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Alex Halley

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Synopsis of "Innocent Bliss"


Mrs. Thomas re-enacts her early sexual experience by showing 15-year-old innocent Simon how to excite her by sucking her nipples while fingering her to orgasm and then giving him his first female sexual experience by masturbating him with her handkerchief.........


More Innocent Bliss


...Simon could hardly believe what had happened. His hand was still damp from Mrs. Thomas's wetness and his penis was warmly resting in her spunk-filled handkerchief.

"You were wonderful, Simon", she whispered. You gave me the most stupendous orgasm I have ever had and I am still excited by the feeling of your hardness in my hand." She could see that his heart was pumping and that he did not know what to say. "It's OK," she said, as she held her handkerchief around his penis, "you don't have to say anything. But I will tell you that this is our secret. I may even keep this hankie as a little reminder when I am all by myself."

As she started to slip her handkerchief off his member, which had subsided from the rigid pole that it had been, she felt it start to stiffen again. "I can see what a horny boy you are going to be," she said, "but now we have to put ourselves back into presentable shape, OK?"

As they put all their clothes back on, Mrs. Thomas turned to Simon and said, "Simon, I am going to ask you a favor. I know you can keep a secret and a promise. Can't you?" Simon simply nodded. He still felt unbelievably excited and was incapable of talk. "Well," she went on, "you know my daughter Fanny, who is a couple of years older than you. She is out tonight at her Girl Guides, and knows nothing of this. But as her mother, I have discussed how she can take care of herself and I have told her about boys and what they often have on their minds. So far, she has not gone out with anyone, but I want her to be prepared when that day arrives. As you know, the worst thing for a young person is to find themselves in trouble. So I have told Fanny about ways that she might deal with things if she has a boyfriend. You can probably guess what kind of things they are, can't you?"

Simon had no problem imagining such things. But what is she leading up to? He was wondering when his thoughts were broken by Mrs. Thomas. "Simon, my favor from you is to ask if you might come by another time and do with Fanny what we did tonight. I want her to see what it is like with an actual boy, but in a totally safe environment, since I would also be here. What do you think?"

Simon was flustered. He could feel his face warming and already he could feel something stirring again. "I guess I could," he found himself saying in a hoarse voice.

Mrs. Thomas then added: "But Simon, there is another solemn promise that I want you to give me in addition to this secret that we have shared tonight. I know we are almost using you here, but I am sure you felt good a few moments ago. Simon, I want you to promise me that you will not ask Fanny out on your own so that you can have pleasure with her. I am being totally honest that I just want her to see what it is like touching a boy, and I don't want her to feel that he would be after her in the future. Can you promise that?"

Simon understood what she was saying. It made sense. But he also knew that if he were to feel the same feelings he had tonight again, he would want them again. "It felt so good," he whispered, "what you did to me. But I think I can say I would give you my promise."

And so it was arranged that on one free evening the following week, Simon would present himself to Mrs. Thomas and Fanny. During that week, Mrs. Thomas told Fanny that their idea of her meeting a boy for some "light practice" was finally coming to pass. Of course, Fanny knew Simon, but had never really thought of him as other than an acquaintance. But she did remember that he had always been a thoughtful person where others were concerned. Mrs. Thomas told her that she was sure he would be willing to be guided by her wants and wishes. "You know that I checked him out for you; he was totally obedient about doing what was asked. Remember," she said, "you're in charge at all times."

Fanny was certainly excited at the thought of a boy's hand on her body and she shivered with anticipation, especially knowing that it was completely safe with her mother there. And this would be the first time that she would ever see a male member, never mind touch it. The thought of "being in charge" gave her an added thrill. In fact, she told her mother that knew exactly what she wanted him to do. Moreover, she wanted to see his penis and feel it hard in her hand while he was doing what he was told.

Mrs. Thomson smiled a little at that, not because it was funny, but because she knew about boys and she had a little experience with this one. "You know that it takes much longer for us to reach our climax than them," she said. "In fact, I bet you that he will be so excited after his week of anticipation that just touching him might be enough to finish him off. But I have an idea so that you can experience his hardness in your hand when he is working on you. Perhaps we will surprise him a little right from the start and get rid of his pain." Remembering the stiffness that she had felt returning to his penis after only about one minute, she added, "I don't think you will have any problem feeling his hardness and after he has finished you off, you can work on him the way that I have explained to you." And then she shared her plan with Fanny.

Not far away, Simon was indeed in a similar constant state of anticipation, hardly being able to wait for the day to arrive. What would Fanny's body look like? What would it feel like to touch her? What would she want him to do? What would it feel like to have her touch him? After all, her mother had known exactly what she was about in her expert administrations. What would it feel like to be touched by an innocent hand? As these thoughts ran through his head, he felt his penis stiffening inside his trousers and then becoming long and hard and rigid. He hardly knew how he could wait until that magic moment would arrive. But Simon was indeed a true innocent in that he did not even think of touching himself. Of course, he had experienced natural erections, but until Mrs. Thomas had led him into ecstasy he had no idea what his body was all about.

Finally, the appointed evening did indeed arrive. Simon rang the doorbell with his heart racing. When Mrs. Thomas let him in, he caught an immediate whiff of her perfume and he saw that she was wearing the same low-cut blouse as she had on the previous week. Head spinning, he barely knew what was happening as Mrs. Thomas gently took his hand and, leaning slightly against him gave him a peck on the cheek, murmuring, "It's so nice to see you, Simon. We've been waiting all week for this moment." Then Mrs. Thomas brushed her hand lightly on his chest, moving down slowly to the front his trousers. Pressing her palm very gently, she felt the full length of his member, which was obviously hard and fully extended inside his trousers. Mrs. Thomas leant again into Simon's ear and whispered, "Oh, my goodness, Simon, I can see that you are ready for us. Aren't you?" Simon could only gulp and nod silently. "And, Simon, were you thinking of us during the week when you were touching yourself?"

Simon was speechless. "Well, no I...," he stammered. "I have never..."

"Simon, are you telling me that you do not play with yourself at night?" Simon's silence was Mrs. Thomas's answer and she whispered on, "You are such a nice boy. You are going to help us and we are going to give you everything you deserve."

This was actually even better than the fantasy that Mrs. Thomas had had. She knew that she had taken Simon's innocence in the sense that no woman had ever touched him before, but to be able to work on the boy who did not even work on himself... The thought of being able to show him everything sent Mrs. Thomas's own head in a spin, just like Simon's.

Then she led him into the living room.

Fanny was seated on the couch. She, too, was wearing a blouse unbuttoned at the top. Simon could immediately see that the swellings beneath her shirt were just as pronounced as her mother's, perhaps even more so. His heart raced when he felt yet another movement in his trousers as his penis hardened even more. And then, perhaps for the first time, he noticed her mouth. Mrs. Thomas had a nice mouth and he had swooned when her lips had touched his the week before. But Fanny's lips were full, very full, and they were smiling at him.

For her part, Fanny had benefitted from Mrs. Thomas's account of the events of the previous week and she was not surprised to see that there was a huge bulge in the front of his trousers. "Let's go and sit down here beside Fanny," said Mrs. Thomson, and she brought Simon over to the couch, placing him on Fanny's left and taking the seat beside him to her right.

"Now this is nice and cozy, isn't it?" whispered Mrs. Thomas. "We are two lucky ladies to have you here with us, Simon." Then, somewhat to his surprise, Mrs. Thomas leaned over and gave him a long soft kiss on the lips. "Now it's your turn, Fanny," she said.

"When Fanny's mouth made contact with his, Simon thought he was going to faint. Her lips were so full and soft, he almost felt he was melting into her mouth. And he also felt his penis surging even more strongly, pushing out from his underwear and making an even bigger swelling.

"Touch my breast on the outside of my blouse, Simon," Fanny whispered. As Simon placed his hand on that beautiful mound, he could feel a pulsation underneath. "That's it," Fanny said, "just touch it gently."

Mrs. Thomas could see that Simon was almost swooning and of course she could see the huge bulge in his trousers. She slowly reached out her hand and placed it over his ever-growing bulge. "Simon," she said, "I can feel that you are really happy to see us. And you have been such a good boy since you last saw me. You must be desperate." Simon was still lost in the kiss, but the touch of her hand made him feel that he was going to burst. Then Mrs. Thomas slowly worked his zipper down and slipped her hand through the open fly and released his rigid penis from his underwear.

This was the moment that Fanny had been waiting for. She continued to kiss Simon ever so gently but looked down as Mrs. Thomas's hand went into Simon's trousers and emerged clasped around a rigid rod. He was uncircumcised and she could see the flesh loose but also straining at the top of his penis.

She watched Mrs. Thomas slowly start to move her hand down and up on the shaft, moving the skin around at the head. Already she could see dampness on the top and she knew that this would not take long.

"Fanny, bring your hanky over here," Mrs. Thomas said.

Out of nowhere, Fanny had a hanky in her hand. Mrs. Thomas released Simon's member and guided Fanny's hand so that it was cupped along the underside and top of Simon's penis. "Just hold your hanky open there," she instructed. Then, with her hand clasped around the rigid shaft, Mrs. Thomas started stroking up and down firmly. Fanny watched the skin being pulled down slightly, revealing just part of the wet head of Simon's penis then disappear as the skin slid back into place.

Simon' heart was racing and he could feel a huge surge starting in the base of his penis. "Oh," he groaned, "it's coming."

As soon as she heard this Mrs. Thomas said, "I know, dear, let it go," and she started pumping as hard and as fast as she could. And to Fanny: "Fanny, rub beneath that head with your hanky and be ready."

As all three of them looked down, and as Simon arched his hips, his spunk came shooting out. Fanny was ready, and although she had never done this before, Mrs. Thomas had told her what to expect and what to do. She held her hand cupped open, steady as a rock, and the spunk poured into her hanky. As she felt it filling up, she released Simon's mouth and leaned over with her other hand and wrapped her hanky completely around the head of his penis. And then the two of them gently stroked and rubbed as Simon surged against their hands, depositing the rest of his seed into Fanny's hanky.

When all movement ceased, Mrs. Thomas said, "Does that feel better, Simon?" Simon could only nod silently. She carefully wiped him and took the hanky off his penis, which was now subsiding somewhat and said, "Now pull your trousers back up and we will see what you can do for Fanny. She needs to feel a boy doing it for her and she will want to hold you as you get hard again. I will be sitting over on the other side of the room, but just forget I am there."

Of course, the kissing, the stroking of her breast, and the feeling of Simon's penis surging against her hand, had made Fanny's heart beat fast and she could feel the wetness and warmth between her legs. With Simon dressed properly again she whispered to Simon, "Kiss me and do what you did to my Mum."

Simon remembered and he was most anxious to please after the wonderful experience that he had just been through. In fact, the thought of feeling Fanny's full breasts and slipping his hand into her panties was already making his penis start to stiffen. But this is not about me, he thought to himself. It is all about Fanny.

So he took his hand and placed it once again on her blouse over her breast. As before, he could feel something straining underneath her blouse and bra: an extra bud-like swelling. Very gently he started to rub his fingers over the cloth and started to kiss Fanny with small pecks, and then longer holds. Spontaneously, both of their lips parted and their tongues met, exploring. 

Simon then moved his hand over to Fanny's other breast and worked slowly for a short while before he started to undo her buttons one by one. Now he could touch her bra directly and he could feel even more strongly that her nipples were hard. Reaching around, he undid the hooks and her bra slipped off revealing her bosom. As he had guessed, Fanny's breasts were even larger than her mother's was; even her nipples were more swollen and round and hard than Mrs. Thomas's had been. The sight of them had an immediate effect and he could feel his penis stiffening deep in his trousers. 

Fanny was moaning as he kissed her and tongued her and as he moved his hand from nipple to nipple, rubbing them gently with his fingertips. Fanny couldn't stand it any longer and she released his mouth and whispered, "Oh, please, please suck me, suck me." 

She had always wondered what this moment would be like. She could feel her nipples swollen and almost rock hard and she could feel that she was soaking in her pants between her legs. 

As Simon's lips closed gently over her right nipple, Fanny almost fainted with the pleasure. He was so gentle as he was moved his lips over them, sucking. And then his tongue came out and he started licking. 

"Get your hands into my pants. Please. Now. Pull your trousers down. Now. Leave your underwear on." 

Simon quickly unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers down below his knees. The bulge under his underwear was very obvious. He slipped his hand under her skirt, searching for her underwear. He could not believe it when he found that her panties were soaking wet. 

As his fingers felt the dampness in between her legs, he felt Fanny's hand move over his underwear and press on the hard line that was his rigid penis. "It's hard again," she whispered. "Let me get my hanky." Fanny reached into her purse that was on the couch beside her and brought out another handkerchief. "Rub your fingers on my crotch outside my panties," she said. "Suck my nipples. Never stop."

So Simon sucked and licked. Rubbing her slowly with his fingers, he could feel the length of her slit. As he pressed gently against it, he felt Fanny's handkerchief being pushed down into his underwear and her hand close around his penis. Fanny pushed his underwear down with her arm and brought out his penis with the hanky around the shaft. He felt her slip the hanky over the top like a tent then take hold of his member once again. "Just let me feel it," she said. It's so long and hard. I want to hold it in my hankie. Get rid of my underwear and do me." 

Simon slid her panties down past her knees and he moved his middle finger into her soaking slit. He quickly found that spot near the top that he remembered from Mrs. Thomas and he started to roll it around. As he pressed and sucked on her nipple, Fanny put her head back, and moaned. "Oh, yes," she said. "Do it slowly."

This is what she had dreamed of; she was holding that penis and feeling its power and warmth. Her nipples were being sucked and her clitoris was being stroked.

Simon continued to rub and roll and suck. All the time Fanny's hand around his shaft and the head of his penis in her hanky. "Move your hand down, Fanny said." Simon put his finger further down in the slit where he could feel a line almost like the shaft of his penis. "Rub it down there," Fanny said. "Not on top. Down at the bottom." 

This was different from Mrs. Thomas. She had wanted all his fingering right on the top at the head of her clitoris. But Fanny did not want it directly there. "Slide your finger just a little into my vagina," Fanny said. "Slide it in and out gently and press on the top edge." 

Simon found that place with no problem and did as he was told. He slid his finger into the opening and slid it out again, pressing upwards as he did. He kept doing it. As he did so, he felt Fanny start to move against his finger. He let her push and kept up a gentle rhythm. For over four minutes Fanny moaned and moved her hips in that rhythmic way. When he felt her starting to speed up, he let her take over, pushing against his finger as it slid and pressed. 

"OK. Now just rub in the lower spot outside." Simon slipped his finger out and started to rub at the bottom of her slit. "Go from side to side on the same spot. Go harder. Go faster. Suck me. Lick me. Suck me harder. Rub faster. That's it." 

Simon did just that. He kept his finger down in that one spot and rubbed and rubbed as Fanny moved against him. "Quick. Move up. On the spot at the top. Rub me as hard as you possibly can." 

Simon gave her everything that he could. She had stopped moving now. She just wanted him to do her. And as he gave it to her, he felt her hand start to move on his shaft. His penis swelled and hardened even more. "Stay hard," she moaned. "I want to feel your thick penis in my hand." 

Simon let her hold him. As he rubbed faster and harder, he heard her moan and groan and he knew she was coming. He felt her whole body arching against his finger and with a final heave she shouted, "This is it. I'm coming. Don't stop. Don't ever stop. Don't worry about hurting me. Rub me as hard and as fast as you possibly can. Harder. Faster." 

Finally, with a huge heave, she shuddered and Simon felt a flood of moisture over his hand as she slumped back on the couch, her hand still around his rod which was now as long, hard and stiff as it ever had been.

Fanny sat back up and put her lips to Simon's. "I am going to wank you," she whispered. "I want to stroke you and wank you. I want to make you come. Would you like that?"

Simon only managed to wheeze a quiet, "Yes," as he felt her hand start to move up and down on his shaft.

Fanny's hand did not have the practiced touch of her mother's, but she wanted to learn. "Tell me what you want," she whispered. 

"Just like that. Oh, yes, slowly up and down, just like that." And Fanny started that slow gentle sliding up and down. "Go faster. Near the top. Slide the skin around it at the top." Fanny moved her hand up and put two fingers around the top and started to rub the foreskin inside her hanky. She saw that every time the head came up, her hanky grew damper. "Faster, oh please now just masturbate up and down on the whole shaft as fast as you can. Harder. Faster. Hold it tight. Wank me. Make me come." Simon could hardly believe he was saying these things but all he wanted to do was to be released. 

As Fanny pumped, she felt his whole body move and Simon groaned, "It's coming."

"That's it, Simon, put your spunk in my hanky. That's it. I see it." Simon arched as he spurted another load. Fanny just held him and he pumped himself in her hand, squirting out every drop. 

And where was Mrs. Thomas when all this was taking place? Well, as "chaperone" she did not want to take any chances of Simon (or perhaps Fanny) losing control and moving on to sexual intercourse. She sat quietly in her chair on the other side of the room. Of course, she was not unaffected by the passion that was taking place and she felt her own strong urges, especially between her legs and in her nipples. 

When Simon gave his final moan and heave and Fanny was removing her spunk-filled handkerchief from his penis, she took another hankie from her handbag and made her way over to them. 

"I think you both did well," she said "and I am sure you have learned a lot. Perhaps I shall help to clean Simon up." She then took the stem of his penis in her hand and gently pulled down so that the foreskin slid fully back, revealing the wet round bulb of the head of his penis. At the sight of this, Fanny gave a small exclamation, and Mrs. Thomas said: "Yes, that is what it is like inside that moving skin. I am going to clean it off." And she gently dried off the head of Simon's penis with her hankie. As Fanny watched, she once again felt a pulsing in her nipples and dampness in between her legs. Her feelings must have shown on her face, because Mrs. Thomas said, "So you are getting excited again, are you Fanny?"

Fanny could only nod. But Mrs. Thomas went on: "I think we are both feeling excited by you, Simon, so I have a little idea. Pull your underwear and trousers back up and come with me. Fanny, you get dressed as well, but stay here."

She then took Simon by the hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. "Now, Simon, you have been truly marvelous, so I think that we can all finish off our evening with a little more fun. Would you like that?" Simon, who throughout all this, could hardly believe what he was seeing and feeling, could only, like Fanny nod silently. "Sit down on the edge of the bed and wait for us," Mrs. Thomas said and she headed off back downstairs. 

"Fanny," she said, "I think we can all have a little more fun to finish off the evening. Is there anything special that you would like to do?"

"Well, Mum, I would like him to touch me again but I would like to feel the actual flesh of his penis in my hand for at least part of the time."

"That should be no problem now," said Mrs. Thomas. "As you know, we had to make sure that we had a hankie on hand at all times in case Simon could not control himself, but now I think he is well sexed and there should not be any danger of him shooting off before we are ready. And I am going to show you both something that might just enhance your pleasure even more." Then she whispered her plan to Fanny, finishing up with, "How does that sound?" 

Fanny could only whisper something like, "Fine," as she followed her Mom back upstairs to where Simon was waiting. 

"Now, Fanny," you come up on the bed and lie down on your back. "Simon, I think it is your turn again to slowly and carefully give her a really nice time. I think you know what to do. And, Fanny, you can do what you need to excite yourself." 

Simon leaned over and gently kissed Fanny who returned his touch with her full lips. Soon their tongues were entangling and Simon's hand was moving over her blouse, stroking her nipples, that he could feel hard under the cloth. "Oh, Simon, suck them and touch me," whispered Fanny. Simon unbuttoned her blouse, and as his lips closed over her rock hard nipple, he slid his hand under her skirt, where her body immediately responded by pushing against his fingers. He could feel that Fanny was wet and he reached up and slipped her panties down her legs and off and then brought his finger back to that pulsating spot on her clitoris. "Oh, yes," Fanny said, "start rubbing. And kneel beside me." 

As Simon started to roll and rub, Fanny also reached out and pulled down Simon's zipper. When she pushed his trousers and pants down his penis came leaping out, long and hard. Fanny closed her hand around the shaft and held it as Simon continued to mold her clitoris with his fingers. 

As this was going on, Mrs. Thomas moved up onto the bed on the other side of Fanny so that she could see them both. She lay down on her right hand side and slid her own skirt and panties down. Then her left hand slowly slid between her legs and she started her own movements. "This is nice," she whispered, "let's all just enjoy ourselves." 

As Fanny held his rigid member in her hand Simon sucked her nipples and rubbed her clitoris from side to side and around. 

"I want Fanny to have the biggest orgasm ever," said Mrs. Thomas, who was also rubbing herself in the same way, "so you both have to copy me and do what I say." 

At this point, Mrs. Thomas rolled on to her stomach and moved up slightly on her knees, with the back of her right hand on the bed under her body and her fingers on her clitoris.

"Fanny, roll over like me, and Simon put your hand under her like mine. Then just copy. You'll get it." 

Mrs. Thomas started to move her body gently on her fingers, feeling the direct pressure on her clitoris. She felt the weight of her body pressing on her fingers, giving maximum pressure on the most sensitive spot. 

As Fanny rolled over on her face, she also took up the same position, but it was Simon's hand that was under her as he kneeled behind her. She started to move her body on his fingers and he felt her weight pressing down on his hand. Soon she was getting a rhythm as she pushed and pulsed against him.

"That's it," said Mrs. Thomas, "let yourself go, Fanny." She started to ride her fingers harder and harder. Simon could also feel Fanny working on him and he seemed to know intuitively exactly what to do with this hand and fingers as he gave her something to pump on. 

And then the bed was a heaving mass as two bodies copulated on two hands, building and building. Both Mrs. Thomas and Fanny felt the waves of pressure in their body and in their heads. Both of them were bucking now and Fanny shouted "Let me ride you, Simon, HARD." Simon let her plunge against his fingers and tried to rub her as hard as he could.

Mrs. Thomas was also gasping and moaning and as she plunged and plunged she felt it coming. "I'm coming," she croaked.

"I'm coming," Fannie croaked. 

With tremendous heaves, they both felt the waves of pleasure course through their veins and Simon felt the final thrust as Fanny came. 

Mrs. Thomas and Fanny both rolled back, exhausted. Simon could only kneel and watch as they lay there, panting. Of course his penis was sticking out rigidly from his body. 

Then Mrs. Thomas crawled over and kissed him full on the lips. "Simon," she said, "you were wonderful. Now it's your turn for your something special. Fanny, will you help out?" 

"Oh, yes, Mom," Fanny said. "I will help and I will have my turn to watch!

"Lie on your back, Simon," said Mrs. Thomas. 

When Simon lay back, Fannie crawled up beside him and he felt her soft full lips on his. Then he felt Mrs. Thomas's lips on his stomach and they were moving downwards. Before he could catch his breath, he felt her hand sliding his foreskin down and then – "Oh... Oh..." a mouth gently folded itself around the head of his penis. 

He could not believe what was happening. Mrs. Thomas's lips and tongue slid around his penis, and then they were moving up and down very steadily. He was not able to contain himself and his hips started to move involuntarily. The head of his penis was being completely stimulated by Mrs. Thomas's lips and mouth. 

And then all the lips were gone. 

"I am now going to give you what you gave Fanny, Simon," said Mrs. Thomas, as she brought out another handkerchief. She took Simon's foreskin in her hand and brought it back up over his penis, and then she slipped her hanky over the erect member. 

"Now roll over on your tummy, Simon," she said. 

Simon rolled over, and then felt Mrs. Thomas behind him with her hand reaching under him, her fingers under his penis. 

"Now ride my hanky, Simon," Mrs. Thomas whispered. 

And Simon started to move against her hand. Her fingers formed a ridge under his penis and he slid himself against them. He felt her pushing up with her hand as he pushed down and soon he was into a rhythm. 

"Go as hard and as fast as you can, Simon," said Mrs. Thomas. "Buck and heave all you want to." 

Simon found that he somehow knew what to do. Just as he had given Fanny the base to ride on, Mrs. Thomas' fingers were doing the same for him. He pumped and pumped and pumped, and then he felt the most incredible feeling coursing through his body as he ejaculated into her waiting handkerchief. 

"Pump out every drop," whispered Mrs. Thomas. 

He did not know how long he kept moving but Simon finally found himself lying on his face, drained. Mrs. Thomas rolled him over and continued to slide his penis in her hand gently, letting every last morsel out of him. 

And that, finally, was it. 

Everyone got dressed again and Mrs. Thomas thanked Simon for helping out. "This will not happen again, Simon," she said. "But you gave us exactly what we wanted and we hope that you were made to feel special too. The most important thing is that you have helped to show Fanny things that would not have been possible without you. But please remember your promise." 

Feel special? That would be an understatement of how Simon felt as each of them gave him a soft kiss on the cheeks and let him out the door, his head swimming and his body satiated. By golly, that promise would be awfully hard to keep. 

Inside the house, Mrs. Thomas and Fanny were equally spent. "I think your lesson went well, Fanny, don't you?" said Mrs. Thomas. "Now you know how to take care of a boy and let him take care of you in a safe way. Of course, not all boys are as nice as Simon, so you will have to be careful. And I have to admit that I had a good time too." 


Three people had interesting dreams that night.




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