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A Sweeter Kind Of Torture


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He was sitting up in bed as she entered the room. There was no smile on his face as he took in the sight of the young fair-haired girl dressed in just a white, see-through nightdress that rested on her hips and a pair of matching see-through panties; instead there was a look of pain.

Neither was he sitting up voluntarily; his arms were outstretched and tied to the bedposts of the large headboard by short ropes attached to wristbands. His legs were tied to the bottom bedposts, secured by ropes around his ankles. His legs though were not wide apart, instead they were straight.

Elle looked at his naked and vulnerable state as she walked the short distance from the door to the bed. His large penis was erect and shining from baby oil that had been slowly rubbed into him by the long, dark haired woman who sat on the bed next to him. Sandra handed her the bottle as she climbed on the other side of the bed. "Rub some in if you like, Elle, darling," she told her.

Elle smiled at the naked older woman and thanked her before leaning across and giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. Sandra and Elle were lovers and the man tied on the bed was Sandra's husband Don.

"Forgive me," Sandra said. "You haven't been introduced, have you? Don, this is Elle. Elle, this is Don."

Don looked at her and gave a half smile as he nodded. Elle rose slightly so that she could kiss him on the lips. Her thigh came into deliberate contact with his cock and he groaned. "Pleased to meet you," She told him.

Don knew that his wife had bisexual tendencies but he had not known that she had a lover until a few minutes ago. Don was of the old school and frowned on any relationship other than the natural male and female ones. Sandra had wanted to tell him about her nineteen-year-old lover for a while now. She hated the secrecy and subterfuge; she preferred things to be out in the open where she could relax and enjoy herself. Don though had peccadilloes of his own, he liked to be dominated sexually and he liked to be teased.

Many times they had done this, Don being tied to the bed while Sandra dressed in just stockings and suspenders aroused him to a state of pain. Yes it was painful, masturbated slowly to the point of cumming and left to hang while she talked dirty to him and teased him. She knew how to keep him erect, keep him at the point of orgasm, in a state of heightened arousal.

Gradually he would start to leak pre-cum; small amounts at first as she rubbed her finger over the slit in the top of his penis; small dribbles that oozed out as she verbally teased him; small runs of pre-cum that gradually became a trickle. Sometimes she would kiss his cock and then kiss his lips, allowing him to taste his own juices. Other times she would hold his cock in her fingers and make him beg her to finish him off.

Sometimes she would take him to the edge four or five times, each time letting him believe this would be the final time. Sometimes she would finish him off, take him past that point of no return, where his cum shot from his cock as he screamed in ecstasy. There were times though when she would stop and untie one of his hands and make him finish himself off.

This was the beauty of her domination of him for Don; he never knew how he was finally going to achieve his orgasm. He always knew he would cum but as to the how and when, that was up to Sandra. Little did he realize it but she was not just his wife, she was also his Dominatrix.

Tonight had started like any other night: the stripping for her, the submitting to be tied to the bed, the watching of her strip down to her stockings, the nestling up to him on the bed, the dirty talk, and then the slow, sensual massage of his cock. But there had never been any mention of another woman until now.

Tonight as Sandra took him to the point of orgasm for the first time she rested her finger on the tip of his cock and told him about Elle. Elle had slipped into the house, as arranged, and used the spare room to strip. By the time she came into the bedroom Don was in no state to refuse or object to anything.

"You don't mind me touching your cock, do you, Don?" Elle asked as she rubbed the oil into her hands.

Don just grunted.

"It's such a lovely big cock," she told him, she wrapping her hand around his long shaft.

He grunted again.

"Bet this would feel good inside my tight pussy," she teased and stroked him.

Don groaned loudly and Sandra reached across and held Elle's hand to stop any further movement. She knew that he was almost ready to erupt.

"Would you like to see Elle's pussy, Darling?" She asked him.

His eyes were glazed over now.

Elle sat up and straddled his chest and Sandra reached around and ran her fingers down the groove in her panties. "Such a lovely pussy, Darling," She said. "Would you like to kiss it?" Sandra asked as Elle raised herself up and pushed her bottom forward.

She was inches from his face now and she knew that he could smell her female scent. Sandra rested her hand on Ell's bottom and gently pushed her forward until his face was touching her mound. "You can taste her if you want, Darling." Sandra offered as she reached back and held onto his erection.

Don's next groan was loud and very audible.

Elle reached down and pulled the edge of her panties across her pussy and pushed against his lips. "Taste me if you want to, Don."

Don didn't have to be asked again--his tongue shot from his lips. Sandra looked on, still gripping his cock tightly as he tongued Elle. "Make her cum, darling, and I will let you cum as well." she coaxed as she moved her hand up and down just the once.

His tongue was already working furiously between her swollen, shaven pussy lips. He wished his hands were free so that he could maneuver properly but he did manage to delve inside her wet pussy and tease her clitty.

Sandra released his cock and then got Elle to stand so that she could take off her panties, allowing her to squat directly over Don's face. "Come on, Don, taste my pussy," Elle urged him.

He didn't need to be told; his tongue was already reaching for her pink, puffy pussy lips. "That's it, Don, go deep inside."

Don loved to delve deep inside and feed on the sweet juices that flowed, but he had to stop for a moment to take in air as he groaned loudly. Sandra had taken Elle's panties and was rubbing them over the tip of his cock. The combination of the lacy material touching his very sensitive tip was almost too much to bear and his leakage was more prominent now.

Sandra continued to torture him with teasing words. "Would you like to fuck her, Darling?"

It was a silly question.

"Bet you would like Elle to edge herself back and sink down on your cock, wouldn't you?"

Almost as if on cue, Elle moved backwards until her pussy was hovering over his cock. She lowered herself down so that his tip was actually touching her pussy lips. Don's tortured face stared at the sight of her open cunt hovering so close to him. Then Sandra's hand appeared in view, her fingers wrapped around Elle's panties. Taking hold of his cock she began to move her hand slowly up and down, not to masturbate him but to wipe up the stream of pre-cum leaking from him.

"Are you ready to cum, Darling?" she asked him.

Another silly question. Don, with eyes almost closed and face contorted, moaned yes and then said, "Please make me cum."

Sandra's hand stopped.

"Please, Sandra," he begged. "Please let me cum."

Elle leaned forward and resting against the headboard with both hands kissed him on the forehead. "Can I fuck you, Don?" she taunted.

"Please do it, please fuck me."

Elle pulled back but it was only to take her panties from Sandra. "You have made my panties very messy, Don," she declared, pressing the wad of lace to his lips.

He could smell the aroma of her juices and he could feel his own juices against his mouth. "You're a very dirty boy you know, Don." She wiped the panties across his face, pressing the wettest parts inside his mouth.

Sandra reached for his cock again and began to run her hand up and down his shaft. It was very wet and sticky; his pre-cum was seeping almost uncontrollably from him now. Scooping some up with her finger she moved her hand to his lips. Don didn't need to be told what was expected of him—he opened his mouth and sucked her finger up.

All this had been experienced before by Don. Well almost all. There had been no Elle before; never another woman before, just him and Sandra. Having the young Elle there as well was becoming almost too much to bear. He began pleading for release, not from the bonds that held him to the bed but from his state of agony. "Please make me cum, Sandra. Pleaseeeee."

Sandra leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. "I can meet with Elle when I want then?"

Would he say no in the state he was in? Of course not. Don would do anything now for release. "Yes."

"She has such a sweet pussy and such a sweet tongue too." Sandra explained. "Would you like to watch her make me cum?"

Would a man dying of thirst turn down a drink of water? Of course not. Don began begging again, begging not for his own release this time but to see his wife's release. "Pleaseeeee."

Don had never seen two women together before. He could not understand the attraction or the pleasure that two women would find in each other. But all this was about to change as they got off the bed and stood there kissing each other passionately. Their bodies pressed together, arms wrapped around one another and their lips declaring their love for one another. He watched their hands move over each other's bodies, exploring as well as teasing. He watched their fingers touching each other's breasts, squeezing nipples before moving downwards. Almost in unison their hands found each other's mounds, shaven mounds, mounds that ached for each other's touch.

He had never witnessed anything like it before and as he felt cool juices between his thighs, juices that leaked from his throbbing cock, he realized just how aroused he was. He watched their fingers explore one another's pussy lips, caress each other's clitoris and delve deep inside each other. He heard their groans of pleasure.

He watched as Elle guided Sandra back against the bed and made her lie down across the bottom where his own feet lay. He then watched Elle lean over and kiss her lips before running a stream of kisses over her neck and breasts. He saw her take Sandra's nipples between her teeth and make her gasp in ecstasy and then he watched as she slowly and tantalizingly moved down her body, kissing and nibbling her way down to her mound.

He heard Sandra moan and felt her shake as Elle found her clit. He could see the attraction now, he could see the pleasure being released and he could see the passion and feel the almost seismic release of sexual tension. Sandra's hands were gripping Elle's hair now, pulling, pushing and forcing her downwards. She was the one screaming now; she was the one pleading, the one begging as Elle's tongue delved deep while her fingers toyed with her clitty.

He wanted to hold her, to touch her, to help her through her orgasm but he could do nothing except watch as she thrashed about on the foot of the bed until she orgasmed. Don had to admit that not only had he never seen her orgasm with that kind of intensity but that he was also incapable of giving her that degree of pleasure.

The excitement of it all had also brought him to the brink; his inner thighs were soaked with pre-cum now, he needed Sandra's hand. For a moment he thought his need was about to be met as Sandra and Elle untangled and got off the bed but it was only to change places. It was Elle's turn now, now he was to watch his wife pleasure another woman.

For a moment he wondered what Sandra was doing when she went to her bedside drawers until he saw her pink vibrator in her hand. He had seen her use it on herself before but never on anyone else. All that was about to change.

Don knew his own wife's orgasmic screams, he knew her cries of pleasure, the sounds of her release but now he was witnessing Elle's as she let go of everything and abandoned herself to the pleasure of climaxing.

Hers were different, much different. She began with whimpers, whimpered like a baby as the combination of the penetrating vibrator deep inside her vagina and Sandra's tongue on her clitoris pleasured her. Soon the whimpers turned into soft cries, grew louder, until they became little screams. And then, amidst the violent thrashing of her hips, one long scream filled the room as she received her release.

Unlike Sandra's, Elle's orgasm seemed to go on and on, her body thrashing about long afterwards. Don had never seen anything like it before.

When Elle finally composed herself, she took the vibrator from Sandra and moved to sit at Don's side. Then she pressed the vibrator to his lips. He had done this before after Sandra had used it on herself and willingly opened his mouth to allow its entry. "Ever had one used on you, Don?" Elle asked him innocently.

Sandra giggled behind her. "I have tried," she told Elle.

Don shifted uncomfortably. Yes, his wife had tried to use it on him before but he had chickened out and asked her to stop. At the time Sandra had called him a wimp, but he knew that Elle was a different matter altogether. When she switched the vibrator on and turned to run it over his cock he knew where it was going next.

Elle spent a few moments running it over the tip of his cock before sliding it up and down his shaft. Her purpose however was not just to excite and relax him but also to make a lubricant from the pre-cum that was secreting from him. As she began to massage his heavy but wet scrotum Sandra released the ropes holding his ankles. "Come on, Don, knees up and open wide," she ordered him.

He was helpless to stop Elle, helpless to stop her from running its vibrating stem down past his scrotum area to his anus. "Relax," she cooed as she pressed the tip of the vibrator against his opening.

Don groaned, with reluctance and pleasure.

"There's a good boy," Elle encouraged him. "Let's get you cumming."

There was no chickening out this time, no asking for it to stop. Don was helpless as Elle pressed home while holding his cock by the tip with her thumb and forefinger. Slowly she eased the vibrator inside, slowly slipped its shaft deeper and deeper until it was in as far as it could go.

It was Don's turn to whimper now, to cry out as the vibrator slid in and out of him while at the same time Elle slowly masturbated. Don was begging again, this time pleading for her not to stop.

"Is this nice, Don?" she asked him. "Bet you would like a real cock, wouldn't you, Don? A nice big, thick, man cock inside you," she taunted.

All he could do was groan and moan as she continued to work the vibrator it in and out of him while teasing him with her suggestions.

Sandra came around them and leaned over his erection. She began to kiss it, taking over Elle's fingers and leaving her with the vibrator.

Suddenly Don gave out a long, loud groan then screamed that he was cumming. Sandra's lips closed around him as his body went into spasm, taking his cum into her mouth. And with that, his torture finally came to an end.

Twenty minutes later Don was showering. He was cleaning his body, revitalizing and refreshing himself when the two women, naked, stepped inside to join him. Somehow his cock managed to spring into life again. Sandra handed him her soaped sponge then ordered, "Elle first!"

Don was used to washing Sandra down and then drying her afterwards. Somehow he knew that doing the same for Elle was going to be a much more arduous task. It was in fact going to be sheer but sweet torture.



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