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Part 2



Janice Demise was nearly a half-hour early when she pulled into her parking spot at work, a major department store where she worked as a cashier. She waved briskly at her co-worker, Ruthann Smythe, as they walked into the store together.

Ruthann pulled aside her short carrot-topped friend and in a sing-songy voice said, "Something got into you last night."

"Yep, sure did, and a lot more than once I might add." They both walked into the cashier's office to pick up their register drawers.

"Really? So how many times did Richard bring it home?" asked Ruthann in a very interested tone.

"Well let's just say I had five homers, and he had two," Janice answered smugly.

"Wow, must be true what they say about the brothers," said Ruthann. "When you're done with him, I'm on deck for Richard Jensen."

"Hey Ruthie, you had your chance at the company party. You decided to go home with 'big' Steve Jackson, didn't you?" shot back Janice.

As a 5'10" brunette with a 36C chest and legs that would put a dancer to shame, Ruthann recalled how she had enticed tall, blue eyed Steve to her home after the party. He promptly laid her down on the living room floor, fucked her leaking pussy for about two minutes before he came inside her, and then even more promptly fell asleep while his 7½" cock deflated inside her.

The next morning she had tried to get him to redeem himself to no avail. Steve had the nerve to say she didn't turn him on enough. Since her divorce, Ruthann had slept with at least ten other guys at the store, some younger, some older, and she'd had no complaints and many compliments. She loved to fuck, and she was good at it, many men had told her so. She knew it was because Steve was still a little boy when it came to sex. What a shame too, thought Ruthann.

"Well ya know, Jan, we all live and learn. Some guys are all flash and NO substance. Glad to hear Rich has both, and I'm warning you right now, that unless you two are exclusive, he's fair game," retorted Ruth.

"We aren't exclusive, and probably won't be, but I'll tell you this, Ruthie, if I can't keep him happy, he's free to go elsewhere, long as I get him on a regular basis. Right now I'm ready to go to work, and I hope I get the chance to go for another ride on the black pole soon," snapped Janice.

What the cat fighting pair didn't see was thirty-five-year-old Gloria Persons in the cash vault listening to every word.

Just as Janice and Ruthann were leaving for their lanes the subject of their discussion, nineteen-year-old Richard Jensen came into the cash office to get his cash drawer as Janice and Ruthann were leaving for their lanes.

"Hey ladies, talking 'bout me I hope." It was more of a statement than a question.

Jan replied warmly, "All good too, very good," with a look of approval and satisfaction.

Ruthann added, "Yeah, too good to be true. I may have to find out for myself."

Richard thought to himself, Soooo Steve must not be getting the job done for Ruthie.

Blonde Gloria Parsons peaked through the crack of the vault door at the young black cashier. Janice and Ruthann had spoken as if he were a master in the bedroom. Her ex-husband Greg was a superior lover and though she had tried on several occasions, none of her recent dates had matched Greg in skill or stamina. Maybe…she pondered.

Richard noticed Gloria looking at him through the crack. At 5'1" she was a petite thing but very sure of herself. It might be fun to see what Glo's like in the sack, he thought.

"Okay, Glo, you can come out now and tell me what Ruthie and Jan were saying about me, can't you?" he teased. "Was it ALL good?"

"Rich, my man, it was so good, it was bad." She laughed.

Richard wasn't exactly sure how to take that, and decided he had to play Gloria a bit more carefully.

"Sometimes bad is bad, but sometimes it's VERY good." He chuckled.

While Gloria Persons pondered even more, Richard Jensen headed to his post. As he walked to his assigned lane, he passed by his friend and co-worker, Harry Waffle. Harry was probably about the only other guy there that could give him a run for his money with the MILF's. Age twenty, he stood about 5'7" had dark blond hair, a Fu Manchu moustache, and was extremely lean. As time allowed they would exchange valuable data on the MILF's and babes at the store.

Rich, m'man, how's it hangin'?" Harry asked as he approached.

"Straight up an' down, Waff man." Rich replied. "How's 'bout you?"

"I broke the rule last week, man, didn't mean to, but I was just too weak." Harry admitted.

The guys had just one rule when it came to laying pipe to the women at the store--never touch a married woman. Harry looked a little sheepish and as he confessed to Richard.

"You know there is only one attached babe here that would make me that weak."

Richard knew Harry's Achilles' heel was one hot little married babe named Carole VonDame. And Richard knew that she wanted Harry too, he saw the way she was grinding all up against Harry at the company party. Harry would have had to been gay to not get turned on by that, and Harry was as much man as himself.

"Shame on ya, Waff man, hope the old man doesn't find out," mocked Richard.

"Huh, I'm not worried about that little geek, I just feel bad about the whole adultery thing, man," said Harry.

"Well just don't let it happen again bro, too much other good and single stuff here to hit," offered Richard as he nodded over toward Jan.

"Gotta tell me about it one of these days, Rich."

"We'll catch up soon, Harry. I wanna hear about you and Carole too, later."

It was a busy day at the store, so time passed quickly. Richard chatted with customers, and other co-workers. Neither Janice nor Ruthann were anywhere nearby him today. It was just as well, Richard thought, he was preoccupied with ways to make a smooth move on Gloria Persons.

Gloria's little daydream about Richard turned out to be just that. After he had left she went back about her business, and he never entered her mind for the rest of the day. She clocked out at 4:00 pm and went into the store to pick up a few things for dinner. Her two boys would be starving by the time she got home, and she was tired after putting in a full day.

She was standing in the bread isle when she felt warm, no, hot breath on the back of her neck, and a pair of strong hands rubbing her shoulders just right, easing her aching muscles.

"Looking for something quick and easy, gorgeous?" asked Richard in that husky tone that hit women where they lived.

"Had enough of the quick and easy?" Gloria shot back. "So I'll give you exactly two hours to stop with the hands."

His hands massaged lower into her back across her bra's back-strap, as he thought better of undoing it there in the store.

"Well, Glo, being a musician, I tend to be very good with my hands, among other things," he said.

Oh if only I could believe that, thought Gloria; she had been disappointed so many times before. Damn Greg for being such a hard act to follow! He may have only had six and a half inches, but he sure knew how to use it. Maybe she wasn't good enough to satisfy him, why did he leave and take his sweet stick with him?

"Gloria, whatever you're thinking about, it can't be as good as what my hands are doing right now," continued Richard.

"Mmm, it's a start, Mr. Magic Hands. What else are you good at?" she asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

"You let me shed these clothes and I'll be glad to show you, Glo."

Richard pressed his huge hard-on into her ass. Gloria gulped then got her cell phone out of her purse and dialed.

"Mom, I've got to work late tonight, can you please go to my place and get the boys? Let them stay with you and dad tonight; I'll be at it late. Thanks, mom... No get them right now, the sooner the better. See ya." Gloria hung up the phone.

"Follow me back to my place, Rich, and I hope you're as good as your word," she said in a warning tone.

"Gloria D. Persons, you heard my references earlier today, don't sweat it," replied Richard.

"Yeah, I heard 'em, but believe me, I have higher standards and a lot more to compare than those two," she countered. "You, buddy boy, are the Great Black Hope."

As they entered her four-bedroom ranch house, Gloria was busy laying down a few ground rules.

"Okay, Richard, first of all, I'm not looking for love, just relief. Just because you have a big dick doesn't mean you know how to use it. If I'm uncomfortable in any way, and I say no more, I mean no more."

"Are you through, Blondie?" asked Richard in a somewhat harsh voice. "Because I came here to have a good time, to relieve some pressure for both of us, and enjoy a laugh or two. So I have just one question for you--" Then he paused.

Gloria's voice softened some as she looked up at him with her baby blues sparkling. "Well, I'm waiting, Rich."

"What I want to know is...are you...TICKLEISH?"

With that he grabbed and tickled her ribcage, she howled in laughter, squealed and raced around the house with Richard in hot pursuit until they ended up in the master bedroom.

They collapsed on her bed as he tickled her underarms, all the way down to her waist.

"No more, no, no more pleeeeease," she begged through gales of laughter, tears rolling down her cheeks.

It was then that Gloria realized what she had been missing with every other lover since Greg. FUN, Richard was making her laugh and enjoy the idea of getting naked. He stopped the tickling and kissed her, sucking firmly on her lips while dueling with her tongue.

"You know what the problem with clothes is?" she asked breaking the kiss. "They're always in the way at the worst possible time."

"Last one naked has to sleep in the wet spot!!" chimed Richard.

"There's an incentive," laughed Gloria, shedding her blouse.

Richard was already down to his underwear when Gloria saw his eight-inch pussy shredder poking through the waistband. Gloria knew however that size was no guarantee of performance. Wow if he really knows how to use that, this maybe a REALLY good night after all, she thought to herself.

Still in her lacy pink bra and panties her body had very little, if any, body fat to show. Proportioned nicely, her 34B-sized tits complimented her twenty-five-inch waist and thirty-six-inch hips. A very shapely package indeed--a package that was ready to get the show going, having seen the star attraction.

"Aw, it's on now! Mother fucker, Richard, I want to suck your dick," Gloria proclaimed hungrily. "Now!"

She moved towards him and removed his boxer briefs. His cock stood tall and proud, leaking clear pre-cum. As Gloria wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him onto the bed, Richard kicked his shorts free of his legs and feet.

Gloria quickly moved her face down to his mammoth blood-filled erection. She engulfed the dark mushroom-shaped head with her lips, and her tongue investigated the entire rim of his meat. This drove Richard wild and he let her know.

"Suck my black dick, you horny blonde bitch! You have to earn this dick; lick it, suck it, Glo."

Gloria was intent on making him happy; she tickled his frenulum lightly with her tongue causing him to force more of his cock into her mouth. Her right hand cupped his balls as she gingerly moved her tongue up and down the underside of his long hard rod. As she did so she moaned her pleasure and he felt the vibrations.

"Mmmm, this black monster tastes so fuckin' good. It's HOT, baby, I can't wait to taste your cum."

Her mouth encircled its head again, as both hands wrapped around the shaft, twisting and jacking it off. Richard was holding back as much as he could. Wanting to gain more control he reached onto Gloria's back and unsnapped her bra. He then pulled her body over his in a 69 position and sucked at her clit through her panties.

"Nunghha," Gloria groaned in pleasure.

She rubbed her pebble-sized nipples against his stomach, as the expertise of Richard's cunt-lapping distracted her concentration on his huge hard-on.

"Oww, get it, Richard, I'm gonna cream in my drawers. I'm cummin' for you... It's gonna explode for you, honey! Ohmigawddddddd," Gloria howled in delight.

Her hands gripped his dick tightly as an orgasm ripped through her body and thoroughly soaked her already drenched panties. Richard grabbed the panties on both sides and ripped them off of her, exposing the light blonde hair covering her mound.

Gloria laughed. "Well those weren't good for anything else anyway."

"Yeah but what you've got in your hands is more than ready for action, Glo," he replied, drawing her attention back to the rock solid cock she held.

She bent down to take it in her mouth once more, licking the slit through to the frenulum then circling the extremely sensitive head. She felt the head open as she sucked hard on it. She freed it from her mouth with a loud pop, and suddenly white hot lava flowed from the head. Loads of it, spreading like vanilla icing on a chocolate cake, spilling down his pulsing shaft as Gloria attempted to lick as much as she could.

"Uhhh...uhhhh...uhhhhh, grunted Richard.

His balls were emptying and his cock was sensitive to every touch of Gloria's tongue.

"Blondie, you have got some major skills," complimented Richard. "Now hop up on Black Beauty and let me take you for a ride."

Gloria was impressed. Even Greg needed a few minutes to recharge after one of her suction specials. Richard was still hard as a brick, and Gloria was ready to take advantage of that.

She slid down his body with her ass facing him, and then she rose over his thick black pole and lowered herself slowly onto it.

"Yeah, mother fucker, open me up. Bust my cunt wide open, you black stallion. Give it to me, give it all to me. Fuck, you turn me on!" she moaned.

As her ass hit bottom she steadied herself on his thigh with her left hand, and raised her right arm and in the air and circled like she was riding a bucking horse. And she was; Richard was pounding her fast and furious, sliding right past her G-spot with every stroke.

"You want it all, bitch, you got it all. All eight black fuckin' inches," he retorted as he smacked her ass with his right hand.

Her ass rose and fell with each of his retreats and returns.

"Shit, Oh gawd, oh baby, oh yeahhhh. Oh I needed this dick…so good…so good…sooo fucking gooooood. Yeah baby, I'm your blonde bitch, whenever you want me, Richard. Gawd you make my pussy feel so good, Richard," Gloria babbled on as she came again.

She put her arms behind her and leaned backward on the bed, giving Richard's pistoning cock more direct access to her G-spot. At the same time he reached in front of her and put one hand on her hard clit rubbing it furiously. His other hand was on her lower stomach, directly above her 'G'. He could feel his dickhead assail it on each upward stroke. As Gloria grinded her hips savagely on Richard's pussy shredder, she could feel the most enormous climatic peak of her life coming on.

She continued to mumble under her breath. "Fucking me so good... Pussy feels so good... Gonna make it cum some more. Don't stop…don't stoppp... Ohhh don't stop...

She turned her head to kiss him and shove her tongue down his throat. That did it! Pussy juice streamed from her, shooting halfway across the room, as her pussy clamped down tight on his invading cock. Richard came too, hot white sperm hitting its target deep inside her little blonde cooch.

It was all too much for Gloria; her legs shot straight out, and she collapsed back onto Richard as his cock came popping out of her cooze. But you know what? It didn't matter to Gloria, as she had completely lost consciousness.

The pleasure short-circuited her, so as soon as Richard was sure she'd be okay, he got dressed, promptly put her in the wet spot and went home.

The next morning Gloria saw that he had left a note letting her know to be sure to beat him out of his clothing next time. He is a man of his word after all, thought Gloria with a smile as she got ready to face her day, satisfied for the first time in a very long time.






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