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This story took place about twenty years ago when I was sixteen. I remember the details like it was this afternoon and have tried to include significant detail in the right places if you know what I mean. My name is Heather and I'm sure I looked like a typical teenage girl at the time and like any teenager was always thinking about boys and sex. I was five feet four, very thin, with short brown hair.

My family lived in a rural area of the state and there were only four houses along our stretch of the road. One of the farmers sold off a couple building lots and eventually families bought those lots and put houses on them. One of those lots was bought by a couple in their mid-twenties who had two children. The day after they moved in, my mom and I took them a pie, to welcome them to the neighborhood. We got to talk for about an hour and got a tour of their new home.

They were both thin and attractive and I think I immediately got a teenage crush on the husband. He was twenty-four and the wife was twenty-three. The two children were boys. One was three and the other was four which means she must have gotten pregnant when she was eighteen or so. His name was John and the wife was Kate. The two children were Jim and Christopher.

It was summer and they had been working in the yard planting grass seed so he didn't have a shirt on when we first walked up to their house. To my disappointment he put a shirt on shortly after we arrived.

After our tour of the house and some small talk mom and I walked back to our house. On the way back she said, "You shouldn't stare. His wife will get upset with you." We both laughed and I told her I'd be more subtle. Mom and I have always had a great relationship and I had even noticed her staring at John.

Over the next few months I got to know them pretty well and started babysitting for the kids when they'd go out to parties or away on business. The boys were well behaved and they were in bed by seven thirty so it was easy money. The problem was, the more I babysat, the more I saw John which just kept feeding my crush on him. I'd go up to their house to visit every chance I got so we got pretty friendly. Looking back now I'm sure my crush was obvious because I'd follow John around wherever he went as he worked on the house.

Eventually Kate mentioned that she thought I had a crush on John, but that she was okay with it and even wanted to know if I had any questions about him. I had all kinds of questions but was afraid to ask about some of the more personal stuff. Kate must have picked up on that because she volunteered some very personal details about John including how good he was in bed and how he liked giving oral sex. She even told me he was slightly longer than average but much thicker, and that he'd had a vasectomy a year ago. Of course being the ever horny teenager my first thought was that he couldn't get me pregnant. It was obvious Kate liked having sex with him, and talking to me about it turned her on, not to mention what it was doing to me.

Over the next several months Kate and I became very good friends and many times we'd find ourselves watching John work outside, while both of us admired his body. I was becoming more and more smitten and was always fantasizing about him. Many times John would wrestle with the boys in the yard or on the living room floor and I'd join in to help the boys hold John down. John was always willing to let us win so I got to lie on top of him quite often. I'm sure Kate knew what I was doing but never said anything about it.

When I turned seventeen John and Kate took me out to a restaurant for a nice dinner and afterward back to their house to watch a movie. While we were watching the movie Kate poured a glass of wine for each of us. I was only seventeen but they treated me like an adult which I liked very much. As we watched the movie and drank the wine Kate was starting to cuddle up next to John and I could tell she was getting horny. I was also getting in the mood but of course I couldn't cuddle next to John like she was, or so I thought. Kate was kissing John on the neck occasionally and was moving her hand on his leg. She looked over and asked me if I wanted to join them on the couch so I was in a better position to see the movie. John moved to the center of the couch and I sat down beside him. I was on cloud nine.

Although I didn't feel I could kiss him, I did cuddle into his shoulder and put my arm around his chest and belly. He had one arm around Kate and his other arm around me. I was so delighted about holding onto John that I don't think I saw any of the movie.

I tried to go visit them every day so I could spend time with John. If he was working I'd still go to their house because Kate and I got along so well. One Saturday afternoon I went to visit and as I approached I noticed a car in the driveway that I hadn't seen before. I always walked up through the neighbor's back yard and into their house from the rear. They had sliding glass doors in the dining room which faced the back of the house. As I went past the sliding doors I glanced into the house and was startled by what I saw. Kate was on her back on the living room floor and some guy I didn't know, was lying beside her. They were kissing and he had his hand up under her skirt. I could see she was ever so slightly moving her hips up and down so he must have been fingering her pussy. His pants were undone and pulled down and she was stroking his dick. I was frozen but managed to move to the side so they couldn't see me. I watched him push his pants down to his knees, then pull up her skirt and roll on top of her. He raised himself up on his elbows as she reached down and guided his dick into her. He started moving in and out of her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Kate was screwing someone that wasn't her husband. I wanted to run inside and scream at her but I was frozen and just stood there watching them have sex. I was getting wet form watching them and at the same time I was mad at Kate for cheating on John. He had pumped her for about ten minutes when she suddenly grabbed his shoulders and pulled herself off the floor up against him with her legs. A few minutes later I saw him start to shake then they stopped. Although I had never had sex, I knew they had just had orgasms and were finished. I went back home but kept watching to see when the car left.

When I saw the car leave I went back up to their house to ask Kate about the guy she'd just had sex with. I entered the house and Kate met me with a smile. I asked where the kids were and she told me her mother had taken them for the day. She asked if I wanted some ice tea and as she was pouring the tea I asked her whose car I had seen in the driveway. The smile left her face and at first she stammered then simply said it was one of their friends whose name was Rick. My emotions were still confused so I blurted out, "Do you have sex with all of your friends?" She froze in her tracks and slowly sat down at the table.

"Heather, what do you mean by that?" she asked.

I told her I had come up earlier and had seen them on the living room floor through the sliding doors. Immediately she started to cry and kept asking me not to say anything to John. When she calmed down she told me she had met him at one of the parties and they really hit it off. She had run into him at the drug store the next day and he asked her to have lunch with him. After that they had lunch together a few times. One thing led to another and about two months ago he kissed her. Just after that she had started going out with her girlfriends on Tuesday nights and a couple times had met him while they were out. One night he asked if she wanted to go for a walk and the next thing she knew they were making out in the park. The following Tuesday she met him again but this time instead of a walk they ended up in the back seat of his car. She told me she loved John but was also growing feelings for Rick as well. I told her I wouldn't say anything to John, but she had to realize John had been good to her and she was risking everything she had by having an affair with this guy.

Those were the thoughts that came out of my mouth but in my mind I was thinking her affair gave me permission to seduce John. We talked for a while and after she was assured I wouldn't tell John, I left to go back home. I didn't go back to visit until Tuesday when I knew she would be going out with her girlfriends and probably end up in the back seat of Rick's car again. I waited until I saw her leave and I knew John had put the kids to bed, and then went to visit John. I wore my cheerleading outfit which was a terry cloth halter top and hip hugger terry cloth shorts that barely covered my private parts. I didn't wear a bra or panties. My belly was exposed and I felt I looked as sexy as I could without taking my clothes off.

I entered their house where John was laying on the living room floor watching something on the TV. When I walked in he got up and greeted me with a hug and after looking me up and down told me I looked very cute. That wasn't what I was going for but it was a start. I reached out and rubbed his stomach and told him I was going to punch him if he called me cute one more time. I could already feel the wetness growing between my legs. He laughed and called me cute then grabbed me and turned me around and held me in a reverse bear hug. I struggled free then turned around and punched him lightly in the stomach. He again grabbed me and we wrestled to the floor. As we tussled on the floor our faces came close together a few times and I was wishing he would just stop and kiss me. At one point when he was on top I wrapped my arms around his neck and hung on for a few minutes then slowly relaxed my arms putting my face directly in front of his. I was practically begging him to kiss me. We stopped wrestling and he looked into my eyes and slowly lowered his face to mine and ever so gently kissed me. I almost cried with joy. Finally after all this time I got to kiss him. He kissed me for a long time then slowly pulled away a few inches and looked at me. I didn't want to stop so I pulled myself close to him and kissed him again, this time using my tongue to probe his mouth. He responded and sent his tongue into my mouth. We made out for about fifteen minutes before I felt his hand on my leg. As he traced a slow line up the inside of my leg, I was going crazy, trying to concentrate on the kiss but loving his gentle touch on my leg. He then ran his hand down the outside of my other leg and back up the inside of that leg. I was so turned on that it's a wonder I didn't cum right there. I thought he would use his fingers to probe me but instead he stopped kissing me and lowered his head to kiss my stomach. As he kissed my stomach he would sometimes touch his tongue against my skin which drove me wild. He started moving lower and when he came in contact with my shorts he slowly pulled them down so he could continue kissing lower and lower. I didn't try to stop him so he kept going lower. When he had exposed my pussy he reached down and pulled my shorts down around my knees then took them off. I was now naked from the waist down and was trembling with excitement and desire. He took off his shirt then lowered himself so he could kiss my vaginal lips. He slid his tongue inside my virgin pussy and I could feel myself shaking all over. I was finally fulfilling my fantasy with the guy of my dreams. He slid his tongue up to my clitoris and started to lick and suck on my little bud. Oh my word, I couldn't believe how good that felt. His tongue was like wet silk on my bud and it didn't take long for me to have my first orgasm on his tongue. After I came, he stopped and moved back up to kiss me. I could taste the faint flavor of my own pussy on his lips which was a turn on. He kissed my stomach again then stopped and pulled my top off over my head. He kissed and sucked on my tits until I was ready again then he repeated his tongue work in my little pussy as he drove me crazy once more. I lasted a little longer this time but still came quickly on his wonderful tongue. Kate had told me he loved to perform oral sex on her so I was guessing he was enjoying doing it to me as well. After I came the second time he stopped and kissed me again. He backed away just a little and told me I was pretty, then very softly kissed me again. I was in heaven. I loved everything he was doing and clung to him as if my life depended on it.

I gathered my composure after a few minutes and decided he'd seen all of my body but I hadn't seen the most important part of him. I pulled away and said, "Okay, show and tell. You've seen all of me, now I want to see all of you."

He smiled and said, "Okay." He stood up and lowered his pants and underwear exposing his wonderful man hood. He stepped out of his clothes and returned to my side. Although I was still a virgin I had stroked off a couple guys, but that's not what I wanted to do. I wasn't ready to lose my virginity, but at the same time I wanted to feel him inside me. As we lay there we were on our sides facing each other with his cock rubbing against my belly. He reached down and moved it so it was against my vaginal lips, and then pushed it back and forth so it rubbed across my clitoris. He kept moving it across my clitoris and then down to my lips and back again. Although he wasn't really entering me he was separating my vagina far enough that I was getting plenty of pleasure from his actions. He stopped for a minute and told me to take hold of his cock and move it as he had been doing. He told me I'd know where to rub it against myself to make it count. He was right. I used his cock as an instrument of masturbation by moving it back and forth across my lips then across my clitoris. While I was doing that he was kissing me and playing with my tits. I could tell he was getting close because his breathing was getting ragged and rapid. I was also getting close but wanted to make sure I got him off this time. When he got past the point of no return he told me to keep it against my clit and get ready for him to come. I realized he was going to come right on my clit and started stroking him all the while keeping the opening in the head of his cock against my little bud. I was getting so close that I wasn't sure I could hold out, when suddenly he let out a moan and exploded directly against my clit. I wasn't ready for the feeling of the extremely warm fluid splashing against my little bud, and I came instantly. I kept pumping him as he shot several squirts of that warm fluid onto my clitoral area and into my pussy. I was literally shaking from the pleasure of the feeling of his fluid on my clit.

When he was finished shooting I released his cock and let it lie against my leg. He relaxed and again kissed me ever so softly and gently. I loved the feel of his lips on mine. I had kissed a number of boys but his lips gave me such unexplainable pleasure. We held each other for quite a while afterward and I so much wanted to tell him I was in love with him but thought I should wait on that emotional comment until I was sure he felt the same way.

Eventually we looked at the clock and realized Kate would be home in ten or fifteen minutes and I shouldn't be there when she arrived. I kissed him again and hugged him tightly, pushing my body against his as hard as I could. We got up and dressed and kissed again then I very reluctantly headed home.

The next day I went to visit Kate before John got home. I asked Kate if she was going to tell John about Rick and her answer took me by surprise and at the same time crushed me. She told me she would tell John but not until one of their friends had slept with him first. I ask what she meant and she explained that they had a single friend who was always flirting with John and whom she knew would have sex with him if Kate gave her permission. I almost cried although I couldn't let Kate know my feelings. I was in love with John and if he was going to have sex with someone other than Kate I wanted it to be me. I couldn't stand the thought of someone else holding John. My heart was breaking as Kate explained her plan. After she was finished explaining her idea, I went home for dinner and was actually sick from thinking about what she was proposing.

After dinner I went back up to their house just to be with John. I was there for a few hours when it started to storm. It was dark and still storming when it was time for me to go home. The storm was producing lots of lightning and thunder and I was a little nervous about walking home in the pouring rain in a thunderstorm. Kate must have sensed my nervousness and asked John to get the big umbrella and walk me home.

As we left the house it was raining very hard so John and I had to hold on to each other to stay under the umbrella. When we were half way to my house I stopped and wrapped my arms around John, then gave him a kiss. He kissed me back and held me very tightly. I couldn't hold it in anymore and started to cry then just blurted out, "I'm in love with you."

He touched my face with his hand and said, "I know you are; I'm in love with you too."

My heart just about pounded through my chest. I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. I hugged him as tight as I could then kissed him again. Then he told me something I was unprepared for. He told me Kate was having an affair with one of their friends but she didn't know that he knew about it. I asked him what he was going to do. He said he didn't know but no matter what happened he was still in love with me.

Thursday after school, I went to visit Kate again before John came home. I asked her if she had followed through with her plan. She told me she hadn't had a chance to talk with her friend yet and it would probably be next week sometime before she was able to ask her to have sex with John. We talked for a while longer then John came home. He sat with us at the table while Kate made dinner for him and the boys. She asked me to stay for dinner and at first I was hesitant but John repeated the invitation so I accepted.

During the weekend I spent as much time as I could with Kate and John. On Monday I couldn't get to their house because of cheerleading practice, but I was planning on another great Tuesday evening.

When Tuesday rolled around, I again waited until Kate left to go out with her friends and of course she would probably meet Rick again.

I walked up to their house and went in just as John was putting the boys to bed. When he saw me he smiled and told me he'd be out in a minute. When he came to the living room he lay down on the floor and I lay beside him. There was no pretense this time. He leaned over and kissed me and I moved my body against his. He was wearing sweatpants and a tee shirt. As we kissed I put my fingers under the waistband of his sweats and reached down inside to take hold of his hard penis. He was a bit surprised but didn't try to pull away. I started stroking him; paying attention to make sure I massaged the head on each stroke. It wasn't long before I could feel warm fluid oozing out the slit. I soon felt his hand on the inside of my leg and waited for him to make his way up to my pussy.

When he was putting the boys to bed I had taken off my panties in anticipation of what I wanted later. When his hand got to my pussy, he pulled back and said, "What, no panties?"

"I didn't want anything to get in your way tonight," I told him. I kissed him harder and started using my tongue. I was hoping he'd get me off with his fingers again and he didn't disappoint me. As soon as he reached my pussy, he inserted his middle finger and started moving it back and forth, then moved up to my clit as he put his tongue in my mouth. I caught my breath as he rubbed my clit and again I trembled from the feeling. I knew I wouldn't last long and since I'd had been masturbating all week, I needed him to touch me like he had done last week. He kept rubbing my little nub and after about five minutes I could feel my body start to shake as my orgasm hit me. As I went over the edge I tried to clamp down on that wonderful little digit he was using to manipulate my clitoris. I released his member and pulled myself tight against him, wanting every inch of him to be touching me. I expected him to pull his finger out of me but instead he inserted it into my vagina and started moving it back and forth. I wasn't ready to go again but his finger felt good as I held my body against his, hoping he wouldn't stop. As he played with me we kept kissing and I kept pressing against him as close as I could.

After a few minutes I stopped him and said, "Let's get naked."

He agreed and we sat up to take off the rest of our clothes. When we laid back down we kissed then I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him. I straddled him, sitting upright like I was riding a horse. I was rubbing his cock against my pussy lips and was getting really turned on again. "Can I put the head inside me?" I asked.

"Do whatever you want; just remember you're still a virgin," he answered.

I held onto his cock while trying to lower myself onto it without plunging down on it. Since I was still a virgin, I was a little afraid the penetration would hurt so I couldn't get it where I wanted it. He must have recognized my problem and told me to raise myself, and then he took hold of his own cock and held it so it pointed straight up in the air. I lowered myself onto his cock, inserting just the head. I moved slightly up and down, loving the feeling of his warmth inside me. I lowered myself a little further and could feel him against my hymen. I was riding up and down on his wonderful cock and after a few minutes knew what my next move would be. Without telling him what I was going to do I lowered myself all the way down allowing his cock to break my hymen and enter all the way into me. It hurt a little and I don't know if it was the pain or the emotion but I could feel my tears coming. I didn't want John to see me cry so I bent forward, placing my face beside his and just holding on to him as tightly as I could. I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me.

John must have known I was about to cry because he put his hand on the back of my head and said, "Are you okay, baby?"

I didn't answer right away. He told me to lie still until my body adjusted to his cock penetrating my vagina. I lay very still as he stroked my hair and kissed my ear and the side of my face. After a few minutes I could still feel his cock throbbing inside me and the feeling started to go from pain to pleasure.

It only took five minute before I was back enjoying the sex again. I started moving my hips slowly back and forth to increase the movement of his cock. As I moved my hips he began moving up and down slightly, which increased the feeling of penetration. Kate was right, he was thick; I could feel him stretching me with each stroke. Eventually the pleasure was so good that I wanted to feel him deeper inside me, so I sat up and started moving back and forth and up and down. The feeling was beyond anything I ever imagined it would be. I kept moving and could feel another orgasm coming. John was now raising his hips off the floor and was pumping me from underneath. He was so hard that it felt like I had a steel rod inside me. We kept pumping and soon I started to tremble as my orgasm overtook me. John kept pumping in and out of me for a few more minutes before he too had an orgasm. I kept trembling for several minutes as several waves of pleasure shook me. I was feeling tingling sensations all the way to my toes. As my orgasm subsided I bent forward again and kissed John. He pulled me close to him and we lay together for quite some time. I pulled away a little and again told him I was in love with him. He smiled, told me he was in love with me as well, and pulled me back to him. I was practically floating from the physical and emotional feelings I was experiencing.

After another ten minutes I raised my hips and allowed him to fall out of me. It was getting late and Kate would be home soon, so I needed to get cleaned up and dressed so I could leave before she got home.

John got dressed as I washed his cum and my blood off my legs, then I got dressed. When I came back to the living room John greeted me with a hug and kiss. He pulled away slightly and touched my face with his fingers, then caressed my cheek and neck. Gently he brushed his fingers against my neck and face then over my closed eyes as I enjoyed his touch. I loved when he was being so gentle with me. I felt so close to him when he was touching me like this and wanted to stay in his arms forever. He stopped for an instant then took my face in both hands and ever so lightly kissed me. "It's time for you to go home," he whispered, "Your mom will wonder where you are and we don't want her asking questions, do we."

After I went home I sat in the kitchen with my mom talking about John and Kate. I told her John knew Kate was having an affair. She put her hand on mine and told me she knew I was in love with him. I looked at her and confessed that I did love him. She smiled and said, "It's obvious, because you're beaming."

I'd been home about an hour when the phone rang. The phone was in the living room and mom went to answer it. It was John. I heard my mom say, "Oh my word. How. Oh no. We'll be right up." Mom came back to the kitchen and told me Kate had been killed in an auto accident.

We walked to John's house to watch the boys while John went to identify the body. He seemed pretty calm although I could see the tears in his eyes. He came back about three hours later.

John told us Kate was in a car with a friend of theirs named Rick. Their car had crossed the center line and collided with a semi head on. John lowered his head and said, "The police told me Kate and Rick were both naked at the time of the accident. I know Rick was the guy she was having an affair with so there's no telling what they were doing in that car when they hit the truck."

Over the next several weeks John was busy taking care of the details of Kate's burial, insurance details, and everything else that needs done after a death. I didn't see him much except to baby sit the boys while he went off to wherever he had to go. We didn't have any physical contact during those weeks, not even a kiss.

About five weeks after Kate's death, one Friday evening, he called and asked me to come to the house. I was thrilled but also a bit nervous because my mind had been going in a thousand different directions. One minute I'd be thinking I could marry John and the next I was thinking he'd be feeling guilty and not want anything to do with me.

I walked up to the house and went inside as I usually did. The boys were in bed and as I walked in I saw John sitting on the couch. When he saw me he got up and came over to greet me. He reached up and touched my cheek with the back of his fingers then caressed my face. He lowered his head and kissed me, a warm slow kiss. He pulled away and simply said, "I am in love with you. Do you still feel the same way?"

I started to cry and just wrapped my arms around him almost screaming, "You know I do."

We sat on the living room floor and talked for a long time. We talked about everything imaginable, from school to his work to Kate to her affair and ours.

Eventually we started kissing and petting. As we continued to kiss I slid my hand across his stomach and into his sweatpants to feel his erection. We lay down and he ran his hand under my skirt and pulled down my panties. He then removed my skirt and blouse. I wasn't wearing a bra so I was now completely naked. He got up and took off his clothes. I lay back as he knelt down between my legs. He opened my legs and put his face to my pussy. I knew what was coming and waited for him to start his magic. He put his tongue in between my vaginal lips and after a few minutes moved it up to my clit. I started to raise my hips as he sucked on my little nub. Once again he was bringing me more pleasure than I had ever dreamed or imagined.

I had never performed oral sex on a guy but wanted so much to please him the same way he was pleasing me. I told John to stop for a minute. He looked up and asked why. I told him I wanted to perform oral sex on him while he was licking me. He smiled and we positioned ourselves in that good 'ol sixty-nine position, lying side by side. He went right back to licking and sucking me. I was enjoying what he was doing so much that I wasn't sure I'd be able to last long enough to suck him off. I grasped his cock and lowered my face close to his penis. Slowly I licked the head and tasted his pre-cum. A little salty but not bad, I thought. Then I put my lips on the head of his penis and gently took him into my mouth. I heard him moan a couple times as I went up and down on his cock. I used my tongue to encircle the head as I moved, then tried to take as much of it into my mouth as I could. After five or so minutes I couldn't hold out any longer and had an orgasm on his tongue. When I reached my climax I had to take his cock out of my mouth to catch my breath. After I relaxed I was determined to make him cum, so I put him back in my mouth and continued to manipulate his member with my tongue while I sucked and pumped his dick. I could tell he was getting close because he was breathing hard and slowly pumping himself in and out of my mouth. After a few minutes he told me he was going to come. I took him out of my mouth and told him that's what I wanted him to do. Then I put him back in and continued to suck on him. I could feel him tense up then he started shooting his fluid into my mouth. I swallowed his cum and kept him in my mouth until he lost his erection. Then I slipped him out and kissed the head and shaft as he slowly relaxed. I let him recover for a few minutes while I kissed the inside of his legs and his stomach, then put him back in my mouth just to enjoy him once more before we finished. I asked him if he liked that. He answered, "You know I do." I then played with him until he got his erection back then sucked him off again.

We stayed naked together for another thirty minute or so then we got dressed and I got up to go home.

I went to John's house almost every evening for the next year. He'd help me with my homework, we'd talk, make love, take the boys for ice cream, make love, wash the truck, and oh did I mention make love?

I started college at a local school and two years into my courses he asked me to marry him. I practically knocked him down as I hugged him and accepted his proposal.

As I said at the beginning of the story, this all happened twenty years ago. John and I have been married ever since and we're still like newlyweds. We hold each other; have lots of sex, and just love. He's my best friend and I can't imagine ever being with anyone else.






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