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Every year I go to my favorite vacation spot for two weeks near Cape Cod. It's a small rented cabin on a private lot with its own sandy beach--a great place to relax in the heat of the summer. I love to get up very early in the morning, just past dawn, and go down for a skinny dip in the cold water. It's a special feeling being all alone with fresh water rushing around my entire naked body. I can only last in the frigid water for about ten minutes, but it's just enough to feel completely refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

On this one particular morning while swimming in the water, enjoying my usual routine, my neighbor, Susan, very quietly and suddenly appeared right before me, paddling in her canoe. I hadn't even noticed her approach as she took me by complete surprise. Susan was a clever, gifted graduate student at Harvard University and a lovely-looking girl in her early twenties.

"Oh hello," I said somewhat embarrassed by my swimming without any clothes on.

"I see you have your birthday suit on this morning," she laughed.

"Well, I always do my morning dip this way," I replied.

"Mind if I stick around a while? I'm working on a thesis with my roommate, Clair, on sexual differences within the male anatomy. Any chance to see a real naked man would be a bonus!" she said with a wink.

"You've got to be joking!" I said.

"No not at all. We thought we could work on this document together and have a whole lot of fun at the same time. Don't you think it's a smart idea?" she asked.

"I'm going to have to get out soon--it's getting too cold," I said.

"Well how would you like to participate in our research project?" she asked. "We are taking numerical statistics on a few random guys to see if we can nail down certain conclusions on fertility rates in relation to variances in male genital anatomy. This is the part you boys always like. Basically, we need to get up close and, you know, very personal, to document changes in sexual function and measure you precisely as we proceed. It's methodically slow and time-consuming work, but it can turn into a bit of erotic fun too. Strictly in the name of science, of course. Are you game?"

This sounded too good to be true. "Sure," I hesitated.

"Great, why don't you come on over to my place this evening, say around nine o'clock. I'll tell Clair and we'll get right to work," she gingerly smiled.

"I have to get out of the water now," I said, almost shivering.

I swam to the shore and walked naked on the beach to where I had left my things. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me then turned around to face her.

She had taken a picture of me with her digital camera. "Nice ass! Great body! Perfect specimen! Hope to see the rest of you later...up close. Be there or lose! Thanks and you won't regret it," Susan shouted and padded off into the distance.

I knocked at Susan's cottage door right at 9:00, clutching a bottle of red wine.

"Hello, come in, it's great to see you. Clair, our neighborly gentleman specimen has arrived," Susan informed her roommate who had just entered the room. Clair was the cute type, with red tinted hair.

Susan opened the wine and poured three glasses and we sat down in the living room. "This should be fun for you," she smiled, "but first we need you to fill out a couple of forms."

The first form stated that my privacy and identity would be respected and not be divulged to anyone, and my signature was required in order for them to proceed with their study. The next one formally requested all sorts of information about my health history, use of drugs, allergies, age, sexual preferences--heterosexual or homosexual--and things like that.

I filled these forms out and then Clair spoke to me in a very frank and serious manner about what they were going to do.

"We need to document physical changes in your genitals as we conduct this study. So, of course you'll need to undress in that area because we require absolute total access. You'd probably feel more comfortable and in the mood if you just remove all your clothes. We'll be taking photos of your private parts, shall we say from various angles, as we go along.

"Susan and I will be in full control of maintaining or changing your various states of arousal. You don't need to do anything, although you will need to stand with your legs slightly apart for a long time. We will be using thin latex gloves with a very small quantity of lubrication, not only to arouse you but also to gauge hardness and skin changes in your penis, perineum and scrotum. Tape measures and calipers will be used, and we'll document your pre-ejaculation endurance time. We will check the prostate a few times during the procedure, which will mean inserting a finger slightly inside your anus--sorry! Any seminal fluids we excrete from you needs to be collected in a flask and the quantity noted, then put in a freezer, which we will later send out for a detailed laboratory analysis. We will not concern ourselves with collecting what we call pre-cum, but its consistency and flavor composition will be documented for interest's sake. And as it turns out, Susan's specialty is determining that orally, which I'm sure is something you will likely enjoy. According to our method, we'll have your arousal reach the strongest peak three times before we force you to ejaculate all your semen thoroughly. Please--this is critical--you must inform us just before you think you are going to ejaculate in order for us to back off and take proper measurements. This entire procedure will need to be done twice every evening for three evenings in a row for our study to be complete. We expect the first entire episode of the evening to be quicker than the second episode. We'll have a twenty-minute break in between. We can just take our time--no need to hurry--that way you can also enjoy the experience as much as possible while we do our critical statistical work. Do you understand? Any questions?"

"What about you? Aren't you girls going to be naked too, and don't we get to at least fuck or something?" I asked.

Clair's face immediately turned beet red and she was obviously upset. "Look, this is strictly school work, mister. I admit it's quite unusual, which is why most students are too reluctant to work in this genre, but this session is strictly for academic purposes only and that's where it ends, even though you may benefit by finding it somewhat stimulating or erotic. That's our position! So understanding that, do you want to proceed?"

"Well OK, then... I understand. Let's do it," I replied.

"Good," Clair sighed with a relieved expression. "Then follow Susan into the washroom and she'll prepare you by cleansing the area with antibacterial soap. When you come out I'll have all the tools needed to begin."

I went into the bathroom with Susan who spoke to me in a warm and friendly fashion. "You can see that Clair is a pretty serious student, and so am I. But just so you know, she's gay, so her perspective on this is way different than mine. I, personally, get to enjoy these research sessions, on both academic and erotic levels. So it's all fun for me! Thanks so much for doing this. I told you that you wouldn't regret it. You are in for what amounts to a couple of slow and teasing expert hand jobs by two gals for three nights. That's six deluxe hand jobs. You can't complain about that, now can you? So we better get started. How about taking off your clothes now and stepping into the bathtub?"

I did as I was told and already had a solid hard-on when she began washing my ass, all around my balls, and my cock with soap and water, all the while with a big smile on her face.

"Step out" she said as she wiped me dry with a towel, and then just fixed her gaze to my crotch for a minute. "I don't mind telling you, off the record, that you have an absolutely gorgeous and picture-perfect cock. For being such a good sport, how about I paddle over to your place next week when you are doing your regular skinny dipping, and reward you with a slow and decedent early morning blow job?"

I wasn't about to refuse.

I certainly was in the mood for the evening's activities now and followed her into the living room when she said, "OK, lets go."

Clair designated a spot for me in the center of the room, between two tables, one with all her tools and gadgets, and the other with glasses of wine. I stood there with my legs apart, naked and horny.

"I see you are almost ready. We'll begin taking statistics the first time you reach your peak, which will likely happen pretty fast once we get started."

Susan began taking pictures of me from the rear, front, and looking up from the floor between my legs. They both then put on gloves and poured some sort of lubricant into their palms. Clair began massaging my balls and anus, and Susan concentrated slowly pumping both her hands along my hard cock.

"Now tell us before you ejaculate," Clair reminded me in a worried tone.

It took only about three minutes when I declared, "Stop now!"

The girls immediately withdrew their hands. Clair measured the full length of my cock, and then used the calipers to measure thickness in various spots while Susan took pictures. They noted measurements for my testicles, and started feeling and squeezing areas for hardness, all the while jotting down figures in their notebooks.

"This will just take a second," Clair said as she inserted a finger in my anus to probe my prostate.

"How are you doing?" Susan asked.

"I'm feeling fine," I replied.

"We'll give you another minute and then we'll start you up again," she added.

I started oozing a bit of pre-cum, and when they were ready to get going Susan looked at me and said, "I'll just take care of this first." She moved closer and licked it all off and then stated, "Smooth and light--Just slightly salty--and a very desirable consistency." She jotted all that down in her notes and gave me a seductive glance.

"OK, here we go again," Susan said when she was ready.

They resumed the hand job as before, but this time it took only a minute before I shouted, "Stop!"

Once aging they repeated their measurements, and Susan licked off another small amount of pre-cum.

By now, my cock was so sensitive that I knew I couldn't last more than a few seconds.

"All right, are you ready? This is the third time so we are about to collect all your seminal fluids," Clair announced.

She inserted her finger to get at my prostate, and as soon as Susan started moving her hands up and down my cock, I joyfully moaned while spewing out cum in strong bursts, which Clair collected in her glass bottle.

"We need as much as possible," Susan insisted as she kept pumping away until it appeared that I was completely finished.

"Pretty nice, huh?" Susan laughed and I nodded approvingly.

Clair gathered up her flask to put in the freezer and said, "Relax and we will do it all again in twenty minutes."

"What if I can't get an erection?" I asked.

"Don't worry - that's never been a problem with anyone before," Susan positively assured me.

I wondered how many other guys they had done this to.

The entire procedure was done again and it took much longer for me to get hard and cum for them the second time, making the evening's events a drawn-out but enjoyable adventure for me. I wasn't sure if I had any semen left inside me to collect, but somehow they did manage to drain a good amount for their use.

When it was time to leave, Clair said, "Thanks for being a fine specimen."

Susan gave me a wink and said, "Get some rest and we will see you again tomorrow, big boy!"

For two more evenings, I eagerly participated in their research study, and Susan, true to her word, gave me a slow and teasing blowjob a few days later, which was her way of saying thank you.

The next year when I showed up on my annual vacation, Susan paddled by my place once again during my morning swim. "Hello, naked guy," she said.

"What's the latest on your thesis?" I asked.

"We discovered absolutely no correlation whatsoever between cock size and cum quantity or quality between males. Actually if you really want to know the truth, we made the whole darn thing up--it was a total lark. We just wanted to have some fun. I hope you didn't mind. I'm now working on my PHD study, concerning methods for cock-sucking." She said with an impish smile. "Are you game?"

"You bet I am," I replied.






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