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The Roadhouse

Kelly Arthur

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I was working at a roadhouse out on the highway. It wasn't a bad place really; with an open fire against the far wall, its red and white checked tablecloths and a jukebox in the corner, it had a very welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.

I'd been working there long enough to be familiar with a lot of the faces that passed through and often, when it wasn't busy, I'd sit and have a drink and a chat with some of our regulars. I flirted with a few of the men that came by, nothing serious, just some fun to pass the time.

I've always been a fan of flirting, teasing. It awakens the senses, makes you feel sexy, alive. And the anticipation of what might happen next... Well, I have to say, I find it exhilarating.

That was how I felt the first time I laid eyes on Jake.

It had been quite busy in the diner that Thursday night, but by eleven the pace had slowed dramatically.

"Need more coffee, Bernie?" I called to a trucker I knew well -- he passed through two, sometimes three times a week.

"Thanks luv, one more should do the trick," he replied. I poured him another and told him to call me if he needed anything else.

"Hey Timmy," I said poking my head into the kitchen. "I'm making more coffee, you want?" Timmy was one of our most popular cooks, and for a place that never closed, good food was in high demand. He was easy on the eye and always up for a laugh. Every body loved working with Timmy.

"A cup of coffee would be perfect," he grinned. "Pretty decent night, huh?"

"Yeah. Poor Jodie was run off her feet. Did you see her?" I asked laughing.

He nodded. "She came and said goodbye before she left." He raised his eyes to the clock above the door. "You get to leave in an hour, you lucky thing. Who's in? Elise or Deb?"

"Elise," I answered. "Wish she'd been in earlier instead of Jodie. Would have gone a lot smoother."

"It was fine," he said, walking towards me. "You were great." He turned me around so I faced the door. "Now go and get me my cup of coffee!"

I squealed as he playfully swatted my bottom and shoved me through the door. I burst through giggling and...

There he was.

"Hi," I said, still smiling.

"Hi, yourself." We stared openly at one another. His eyes, on my eyes.

He was easily the most attractive man I had ever seen. He had the whole Orlando Bloom thing going on: dark hair, tanned skin and the most intense brown eyes.

He shook his head, laughed. "I'm sorry, I'm staring."

I moved closer, resting my hands on the counter. "It's okay. I'm staring too." He grinned.

"So, what can I do for you?" I asked him.

Raising an eyebrow, he replied, "We are just talking about food and drink, right?"

I smiled coyly. "For now."

"Well in that case, I'll have a coffee. Black."

Waving him away, I said, "Go, sit. I'll bring it to you."

When it was ready, I placed it in front of him.

"What time do you knock off?" he asked, handing me money for the coffee.

"About midnight. Why, you planning on sticking around for a while?"

"Yeah. Got a cabin in my truck and I'd planned on crashing here anyway. Thought maybe you and I could get to know each other a little better. Maybe have a conversation even."

"Sure," I laughed. "That'd be great." I wanted him so badly by this time, that if Bernie wasn't still sitting by the fire, I would have jumped him then and there.

He took my hand. "My name's Jake. And you are?"

"Sharni," I smiled.

For the next hour, Jake and I watched one another. No matter what I was doing -- whether it be cleaning or serving -- I felt his eyes on me.

At twenty to twelve, I poured him yet another cup of coffee, leaning over so close to him that he could see down my shirt. I straightened up, pulling a cloth out of my apron.

"Now what's this mess over here?" I said, feigning exasperation.

I moved to the table opposite his and bent way over, cleaning spots off of the tablecloth. I felt my already too short skirt riding up my legs.

Behind me, Jake groaned. "Okay, stop. I've been sitting here hard, for over half an hour watching you. I can't take anymore." He waved in the direction of the counter. "Go over there."

"Where?" I asked, playing dumb.

"You know where," he smirked. "Now go!"

The next fifteen minutes past quickly. Elise came in and I was free to go. I went out back, fixed my makeup and let my hair down. I said goodbye to Timmy, stepped out of the kitchen and... he was gone.

"What the fuck?" I thought.

I stepped out into the cool night air and stood, silent.

"Hey." A voice from around the corner. "Is that you, sexy lady?"

I popped my head around and there he was; sitting against the wall, eyes closed and a half smoked cigarette in between his lips. Squatting in front of him, I took the burning cigarette from his mouth and placed it in mine. I inhaled deeply.

Squinting into the light, he said, "I like your hair." I smiled, exhaled.

He stood, pulling me up and against him. Arms around my waist, he held me tight. "Let me smell you," he said, nuzzling into my curls. He stepped back. "You are stunning."

I lost control. I threw my body against his, found his lips with mine. Tongues dancing, playing. "Touch me," I murmured into his mouth.

He took hold of my hand and led me up and into the cabin of his truck. Without a word, removed his shirt, his boots. In front of me he stood, eyes fixed on mine. I reached out and ran my hands over his chest, his arms, then pushed him hard onto the bed. Climbing on top of him, I slowly began to unbutton my shirt.

"So what can I do for you?" I asked provocatively. He placed a hand on my back, unclipped my bra.

"We are talking about sex now, right?" he said, his fingers on my breasts.

I laughed. "We most certainly are." I leaned over him and placed a breast to his lips. He traced my nipple with his tongue. Circling, slowly. Taking it into his mouth, he began to suck.

"Oooh," I moaned into his ear. First one breast, then the other. Sucking, licking. Hands on my ass, in my hair, on my face. Fingers in my mouth.

"Jake," I murmured, rolling off of him and onto the bed. He turned his head to look at me, raised an eyebrow.

"I want to let him out now," I said, undoing the button on his jeans. He placed a pillow under his head, grinning all the while. I unzipped his fly. So hard, so manly and hard. I pulled at his jeans. Those dark eyes never leaving my face, my lips. I went down.

My tongue on his cock. The strokes long and slow. I took him in. My head moving up and down on him. I savoured his cock like a lollipop. Tasting, licking, sucking. Then I teased him with butterfly kisses; tongue swirling in all directions, softly, until he could take no more. He tore at my skirt, my underwear. Leaving me naked but for my heels. He crawled between my legs. Stroked me there with his fingers.

"Ooh, baby," he groaned, feeling how wet I was. How ready. He fingered my clit and I quivered with delight. He slid two fingers inside of me and I squealed and begged for more. Moving up and onto me, he kissed me passionately. "Fuck you turn me on," he whispered. I raised my hips, urging him to enter me, and in one swift motion, he was there.

"Ahh," I moaned, desperately. He slid in and out of me. Hard and fast, then gently. His eyes on mine, watching for what I liked best.

"You like it hard," he stated, and hammered into me. I reached out for something to grab hold of, but there was only him. I gripped his arms, his back, clawing at him until I came, my body jerking beneath him. He closed his eyes and groaned, pounding me one final time. He was spent.

We lay together like that, until our bodies were calm. Rolling over, he held me.

"What are you doing next Thursday night?" he asked, stroking my face, my hair.

I smiled. "Working til midnight. Why?"

He kissed my cheek, my forehead, my nose. "I want to get to know you better. Maybe have a conversation even. What do you think?"

"That would be perfect," I answered softly. "Absolutely perfect."


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