I will always know where you are."

After attaching the chain to her ankle, he released her. "Now go do your task again. And this time, I had better not be disappointed. You have one hour to finish and return to my bedroom."




Amanda sat staring at the blank paper, knowing what was expected, yet fighting with herself to pour out her feelings. Her arm brushing against her sore nipple quickly took away the hesitation and she began to write each and every feeling she had experienced. She checked to make sure every was dotted and every period was in place.

Each step announced her arrival as the bells jingled. She knocked on the bedroom door and waited until Nathan welcomed her in.

He pointed to the bed. "Go sit, pet," he said warmly with a smile.

Her heart raced as she walked across the thick red carpet and climbed onto his lush comforter. Holding out the paper, she waited. Nathan removed a bottle of red wine and two glasses from the cabinet. He returned and exchanged the glass for the journal. Amanda sipped her wine and became lost in the hypnotic music as Nathan read on. She thought about lying on a beach, the sun soaking her delicate flesh, wind blowing in her hair as sea gulls flew over head.

"Much better, my sweet, this is what I wanted. Tell me what you are thinking."

"A warm beach, Sir. The wine and music are very relaxing, thank you," she replied.

"Then tomorrow we'll go to the beach for a bit. Now I want you to go to your room and make yourself wet as I intend to use what is mine. Do not dare cum, pet, is that perfectly clear?" ordered Nathan.

"I understand, Sir. I won't, I have no desire to feel those clips again, Sir."

Amanda stretched out on the bed. Softly licking a fingertip, she began to tease her tender nipples, making them erect. The tiny buds stiffened to the point of crinkling into little hard balls. Blowing on them made her shiver as wet saliva and air mingled. One hand slipped between her legs, spreading the lips of her cunt wide. Once more she with her fingertips and began to rub her clit. Moans eased from her lips.

Closing her eyes, she remembered the clips gnawing on her nipples and her helplessness as she had hung there at Nathan's mercy--unable to escape what he desired. As always, the moisture began to come--a clear, slick, sticky cream forming on her fingertips.

"That's it, my pet, very good indeed!" said Nathan whose voice caught her off guard. Her eyes opened to see his smiling face.

He began to push a pillow under her ass, lifting her bit by bit till her pussy was in the air, her back arched, and her head flat on the bed.

"Separate your cunt lips, pet. I wish to taste my sweet pussy juices, to suck and nip at that sensitive swollen clit of mine!"

A blush entered Amanda's cheeks as she pulled herself completely open, exposing her most private parts to Nathan.

Kneeling on the bed, he lowered his mouth to her vulnerable cunt, licking, sucking, and pulling at her inner lips. He flicked her clit and sucked it into his mouth with a force that brought her both pain and pleasure. His fingers dipped into her, first two then three, slowly fucking her as he continued to manipulate her clit.

Amanda's moans grew louder. Her ass squirmed, trying to push Nathan deeper into her, her juices covering his face.

"Rollover my pet, ass in the air. It's time your Master took pleasure in his slave," he said tenderly.

Her still sore nipples rubbed against the covers as Nathan grabbed a handful of her ass. The head of his thick cock pried her apart, making her moan. He waited until her discomfort was gone, then pushed forward roughly and buried his cock deep within her.

His balls smacked her clit as he took her. He moaned and slammed her harder each time, as if trying to shove his balls into her as well. As a drop of sweat fell from his forehead, he cried out, "There it is, pet!"

Amanda felt his cock dancing within her and smiled.

Nathan carried Amanda to the shower. Standing behind her under the warm spray, he softly kissed her neck as he lathered her breasts and worked his way down.

Amanda was snuggled beneath the warm covers when Nathan knelt beside her bed. He took her hand in his. "Have I told you today how much I adore you?"

"I'm sure you have, but I love hearing it, Sir," Amanda replied. "Sir...I don't need three months, I have made my decision."

"I'm listening, pet, please go on."

"I want to stay, Sir, if that's alright?"

"Alright? Oh pet, it's more than alright. It's absolutely wonderful! Do you have any idea how much I wanted to hear that? With all my heart, pet, with all my heart. This is your home for now and forever. Now sleep my precious one, for a new life awaits us both, one filled with adventure and love."



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