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Redeye to L.A.

Jack Allen

All Rights Reserved



Ethan was glad to finally be getting on the plane. He had been waiting for more than two hours, and in all that time, he had been growing more and more nervous. The nervousness had made his penis grow hard. The jeans he was wearing didn't help. He kept his jacket on his lap and tried not to squirm too much.

Maybe now that he was getting on the plane he would be able to sleep and his discomfort would go away. After this, he was never going to take a redeye flight again.

Inside the hatchway he said Hi to the stewardess. She checked his ticket and pointed him down the aisle to his seat. The plane was practically deserted, except for a few people who were staying on board during the stopover. He was glad to see he wasn't the only one dumb enough to take such a late flight just to save some money.

Near his seat, he was approaching a young woman sitting alone in an aisle seat. All he could see of her was her face. She had straight black hair, dark eyebrows, and deep, blue eyes. Her lips were full, red, and pouty.

As he walked by, she looked up at him and smiled. Her black hair danced, picking up the lights from the front of the plane. He smiled back. She must have been waiting for her boyfriend, or maybe she was flying somewhere to meet him.

Her eyes glanced down at his crotch. Her mouth fell open and her eyebrows arched up. Ethan gritted his teeth. His face got warm. She must have seen around his jacket and noticed the long bulge hanging down in the leg of his jeans. He moved past her quickly and sat in his seat by the window a few rows behind her. Every muscle in his body was tense, except for his cock, which was painfully hard.

Ethan kept his jacket over his lap and sighed. It didn't take long for the few people taking the flight to board, and he was relieved when the plane taxied away from the terminal. The stewardess went through the orientation on how to use the mask in case of emergency and where the exits were, but he didn't pay any attention. He was anxious for the plane to get off the ground and level off in flight so he could settle back and sleep. His penis was still as hard as a steel pipe, and he didn't know why.

That attractive young woman with the long black hair was still sitting alone. Before long, a stewardess came along and asked if he'd like a blanket and a pillow. He took both, and was grateful. The black-haired young woman turned to look, as if she had just realized that he was sitting not far behind her.

The plane took off and climbed for a few minutes. It wasn't long before the captain came on over the intercom to tell them that they had leveled off at thirty five thousand feet and he expected to be in Los Angeles by six a.m. Ethan spread the blue blanket over himself and closed his eyes to try to get some sleep.

The gentle motion of the plane and the soft noise of the engines were helping him doze off. He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and opened his eyes. It was her, the young woman with the dark hair. She was leaning over the seat, smiling at him, with her hand on his shoulder.

"Hi. I'm Tricia," she said, and sat down next to him.

"Uh, Ethan," he said, and shook her hand.

He was still feeling a little disoriented. Between his legs, his penis was still as hard as a rock. He put both hands over his lap, afraid she would be offended if she found out.

She crossed her legs and he glanced down. She wore a mini skirt, which showed off her gorgeous, long legs. His mouth watered. Her legs were long enough to wrap tight around a man and pull him all the way in. Her waist was slim under a snug, tartan sweater, and the points of her nipples showed through the sweater.

"You're horny as hell, aren't you?" she said, looking deep into his eyes.


"I know. I can tell." She looked down at his hands over his lap. "Your cock makes one hell of a lump. I could see it when you walked past. I bet you shocked that stewardess up front."

Ethan blushed. "That happens sometimes. I don't mean to do it."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to graduate school at UCLA," he said.

"Me too. Except, I mean, not graduate school. I'm gonna be a freshman at UCLA," Tricia said.

She grinned and slipped her hand under blanket, right over his hard lump.

"God damn, it's so hard," she said.

The gentle heat of her hand surged through his jeans. She squeezed his erection and ran her hand up and down its length.

"Jesus, dude. You got a huge cock."

Ethan was tense all over, and squeezing the arms of the seat so hard he could have ripped them right off.

"Thanks," he said.

Tricia looked up the long row of seats. She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"I can take care of that hard-on for you, I mean, if you want. Follow me."

She kissed him on the mouth and pried his lips apart with her tongue and slipped it into his mouth. She pulled away.

"God. You got my pussy dripping wet."

She stood up and started down the aisle to the back of the plane. Ethan got up and followed her, staring at her beautiful ass when she shook it side to side under the short skirt. She went straight to the lavatories at the back of the plane, opened one of the doors, and motioned for him to follow.

The pretty stewardess who had given Ethan the blanket and pillow suddenly appeared between him and Tricia and walked up the aisle toward him.

"Hi," she said with a polite smile.

Ethan just smiled back. He had nothing to cover up the front of his jeans, and there was no way she could miss the outline of his cock.

There was very little room in the aisle for them to pass. She turned her back to him and leaned against the nearest seat to allow him to pass. He tried to slip by quickly, stepping sideways while she was facing away. The plane rocked just at that moment and he lost his balance. He leaned into her and caught himself with both hands on the seats on her slim waist. The hard lump of his erection pressed into the soft cheeks of her ass. She turned to look at him over her shoulder. He watched her face. Her smile disappeared. She looked up into his eyes and he saw in them the curious look of desire.

They were pressed against each other for a moment longer than it seemed they should have been. She quickly straightened herself up.

"Excuse me, sir," she said.

Her face was bright red, and she slipped past. For another moment Ethan watched her go, and then turned back to Tricia.

She was standing at the open door of the lavatory with a big grin on her face. Her figure was outlined by the soft light from the lavatory behind her. Ethan walked toward her.

"Sorry about that," he said.

"For what?"

She grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into the lavatory with her. The door closed behind them and her tongue plunged into his mouth. He slid his hands down and squeezed her ass and she ground her groin against the big lump in the front of his pants.

"That was so funny," she said when she pulled away. "I thought she was gonna pull her skirt up and let you fuck her right there."

"I don't think I would have stopped her," Ethan said.

He held her waist. Her hips flared out beautifully under his fingers.

"I don't think so, either," Tricia said, and giggled.

Her hands opened his jeans and reached in for his cock. Her mouth opened wide when she pulled it out and she looked down.

"My God. What a cock," she said a little too loud. She pulled her skirt up, crouched down, and licked the head. "Joe's isn't nearly this long. But he's a mouthful, too."

"You have a boyfriend?" Ethan said.

She looked up at him from the floor with her wide, alluring eyes and nodded. She was stroking his cock with both hands, resting the huge, round head against her soft cheek.

"Not really. He's more like my brother-in-law," she said.

Her red lips split open. The head of his cock slipped into her mouth past them and she closed her lips around it.

"Fuck my mouth," she said.

The words were so distorted he almost couldn't make them out. He watched her stuff his shaft into her face until it seemed impossible that there was enough room. His cock plunged straight to the back of her throat. He felt the head touch the back of her mouth and she gagged, but she kept trying to force more of it in.

She murmured around the cock in her mouth, almost humming a tune while she sucked. Her eyes were closed, and there was a smile at the corners of her mouth. Her black hair danced as her head bobbed to the tune she was humming.

"Tricia?" Ethan started to say. He was pumping his cock deep into her mouth. "You got a beautiful mouth."

He couldn't believe how good her wet lips felt around his cock. The way she drew her cheeks in against his shaft, and the way she worked her tongue furiously under the head and shaft was driving him crazy.

"Come on, dude. Shoot," she mumbled around his dick, holding the shaft in her teeth to speak.

Her saliva dribbled from her mouth, down the shaft into his pubic hair.

Ethan gasped. He put his hands on top of her head.

"I'm gonna cum," he whispered, and shot a heavy load into her mouth.

She gulped fast, letting it slide over her tongue and down her throat. The more he shot, the more she swallowed, never letting a bit of it get away from her. Every shot made him grunt like an animal, and he bucked his hips forward, jamming the head of his cock against the back of her mouth. She was gagging, but she kept swallowing.

When she had the last drop, she slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked the head.

"Good?" she asked, and her eyebrows arched.

"Very good."

"You cum like crazy," she said.

She wiped a drop of his cum from her chin with the back of her hand. His long cock hung before her, dripping with saliva and sperm. She put her hand around the wet shaft and stroked, with a confused look on her face.

"What's wrong?" Ethan said.

She stood up, still holding his hard cock. Her short skirt fell back into place, but it was wrinkled.

"It's still hard," she said. She looked up at him with those big, innocent blue eyes. "You need something more."

Ethan smiled. He put his hands on her hips and slipped them up under her sweater and squeezed her soft boobs. She wasn't wearing a bra and he loved their firm, bouncy feel. He rubbed her nipples with his thumbs and she licked her lips and moaned.

"Take your panties off," Ethan whispered.

She pulled up her skirt and wiggled out of her tiny, black panties. Ethan picked her up by her tiny waist and set her on the stainless steel counter.

"What are you gonna do?" she said, and giggled.

"I want to eat you."

He stroked his hands up the smooth insides of her thighs and spread them apart.

"Oh yeah," Tricia moaned, and leaned back against the mirror.

Ethan crouched down between her legs. His mouth was only an inch or so from her mound. Her moist, pink lips glistened in the unflattering fluorescent light. Tricia was watching him, and her lips were curled up in a smile. He could see the tip of her tongue between them.

He inhaled her strong, musky scent. He lifted her legs over each of his shoulders so that her heels rested on his upper back and his ears tickled the insides of her thighs. He stuck out his tongue and licked her soft pussy lips. Tricia lifted her hips a bit, and Ethan pushed his tongue past her wet lips into her pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah," Tricia said, and moaned.

Her hips rose off the counter another inch or so. Ethan strained to make his tongue as long as he could, to push it as deep into her pussy as he could. Her thighs pressed in on the sides of his head. She put her hand on top of his head and clenched his hair in her fist.

Ethan nibbled her labia gently in his teeth. His breath was hot and heavy against her crotch. With the tip of his tongue between her pussy lips, he brushed the tip over the bump of her clitoris. Her body jerked and she let a small cry from her mouth.

"Right there," she whispered, and groaned behind her clenched teeth.

Her grip on his hair tightened, and she pulled his face down harder against her mound. Ethan's nose nuzzled in her soft, dark fur. He stroked his tongue up and down between her lips. Her body shuddered every time it passed over her clitoris.

"Oh yes ... Oh yes," she panted.

She was getting louder and louder the more he worked. It didn't take long before she was twitching with an orgasm. He twirled his tongue around her clitoris and kept his hands clamped around her thighs so she didn't crush his head in them. He held on for the ride and hoped her moaning didn't attract too much attention from outside.

"Uhn ... uhn ... uhn," she moaned with each convulsion.

She squeezed her legs together and pulled so hard on his hair he was afraid it would come out in a clump. When her orgasm finally began to pass, her moaning ended and she was only panting for breath. She let go off his hair and brushed it back with her fingers. Her legs went limp over his shoulders. He turned his eyes up to her while he kissed her mound. Her eyes opened.

"That was so nice," she said.

"I'm glad you liked it."

He stood up and her eyes were immediately drawn to his erect cock.

"Fuck me. It looks bigger than before," she said, and reached out for it with her small hand.

It was still slimy with her saliva and sticky with his sperm. Ethan looked down at her hand around his cock.

"It might be. I can never be sure how big it is."

"Joe was never this horny," she said.

"Neither am I, usually."

He put his hands around her hips and pulled her to the edge of the stainless steel counter.

"You wanna do it this way?" she said.

She lifted his hard cock and it stretched almost all the way up to her belly button.

"If it's not gonna be too uncomfortable for you," Ethan said.

Tricia shook her head. "Just don't let me fall off."

Ethan held the insides of her knees in his hands and pushed them back. Tricia aimed the head of his cock at her crotch. Her pussy lips were puffy and moist and parted, as if waiting for the head of his cock. She touched the head right to the tiny, exposed pink spot. Ethan pressed forward with his hips. The fat head of his cock penetrated her tight hole.

Tricia groaned.

"Oh fuck. It's so big," she said in a soft voice.

She put one hand on the edge of the counter and one hand on his shoulder. Ethan leaned over her and pushed with his weight. His long cock slipped all the way up inside her warm, wet pussy. Tricia groaned and made a gurgling noise at the back of her throat.

Ethan paused and watched her face.

"Let me know if you want me to stop," he said.

"No, no, don't stop. That feels so fucking good," she said in that soft voice again.

She wrapped her long, gorgeous legs around his waist just like he had imagined and held him in, like she didn't want to let him get away.

Ethan pulled his cock out and pushed it back in. She moaned. Her head was laid back against the mirror like she was delirious with pleasure, and very nearly coming again. He pulled his cock back and pushed it into her again.

"You can fuck your stuff into me, dude. I'm on the pill," she said in a dreamily tone, and when she looked at him, her eyes were glazed over.

Ethan just nodded. He was not ready to cum inside her, not yet. Her tight pussy felt too good to cum so soon.

He pumped slowly with his hips. She was breathing in short gasps and moans. Weak whimpering sounds came from the back of her throat when he pushed his cock a little too deep, and her whole body tensed. He was sure that when they opened the door there would be a crowd outside wondering what the hell was going on in there.

He rubbed her nipples like they were small jewels that needed to be polished. Her mouth hung open and she was panting. Her glassy eyes stared at his fingers. She spasmed and groaned, and her legs squeezed on his hips. Her jaws were clenched like she was trying to keep from screaming out loud. Her warm juices ran down the insides of his thighs like warm honey. His balls were covered with it. She was cumming again.

Her eyes had rolled back in her head. Her jaws were clenched so tight he could see the muscles of her jaw rippling. Her tits jiggled when he slammed his cock into her. He had been holding off his own orgasm, but now that she was cumming, he let go and pumped it into her pussy.

The muscles in his neck strained and his own body jerked. He grunted and groaned along with her. His warm, slippery cum quickly filled her pussy.

His cock was still throbbing and spitting cum into her belly when she put her hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes.

"You came again," she whispered.

"Yeah. So did you."

"That was so cool," she said.

Ethan brushed her hair out of her face. They kissed, with his tongue in her mouth. His cock was still in her pussy and she was still spasming. The plane hit some hard bumps and almost knocked Ethan off his feet. They broke apart, giggling. He lifted himself off of her and let his cock slide out of her pussy. It dropped out and a stream of cum followed.

They sat together and for the rest of the flight, Tricia slept on his shoulder. That pretty stewardess he ran into earlier in the aisle paid an unusual amount of attention to him for the rest of the flight.

When they landed in California at dawn, Tricia took him right to her dorm room. He could not help the big grin on his face. This was going to be a good year.






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