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The Long Hot Summer

Part 1 - The Awakening

by Fait Accompli

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The Long Hot Summer – The Awakening is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Also note that my works generally contain sexual themes, objectionable language and behavior that most people should avoid. If you are easily offended, unable to discern the difference between fiction and reality, dislike the use of profanity, are uptight, or afraid that reading this material may pose danger to your sanity, then you should immediately cease reading any further.

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Chapter 1



Well, as all things seem to go in life, new opportunities and experiences present themselves at unexpected times, and in unbelievable places.

My story begins when I was a few days away from my eighteenth birthday. I was a bit of a shy guy, a studious "straight A" student, a good athlete, lettering in a number of sports, and really naïve about sex. I had offers from a number of very good universities, so life was good. But, to be honest, I had my share of issues; my teenage hormones were running rampant, my body and mind was in a state of confusion, and I had a continuous hard-on. So much so, that I wore tight blue jeans just to contain a perpetual "boner", which I was constantly self-conscious about whenever in the presence of my few friends and family.

The only experience I had with anything even close to sex was a girl allowing me to feel her breasts through her blouse, during hay ride one night. I really didn't date so my opportunities to learn about sexual interaction were to say the least, very limited.

In June of that year, I had graduated, and was looking forward to working for that summer on my uncle's ranch. My family decided to go to my Aunt's house in the country and spend a couple of weeks on vacation since they had to take me anyway. My aunt, uncle, and cousin lived on a large ranch and raised quarter horses, and specialized in training cutting horses for the rodeo circuit. My aunt had asked Mom if I'd like to spend my summer vacation with them, since I had been going to my other uncle's ranch for the past couple of summers. When asked, I jumped at the opportunity since I like being around horses and had become a good hand with them.

Their property was quite extensive and it could take you the good part of two days to ride across most of the pasture land and alfalfa fields. The main house was also extremely large, consisting of three stories plus an attic that had been converted into a bedroom. There were eight bedrooms, and five baths, and it had that feel of an old, well built, turn of the century farm house. It was an older wooden structure that you commonly saw throughout the Southeastern United States in rural areas. There was no such thing as central air conditioning though. In fact, most of the rooms had window fans that you rarely see today.

If you know anything about the summers in the south, it is hot and very humid. Most of the time, on farms and ranches, the builders would leave a number of very large old Oak or Pecan trees standing around the foundation so they could provide shade during the summer months; it tended to help keep the houses cooler. As you drove down the long dirt road leading to my aunt and uncle's house, there were vast gently rolling pastures and fields as far as you could see. Off in the distance, capturing the eye like an oasis in the desert, you could see a small patch of green jutting skyward, clashing with the symmetry of the peacefully rolling hills. As you drew closer you could make out the small group of enormous ancient Oaks that encircled the ranch house, and towered over the surrounding terrain. To this day, I still marvel at the stark contrast of that small group of Oaks defying the endless fields of grass and alfalfa.

The day we arrived at my aunt and uncle's the weather did not disappoint; it was a scorcher. The temperature was around 98 degrees with 98 percent humidity. While the fans were very nice at night, during the day, even with the fans running, you didn't want to be in the upper floors of the house, unless absolutely necessary. This meant that the center of activity during the day was the kitchen, where we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

When we arrived, my aunt was in the kitchen and came out the back door to greet us, with the obligatory family hugs and kisses. We were promptly assigned our rooms, and I was quite surprised when my aunt said I would be bunking with my cousin Ronnie in his room, the attic. Frankly, the prospect didn't really thrill me since I hardly knew my cousin at the time; and two, I was really shy about sleeping in a room with someone else. I politely asked my aunt if I could have my own room; she just said that she thought the "guys" would like to room together. Ronnie didn't have much in the way of friends at home, going to college full time and working on ranch during the summer, so she thought it would be fun for the both of us.

Her logic was somewhat flawed, by my assessment, and I felt it put me in a awkward position. As I was about to suggest another alternative, my mother gave me one of her patented "Don't!" looks, which put an end to that! So, I was stuck for the time being, and that was that. I couldn't really see my older cousin relishing the idea of me being in his personal space the entire summer. "Great, this is starting off with a bang!" I grumbled to myself.

To give you a little background; my cousin Ronnie was 6 years older than me at 24, and considerably bigger, or so it seemed to me at the time. He stood 6 feet tall, 175 lbs., lean and muscular, with medium length sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes. Ronnie has the musculature you develop from working on a ranch, lean build, very strong, and well-toned. His upper body had very dark tan from working outside without a shirt. He had just graduated from Georgia Tech with a civil engineering degree and was working his last summer on the ranch, before taking a job in Atlanta the coming fall. The first time I saw him that evening, he had definitely changed a lot from the guy I'd met four years earlier. I was certain the girls were falling all over him now. Of course I was the quintessential awkward "bookworm" teen, still developing, physically and mentally; however, unlike most male teens at that age, I was lagging behind in the physical development department. I was hoping to turn out to be bigger and bulkier as I matured, and I definitely wasn't happy with the way I looked at the time. I was all of 130 lbs. dripping wet, stood 5'4", athletic build, lean, with brown hair and emerald green eyes. The one attribute I was proud of at the time was my manhood, which was all of 6"-7", approximately. I wasn't into measuring things of that nature. Some guys unofficially compared cocks in the locker room showers and I was told I had the biggest one by far, among my teammates. Thinking back, it's funny what teenagers will choose to be unabashed about and what they decide is too embarrassing to discuss openly.

Anyway, in a further effort to extricate myself from the current rooming arrangements, that had been pressed upon me; after dinner I told Ronnie that I was sorry my aunt had just stuck me in his room and I knew he didn't want me in there cramping his style, so to speak. So, I would be happy to take a room to myself and leave him his personal space. To my dismay, and surprise, he was quite fine with the arrangement and said he would enjoy me being around. He said it would be great to have another guy to talk to, we could play music, stay up late if we wanted, and it wouldn't bother the others since their rooms were all on the second floor. Plus, the third floor killed all the sound from the loft room, so we could make all the noise we wanted. Actually, it sounded like a pretty good setup after I thought about it a bit, so I reluctantly said, "okay!"

On a ranch everyone tends to go to bed relatively early in the evening since you had to rise very early, so the rest of the family started to retire about nine o'clock. Ronnie asked me if I wanted to go with him to the barn to get the feed bins filled for the morning. I said, sure!

We went out to the main barn and started filling the bins and putting away the tack that was used that day. It was about an hour before we were done and when we came in the back door it was obvious that everyone had gone to bed, as the only noise in the house was the window fans, loudly moving air throughout the house. Another reason you couldn't hear anything, I thought to myself. As we made the long climb up the three flights of stairs to the loft, I was thinking that I might really enjoyed being around Ronnie this summer. We had talked about everything and nothing while doing the chores and he was genuinely friendly toward me, and it was immediately apparent he didn't treat me like some kid, which I hated. We talked a lot, mostly small talk, as we worked, and he was interested in what I had to say, and what I wanted to do, commenting on my intelligence at one point. 

"Mom said that you were very smart, and I tend to agree with her." He said flatly. That was it, and I knew we were going to get along really well this summer.



Chapter 2



When we got back to the loft we decided to take a shower, so Ronnie got his in first and I went after him. The little fiberglass shower we used was located on the third floor, so you had to walk down a flight of stairs to the next floor and then go right down a dark hallway. They didn't keep the lights on in the hallway so you used a flashlight to get to the bathroom. After Ronnie got back I went down with my bath stuff, undressed, and got in the shower. Back then I loved a cold shower because it was so damned hot and humid, it just refreshed you. Once you were out though, immediately you began to sweat again. So, I turned on the cold water and, as was my custom then, after I soaped up, I would immediately start stoking my best friend until he was nice and hard. I could stand for hours with my back to the water, with a bar of soap in one hand, and my other hand stroking slowly up and down the length of my penis. I would often fantasize about a particular girl at school that I had the hot's for, while I vigorously worked my hard friend with my head back and eyes tightly shut. I'd alternate running the soap over my dick to make it really slick and then begin slowly stroking again, until I needed more soap. When I really got into it, and I was feeling really turned-on, I would rinse the soap off my body, and use my hair conditioner to lube my dick and balls and the crack or my ass. At the time I had a round hair brush with a large round handle on it; I would squat down and position the handle of the brush so I could work it in and out of my ass while I stoked my cock. I got on my knees, just out of the water's reach, and work the brush in and out of my ass, working my throbbing dick with long hard strokes, until I came.

I was well into my normal routine, and starting to feel that wonderful tingling sensation coming from my balls; just as my stomach muscles began to tense, and I felt the familiar cum build up in my groin, there was loud bump in the bathroom somewhere. At first I froze and thought, "What the hell was that?" I quickly jerked the shower curtain back, standing there unnerved, with a hard-on in my hand and brush in my ass, only to find an empty room. I stood there very still for a long moment, listening for any follow-up noises. That really rattle me and as I looked down I was staring at my limp member, and thinking the mood had died, and I needed to get back upstairs ASAP. Being in that big old house, on that floor all by myself, my mind was furiously working out all kinds of scenarios involving everything from chainsaw wheeling maniacs, to aliens. So I showered off very quickly, threw on my cloths, ran down the hallway and up the stairs into the loft, slamming the door behind me.

Ronnie jumped as I flew through the door into the room slamming it behind me.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked in a huff.

"Oh, sorry about that, just a little nervous I guess." I said, out of breath. I wasn't about to tell my cousin I was scared shitless by a bang on the wall.

"Gee, go easy, David," Ronnie said.

"Yeah, I got a little carried away." I replied shakily.



Chapter 3



The loft room had a single bed in one corner, and a double bed centered on the wall underneath the double windows, that faced the back of the house. That was the bed that Ronnie slept in. The room was actually quite cozy, with posters of cars and scantily clad women adorning the walls. There were a couple of dressers against the far wall and a pair of night tables next to the bed. A mini refrigerator, which was very nice, was on a table on opposite wall. A sink and mirror sat in the front right corner of the room, closest to the door leading to the stairs.

I decided it was time to hit the sack since we had to get up early, so I stripped down to my Jockey shorts and started to climb into the single bed when Ronnie asked, "What are you doing?"

"Well, I was going to get in bed." I said, in a matter of fact manner

He looked at me quizzically and said, "You don't want to sleep in that bed, it hasn't been used in years, and it smells, and who knows what else." After I bent down and examined it, sniffing around it, I agreed, it really did smell bad, and probably had bed bugs. "Not a good idea!" I said to myself.

He looked at me and said, "Here just sleep over here there's plenty of room."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes." he said flatly.

"Ok, I can do that, I guess." I said, somewhat tentatively.

I must have sounded reluctant because he jokingly remarked, "What's the matter, you never slept with another guy?"

"Well, actually no." I replied timidly.

He looked at me with a big smile seeing that I was clearly uneasy, "Well I'm not going to bite you, and it'll be fun. We can lay here and talk without yelling across the room at each other. So what'd about it?" Ronnie asked eagerly.

"Ok, well I guess it's alright." I replied nervously.

So, I lifted the sheet and began to slip in the bed and realized that Ronnie was completely nude. That was a stupid thing to think, I thought to myself, you're either nude or you're not! DUH! Anyway, I couldn't help but notice his nudity, as he was lying on his side with his crotch facing me, and he had a very large erection. I hadn't notice it before because of the way he was positioned in the bed. I must have just stared at his erection because he said, "What? You've never seen an erection before? Please! I know you probably get one every hour at your age." he remarks casually.

The only response I could think of was, "Well, yeah, sometimes, but why are you in bed without any clothes on?"

Ronnie laughed, "You should give it a try. I find it's more comfortable to sleep in the nude in this heat then those Jockeys, and I like the feel of freedom." he said with a smile. "I sleep in the nude all the time. Really! Take that underwear off and see if you don't like it. If you don't you can always put them back on." he said cheerfully.

"Whatever!" I quipped, "I'll leave mine on, thanks." I replied.

I lay there for a little while as Ronnie was talking about all kinds of things that I was really wasn't fully listening to. The funny thing was that I was still thinking about how comfortable it might be to sleep without any underwear. Maybe it was because I hadn't been able to come that night in the shower, or it was just simple curiosity, but it started to sound like a good idea. Before I could make my mind up, I caught a snippet of something Ronnie was asking me.

"What?" I asked.

"David, how would you like to see some magazines with nude women in them?" he asked.

"What? What did you say?" I asked again.

"You know, magazines with nude women, fucking. You've heard of them, right?" He asked sarcastically. "Would you like to see some?" He asked impatiently.

"Really?" I blurted out.

"Yes." he said, somewhat dumbfounded by my apparently sudden loss of mental acuity.

I had never seen anything pornographic before, and being the horny teenager that I was, my response was an instant "Okay!" My mouth opened in response without thinking about it. The old libido was on automatic now.

Ronnie got up from the bed, walked across the room, and knelt to remove a floorboard in the corner; this was apparently where he hid private items. As he was walking over I noticed he had a pretty good tan all over his body. How did he manage to do that? I asked myself. Was he running around the ranch without clothes? Nope, not likely, I thought. What about getting sunburned down there? I wondered. I'd have to find a way to ask him when I know him better, I thought to myself.

I was quickly distracted from my thoughts as he stood up, and turned, to walk back to the bed. He seemed to have a slow deliberate motion to his stride as he glided across the room. I swear his dick looked larger than it did a few minutes ago. I did my best to keep from staring at it because I didn't want my cousin to think I was a pervert or something, but my curiosity was getting the better of me. Looking at him strolling toward the bed, I was shocked that I felt the all too familiar twinge in the pit of stomach, as he approached. His manhood was long and straight and standing out in front of him. I guess it was 7 to 7 ½ inches long, and thick. I'm pretty sure he noticed me looking, but I quickly averted my eyes. God, I was really acting like a dweeb, I thought, embarrassed.

He got in the bed with a funny grin on his face, and a handful of magazines, containing color, and black and white pictures. As he was about to hand me a magazine he stopped, and looked at me with a serious expression on his face, and said, "David, you can't tell anyone that I showed these to you or we are both in big trouble. Do you understand?" he said, somberly. I nodded my head. "No, I mean it. Do you understand?" he asked more forcefully. "Yes!" I replied eagerly, "I promise I won't tell a soul, do I look stupid?" I remarked, sarcastically. He laughed briefly and handed me one of the magazines, his expression unreadable.



Chapter 4



I took the magazine and began looking through it page by page. Wow, this was pretty darn explicit stuff! I thought.

I had never dreamed anything like this existed. Somewhere around the fourth page I had developed a raging hard-on and my dick was really stiff and aching badly. It was so hard I felt like I could hammer nails with it. The magazine showed men and women performing oral and anal sex, multiple penetrations, and sex in just about every position imaginable. It was really hot, especially for a teenager that hadn't had any exposure to this kind of stuff.

When I was finished looking at the first one, Ronnie handed me another magazine, except this time it had nothing but men in it. Well, that kind of surprised me, a lot, but I looked through it, and surprisingly, it was turning me also, so I continued to page completely through it. Everything I'd seen so far was new and exciting, and more than sexually naïve teenager could have ever imagined, or hoped for. There's a whole new world to explore now! I thought, expectantly.

I gradually began to realize that I was sitting up on my side of the bed, cross-legged, a sheet covering me, with a large white tent where my lap used to be. It was obvious I was really turned on by the pictures, but now I was equally embarrassed to be in this condition in front of my cousin, who I barely knew. There was no way to hide my excitement at this point.

Ronnie must have noticed the tent sticking up between my legs, and recognized my apprehension and embarrassment in this situation because out of nowhere he remarked, "Whoa, nice one cousin!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked curtly.

"That nice boner you've got going on there man. Hey, that's a nice one for your age." he said slyly.

"You really think so?" I asked, genuinely interested.

"Hell yeah, Cuz!" he snapped back in response. "Listen, I've seen guys twice your age, and a lot bigger, that didn't have cocks that large. I wonder how big it will be when you're my age." Quite abruptly he asked, "Can I see it?"

"I don't think so Ronnie, that's kind of embarrassing." I responded shyly.

"Oh come on, I'll show you mine first if you want?" he said, pleadingly. "What'a ya say?" he asked, with an edge of eagerness.

"No, I don't think…" I started to reply.

But before I could complete my sentence, he rolls on his back, kicks the sheet down, and proudly displays his cock, its length jutting straight up in the air. Frankly, it looked pretty impressive to a young guy like me, and I guess it would have been impressive to anyone, now that I think about it.

Things started to get pretty crazy at this point. My cousin lay there stroking his big cock right in front of me, all the time telling me how good it felt, and that we shouldn't be embarrassed about showing off our bodies... Frankly, I wasn't buying the line, but sitting there with that magazine in one hand, and watching my cousin jerking off right in front of me, my body wanted to believe everything he was selling. My lust was building by the second, and doing a damn good job of lowering my inhibitions, embarrassment, and self-conscientiousness. My body's desire was gradually overriding my good sense; to the point that I didn't feel I was in control of my actions any longer. I felt like a spectator trapped in my body, watching it take its own course and do things on its own.

My hormones were going crazy; they were all over the place at this point. I was so turned-on sitting there watching my cousin stroking his member, that my cock really, really hurt. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, drowning out my cousin's words as he continued to extol the virtues of nudity, or whatever; I wasn't listening any longer. I was focused on my body, which felt like it was literally on fire. I was sweating profusely and felt flushed; my skin was hot to the touch, and my breathing was labored and shallow. I had no idea what was happening to me; I'd never felt like this before, and I didn't know what to do about it. Thinking back I must have experienced a massive release of endorphins because I felt mentally and physically intoxicated.

Distantly, as if far away down a tunnel, I heard Ronnie's voice. As my thoughts and vision seemed to clear somewhat, I heard him asking me something, but I couldn't make it out. Then slowly things began coming into focus and I heard, "Hey man, are you okay? he asked. "You look like you're ill, or something." he said, concerned.

"Yeah Ronnie, I'm alright, at least I think so." came my dazed response.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Did I say something to upset you? Hey, if I did I'm sorry, this may be too much for you right now, let's turn in." he offered.

I looked directly at him, now propped up on his elbow, his erection in his hand, eyes, lustful and pleading, and knew immediately the offer lacked complete sincerity.

Looking down in my lap at the sheet that was now a tent; I felt an overwhelming urgency to relieve my very painful hard-on. I was curious, and excited, and above all, really turned-on, so in a hoarse panting voice I replied, "NO! No, I'm fine."

I decided to throw caution to the wind and tell my cousin the real truth about what I was experiencing. "Ronnie, I'm so turned-on right now it really hurts, and I'm having a problem dealing with all of this, that's all." I said sincerely.

My cousin got a huge smile on his face as he looked at me with an earnest and determined look, "Well, I think we can do something about that, if you are willing to so what I ask of you." he said. "Can you do that no matter how uncomfortable or embarrassing it might be for you?" he asked flatly.

"I think so, but it depends on what you want me to do." I said.

"That's a fair answer." he said. "I won't ask you to anything you don't like, but you have to at least try it first. Do you think you can do that for me?" he asked.

I'll do my best." I responded sheepishly.

I was so damn miserable and half-crazy with lust by then I said, "Yes, I'll do my best to do whatever you ask, but if I don't like it, I won't do it."

Ronnie looked thoughtfully at me and said, "That's fine, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to. David, one other thing; you can never tell anyone about anything that we do together, okay!? It stays between us. There's nothing wrong with what I'm going to teach you, it's just that some people are really closed minded about sex, so this has to be our secret, got it!?" he said sternly.

"Absolutely, Ronnie, not a word." I replied, understanding his trepidation.



Chapter 5



My cousin seeing that I was an emotional and sexual bundle of confusion and desire, simply said, "Let's start your education."

"Okay, can we please, I'm really hurting here." I said anxiously.

"First, let's get that underwear off so you can free that monster you appear to have under there." he said, his tone bordering on analytical.

He sat up, reached across, and turned down the sheet to reveal my underwear, standing straight up and very taut, as my erection strained to burst out of its confinement. The entire front of my white Jockey shorts were now completely drenched with pre-cum that had been oozing out of the tip of my cock during the last 15 - 20 minutes.

At seeing this, Ronnie said brightly, "Damn you ARE turned-on! Let's get those off and see what we're dealing with here."

I started to lay back, lift my hips so I could remove my underwear when he quickly said, "NO, Don't! I want you to have a really good first time experience."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked quizzically.

"You'll see, just be patient and do as I ask." he replied firmly.

"Lay flat on your back with your legs together." he said flatly. He moved his legs to straddle me on both sides and said, "Now, as I remove your underwear raise your hips so I can pull them off more easily, okay?"

Laboring to maintain my composure, I managed to reply, "Yeah, sure whatever you want."

I had no idea what I was doing or what was going to happen. I did know that I was really horny, my cock was throbbing uncontrollably, and I was harder than ever. Boy did my dick hurt, but in a really good way.

My cousin pulled the Jockey's down as I lifted my hips, as instructed. He paused for a few seconds as he got them over my smooth ass and down to mid-thigh. I wasn't able to focus on very much at the time, but I thought I heard him let out a soft moan before he continued. Once they were off, he tossed the briefs to the floor and positioned me in the middle of the bed, placing a pillow behind my head. Straddling my body again, he moved up enough that he was able to lie directly on top of me, affording him a more advantageous eye level position, as we lay on the bed. He gently positioned himself along the length of my nude body; I felt his rigid cock move between my thighs, the tip touching the base of my cock just under the scrotum. He was quite a bit taller so he was able to slide his hard member between my closed thighs. By moving slightly forward, his penis was able to stimulate the sensitive nerve ganglia between my anus and the base of the scrotum. After a few minutes I felt a goodly amount of pre-cum oozing onto my body and running into the crack of my ass. Ronnie lay there looking silently into my eyes, as he made very small movements backward and forward between my legs.

While he was doing that his stomach rubbed up and down on my rock hard member, giving me extreme pleasure and further increasing my state of arousal. My cock was dripping pre-cum as if the supply was inexhaustible, saturating both our abdomen, rendering our taut bellies slimy and slick. The sensation was absolutely wonderful and it was all I could to do to keep from shooting my load right then.

My cousin abruptly stopped his gyrations and, putting his arms around my waist and behind my neck for support, leaned down and quietly whispered in my left ear, "Does that feel good?"

My mind and body were so overloaded with the myriad of sensations I was feeling, all I could do was nod yes. Unexpectedly, lightly and tenderly he began to kiss the nape of my neck. His kisses were petite and feather light, starting at my ear lobe, and slowly progressing down my neck to the top of my shoulder blade. He would periodically use the hand behind my neck to turn my head, in order to access the extremely sensitive areas of my neck.

Oh God! I thought, I can't believe I'm letting a guy kiss me and touch my body like this. This was all very confusing and I felt guilty that I was enjoying it so much. God, he was really turning me on and I loved it, was all I could think.

I instantly snapped back to the present as I realized that he had moved down and was gently sucking my left nipple. Slowly, he ran his tongue around and around the rim, it instantly responded, hardening to the point that it now ached. However, I was experiencing a great deal of pleasure along with the ache, so I wasn't going to complain.

Ronnie slowly slid back up to my ear and gave me a little tongue action there, running the tip into the channel itself, which was different, very different. He then proceeded to nibble my ear lobe and softly kiss the area from my ear down to the nape of my neck. I noticed that when he slid back up to tongue my ear, there was so much pre-cum around my scrotum and ass crack that his cock slipped in between my cheeks and was rubbing up and down my crack and directly over my puckered asshole. To my astonishment, it felt good, and I parted my legs slightly so he could move easily between them. That apparently pleased him, and seemed to elicit a favorable reaction, as a soft moan escaped his mouth.

This man was driving me crazy, gently kissing my neck; which combined with his cock invading my ass slit, and his stomach sliding smoothly over my cock, with his every movement, made me delirious with pleasure. So much so that copious quantities of pre-cum had oozed out of my manhood, covering our bare midsections, and ran down the sides of my taught stomach onto the bed sheet, forming a large slick wet area under my waist. Again, putting his lips to my ear, he asked, "Am I turning you on? Do you like what I'm doing?"

I heard the words, distantly, as if someone else were speaking them, burst forth from my mouth, "Oh God, YES! Oh God, it feels fantastic! PLEASE DON'T STOP! PLEASE!? I begged.

At my lust filled pleadings, my cousin's stiff flesh extended and hardened further, which I would not have thought possible. Softly whispering into my ear once more, "Cousin you have a beautiful body and wonderful cock, I love it! I want to make love to you and teach you everything I know. Do you want to keep going?"


It's a good thing we were in the loft or everyone would have known what we were doing at that point. I would have, most likely, awakened the entire household.

Ronnie, sensing I was more than ready to move to the next level, removed his hand from the small of my neck, and placing a finger under my chin, turned my head toward him. Gazing into my eyes for a long while, his face only an inch from my own, he leaned down and gave me a very tender and gentle kiss, lightly pressing his lips to mine. Followed by another kiss, then slowly another, until I felt his tongue delicately lick my lips, probing the opening between them. I wasn't sure what to do since I had only kissed a girl once, simply pressing my lips to hers. He sensed my inexperience and forced my lips open, his stiff tongue darting swiftly between the folds, parting them. As he pushed his hot wet tongue past my lips I opened my mouth reflexively, and he filled me completely. The sensation was akin to a snake moving and contorting within my confined area; I responded by moving my tongue outward to meet his thrust. It was immediately devoured as he sucked my limp tongue deeply into his mouth, and held it there, in a vice-like grip, using his lips and a vigorous sucking action. I panicked, at first, and jerked it back, but after a few moments of his wonderful probing, I ventured out again and my soft flesh was instantly sucked into his hungry mouth.

The intensity of his kisses began to arouse me as much as the cock-play. He lay atop my body continuing to kiss me deeply and passionately, for what seemed like hours. Eventually, I became emboldened by my increasing desire and softly, at first, drew his tongue into my mouth, sucking it passionately. He immediately surrendered to my advances enjoying the reciprocal attention; as was evident by his body's reaction.

Using his free hand, a finger slowly circled my right nipple, lightly pinching it. His thrusting movements became more deliberate, and increasingly aggressive, rubbing the crack of my ass with more and more authority. His manhood was inundating the soft fleshy folds of my ass crack with large quantities of pre-cum, facilitating a loud audible slurping sound as he slid back and forth between my smooth virgin cheeks. This actually intensified my excitement, as I listened to the rhythmic slurping of his cock pumping between my legs.

As quickly as we had begun, my cousin abruptly stopped, pressed his lips against my ear, and quietly asked, "Are you ready?"



Chapter 6



His question didn't take any thought as far as I was concerned, and in retrospect I think he considered it rhetorical anyway. I was a young very horny guy whom he had taken the edge of total ecstasy, or so I though at the time, and I would have probably agreed to anything at that moment. I hungrily replied, "Yes, hell yes!"

He told me to put my legs tightly together, which I did, and then proceeded to give me another sensual tonguing. His kisses were incredible and I almost felt I could cum from his tender caresses and tonguing. Before I could test that theory, he completes our kiss and tells me he needs to do something before we move on. It will help him bring me along, he explains. I've gotten him too damn aroused and he needs more control for later, he goes on to point out. I just tell him to do whatever it is he needs to do, and lay back. I know I'm going to do whatever he tells me to now, the point is moot.

He resumes hungrily devouring my mouth, sensually exploring that orifice to its fullest. Locked in this erotic oral embrace, I can feel his body undulating and the more pronounced and deliberate thrusts between my ass cheeks. The slurping sounds are growing louder, and my ass is now drenched with the constant flow of pre-cum he is leaking, or more accurately, shooting into my crack. He skillfully arches his back upward to avoid rubbing my penis, and prevent me from coming prematurely, while he continues to sustain a long deep unrelenting kiss, and increase his pace. The increasing sloppy wet sound of his cock pumping into my ass cheeks is causing me to ooze large quantities of pre-cum saturating my abdomen. I could feel his growing need and the buildup to climax. From his body language, it was now obvious what he meant when he said I had really gotten him aroused. His kisses grew in intensity; more urgent, rougher, pleading.

I feel his stomach muscles tighten, and the arm supporting the small of my back suddenly pulls me into him; his back arches as he breaks off his kiss, and he screams, "I'MMMM CUMMMMMMING, OH GOD! I'M COMMMMMMMMING!"

My body could sense his slightest movement and bathed in the tactile sensations of his release, if they were framed in slow motion. My senses were so incredibly heightened, from lust and arousal, that every movement, emotion, and smell was crystalline before me. The husk of my former physicality supplanted; I was now the body electric. My new form reveling in the sensations of the rippling of his abdominal muscles as he pulled me into him; the throbbing of his cock immediately before it enlarged to forcefully eject thick hot gooey liquid down the length of his shaft, releasing his manly fluid in spewing hot globs along the length of my crack; and, the hot sticky feel of his thick cum as it soaked my cheeks and the sheets beneath me. God, it felt wonderful, and I hadn't even come yet. I was so hot I could have lit a fire with my cock.

Ronnie lay resting atop me for a minute or so, and I realized that he was still rigid. Wow, that was a trick I needed to learn. Wonder if he's going to teach me that one! I thought to myself. After a short time, he lifted up and put his lips to mine, giving me a long passionate kiss. I was completely submissive at that point; he could have done whatever to me, used me in any way he liked. Slowly he broke off the kiss and said, "I want to give you something I think you will like, Okay?" he asked, confident of the response.

"Sure, what is it?" I inquired, dazedly.

He rose up and moved forward, still straddling my body, and positioned his still rigid cock directly in front of my mouth. It was covered with white sticky cum and still hot, as I could feel the heat radiating from his large member.

"I want you take me in your mouth and suck out all of cum you can, then lick the shaft until I'm nice and clean" he said gently. "Can you do that for me?" he asked sweetly.

I was honestly not prepared for this at all, and hesitated for a long moment before coming to a decision. "If I don't like it I don't have to go on, right?" I asked, searching for confirmation.

"That's right." he said. "Your choice, but I think you'll be surprised." he said smugly, as if he knew what I had not realized yet.

Reluctantly, I agreed, and lightly kissed the head of his manhood. Cautiously, I began to suck him into my mouth an inch at a time until I had about half his hard flesh in my mouth, which was about all I could take in. It was very difficult to get my mouth around his circumference, which made the going was slow, at first. As I slowly sucked him, I would slide him out of my mouth, licking the shaft of his large cock down to the end of the shaft and under his balls, put him back in and continue sucking. I was actually starting to enjoy the taste of his cum. It was slightly salty, and viscous, but surprisingly good. Once I had his shaft completely clean, Ronnie directed me to suck his balls and ball sack. I didn't know quite what he wanted, but he instructed me, step by step, on what to do and how he liked it.

First, I took one testicle into my mouth and sucked on it lightly, afraid I would hurt him. He told me to suck it harder, and then harder, so, I sucked the hell out it until he began to moan softly. It sounded like I was doing something right, so I went to the other testicle and swallowed it enthusiastically. His balls were quite large, but after a while I managed to get both balls in my mouth by sucking one in, and then the other on top of it. When I had both of his balls firmly secure in my small mouth, I began to suck them like they were jawbreakers; rolling them from side to side with my tongue, while increasing and decreasing the sucking pressure in an alternating fashion. Ronnie whet freaking crazy! I think his knees became weak because he leaned forward against the window sill to support himself. The more I sucked his balls the louder his moans got, which excited me tremendously.

At one point, I looked down the length of my body and saw my cock standing straight up and I swear it wasn't 6 or 7 inches anymore, it looked much larger now, maybe 7 ½ or 8 inches. I stared at my own cock in disbelief, but realized it made me even hotter, as I lay there sucking my cousin's balls, looking at my cock still oozing loads of pre-cum. The image inspired me to suck harder. As I lay there I began to enjoy the musky smell of his manhood and the taste of his ball sack combined with his cum juices. I was consumed with lust at that moment. As I was enjoying his large testicles, an idea popped into my head out of nowhere. I reached down with my left hand and grasped my hard member, wiping off the pre-cum that was flowing down the shaft, and then scooped up as much as I could from my abdomen, so that my hand was now covered with the fluid. I began sucking Ronnie's balls harder now; his moaning had not diminished, but now grew even more pronounced, letting know the intense pleasure he was enjoying. As I sucked him and drew his balls away from his body with my mouth, I suddenly, and evidently unexpectedly, by his reaction, shoved my index finger as deep as I could get it, into his rectum. He jumps like he'd been struck by lightning, and started humping my finger while moaning and mumbling something incoherent. I decided if one was good then two had to be better, so I withdrew my index finger long enough to shove my middle and index finger in together. That brought on an instant reaction, which made me hornier, as his balls contracted in my mouth, and his ass respond by moving back onto my hand with my constant in and out movement.

We went on like for I don't know how long before I decided to go for it and put four fingers in. Wow, that is great! I thought to myself. It was exciting giving someone that much pleasure and it made me feel really good to know I had the ability to do it. As I discovered later in life, I'm a giver more than a receiver and enjoy making others feel good, much more than myself.

After a few minute of working his ass with four fingers, I felt Ronnie move to the side a bit. He reached up behind the window sill, I was to discovered later, and opened a box containing a jar of cold crème remover, which he later told me made a great lubricant. He instructed me to pull my fingers out and place them in the jar he had lowered for me to see.

"Put some of this on your fingers" he said.

So I did. I just reached in, got a glob of it with my fingers, proceeded to lube his ass button and cheeks, all the while continuing to suck his balls enthusiastically. At the angle my head was on the pillow, and him leaning over my head, I soon discovered that pre-cum was dripping from his cock onto my forehead and starting to run down my head, face and neck. I didn't care; at this point I was totally out of control. I continued to suck dutifully as hard as I could on his balls without a care in the world.



Chapter 7



Once I had thoroughly lubed Ronnie's ass, I thrust four fingers back into his wanting hole. Once more, he went wild with lust and pleasure bucking like a bronco. He appeared to be in a state of complete bliss as he moaned and moaned and thrust backward to meet my fingers.

It was about this time that an amazing and fortuitous sequence of events transpired that would provide the opportunity for an immensely erotic experience. I had been finger fucking his ass for quite a while when my thumb started to cramp up, which while funny now, was quite painful then, and caused my thumb to involuntarily reflex into my palm with muscle spasms. At almost the same instant that I was forcefully pushing my fingers forward, the muscle spasms caused my thumb to tuck into my palm, and my entire hand slipped into Ronnie's ass. Slipped may not be technically correct, actually. I was pounding him pretty hard, so my hand was, more accurately, shoved forcefully into his ass. The entire thing happened very quickly, and I was astounded to find my entire hand in his ass up to my wrist. Back then my hands were much smaller then today, but they weren't tiny.

Ronnie's first reaction was to tense; then stop moving and lean back and down a bit. I froze. He was now almost sitting on my chest with my hand and arm supporting his ass. His head hung forward and I could see his eyes rolling back in his head for a moment. Gradually, he looked down at me with glassy eyes and said, "That's the most incredible thing I've ever felt in my life. Fist-fuck my ass, David! Please don't stop!" he said pleadingly.

I released his balls from my mouth and smiled up at him as he leaned forward and guided his cock toward my mouth. I could see a large droplet of pre-cum on the tip as I opened my willing mouth to accept him. The pre-cum tasted wonderful and had a silky smooth consistency as I began to suck his wonderful organ. Almost immediately, he began humping my fist. I was really ramming my hand in his ass now and after a few minutes he leaned forward and began fucking my face with enthusiasm, begging me to hammer his ass as hard as I could. I was afraid of hurting him, as my wrist was in past his ass muscle now. Not so coincidentally, I was having trouble keeping up with his cock's assault on my mouth and throat, as he became lost in the heat of passion. I was gagging a bit as he rammed into my mouth; he would back off until he started to get really excited, and then resorted to ramming that big tool down my throat again.

Not too long afterward, I really started to pick up the pace of my thrusts, I felt his ass muscles grip my hand tightly as his body convulsed violently, and began shaking uncontrollably. His head thrown back, he screamed, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I'm CUMMMMMMMIN! I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMING! Oh my God I'm CUMMMMMMMMING in your sweet, sweet little mouth! Take it all, take it all, Sweetheart, drink my cum! Drink it all down for me! Suck me dry!" he shouted, in the throes of passion.

God did he ever come! I swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed; his cock spurted so many times, I thought he was never going to stop filling my mouth with his juices. As much as I was able to swallow, I still couldn't get it all, causing his viscous white fluid to run out, and down the corners of my mouth, dripping off my chin, down my neck, and onto my chest. I remember thinking at the time, what kind of load it would have been if he hadn't cum once already? Wow! Maybe I'll get another chance to find out later, I thought, hopefully.



Chapter 8



Spent, Ronnie collapsed limply onto the window sill, his cock still in my mouth, his body pinning me to the pillow. So, I lay there and continued to suck every ounce of cum out of his cock that I could, enjoying the experience, and feeling his erection gradually subsiding in my mouth. My hand was still lodged in his ass up past the wrist, so I slowly and gently started to pull it out, but my efforts were met with some difficulty, as his ass contractions didn't want to give up my hand just yet. Slowly working my hand out, so I didn't hurt him, I was finally able to free my appendage; it burst out with a wet popping sound. Ronnie just grunted with satisfaction.

Even though his cock was completely limp, I continued to suck his languid member, basically because I didn't know what else to do. Ronnie's weight had me pinned to the pillow, and it was very enjoyable to have his flaccid member in my mouth, sucking, licking, and nibbling it. The feel of his limp appendage resting in my mouth, as I fondled it with my tongue and lips, was quite sensual and exciting, I thought. There really isn't anything quite like it. Well, everything was new to me at this point, so I kept rolling it around in my mouth, squeezing with my lips, darting my tongue around it, and sucking of course. From time to time I would feel another spurt of cum dribbling out of the head, and could taste the bittersweet flavor of his cum as I lapped it up. Gradually, I became aware of my still raging need and the fact that my cock was at full attention and rock hard. Somehow I had overlooked my own need in my preoccupation with this new and delightful experience. About the same time, I noticed my cousin's limp cock slowly began to spring to life again. It gradually began to stiffen under the constant assault of my tongue and lips. Almost before I realized it, Ronnie's cock went from semi-hard to brickbat hard.

He remained in his previous position against the window sill, still pinning me to the pillow, which was now pretty much soaked with his excess cum and pre-cum. He slowly started moving his now fully erect member in and out of my mouth. That was fine with me; I figured that I had sucked him until he was hard again, so I should finish the job. But the truth was that this new experience was really turning me on, and it was fun! I had a playmate, and I loved giving someone pleasure, so this was actually really good, and I certainly wasn't bored! Another thing I discovered that night was that I really liked to give head, and I was damn good at it!

After a few minutes, Ronnie started to increase his pace. The next thing I am aware of is that both of his hands have a firm hold on both sides of my head. He gently repositioned my head to make it easier for him to enter my mouth, I think. He tilted my head up and back further and moved his body position more toward the window sill, so I was looking up at his cock as he was coming straight down into my mouth. Unexpectedly, his hands locked my head in that position, and he slowly moved his fleshy member way down past my gag reflex into my throat. I didn't think I'd be able to take his cock all the way in, and I did gag a bit, but with my head tilted back his entire length slid neatly down my throat. I discovered pretty quickly that I had to time my breathing though, but as I grew accustomed to his motion, it began to feel pretty good. His cock going down my throat like that was a fascinating feeling; his fleshy, hot, wand's full length sliding in and out of my throat. I could feel his cock head way down past the back of my throat, and I really loved the sensation. Shortly, he started to drive into me harder and faster, but I was prepared this time and took him in easily. He began moaning loudly, calling my name over and over, which was a tremendous turn-on for me.

The idea of someone fucking and calling out my name at the same time, just makes me super wet. It was extremely erotic and I loved every second of it. I was only able to taste his pre-cum when he brought his cock all the way out of my throat back into my mouth, however. It became a game with me to prevent his cock from slipping out of my mouth by clamping my lips around his head as he pulled outward. He told me later that he loved the feeling.

It was about this time, in the heat of passion, that he began moaning and verbalizing sentiments that deeply touched me; "Oh God you are a great fuck, I want to eat you up. Oh David, you feel so fucking good, you are incredible. Your beautiful lips feel so soft and wet, I want to fuck every hole you've got and I want you to fuck mine. Oh, I want you to be my Bitch and I want to cum all over your body and taste you sweet virgin cum." he cried, his thoughts forming sentences haphazardly.

His dirty talking really got my juices flowing, so I began stroking my cock as he face fucked me. When I sensed his impending orgasm, I reached up with my free hand and squeezed and pulled on his balls, hard. He instantly responded by thrusting into my mouth harder and faster. I could tell he wasn't going to last long now, so I released my cock and his balls, grabbed his ass cheeks, and assisted him as he drove his cock down my throat. His marble sized balls slapped again the underside of my chin as he drove roughly into my willing mouth. He was really pounding my throat with long hard stokes now, as he buried his cock in my face up to his pubic mound. I pulled him into me tightly when I felt his ass cheeks clinch. There was a guttural grunt as his orgasm overtook him. He came very hard, dumping another huge load down my throat, in wave after wave of pulsing spurts. His manhood was so far down my throat when he came that I felt his cum being pumped into the very back of my throat, then sliding the rest of the way into my stomach. I couldn't taste his sweet cum until he pulled his cock head out far enough into my mouth to catch the remaining thrusts and spurt of his juice, as he finished. Once more, I held him in my warm eager mouth and sucked him dry, long after he went limp from the second time.

In a few minutes, he slid down in front of me and proceeded to give me a long, deep, passionate kiss. I lay there in his embrace, lost in his body, and the kiss, for a long time. He sucked the remnants of his cum from my mouth and tongue, and licked my face, neck, and chest, cleaning his cum from my body. Afterward, he looked at me with those beautify bright hazel eyes, and whispered; "Now it's your turn." he said. "You are fantastic in bed, but there's a lot more to learn, tonight is just the beginning."

Ronnie looked at me soulfully, winked, and then engaged me in another long impassioned kiss.

I thought, is this really happening to me? "I knew then it was going to be a long HOT summer." I said to myself, expectantly.

Later as I lay, eyes open, staring into the cool pitch black tranquility of the pre-dawn hours, I could discerned some infinitesimal difference within me; a subtle yet distinct transformation of my essence, but I could not say what; merely that something had inexorably forever awakened.



The series will continue with: The Long Hot Summer – Field of Dreams



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