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The Diary Of Laura Mead

Laura Mead

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Entry 1: Room with a view

First time multi partner sex, general erotica, slight dom/spanking, male-female-male



Yes it was completely unplanned, but isn't that always the case when it comes to some of the best sex of your life? They, Greg and Ryan, were actually two guys from my dorm. We'd hung out a few times before 'the night'--as it's now affectionately known amongst my girlfriends--but it had usually been at bars downtown or parties across campus where it was a little easier to get liquor.

Until that night I was an equal in their eyes, drinking Bud, watching the football (I had my reasons) and generally hanging with the guys. Not that I was a Tomboy or anything like, far from it; I was young, a little green when it came to sex--my only great sexual experience thus far had been an attempt to take Tommy Ulsheart's well renowned "would you like that supersized?" penis (see next diary entry), which I failed in the pussy department but passed with flying colors orally--and still dressing in clothes that appeared to be sourced from a country church store; which they were.

Back then my hair fell naturally beyond my shoulders, I was a brunette and my deep brown eyes matched; only my eye color remains nowadays. Although I'd always had an ample c-cup, my breasts were never a prominent feature. I could hide them well if I needed to, pulling them up, flat against my chest with the aid of decent undergarment; though I didn't always shy away from fun. Vest tops were a special treat for the boys on campus, my tight bosoms, pert and mesmerizing, jostling for room in my top as I strode on by.

And that was my college life in that first semester, playing the innocent and gullible country girl. That was until my virtuous views of sex were changed over the course of an evening.


We were hanging around my room, me and the two guys. It was late and we were already in our nightwear as the evening hadn't quite gone to plan; bars were meticulous in checking ID's around the dorms and on this night we'd failed to convince them we were of age. Greg had left to go get some more liquor from across the hall even though we had all clearly had enough. Being young and inexperienced meant a bottle of tequila between three was plenty, and boy was I feeling that!

Almost as soon as Greg had gone, Ryan began stoking the fires of casual courtship. These days I'd have spotted "the big come one" easily, back then I was inoffensively overwhelmed and charmed by his attention, his comments on how pretty my eyes were and how they glistened when I smiled--give me a break - and my hair, how well it complimented the features of my face.

I giggled through all of this, turning a slightly darker shade of pink at every compliment passed and finally hitting full red by the time his hand reached across to stroke my brunette locks.

His slightly quivering fingers brought my hair forward to fall flat across my chest. He stroked down, his hands coyly brushing over my nightwear - which was a vest top, of all things--using the hair-stroking as a defense for his hands touching my body. I remember looking down as his hand passed over my chest the third or fourth time, him quickly withdrawing it, sure that I'd caught on to his little game of touch. He was put about, unsure what to do at first. But when I looked back up to him he simply opted to go straight for the kiss.

He was all over me the moment I kissed back. His tongue danced around mine, his hands swept across my chest--this time dropping the whole hair stroking act--and cupped my bosoms. I felt his boyish hands pulling at my shoulder straps as they tried to gain access to my vest, eventually working enough of it free to enable them to rummage down and squeeze the supple, naked flesh of my right breast. It was all so frantic, but somehow all very erotic.

My hands jumped between the back of his head and the back of his wide shoulders. His hands jumped between the breast on my left and the breast on my right. At times I felt he was kneading my chest into an oven bottom loaf, but whatever he was up to, it was certainly working for him. It soon became apparent it was working for me also.


By the time I felt his hand snaking its way down my stomach, his visa to enter my pajama shorts had already been granted based solely on his kneading technique and the fact that my nipples were fully erect. As we kissed - erratically more than passionately - I became hypnotized on watching his cock grow in his shorts. I stared at it, amazed by how rapidly it had gone from bulge to breaking point.

When his hand finally entered my pants, I marveled at how his cock had risen hard against the confines of the underwear. I felt for sure it was going to burst the buttons clean off. It didn't, but it did see the resemblance of a helpless, trapped animal squirming to escape, jumping evermore as his hand sunk further into my pants and past my pubic hair.

I almost felt sorry for it (something I've not felt for a man's penis since), crying out to be released as his fingers slipped along the length of my lips and boisterously forced themselves inside my pussy. I moaned at his rough touch, more in shock than anything, though I knew as he touched my wet pussy that his moans were truly lustful.

As rugged as his touch was, it also felt so damned good. Having a guy's hand inside my underwear, his fingers coercing my lips to allow him inside, was becoming visibly erotic through my actions. I wanted to let him play, let him have his fix and cum quickly before Greg came back; so I let him romp. Allowed his fingers free reign in my shorts and vest top, but his cock looked too cramped and, dare I even think it, too inviting to pass up a helping hand.

I had to do something about it, and quickly. My mind raced but I was soon dragging his hand out of my pants. His resistance was forceful at first, knocking my hand away as I tried to oust his fingers. He simply carried on fingering as I tried in vain to stop him. But his mood soon changed as I reached over and groped at his wanting bulge.

The break it gave me was enough to straighten my shorts and begin slipping from the couch. My hands wandered up his thighs and had their first real touch of his semi erect penis before continuing up to his waistband and taking his shorts with me as I slid myself down to the floor.


Like I said, his cock looked so inviting, even more so now that it was out. I kissed his head a couple of times and he removed his top. Let me just say, for the record, that he was well built, even for a college student! I'd had just about enough experience sucking Tommy Ulsheart back home to kind of know what I was doing, but Ryan was a lot smaller. I'm not saying he was small, I'm just saying he wasn't as big. On a scale of all the cocks I've seen over my lifetime, I'd put him down as average length, thicker girth.

In my youthful exuberance I dropped straight onto it. Slowly sucking back and forth, that's all I'd learned so for. Suck his head, swallow more of him and tighten your lips as you draw back up his shaft. It had made Tommy spray his cum over his father's wood shed and I was hoping it would work for Ryan too - was pleasing boys always going to be this easy? I guess, for the majority, I learned it was.

So, there we were. Me sucking on his smooth, youthful cock, him moaning out, loud; I guess my earlier training from Tommy was beginning to pay off.

That was until Greg walked through the door.


I was too caught up in the moment at first, hearing Ryan's moans and feeling the flick of his cock as I lapped at its head had me in wonderland. I gave Greg a brief glance but all the while kept on sucking. I was either going crazy or getting a little high on the sexual exposure. Judging by the dampness creeping at my underwear, I plumbed for the latter.

Not long after Greg had walked back in the room I heard the jangle of liquor against the kitchen side. In my dreamy sex world at the foot of Ryan's cock I could hear closing footsteps that seemed to take an age to arrive. When they did, I felt a pair of hands plant firmly against my butt; Greg had come to play.

That touch was the first in my life to ever make me explode in pure animalism. He was nowhere near my pussy - not yet anyway - but his touch immediately got me ravishing. I came off Ryan as Greg's hands rubbed up and down my ass. He pulled at the material around my legs, dragging it upward and revealing my ass. He duly groped at the ousted cheeks giving my right one somewhat of a spank that sent shockwaves penetrating through to my already electrified pussy. I cried out as he did it once more, continuing to pull at my shorts so he could get a better hand on me. For a split second I thought he was going to continue pulling the material until it split me in two. I could already feel it drawing its way through my pussy lips as he slapped my cheek the hardest yet. I screamed, and that's when I turned to him.


His shorts resembled that of Ryan's earlier. A bulging cock, attempting to free itself, pushed hard against his linen pants, the outline of its shaft already whetting my appetite. My ass stung a little from his spanks, but looking back, it was a mixture of both amorous need and sheer craziness that made me continue, the need to have both of their cocks at that moment seemed unreal.

I literally threw Greg down on the couch next to Ryan and ripped his shorts clean from the waist. His cock sprung into the air and I immediately noticed the difference in sizes. He was no Tommy Python, but definitely longer than Ryan all the same.

So there they were, two guys I had known for what, half a semester, both naked on my couch and me, little innocent country girl who had very little to show on her sexual CV but who now had the chance to expand it greatly.

I couldn't think of anything better to do at the time, so simply took to sucking them both in turn in the only way I'd learnt how. I felt not a million miles away from one of the girl's in the videos my brother and his mate's used to watch back when our parents worked nights - a diary entry best saved for another time--on my knees and sucking away at two men. A girlfriend later asked me what it was like to have them both. My reply was simple, "So very, very sexual. They loved it, and I was in penis heaven!"

I sucked Ryan and jerked Greg, switching back and forth between the two. On Ryan I could drop onto his shaft and absorb everything I could, like I was going for a world record in Popsicle sucking. On Greg, however, his larger girth made my mouth stretch and my shorts dampen further. I felt more of his strong cock between my lips, how rugged and solid it was. Pulling over the ridge of his head was mind blowing. I loved the feeling of my mouth around it, and hearing him cry out every time I passed from hard shaft to shiny head.

When I was on him, I was more than aware that my hand stopped jerking Ryan out of an inability to concentrate on the two things at once. When I sucked Ryan, it was hard not to want to feel the thick strength of Greg's cock passing through my fingers, so he got the best of both worlds.

At times, I caught Ryan watching me on his friend's cock. As much as he liked me being on his, seeing me struggle with Greg seemed to be a big turn for him. He would often masturbate himself and run his hand through my hair, forcing my head down to take in more of his larger friend. When I returned to him, his masturbating hand remained and I sucked only on the shaft and head that remained above his fingers.

They both soon became engulfed in a desire to give something back. I could tell they wanted more of me, Greg to touch my ass, lightly spanking as he yanked at my shorts and Ryan, to make bread with my breasts and make my nipples rise. It was like I had activated a 'No going back' switch and I knew straight away I'd pushed them too far to stop.


Whomever I was sucking on pulled my head from his cock, dragging on my hair until I surrendered. Ryan. It was Ryan who took me first. He was up and behind me in a shot.

My shorts were a little loose fitting after Greg's earlier upheaval and were no match in slowing Ryan from getting what he was after. I could feel his hands pulling at them, not up my crotch as Greg had, but to one side. At the time I was relieved not to be being hauled in two but didn't understand his objective. I'd always been naked for sex up until this point, but when I felt the tip of his cock pressing in to my pussy I quickly learned that you can screw quite well enough still in your underwear.

It was a shock at first. My hand immediately dropped down to try and stop his entry into me, to please him in any other way I could but I was already fighting a losing battle against his cock and my fully lubricated pussy. I tried to delay him. I could barely suck on Greg now as I tried many a fruitless attempt not to be taken at will; taken, in fact, for only the fourth time in my life.

As Ryan pressed on and my hand relented, I moaned my way back onto Greg's cock in an attempt to occupy my thoughts. Ryan got the better of my fingers just as I passed from Greg's head to his shaft. In one swift motion, a cock broke its way inside my pussy, only halting its single thrust when Ryan's balls stopped him pushing any further. Thank God for testicles.

My legs tightened at having him enter me, he screamed louder as my pussy constricted around his cock and he eventually withdrew, fully, whimpering all the way back out of me. In an instant I was clamping down on Greg's cock, squeezing my inhibitions out through my unyielding mouth. He yelped as I drew back up his shaft but I missed the final passage onto his head as Ryan entered my pussy once more causing me to come clean off Greg's cock.

This is how we continued for what seemed forever. After a while of erratic screwing, mainly involving Ryan taking pot shots at my pussy in random bursts, his cock was suddenly gone. Immediately I felt his hands at my waist, picking me up and moving me out of position. My pussy burned from the relentless barrage of his cock but all the same, I craved more.

A short course in sexual position puppetry on Ryan's part and I was soon maneuvered straddling Greg on the couch - they'd obviously been watching the same videos as my brother and said friends.

Now in position, I felt them dragging down on my hips. Greg's cock tried its best in parting my barely fucked lips whilst Ryan's hands rose from my thighs to grapple at my chest. All at once I felt Tommy Ulsheart at me again, his larger than life cock trying to force its way into my tighter than tight pussy. But I was wetter now and had been broken by Ryan once already tonight.

Both of their hands felt magical as I resided to being manhandled by Greg who was coaxing me down. He was eager to have my ass resting atop of his thighs with his cock buried deep inside me. He pulled on my hips, the full force of his impending orgasm driving him on. My legs were effeminate, no match for the strength of his arms and I eventually succumbed, losing my battle to take his cock slowly and instead sitting down fully on him.

He slid in with greater force than I expected and straight away I knew I'd been entered. My lips felt like they'd taken as much girth as they could handle and I felt full to my stomach inside. The feeling was beyond magical. I was ecstatic.

Greg's cock, in the most part, remained inside me as I rocked steadily back and forth feeling the tip of his large head pressing way up inside me. Ryan, at times, mauled my ass, pulling my body and dragging my pussy up along Greg's shaft before letting me sink back down, all the time watching me struggle to take a cock I wasn't yet ready for.

My vest top was soon off and both boys were astounded by my breasts, their grand cup and how they held fast, high and tight against my chest as I squirmed away on Greg's cock. His mouth fell onto them as soon as my hands were free of my top and back on his shoulders, his lips suckling my nipple until I cried out at him to stop. He obeyed, for the moment, then simply switched to the other and continued his nibbling.

Ryan's hands were at my ass constantly, clamping tight around my buttocks and controlling my lifts and drops. I could hear him masturbating frivolously as he watched me fuck Greg, stopping ever more often now to draw a relaxing breath. Each time I was sure the next breath would bring hot cum splashing against my back as he took himself a step too far; I had to wait a little longer for that to happen.


At some point I was spun around, still riding Greg on the couch but facing away from him now. I loved it like this, and still do. I was helpless. They controlled everything as they used my body to bring on the orgasms. At that time though, I didn't bank on me being the first.

As Greg's hips undulated quickly beneath me, Ryan dropped to his knees and began lapping at my clitoris. His tongue was the final straw, pushing hard against my already eroticized and erect clit whilst Greg filled me inside.

Greg's hands clamped down hard on my breasts as I rode through their erotic touches. Ryan's fingers parted my upper lips to reveal more of my clitoris. He licked me, sucked me and wasn't going to stop even as I screamed for him to let me relax and hold my orgasm. Greg heard my cries and responded, drawing out further now so he could get longer strokes at me. They were relentless as my orgasm took hold.

I came just as Greg reached breaking point himself, pulling his cock from my pussy. Ryan's tongue was gone and Greg's fingers took over. The sudden feeling of emptiness inside me made my orgasm hit and I writhed as Greg tried to prolong it, his one hand masturbating his own cock whilst the other agonizingly tossed my clitoris. Fingers were everywhere and I soon lost all control as I screamed at his touch, my pussy overwhelmed and my legs shaking. Warm cum from his cock began spurting into the air as he brought his cock to climax, splashing across my body. The only reprieve was that his hands had now dropped away from my pussy.


After Greg came, my thoughts turned to Ryan, who's cock still stood erect and proud unlike Greg's which had now begun to loosen. As Ryan grabbed for my body I didn't think I could take anymore. My legs quivered as I stood but I doubted he would take long in any case so I let him lead me from the couch... How wrong I was.

He entered me whilst Greg watched on, taking me over the table and against the kitchen top before returning to Greg on the couch. As we fucked, Greg gladly played with my body once more, a slight shoot of an erection creeping back on his cock. All the time my pussy burned from my earlier orgasm, though Ryan wasn't big enough to bring me anywhere near to it again.

He came soon after we moved to be against the dorm window. There were people down in the gardens walking by under the lamp lit paths as he screwed me for all to see. He held me there, bent over, fucking me from behind as I grappled onto the window frame trying to gain some kind of stance against his relentless pounding.

I began moaning as his cock struck my pussy over and over. Across the dorm yard I saw a couple of guys on their balcony looking across and moaned out louder. I thought he was getting close, but he continued taking strokes at me, his cock slowly withdrawing before quickly plunging in.

My body was being used and I allowed him to have it, praying that his climax was close. Even as he began lightly tapping my ass, as Greg had done before him, I simply hung out for his cock to orgasm.

I looked up, eyes wide open, after one particularly hard smack of my ass. The two guys across the yard looked as though they were squinting to see what was going on at my window. To this day I am unsure if they saw what we were doing. Ryan was too quick to whip his cock from me before I could find out, holding his shaft firm up against the crack of my ass as he began to release his cum. I felt every pump of his cock and every inevitable splash that followed. I wept out as he screamed behind me and my back was covered in his glue.


I never fucked Ryan after that, but Greg had his moments. I liked the fullness his cock brought and even when I did date a guy, Greg often coaxed me into sleeping with him all the same. That, as they say, is another story and it's too late for me to write it now. Maybe in my next diary entry, after I've told you about Tommy Ulsheart.






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