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Chris moved carefully and quietly through the darkness, around the edge of the dune fence that separated the small bungalow from the beach house he had been sharing with his friends. It had been a great vacation by the shore, and now that his buddies were gone he was feeling restless. The summer was winding down, and he had a few days left to himself, alone. The partying was over, and he was horny...

He had spotted the two girls when they had moved in a month ago--a cute, slim brunette with curly hair, and a blonde. They were both pretty, but it was the blonde who had invaded his thoughts and fantasies for the past month. She was incredibly beautiful and exciting--long legs, full hips, and large firm breasts that made his fingers flex involuntarily whenever he saw her, as he imagined caressing and squeezing them. She had deep blue eyes and full, sensuous lips that always seemed to be curled in a mocking smile. He had only spoken to her once or twice on the beach, just to say hello, but each time had left him weak and breathless. Her eyes were piercing and ironic, they penetrated and took his measure, they delved and found his lust and stirred it.

He was behind the house now, in total darkness save for the light that fell from the windows onto the sand and scrub grass. As he had guessed, the window in the middle was the bathroom. His heart leapt when he heard the sound of running water--someone was taking a shower. He hurried forward and crouched down under the window. It was open, and the shade was down only half way. Cautiously, he rose and ventured a peek through the screen...

He hadn't been the only one to notice the two girls. They weren't on the beach very often, but when they were he noticed that there were always men walking by their towels, men with obvious erections bulging in their swimming trunks. And no wonder! Both girls wore the most tantalizing bikinis that barely covered their breasts and clung revealingly between their legs, and always seemed on the verge of falling off. They often took turns spreading lotion on one another, each girl lying on her stomach with her top undone while her friend slowly caressed her back with lotion'd hands. When the blonde lay this way, her ample breasts swelled to the sides, and her friend made sure to include them as her hands passed down her body from shoulders to ankles, lingering to caress her flawless buttocks. When she would sit up, she held the bikini top cupped to her breasts, as her friend refastened it behind her back. Chris was maddened by these scenes of erotic tease, and became consumed with an overwhelming desire to see her completely nude.

Now, with his friends gone, his need to see the blonde temptress next door undressed became irresistible. So tonight, after one beer too many, he decided to give in to temptation and play the peeping tom.

The bathroom was small, and the shower was only about four feet from the window. It had a semi-transparent sliding glass door of the sort that allowed light to pass through, but distorted the view so that you could almost, but not quite, see what was on the other side. But what Chris saw was enough to make his cock spring to attention--it was the blonde who was in the shower; the color of her hair was unmistakable, and he could see the vague outlines of her voluptuous figure through the distorting glass as she lifted her arms and turned back and forth under the shower, washing her hair. At times she came very close to the translucent door, and he was able to make out the size and shape of her mouth-watering breasts, so high, so full, her nipples not quite discernible through the maddening distortion of the door. When she turned to the side he could see in profile a suggestion of the magnificent ass that he had drooled over so many times on the beach. The more he watched the more tantalized and frustrated he became. He pushed down his shorts and began to stroke his excited cock in anticipation of seeing her step out of the shower. Ohhh, he needed this so much!

Inside, the girl turned off the faucets and squeezed the water out of her hair for a few moments. She looked down at herself and caressed her breasts, proud of the body she took such good care of, and which she knew excited men so much. She smiled, thinking of the teasing she and Lara had subjected the men on the beach to. She enjoyed doing that; she enjoyed it a lot. Sliding the shower door to the side, she stepped out and reached for a towel.

When Chris heard the water stop, he quickly got closer to the window, his penis in his hand. He looked furtively to the side, to make sure no one had noticed him at the back of the house, peeking through the window. When he looked back, he found himself looking straight into the eyes of the blonde as she stood holding a towel in front of her.

"Son of a bitch! You bastard!" she screamed at him, as he dropped to the ground and scurried along the edge of the house, then back into the dunes, into the darkness.

"Oh shit!" he muttered to himself. "I don't fucking believe this! Caught, I got mother-fucking caught! What the fuck am I going to do now?"

He hid in the dunes, trying to figure out what to do next. He listened for signs of commotion, for screaming or yelling. He didn't know what he'd do if he heard sirens or saw flashing police lights!

After a while he crept back to his own house. Everything was quiet. "Huh!" he muttered aloud. "Did she just blow it off? God, I hope so! She prob'ly didn't recognize me anyways, she couldn't a seen who it was through the screen. That was close. Shit!"

He had another beer to calm himself down, and went to bed. For a long time he lay masturbating to the vision of the little bit he had been able to see, and the teasing images from the beach. "Ohhh my god, those tits..."


* * * * *


He awoke late the next morning. In view of what had happened the night before, he decided to lay low for the day. He stuck around until he saw the girls next door head for the beach, and then he drove into town and spent the day there. He took in a movie, and then went home after a late dinner. It was dark next door when he arrived. He went inside and turned in right away.

About mid-morning the next day he became aware of voices and activity outside the house. He went to the window and looked out furtively.

The two girls from next door were getting into their car. The roof rack was piled high with their belongings, and they were waving good-bye to some other girls who were walking up the road on their way to the beach. The car backed out of the driveway, and set off down the road towards the highway.

As he watched the car disappear, Chris felt a vague disappointment. He was glad that nothing had come of the peeping-tom incident, but he was also still filled with an aching desire for that tantalizing blonde. He rushed to the door and opened it, hoping to get another glimpse of her as she left.

As he opened the screen door, something that had been leaning against it fell to the side. Stepping outside, he saw that it was a small package wrapped in brown paper. The package bore the inscription "Hi, Neighbor!" in pencil.

Puzzled, he brought the package inside and opened it. It was an unmarked video tape. He ran to the door and looked out--no one was there, and the car carrying the girls was gone. He went back inside, and took the tape into the living room and put it in the VCR. Intensely curious, he settled back to watch.

When the initial static had ended and the picture burst into view, his jaw dropped--it was the blonde! She was standing barefoot in what was probably the living room next door, wearing a very short, loose denim skirt and a white short-sleeved blouse. Red hair-ties gathered her hair into two ponytails, making her look very young. She was sucking on a lollipop.

"Hi! I'm Anita, your next door neighbor--but, then, you probably recognize me, don't you?" She smiled suggestively, and gave the lollipop a lick. "I'm making this tape because I'm, well, because I'm sorry that I sort of over-reacted the other night; you really startled me, guy! I don't usually act like such a scaredy, screechy girl."

As she spoke, she causally unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. She smiled and pursed her lips around the red lollipop, moving it in and out of her mouth a couple of times, all the while looking straight into the camera. Chris gulped. "So much for her not knowing who I was!" he commented to himself. At the same time, he felt a stirring between his legs.

"Anyway, Lara and I decided to say Hi in this tape, to let you know there are no hard feelings. You know Lara, right? She's my housemate--and now she's my camera girl! Come here, camera girl, and say hello!"

Anita walked forward and reached out, and the picture got jumbled and out of focus for a second as she took the camera. Then there was the other girl, the curly-haired brunette, waving at the camera. She was now holding the lollipop, trying to decide what to do with it.

"There's Lara! Wave, Lara! Say hi to 'Guy'--he likes looking at sexy little sluts!" Lara crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. Then she reached forward and took the camera back. When the picture settled down, there was Anita again.

"Lara, you're such a goofball! Isn't she a goofball? It's so much fun making home movies with her--she really brings out my good side..." As she said this she turned her back and stuck out her shapely ass provocatively, looking back over her shoulder with her hands on her hips. Then she turned front again and posed with her arms raised, clasping the back of her head. She turned in profile and stuck out her chest, emphasizing the size and contours of her large, high breasts. The camera shook, and Lara could be heard giggling. Anita broke out in a fit of laughter, covering her mouth to suppress her giggles. When she recovered her composure, she undid another button on her blouse.

"So, here we are in Anita and Lara's house--shall we give you a tour? Yes? Well, come on!" She started to turn, and the camera perspective changed, as Lara evidently crouched down near the floor, giving a clear view up Anita's skirt. "Why, Lara, you naughty girl!" Anita twirled around, revealing a momentary flash of white panties as her skirt flipped up. She licked her lips at the camera, then turned and proceeded to walk out of the room. "This way, sir!" she said, turning and walking backward, beckoning with her index finger. She undid another button.

"This is our kitchen, as you can see." The camera panned the room, lingering on the dirty dishes in the sink. "Never mind that, Lara," Anita said, "don't advertise that we're slobs!" She reached forward and pulled the camera back to her. "There, that's better!" She undid another button as she turned and walked through a door.

"Now, I'll bet this room looks familiar to you, guy..." They had entered the bathroom, with its shower and frustrating translucent door. She stepped into the shower and half-closed the door. "Peek-a-boo!" she laughed, as she looked out at him. "You didn't get to see much the other night, did you?" She looked straight into the camera with her impossibly blue eyes, and gave a little pout. "Aw, that's too bad!" Stepping out of the shower, she undid the last button on her blouse. She looked down at her open blouse, feigning surprise. "Oh my, look at what I've done! Now how did that happen? Well, since you wanted so badly to get a little peek..." Never taking her eyes from the camera, she slowly removed her blouse, revealing her full, voluptuous breasts, barely covered by a lacy white bra. The half-cups held her globes like two hands offering her up to his gaze, cut so low that they just missed exposing her nipples by a fraction of an inch. "You like?" she whispered. She reached behind her and opened another door. "C'mon in here," she said softly.

They were now in her bedroom. Most of the space was taken up by a large bed, which was covered with a light quilt decorated in a pattern of wild flowers. Two stuffed animals rested on the pillows. She turned and faced the camera, lightly running her fingertips over her swelling breasts.

"It was really very naughty of you to peek at me like that, you know. But I can't be too mad at you, guy. I mean, all you were after was a little something to get you hot, right? Just wanted a little peek?" As she spoke she slowly lifted her skirt until her panties were just barely visible, clinging tightly to her pussy. She let the skirt drop after about half a second.

"Guys are always trying to get little peeks; I guess it's just in their nature. So why should I blame you? You just wanted to see something that would get your cock nice and hard. That's what you like, isn't it--getting your cock big and hard? Is it getting hard now, guy?"

Pouting into the camera, she lowered the zipper of her skirt, and then slowly pushed it down over her hips. She smiled. "This what you were looking for?" she whispered. Her panties were lacy and very tight, sexy hip-huggers that clung to every curve. She turned to let him see her from the rear, see how the tight fabric stretched across her hips into the cleft between her firm cheeks. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

"Actually, I guess I should be flattered that you wanted to see me so badly," she said. "It's nice to know that a girl is appreciated. You appreciating me now, guy?" She climbed up onto the bed and sat leaning against the pillows. Her knees were bent, and she grasped her shins, holding her legs wide apart. The camera zoomed in for an extreme close-up between her legs. The crotch of her panties was pressed tightly into her pussy, clearly defining the shape of her vulva; the narrow strip of fabric was barely able to cover her lips, which were starting to peek out on the sides. The effect was tantalizing and, of course, a deliberate tease.

The camera zoomed out again. Anita's eyes were wide in little girl innocence as she gently caressed the inside of her creamy thighs. "So, you like this, guy? Am I giving you a hard-on?" She grinned and licked her lips lasciviously, and ran her hands over her body, squeezing and massaging her breasts, lightly brushing her pussy with her fingertips.

"Are you touching yourself, guy? Ooo, I hope so! I love to think about men getting so excited they just have to stroke their cocks, getting them so big and hard and aching. I know that's what you're doing now, guy--masturbating while you watch me, making your cock feel soooooo good. Does it feel good, guy? You really love it, don't you? I bet you wish I was doing it to you..."

She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her knees; just the crotch of her white panties peeked out from between the bottoms of her thighs. Speaking softly, her voice took on a mock-conspiratorial tone.

"You know, I have a little confession to make. The fact is, I am just obsessed by the thought of men's cocks, totally! Big cocks, little cocks, any cocks at all, I just love thinking about them, seeing them, touching them. The thought of a guy sitting back and stroking himself while he thinks about a sexy girl, moaning and wanting her so much--ooo, that gets me so tingly! It doesn't matter how old he is, or how fat or skinny he is, as long as he's excited and his cock is aching and begging for attention, that's all I need to get so wet!"

The camera pulled in to a close-up of her face. "I love getting men hot. I love being a cock-teaser and driving guys nuts with wanting to fuck me--I especially like to think about what it does to them when they know they never can." She frowned in mock concern, and bit her lower lip. "Ohhh, you poor guys, so hot and bothered, wanting it so much! I'd know exactly how to give you what you need, and you can tell, can't you? I know just how to give frustrated boys long, slow pleasure--and sometimes I do."

Her eyes narrowed and her lips curled into a wicked, seductive smile. "But why don't I just show you?" she whispered. "Let's go into Lara's room."

She got off the bed and slowly walked back through the living room and into Lara's bedroom. The camera followed her, focusing on her enticingly undulating ass.

The camera remained close on Anita from the waist down as she entered the room. She stopped at what appeared to be a kind of small couch, a free-standing divan near the middle of the room. It was immediately apparent that a man was sitting or lying there. He was visible only from the waist down, and appeared to be wearing a t-shirt, but was otherwise naked. He was stretched out, with his feet on the floor on either side of the divan, so that his legs were apart. Tan lines indicated that he spent a lot of time at the beach; his legs were tanned to a little higher than mid-thigh, while the area above was quite white, indicating where his boxer trunks had been worn. His circumcised penis was not overly large, about average size, and rested limply to the side.

Anita kneeled on the floor next to the divan and looked down at the man's crotch, then smiled at the camera. "So, guy, look at what we have here! This is... Oh, isn't that terrible? I don't even know his name! Oh well--I don't suppose it really matters. Lara and I were on the beach and we saw him sitting there all by himself, so we asked him if he wanted to help us make a little movie. When we told him what we wanted him to do he agreed so fast that we forgot all about getting his name. It doesn't matter who he is, he's just a guy who's got what we want."

While she was talking, she began idly caressing the man's legs, running her fingers along the tops of his thighs up and out to his hips, then down along the outside of his legs, crossing over and tracing a path up along his inner thighs. When she reached his cock she avoided it, and repeated the pattern of caresses up and down his legs. After doing this two or three times, she began tracing circles at the tops of his thighs with the index finger of each hand, gradually moving inward, closer and closer to his cock. But she always stopped just before she reached it, retreating or playing with his pubic hair instead. Then she'd drop down to between his legs again, gently scratching up almost to his balls but not quite.

During these tantalizing ministrations the man's penis began to swell, even though it hadn't actually been touched. Anita noticed this, of course, and grinned appreciatively. "Oooo, look, guy, somebody is waking up! It looks like he wants something--now what do you suppose that could be?" She began to move her fingers lightly and rapidly all over the area surrounding his genitals; but now, every so often, a finger would make brief contact: flicking the head of his cock, gently scratching his balls, lightly running up the underside--but always random with no discernible pattern, impossible to predict, little brushes of pleasure that were gone in an instant.

The man's cock was now fully erect, throbbing and twitching in the midst of Anita's tantalizing fingers, like an agonized stag worried by wolves. While she was inflicting this torment, Anita would look up at the man's face off-camera, the excitement showing in her face as she observed the lust and frustration she was causing.

She looked at the camera again. "Oh, guy, isn't this so exciting? Look at his cock, how big and hard it is. It must be driving him crazy to be cock-teased like this; can you imagine how it feels, guy, can you?" She tapped her fingers all over the captive cock while she looked straight into the camera, her mouth half-open with excitement. "Ohhh, I just love doing this to him, getting him so hot and bothered! I could do this all day, I really could--but I think it's time to be nice to him, to give him a little of what he's been hoping for all along--you think so, guy?"

She stopped worrying and teasing the man's cock, and began to stroke it softly and knowingly, with a gentle, expert touch. She lightly scratched his balls, then traveled up the shaft with her thumb on top and her index finger along the underside, slowly, lightly, brushing up over the head to its tip; and then down again to the base, and back up. Gradually she added another finger, until finally she was masturbating his cock with her entire hand, but so softly and lightly, just barely touching the surface, coaxing his pleasure, teasing it along.

While Anita was working the man's cock, Lara would occasionally draw in for close-ups of Anita's body, filling the screen with her luscious breasts, zooming in on her mouth as her tongue moved back and forth over her upper lip, traveling down her arm to a close-up of the excited, straining cock in her hand as she slowly stroked it.

"Mmm, I think he really likes this, guy--do you think he likes it? It must feel really good, huh?" She looked at the camera with wide-eyed innocence. "Are you thinking about how good this would feel if it were you, guy? Do you wish this was you?" She looked down at the cock in her hand and smiled at it lovingly. "Oh yes, you wish this was you," she said, looking back up at the camera. "I know you do. Well, it could have been, you know..."

Continuing to stroke the erect shaft in her hand slowly and softly, she added a gentle stimulation of the man's balls with her other hand, a light, subtle tease with her fingernails--reaching down and slowly drawing her fingertips upwards along his scrotum, making wide, slow circles with her middle finger all around the periphery of the sac, gently brushing all over his balls with lightly dancing fingertips... A soft moan was heard from the man off-camera. Anita looked up at him and smiled. "Mmmm, that's so sweet," she cooed. Looking back at the camera, she said, "I've been told that touching a man's balls like this while you give him a hand-job can make the pleasure so much more intense. What do you think, guy? Is this something you'd like?" She smiled sweetly. "Ohhh yes, of course you would..."

She continued to work on the man's straining cock. It was obvious that he was right on the edge of orgasm, and that she could have set him spurting with a single firm stroke of her hand. But she was too skilled to allow that; she knew the signs of impending climax, and whenever he got close she slowed down to deny him release.

"You know what I really like about doing this to a man, guy? It's the control I have over him. I mean, when you guys do this to yourselves, it doesn't take long before you need to cum. It feels so good, you need the pleasure just so much, that you have to give in and finish yourself off. No matter how hard you try to prolong it, you can't resist surrendering to your hand. But when I do it..." She giggled. "Well, when I do it there's no question of giving in. It doesn't matter how much you need it, how much you whimper and beg--I never give in. I'll keep a guy right on the edge for an hour, if I feel like it, teasing and tormenting him the whole time." She smiled evilly. "You're thinking about that, aren't you? That's something you'd like, isn't it?"

Shifting her position so that she could bend down closer to the divan, she said, "Well, now I think it's time to really get him going." She put her hand under his cock and held its sides delicately in her fingertips, then began to blow a gentle stream of warm air up and down the underside. After a minute of this tease, she began to lick: starting at his scrotum, she slowly made her way up the ridge along the underside of his penis, rapidly flicking the tip of her tongue along its surface. When she reached the head, she lingered over the sensitive cleft, making tantalizing circles around the sweet spot just below the head. Then she proceeded back down to his balls again, repeating the trip up and down the rigid shaft with her fluttering tongue. Her touch was light and delicate, just barely making contact with the man's tormented erection, creating an exquisite and insistent pleasure, and an aching need for more.

She paused for a moment, and looked into the camera and smiled. "I really love doing this," she said. She continued licking for a few more seconds then looked up again. "If I know a guy is really hot for me, there isn't anything I won't do to drive his cock crazy. I love to go down on horny guys..." Still looking into the camera, she placed her mouth directly over the head of the cock and began to lash it with her tongue, assaulting it in a frenzy of licking, and swirling her tongue all around the head. "If I had known, guy..." (more licking) "...that I got you so hot and bothered..." (tongue swirling the head) "...that you had to peek at me through my window..." (sucking up and down the underside) "...I would have been over at your place every night doing this to you..." She placed her mouth over the end of the penis and gave the entire head a long, slow suck, then opened her mouth with the cock still inside and worried it with her tongue. She did this several times while smiling into the camera, taunting her audience.

As the fellatio escalated, Anita kept her eyes fixed on the camera. Her mouth and tongue were pleasuring the man on the divan, but her attention was focused on the viewer, her real target. He was the one she wanted to excite, it was his desire she wanted to incite and enflame...and torment. Her mouth was busy, but her facial expressions conveyed clear messages: "Like what you see? ...This getting you hot? ...Want some of this? ...Just think how this would feel..." Her goal was to make him want what he was seeing, very, very badly.

She released the enflamed cock and looked up with an expression of erotic urgency. Sitting down alongside the divan, she spread her legs wide and began to touch herself through her panties, stimulating her clitoris with two fingers in a rhythmic circular motion.

"Ohhh, guy!" she panted. "Are you masturbating? Please touch yourself, I want you to... Doesn't it feel sooo good? Doesn't your cock need it so much? You know you want it, don't you--you want me to suck your cock. Ohhh, and I would have, guy! If only I had known you were right next door jerking off to me, I would have come over and done such nasty things to your hard, aching cock. Look at your prick, guy--you came so close to having that poor lonely cock spurting off inside my warm mouth..."

She got back on her knees and returned to the man on the divan, his penis still excited and erect. "Your hand feels so good, doesn't it guy?" she said into the camera. "But it can't do this..." Holding the cock in front of her with both hands and stretching it tight, she snaked her wet tongue around the rim of the head, swirling it around and around in exciting, teasing circles. This gave way to an assault of wild tongue-flicking and fluttering all around the glistening, purple crown. Looking into the camera, she applied her mouth to the underside below the head in quick, sucking kisses, alternately pleasuring and teasing in rapid succession.

"Gee, guy," she whispered, "I really don't know if you should be watching this." She lathed her tongue luxuriously up and down the excited cock. She looked up at the man on the divan then back into the camera. "I mean, he's being driven mad with pleasure, but all you're getting is sex tease and frustration." She took the entire cock into her mouth and began to suck and pump with intent, driving it closer to orgasm. She paused, and pouted into the camera. "Awww, just think, guy--this could have been you." She resumed working on the agonized cock, licking and sucking, stroking it beyond the point of no return. Her slick hand grasped it firmly and slowly stroked it up and down; her tongue was waiting each time the head emerged from her fist and fell to fluttering and worrying. It was finally too much for the ravished organ. The man's legs stiffened and his cock began to jerk and buck, sending semen bursting from his glistening shaft in long, strong spurts, covering Anita's hands and coating her tongue as she continued to stroke and suck him, in time with his ecstatic spasms. His orgasm was extended and intense, the result of Anita's skilful ministrations. She continued stroking and fondling him until he was totally spent.

Finally, she stood up and smiled into the camera, running her hands up her sides to her breasts. She turned around and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. She removed it and tossed it aside, and turned back to face the camera, her hands covering her voluptuous breasts. Lifting and squeezing, her hands moved all over her tits as she kneaded and massaged them, never quite exposing her nipples. Pouting, licking her lips, smiling wickedly, she left no doubt that she was being a deliberate tease. The camera drew in to a close-up of her hands as she caressed herself, then panned down to fill the screen with her full hips and clinging panties. She reached down and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and began to slowly push them down. When her pussy was almost visible, she turned around, exposing her magnificent ass as she pushed the panties completely down. The camera pulled back to a full view of her from the rear as she slowly walked to the door, now completely nude. She smiled back at the camera, and half-turned. Covering her breasts with her hand and forearm, she gave a little wave with her fingertips. "Bye, guy," she whispered. Then she walked out the door, and the tape ended.

For a long time Chris stared at the empty screen. "You bitch--ohhh, you little bitch," he moaned weakly. Then he pressed rewind on the remote.


* * * * *


It was dark when he finally fell into bed, exhausted, sore, unsatisfied.






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