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Misty Angel 77

Copyright 1999

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There are two things that Master will not tolerate, lying to him and embarrassing him, especially in front of others.

On this occasion, he had a friend staying the night and we found ourselves on the subject of Y2K. Without thinking, I popped up and said, "well, I'm ready, I got a 36-pack of batteries for my toys!"

As I saw the look on Master's face, I knew immediately I had made a mistake. A glow of red filled his guest's cheeks as she stammered, "That's nice."

I could see the anger in Master's eyes, though I tried as best as I could to keep from looking directly at them. His quiet, in itself, told me more than I wanted to know. His guest had no idea of our D/s relationship, so I knew it would keep till she left in the morning.

"Well, I think I'll head on to bed. See you two in the morning," announced his guest and trotted off.

I stayed seated across from Master, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Master cleared his throat to get my attention, then wiggled his finger, letting me know I was to seat myself by him.

As I took my seat, Master wrapped his arm around my shoulders and leaned forward. Placing his forehead above my ear, he whispered, "Not one word, not a whimper, and do not move!" and his hand slid underneath my blouse. Pushing my bra up over my breast, his fingers locked onto my nipple. He applied a bit more pressure as each moment passed until I was biting my lip to keep from moaning and to hold still.

"You know how I feel about such behavior. You also know, at the moment, there is little I can do here. However there is something I can do, come tomorrow. We will correct this habit you have of speaking without thinking, pet. Now get ready for bed and this time, no clothing at all. You will be nice and warm, I assure you."

Scampering off to the bathroom, I quickly brushed my teeth and rushed to bed, hoping perhaps to get to sleep before Master came in.

I had been there about ten minutes when the bedroom door opened and the light came on.

I knew Master was removing his clothes and placing them neatly on the back of the desk chair. Then I felt the bed sink beneath his weight and heard the moan of the springs as he leaned to pull the covers up.

I lay there with my eyes closed, hoping he would think I had fallen asleep, but instead, he scooted closer until his chest was against my back. Lifting my left leg and placing it over his, he left my bare pussy open. Then he reached across me and began to toy with my breast, massaging and pinching.

I tried to lay still and pretend to be asleep, but as he increased the pressure, I began to squirm and my leg fell from the position.

"Put it back, pet!" he scolded.

Replacing it, I lay still. Suddenly I felt the covers fly back and the palm of his hand come crashing down on my tender flesh. Three hard smacks landed, with me dancing in time to their arrival.

Master pulled the covers back on and began to tease my clit. I felt my moisture growing with each second. It was a nice warm feeling, one I was enjoying, until....

He suddenly stopped, rolled me onto my stomach, and whispered, "Good night, pet. Sleep wet." And that was exactly how I was going to sleep, wet and frustrated. Oh how I hate it when I'm aroused and can't sleep to save my life.

When morning arrived and I sat upright in bed, my glance fell on the dresser mirror. As I stared at myself, the thought 'wicked witch of the west' entered my mind. From the look of my hair, it appeared that short of standing on my head, I had traveled all over the bed with my frustration, tossing and turning all night long.

Hopping out of bed, I rushed off to the shower only to find Master already occupying it. Peeling the curtain back, I stuck my head in. "Want some company, Sir?

A smile covered his lips. "Sure, pet, come on in and I'll give you a bath for a change.

My, what a good mood he is in, I thought to myself. Especially after sleeping with a bucking mule all night long.

Climbing into the shower, I turned my back to him and soaked in the warmth of the water as it ran a steady stream over me.

Master lathered up the sponge and began to wash me delicately. I rested my head back against his chest as his hand came around to wash my front side. The fragrance of the soap and Master's gentle touch as he rubbed me softly was relaxing.

Stepping out the tub, I began to wipe the droplets off Master. As I neared his feet, I stopped to kiss his clean cock. He in turn, grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back.

"Excuse me, pet, what do you think you are doing? Did I tell you that you were allowed to help yourself?" he asked.

"Well no, Sir, but I--"

"But, nothing. No, pet, no fun for you today. If I recall, you are due some correction?"

Chewing on my lip, I grunted.

"Did you say something, pet?"

Again I grunted, a bit louder, "Yes Sir, I did, Sir."

Taking me by the shoulders, he lifted me to a stand. "Go get dressed and make breakfast. My friend leaves in two hours."

I slipped on my short shorts and a tank top and headed toward the door while Master was still dressing.


Spinning around, I stopped and looked at him with that 'what did I do?' look.

He wiggled his finger, motioning for me to come to him, then turned me to face the mirror. "Now look at yourself, is that appropriate attire with others around?"

Hiking a brow, I looked at the image in the mirror. I did look a bit on the loose side, and this was a conservative friend of his. "Very well, Sir, I'll put on my jeans."

"No, pet, you will put on a dress and act like a lady. Is that clear?" he asked with a warning tone of voice.

Going to the closet, I got out a little dark blue jumper and short sleeved baby blue blouse. As I started to dress, I mumbled to myself, "I hate dress'. I feel so damned bowlegged in them for some reason."

"Pet, do you have something to say?"

"No, Sir, I was just talking to myself, Sir."

"Not in my presence you don't, young lady. What did you say?"

Squirming around in place, I sighed a soft breath. "I was just saying I don't like to wear dress', Sir, that's all."

He looked over the outfit. "Why not, pet, you look adorable?"

I waited a moment, then smiled. "If you like it, Sir, that's all that matters. May I be excused to prepare breakfast?"

Grabbing the straps on my jumper, Sir pulled me to him and softly kissed my lips. "Have I told you how much I love you, pet?"

My face lit up in a smile as I wrapped my arms around him.

Breakfast went well. I minded my c's and q's and soon Master's guest was off to pack. I stood at the kitchen counter, washing dishes and staring out the widow at the rain drops falling to the ground. I wondered what was in store for me once her car pulled out of sight.

A gentle kiss to my neck brought me back to the moment and I heard a soft whisper saying, "Thinking, are we, pet? I've been doing some of that myself. Wonder if we are thinking bout the same thing, my love?"

With suds covered hands, I reached behind me to feel Sir's crotch and giggled at the bulge. "I would say so, Sir!"

"I wouldn't giggle if I were you. Nothing down there for you, little lady," he replied as he again kissed my neck, then walked away.


An hour had passed since our guest had left. I had cleaned most of the house. Master was still seated in front of the television, watching the ball game and sipping coffee. Not one word had been said concerning my correction.

Two hours later the house was spotless and yet, nothing had happened. Thinking maybe I was going to get off Scott free, I began to prance around the house, doing my own thing, working on the computer. Another hour went by, nothing at all. The clock chimed noon and I headed for the kitchen to start dinner.

"Pet to me!"

Rushing to Master's side, I stood waiting. He pointed to the floor and I knelt, but he shook his head. "No, pet, head on the floor, legs spread. I desire to play with my pussy and ass."

Placing my head on the floor, lifting my ass inches from his hand, I giggled with his first touch. His hand ran over my upturned ass. It felt nice--warm and strong.

I took in a deep breath and released it slowly. His fingers wondered between the folds of my pussy. He squeezed the outer lips and tugged them playfully, causing me to produce a steady leak. I sighed with delight as he inserted two fingers within me. In and out, then withdrawn to draw circles around my asshole, knowing I wasn't fond of being touched there. But also knowing I would accept it without complaint.

Play, he did. For over an hour he repeatedly teased and tormented me, then kept me frustrated while returning his attention to the ball game. My knees burned from the carpet.


Game over, Master motioned for me to join him on the couch. I snuggled my head on his lap as he began to toy with my nipples, well aware that its a direct line to my crotch.

Soon I could feel the moisture growing, along with my need to feel something within me. He pinched and tugged at my nipples, tormenting me endlessly. With a smile that read 'I know exactly what I'm doing to you, pet, but I want to hear you say it,' he asked, "something wrong, pet?

With the thought that he was making me say it just because he could, I smiled and replied, "I'm kinda horny, Sir."

"Just kinda, pet? So this soaking wet pussy is just kinda, huh? Well we'll have to see if we can't make it a bit more than kinda. Won't we?"

"OK Master, I'm so horny I could jump a power pole!" I snapped, knowing he wasn't going to let me cum as part of my punishment.

"Pet! Are you screaming at your Master, young lady?"

"I'm sorry, Master, but...well, you know exactly what I'm feeling, Sir. And you are only making me say it for...never mind, Sir. My apology, Master." I pouted.

"Pout all you want, pet. Now since you seem to want to control things, perhaps I have been lacking with you. Go to the bedroom and wait on the bed with that cute little ass in the air!"

Even though I knew I was about to pay for my insolence, I was wetter than ever. The lack of control and knowing Master wasn't about to let me try to top from the bottom made me happy. But I also dreaded the punishment.

Climbing onto the bed as instructed, I waited for what seemed to be an eternity--the rain hitting the ground, the clock ticking away. Then the door opened and the smell of Master's cologne filled the room.

As he came closer, I could only see him from waist down. His bright shinny belt buckle caught my eye as he stood there with hands on hips, silent. He didn't have to say a word, he knew exactly what I was staring at and made sure to give me a nice long look at the black leather. Slowly, he released the buckle and drew the belt through the loops. Folding it in half, he held it in one hand and reached to roam over my lily white ass with the other.

"Pet, lately you seem to be confusing the issue of who is Master here. I think it's time we put you back in your place. I do not take pleasure in having to do this, but if I let it continue, you will learn nothing. You will lose respect for me and feel as though you are not important enough, if I don't correct you." Walking behind me, he brought the belt down hard on my tender flesh.

It had been a long time since I had felt such pain, yet I knew I deserved it. I bit into my lower lip and fought back a tear that swelled. I had let him down as well as myself. That was worse than the pain I was feeling on my flesh. I just hadn't thought of it till he brought it to my attention. Now it rang in my ears with each swat of his belt.

Soon my flesh was on fire and adorned with stripes. But inside, my heart was burning even more. Guilt had set in and the combination was teaching me a very hard lesson--disappointing him was not worth the sorrow it brought with it.

He laid the belt aside and I heard him to go into the bathroom. Then I felt a cool wash cloth against my burning flesh and the scent of alcohol filled the room.

He lay down beside me. Using his fingertips, he wiped away the tears as I snuggled to his chest.

"Thank you, Master, for correcting me and reminding me that I've been acting badly, Sir. Sometimes, I push to get a response from you, but then I regret it because I know I've been disrespectful."

"It's all right, pet, I know why you do it. I sometimes let it go too long. Now, we still have one more thing to take care of. This punishment won't be painful, but it will however be frustrating for you. And you will by no means ask to cum. Is that understood, pet?"

"Yes, Master, it's understood."

Turning me face down, he spread my legs and slowly began to insert his hard cock into my now drenched pussy. He worked it in deeper and deeper, pressing me into the bed while holding my wrists above my head. His cock was as deep as it could go--the feeling so erotic, awakening every nerve within me.

He began to thrust slowly at first, then with increasing speed and pressure. I moaned, wanting to release so badly I could taste it, but kept silent as instructed. With each withdrawal and plunge of his cock, I whimpered silently with frustration.

Master's grip on my wrist tightened, telling me he was about to erupt and fill me with his seed. I smiled, knowing he was receiving pleasure, and that my punishment was almost over. Suddenly, the heat from his loins exploded. Gush after gush rushed into me as his cock bounced around in pleasure.

Rolling over, he pulled me onto his chest. In his eyes, I saw a sparkle. The same one I see in my own when I look in the mirror and remember to whom I belong--that look of contentment and peace in knowing we are one.



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