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It was just a simple dinner invitation but still, Rita was a little anxious on the drive to Lance's house. She knew that Lance's young friend, twenty-eight-year-old Nic, would be there but did not know exactly what to expect. Though she had never met him, she knew that Lance and Nic had a close relationship despite their age difference. They shared common interests in music and art. Each had a wicked sense of humor and had shared an endless stream of laughs when they worked as the sole males in a department of a female-dominated manufacturing company.

As she drove the familiar stretch of interstate, her mind drifted to what might lay ahead during this evening's activities, other than the promise of pizza and wine.

Since the two guys were such good buddies, she wondered if Lance had shared any of the photos or movies he had made featuring Rita. The thought made her suddenly tense up. These were sexy, intimate photos and one of the films featured Rita dancing nude. She pictured Nic watching her naked undulations on the computer screen as the film's sultry background music permeated Lance's darkened studio. Though she was twenty years older than Nic, she was fairly confident in the powers her taut, slim body and her fluid, erotic movements could have over men of almost any age.

The tenseness Rita felt slowly evolved into a tingle that traveled down her spine and settled in her nether region. The thought of the two men becoming aroused while watching her stark naked belly-dance excited her. Rita had to admit that a man as young as Nic having an interest in her was big turn-on. She imagined the men's slowly swelling members straining against the confines of their jeans as they gawked at her in the dimly lit room. She conceived the sound of unzipping of pants barely audible in the pulsating music. The vision of two figures in semi-darkness stroking thick, meaty shafts overwhelmed her conscious mind. Rita felt the car rock a bit as her two right tires breached the highway's shoulder. Suddenly she realized that her private sexual reverie had become a hazard to her safety. "Enough of this," she told herself steering the car back onto the road. Rita quickly replaced her dangerous thoughts with those of an innocent but pleasant dinner get-together.

As she pulled up in front of the house she saw Nic's car in the driveway and felt a little nervous anticipation of the unknown. Lance opened the door, hugged Rita and kissed her on the cheek. He introduced the two strangers. Rita was immediately attracted to Nic's boyish good looks and longish, curly hair. She tried reading his cherub face to determine whether he had seen her naked or not. Was it Nic's shyness or was it embarrassment that she read in his smile? She could not tell.

Rita appreciated Lance and Nic's easy-going interaction and humorous exchanges. She recognized the fact that here, she could be completely free to be the person she was. She felt good in the company of two men who knew themselves well and made no apologies for the differences between them and society's average Joe. Rita felt safe and warm. She laughed a lot and even consented to a glass of wine though she very rarely drank alcohol.

After dinner, the conversation drifted to music and the arts. The sun was now low in the sky creating a subdued light throughout the house. The stereo was playing an eclectic mix of songs with the only common thread being their sensuous mood. The music was intoxicating. Rita felt so good that she helped herself to a second glass of wine. Lance quoted Robert Motherwell: "Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it."

Nic spoke of the love he had for the music of his favorite composer, Chopin. There was general agreement among the three that through art and beauty the world could possibly be changed for the better.

"I wish I could sing or play an instrument like you two," Rita lamented.

"But you ARE an artist," Lance replied.

"How am I an artist?" Rita asked.

"You're a writer, aren't you? Writing is an art the same as music or painting. When you write you are painting with words," Lance pronounced.

"I suppose," Rita conceded.

"And don't forget your dancing," he added quickly. Rita felt her face flush but smiled shyly.

Nic asked, "What kind of dancing do you do?"

"Oh, I don't really."

"Oh man," Lance said turning to Nic, "Her dancing is great and one of the most erotic things I've ever seen." Rita felt her face turn a deeper red.

Nic piped up, "Cool! Can you give us a sample?"

"Yes, please!" Lance added.

After an obligatory amount of back and forth pleading and resistance, Rita finally submitted, "Okay, but just a short one."

Lance lowered the lights to a soft glow and lit some candles. The CD he had put together for just such a performance was easily located as Rita slipped off her shoes. The music started slow and low. The beat was perfect for swaying hips. Rita started. At first she moved her midsection in tiny, steady circles. Gradually she gained more confidence and began to feel the music's magic. As she danced she glanced up at Lance and Nic and was flattered by their obvious appreciative attention. A couple of minutes into the dance Rita was suddenly seized by the moment. She caught the elastic of her pants and boldly pulled them off in one fluid motion as she continued the dance in her panties. This was much better. With her hips fully visible, the artistry of her movements was infinitely more obvious. The faint outline of Rita's fluffy bush was visible through her thin, threadbare underpants and a few wisps of curly blond hair escaped from each leg hole. Lance couldn't pry his eyes away. He softly moaned, "Mmmm..."

Nic said, "Wow, she IS good!"

Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the pleasant ambience but Rita decided then and there that she would give the boys a performance they would never forget. Soon, the rest of her clothes began to join her pants on the floor as she peeled off each item slowly, the actions becoming an integral part of the dance. The music swelled and her liquid movements blended with, and became the music. Rita's skin glowed in the flickering candle light. Her shapely limbs seemed to hover and flow effortlessly in the ether as the hypnotic sounds pulsed relentlessly. Hardly believing it herself, she was now dancing for two men, totally naked. Lance leaned back, suddenly feeling the need to re-adjust his swelling member.

Nic quipped, "I'm as hard as a hundred dollars worth of jawbreakers!"

Rita glanced down and saw that the boys were each sporting a "tent" in their laps. Their obvious arousal in turn caused a wave of warm excitement that encompassed her entire being. She became aware of an increasing wetness between her legs until she was afraid that she might actually start dripping.

The mood in the room intensified as did Rita's rhythmic undulations, building passions to a bursting point. Something had to give. Rita danced her way over to Lance who was sitting on the couch while trying to resist the temptation to rub himself. He reached out to grab Rita's hips but she playfully swatted his hands away. Lance placed his palms on the couch at his sides as Rita climbed onto his lap. She placed her hands on the back of the couch and began working her moist bush over his straining bulge. Lance's breathing became heavier. He ogled her pert, perfect breasts now close up. Rita rose up to put a nipple in his waiting mouth. She grabbed the back of his head and jammed his face into her bosom. Lance took the opportunity of her upright position to unzip his pants and pull out his fully erect penis. Rita lowered herself back down to continue her grinding. Her wet slit slid pleasurably against the underside of Lance's cock. She began stroking it with her sopping cunt, working it gracefully back and forth to the rhythm of the music.

Then, unexpectedly to both, Lance slipped inside. Rita let out a low "Oh" as Lance's meat glided swiftly and smoothly all the way in. She could not stop herself now and began thrusting her midsection. Again and again, she guided her hips in ways that caused Lance's pole to stir her viscera until the friction kindled a raging fire of desire within the two. Lance drank in the sight of Rita's flowing hair and luscious lips. His mouth wandered over her firm breasts and stopped at one of her hardened nipples. He sucked it in and flicked it with his moist tongue.

Gradually she became aware of Nic's presence in the room. The exhibitionistic aspect of the whole scenario brought a new level of eroticism to Rita's consciousness. She looked deeply into Nic's eyes, flashed a sly little smile and continued to proudly pump away on Lance. She noticed that Nic was also breathing heavily and that the candles had highlighted a tiny drop of saliva in the corner of his mouth. She motioned for him to come over to the couch. He hesitantly sat down by the two as she humped away on Lance's lap. Rita had never been known for boldness but now, suddenly brimming with new confidence, she leaned over and pressed her slightly open mouth firmly against the young man's lips. She came immediately. She had to grasp Nic's head firmly with both hands in order to avoid breaking the bond with him as her entire body quaked uncontrollably in a great orgasmic spasm. "Oh god," she moaned as their lips parted, her pelvis slowing as the last tremors diminished.

For a moment or two, Rita knelt motionless on Lance's lap with his shaft still throbbing deeply inside her. Realizing she was still extremely turned on, Rita caught her second wind. Taking Nic's hand, she placed it on her breast. He massaged them lovingly and gently kneaded one of the little eraser tips between his thumb and forefinger. Lance began twisting and grinding under Rita's weight, forcing his cock to make small circles in her slippery canal. Rita's hand groped its way down from Nic's chest to his pants to liberate his member. Upon arrival, she was pleasantly surprised to find that it was already out. She touched it very lightly at first, her fingers merely grazing its length. She sensed Nic stiffen with excitement and then shudder when Rita's small soft hand slowly closed around his dick. At first her hand stayed motionless, letting the tension build. Then ever so gradually, she started stroking it gently. Nic moaned and appeared to be on the verge of ejaculating but managed to hold back. Rita quickened her strokes. Watching her skillfully handle his friend's meat titillated Lance to the boiling point until he had to resort to doing multiplication tables in his head to prevent a premature explosion of cum.

Rita raised herself up and off of Lance's lap. There was an audible slurping sound as his penis popped from the grip of her lower lips. Lance told her to lie on the couch with her head on Nic's lap. She obliged, Nic's hot organ now pulsating against her cheek. From her vantage point, it was as if a great flesh monolith towered over her. Lance positioned himself between Rita's legs and slowly worked his tongue up her inner thigh. With his face closing in on her bush, he smelled her sweet, musky garden and felt its soft shrubbery drenched by love juices. Rita could not resist turning her head to the side and kissing the underside of Nic's cock as she held it tenderly in her hand. Nic was entranced.

Meanwhile, Lance had discovered Rita's clit and started licking it softly. She let out what could only be described as a muted scream. Reflexively she grabbed the back of his head with her free hand and pulled Lance's face hard into her crotch. The moment his nose squished against her clit, Rita came again. Her midsection bucked violently. She let go of Nic's cock and placed both hands behind Lance's head to hold his face tightly between her legs. Her tremendous orgasm seemed to go on forever. Just as Lance started thinking he may die of vagina suffocation, Rita eased her grip and the spasms slowly dwindled. She sank back into Nic's lap huffing like she had just run the 100 yard dash. She could only utter a "wow" between breaths as Lance wiped the fluids from his face onto his t-shirt sleeve.

After a minute or two of rest, Rita started caressing Nic's erection again. She kissed it sweetly and got up from the couch, taking Nic by the hand to the middle of the room. "Lie down on the floor," she said. Nic lay down on the carpet still fully clothed except for "little Nic" bobbing happily on the outside of his pants. Rita got down, a knee on either side and massaged 'Nic junior' with both hands. Lance lay on the couch propped up by a couple of pillows and prepared to watch the show.

Rita let a long string of saliva ooze from her lips and descend onto Nic's cock. She rubbed it over the head and shaft making it glisten in the candle light. Her hand glided up and down the slippery shaft as if she were polishing a miniature porpoise. Just when it appeared that Nic was on the brink of exploding hot jism she let go. Rita got up on her haunches and positioned herself over Nic's awaiting love muscle. She guided him to the entrance of her slit and moved her ass down slightly and stopped.

"Just the tip," she whispered. Nic was in agony and placed his hands on her hips to pull her the rest of the way down but Rita held firm and repeated, "Just the tip." He twisted and tried to pump but Rita managed to hold him down to maintain the perfect distance between them as to keep Nic's little head stranded at her entrance.

"Pleeeease," Nic pleaded.

"No," Rita insisted, "you're in far enough." She looked over to Lance on the couch and saw that he was enjoying the act immensely, judging by the way he had hold of himself. When Rita felt Nic had finally suffered enough, she lowered her body excruciatingly slow until he was fully inside.

Nic groaned, "Oh yeah," as her body started rocking, grinding and thrusting.

Lance admired the smooth, graceful lines of Rita's body. It was a body that could easily belong to a woman half her age. He loved the way her ass moved when she was on top. It was as if her midsection worked independently from the rest of her body. It rippled and undulated as the rest of her anatomy remained stationary--like that of a belly dancer.

If watching Rita plunder a young friend that she met only hours earlier seemed a bit perverse, it nonetheless excited Lance into a frenzy of mixed emotions. He couldn't help stroke his meat observing the two fuck like wild animals in heat. He had to stop occasionally, getting dangerously close to shooting his load too soon.

Lance was beginning to feel neglected and approached the pair. He placed his nose in Rita's hair and simultaneously ran his fingers through it. He drank in her scent--shampoo mixed with the essence of sex. He cupped her breasts, lingering over nipples made hard from desire. He ran his hands gently down her shoulders and along her sides and stopped at her tiny waist. He placed one palm on her stomach and the other on her back as she continued pumping steadily. He could feel her muscles tensing and releasing as she guided her pussy up and down the length of Nic's cock.

Lance could not contain his own hunger any longer. He disappeared from the room briefly and came back with a small container. He removed his pants and underwear and knelt down behind Rita. She felt a hand fondle her ass briefly, then felt a finger laden with thick lubricant graze her other orifice. Rita was startled a bit at first and then intrigued. She slowed her movements and let Lance apply more of the greasy substance to her hole. He slowly kneaded the opening with his middle finger. After a few moments, Rita relaxed her sphincter enough to allow the finger to penetrate. Slowly, very slowly, Lance worked his finger inside. It was only about a half inch in when he pulled it back out to apply more lube to the loosened opening. He put his finger back in. It slowly disappeared into Rita's ass. Rita moaned as Nic started thrusting again from below. Lance thought he could feel Nic's cock sliding in and out through the membrane between Rita's ass and pussy.

Soon Lance's finger was plunging in sync with Nic's thrusts. Eventually Rita's sphincter relaxed fully and Lance was able to insert two fingers. Before long, Lance was lubing his meat and positioning it at Rita's back door. Lance guided Rita's hips with one hand and his cock with the other. With a little bit of pressure the head popped in.

"Oh gawd!" Rita gasped. Lance held himself very still at this point though he was aching to drive it home. Afraid he may be hurting her, Lance was stunned when Rita reached behind, grabbed his ass, and pulled him the rest of the way inside.

Rita whimpered in ecstasy with every stroke as the two stout shafts plunged the depths of her insides. Lance could definitely feel Nic's cock moving on the other side of the thin skin layer that separated Rita's two cavities. Sometimes Lance pumped in unison with Nic and sometimes he pushed on Nic's pull stroke. Like pistons in an engine, they pummeled and pounded, driving Rita ever closer to another climax. She was more vocal tonight than Lance had ever heard her during lovemaking. She emitted no words--only the guttural sounds of someone in either intense pain or extraordinary pleasure. Lance wondered what it was like to be filled so completely. Whether it was the thrill of having two men ravage her or the taboo of it all, Rita's passions were turned on full.

Lance loved Rita for her eccentricities, the straightforward way in which she looked at the world and of course her sexual adventurousness. He reveled in her wavy blond hair, full lips, shapely thighs, beautiful body and the deft manner in which she used it. He assumed that on solitary evenings Rita would conjure up gratifying memories of tonight's reverie. Lance knew that he certainly would.

"I'm going to cum!" Rita announced between pants.

"Wait!" Lance stopped her. "Are you ready to cum Nic?"

"Oh man, am I!" he answered.

"Okay, everybody cums on the count of three," Lance breathed heavily. "Ready? ...One ...Two..."






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