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Master Proves A Point

Misty Angel 77

Copyright 1998

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"Mari, Mari, Mari, so you thought Telnius would never let me have a crack at your ass? You just figured you could say anything you wanted and there was nothing I could do about it!"

My eyes fall to your nude, kneeling form on the floor of my office and a feeling of pleasure courses through my veins. Arms and shoulders back, hands behind you, forcing your tender breasts out for my pleasure.

I can tell by the look on your face that you know you are in trouble. It never occurred to you, I'm sure, that he would be angry with you for pushing the buttons of another Master. You were not worried at all when I said I was going to inform him of your impertinence. You even egged it on by saying, "Be my guest, what's a wimp like you going to do to me anyway?"


* * * * * * * * * *


My conversation with Telnius was pleasant and rather much of a surprise, even for me. Upon hearing of your last statement he was livid! "I don't have the time right at the moment, would you handle this problem for me, David? And feel free to use your judgment and do as if she were your own. I'll have her there Saturday at noon."

He told you the two of you were just coming for a visit, and you believed him--sitting in my office, drinking tea, and visiting about nothing in particular. The look on your face when Telnius explained the afternoon's activities was priceless. I could see the color drain from your cheeks and you squirm involuntarily. I guess the thought of submitting to a mere "wimp" was more of a threat than you thought. Oh little one, if you only knew the degree of your mistake!

Telnius made his exit and I began quickly by stripping my own clothes off. You were ordered to also strip, then to kneel in front of me. Walking behind you, I cuffed a cold ring around each of your wrists. I placed a collar around your neck, then clipped the other end of its short chain to the links of your cuffs.


* * * * * * * * * *


"Mari, do you have anything to say to me before we begin?"

The defiance in your eyes is refreshing, and I know well what fun we will have this afternoon. The crop falls quickly and harshly to the outside of your right breast. The area turns red, but no sound escapes your lips. A series of blows to your breasts follow and cover every inch.

A hard slap on a nipple brings a gasp of pain from your lips. I take turns pinching each nipple between my fingers, then lifting your breast to strike three quick blows to the tender undersides. They turn red and you squirm with the soreness.

I fish out a couple of ice cubes from my tea glass and place one under each of your breasts to be held by their weight. As the ice begins to melt and run down you quivering stomach, I go back to work on your nipples.

The crop falls again and again until eventually, I am rewarded with the breathless statement I have desired.

"I'm sorry, Sir, I...I apologize," you almost shout. "Please accept this slave's apology for her rudeness and stop. Please, Sir, I beg you!"

I step back and observe my handiwork. Your breasts have to be aching by now. Your nipples have begun to swell and harden. I know they are stinging harshly.

Dropping the crop, I sit in my chair and appraise your situation. I know you think you have survived the worst of it. I chuckle softly to myself--if you only knew!

"Crawl to me, slave. Now!"

Your knees shuffle across the carpet. Your back still arched, it is difficult for you to move. And I have no intention of helping you.

Once you are between my outstretched legs, I reach behind your neck and release the clip. You slump forward, bringing your head into my lap. I know the relief has to be pleasurable.

Grabbing a handful of your hair, I lift your head and look deeply into your eyes. "Open your mouth, slave, and swallow me."

Pulling your face to my hardened cock, I can feel your tongue going to work quickly. Your lips tighten around my shaft and I begin to fuck your face. You breathe steadily through your nose, mouth full of my thick shaft.

Your eyes snap open when my crop falls on your ass. "The crop will continue until you have swallowed my cum, slave." Again and again it falls, turning your ass into a quivering mass of reddened flesh.

Your mouth is pumping faster and faster on my cock. My balls have begun to tighten, and I am close. I can feel your mouth stop and your tongue tease the nerve endings on the underside of my cock. I have saved this load for three days, specifically for this occasion.

Ready to explode, the crop falls from my hand. Pulling your face down on my cock, my hips lunge hard. With my balls pulled up into a tightened sack, my sperm shoots into your mouth again and again. Telnius has trained you well for this--you swallow several times to prevent my cum from leaking out.

Lifting you off my cock, I push you back, and we both catch our breath. As we calm down, I look into your now contrite eyes and ask, "Any more stupid statements, Mari?" The speed with which you shake your head is amazing. But I grab a nipple and repeat, "Any more stupid statements, Mari? I believe I asked you a question, slave!"

"No, Sir. Not at all, Sir!" You wince as I give your nipple another squeeze.

I grab your arm and help you stand. Releasing the cuffs from behind your back, I grasp a nipple and lead you along behind me. Your feet scamper quickly in an effort to keep the tension off your nipple. A smile crosses my face, for only I know the fun part is yet to come.

Stepping into my spare room, your eyes fall on a curious table that has been constructed specifically for me. Padded on top, it stands waist high to you. There is a large square hole in the center for your breasts to hang through, so that I can torment your nipples.

As I bend you over the table, I cuff your legs to the table, spreading you wide--your most private parts available to me. Then I pull you forward and cuff your wrists to the other corners.

"Test them, slave, and see if they are tight."

I have purposely adjusted them to give you little movement. About all you can do is rattle the chains.

Satisfied, I kneel and reach under the table to tweak your aching nipples. You groan as I massage them, and I can tell you like the feeling.

Hanging from small chains under the table, are clips for your nipples. I clamp them on and tug the chains enough to pull your hanging breasts slightly apart and keep a steady pressure of pain on your already tender nipples.

Stepping behind you, my hands caress your bare ass--dipping between your legs, stroking your clit, and spreading your lips. You are surprisingly wet, and become even more so as I play.

My hands reach for the lube and begin to stretch your exposed asshole. Then picking up my newest addition to my toy collection, I lube it well. I push it slowly, yet firmly into the spread cheeks of your ass. But you tighten your ass and keep it out.

Anger washes through me and I drop the plug momentarily. Without warning, my paddle falls on your unsuspecting ass. "Leave your ass open, slave!"

I reach again for the plug. None too gently this time, it is quickly buried to the hilt in your asshole. Pumping it up to keep it from slipping out, I take a bullet and tape it to your swollen clit. Turning both the bullet and the plug on, I watch with amusement as your hips begin to move when the pleasure hits. But I also know that with each movement, your nipples are pulled just that much more.

"You have fifty swats coming, slave, count them" and I begin to rain them down on your ass one after the other, covering from the tops of your cheeks to the backs of your thighs.

Before I am finished, the juices of your pussy are leaking down your thighs. I stop abruptly when your count reaches fifty and your ass is a flaming mass of flesh.

Tears are squeezing out of your eyes, and I hear you begging to be released. Your breath comes in ragged gasps, and I know we have almost reached your limit--but not quite. Just one more thing and you will be released to walk home.

I leave the bullet buzzing on your clit, but deflate the plug and pull it from you. I am quick to clip both your pussy lips, placing light weights on each one.

I watch your eyes closely. When the condom wrapper lands beside you, I can see your puzzlement. And then, as realization sets in, you begin to squirm hard.

Greasing the condom quickly with Vapor Rub, I step behind you and without warning, plunge deeply and firmly into your tight asshole.

The urge to cum is deep within me, and my pumping motion heats the lube up considerably. My hands grab your flaming red ass cheeks, and your moans deepen, urging me to cum. It only takes a few strokes and no matter how I try, I can't contain my orgasm!

As I begin to shudder, I can feel you shaking beneath me. "Cum with me now, slave. Cum on this hot cock buried in your ass!!" Each of my hands slaps down until I am rewarded by feeling you coming while I unload deep into your ass.

I wait for my draining cock to soften slowly inside you. Then I pull it out with a soft plop and leave you while I clean myself up.

Your tender ass is still spread wide and your hips are moving. I leave the room and return quickly with a metal stand. Attached to it is an enema bag filled with two quarts of warm water.

Using a soft warm cloth, I carefully wipe off the excess Vapor Rub around your red asshole. You moan deeply as I slowly insert the enema nozzle, twisting and plunging in and out. Releasing the clamp, I let the steaming water flow into your asshole.

Reaching under you, I massage your stomach and stop the flow periodically to make sure you can take all the water. When at last the bag is empty, I quickly pull the nozzle out and replace it with a medium plug to hold the water in.

I remove all the clips from your nipples and pussy, rubbing warm lotion into them and bringing more moans from you.

After cleaning you, I release all your cuffs. Standing you before me, I look deeply into your eyes and ask one final time, "Any more stupid statements, Mari?"

Your eyes widen and your reply is quick. "No, Sir, nothing at all, Sir!"

"Surprising for a wimp, wouldn't you say?" I watch you dance on your feet as you reply again.

"I am sorry, Sir. Please accept my humble apology for offending you, Sir!"

"Go relieve yourself, slave, and meet me in my office."

You return quicker than expected and kneel in front of me where I'm seated. Your tongue extends and flicks the end of my cock. Kissing the head lightly, you state once again, "I am so sorry, Sir. I apologize sincerely and beg your forgiveness."

"Of course, Mari. I believe my point has been made. You are free to go home. A complete report will be made to your Master, and it will be favorable. Go now and rest before he comes home."

As you scoot out the door, I look up and am rewarded by your quick impertinence, for as you turn, once again your cute little tongue is stuck out and you are laughing!

Will this little one never learn?!



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