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My wife/Mistress, Emily, (we're into D/s) perfectly exemplifies the old saying about wanting what one can't have. I realized early in our marriage that She wants me more when She can't have me. Paradoxically, the more She abuses and torments me, the more I love Her. Our marriage wasn't made in heaven but it works perfectly here on earth.

She requires ritualized phone sex every night during my frequent business trips. Judging by what She says She's doing and Her ecstatic sounds, it's better for Her than being with me. She especially enjoys making me delay my orgasm until She's enjoyed as many of Her own as She cares to for the moment.

"Get as close as you can without finishing, Honey!" She commands.

"Tell me when you're ready."

I stroke myself until my thighs and stomach tingle and the pressure beneath my balls is almost unbearable.

"Now!" I exclaim.

She commands me to stop touching myself and put my hand outside the blanket. I have no choice; She'll know if I disobey. I reluctantly comply and listen to Her screams and moans while my cock twitches maddeningly against the unfeeling cloth.

"Now you may finish, Darling," She says sweetly.

I hold the headset against my chest so She can hear my heart race while I ejaculate and then slow when my orgasm subsides.

"Did you come a lot for Me?" Emily asks. "Is it all over your hand and stomach?"

"Yes, Mistress," I answer. "I'm covered in it!"

She whispers, "Good boy! I love you!" and rings off.


The present phase of our relationship began around six months ago, the night before a trip. While we were preparing to make love, I finally told Her it bothered me a bit that She enjoyed Herself more alone than with me. She'd already restrained my wrists to the bedposts and was preparing to secure my ankles.

"Your sex life would be perfect if I were locked up in prison with a phone in my cell, wouldn't it, Mistress?" I asked.

Her enormous gray eyes widened in surprise, then she smiled. "I often fantasize that you're locked away from me forever, David. We're only allowed to see one another for an hour each month. The guard lets us kiss and hug once when I first arrive, then we must sit on opposite sides of a table. They watch us to prevent our touching again. There's no privacy. The visiting room is crowded with other inmates and their women. The air is thick with musk."

She pulled my leg out straight and locked the restraint around my ankle. "You stare at My breasts through My thin blouse with an enormous hard-on." She patted the fly of my Levi's and grinned. "I describe what I did to myself since our last visit; how I played with myself, how wet and swollen I was, how hard my clit got, how hard I finished and what I'd do if we were alone. Then I squeeze my thighs together and make myself climax. The guard doesn't know I'm doing it but you do!"

She pulled my other leg toward the bedpost and secured it. "They take you to shower on the way back to your cell. The guard is a woman who looks so much like me it drives you crazy." Emily stripped slowly and seductively, displaying Her lithe dancer's body; small, firm breasts, long, tapered legs and tight, round ass. "You look at her out of the corner of your eye and see that she's watching you. The water cascades over your body like a hundred hot fingers. You get hard soaping yourself. Your hand is slick and slippery. It feels like My pussy when you wrap it around your cock. You face the wall to hide what you're doing from her but you feel her watching you masturbate until you squirt all your hot semen into the air."

Emily leaned over and kissed me, sucked my tongue into Her mouth and bit it. "You lie there at night remembering how nice my breasts felt." She pressed one into my hand then leaned over me and let me lick and suck Her nipples. "You dream about Me. You wake up crazy with your need for Me in the middle of the night and jerk off."

Emily was already wet when She straddled my face. I knew exactly how She liked to be eaten and gave Her the pressure, rhythm and tempo She loved. My wife screamed and convulsed time after time before relaxing to lie next to me with a leg over one of mine and a firm breast pressed against my chest.

"That was so nice," She purred and licked my neck. One graceful hand glided slowly over my chest, pinching my nipples, playing with the hair. "I love to fantasize your being in jail while I come." Her fingers strayed down my stomach and under my waistband. "You'd be hot for me all the time, wouldn't you, Sweetheart?"

"I am now!" I replied. "God, I need you so badly!" I arched my back and raised my hips.

"You'd lie there in you cell every night for the rest of your life, coming without satisfaction, dying for what you're about to get!"

She kissed my lips and touched the head of my cock. I fought the tight restraints to move against Her fingers.

Emily rubbed my urethra slit ever so lightly with a soft fingertip. "Is this what you want? Do you like it when I touch you here?"

I couldn't catch my breath. "Yes!" I wheezed. "Please take it out, Mistress!"

"Not yet, Darling. I'm not quite ready."

Emily lay on top of me with our bodies touching full length; hands on my bound wrists, legs outside mine, breasts against my chest. Her prominent mons pressed relentlessly against my straining cock.

"Shall I ride you? Would you like that?" She covered my lips with Hers.

I moaned, "Yes!" against Her open mouth.

She sat up on me. "Perhaps I'll suck you off instead. Would you like to finish in My mouth?" She moved back and forth against the hard ridge of my confined cock. I felt like I was drowning! "Or I might loosen one of your wrist restraints just enough to allow you to touch the head of your cock with your fingertips and let you masturbate for me."

"Anything at all! Please, Mistress!" I begged.

"Perhaps I'll leave you just as you are," She started to pant and tremble "and make you wait until morning!"

Emily's face contorted. She came with a keening wail, slid off me and lay sweaty and satisfied against my side, Her warm cheek on my chest.

"Mistress..." I pleaded.

Emily kissed my nipple, closed Her eyes and whispered languidly "I'm ready for a nap."

"I'm not!" I responded fearfully. She'd inflicted this exquisite torture on me before. "For God's sake, please let me come!" I was afraid She'd ignored me until I felt Her fumbling with my zipper.

My cock leapt free. Emily rubbed it slowly, tantalizingly, without opening Her eyes. "All right, Darling. Let me get in the mood for another climax."

She played with me until I was trembling violently from the strain of holding back. The sensation of Her hand on my aching rod was too powerful to bear.

"I'm getting too close, Mistress!" I warned.

My whole body jerked at the sensation of Her tongue in my mouth when She kissed me. I couldn't hold my hips still.

When a drop of pre-cum squeezed out She commanded, "Wait until I get a condom, David!"

"Mistress, forgive me!" I pleaded desperately. "I don't think I can!"

"Damn you, David!" She snarled. "Don't you dare come without permission! Wait for me!" She exclaimed and slipped a rubber over the head of my cock. I started to ejaculate before She finished rolling it down the shaft.

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" I gasped.

She watched as I helplessly pumped my load into the condom, refusing to touch me until my frantic pelvic thrusts subsided.

"You'd be inside Me now if you had any self control!" She said icily.

Mistress pulled off the rubber, emptied it into Her palm and held Her hand to my mouth. When I finished licking it clean, She freed me and lay with Her back to me. She pushed my hand away when I touched Her. We didn't speak again that night.


She apologized on the way to the airport the next morning. "I'm sorry I was so bitchy last night. You disappointed Me when you wouldn't wait." Emily smiled sweetly and shifted to a plaintive, little girl tone. "Can you forgive Me?"

I nodded. We both knew I could forgive Her anything.

She kissed my cheek and put my hand under Her skirt. The crotch of Her silk panties was soaked. "I moved to your side of the bed after you got up this morning," She said breathlessly. "The sheet was warm from your body. I put your pillow between my knees and made myself come while you were showering."

She stopped in front of the terminal, patted my crotch and whispered "Call me tonight, Lover. I'll be waiting!"


She told me She had a present for me. I asked what it was.

"A surprise. You'll have to be patient until you get back," She teased. "I'm holding it in my hand, wishing you were here. Listen!" She held the phone between Her thighs so I could hear the wet sounds of Her fingers bringing Her to Her climax. "God, I can't wait to give this to you!" She whispered and hung up.


I was incredibly horny the evening I returned. Emily looked fantastic when She met me at the door. She'd been practicing a new ballet and had on a white leotard which did little to hide Her small, pointed breasts and dark, thick pubic triangle. She had a feline quality, strong and graceful, even a bit predatory.

I was ready to go as soon as I put down my bag but She held me off through dinner to let our excitement build.

"Your present is upstairs, Honey," She informed me "but you must promise me something before I give it to you."

I raised my glass in silent toast to whatever She might propose.

"You'll obey My rules without question or complaint."

I nodded.

"You must say it!" She demanded.

"I'll do whatever You want me to, Mistress," I acknowledged.

Emily smiled and started up the stairs.

"Wait until I call you," She said sweetly. "It won't be long!"

I was half out of my mind by the time She invited me up. The bedroom was lit only by a few candles. Emily lay on Her back in the middle of the bed. Flickering lights danced off Her smooth skin, accentuating the curves and hollows of Her slender body.

She raised Her knees, parted them and lifted Her arms in invitation. "Hurry, Darling," She cooed. "Make love to me."

Damaging Her perfect body with a pregnancy or hormones in the Pill was out of the question.

I went to the dresser for a condom.

"Not this time, Dearest," She said breathlessly. "I'm due to start in a day or two. I'll be all right." She looked at my bounding cock and licked Her lips. "I want to feel you come inside me just this once."

She seldom let me have intercourse without restraining me on my back and never without a condom. I climbed onto the bed and told Her I loved the present.

"But this isn't it," she said sweetly. "This is just preparation."

Emily wrapped Her hands in my hair and guided my face between Her legs. I alternately sucked Her hot, swollen labia and tongued the tiny, hard point of Her clit until She came and gave me permission to enter Her. I buried myself in Her molten tightness and began to thrust.

She shook Her head. Mistress never relinquished control. "No, keep still," She commanded. "Hold yourself above Me and don't distract Me!"

She massaged Her clit with a fingertip and smiled up at me, enjoying my struggle to please Her. Her pupils were so large they nearly obscured the color of Her irises.

Emily clenched around me and sighed. "Now you may finish but do it without moving!"

It took all my willpower to keep from thrusting inside Her. I tried to make myself come by clenching my internal muscles. Nothing happened.

She pulled my face to Hers and bit my lip. "Now, David!" She snarled against my bleeding mouth.

She bore down on me. Her sheath fluttered. I came in a sudden torrent, pouring my semen and frustration into Her.

We lay connected in each other's arms while my sticky fluid ran out around my softening cock. She dug Her nails into my ass cheeks, pulled Me tightly against Her and tenderly kissed my bloody mouth.

"I felt it splash against my womb," She said dreamily. "I love you so much, Baby and I'll love you even more after I give you your present!"

She pushed up on my chest. "Get off and lie on your back."

I basked in the warmth of the afterglow and worshiped my perfect Mistress with my eyes while She restrained my wrists. Emily always looks loveliest just after She comes. Her lips are fuller and Her dark brown nipples remain contracted into nearly black points.

She straddled my face so I could lick Her clean of our mingled juices. When I finished, She took something that looked like a combination handcuff and thumb-cuff from the dresser drawer and held it above my face. The large cuff was smooth. The smaller had several small, sharp projections around the inside.

"I had this made especially for us!" She exclaimed.

Emily put the large cuff around the base of my balls and cock with the short chain under and between my balls and locked it tightly.

"Oh, it's beautiful! It makes your package so prominent!" She purred approvingly.

She pulled my cock down, slipped the little cuff over the head and locked it just behind the ridge. I told Her it was too tight and the points hurt. She smiled.

"Of course it's tight. If it weren't, you'd be able to take it off, wouldn't you?" She asked sweetly. She squeezed it a notch tighter to punish my impertinence.

"We'll make sure you can pee later," She assured me.

I looked at my captive manhood and regretted agreeing so quickly to let Her do whatever She chose to.

Emily climbed into bed beside me, pulled the blanket over us and said good night.

"Aren't you going to release me?" I asked.

She nestled Her face in the hollow between my shoulder and neck, cupped my imprisoned genitals and smiled.

"No, Darling, Not until after we play again."


I awoke the next morning to the feeling of Her long, pointed nails running lightly over my inner thighs. My shoulders and wrists ached and I had to urinate. I tried to sit up. The restraints pulled me back down. I asked Her to please release me.

"Not yet," She replied. "I want to play first."

Emily knelt between my legs and bent forward to study me. The nearness of Her lovely mouth and the sensation of Her soft hair brushing my stomach and thighs started my cock swelling despite the pain.

"Oh, you're getting hard!" She exclaimed. "It looks incredibly sexy, straining to be free!" She pushed Her hair aside so I could watch Her slowly envelop the head of my cock.

Emily rubbed Her tongue against the underside and sucked me lovingly. It felt incredibly good until I really started to harden, then the pain bit into me like nails being driven into my cock. I wanted desperately for Her to continue but it hurt too much. I reluctantly asked Her to stop.

Emily raised Her lovely face and let the captive head slip from Her mouth. The pleasure departed with Her lips but the pain remained. We looked at my tortured manhood, She in fascination, I in horror. The cuff behind the head had trapped the blood in it. It was swollen to twice its normal size, purple-black and shiny. The short chain held my shaft in an arc between my balls.

She started to take the head in Her mouth again. I begged Her not to.

"You're obviously horny, Darling! Don't you need to come?"

"Yes, Mistress, but I can't with that thing on."

She looked at it gleefully.

"I knew it would prevent you from having sex and I hoped it would make it harder for you to masturbate. I didn't realize it would prevent you from coming!"

She straddled me, positioned Her clit against the head of my cock and exclaimed joyfully "You can't come with it on but I'll bet I can!"

She bent forward so Her face was only inches above mine. Emily moved back and forth on me, never taking her eyes from mine.

"This feels incredible, Honey!" She exclaimed. "Would you like Me to free it so you can put it inside me and come the way you did last night?"

"God, yes!" I moaned. "Please, before I go crazy!"

Emily loved hearing me voice my desperation. She moved faster. Her breath hissed between Her lips. She drew them back over Her sharp, perfect teeth in a grimace of lust.

"You'll come when I'm ready to let you!" She rasped and convulsed.

My cock slowly withered after She climbed off, leaving the dull ache of thwarted desire in place of the pain. I asked how long She intended to leave the hellish thing on me.

"That depends," She replied, "on how lucky we are!"

Emily took a pair of dice from the dresser drawer and put them in one of my bound hands. "You'll roll the dice to decide how many days you wear it. You'll always wear it while you're away, of course."

"I have to wear it for twelve days if I roll a twelve?" I asked incredulously.

"Not exactly, Darling," She replied and kissed my lips. "Even numbers don't count. If you roll even numbers, you'll wear it for that many days, then you'll roll again!" She looked down at my captive cock and shivered with delight. "The keys are in the safe deposit box. I'll leave them there until the day it's due to come off so we can't get carried away and cheat."

"Then You'll leave it off?" I asked hopefully.

"Only until you've satisfied Me, Dearest," she explained with chilling finality. "Then you'll roll again. Now, be a good boy. Shake the dice and drop them. I'll tell you what comes up."

I let them fall to the floor.

Emily glanced down, grinned impishly and exclaimed "What a coincidence! You rolled a twelve!"





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