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The Diary Of Laura Mead

Laura Mead

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Entry 2: Mr. Spank

First time spanking, male-female


I was originally going to write about my experience with Tommy Ulsheart's large cock (as you may remember him mentioned in my last diary entry). But first I felt it only right-- after my dream about him last night--to introduce you to Mr. Spank. Mr. Spank was my introduction to the wonderful feeling of having my ass struck. By birth he was James, but he will be forever known by his alter ego to me.

As an everyday person he was quite reserved, a good looking guy but not overly vain with it. From the short time I'd spent with him I gathered he was just your average Joe. He had the plush car, nice house and looked after himself pretty well in the body department; athletic but not too muscular. What I never counted on him revealing was the Jekyll to his usual Hyde personality.

James had been kind enough to take me under his wing when I set upon a tough exercise regime - as a girl edges closer to thirty she needs to up her effort levels if she's to keep in the game, especially with all the young pretty things running around.

After a few sessions out jogging I started to feel more comfortable with my body and began wearing tighter crop tops (even with my ample C-cups fighting against it) and figure hugging Lycra shorts. Previous to being introduced to his spanking dark side I had only worn baggy tops and running bottoms; if I'd have only stuck to that original dress code.

We had been out on our usual route and made it back home with only two hoots from guys in cars; for some reason they loved a girl in Lycra. I invited James in for a drink, strictly water based of course, and we chatted about how much fitter I'd become over the past couple of months and how the training was going. I felt comfortable with him around and he'd never made any sexual advances, but my bending at the waist to unfasten my shoes obviously got the better of him.

"Easy Laura," he exclaimed as I cocked my Lycra bound ass to the air.

"What?" I asked back knowing full well the view he had.

"You and your ass in the air, you're not too old to get a slap on it you know!" he quipped, a little tongue in cheek.

We tittered over his view of me as I moved to the other shoe and gave my ass a joking shake. He obviously wasn't in the mood for comedy as I barely caught a glimpse of him moving towards me before I felt a lightly palmed slap fall firm on my right ass cheek. I yelped up in surprise, springing from my half tuck position and turning on him, not quite sure how I should react. When our eyes finally met I only saw the cheeky grin pasted across his cute face and I couldn't help but crack a smile back. His slap hadn't stung my ass out right but it had shaken right through my thighs. As angry as I was at him for taking liberty at touching me, deep down, I was secretly feeling pretty joyous.

"Cheeky sod," I said, and pawed out to slap his chest.

My hand swung close to his body but he was quick to jump away. Jovially, I lashed out again but his nimbleness prevailed and he dodged my strike. My attempts at seeking revenge soon turned a seemingly trivial situation into sexual play. As we skipped around my large kitchen-diner, he was quick to come back at me, his head falling tight to the side of my body with a light tackling action. His arms slipped around my hips and his hands began to rapidly tap my ass as we danced around one another in the awkward pose.

As much as I tried to escape his grasp and the light taps that rained down on my Lycra bound cheeks, his jovial spanking had begun to feel quite sexual to me. I wriggled to break free but his hold was strong, we laughed as I cried out for him to quit his messing.

I eventually caught my chance to stop him - although sexually I could have hung in there all day--by running my hand up the back of his thighs and into the loose running shorts so I could grab at his ass. I briefly caught hold of his taught, fleshy cheeks and grappled down to squeeze him to submission before he yielded, pulling from my body and taking his light spanks with him. We quickly stood, fluster etched across both our faces.

"Got you," I said in victorious voice.

"Yeah, yeah, but it took you a while. You were obviously enjoying the ass slapping a little too much to want me to stop."

For a moment, the thought of him realising I was secretly enjoying his touch struck nervous fear into me. Had my yelps sounded too sexual? Had I gasped at any point whilst trying to regain the breath he'd started to take away? His pointing arm dismissed all of this as my eyes followed his finger to my chest where two erect nipples stood poking out from under my cropped top. I raised my arms crossed over and covered them defiantly.

"They say you enjoyed it," he argued.

"I'm just cold, stupid!" I lied.

"After a ten-mile run, I don't think so."

"Whatever," I said, and walked over to the dining table where I could bend over in peace and continue untying the remaining shoelace.

"So you say a little of the old ass tapping isn't for you then? It must have had some effect."

"Oh god! OK, yeah, you got my nipples a little hard but it's not like I climaxed from them!"

"So you did like it then?"

"Look, it took me a bit by surprise and it was OK for fun."

"Just for fun?"

"OK, yes, I did find it mildly enjoyable, now can I take my shoes off, please?"

I bent over further and lifted the one remaining shoe from my foot. James held no hesitation after I had admitted my slight enjoyment at his hand and swiftly made a passage toward me. When he started to get close I began to stand.

"Stay bent over, just like that," he said.

I froze at his request as he strode up beside me, placing his hands at my hips and turning my body to face the table. His heavy hand on my back forced me to lower myself flat onto the table. My hips were pushed hard up against the table's edge and my ass perfectly positioned for what was to come.

I looked back at him.

"What are you doing?"

"Relax," he said as his hands spread out wide along my back.

His touch was soft but firm, his fingers pushing deep into my shoulders blades, massaging and relieving a little of my apprehension. It was exactly what I needed after the exercise but I was still very conscious that my ass was cocked in his immediate direction. On more than one occasion I was sure I felt his cock lightly sweep against my bottom and I worried at how quickly it had grown in the short time I'd been bent over the table. The way I'd allowed him to manipulate me into this position must have been a real turn on for him.

His massaging continued and I began to groan softly as his fingers snuck underneath my top and pushed into my bare skin. I had no bra on under the crop top so he could push on all the way up without hindrance. Occasionally, he would draw right back, rocking the base of his hand into the small of my back and no doubt taking in a sizeable look of my ass in the same action.

During one of these seemingly innocent looks, his hands fell from my back and ran down the side of my hips. At first it felt pleasurable, an extension of his massaging, but uneasiness crept in as his right hand swept up the rear of my thigh and over the cusp of my tightly packed ass.

I broke from my relaxed state a second and looked back. James's eyes were fully concentrated on my revealing Lycra. His fingers rose quickly from my shorts and I saw his mouth part in eager anticipation just before he brought his hand sweeping down against my ass. I yelped out as the full force of his hit burned home, jumping up from the table, shocked by his touch but heightened by the feeling. I wanted to turn to him, to confront his bare tenacity, but his hand had already been readied again and came down quickly once more. As it struck me, I realised these were not the blows of a man who'd seen the odd blue movie now and again. These were strikes that shot eroticism through my hips and made my thighs ache for more, strikes of a man who'd done this before; always resulting in an impressive outcome.

Those first two strokes were all he gave before returning his hands to my back. He massaged his way up to my slightly raised shoulders and eased them back down onto the table top. I fell silent throughout all of this, timidly awaiting his next move. I remained both relaxed and nervous, scared that he was a BDSM maniac but praying to god his pinpoint strikes might resume at some point. And they did.

This time he favoured my left side, each time stroking the rear of my thigh before delivering striking hand to waiting ass. Every blow sent a now familiar erotic shockwave through my quivering legs and I began to whimper.

I reaped all of the benefits his spanking gave, tightening my rear as I waited for his next blow. My breathing became heavier and the tension building up inside between strikes caused me to squeal every time his palm met my bottom. It was still gentle, and the Lycra was helping to keep my sanity and erotic lust in check, but that wasn't to last a great deal longer.

When his spanking stopped I thought the ritual may be over, that he had masturbated himself and messed his shorts. I soon gathered it was only a temporary blip in his bigger plans for me as I was pulled just off the table and my once secure vest top ruggedly stripped from my body. My breasts sprung out immediately, nipples fully erect as James's massaging hands snaked their way around the front of my body and up to my chest. He cupped a breast in each, bristling with my nipples as he groped the soft tissue around them. His touch was firm and passionate. My hands instinctively reached back to grab a piece of his ass-cheeks, pulling his hips towards my body as I got a hold. The hardness of his cock was immediate against my ass, his erection barely being contained in the small shorts he wore. For the first time since all this started, James groaned out and released his grip on me, allowing my body to fall flat once more.

He began slowly grinding his solid cock against my shorts. His hands managed their way under my stomach to pull at the drawstrings of my Lycra bottoms. My crotch felt hot and he would no doubt see just how damp my grey underwear had become once my shorts were off. His fingers fiddled awkwardly at the strings and for the first time I ached for him to be quicker. After a moment of erotic pause, a quick tug at the neat bow I'd tied earlier made my waistband fall loose at the hips.

Once the ties were undone he took no time in peeling away the tight Lycra. My underwear was a simple, grey cotton thong which would do little to hide the excitement his spanking had brought me.

Before my shorts had even hit the floor, he was back at my ass. His hands squeezed hard against my bare cheeks and I felt my pussy had become fully wet.

I could sense him leaning back from me, admiring my buttocks as his hands groped them. His right leg slid between my feet and pushed outwardly against the inside of my ankle. I looked back at him and cautiously allowed my legs to move further apart. With their split, I allowed him to see much more than just my ass. James let out a gentle groan.

"Laura," he whispered, "you're so wet."

I could feel how damp my knickers were and could only imagine how the darkened patch around my pussy must look. James's fingers slipped from my ass-cheeks to underneath, where the wet material of my thong made him gasp once more. His touch was forceful. I thought my underwear might stop him from sinking his fingers all the way inside my pussy but he tried in any case, pushing hard against the weak thong until the material gave a little and I felt both my knickers and his finger creep inside. I groaned out at his erotic yet slightly embarrassing touch of my drenched undies. I thought he would continue this, pressing my underwear further inside my pussy until he broke past them for good, his fingers finally slipping deep up inside my hole. But James had other plans that he knew would bring me to climax much quicker.

After his fingers left my pussy, the next pleasure of his touch came when the first skin-to-skin spank hit and I burst out in a full groan of excitement. I had never been spanked in any way before today and now his masterful strokes at my bare ass stoked an uncontrollable lust burning inside me.

I lay there, hard up against the table, his one hand resting on my back as the other struck my naked cheeks, pampering and stroking my soft tingling flesh after every strike.

I imagined by the fourth or fifth hit just how red my ass must be starting to look. He struck again. It felt great to be hit with no mercy given, but I knew that feeling of lust may soon turn to pain and I wanted him to stop before he got carried away.

"James?" I asked as he struck down again. "James, stop for a min--"

His hand met my ass cheek before I could finish the sentence. I'd now lost count of how many times he'd hit me and I yelped out, not able to regain enough composure to speak before he managed to set himself again and another hit rained down on me.

"James, stop it." I begged, but the sound of hand against flesh muffled my plea.

"James," I tried, "Please stop--you're hurting me..." The next blow was the hardest yet and I screamed out as I lost control of the situation.

Every stroke, even the last, had been joyous. But I had never been in this situation and never thought I would be. His spanking hand had brought me to the verge of climax and I wanted it more than anything but his relentless passion to hit me was too much for me to take on board. Maybe that is why I began to weep after another hard blow struck me.

"James," I whimpered as tears shed from my eyes. "James," I pleaded as his striking became rampant, now taking shot after shot at each cheek in quick succession.

"James," I screamed for the last time, "fuck me!"

There was a pause in his spanking which I never thought would come. My ass stung from his firm handling, the skin raw and burning. His hands fell at my hips and I whimpered as I mourned over such a short break in his strikes. Instead, the break was purposeful and I felt the string of my thong being ripped away from my ass. As he pulled, I felt an inch of material flash through my pussy and then they were off. Underwear now gone and my pussy shown bare to him for the first time, I was once again merciless in his hands.

My head arched backwards from where I lay to catch a glimpse of him removing his shorts and then the eventual upspring of his cock as he stood back up. He was not over sized but I could measure exactly how turned on he was without needing to touch his cock; it was fully engorged at near breaking point. At that moment, touching him was exactly what I wanted to do. To turn on him by dropping on my knees, taking his solid penis in my mouth and running my teeth along its shaft so I could bring him some of the same erotic pain he'd just served me. And I would have done all of that if it had not been for the stealthy hand against my back forcing me down into the table once again.

I craved to suck on him. To test his girth at my lips and lubricate his otherwise dry cock before allowing him to enter my hole; but he was already on me. My ass still cocked in the air, his hands rose up and down my thighs, rubbing the glowing warm flesh of my ass. A stray finger finally plunged underneath to my crotch. I moaned as I felt him slip through the first inch of my lips. He groaned as his fingers finally got full access to my wetness. My legs parted further at his touch as I felt his hand slide all the way under and his fingers push ever onward. The tip of his finger teased my drenched lips, easily coaxing them to part as it passed along their length. His hand stopped as his fingers reached my clitoris, stroking at its erect state as I moaned at the touch. I reveled in his new found sensitivity as his fingers teased. The continuing buzz from my raw ass heightened every touch he made before his fingers dropped away, only to be quickly replaced by the tip of his boisterous cock.

I had never felt solidity like it. His bulbous head spread my pursed lips ready for the shaft that followed. His cock was brimming with lust and every inch he entered me felt as solid as any sex toy, only the un-lubricated friction of skin-on-skin made it far more sensual.

He moaned through every thrust he made into my soddened hole and I was sure it was going to be a quick session for him--by the hardness of his cock I could tell he had not emptied his tanks recently and was almost screaming as I squeezed my ass and lips tight around his entering shaft. What I wasn't expecting, was the speed at which I'd be brought to climax.

James withdrew his cock and when it re-entered he pushed on slower than before. The first spank I received with his shaft inside me set my pussy alight. My crotch lit, my ass tingled from his strike. He pulled from me as I yelped, but he quickly entered again. This time his cock felt electrified. The sting from his last hit remained at my ass as he drew his cock back and struck me again. I screamed and my pussy tightened. His next entry into me was long, slowed by the growing onset of his orgasm.

"James?" I whimpered back to him.

"Yes?" he asked as his cock slid backwards and my left ass-cheek shook at another of his smacks.

I cried out in both agony and pleasure.

"Spank me," I begged, His cock pumping twice more before the pop of another slap filled the room.

"I am," he replied.

"No," I pleaded, "harder!"

James needed little more encouragement and gladly obliged, his fingers whipping into the naked cheek of my ass that had now begun to sting. With every blow I felt the flesh of my ass ripple as his cock rhythmically slotted neatly into my over eager pussy. I could hear him nearing climax, his hand becoming stronger against my ass at my peril.

"Hit me!" I shouted through my growing moans of pain.

My ass buzzed constantly and my pussy began to ache from his cock. His hands groped my body in between strikes until he heard my hurtful whimpers become erotic moans of an impending orgasm.

Instantly his hand dropped around my waist and his fingers fell on my clitoris. His body leaned back from mine as his finger teased my engorged hot spot, his cock taking liberty at my pussy and his spare hand swooping down on my raw ass. His finger flicked hard against my erect clitoris at the same time his hand struck a perfect blow on the cusp of my ass. My legs tightened and my orgasm hit. I had felt it growing, felt it building inside my crotch but all of a sudden I came in an instant. I was overwhelmed and my legs buckled against the table top as I failed to control my climaxing pussy. James's cock continued and I screamed out as I felt it force its way through my quivering lips. He seemed to fill my every need but my pussy burned and wanted his cock to stop, to allow me to live my uncontrollable orgasm. Instead he continued. His moaning became louder but his hand was now back to striking me. The helplessness I felt earlier returned. The emotion of cumming whilst he struck me brought back the weeping. I whimpered against my kitchen table as his hand brought pain to my ass. The tears now fell as he forced himself upon me. My pussy livened through all of this, my orgasm never ceasing. He struck a blow which amplified everything I felt, I was sure I was climaxing again but I felt shameful for letting him continue and use me this way. Between my weak attempts to make him stop I felt my pussy tighten as the feeling of a second orgasm come flooding over me. I moaned and wept at the same time as he seemed to make me cum again.

As I pleaded for him to release his orgasmic hold on me, I felt the inevitable first pulse of James's cock peaking. Just in time, he pulled from my teeming pussy and I felt the full storage of his balls empty against my ass and back. I cried out one last time, both in pleasure and discontent. It was after his strikes had finished and his cock removed that I realised just how much being used by him had turned me on. I have never seemingly climaxed twice in such a short period and doubt I ever will again.

After we both drained every ounce of sexual pleasure from our relative orgasms, we dressed in silence and said pitiful goodbyes. In the weeks after, James reverted to his usual, quiet self and I was too embarrassed to offer any thanks in return for his master class of spanking sex. Our training was never quite the same and there was no talk of the day he made me weep through the longest orgasm of my life.






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