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Innocent Bliss


Alex Halley

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Mrs. Thomas had a good sex life with her partner of some 20 years, but from time to time she fantasized about the excitement of her early days. She was raised in a time when sex was a no-no, or at least sexual intercourse was a no-no. Inventiveness was the order of the day and perhaps it only added to the illicit excitement.

It was the 15-year-old boy across the street, Simon, who attracted her attention. He was reasonably tall, slim and although not stunningly handsome, had a certain quality that attracted... What was that? Ah, yes - innocence of the ways of a woman. He came from a fairly religious background and almost certainly had been taught some tough rules about matters sexual. But she knew that he had all the urges of a growing boy.

So she made her plan. She knew that he would at some point be ringing on her doorbell to solicit (oh, interesting term!) a donation for any one of a number of school activities. If the time was ripe, it might not be too difficult to invite him in. Or perhaps feign an empty purse so that he could return another time...

And so it happened. Simon did indeed ring the doorbell late one afternoon, asking if she would contribute to money for a school trip. She was ready.

"My dear, I would be delighted, but I am out of cash right now. I don't suppose you could come back next Tuesday evening?"

"Sure - see you then."

With hubby away for a few days, Tuesday was the second night on her own. Sure enough, there was a knock on the door around 7 p.m.

"Oh, hello, Simon - I was expecting you. And I am ready this time! Come on in and I will give you some money for your trip."

So in he came. Of course, as Mrs. T. had suspected, he had all the normal urges, and he couldn't help noticing that she was wearing a blouse that was unbuttoned at the top, and gave a very clear indication of her full bosom. But he knew that he shouldn't be thinking about that and he glanced away.

"Why don't you take a seat there on the couch? Do you have a few moments to tell me about this trip that you hope to go on?"

Simon sat down and described the European tour that would cover some five countries.

"And I expect that you will also have to watch out for all these French girls chasing you," Mrs. T joked.

Oh, yes, he was blushing.


"I remember when I was your age, always glancing secretly at the boys," she said. "I bet it isn't any different today!"


She sat down on the couch beside him and said, "Now, Simon, I know it's none of my business, but do you have a girlfriend yet?"

"Well, ahem, not exactly. No, not really. I am more focused on my studies right now."

"Is that so? But I bet you hope to some day, don't you?"

"Oh, yes. I hope so."

Mrs. T. moved a little closer to Simon and said: "I am sure that this is very naughty of me, but I think that it's a shame that you don't have a girlfriend right now. I feel I just have to give you a little kiss on the cheek to let you know."

And she moved right over beside him and did just that - a very little kiss - peck really.

But she could see that he was affected. She decided to take her chance.

"Simon, I know I shouldn't ask this, but would you like to kiss me?"

"Well, I...I don't know if I should... I..."

"Turn your head to me and give me one little kiss back."

Simon felt flustered. What was happening here? His heart was hammering; he felt heat in places that he could not mention. But, leaning over, he placed his lips on Mrs. T's cheek.

As he did so, she moved her head so that his lips brushed across her cheek and found her mouth. She reached out both her hands to the sides of his head and kissed him full on the lips...

"Simon, I want to show something to you. It is just private, between the two of us. I want you to do something for me. Will you?"

"Well, I..."

So she took his hand and placed it gently on her breast. She could feel him shiver. Yes, he had never done this before. And a glance in the direction of his trousers showed that he felt it.

"Simon, keep touching me there while I kiss you properly."

Mrs. T. then pressed his hand closer to her breast and put her lips on his. She kissed softly at first, then harder. She opened her lips and felt his open spontaneously. She slid her tongue into his mouth. His came right back.

"Unbutton my blouse."

Feverishly, he fumbled, but soon he had the buttons undone and had his hand placed on a white, frilly brassiere.

"Just reach around behind me where you will find a snap", she said.

"Oh, this is what excites me", she thought. "He is so innocent and unpracticed."

When the brassiere came loose, Simon was almost choking. She placed his hand on her flesh and showed him the rising nipples. She showed him how to stroke them gently. She took his head towards her and moved his lips to her nipples.

"Oh, suck them", she said.

And he did.

He was amazingly gentle. He kissed and sucked and she felt the moistness between her legs. Oh, the feeling.

"Just do exactly as I tell you, Simon," she said. "Please do it exactly as I say."

She put his hand on the zipper on the side of her skirt.

"Take it down."

When her skirt slide down, she took his hand and slid it into the top of her panties. She guided his fingers to the spot. She pushed down on his fingers and could not prevent herself responding with her hips.

"Put your finger on that spot...there...Simon, and start rubbing it gently. Do exactly as I tell you. Rub slowly. If I say to rub faster, rub faster. If I say to rub hard, rub hard. Never stop sucking my nipples."

And Simon did as he was told. He rubbed slowly. He went faster. He went gently. He went harder. He kissed and sucked.

As she felt the passion grow, Mrs. T. started moving her hips to the rhythm of his hand. It was gorgeous. He was at her command. She did not have to say anything. His fingers understood.

As he rubbed faster and harder, she moaned. She could feel the feeling building.

"Rub as fast and as hard as you possibly can," she commanded.

Simon could not believe that he was not hurting her. He used every ounce of strength to rub. His finger felt as if it was falling off. And then he felt her arch her back.

"Oh, I'm coming. Pump it."

Her felt a tremendous heave under his hand and then it was over. She was panting, almost crying. She hugged him and kissed him. She had made him do it to her.

"Simon, you were wonderful. Now let me kiss you."

So Mrs. T. placed her lips on his and gave him all the sweet joys that she could deliver with her mouth. As she did so, she slid her hand down gently over that mound in his trousers. Immediately, his hip reacted. She knew she had him in her power.

"Simon, wait just a second. I have to get something."

Mrs. T. reached over to her purse on the table and brought out her handkerchief. She came back and wafted it under his nose.

"Smell my perfume, Simon", she said.

He smelt the fragrance and immediately felt light-headed. This was heaven.

Mrs. T. took her handkerchief and gently touched his face, then his hands. Then she brought it down to his leg and over that mound.

She found his zip and eased it down. She opened his trousers and reached in with the hankie. My goodness, it was stiff inside there. She reached further, inside his underwear, and felt his member stiffen up further into her hand. She slipped her handkerchief around the shaft and eased his penis out. It was uncircumcised.

"Good, she thought, I can slide his head around inside that skin and excite him with my hanky."

"Simon, I am going to kiss you softly on the lips and I am going to rub you with my hankie. Just let yourself go."

He surrendered to her. She kissed him wetly and started to rub his penis. She knew it would not take long, but she was very gentle with her touch. Spontaneously, his hips were moving. She stilled them and whispered: "Let me do everything."

She rubbed the underside of his penis with her hankie. She rubbed the back. Then she placed her hankie over the top like a tent, and put her hand on her hankie around the shaft and started to pump. She then simply pumped as fast and as hard as she could and she kissed and sucked his mouth just the way that he had rubbed her as hard as he could while kissing and sucking her nipples.

And sure enough - he could contain it no longer. His back arched and she felt a tremendous spurt as she delivered his seed into her hankie. She knew what to do. As his surges continued, she continued to move her hand gently at the top of his penis, milking him into her hankie.

And then it was over.



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