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Passion In Paradise


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I'd been dating Amanda for around six months when we flew to the idyllic Thala beach lodge in tropical Queensland for a brief holiday, which was all our busy schedules would allow. Cradled between eucalyptus-covered mountains and the deep blue Coral sea, the resort which nestles in virgin tropical rain-forest offers a true escape from the pressures of the modern world.

Our deluxe bungalow was spacious and beautifully furnished with a huge king sized bed and expanses of dark polished wood that imparted a feeling of warmth. We also had a large sea-view terrace with steps descending to a beach of pristine white sand. As Amanda stood in the doorway admiring the view, her long blonde hair blowing gently in the warm breeze, her body silhouetted by the setting sun, I moved up behind her sliding my hands over the gentle curve of her slim hips and bent to kiss her neck.

"This is so beautiful," she sighed, her soft voice almost drowned out by the distant roar of the surf. As my kisses ran down onto the sensitive skin of her shoulder, Amanda threw her head back, her soft hair tumbled across my face and the sensual aroma of her perfume filled my nostrils. I felt almost guilty at disturbing her enjoyment of such beautiful surroundings as I slid the thin straps of the dress from Amanda's slender shoulders. It fell silently to the floor; underneath she was naked, apart from a tiny, white silky thong. Amanda let out a soft gasp as my hands slid round onto the already hard nipples of her pert breasts and I pressed my rapidly growing erection urgently against her deliciously, firm peachy buttocks, my desire for her insatiable.

We awoke next morning to rays of sun streaming through the shutters, a whirling ceiling fan and calls of forest birds reminding us of our new home in paradise. Our lovemaking of the previous night had been more blissful and passionate than I could ever remember. Prolonged mutual oral stimulation had led to the most erotic and intimate coupling, our bodies moving as one on the white cotton sheets until we had reached the nirvana of a simultaneous climax.

After a leisurely breakfast and stroll on the beach we settled down to a spot of sunbathing by the pool, itself a work of art with several small tree covered islands rising from it, blending perfectly with the surroundings. Amanda's life as a successful model, meant moments like this were all to rare but as I glanced across at her it was easy to see why she was in such demand. She lay on the sun-bed reading a book, her long blonde hair cascaded down into the graceful curve of her back which then rose upwards to form the sensual curves of her hips and pert bottom which was so tantalizingly encased in fuchsia pink bikini briefs. Amanda looked across and smiled at me, a warm sweet sensual smile - I instantly wanted her again and rolled onto my stomach to hide my obvious arousal.

I must have fallen asleep, for I awoke to find Amanda gone, scanning the area I saw her in the far corner of the pool, frolicking with a dark-haired girl. I say frolicking, because I cannot think of another word to describe their behavior. Both girls were topless, splashing each other with water, as, like children they chased each other around the pool, I smiled at their silly game. Several minutes later the two girls swam across the pool towards me and emerged from the water. It would have been impossible for any red-blooded male to remain 'unmoved' by the sight of two such perfect bodies, their tanned skin running with tiny droplets of water.

"This is Kia," Amanda, introduced her new friend. "We worked together in Paris last year."

I gazed at the exotically, stunning Kia whose long black hair and sultry brown eyes contrasted perfectly with Amanda's blue-eyed blonde looks. Kia smiled down at me, totally unconcerned at her near nakedness, as my eyes darted between her firm, nut brown nipples and the red triangle of her wet bikini briefs that clung so delightfully to her soft mound.

"Won't be long," Amanda smiled, bending to give me a kiss and with that, the two girls disappeared leaving me alone with my imagination. I cannot pretend that several male fantasies did not flood into my mind at that point, especially after the frolicking I'd witnessed in the pool, but then I laughed at myself for being so predictable.

An hour or so later Amanda returned. The heat of the midday sun had now made sunbathing uncomfortably hot and unwise. She nuzzled my ear and with a soft laugh and whispered that a siesta might be a nice idea. How could I disagree? The shutters of our bedroom were slightly open, allowing a gentle breeze to flow through the room. The aroma of fresh flowers filled the air while outside the sounds of the forest provided a musical background; this was nature at it's best. We kissed slowly, passionately as we removed the few clothes we had, my tongue sought Amanda's soft petals and she arched her back as it wriggled between them, teasing her sensitive little bulb until the inviting wetness proved irresistible. I slipped into Amanda from behind as she knelt on the bed, she pushed back gently, the natural lubrication of her deliciously tight pussy, granting my penetrating hardness easy passage. Our hips began to move rhythmically in unison. Amanda's soft gasps filled the air as I buried my full length inside her. With each firm thrust, my fingers lightly held hers as my speed began to increase and her gasps became moans of pleasure, then cries, as her shaking body neared orgasm. I held my rising desire to ejaculate at bay, my hips moving ever faster, until with one last thrust they jerked violently. I let out a grunt of effort and I felt my hot creamy spunk spurt deep inside Amanda's sweet, juicy snatch.

A warm afterglow spread through our spent bodies as we lay on the be caressing each other, whispering the most intimate nothings that can only follow such mutually satisfying sex. It must have been several hours later that Amanda slid from the bed and headed for the shower. I watched as she emerged from the bathroom naked, she smiled at me, always totally at ease with showing off her gorgeous, naked body, as any woman would have been. Unhurriedly she pulled open the top drawer of the wardrobe and picked out a dainty pair of white lace panties, smiling across at me again as she elegantly stepped into them and pulled them up her long, tanned legs until they came to rest just above her neatly trimmed dark blonde pubic mound; that simple act was, for me as erotic as any blue film could be.

I went for a quick shower while Amanda sat putting on her make-up, when I returned she was almost finished.

"Would you mind if Kia joined us for dinner tonight, she's here on her own?"

"Of course not," I replied. How could any man object to having dinner with two such attractive women?

Amanda stood up, turning to face me and asked, "How do I look, OK?"

Her make-up was perfect but she was still only wearing her panties, through the semi-sheer material, I could see the hazy outline of her dark bush.

"Well dressed like that, I'm tempted to take you straight back to bed..." I grinned, "But I suppose we better go and eat first"

Amanda pulled on a pretty, flimsy white dress that was daringly short and decorated with tiny red hearts, I blew my cheeks out in a silent whistle of approval and we left for the restaurant.

Kia arrived at the restaurant/bar a few minutes late, her entrance drawing admiring glances from both male and female guests. She was wearing a stunning red silk dress, the perfect color to enhance her sultry Eurasian features.

"I hope I'm not intruding on your holiday, you two lovebirds," she smiled sweetly at us. "Amanda and I haven't seen each other for ages and I have to leave tomorrow."

"Not at all," I replied, "I can't imagine more delightful company to dine with than you two ladies," I continued, admiring each of my fellow diners in turn.

The food was delicious, and several hours later we had put away three bottles of excellent red wine, not to mention the several aperitifs we'd enjoyed earlier. Everyone was a little drunk by then, of course, and the conversation which had been light and amusing grew considerably more intimate as we took our coffees into the sumptuous lounge.

"Did you know Kia often models lingerie," Amanda whispered excitedly in my ear, like a child telling tales out of school.

"Oh! Really," I responded raising an eyebrow, for the moment unable to think of a suitable comment to make, as my mind tried to imagine the tantalizing sight of Kia on the catwalk in her underwear.

"Richard loves knickers, don't you, darling?" Amanda interjected.

I felt myself beginning to blush.

"Show me a man who doesn't," Kia smiled giving me a subtle, sexy look as she slowly crossed her legs, causing the red silk of her dress to slide sensuously against her honey colored skin. I felt my heartbeat quicken.

"Perhaps then, we should do a fashion show for Richard later." Kia grinned at Amanda; I was transported to heaven at that moment.

"Mmmm...that might be fun," Amanda mused, looking at me with a naughty grin.

I slipped my jacket off and settled onto the sofa as the girls selected a suitable CD. The music began and they started to dance, the sight of them moving rhythmically together was breathtakingly sexy. As the music grew more 'late-night sultry,' the sleazy sound of a bass saxophone started to growl and the girls began to run their hands first, over their own bodies, then each others! The show was definitely heating up and boy was I hot. I watched transfixed as Kia and Amanda started to teasingly slide their hands across each other's bottoms, making the dresses ride up, offering me glimpses of their panties. Amanda's looked incredibly sexy, bisecting her pert, little buttocks, while Kia's were a delicious dark red silk, matching her dress.

Then the girls kissed, a slow erotic French kiss, and my jaw dropped in surprise, the show was clearly going beyond mere fashion. I was barely able to breathe as they unzipped each other's dresses, which fell silently onto the wooden floor. Two tanned bodies pressed together in an erotic embrace as they kissed again, then slender fingers explored each other's erect nipples before sliding further down and wriggled eagerly into their partners panties.

I watched in stunned silence, my heart pounding with excitement, I knew how much Amanda enjoyed sex with me. Maybe she was... My thoughts were interrupted as both girls turned towards me, licking their now sticky fingers. "Do you want to come to bed with us, Richard?" they giggled.

I followed the two women into the bedroom, mesmerized by the sight of their pert bottoms, wiggling seductively in front of me. Amanda and Kia slid onto the bed, watching as I rapidly peeled my clothes off, anxious to join them; every man's fantasy was now literally, within my grasp. My erection was already rock hard, but then considering the sustained visual stimulation I'd been experiencing for the past ten minutes that was hardly surprising and it clearly wasn't over yet. The two women embraced, tugging each other's panties down as they kissed. Kia's neatly trimmed, black pubes looked like a dark forest around her neat pussy lips as Amanda's fingers probed the between the glistening petals, then sliding down the bed she wriggled her tongue onto Kia's swollen clitoris.

I had never witnessed girl on girl sex before and despite my desire to join in, found myself reaching over into the bedside drawer, pulling out Amanda's dildo and handed it to her. It was transparent, making it's huge size look somehow even more impressive, the thick, veiny shaft, soft and pliable. Amanda ran the enormous phallus against Kia's juicy lips, easing it gently to-and-fro until it slipped inside. Kia's gasps gradually grew louder as Amanda worked the huge dildo deeper and deeper until all but the last inch or so were buried inside Kia's stretched pussy, it looked so damn horny.

The urge to join in was almost irresistible as Amanda began to fuck Kia with the huge rubberized cock. Her groans of pleasure indicated the enjoyment the glistening length was giving, as it slid rapidly into Kia's oozing vagina, again and again. I knelt on the bed beside Kia, my swollen cock dangling inches from her inviting, scarlet lips. Without hesitation she reached up and worked her soft, warm lips around the bulbous knob making me gasp with pleasure and reaching out I ran my hands through her long, black silky hair.

It is difficult for me to describe in words, the pleasure a man gets from having oral sex performed on him. The sight of Kia's luscious red lips sliding, hungrily up my hard cock, drawing it into the wet, warm enclave of her mouth produced such feelings of lust and an overwhelming desire to ejaculate, to spurt my hot, creamy spunk down her throat. I know that any man who has experienced such pleasure will understand, as will any woman who has writhed on he bed, while her lover's tongue drives her towards orgasm.

Amanda's face was now buried between Kia's splayed thighs, her mouth sucking on Kia's throbbing clit while her hand furiously continued pumped the dildo. Kia's body shuddered and shook but her lips remained clamped around my cock, my heavy balls were now desperate too release their creamy load. Kia suddenly opened her mouth, crying out as her climax exploded deep inside. I seized the moment, shooting several thick jets of cum into her mouth, the remainder splattering across her scarlet lips, sculptured cheeks and silky, black hair as her body jerked violently.

It was dawn before we finally fell asleep, our bodies totally exhausted after the numerous sexual permutations our versatile trio afforded.

Amanda and Kia may have been more than just friends but there was no jealously. Amanda was happy to let Kia prove that while she clearly liked sex with girls, she was also very partial to the feel of a nice, thick cock inside her. For me it was simply a dream come true.



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