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By Bruce

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Emily rolled down the hill, giggling like a schoolgirl, which technically she no longer was. I felt a pang of guilt as I watched, knowing the several glasses of wine I had bought her at lunch were no doubt partly responsible for such immature behavior.

"This is such fun, 'Uncle' Peter, you should try," Emily giggled. (I wasn't actually her uncle but she had always called me that).

"Oh! No! I'd probably put my back out," I grinned, gazing down at her lithe body as she came to a halt in the long grass at my feet. I felt rather embarrassed as my eyes were inescapably drawn to where her flowery dress had crumpled back across to the top of her tanned thighs, exposing a small, neat triangle of dark fuzz, visible through the semi-sheer veil of her pretty white panties.

"Come on, you're not THAT old," Emily teased, then, as if in answer to my silent prayer she rolled over in the grass.

I swallowed hard as her pert derriere was presented to me, the delightful curves of her firm buttocks, bisected, so cutely by the frilly edge of her panties.

"Well, maybe I'm not," I retorted. "But YOU are certainly too old to be rolling down a hill, like a little girl," I continued, wanting to add, "Showing off your knickers to all the boys," but I refrained.

Emily stuck out her tongue at me and blew a raspberry in a childish, impudent manner, laughing cheekily as she did so. I have to say my feelings were somewhat confused as I looked down at Emily smiling up at me with her sweet, elfin-like face, framed by masses of tousled blonde hair.

"But NOT too old for a smack on the bottom, young lady," I exclaimed quickly in response to her gesture, trying to put on a stern-face.

Emily merely laughed again and blew another raspberry. I tried to grab her arm but she quickly leapt to her feet and ran off towards a small copse. I set off in pursuit, not trying too hard to catch up until she stumbled and I was able to grasp her by the wrist and we tumbled to the ground together.

Emily squealed in protest, giggling uncontrollably as I pulled her petite frame across my knees and gently spanked her upturned rump. She was wriggling so much her thin cotton dress rode up once more, exposing the lightly glowing cheeks of Emily's perfect little, silky clad bottom.

I felt myself begin to stiffen and Emily let out a gasp.

"Oh! Uncle Peter!!!!" she exclaimed with a stifled giggle but still continued to wriggle, which of course only 'inflamed the situation' further so I let her roll off my knees.

Emily lay in the grass looking up at me, with what I can only describe as a mischievous grin on her face. She was only eighteen but suddenly looked more like twenty-eight.

"Emily, I'm sorry things got a bit--"

"It's OK, I'm not a little girl anymore, Uncle Peter," Emily interrupted me. "Just in case you hadn't noticed," she added with a coy tilt of her head.

"Yes, yes I had actually," I slowly replied.

"And I was being deliberately provocative, you know," she offered, seductively fluttering her big brown eyes.

"Oh! I see," I replied probably sounding rather dumb.

"I know you work for my dad but I'll never tell," Emily whispered reaching out to touch my arm, then adding with a giggle after a suitable pause, "that you have just enjoyed spanking me!!

I swallowed hard, imagining the consequences if she ever did.

"Don't worry," Emily smiled sensing my doubts, then as if to seal our secret deal she leant forward and planted a kiss on my lips.

I tenderly stroked the back of my hand across Emily's face and we kissed again, a slow, lingering 'French' kiss that told of many secret desires.

"I always knew you wanted me," she breathed excitedly as we finally broke off.

This, I could hardly deny as my erection had returned with a vengeance.

"You feel so hard," Emily gasped, sliding her hand down across the bulge in my trousers. Then, before I could protest she unzipped them and her hand slipped inside.

"Emily, I think maybe we should..." the words died in my mouth as her warm, slender fingers curled around my thick, swollen shaft and eased it from my black trunks.

"Uncle Peter!" she exclaimed again, this time raising her eyebrows for effect.

I released a heavy sigh of resignation as her fingers began stroking my cock. The lightness of Emily's touch was quite divine.

She pushed me back in the grass and shuffling forward on her knees, straddled my hips, like a cowgirl mounting a horse.

I lay back passively, watching as Emily slowly unbuttoned her dress, the bright flower-patterned material parting like a curtain to reveal her small pert breasts, tanned a golden brown and topped with dark, firm nipples. A soft "Mmmm," of approval escaped my lips.

Emily smiled sweetly and leant forward, planting a kiss on my lips. Her long hair tumbled down across my face, like the cascades of a waterfall and wafts of her flowery perfume surrounded me. I breathed in deeply the sensual aroma, kissing Emily's face and neck as my hands slid along her silken thighs, then up under the dress onto her bottom, that was so tantalizingly encased in the warm, silky nylon of her panties.

"Take your dress off," I whispered.

Emily smiled and obeyed, peeling it off over her head before throwing it casually to the ground. She let out a squeal of surprise as I quickly rolled her off my hips onto the soft grass, and then lay silently watching as I undressed. The hot afternoon sun felt so good on my naked body.

I straddled her, like a hunter would over his prey. Emily looked up at me, her sultry brown eyes full of lust, then reaching up, slowly slid her fingers across my thighs before wrapping them around my hard cock.

"I want you inside me," she breathed softly.

I slid my hands under Emily's peachy buttocks and peeled the flimsy panties off; smiling down at her as I casually threw the silky bundle onto the grass beside her dress.

Emily's pussy looked almost untouched, so tight and neat. I slid my fingers along the already slippery petals, gently increasing the pressure until one slipped inside. Emily gasped, and I inserted a second digit, splaying her lips, then bending my head flicked my hot, wet tongue against the protruding clitoris. Her body writhed in the grass as my tongue teased the sensitive little bud, until juices were oozing from her sweet pussy and her gasps had turned to moans of pleasure.

I sat back and shuffling forward, steered my bloated knob up against Emily's juicy petals and gently pushed. It slipped between them like the proverbial "knife through hot butter" and she let out a cry as my fat cock slowly sank into the delicious wet, warmth of her pussy, which gripped my shaft like a velvet glove.

Emily's fingers raked across my back as I began to fuck her with slow, deep strokes, her muffled groans and cries of "Yes" confirming the pleasure she was getting, though, undoubtedly it was less than mine.

I pulled out and re-entered her several times, just for the sheer pleasure of doing so. Emily eagerly welcomed me each time, grabbing my bottom and pulling me back inside her well lubricated pussy.

We rode together to an explosive climax, Emily crying out, her body shuddering as my cock repeatedly slid, piston-like into her tight pussy, before my balls finally twitched and pumped numerous spurts of hot jizz inside her.

Our bodies were glistening with sweat as we lay in the grass, under the hot sun, breathing heavily, our juices trickling from Emily's still splayed pussy as she stroked my now flaccid cock.

"That was so beautiful," she whispered, kissing me on the lips as I caressed the soft skin of her back.

I already wanted her, again.



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