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"This all started when I found out my wife had been cheating on me, about sixteen years into our marriage. I had always thought things were good for us, and was shocked and pissed to say the least.

Her lover called the house and told me about the affair they had been having over the last year. I could have shit nails that day I was so pissed, and couldn't believe that bitch would do that to me.

When Candy got home that night I waited till it was time for bed so I could cool off some then asked her about it. She tried to lie about it, saying it wasn't true and somebody was just trying to ruin our marriage.

I asked her how the guy would know that she partly shaved her pussy and about the tattoo on her left tit if it was a lie?

She finally admitted to it and said she tried to stop it about seven months ago but the guy said he would tell me about it if she did. I finally did break it off about two months ago though...

She started telling me how much she loved me and how the guy meant nothing to her. I looked at her and asked if he meant nothing then why was she out fucking him? It just happened she said and once it started it just went on that long till I realized I was going to ruin it with the man I really did love so I stopped it.

I finally calmed down some and got on the bed next to her and she wanted us to talk about it and get it all in the open. I said fine, but don't think it's just going to go away that fast.

I asked her how it got started if she loved me the way she says.

"He worked in my office at the time. We went out to lunch together and on the way back to the office we stopped by the park for a while."

"What happened after that?"

"We were sitting in the car and he leaned over and kissed me."

"You just sat there and kissed?" I asked.

"Not really! He was hard and he took it out of his pants and I..."

"You what?"

"I went down on him!"

"Down on him!" I yelled. "As in giving him a blow job?


"Why in the hell would you do that?"

"He wanted me to."

"Was his cock bigger then mine?"

"That's not the reason I had the affair," she said.

"You going to answer?"

"Well, it was bigger but not a lot bigger."

"So its not some nice big hard cock you needed?"

"No, not at all."

"How often did you two have sex?"

"At first it was once or twice a week during lunch in the car."

"The car?"

"Yes, we would park and do it in the back seat."

"You were his little bitch, I guess?"

"Well! He did call me that sometimes."

"What about after that?"

"We started taking two-hour lunches once a week and would get a room for it."

"So you two would get a room and fuck your brains out for two hours?"

"Not always, sometimes he would take pictures of me nude for a while then we would have sex."

"He took pictures of you nude?"


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "How many times did you do that?"

"It was about ten times I guess, but not for long each time."

"What else did you do?"

"There are some of me having sex also."

"Shit how many pictures did he take?"

"I am not really sure."

Well the one's of you having sex can't be that good if he just put the camera on the dresser and let the timer just snap shots off."

She didn't say a word for a while. "Well, he didn't just put it down for all of the sex one's."

"What did he do with it?"

"His friend would take them."

"His friend!" I yelled. You did this in front of another guy?"


"What about his friend?"

"What about him?"

"Did you fuck him to?"

"Once I did."

"Why in the hell would you do that?"

"He told me I had to."

"Why did you finally break it off?"

"I felt like I was cheating you so I took the chance that he wouldn't really tell and told him it was over.

"Cheating me? I don't understand that part?"

"I love you a lot and started thinking that if I was doing this kind of stuff I should be doing it for the man I love and not him.

I didn't say anything for awhile, trying to let what she just said sink in and wondering what to ask next.

"So your trying to tell me that if I would have treated you like a cheap bitch when it came to sex and had you fucking guys for me this would have never happened?"

She had to think awhile but did answer me. "I think if you had been more demanding and rougher during sex I would have been doing it for you and not him."

"So you enjoyed being treated like a bitch and forced to fuck guys for him?"

"Yes I did but I always pictured it was you making me do it and not him.

"Does he still have the pictures?"


"What happened to them?"

"The last time we did anything, I told him I wanted to see them so I took them then I broke it off with him the next day."

"So you still have them?"

"Yes. He tried to get me to give them back to him but I didn't. So that's why he told you about the affair."

"Where are they now?"

"In my bottom drawer."

"Why did you keep them and not destroy them?"

"I thought if he did tell, I would show them to you so you would know for sure what I did and not wonder the worst all the time."

"You really think me seeing you get fucked will help?"

"I think it will help us talk this out better."

I went over and pulled her drawer out, just dumping it on the floor, looking for the pictures. I found two CD's and a porn movie. She also had a dildo and a new paddle for hitting her on the ass.

"What the fuck is all this shit?"

"I watch the movie sometimes when you are gone and get myself off with my dildo."

"You telling me that I am not good enough to get you off?"

"Its not that, I just like to pretend that you are watching me, is all."

"What the hell is the paddle for?"

"He got that for us but we never had a chance to try it because I broke it off with him. That's why it's still in the box.

"Hell, I should use it on you myself for the shit you did."

"You can if you want and I do deserve it I guess."

"You guess?"

"I do deserve it, I should have said."

I thought for a while about all she had told me wondering if I should look at the pictures or just leave it alone, not knowing what they looked like. The thought of seeing her fucking did turn me on some but I would never tell her that at this point.

She got up, saying she was going to take a shower, and that I should look at the pictures so we could talk more after.

The talking about it did calm me down a lot so I went out and put one of the CD's in and started to scan though the photos.

The first CD had some of her dressed and some with her top off, showing her breasts. Some were pictures of her on the bed, playing with herself. I must admit she did look good in them and I understood why the guy was pissed that he never got them back.

The next CD had a lot of her getting fucked by this guy. The first twenty or so were kinda far away shots. The rest were close up of her with his hard cock in her and cum on her face. There were some nice ones of her showing her pussy after she had been fucked with cum running out and a lot of her sucking the guy off. They were hot and I couldn't believe I was hard looking at my own wife getting fucked like that.

Candy came out as I was going through them again and asked if I felt better getting it all out in the open like this, and if I wanted to ask her anything about them. I did have a few questions about the cum on her face while she was getting fucked.

"It was his friend's cum," she said. "Before her lover fucked her, his friend jacked off on her."

"His friend would just jack off on you?"

"Yes, at first, because my lover would not let him fuck me."

"Only at first?"

"Yes. But he did give me to him once he was done and his friend got to fuck me."

"How come there are none of you doing anal with him if he had you doing all that?"

"I told him I wouldn't do that so don't ever try it! That was your hole."

She looked at me and asked if I wanted to go to bed and talk more about it. I thought awhile about all I had heard and seen and told her we could go in the room but that it was time for her to get her ass whipped for all she had done.

Once in the room, I told her to get nude and get on the bed with her ass in the air for me. I took that new paddle of hers and gave her a good swat on the ass with it.

"Shit! That hurt," she said.

"Good, I said. Smack! "Are you ever going to see that guy again?"

"NO!" Smack!

"You ever going to do this with any guy again?"

"No, never."

Smack! "Whose bitch are you now?"

"Just yours."

Smack! "You going to take it in the ass for me?"

"It hurts too much when I do."

Smack! "What did you say?"

"Yes, I will do it for you."

Smack! "That's my good bitch."

Her ass was red when I was done and I told her to roll over and play with her pussy for me. She did like a good bitch would and put her dildo in her, playing with herself as I watched.

"I want to you see you come, bitch."

She started working that thing in and out of her real fast and playing with her clit. Before long she had her ass in the air, taking it all in her. It was hot hearing her moaning and bringing herself to an orgasm with that thing.

"It's time for you to fuck me now."

"In my ass?" she asked.

"Not this time but its going to happen in a few days so get your ass ready for it with your dildo."

I told her to get on top of me and fuck me real good. Being my new bitch now she gave my cock a good ride. She was kissing me a lot harder than normal, telling me how much she loved me and how understanding I was about what she had done. Her pussy felt so good, and I was thinking about the pictures and the guy fucking her that it didn't take long for me to come.

She stopped after I had come and sat there on me and would tighten her pussy up around my cock. Damn, that felt so good!

She looked at me asking, "Do you want me to make come again?"

"Hell yes I do, you bitch."

You sure did come fast, she said and asked if it was because of the pictures? I told her yes, it was and had to admit that they turned me on a lot.

"I will do it for you if you want."

"Do what?" I asked.

"Fuck another guy for you and let you take nude pictures of me."

"You really want to?"

"Yes, for you to watch, I do."

"How many at once?"

"As many as you want."

"I think one will do for now."

"Ok just one to start with."

"Do you know one who will do it?"

"I think so."

"Not your old lover I hope?"

"No! He will never have me again."

"What about another female?"

"I will do that too for you. Can you find one?"

"Yes, I have a single friend, Sunshine, who has told me she is bi and would like to have sex with you and me."

Candy was fucking me the whole time we were talking about her doing it for me. I asked her if her lover was married also.

"Yes, he is."

"Did his wife know what you two did?"

"No, she would leave him if she did."

"Do you know her name and number?"

"Yes. Why?" She asked.

"No reason, just keep fucking me," I said.

She kept giving me a nice hard fucking and asking if I wanted to eat her pussy for her."

"With my cum in there?"


"If that's what you need, I guess I can."

"Yes, I do need it."

She got off me, bringing that wet pussy of hers up to my face and put my cock in her mouth. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I licked and sucked on her clit for her. Her blowjob was great and the faster I ate her pussy the faster she sucked my cock. She had one of the wettest orgasms I had ever given her, I think.

She finally got me off and I shot my cum into her mouth. When she stopped and turned around, she had cum on her chin. She wiped the cum off with her finger then put her finger in her mouth for me to watch her swallow the last of it.

We laid there talking more about her fucking another guy and the pictures she wanted me to take.

"I really want to do it for you," she said.

"When do you want me to? How about next weekend?"

"I can try," she said."

"Ok, let's do it then."

"Which do you want first?" she asked.

"You choose," I said.

I couldn't believe this bitch turned this around on me like this and got me to say yes to her fucking another guy.

"Before we do it, I need you to do something for me though?"

"You know I will do anything you want from now on."

"Hi, Jessica. My name is Candy and I called to tell you about my affair I had with your husband...



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