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The Give-Away


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I took my darling wife out for a meal last Tuesday. We took a taxi so that we could both have a good drink and a chat. As it sometimes happens, we had one too many and got into an argument about whether she needed a new car or not.

My wife, Val, is a ravishing chestnut haired, fun loving, thirty-four-year-old beauty, with an hourglass figure. She had always been a faithful, loving and devoted wife. When discussing our fantasies, I had once said to her that I wondered what it would be like to be really dominated, but that was a long time ago and it was just a thought that crossed my mind.

Anyway, when the meal was finished we asked the restaurant to order us a taxi. Val went to the toilet while we were waiting and the cab arrived before she returned. I decided to go wait in the cab so he wouldn't drive away, telling the waiter to inform my wife.

Val came out of the restaurant and saw me in the back seat. Instead of slipping in next to me, she opened the cab's front door and sat next to the driver. I knew she was cross with me--she wanted a new car, because hers was now two years old, but still in very good nick. I always changed my car after two years and she wanted the same, but I argued that it was throwing money down the drain, as her car was still as good as new. She took offence at that. I am a computer programmer for an accountancy organization, and I earn above average income. Val is manageress of three local hairdressers, all owned by the same company.

Basically, this is what was said in the taxi:

"Val, why don't you want to sit with me?"

"I'm quite comfortable in the front, and you've spoiled my evening!"

"Don't be like that; arguing over such a matter is stupid and childish."

"So now I'm stupid and childish, am I? And you're an ignoble selfish bastard, who has no consideration for anyone else!"

"No need for that, you're no angel yourself, and you just get uglier and sadder when you brood!"

"Me, ugly? Have you looked in the mirror? You're overweight, losing your hair, and you're lazy! So shut up! Dick head!"

"Dick head? You're a miserable ugly bitch. Hey, taxi driver, don't you think she's ugly? Say yes and I'll give you a big tip!"

Taxi driver: "I think she is very attractive. She could have any man she wants. She is very desirable!"

Val: "Thank you, driver. See, not everybody's blind! Even the taxi driver likes me!"

Me: "Hey, driver, you like my missus? Do you really think she's attractive?"

TD: "I think she's gorgeous, and I bet you do too!"

Me: "Bullshit, she's an ugly cow. You can have her if you want her!"

The taxi driver suddenly pulled the car over and stopped. He turned around and looked me straight in the eye. "Sir, with all due respect, you are an idiot! I'm going to take you up on your offer, simply because I'd be a fool to refuse, and I don't like the way you speak to her. You should never have said that, at least not to me."

The rest of the way home we drove in heavy silence. When we arrived home, I jumped out of the car and opened Val's door for her to get out, and asked the taxi driver how much I owed him.

"You owe me 8 quid for the ride, and you owe my new lady an apology!"

I laughed, somewhat nervously, and reached for Val's hand. "Come on, love, I was only joking!"

Val pulled her hand away. "You go in. I just want a word with the driver. I won't be long." She was quiet, calm and very collected.

I went into the house to put the kettle on, and busied myself making us coffee. A few minutes later, in walked Val, with the taxi driver.

"Darling, this is John, my new owner! I belong to him now. Remember, you gave me away!"

John had his arm around my wife's shoulder, with the tips of his fingers brushing her left breast. I rushed to them and pulled his hand away.

He grabbed me by the scruff of my neck, and his other hand grabbed my belt. He was strong. He pushed me against the wall and said, "My woman has invited me into her home. She wants me here, and nobody will drag me away from her. You gave her to me! There are two other drivers and our taxi operator who heard everything you said over the radio. They will bear witness. I know this is your home, but it is equally hers, and!!! And I don't want you touching her!!! If you want her back, you will have to earn her back. She will only be returned to you when or if I say so. Now listen to me, you will behave and do as you are told if you value your marriage. You have really upset her and she's accepted me as her new man, and my women don't disobey me. So that's the way it is!"

"Is that true, Val?" I asked.

"You know I've always been faithful and good to you. I'm a one-man woman. I would never have let another man touch me, and now you've given me away like an unwanted piece of furniture. I am very upset. So much so that I have accepted to belong to John, and I will be just as faithful to him as I was to you."

John had let go of me, and I had to think. I went into the kitchen and brought out the two coffees. Val took them both from me and gave one to John. He took it and put his arm protectively around my wife's waist.

I'd drunk too much and said things I shouldn't have. We'd thrown insults at each other jokingly before but this was the first time I had said anything insulting to her in anger.

I went upstairs to wash my face, and visit the loo and think things over. This John wasn't joking--he had seen his chance and jumped at it. Can't say I blame him; Val really is a stunningly good-looking woman, with all the curves in the right places. There was only one thing to do: admit my mistake, and hope they would understand.

I went back downstairs. John and Val were sitting on the settee, kissing and sipping their coffees. They looked up as I entered.

"Look, okay--so I said something I shouldn't have. You know I didn't mean it. I really do love you, Val, so let's just forget the whole thing and carry on as if nothing has happened. I'll buy you a new car tomorrow! I promise, honest I will."

"I know you will, but what's done is done. I belong to John now, and he's taken the rest of the night off to be with me. He'll be sleeping in my bed. I want you to go back upstairs and remove all your things from my bedroom. You can put them in the spare room. ...Be quick about it because we are both ready for bed."

"You can't be serious!" I protested.

"She is very serious, and if there is anything of yours left in that room when we go to bed, I will throw it out of the window." John was staring at me; his hand was now visibly stroking and caressing Val's breast. "Now go and do as you have been told! Go on!"

John had given me an order in my own home! I just stood there in shock, watching him as he gently cupped Val's chin in his hand, and slowly, sensually kissed her full on the mouth. Val's right hand was resting in his lap, while her left hand reached up and caressed the back of his neck, pulling him down to her. I was surprised to notice that I had an erection and was exquisitely aroused by what they were doing. I had to dash upstairs again to try to calm down. The thought of them together was so arousing for me that I had to have a wank, in spite of the grave situation.

I hated that bastard, John! Something had to be done...

I dashed back downstairs and burst into the lounge. I grabbed Val's hand and pulled her to me, saying, "This has gone far enough! I'm serious now, this is my wife, and you can't just walk in and take over in here--"

Before I knew it, John had jumped up, punched me in the face, and had me on the floor with my arms twisted half way up my back. He was holding my hands down with his left hand. His right hand was forcing my head against the floor, his thumb in my ear.

Val's foot was only a couple of inches away from my mouth.

"Lick her shoe," John ordered, forcing my hands further up my back and increasing the pressure in my ear.

I had to obey; there was no choice.

As I licked her shoe, John released my head and grabbed both my hands in his. He pulled them upwards so that they were nestling against his erect penis and his testicles. He began to move my left hand up and down the length of his very large member. I tried to pull away, but he gave a jerk that nearly broke my arm. Then he continued rub himself with my hand.

"Keep licking, until you learn to behave correctly, Scumbag. And you had better learn quickly, 'cause my patience is running out fast!"

I relaxed and let him control my movements. He let go of my left hand and grabbed my collar, pulling my head back. With my right arm still twisted up my back, he virtually dragged me to my feet, and as I stood up, he noticed the bulge in my pants.

"Lookie here, the sissy's got a hard-on. He was enjoying that. Let me have a feel at what my woman's been enjoying up to now... God almighty! I'm not surprised she wants a real man. You're just a little wimp, aren't you? A wimp and a sissy! What are you? Tell my woman what you are."

"A wimp, and a sissy!" I said quietly.

"Louder, Arsehole, tell the lady that you are nothing but a wimp, a sissy, an arsehole, and a scumbag, and that is what you should be called. Tell her now!" He pinched the back of my neck, sending waves of pain down my spine.

"I am nothing but a wimp, a sissy, an arsehole and a scumbag, and that is what I should be called."

"Good, now we know where we stand!" He shoved a finger as far into my arse as he possibly could with my trousers and underpants restraining him, pushing my groin forward towards my wife.

Val began scratching me underneath my balls and I felt a very strange sensation...

"He's wet himself!!! Ha ha ha! Look at that!" Val exclaimed.

I could feel the piss running down my leg, and into my shoe. I blushed, began to tremble, and then fell into an uncontrollable fit of sobbing and weeping. I had ejaculated and pissed on myself at the same time.

John let go of my arm and pulled my hair so that he could whisper in my ear. "Now, my little fucking sissy, go back upstairs and do what the lady told you to do. And don't you dare change your clothes, pisser!" He shoved me towards the staircase.

I hurriedly moved all my clothes out of the bedroom and into the spare room. I really did believe that he would have thrown them out of the window.

When I had finished I returned downstairs and found Val with her head in John's lap, bobbing up and down on his member. I stood and watched in the doorway; they hadn't noticed me. Val's skirt was around her waist and her blouse was wide open, her beautiful breasts swaying to-and-fro. I kept quiet, slowly becoming aroused at the sight of my darling wife pleasuring this complete stranger, to whom she now surrendered herself so wantonly.

I coughed, but they just carried on as if they hadn't heard me. Eventually, John gave a loud moan--he had come in my wife's mouth, right there in front of me, and there was little or nothing I could do about it. I was trembling with rage (and excitement, as I also had an erection!). I needed something to calm me down. I went to the drinks' cabinet; I needed a good strong drink to calm my nerves.

Val came over to me and took the whisky from me, saying, "You're not going to start drowning your sorrows! Give me that glass. I'm going to lock this cupboard and give John the key! He is in charge now, and it's "Mister John" when you speak to him, or about him. Understood?"

"Don't be silly!" I said, feeling my cock begin to rise again.

John came over and grabbed the back of my collar, shouting, "On your knees! Apologize to my lady for speaking to her like that. On...your...knees, I said!" He forced me down.

"Say, "I am sorry ma'am!" and you can kiss her shoes while you're at it!"

Val intervened, "No, not ma'am, I'm not a granny! He can call me...errr...Mistress. Yes! Oh yes! And he can call you Master, instead of Mister. Would you like that, John, darling?"

"Yes, I think I would. He will have to do an awful lot to earn you back; you are worth a lot of earning. Isn't she, Scumbag?"

"Yes!" I answered.

Val kicked me in the stomach. "Yes, Master John. Say it!"

"Yes, Master John!"

"Get up!" John ordered. "Go and sit on the chair in the corner! Sit facing the wall!"

I sat down facing the back of the chair, with my knees almost touching the wall, either side of the chair. As I was walking to the chair, I'd noticed Val's thong panties on the floor in front of the settee, where they had been sitting. At least they couldn't see my erection, straining in my pants. I was ashamed of myself, and mad at John, that no-good, wife-thieving slob.

"Put your hands behind your back," Val instructed. "We don't want you playing with yourself in our presence. Stay like that until we tell you to move!"

I had become an involuntary prisoner in my own home within the space of an hour or two. And I could do absolutely nothing about it!

John lifted my giggling wife in his arms and took her over to the settee, where he lay her down, kissing and caressing her. I was trembling with anger, and my cock was rock hard and straining to be satisfied. Val was watching me, and as soon as my hand moved to adjust my penis, she ordered me to put it back behind me. I was more afraid of Val, of completely losing her, than I was of John and anything he could do to me.

But John was a powerful man. I had to be careful.

I could hear the two of them whispering, kissing, and fondling each other but I didn't dare look around. They wouldn't be gentle with me if I did.

Eventually, they got up, still giggling, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw John carrying Val to the staircase. She was naked except for her stockings and garter belt. When they had left the room, I jumped up, without making a noise, and grabbed my wife's panties. I stuffed them down my trousers so I could sniff at them later on.

...Someone was coming back down the stairs. I leaped back to the chair and regained my position. It was John, come to give me my orders. He sat down in an armchair behind me.

"Get up and turn round."

I obeyed. As I stood behind him, I could have picked up a statue or an ornament from the sideboard, and beat it down on his big head. He knew I could, and he knew I wouldn't. It's true--I didn't have the guts.

"Come and stand near here, closer to me. That's it. Val believes me--I've told her that I'm clean and healthy, so I won't be wearing any condoms. She wants to feel me inside her. She also wants to give herself to me wholly and completely, because she belongs to me now. She says she has never really "belonged" to anyone before. She says now that I own her, I can do as I like with her, because she is my property. And you are the one who did that for me! Thank you! Scumbag! That's the last time I will say "thank you" to you. From now on, I will give you orders that you must obey immediately. I have to be quick with you because my darling little Val is getting impatient. I'll go through it just once!"

He looked up at me and stared straight in the eyes. Then he smiled, and held up his hand, pursing his lips. His hand approached my face, like a royal who tends his hand to a faithful subject. I knew he wanted me to kiss it. The smile faded, the eyes narrowed, and he started to move...

I kissed.

He kept his hand there, making me kiss it more slowly. Despite myself, I felt my prick rising again. God knows why; I felt awful. He saw my erection beneath my trousers, and smiled! As he lowered his hand, it stroked past the tent in my trousers, sending an electric shock from my penis straight to my brain. I felt like crying!

"You will always answer when we speak to you. You will always thank us for anything we allow you, or give you. You will apologize for anything that does not please us. And you will always address us as Master or Mistress. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Now you get a bottle of water, a roll of toilet paper, some rope, and a bucket. You will bring them upstairs and wait outside our, no, my bedroom door!"

"Yes Master!"

Before I could leave to get the things he wanted, he gently took hold of my erection, and felt it. I tried to pull his hand away; I was blushing heavily and trembling.

"Put your hands down by your sides. This little man is going to be out of work now, isn't he?"

"Yes, Master!"

"You do love your wife, don't you?"

"Yes, Master!"

"You do want to stay faithful to her, don't you?"

"Yes, Master!"

"And you do want to make it up to her for being such an arsehole, don't you?"

"Yes, Master!"

"So we'll have to do something about this cheeky little prick, won't we?"

"Yes, Master!"

"Good, go and get what I told you to!"

I started to go...

"I didn't hear you!"

"Er, yes, Master!"

The bucket and rope were in the garage. As soon as I entered, I got my cock out and started to wank. I was sniffing Val's panties with my eyes closed. When I felt I was on the verge of coming, I opened my eyes and there, was John!

"Let go!" he barked. Then, "Let me hold it for you! Oh, so you found your wife's knickers, did you? Put them in your mouth! Go on, do it! Good, now come with me to the workbench. What have we here? A nice big spanner; will it fit your little Dickie?"

He let go of my erection, and I was really just on the verge of ejaculating. He whipped the spanner down on my penis and sent streaks of pain shooting all through my body. I screamed out loud and fell to the floor. I was sobbing with pain. Tears were running down my cheeks; I couldn't hold them back.

"Did I tell you to wank yourself?"

"No, Master, I'm sorry, Master!" I sobbed.

"Did you deserve to be punished?"

"Yes, Master, I did." (I wanted to kill him!)

"Then you should thank me for it!"

Val entered the garage. She had apparently heard what was going on and came to see for herself. She was wearing a gorgeous negligee I had bought her for Christmas, which she had never worn before. She had said she was saving it for a very special occasion.

"Thank me!" John pulled my ear and forced me down so that I had to kneel in front of him.

"Thank you, Master!"

"Master who?" Val enquired.

"Master John!"

"Master John, Sir!" Val insisted.

"Master John, Sir!" I repeated, boiling with rage.

"That's better. Now thank your Master properly! Otherwise you'll sleep in here!"

"Thank you, Master John, sir!"

"Do as I told you now!" John mumbled as he turned away, putting his hand behind my wife and cupping her cute, soft little bum in his hand.

"Yes, Master John, Sir!"

They left me and went back inside the house. I looked at my penis; there was a big red half-moon mark, where the spanner had hit it. It was burning like mad and really hurt--no thought of a hard-on now!

As I walked through the hallway, I saw John hesitate before climbing up the staircase. He stood behind my wife with his hands reaching around to her breasts and vagina. She was moving rhythmically against his groin. Tears welled up into my eyes.

We kept the spare toilet paper in a kitchen cupboard with the kitchen roll, napkins, and other paper goods. The water was in the 'fridge. By the time I collected these items, John and my wife had already gone upstairs.

I made my way upstairs to my--his bedroom door--and waited outside. The door was ajar and I coughed to let them know I was there. The only response I got was a grunt from John. I could see through the crack, my wife undressing the taxi driver, slowly pulling down his underpants as she lingered on her knees, with her head and hands doing something in the area between his legs. I couldn't see just what she was doing, but I got the idea! I didn't need a design drawing! She turned around and picked up my best new pajamas to put them on him. They were too small and clung tightly to every detail of his body, leaving nothing to the imagination. They were my pajamas! My best ones!

Val kissed John lovingly on the mouth; she hadn't kissed me like that for ages. Tears stung my eyes; I sniffed. Val moved to John's side. I could see her caressing his massive tool as she kissed his mouth and rubbed her body against his, pushing herself into his hip and side. They came towards the door and John pushed Val against the wall right next to the doorjamb. I could no longer see Val but John was clearly in full view. He went down on his knees and lifted her beautiful soft transparent nightie then he leaned forward toward Val. I heard her moan, as he licked and sucked noisily until she came, with that deep gurgling sigh that I knew so well.

The door suddenly opened all the way and Val stood there with John's cock in her hand. She looked at me and smiled.

"John, darling, look at him, he should be so happy that he's already brought so much pleasure to both of us. And it's only just starting. Thanks to him, we're going to have a life of ecstasy, but like you say, you should tie his hands behind his back so that he can't touch himself when he's alone. But he should be able to wipe his arse, if he goes to the loo," she added as an after thought. Make sure you tie him up well so he doesn't escape in the night. Don't they make special chastity belts for useless men who give away their wives to others, just because they can't satisfy them?" Without skipping a beat, she continued, "I'll just open the bottle of water so he can have a drink if he wants one. He has the bucket for a toilet, and the paper for his bum. What else does a man need? I spoil him, don't I?" she giggled girlishly.

"Yes, my darling angel. All that's left now is to wish him goodnight. "Hey, Arsehole, do you want to taste your wife's lips on yours, one last time tonight?"

"Yes please, Master John, sir! I'd love to!"

That cheered me up; at least I would have the chance to prove to Val that I still really did love her, by giving her a tender kiss on her gorgeous perky lips.

It was not to be!

John pushed me against the wall and forced his mouth down onto mine, wetting my mouth with the salty taste of my wife's labia. He pushed his tongue roughly inside my mouth and ran it from side to side, up and down, all round my lips.

I felt a tingling inside my groin, my penis began to swell as it involuntarily filled with blood, and then the pain shot through me and racked my brain. The injury on my cock would not allow an erection to take place; the pain made it go soft straight away. I moaned, mainly through frustration than pain.

Val was watching me intently with her hand inside her nightie, obviously working to agitate her vaginal area.

John pulled away, saying, "That was the taste of her pussy lips! Now, as a special favor, you can suck her lipstick from around my cock. On your knees, cocksucker!"

"No--I'm not a cocksucker; you can't make me do that!"

John pushed me against the wall and unfastened my belt, pulling it away from my trousers. Val came and undid my clasp and zip, then pulled my pants down around my ankles. She licked two fingers then reached behind me, slipping her hand inside my underpants, and violently inserted her two fingers into my rectum. She squeezed the flesh and pushed downwards. Her long fingernails were digging into the lower skin below my anal conduct, so that I had no choice but follow, and get down on my knees in front of John's big round 10-inch-long monster.

Val tugged at my ear again to keep my head still as John approached his penis until it was brushing against my mouth.

Val said, "John, please, let him do it, don't push. I know he really wants to do it but just needs a little extra coaxing." To me she said, "Don't you want to taste John's delicious penis? I did. And if you want me back, you have to show proof that you really love me. So if you love me, you will have to suck my owner's lovely big dick, and do everything else we tell you to. Look at it! Don't you wish you had one like that? You can have one like that! You can have it in your mouth! Just take it slowly at first, start by kissing the tip! Good boy, now give it a lick. Yes, and another. Keep licking."

When Val spoke, again it was to John. "John, pull back the foreskin nice and slowly so he can get used to the taste."

"Yes, it's lovely and salty sweet, isn't it?" She was speaking to me again. "Carry on licking all around the helmet. Good... Now move up and down the shaft, you can kiss it too. Go on, Mike, give it a nice kiss. Yes, you see, that wasn't hard now, was it? Come back to the tip and kiss the end again. Hold your kiss. Good, now lick it, you're already tasting it. Just open your lips a bit. Good, now keep your tongue on it and move forward slowly, just let it slide in. Isn't that a nice feeling, having someone's stave of love, giving you that lovely taste of sperm, the root of life, where we all come from, before we even get in the womb? Now slide it in and play your lips, tongue and throat all around it. Suck on it too, you'll find you get some fluid dripping out, it tastes like shellfish."

My wife watched over me as I sucked on the taxi driver's big prick. I began to moan out loud. I don't know if it was from the pain of erection-blood rushing into my injured member, or the disgusting humiliation I was going through, or the fact that my heart was beating faster, and there was a tingling in my groin which told me I was actually enjoying it!

I started to move my head back and forth, and John moved his hips in rhythm, literally fucking my face. I could feel his cock sinking deeper into my throat with each thrust.

I looked up and saw his face contort into a tight expression of lust and ardor as he came into my mouth, forcing my head back against the wall, and pinning me there while he shot his load deep into the back of my throat. Spurt after spurt came and shot straight down my throat, some stayed in my mouth. It seemed to make his prick more slippery and even tastier than before. Delicious! I didn't want to let go of it.

"Look at the dirty cocksucker; he can't get enough now that he's had a taste. He wants to keep me in his mouth!"

"Let go, you greedy little scumbag! I have other plans--a nice new surprise for you! Don't forget your manners." He pulled out of my mouth and slapped his semi flaccid penis against my face. I had to keep my mouth shut or it would have gone back in!

"I said don't forget your manners, Scumbag. Apologize and thank me!"

He was hitting me so hard with his cock that I couldn't get a word out. All of a sudden, he stopped and slapped me across my face with his right hand.

I yelled and fell to the floor, then found myself crying again.

John knelt down beside me and lifted my face. I couldn't look at him, but he stroked my cheek and then put his hand gently on the back of my neck. "It felt good." More harshly, he added, "You should do as you are told: give a little, take a little. But give a lot and you take a lot! Now you are beginning to understand how much you hurt my woman, when she was your wife! So, you miserable arsehole, apologize and thank me!"

"I'm sorry, and thank you, Master John, sir."

Val still had two fingers inside my back passage. She gave me a twist in my rectum, which made me howl in agony, and said, "NO! Not like that! You have to say it sincerely, as if you mean it. And beg your master to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Start with, "Dearest Master John, Sir... I beg of you...Go on!"

She gave another twist of my anus, I yelped, then said,

"Dearest Master John, Sir, I beg of you to treat me as badly as you think I deserve. I'm very sorry for hurting woman, er...lady. Thank you for letting me suck your beautiful big penis, and giving me the punishment I deserved!"

"Okay, take my prick back in your mouth and get it nice and hard. ...And very wet. Open wide!"

I obeyed; he was holding my chin again.

When he was satisfied, he pushed my head down and moved behind me to where Val was still holding my rectum. He shoved my underpants down and fed his prick into my arse as she held me open for him.

Once he was inside, Val wiped her soiled fingers on my upper lip, just under my nose and all over my face. She pulled my head back by my ears, and laughed at me. Calling me, "Shit-face." Then she turned round and ordered me to lick her arse.

By now, John was fucking me hard and it was all I could do to keep my head in position. Val reached behind and grabbed my ears again, pulling me into her bum-hole. My tongue was licking her properly now, as John fucked my arse, and when he caught me right, it forced my tongue right inside her rectum; it tasted very bitter, and I felt sick.

I was gasping, sweating and dizzy, but I didn't want it to stop. His cock was sending sensations up through my spine that I never thought could exist. I squeezed my ass around his monstrous cock and moved faster to make him give me more, pushing back against him. God only knows why, the very thought of anything homosexual had disgusted me previously.

John pushed me forward and then violently pulled out his member, just as I was really starting to enjoy the feel of him inside me.

"Dirty bastard, he loves it! He's not getting any more; I'm saving the rest for you, Val. I'm going to give you the fucking you deserve from a real man who knows how to pleasure a woman, nice and slowly first, then hard and fast, so that she knows who she's dealing with!"

"Thank you, Master John, sir. I am very grateful, and I'm sorry if I displeased you, sir!"

My underpants were by now down to my knees, and as John pulled me up, they both noticed that I had an erection. I couldn't help it!

They pushed me into the spare bedroom and threw the bucket and toilet paper in with me. Then Val removed the key from the door and locked it from the outside.


My New Life.

We have two spare rooms.

This spare room was not the one in which I had put my clothes from the master bedroom, (or should I say, "The Master's" bedroom?). In this room, there was just a bed, and a bedside table. We did have a chair and a chest of drawers in here, but John and Val must have removed them. The previous owners used this room as an office and that's why there was a lock on the door. Apart from the Master's bedroom, it's the only other room in the house with a lock on the door.

The mattress was bare, not even a pillow or a blanket. I was naked from the waist down, my trousers and underpants had been left on the floor in the hall. I was still wearing the jacket of my suit and my shirt and tie; at least I still had my socks to keep my feet warm. We didn't heat this room, as we never used it for anything, unless anyone came to visit, which was extremely rare. It was now time for me to reflect.

God, what a stupid bastard I'd been! Giving my darling wife to a fucking taxi driver! What an idiot I'd been! What have I done? What have I let myself in for? Could I get out of it? Was there a way to win her back, or get rid of John?

For the time being, I knew, I would just have to make the best of it and play along with them. I didn't think there was much more that could happen to me anyway. As long as news of this didn't get out to my friends and family, I was prepared to give them a chance, until they got sick of each other, or had an argument, when she would come back to me.

I kept regurgitating some liquid that tasted salty, and I knew it was John's spunk coming back in my throat. I felt ashamed and sickened by what I had done. I could still smell the shit that Val had wiped on my upper lip and I tried to wipe it off on the edge of the mattress.

I could hear their lovemaking; my wife was screaming with pleasure as she came. I could just imagine John's big prick buried deep inside her. He apparently came too, roaring like a lion, probably louder than he needed to for my benefit!

My stomach was aching and my bum was burning, but I needed to use the loo. Then I thought, if I shit in the bucket I would have to sleep with the smell all night, so I held it and tried not to think about it. I did piss in the bucket to relieve the tension in my abdomen and hoped that would be enough.

I could hear them laughing and joking in the shower, moans of pleasure and yelps of delight coming from both of them. My wife was really enjoying herself, with the taxi driver I had booked: just for the ride home! Now he had my ride, and my home!

As I lay on the bed trying to get to sleep, I heard them in the hallway, outside my bedroom door.

I couldn't know what they were doing, but I heard bumps on the wall and heavy breathing behind the door. Then I heard Val's voice saying, "Let's do it right here! I'll get the duvet, and we can let him hear what pleasure he's so kindly given to both of us. God I wish we'd done this years ago. I'm really turned on, darling, and it's all because of you! I love you so much; how can I ever thank you, my new owner? I really belong to you wholly and fully now."

"Not quite that fully, my little angel. There is still a part of you that I haven't yet penetrated. I need to make that mine as well!"

"Oh John, I don't want that. I've never had it there--I think it's disgusting and shameful. I know you did it to Mike, but that's between men; it's different! Please, my darling, not there! I would hate that!"

"I'm going to the loo, and you go down and bring me a knob of butter from the kitchen. I have to make you completely my property, so that you will never refuse me anything. You have to be all mine!"

There was silence outside the door for a while, and then I heard the toilet flush, and the bathroom door open.

John said, "Ah there you are, my little virgin. Are you all ready to lose your virginity? Are you looking forward to being deflowered by a real man?"

"Darling, I love you already, and I really am all yours now. Please don't do this. Why don't you keep a part of me pure and new? I might hate you for it afterwards, you never know!"

"I'll take that risk. You should know that there's no use in being a virgin, if you never get deflowered."

"Darling I have a better idea! Why don't we plan a honeymoon for all three of us? We can go on holiday, and you can deflower me on the first night of our official new life. I would love that! Then it would really mean something for me, and perhaps for you too, no?"

"Maybe you're right. I'll go along with that, but it will have to be soon. I can't wait too long! Suck my cock for now--I want to come again in your mouth!"

"Yes, darling. Ooh thank you, John, I'll love you even more for that!"

All the time I could hear them, I wanted to cry out loud and shout, "NOOO!" but I knew it wouldn't do any good. It was better to let them think I was asleep. I had a painful erection just listening to them. I turned over to rub my cock on the mattress but the pain was too much so I just had to lie on my back and listen to them, while my wife sucked on his stupid prick.

I could hear the "Umm's" and "Ahhh's" as they took their pleasure outside my locked door. I had an erection, but my balls were shriveled up with the cold, and I knew I couldn't satisfy myself. It was really frustrating.

John was telling my wife to suck harder and take it all into her mouth, to stick her fingers up his arse, to play with his balls, and God knows what else. I was so upset all I could do was to...just silently cry.

Eventually I fell into a deep sleep!

I awoke with an erection. Then I remembered my predicament. As I opened my eyes, I saw they were both standing over me, looking down at me. I started to get up but John gently pushed me back on the bed, and told Val to get hold of my cock.

"Grab it hard and pull on it. Now scratch it all the way up with your fingernails. The underneath too, and the sides; I want it so he can't get an erection for the rest of the day! Hurt him until he goes soft. That's better!"

I felt like screaming out again but I wasn't going to give him that pleasure, even though the pain was making my eyes watery, and tears ran down my cheeks.

He told her, "As soon as we get downstairs, I'll tie a string round it so he can't even piss! And he'd better leave it there. A good husband doesn't touch himself without his wife's consent, and you are going to be a good husband to my woman, cocksucking arsehole. Aren't you?"

"Yes, Master!"

Val squeezed my balls tight in her hand, making me scream. "You forgot how to address my owner! What are you supposed to say?"

"Yes, Master John, sir!"

"Val, take him for a piss and make sure he empties his bladder. Tickle him under his balls, so he'll piss all he's got. Then don't give him anything to drink till he's got his chastity belt on."

Chastity belt? What are they doing to me? I thought they were joking. Where would they get a chastity belt?

John had an erection. He watched as Val pulled me up and pushed me towards the bathroom. He also watched as she made me piss in the toilet basin.

My hands were still tied behind my back as they pushed me to go downstairs. When I turned around, Val was holding John's penis in front of him, slowly wanking him. She moved against him and kissed him on the lips, pulling up her nightie. She lifted her right leg and placed her foot behind him, pulling him into her as she directed his cock straight into her cunt. John's hands went to hold onto her bum cheeks as she fucked him there and then, right in front of me!

She came with a loud cry and hung her head onto his shoulder, saying, "Oh thank you, my darling! I really needed that, you were great. But you'll have to excuse me; I need a wee!"

John pushed me into the kitchen when Val went back upstairs. He made me show him where the coffee was, and he put the kettle on and prepared two cups, then he looked at me thoughtfully. "Come to think of it, I need to piss again too. On your knees, cocksucker! Open your mouth. I'm going to piss in your mouth and you'd better not spill any or I'll shove a brush up your arse! Yes...that's it! ...Good. I feel better after that! Now thank me for allowing you to drink my piss!"

"Thank you, Master John, sir, for allowing me to drink your piss!" I said this with spite in my voice, hating myself for not having the guts to stand up to him.

Val was at the door and heard me. She moved behind me and stood on my bent legs, pulling on my ears. "That wasn't very nicely said. I've already told you, you have to be nice to my new owner. Now start again and say thank you as if you mean it. And this time tell him how much you enjoyed it and how you would like to do it again and again for him. Tell him, very sincerely that you would love to drink all his delicious urine!"

"I can't do that, it's awful!" I protested, already feeling sick at the thought.

"You will, my dear husband. Sooner than you think! You'll do everything I tell you, you will be my slave, and you will happily conform to my wishes. All of them! But for the moment, you will kiss your Master's feet. You will thank him for satisfying me and making me happy. Then you will tell him that you love him! Do it now! Go on!"

She let go of my ears and pushed my head down to the floor.

As I kissed John's feet, I realized that in spite of the pain in my cock, I had another hard-on. I hoped they wouldn't notice.

"Thank you, Master John, sir, for satisfying my wife and making her happy. I love you!"

Val slapped my arse. "That wasn't good enough! Say it again, and this time, tell Master John a lot more about how you are grateful and how much you love him!"

"Thank you, Master John, sir, for satisfying my wife so well and making her happy, which I can't do. I want to tell you that I love you, and I love the way you treat my wife!"

Val hit me again. "And the way you treat me, dear Master! Repeat!"

"And I love the way you treat me as well, Dear Master John, sir!"

This time it was John who spoke, "That was very nice, now we're starting to understand each other. Let's get ready and you serve me and Val breakfast before Val takes you shopping for a chastity belt." To Val, he said, "Val, we need a ball gag, a butt plug, some handcuffs, leg irons, a dog collar, and a matching lead as well. He's going to think it's Christmas. Buy him a nice big dildo too. Double ended. That should do the trick! Oh and the little sissy baby who wets himself needs some nappies, and a play pen, but we'll sort that out another time!"

Val laughed, "Oh goody. Wow, we're going to have a hell of a shopping day. Can I get him some sacking and rope for his slave's clothes as well, darling?"

"That's a marvelous idea, my little angel. Go to a tailor and have them make it for him, then they can try it on him over his chastity belt and butt plug. Find him some sexy pinnies as well, for when he's serving us! I want to see everything when I get home from work!"

John got up to go to work. He kissed Val passionately to say goodbye and then made me get on my knees. I had to get out his penis and hold it in front of my face until it got hard.

"Now, cocksucker, tell my big prick how much you love him and will miss him!"

He was just being a real Bastard, with a capital "B".

"Dear Master John's lovely big prick, I loved sucking you and having you up my arse. I will miss you while you are at work. I love you very much and want you to make my wife very happy. Have a nice day!"

John smiled, pushed me away, and walked out!



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