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Happy Hour

Anne Tyson

© 2005

All Rights Reserved



My friends and I meet in our favorite bar...
The kinkiest club in the city, by far.
You're putting on one of your masculine fronts,
And hitting up all of us girls at once!

The things you're proposing are rather risqué...
Suggesting we go to a theme room to play.
We've never been in a theme room before.
This sounds like an offer we want to explore!

We're signing some papers to prove we're consenting
To things that you'll do in the room that you're renting.
You lay down a 50 they won't be refundin'
To buy us some time in The Tower of London.

And though I'm not good with my history at all,
This noteworthy tower is one I recall...
"Oh, this looks exciting!", I fervently coo...
"This room is a dungeon, so what did we do?"

Crafting the role play, and scripting our parts,
You answer, "Your bust lines are covered, you Tarts!
I'm sure you know that you shouldn't be hiding them.
This calls for sanctions, and I'll be providing them."

"We're guilty as charged", I am pleased to confess.
"It looks like we'll have to be punished, I guess!"
"All right", you say as you're set to begin...
You turn to the door and you're locking us in!

"Oh yes...", I inform you, "My name's Dresden Black."
"How fitting", you note. "Now lay down on the rack!"
I do as you ask and my ropes are pulled tightly.
My fate's in your hands as you're stretching me slightly.

"Dresden", you say, "You're a good-looking slave.
It's in your best interest to choose to behave!
You'd better do all that I tell you to do,
'Cause I can make life rather nasty for you."

You turn now to Trulie, and shortly thereafter,
My best friend on Earth has been tied to the rafter.
You seem quite impressed with the way that she looks...
She dangles by chains from some extra large hooks.

"My name's Trulie Allgood", she's saying to you...
"Excuse me", you say, "I'll decide if that's true!
I'll know if you're truly all good or you're not
When I pull down your top and I see what you've got."

Baring the boobs of her innocent youth,
You see right away that she's telling the truth!
"Miss Allgood", you tell her, "I'm very impressed",
With that, you are pausing to suck on her breast.

"Enjoy being milked, Dear", you flatly instruct...
I note that she does, 'cause she moans while she's sucked.
She begs for your member, then shouts at you, "Traitor!"
When learning that treat will be handed out later!

I guess you'll be trying some more of the same
As you turn to Anita, and ask for her name...
Her answer's informative..."Anita Wipping".
"I can arrange that", you say, "so start stripping!"

You've heard of a pain slut, but you'd never met one.
"Since you need a whipping, Anita, you'll get one!"
She strips as she's told, and she's very appealing...
Like Trulie, she's tied to a hook in the ceiling.

Anita sounds off in response to each crack
Of the novice-grade horsewhip applied to her back.
"Why don't you whip on her boobs?", I suggest...
"I bet that a whip mark looks great on a breast!"

"Dresden...", she snaps, "That's exactly like you...
You need to remember you have some boobs, too!"
"Indeed", you jump in, "and I value your tip,
But a breast is too fragile to strike with a whip."

With that observation you've offered, we find
That you're keeping our health and our safety in mind!
Our friend, Albyn Tover, is twitching and yanking.
She's held in the stocks and awaiting a spanking.

Her skirt is pulled up as her panties come down,
And Albyn receives the best spanking in town!
From what I observe as she tries to break free,
I'm starting to wish you would paddle on me!

Her butt cheeks are turning as bright as the sun.
I wonder why she gets to have all the fun?!
All that I get is to lie on my back...
Stretched out a bit on this big, wooden rack!

Anita and Trulie are tied to the ceiling,
And I want a taste of that marvelous feeling!
I do have more luck, though, than Gloria, there...
She must be so bored...She's just tied to a chair!

I've noticed how shiny her skin has been getting.
I think I can hazard a guess why she's sweating...
The temp is quite nice. It's not stuffy in here.
Therefore, her excitement, I think, is quite clear.

Her bra, by this point, is sufficiently soaked
That it's easy to see how her nipples have poked!
She tells you she's "Gloria Stipps", and you see
From the points in her fabric, you have to agree!

You'd lowered her blouse down the side of her arms
To look at her bra and her bounteous charms.
The blouse, though, had proven to be in the way,
So you took some scissors and cut it away!

You clip on two clamps, and from what I can see,
It's barely more torment for her than for me!
That's a bold action the first time you're flirting...
I get the idea that might really be hurting!

I thought that before you tried that, you would wait
Until you went out on the third or fourth date!
Of course, we're familiar with clamps on our breasts...
It's one of a fellow's most kinky requests!

Every gal knows that a fellow will cater
To vise-grip our nipples at some time or later...
It just seems to me that you're jumping the gun...
It's slightly too early for this type of fun.

The minutes fly past as we play in the Tower,
And we have to leave at the end of the hour.
You have a big tool that you're needing to use.
There's five of us girls! Which one will you choose?

You go to Anita as pressure is rising.
She's hanging there naked, so it's not surprising.
You're splaying her legs 'cause they're terribly taunting
And she gets the present we all had been wanting!





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