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A Day With Master

Misty Angel 77

Copyright 1998

All Rights Reserved



The day begins pretty well. You awake me as instructed, sucking gently on my sleeping cock until I fill your mouth with my cum. You swallow and smile and ask if there is another way you may serve me this morning.

"Yes, princess, begin by starting breakfast and I'll join you after I have showered."

Off you go, your panty covered butt swaying softly, and my mind notches the first mistake of the day. Panties are forbidden while you are in my house, unless I instruct otherwise. But for now, I will ignore this infraction and see what else the day will bring.

Breakfast is served after my shower. The eggs are done well and the sausage is cooked to perfection. Reaching for your hand, I pull you close to me and begin to toy with your nipples while I smoke and have another cup of coffee. I can see a wet spot quickly begin to form in the crotch of your panties. My fingers clamp down a little harder and I smile as I notice the spot grow larger and larger.

"Desire relief, princess?"

"Yes, Sir, please."

"Then stand here and do it while I smoke."

I see your face grow scarlet when you realize you are to pleasure yourself while standing in my kitchen. I have decided to read the morning paper and pretend you are not there. There will be no help from me.

Your fingers plunge to your sopping pussy and I see you pinch your nipples to get this over with as quickly as possible. I hear your breathing quicken as you continue and know that you are close.

Turning the page of the paper, I wonder just how long you will take. You seem so hot and ready. No sooner is the thought in my mind when I hear your groans. Your knees start to give way, and rather than fall, you reach for the chair.

As you begin to catch your breath and shake in the tremors that follow your cum, I smile!

"Princess, you certainly have a large wet spot in Care to explain that for me?"

Your mouth opens and your face registers dismay when you realize what I mean. "I don't know what to say, Sir. I am so sorry, it slipped my mind."

"For now, we will not address the situation other than to say that you are to wear those panties for the rest of the day. Your pussy will be kept soaking wet, either by your own hand, or mine. But by the time you take those panties off, I expect them to be soaked and smelling deeply of your scent. Understood, princess?"

Your look tells me all I need to know. The idea of wet panties all day, along with your female smell, is a better punishment than a severe spanking. Your bottom lip comes out, your face clouds. "That's not fair," you almost shout, and instantly realize another mistake.

"I am leaving now--business to do." My face darkens with anger at your impertinence. "While I am away, you will clean the house from top to bottom and do the laundry. Once an hour, for fifteen minutes, you will apply the nipple clamps. I want you to play with your pussy through your panties for those fifteen minutes, however, you will NOT cum again without my permission. Your panties had better be soaking when I get back. And I will know if you orgasm. You never could hide the truth from me, princess!"

"Yes, Sir, I understand."

I leave you standing as I reach for my keys. "I'll be back about 6:00 and we'll be going out for dinner. You will wear only your panties under your white cotton dress. That should show the red through nicely, don't you think, princess? O' I almost forgot, Mari will be joining us for our session tonight."

"Yes, Sir."

I see your face blush with the thought of what is to come.

The day passes quickly for me, but I know it has been as slow as can be for you. You cannot stand the smell of your own pussy. And the soaking panties will remind continually of what you must do.

I expect your nipples to be tender tonight, so we will not play too much with them. However, I will make sure your ass is well attended to. I have yet to use it for my pleasure, but after this morning, I have decided it is time. And what better person to help with this than Mari. I am sure she will be gentle with you, for her Master has allowed me to punish her as I see fit, should she hurt you.

Returning home in the evening, I am dismayed again. You have left the living room not dusted and though my shirts are clean, they are not hung up.

Your head is bowed as you greet me in the bedroom. Your panties are soaking, just as I desired. But when I ask what you have done all day, you mumble an incoherent reply.

"What, princess? Lift your head and tell me what you did today!"

"Sir, I am sorry, but Mari called today and we visited. I told her what I had to do, but she kept talking and I kept playing, and before I realized, I had cum. I apologize, Sir."

This is the last straw for me. I have been patient since this morning. It seems that I must enforce what I tell you in a more forceful manner. "Remove your panties!"

After you are naked, I instruct you to bend over the bed and spread your legs. Quickly, I attach the spreader bar to your ankles. I want to leave you very little way to protect yourself.

Reaching under, I pinch one of your nipples. By the way you wince, I know that at least you have done part of your task for the day. I will leave your tender nipples alone. But as for your ass....

The target is raised in the air. My hand comes crashing down on it. Your quick scream is a reward for me. I know that before I am done, your ass will be tender to sit on. My hand comes down again and again until I have both cheeks a bright red. I stop for a moment and rub baby oil on your ass. I have no intention of marking you. Nor do I intend to stop with just my hand. Your ass squirms as the cool oil hits the hot flesh.

I do not confine my hands solely to your cheeks. My fingers trail between your legs, circling your tight asshole and massaging your still soaking pussy. You cannot close your legs, and I feel your ass tighten as my little finger slowly invades your hole, just a little, to start the process of the evening.

Stepping back, I pick up the crop and instruct you to count ten strokes. I strike you across the top of your ass and range down until I have reached the most tender spot at the top of your thighs. By the time you have reached ten, a tear has fallen, and I know that I have reached my limit with you.

Again, I cover your ass with baby oil. Soothing it into your burning skin and slipping my next finger into your asshole.

"Stand, princess. Unlock the spreader bar and dress yourself. You are going out soaking wet, and with a sore ass." Wisely, you keep your mouth shut.

When you are dressed, I am rewarded with the sight of your perfect little ass framed by the red panties, plainly visible through your dress. I know that you are embarrassed, but maybe next time, you will decide to do as told.

As your butt hits the seat of the car, I can tell the spanking has had the desired affect. "A bit tender, are we, princess?"

You slowly nod your head and squirm your ass, trying to find a more comfortable position. Smiling softly to myself, I head to my favorite place for dinner and dancing.

As the valet takes our car away, I see your hands behind you, trying to cover the red panties.

"Hold my hand, princess." Your face blushes, as you know you are to be displayed this evening.

We are seated for dinner and after the waiter takes our order, I think it is time for your first display. Unknown to you, I have made arrangements to be seated as far from the rest room as possible.

"Princess, go to the ladies room, and play with your pussy till you cum. Then return to me."

Your mouth opens to protest, but a simple raised eyebrow is all that is needed from me. You stand and start away with your head down. "Princess." As you stop and turn, you notice another couple watching you. "Come here!" Stepping back to me, I smile at the couple and tell you, "Hold your head high. Do not look down, and walk slowly. This is not something you may rush through!" Your face blushes a deep red and you turn. As I expected, you are proud as you walk away.

I am surprised to see you return so quickly. Less than five minutes and you are seated next to me. "That was quick, princess, prove to me that you came."

"But how, Sir? I can only say that I am soaking wet." Your face blushes deeper.

"Use your fingers, princess."

Realization strikes. You slide your hand down, but slowly. It is with pleasure that I see the couple smile as they look under the table.

Your fingers move quickly under you dress, and you bring them back shiny with your juices.

"I want to taste you!"

Your mouth falls open. You move your fingers to my lips. Your eyes close. "Open them now!!!!! And watch the couple at the other table!!!" Your face is suddenly redder than your ass, and the gentleman is now fully aware of what kind of relationship we must enjoy. His smile is broad, and the look on the lady's face is priceless. Perhaps she has suffered through the same embarrassment.

Your juices are a treasure to me, and I revel in the taste of you.

I am sure that for you dinner does not pass quickly enough. But the night is young, and I nod knowingly to the other couple as we head to the dance floor.

Your back is to him, so you are not aware of his stares of desire as my hands cup the cheeks of your butt and squeeze. I hear your sharp intake of breath as I have just reminded you of your embarrassment.

After the first song, I turn quickly to the couple and politely ask him if I may dance with his wife. He smiles and replies, "Only if I can dance with yours!" I agree, and the music starts again.

Watching him intently, I see his hands begin their slow descent to your tender butt. But before he reaches them, our eyes meet and his eyebrows rise, asking permission. I nod my head slightly and see your gasp as he squeezes you to him. My hand falls to his wife's butt and I feel the heat of her ass. She actually moans when I grab her butt, and my next question is apparent. "Were you bad too?" Her face blushes worse than yours, and too soon, the dance is over.

The gentleman returns you to me with a knowing smile. I lift your head by the chin to make you walk proudly as we exit the club. We must hurry to be home before Mari arrives.

Mari pulls in as we step from the car. Leaning towards you, I instruct you to go to the bedroom and remove all your clothes. You are to put the spreader bar on and kneel on the bed with your head resting on a pillow and your ass in the air. I will speak with Mari and we will join you in a moment.

"Yes, Sir" and off you go with a quick smack to your rump that makes you jump and hurry a little faster. Turning to Mari, I say "I understand you and princess had a conversation today. Is that true?"

"Yes, Sir," she mumbles.

"You were aware of her limitations?"

"Yes, Sir," she mumbles.

"Your punishment will be simple. You will not be allowed to touch yourself in any way. Nor will either of us touch you. You will not cum tonight. And I will speak with your Master tomorrow and make him aware of your infractions. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir," she whimpers with disappointment.

As we enter the bedroom, I smile when I see your ass exactly as intended, raised high in the air and ready for whatever I desire. And tonight, I desire to fuck it. Your asshole will at last feel the pleasure of being stretched by my hard cock. You will cum with me as I flood your hole!

"Mari, you will find three plugs and some lube in the top drawer. I want you to open her ass for me. Begin by using your fingers."

Your head turns and your mouth opens to protest.

"You desire making Mari cum with your mouth, princess?" Your mouth closes quickly.

I settle into my easy chair to watch the activities. I know you hate the thought of another woman touching you, which is why I have chosen this way to punish you.

Mari has been told to go extremely slow, and that is what I intend for her to do. As she begins the preparation of your ass for my cock, her hands drift over your tender cheeks and you flinch. When your body pulls away with her next touch, I reach for the crop and stand behind you. Another touch makes you move again, and the crop falls quickly and harshly onto your tender ass. "You will not move! Do you understand, young lady?" I warn in a demanding tone of voice.

You nod your head and I motion for Mari to proceed. This time, you stay still. I return to the chair and begin to stroke my cock as I watch.

Mari's hand slides along the inside of your thigh and gently cups your cunt. I can see her massaging you lightly and know that you are getting wet. In the dim light, her fingers shine. She uses the juices of your pussy to slide the first of many fingers inside you. Slowly, fucking it into you, while reaching underneath to massage your clit.

I am pleased to see that you are responding, as if your hips had a will of their own. You are slowly beginning to fuck yourself on Mari's hand, and she slips a larger finger into you. Your breath is coming faster and faster, just as Mari's hand is moving faster on your clit. I do not care if you cum, it will only make you associate your asshole with my cock and pleasure.

As Mari has used the largest of her fingers, she now reaches for the smallest of the three tapered plugs. The largest being a vibrator, slightly smaller than my cock.

As the first lubed plug touches your hole, I smile, seeing you try to pull your cheeks together. But Mari is insistent and slowly, bit by bit, the plug disappears inside you.

Stroking your clit, she fucks you with the plug until you have cum three times, then she moves on to the next one. By the time she reaches the largest, you have cum half a dozen times.

The third plug is inserted and the vibrator is turned on. You are left to squirm for my enjoyment.

Stepping up to the bed, I point to my cock. Mari realizes what I intend and falls quickly to her knees. Her tongue is talented and in no time, I am as hard as a rock.

Pulling from her mouth, I hand her the lube. She strokes my cock, lubricating every bit, and ensuring my complete arousal.

Motioning for her to remove the vibrating plug, I take my place behind you and let Mari guide my cock to the entrance of your body that I have desired for so long.

"Push back, princess, I want you to control the speed." (There is no desire to hurt or scare you. This is a gift I know you do not have to give to me). I smile as your ass slowly begins to envelop my cock.

As the head enters your passage, I feel you tense and stop. Flexing my cock, Mari is told to slide under you and suck on your nipples--gently, without teeth. And while she does this, she is to stroke your clit.

Your ass begins to move back again, and soon, I am rewarded with the feeling of having my balls rest against your wet pussy. I can feel Mari's fingers stroking you.

I want this to happen fast the first time. I have Mari move from your nipples to mine, but keep her hand on your clit.

I feel her teeth scraping across my nipples, and your tight ass sliding along my cock.

Fucking slowly and deeply, I can feel you begin to shudder with your cum. Your body shakes, your ass squirms against me, and I cannot hold back any longer. My cock floods your hole, and I groan as I pull Mari into my chest. Then plunging one last time, I collapse across your back.

Catching our breath, I step back. "Go get a warm cloth and clean us both, Mari. Release princess from the spreader bar, then you may leave. I'll speak to your Master tomorrow."

I lean back in my chair and wait until Mari completes her tasks and leaves.

You have learned your lesson well and you do not move from your position. My hand slides over the part of your body that has given me so much pleasure today.

Your head is slumped into the pillow and I can tell that you are drained. Pulling back the covers, I gently pull you under.

I return from the kitchen with a glass of ice water. I know you are thirsty and I can see your smile.

As I crawl under the covers, I feel your head come to rest on my chest and your body snuggle to mine. I want more than anything for you to know in your heart that you are loved! The use of your body is not something I take lightly, because I believe along with that comes the love of your heart and that is what I desire the most!



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