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Five foot two inches, closely cropped carrot colored red-orange hair with a 36D sized chest. Janice Damise sat in the snack bar of the department store she worked as a cashier in, taking stock of herself.

Losing thirty pounds, she had slimmed down nicely after her tiny-needle-dick husband Al had left her and her two kids for a younger model just out of high school.

He should know better, she thought to herself. But then at age thirty-six Al was using that pencil dick of his to do his thinking. Not much of a brain there, she mused, smiling inwardly.

While Al had been Janice's first and only lover she had seen pornos of more well-endowed men. Al sometimes brought them home to get them more in the mood. Janice found the ones featuring black men consuming their women with huge powerful hard-ons particularly arousing. The subject found its way into her fantasies on more than one occasion.

As Janice sat in the snack bar, legs crossed and lightly shaking her left leg, she felt the itch start between her legs.

"Damn," she muttered under her breath, "Maybe his dick was pitiful, but he SURE could use his tongue. And I need some relief, soon!"

"What relief? You're already on break," said her co-worker Ruthann Smythe.

Ruthann then looked down to see the points of Janice's nipples poking through her rust colored knit top. "Oh, that kind of relief," giggled Ruthann.

"Chill out, Ruthie," hissed Janice, "I am climbing the walls, and I need a MAN."

"Naw, what you need is about eight inches of hot Grade-A prime power prick pumped into your bun, Jan."

Janice sighed, "If only I knew where to find it, girl."

After her divorce, Ruthann had gained a reputation as one of the store's baggable babes. She was thirty-two, same age as Jan, and lived in a constant state of horny. Janice didn't want that kind of reputation, but she did need some dick. If anyone could give her a good lead, it would be Ruthann Smythe.

"Well ya know, Al left you for a younger model. I say turnabout is fair play," stated Ruthann. "Why do you think I'm never without a bagboy at my lane?"

"Well, for one thing you're always telling 'em you aren't wearing underwear."

"I don't," Ruthann replied.

"And the way you were dancing at the Company Party melted the snow in the parking lot," continued Janice.

Ruthann laughed, "Yeah and I got to check out a lot of packages before I decided which one to take home and unwrap too."

"Lucky you," said Janice with a hint of envy in her voice.

"Speaking of which, I don't know how you feel about hot chocolate, but Richard Jensen is coming over, and he's one of those eight-incher's I was mentioning earlier. I haven't had the pleasure yet, but when we had a slow dance at the party, he was VERY happy to see me. Catch my drift?"

Janice's interest piqued at this, Richard was black, intelligent, handsome, and articulate. At five foot five he had just enough height to match her comfortably. He had just been promoted from bagger to cashier. Most importantly, for the first time, she might have found an answer to her horny little dilemma and her fantasy all in one.

"Boy it is sure slippery outside, I fell coming into the store. I think it's worker's comp time," Richard joked as he approached the table. "But really all I hurt was my pride."

"From what I've heard that's not all you could have hurt," Janice said with a wink.

Janice couldn't believe what had come out of her mouth, and could only hope it went over Richard's head.

Ruthann thought to herself, ahh Jan IS a dark meat girl, and settled back to see how this initial volley would play out.

Richard had his eye on Janice ever since he'd heard about her divorce, and knew there was a good chance she would need some TLC soon. Here was his opening to get into her opening.

"Oh no, I always protect my tools. Never know when I might need to TCB, Jan." Richard said in his deep throaty voice.

Uhhhh, thought Janice as his reply shot right to her pleasure center.

Ruthann started thinking, damn this boy is good, and Jan is ready to give it up now! Hell so am I! she groaned to herself.

As Janice squirmed her leaking crotch into her seat, she queried, "TCB? What's that?"

Richard leaned in so that she could smell the heady scent of ‘Very Sexy for Men' as well as get an unmistakable look at the ‘tool' their banter was causing to excite. He then whispered in her ear, "TCB is short for Taking Care of Business, Jan. You DO believe that TCB is essential don't you?"

Her breath caught in her throat, and her nipples strained to push free of her all-too-thin bra and the tight knit top. A sight Richard was all too aware of.

"May I join you two lovely ladies?" he asked, already taking a seat next to Janice.

" break's almost up, b...but I lo--, um like your company, Rich."

Looking directly at her hardened nipples then straight into her green eyes Richard said exactly what was on his mind.

"Yeah, Jan, I can see that just fine, because it's definitely not cold in here. In fact the way you're perspiring, I'd say you may be a little HOT."

Janice had to gain some control over the situation, this 19-year-old black kid had her ready to spread her legs on the snack bar table!

"I'd b...better go the bathroom and f...freshen up then; I c...can't go back to work all..."

Janice thought better of continuing the sentence, but he finished it for her, huskily saying, "WET?"

Jan felt her pussy contract HARD. "Huh?" She asked in a horny haze.

"All wet and sweaty, we can't have you go back to work like that. Right?" Richard said, reeling her back in some from her erotic thoughts.

"Hey listen, Jan; I'll see if I can get the lane next to you when I PUNCH IN. See ya in the HOLE."

Ruthann who had sat silently absorbing the scene & admiring Richard's smoothness spoke up once Janice had left.

"Ya know you had her ready to fuck you right here on the table, don't ya?"

Richard replied half-jokingly, "Well after the way you left me at the party, I gotta do something."

Then he winked at Ruthann, got up and left to work his charm on the Authorized Cashier who had the ability to assign him to the lane next to the very desirable Janice Damise. Leaving Ruthann to question whether she had made the correct choice the party, and what she might be able to do to fix that.

Janice's pussy was like soup. As she walked back to her lane her emotions were a flutter. She felt like a mix between a schoolgirl and a shameless hussy. On the one hand she knew there was this hot younger man that could no doubt fill her and thrill her like she had only imagined in her dreams. Yet on the other hand, this same young kid was thirteen years her junior, still in his teens.

However, he definitely could push her buttons. How, oh how would this play out? she wondered.

All the while knowing exactly what was going to happen, wanting what was going to happen, needing what was going to happen, the only question being when. Yes, Janice Damise was going to be living out her fantasy very soon.




The store was relatively slow that day and Richard had kept his word to get assigned to the lane next to Janice. How he did it is another story, maybe for another day. For the most part Janice and Richard kept up their light banter and got to know things about each other that made them like each other even more.

Towards the end of the day Richard decided to close the deal.

"So Jan, what's on your agenda for this evening? Got something planned with the kids?"

Without even thinking Janice bounced back nonchalantly, "No, Al has the kids this week; I'm doing the bachelorette thing... Umm... Err... Why?" She finished demurely.

"So you wanna do IT with me? The bachelorette thing that is?" he said with a wink.

All of a sudden it all fell into place for Janice. The desire, the loneliness, the fantasies, the anger at her ex, and most of all the aching, pounding, pulsing, throbbing, moisture generating from her lower stomach and centered in her very underused pussy. Why not go for it; it's my turn, she justified to herself.

Janice walked over to his lane, pushed her 36D bosom into his arm and said in a low, sultry tone, "I haven't done IT since my divorce two years ago. I've needed to do IT for a very long time now, and I've wanted to do IT with you since you told me about your ‘tool'. Come over tonight and show me what IT is like to be a real woman. Please? I promise you WON'T be sorry."

"Jan baby, you don't have to beg. Because by the time tonight is over you'll be begging me to stop."

"I wouldn't bet on that mister, I've got a lot to make up for," answered Janice, surreptitiously reaching for his semi-hard tool and finding more than she'd ever had before, she thought to herself. It's a good thing I've given birth otherwise I'd never be able to handle THAT!

Yeah, she's ready--more than ready, thought Richard. I can't wait to see if what they say about redheads is true. I'm gonna tease that bitch until her juice is flowing like a faucet, then I'm gonna plug up the leak. Ohhh, yeah, this store has got so much untouched pussy, and I'm just the one to TCB.




Richard Jensen had been an aficionado of older women ever since one had taken his virginity four years ago. Unfortunately restrictions prevent that story from being told, but it is a HOT tale. In those four years he had learned much and found that if he played it cool, took it easy, and waited, most women, young or old, would come to him. And in a place like this store, not only would he have a smorgasbord to choose from but word of mouth would allow him to be choosey. After all, the best advertising is a happy customer.




Richard knocked on Janice's townhouse door a little before 7:00pm and was greeted by a vision of womanhood. She had a low-cut V-necked knit blouse on, with four buttons in the front, followed by a pair of light blue jeans that were close to being painted on.

Janice was equally impressed by Richard's choice of attire--a black silk shirt that was sensual to the touch, and a pair of white Dockers that did nothing to hide his powerful ass, and the mighty bulge that she planned to put to good use.

"Mister Man, welcome to my humble abode, please come in," she invited.

"You look good enough to make a man forget his manners, baby," Richard said as he presented her with two perfect lavender roses.

Janice thought to herself, I am sooo dead—not thirty seconds and I'm ready to rape him. He is smooth with a capital S.

"Well, thank you, sir, for the roses and the compliments. Let me say you look scrumptious yourself. Come on in, I am REALLY looking forward to tonight." Her hard nipples sticking through her blouse, punctuating her point, she continued, "What else do you have there?" pointing to the package in his hand as he entered.

As he held up a couple of CD's he replied, "A little soft jazz to cuddle up on the dance floor with. You do dance, don't you, Jan?"

"It's been forever, but I love it. Let's hear what you've got." She took the three CD's and put them in her changer.

As the smooth sounds of Brian Cuthbertson, Fattburger, and Fourplay wafted from the speakers Richard held out his arms invitingly. "Come here, pretty lady, let me feel your warm sexy body in my arms. You look too good to waste."

Janice blushed and giggled uncontrollably, as she advanced into his arms. "You know, I did fix us something to eat," she offered.

He inhaled, "Ummhmm and it smells HOT!" Richard replied in a low whisper, hot breath blowing in her ear and straight to her center.

"You really go after what you want don't you, Rich?"

"Life's too short not to, babe." he replied confidently.

Janice settled in with her head against his shoulder sighing, "And tonight you want me... Hmmm... Lucky me."

As they rocked and swayed to the music her right hand caressed the back of his head, softly at first then with more urgency. Janice felt the long hard hot tube of meat surging against her stomach, and her crotch began grinding up to it, as if trying to scratch a controlling itch. More of a reflex than anything else, her left leg hooked Richard's powerful thigh, straining to get closer to it.

Richard leaned in to claim their first kiss--lightly at first, their lips barely touching, but as the heat between them rose, their tongues met and pressed against each other more fervently. His hands seemed to be everywhere, down her sides, the globes of her breasts, her back, lower and lower on her back until he grabbed a hold of each magnificent ass-cheek, which allowed Janice to wrap both legs around his thighs.

"Ohh babe," she moaned into his hot mouth.

Still dressed, standing in the middle of her living room, they were dry humping each other for all they were worth. Janice rode up and down the large forceful cock as she molded her chest to his, friction making her long sensitive nipples so stiff she felt they might snap off. Her hips were bucking out of control, like a mighty automobile piston. Up and down, back and forth, round and round. Janice's climax was unstoppable, bearing down on her like a freight train; she reached underneath Richard's arms and clung to his shoulders.

"Yesss, oh yes babe, yes, Richard, it's coming, baaabe! Aaah, it's coming HARD! Shit! Do me man! Do me, do me, dooo meeee! Whoooaaahh!

Janice leaned in and clamped her teeth into his neck and shoulder as she squealed her first male induced orgasm in over two years. Richard grabbed and squeezed her ass-cheeks together and could hear the squishy sound of her release.

Janice's body was a quivering mass of flesh after she had cum. Her breathing ragged and suffering aftershocks from the massive quakes she'd just experienced. She whimpered her pleasure and looked in awe at the young man that had given her more sexual pleasure clothed than she'd ever had naked with her ex. When she finally recovered enough she released her grip on his thighs and stood on her wobbly legs.

"Wow, Rich," breathed Janice, "what do you do for an encore?"

Richard chuckled. "Encore? Jan, baby, that was just the overture, Act I is just about to begin."

With a blush and a big smile Janice replied, "Oh my gawd, you've already ruined me for anyone else, and I'm not even naked yet."

"Jan, by the time this night is over I'm gonna have your pink slip. Now let's see what's under the hood," and he ripped the V-neck blouse open from the front.

Better than I even thought, Richard mused to himself, eyeing her nipples, still as hard and sharp as pencil lead pointing unabashedly towards him. If it was one thing he had a weakness for, it was long and hard nips. It let him know that he was doing his job. If Janice's tips were any indication, they were in for a long night of hot, dirty, nasty fucking.

Janice waited silently hoping that her young but experienced lover would approve of her older but nicely toned body. A body that was still reacting from the aftershocks of their initial encounter, a body that was quickly becoming addicted to the manner of sensations he extracted from her.

"Your ex is a fool for not taking advantage of what was right under his nose," Richard spoke in a low vibrato that Janice could feel, more than hear.

He scooped her into the classic carrying position, as she pointed towards her bedroom.

"The stereo is still turned on," said Janice, then realized how foolish her statement was at a time like this.

Richard replied, "Baby, you've got a man with almost an eight-inch hard on, and you are looking like you've pissed your pants you're so wet. Don't you think WE'RE a little too turned on to care about that?"

Janice kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, "Good point mister, take me to bed and fuck me senseless."

"Good answer," was his reply as he carried her upstairs to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Richard wasted no time making his intentions known. He threw Janice onto her queen-sized bed, unsnapped and unzipped her jeans, and pulled them off of her. Janice now lay in front of him clad only in a matching sheer bra and a pair of bikini panties. Her body covered in a sheen of perspiration, orange-ish red hair matted to her forehead, and a matching shade of red showing through her soaked matted panties.

Her diamond-tipped tits were nearly boring holes through the thin material of her bra, her arduous breathing caused her 36D's to heave mightily. Her body was squirming and writhing trying to relieve the heat of her arousal.

As Jan looked through desired laden eyes, she realized Richard was still fully dressed, yet the large bulge in the front of his Dockers revealed his desire for her. She had to know what that man-meat looked like, and she had to know NOW. She moved forward towards the object of her desire, and Richard pushed her lightly back towards the bed. She looked at him quizzically.

"You'll get to see it, Jan. You'll get to touch it, and you'll get to feel it sliding inside of that fire-crotch of yours but allow me to un-wrap the package. Enjoy the show."

He smiled wickedly as he slowly removed his silk shirt, covered her face with it momentarily, and then slid the sensual material erotically down her sensuous body.

Her glazed eyes soaked in his body; so far she loved what she saw. He was built but not overly muscular, light amounts of black curly hair running from his chest in a narrow line down to his flat stomach. No six-pack, yet no love handles. Mmm she couldn't wait to see the best part and that was next!

Richard wanted this woman bad, but he also wanted her to remember him forever, so he took his time, slowly lowering her panties, reveling in her impatience and hunger. Once he had them off, suddenly he grabbed her thighs, knelt down and pulled her cunt down to his hot mouth.

"Ohhhh my...gawd!" she gasped.

Richard's hot tongue landed at her Perineum, the area just above her anus and below her pussy. He then licked his way clockwise slowly around the outer and inner lips of her flowing juicy peach. When he reached her clit at the top of her pulsing pussy he cruelly avoided it, working his way down to the bottom. He opened the lips of her pussy wide and lightly tickled each side.

Janice's hips were rotating wildly trying to guide Richard's tongue to her hard blood engorged clitoris. Her arms came down from holding onto the edge of her mattress, and tried to grab his head and hold it still.

"Don't you move!" he ordered in a low commanding tone. "Stay right there, you hear me?"

She froze, knowing that he would deliver everything she wanted and more. His tongue moved slowly from the bottom of her fire-red, dripping love hole to just below her clit, dove deep into her steaming hole giving it a hot French kiss, just like he was kissing her mouth. His tongue then started again at the bottom of her cunt and swept quickly up to her aching clit.

Her reaction was swift and immediate; her hands went to her hardened nipples, her back arched as Richard's tongue lapped at her stiffened bud. Her breath exited her as though she had been punched in the stomach.


Her ass lifted high off the bed and with his tongue still on her love bud, Richard slid his right middle and ring fingers into her cooch. He sought and found that two-inch patch of rough skin on the top wall of her pussy and quickly manipulated it to expand and squirt streams of cunt cum flying from between her legs.

Richard smiled, and stood back, lest he drown in the steady strong flow. He took advantage of the time to remove his slacks and underwear. Janice's legs scissored back and forth as her body jerked and she pressed her thighs together tightly increasing the pleasure and calming it at the same time. Richard got back down between her legs.

"What in the WORLD just happened?" asked Janice. "Did I just pee on you? Oh, I hope not. I'm so sorry, Rich, please forgive me. just came out of nowhere!"

He laughed. "Baby, I just said hello to your G, and that was her answer."

" I...I never knew I had one," she said wide-eyed.

"What, you think you're made different from any other woman? All women have them, it's just a matter of knowing what to look for, or feel for that is." He winked at her.

"Ohh, how do you know all this? How do you know what makes me feel so goooood?" Janice commented. "It's like you're inside my head, my body. You're making my every fantasy real.'re dangerous, amazing but dangerous, Richard."

"And you, my dear, are rambling, which to me means you need something special," he said as he stood up.

He whispered huskily. "Look what I have for you!"

Pre-cum flowing from the dark mushroom head, he revealed his thick long and very stiff cock. It stood high, firm and close to his body. To Janice it looked angry and NOT to be denied. It seemed to have a life of its own, and a mind of its own.

"Ohhh, I want it man, I want it now. I can't wait any longer, Rich, take me! Make me all yours, fuck me good, fuck me now!" Her voice virtually pleaded to be used by him.

Truth be told, all of his teasing had taken its toll on Richard as well. His well-trained tool had its limits. It was time to make this MILF his. He climbed onto the bed, took her into his arms, and his dick sought the warm wet hole it had been craving.

As if it were trained, the missile found its target. Her lubrication, and his pre-cum made initial entry easy. Janice groaned her pleasure loudly. Richard grunted, as about four inches in he was blocked. It was obvious she wasn't used to having anything so deep inside her.

Janice felt the engorged white-hot tool encounter resistance. Her hips shot up to give him more access. Richard knew he had to open her pussy up gradually. He withdrew slightly then slid another inch deeper. She drew her hips back as Richard withdrew again. This time when their hips moved toward each other their pelvises met. He took a minute to let her get used to being so full.

"Service me, baby," Janice insisted. "This pussy is yours, all yours, give it all you've got!"

Richard started grinding his hips in her pussy, his pubic bone and hairs stimulating her clit constantly. Good lord, she thought, here I go again! From deep down in her being she felt the rumblings of another massive orgasm starting. Her hands gripped his ass for leverage and control, but mostly because she loved its powerful feel in her hands.

Her legs rose high on his body and locked around his waist. As she settled in for a wild ride to the edge of ecstasy, she could feel his dick stirring her honeypot. He was swiveling his hips, rotating them as he pulled his mighty tool out of her steaming cunt. He filled her so full she could feel every vein with each beat of his pulse, and she loved each new sensation. It was like her first time being fucked--it was her first time being fucked.

Never in her best times with Al had it been like this; here she was careening to her third climax and it was the first time Richard had entered her. What an entrance though.

What an entrance into this tight little cunt, taut tiny fire-crotch. Richard loved it when the carpet matched the drapes. He felt her nails grasping his ass, urging him to drill deep, and he was happy to oblige. He pounded her body--Janice's tight little pussy matched the tightest little pussy he'd ever fucked. Hard to believe she's given birth twice, he could get used to this hot little lay. He pulled her in closer, as close as he could get her. Their torsos molded together glued by their sweat. Their hips slapping together, the squeaking bedsprings disturbing any of her neighbors that might be trying to sleep.

"Talk to me, baby," requested Jan. "Is it good for you? I need to know you feel as good as you make me feel."

"Oh yeah, Jan, I feel your pussy milking my dick. It feels so good," he earnestly complied. "Grind on it, baby, work that pussy, work it."

Her legs and the heels of her feet traveled from his waist over his ass and down the back of his thighs. Her arms wrapped around his neck and back. She looked up at his dark handsome face, and felt the overwhelming urge to kiss him, her lips feeling the same fire as her cunt.

They were on the same wavelength, looking into each other's eyes, their lips locked, tongues tangled, bodies entwined as one. Their hips were banging rapid-fire into each other and the heat was growing. Janice's tight cunt was getting more and more soupy, and Richard's dick was growing harder and even bigger, the pressure in his balls building each minute.

She could feel him growing too, and she could tell he was getting ready to explode into her burning pie. He pulled her as close as he could, her white fluids clung to his big black meat. Janice's eyes rolled back into her head, and her nipples dug into Richard's chest.

BANG!!! The floodgates were loosed. Her noises were unintelligible.

"Gahhh, ahh-ohh-ee-i-arrrgh-ahh-gggeee-ummmmph-oh-oh-oh-oh, I'm fuckin' cummin', I'm cummin' all over your hot black cock!!! Whoa, fuuuck ME."

And that was all it took for Richard to unleash his torrential load. No spurts for him, a long steady stream of cum shot straight into Janice's womb as her pussy sucked long and hard on his dick.

"! Take it, Jan, take every fuckin' drop, babe! Take it into that snapper. Ohhhh YEAH! TAKE... IT... ALLL!

The last few words matched by his hips slamming hers deep into the mattress. Janice's box was overflowing, Richard's bone pulsing strong inside her after emptying its load. She threw her arms flat and outspread on either side of her, her body was again experiencing the most wonderful aftershocks that a woman could feel.

"That...was amazing," when she could finally speak.

Richard was feeling mischievous; he flexed his cock inside her pussy.

"You're STILL hard after THAT?" she marveled.

"Well to my count, that was your three to my one," he said with a smile. "Get up on your hands and knees, woman."

"Oooooh, I've never been able to do doggie before!" squealed Janice.

She scrambled to assume the position. Richard used his semi-hard cock to spank each of her ass-cheeks several times. She squealed in pleasure in response.

Janice's ass high in the air, Richard moved in behind her on his knees and slid into her easily this time. His hands roamed over her ass, then slid upward to take a hold of her at the waist.

"Now, you sexy little cunt, show me how much you love my dick. Work that ass; work that pussy!"

Janice loved being told how to please her man, and started moving her ass back and forth over the hard black intruder in her pussy. Richard's hands were a steadying factor, guiding her speed and force onto his magnificent pole.

She replied to his command.

"Yes, daddy," she replied to his command, "whatever you want, your baby wants you to have it." She didn't think it was at all funny to call a man thirteen years her junior ‘daddy.' He was proving himself to be every bit the man she needed him to be.

After about ten minutes of her following his directive, Richard slowly pushed her body down so that she was flat face and torso down on the bed. His left hand moved up to her nape, and his right hand cracked her ass as he pounded her pussy.

"Owww," she cried in delight with each crack. "Daddy, this is sooo good!"

"You think so? Wait until you feel this," he grunted.

With that, Richard eased his manicured right thumb into Janice's virgin asshole. She could feel the pressure and again to her amazement she loved it! She could feel his cock rubbing against his thumb through the thin wall separating the in from the out door.

Will this man's bag of tricks ever end? she asked herself. As if in answer to her unspoken question, Richard changed his angle, aiming his cock at her newly discovered G-spot. He leaned in to kiss and lick the back of her neck, all the while pumping about four inches of his massive tool into her gash, getting her G-spot on each in-stroke. Added to that the stimulation of his thumb sodomizing her ass, and it was all she could take.

Her pussy literally squeezed and forced his cock out, as more streams of her pussy juice flew out of her.

"Uh, uhm, uh," she groaned into the pillow, her body flopping around like it had been hit with 220 volts of pure electricity.

Janice was so satisfied that she could have easily gone to sleep a contented woman. She rolled over and cuddled next to Richard. She was mesmerized when she saw that he wasn't quite done with her yet. His dick was just as hard as when they first started.

She thought about giving him head; with her tiny little white mouth, it would be no easy feat. And, she had never done it before. Besides being a good cunt lapper and straight missionary man, her ex, Al, had never let her do anything else but jack him off. What would it taste like? A man-sized cock like Rich's has to taste fantastic, she thought. She began to move down his chest...

"Maybe later, Jan," Richard said as he stopped her progress. "That's a little much for your mouth to handle now."

Jan was a bit disappointed, but also curious about what was next. It had been a night of surprises and she had loved every single one.

Richard laid straight back, hands folded underneath his head. "Climb aboard, baby, the black pole is waiting."

Oh yes, thought Janice, what a riiide.

She slid effortlessly down his pole and started humping him madly from the minute she hit bottom. He reached out to grab her pendulums and take her nipples into his mouth. His tongue attacked them voraciously--first one then the other. His right hand reached around her shapely ass, and stuck his middle finger in the rosebud of her asshole.

"Fuck it, Jan, fuck my big black dick. Make it cum again, girl; make that hot juice squirt up in ya. Ride my dick, baby, ride it hard," he growled.

She did her best to fulfill his command. Her ass was pumping hard down onto his fucking monster. Sweat poured from her body as she headed towards her fifth big climax of the evening. Richard took his finger from her ass and she sat straight up on him, and started grinding back and forth. She braced her hands on his stomach and bounced up and down. He could feel his cock ready to spew his cream straight into her well-fucked pussy. He wanted her to cum with him. He reached behind her with both hands and cracked her ass HARD! With a loud, "UHH!"

Her nipples once more grew taut, her body arched forward and stiffened, her head shot back, and her pussy milked a large load of cum from the massive tool deep inside her. As he shot up inside her, the cream of her cunt bathed his tool with an equal amount of nectar.

She collapsed on top of her dark lover, bodies still joined at the crotch. "This has been the best night of my life. But please, Richard, please tell me we're done for tonight." she begged. "I don't know if I can handle anymore pleasure."

"Um, Jan, Did I just hear you beg me to stop?" Richard playfully asked.

Janice remembered their conversation earlier at the store.

"You, sir, are a man of your word. I will never doubt that again," answered Janice. "I'm a real woman now; just wait until Ruthie hears about this." She muttered as she drifted happily off to sleep.

Richard thought, yep, another satisfied customer. Just make sure you spell the name right, baby.

He pulled the covers up over them and a contented darkness enveloped them both.



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