Ciana Rose's Erotic Stories


The Gilded Cage

Dean Rogers

all rights reserved




May the Lord help us if the characters portrayed herein are not entirely fictitious :)


Tammy entered the house with her sense of disbelief still very much with her. It had looked gorgeous from the outside but the facade did not prepare her for the incredible interior design and space. As work-packages go, she thought as she walked from room to room, this one would take some beating.

Tammy placed her suitcase on the living room floor and sat down on the sofa. She had to make a call and this seemed as good a time as any. Reaching into her pocket to retrieve her mobile phone Tammy was completely unaware that she had been watched since arriving at the airport, eyes that were now watching her retrieve a number from her phone's memory.

In another place, Bastion was sitting at his office desk, surrounded by monitors and controls that made the room look more like the bridge of a space station. He ensured that the feed from Tammy was clean whilst, aside from the main transmission, he double-checked all the other cameras in her apartment.

"Bastion, this is Noskova. Who are we watching here?" The voice came from speakers that sat discreetly on every darkened wall.

"Good evening, Noskova. Let me firstly welcome you to the Guild and extend my congratulations on your promotion. The lady in question is Tammy Squires, a new player who has just flown in from Chicago. All her biographical details can be accessed via the icon at the top left of your screen."

"How complete is the coverage?"

"It goes well beyond the house. She has accepted a job in one of our corporations, with the house rented to her at a heavily discounted rate. Not only do we have sound and audio at all the static locations she is likely to visit but we also have mobile capacity as well. As with everyone, she unwittingly banks with us, has our credit lines, drives one of our cars, shops with us and uses our communication systems. In short, Noskova, the coverage is as complete as you would expect the Guild to make it."

Bastion pressed a button and sipped from a hip flask containing rum. It was going to be a long evening he knew, for fresh players always generated the most interest, and he always allowed himself this vice to compensate.

"I have both sides of her phone-call available for listening now. Click the telephone icon at any time to hear it."

A new voice interrupted Bastion before he could speak again. "Bastion, this is Goldfish. Give me a better view of her breasts, please."

"With pleasure, Goldfish. It is nice to talk to you again. I have a zoom available and will send it to your secondary window now. Tell me when to stop."

Bastion centered the output for Goldfish on his screen, closing the camera angle tight on Tammy's white blouse before slowly zooming in on her breasts. As they began to fill the screen, Bastion felt himself becoming softly aroused and he smiled to himself. This truly was the best job in the world he thought.

"That's perfect, Bastion. Hold it there, please. I take it a highlight section will be added every twelve hours as usual?" Goldfish said eventually.

"Of course. It would be a shame for anyone to have to choose between beauty sleep and the beauty of a fine lady."

Tammy finished her phone call as Bastion spoke. She was pleased that she had managed to reassure her mother that she was safe and well, without overstating her excitement at the opportunity that had unexpectedly presented itself. A little over a month ago, she had been a secretary to a dead-end career executive. Yet now, thanks to a headhunting organization, literally ringing her up and offering her the world, she was about to become PA to the CEO of a major international oil company.

Tammy decided to explore all the levels of the house before she began to unpack. She went upstairs and was thrilled by the three bedrooms and two bathrooms that awaited her. By the side of one of the beds was an introductory card which informed her that a maid, charged to the company, would call each day to clean and tidy for her.

Downstairs in the basement yet another wonderful surprise awaited her. A small but fully equipped private gymnasium, complete with shower, filled the entire level. Another card told her a complimentary personal fitness instructor was at her disposal, and that she could arrange his schedule from work tomorrow.

"Bastion, this is Goldfish. The Guild has really gone to town on this one, hasn't it? I've never seen them grant such a grandiose home to a mere player before."

Bastion took another sip from his hip flask as he watched Tammy ascend to the upper floor again.

"She's worth it. Her psychological evaluation showed she is immensely body-proud and we know she had a strict gym routine back in her old life, so we threw the gymnasium in there to ensure she'd not stray into a public one. It not only allows easier surveillance but also will be a conduit for us to introduce her personal trainer, a gentleman we intend her to take as a lover. He's been coached on her favorite conversation subjects as well as her mannerisms and her known sexual tastes. He's also physically within 2% of her ideal, based on the boyfriends she's had since the age of fourteen."

Tammy took a small bag from inside her luggage and entered the bathroom whilst the screen showed a view of the outside of the door only.

"Bastion, this is Noskova. Why haven't we got a view inside the bathroom?"

"I'm sorry, Noskova, but C does not allow us to show subjects in the bathroom," Bastion said apologetically.

"That's a stupid rule. Why does C not allow us to view the bathroom?"

Bastion took a deep breath and allowed the question to hang for a second. Then, with the patience of a parent who is softly threatening as well as informing he spoke deliberately back. "Noskova, it is against Guild protocol to question the decisions of the full Guild members. To do so is to invite sanction. Please refrain from questioning the decisions of C any further. With a little patience I am sure Miss Squires will satisfy us all before the end of the night."

The silence that answered Bastion was answer enough in itself.

Everyone waited patiently for Tammy to reappear. To fill in time, Bastion looked over the display panels for any sign of malfunction. It was purely a procedural act for he knew all too well that every system created by the Guild had built in redundancy. He cycled through the hidden cameras within the house with the satisfaction of a master-craftsman admiring his own artistry.

Bastion thought it best to explain to his audience how he anticipated the evening to go. It would not only help fill in the wait but also allow them to have a better idea about their new plaything.

"I am sure it will not be long now, gentlemen, for Miss Squires is a stickler for routine and she'll be keen to arrange things ahead of work tomorrow. I think she'll order in some food whilst she relaxes with the television for an hour or so, then check her laptop for emails and the notes she's made about her new position. You can access her laptop and emails at any time, of course, via your control panel."

As Bastion finished speaking an idea formed in his mind. He congratulated himself just a little too much on his creativity, revealing the inflated ego that was destined to destroy him.

"Of course we have ensured that the house has numbers for every conceivable take-away she may wish to eat tonight. Whichever she chooses will be delivered to her in exactly fifteen minutes, giving us time to place any substance you may like her to consume within her food. Have you any thoughts on what you may like to do to her?"

"Bastion, this is Noskova again. I think I'd like to make her aroused in the hopes she will put on a show for us tonight. Can you arrange that?"

"I can certainly have her food laced with something that will make her very aroused, Noskova, but, of course, what she chooses to do about it will be down to her. She certainly has a dildo and a vibrator with her. If it amuses you to read, we have placed her therapy notes online for you. Within there Miss Squires admits to being sexually adventurous and to masturbate heavily, so she may well live up to your hopes before she sleeps tonight."

As Noskova finished speaking Tammy emerged from the bathroom and went downstairs to the living room. As she walked, she was watched by many hidden pairs of lustful eyes, each of which cycled through the different views of her body that excited him. To some it was enough to simply watch her walk whilst others tightened the camera to track her ass or her breasts as they moved in beautiful symmetry. Some of the cruder simply switched the cameras into x-ray mode and were already admiring the green-overlaid view of her underwear. They all had one thing in common however other than Tammy Squires and the Guild, they gained more sexual satisfaction from utterly manipulating this stranger than they ever gained from the women in their own lives.

Once downstairs Tammy began to live up to Bastion's prediction. She went over to the telephone and began to read the numbers for local fast-food outlets. She eventually ordered some Chinese and settled down in front of the television whilst she waited for it to arrive.

Bastion watched her through the television set and thrilled at the power he had over this woman. The Guild partial-members were his prime concern, of course, but they only got the second-hand thrill of being interactive voyeurs. Bastion knew he could make this woman rich or poor, famous or infamous, a queen of Hollywood or a $30 whore, sucking cocks to feed her addictions. He could have her raped, tortured or killed without any sanction or simply erase her name from every file in the world. Anything he wished he could do on a whim, yet here she was staring blindly at him without the slightest idea that he existed. It made Bastion feel like God himself.

When the Chinese food arrived, Tammy set it out on plates in front of the television. She lay on the sumptuous carpet and ate carefully whilst unknown to her Bastion zoomed in tight, up her skirt. The main viewer filled with the slightest of glimpses of her black silken panties and the pleasures that waited underneath.

"Bastion, this is Goldfish. Nice touch, my friend, that is a lovely shot."

"Thank you, Goldfish. A good show is about good editing as well as having the best cast. Glad you like it."

Tammy ate her food and then cleared away what was left. She settled down to the television again as Bastion began to do some quick calculations. After a moment, he made a general announcement. "OK, gentlemen. The substances we placed in her food will take full effect in around twenty minutes. We've placed a large dose in there but had to make it a slow absorber for fear of too great a shock to her system. If anyone need to grab a break I suggest they do so now because Miss Squires is about to become more interesting."

Bastion could see some of the members indicating they were away. Bathroom breaks all around to be sure but he knew most of them would return with dicks in hand, to see if Tammy would perform for them. It was time to spice up the anticipation with a little more information on their latest sex toy.

"I'm sending through to each of you edited highlights of Miss Squires talking to her therapist. We replaced her existing one with one of our own around 2 years ago and covertly recorded everything. As you will see, our therapist was a woman and so was able to gain her trust completely. In the highlights, you will get to see Tammy talking bluntly about her entire sexual history. Enjoy."

Bastion sat back and watched the highlights himself as Tammy sat on her sofa. Soon he could see from her movements that she was becoming very aroused and he wondered how long it would take her to seek release. Sure enough, some 22 minutes after she had finished her meal, Tammy began to stroke her thighs in an absent-minded manner. Bastion knew she would take things a lot further and silently alerted the Guild members to return for the show.

Tammy moved her fingers slowly up her thigh as she spread her legs apart. Her skirt was soon a mere bystander as she pushed it onto her hips, a silent witness which had joined the other more sentient ones as they waited for their first glimpse of her pussy. Bastion remembered from her therapy records that Tammy was inherently shy when it came to her sexuality, preferring to dress conservatively and proud that only a few special men had ever seen her naked. It thrilled him to know, as he watched her push her panties to one side, that she had now become unwittingly corrupted. She was now a porn-star with literally hundreds of men violating her with their eyes.

Bastion was an enforcer by profession, a games-creator by choice and a sadist by nature. In creating his show for the Guild, he had brought all three elements together into diabolic symmetry, granting power not only over his victims but also over the hundred of men he so ably served. He knew that they were there, captains of industry, politicians, law-enforcement and the like and that they were now all slowly masturbating. Bastion did not know their names or faces but he knew he had them by the balls. He could not possibly know however, as he sat there and worked his console, that they were sowing the seed of his destruction.

Tammy had begun to stimulate herself using soft, circular motions as she lay down on the sofa. Her eyes were closed and she was lost in a delightful fantasy about the man she had sat next too on the plane. Her mind allowed her to be the sort of woman that she often wondered about, wanton and unashamedly dirty, whilst she was able to continue to feel pure inside when it was all over. In her fantasy, she had taken the man's hand, ignoring the fact that his wife was asleep on the other side of him, and had placed it on her crotch. As he turned in startled arousal, Tammy quickly rested her thumb on his belt whilst the rest of her hand went to work stimulating him.

Bastion began to feed statistical data onto the screens of the Guild members although he knew few would read it until later. He recorded the average number of circular movements that Tammy made with her fingers in ten seconds and cross-referred it with the other women that had featured on the program. He created and edited series of mini-windows, showing each and every woman as they had been recorded masturbating, and placed them in ranking order from the fastest to the slowest. Bastion also updated a running commentary on each woman's personal technique to include Tammy. He rated her highly when compared to most of his other victims.

Back in her fantasy, Tammy was mixing in as much of what had actually happened as possible in order to make it feel more real. She had talked to the man and discovered he had two teenage children but his wife had been cold towards her, perhaps taking offence at how her husband had looked Tammy over. Tammy had thought then that it must have been a long time since his dick had been loved, judging from his partner, and she had felt sorry for him because he was such a handsome and charming person. Tammy's heart now allowed her to use the scarcely populated aircraft in a way her mind could never have done in reality.

As Tammy played with herself on the sofa she imagined her hand massaging his crotch, feeling his excitement as his erection slowly began to build and strain through his trousers. She granted it freedom by unzipping his trouser and unbuttoning his boxer shorts. Tammy gasped as his cock burst forth, begging for liberation from it's marital loneliness whilst it's owner shot a worried look at his wife. Tammy could see the excitement in his face whilst the danger also scared him to the core. She thought it best to check how far he wanted to go with this so she whispered softly into his ear. "Does your wife suck you well?"

The mere mention of the act registered an anticipatory thrill on his face. He turned her head and whispered back. "No, she refuses to suck me at all. She says it's something that only hookers do and she's got more self-respect."

The response figured to Tammy. She thought that his wife had looked like the kind of selfish woman who would demand oral stimulation, yet refuse to grant it in return. Her feelings of compassion for him were almost as strong as her newly found desire to get revenge on that selfish bitch for what she denied her husband.

"I'm no hooker and neither is any woman who wants to please their partner. I am going to give you what she denies you but you have to do something for me in return. Firstly, though, is she a light sleeper? I do not want to endanger you too much."

He pointed to his wife's drinks tray to show Tammy the empty gin and tonic glass. "She's not only had two of those but also a mild sedative. She hates flying. She should be out like a light for around an hour yet."

Tammy whispered to him again. "OK, well in that case we can have some fun but you must do everything I say without question. I want to please you but I also do not like the way your wife spoke to me or treats you. I think a little harmless revenge is in order. Whilst I go down on you I want you to lift her skirt and push her panties to one side. Show me your wife's pussy."

Before he could argue she took his cock into her mouth and began to suckle, feeling his body relax into the sensations with greed born from starvation. She watched as he softly exposed his wife for her, showing Tammy the barren prize that she knew was used mainly to control and not to please.

Tammy continued her motions on the sofa. She imagined the feel and taste of his penis in her mouth, enjoying at least one part of her life that even the Guild could not violate whilst every other part of her life was currently thrilling them. Bastion received several requests for alternate camera views on her, indicating a strong and active interest by his audience, and he smiled as he gladly facilitated their lust.

Back in Tammy's fantasy, she was imagining the husband's soft moans as she sucked and licked on the head of his cock. His lack of self-control began to concern her, as she did not want him to climax in her mouth, for no other reason than she had better things planned for him. So she stopped suddenly and began instead to stroke his shaft with one delicate finger. Tammy leant into him again and whispered, "I am not denying you release, honey, quite the opposite in fact. She's given you grief about other women ever since you were married, hasn't she?"

He nodded his answer.

"I bet you have never strayed once, have you? Well if she's going to treat you like that anyway, I think its right you do the crime as well as the time. There is no one behind us to see so I am going to swap seats with you and move the armrest back. I am going to go into doggie-style and I want you to make love to me whilst looking at her. Compare my tender pussy to her dried-up vagina, my firm breasts to her sagging chest and my giving nature to her closed heart. Keep thinking 'fuck you' whilst you fuck me, OK?" He hesitated for a second before silently standing up. In barely a minute, he was behind her, admiring her naked ass, as Tammy smelt his wife's perfume.

Bastion saw Tammy stop in mid-circle and it threw him for a moment. She was clearly enjoying herself too much to deny herself an orgasm so what was she doing? A thought entered his head and he was almost too pleased with himself as he guessed. She had clearly been fantasizing about intercourse and she needed her dildo to heighten the sensation. That would give him a chance to try something new and he made an announcement to the Guild members. "Gentlemen, if I am right, Miss Squires is about to go to her luggage to retrieve her dildo. She will use the one our therapist recommended, and that opens up something new for us tonight. Tammy bought the dildo on-line from one of our suppliers and we were able to switch it with an exact duplicate that has certain, shall we say, special extras." Bastion allowed his remark to settle for a moment to ensure he had grabbed the attention of his audience.

"It contains a series of sensors which are linked to a transmitter. I will be able to tell you the exact dimensions of her vagina and extrapolate a three-dimensional model for you, which I will cross-refer with national medical data to see how average or otherwise she is. Now that, to be honest, is cute but hardly worth our time. I have also, however, had delivered to you a new device in the past week. Have you all received and prepared it as instructed?"

Bastion waited as each member indicated that he had. Whilst they were affirming this Tammy had located her dildo and was now settling back onto the sofa again.

Bastion continued, "OK and thank you, gentlemen. I am sure many of you guessed the purpose of the device. If you lay on it face down and insert yourself into the lubricated sheath, you will still be able to view the feed on the screen that is also attached to it. The sheath will stimulate you in time with Miss Squire's thrusts of her dildo and will, thanks to the data we are about to collect, mould itself into an exact replica of her vagina. Tammy is, in short, about to let you all fuck her simultaneously."

Bastion saw a call come through from one of the members and opened a channel.

"Bastion, this is Goldfish."

"Go ahead, Goldfish."

"What a wonderful idea! You are to be congratulated once again."

"Why, thank you, Goldfish. It's not quite the real thing of course but if you like, I can have a woman sent to you later who has exactly the same vaginal dimension. Allow you to relive the moment more precisely, eh?"

"Thank you, Bastion, please arrange it. Meanwhile back to the show."

Bastion watched as Tammy inserted her dildo into herself, unwittingly allowing hundreds of men to enter her a few moments later. With each thrust, she was screwed by some of the most powerful men on the planet, all the time fantasizing about her own fictitious little power-game on the aircraft.

Tammy closed her eyes and returned to her fantasy, inserting the dildo as she imagined the husband entering her before he rode her gently. A few moments later she glanced back to check on him, revealing his face to be a picture of ecstasy and pent-up revenge. All the time he was staring intently at his sleeping wife and Tammy was happy to be the vehicle of his liberation.

Tammy turned her attention onto the sleeping wife once more, leaning forward so that her face could stare directly into the closed eyes whilst the husband labored on. She planted a mocking soft kiss on the wife's open mouth before gently taking the sleeping head and turning it towards her. With the malice she was glad only to reveal in fantasy, Tammy began to whisper into the sleeping woman's face. "I'm fucking your husband. Wake up you lazy bitch and see how happy he is with a true woman whose not some selfish dried-up crone like you. See the anger in his face, despite the danger of losing everything he needs this vengeance to allow his soul to live."

Tammy cupped one of the wife's clothed breasts in her hand before continuing. "See this? It's lost all power now, the same as your barren desert down there. He'll stray now when he wants to because he's crossed an emotional Rubicon. Secretaries, friends, even those whores you like to describe, will all give him what you will not. Want to know the best part? He'll feel guilty as hell afterwards, oh yes, but during each time he'll be laughing at you."

Tammy released the breast and clenched her fist, leaving only the middle finger stiffly raised as she flashed it into the face of the sleeping woman. Slowly she licked it wet and then moved it down to the wife's lower half, maneuvering her slowly until she could see her bottom. Pausing only to ensure her target was still asleep, Tammy inserted the finger into the wife's anus whilst the husband intensified his thrusting from behind.

Tammy looked back at the wife's unconscious face as she felt the husband shudder to his climax. She whispered to the sleeping eyes again. "He's just filled me with his sperm. He's as much mine as he is yours now. Swivel on that as he recovers."

On the sofa, Tammy was close to climax but she wanted to savor her fantasy revenge just a little longer, so she slowed down. Both she and the hundreds of unseen audience participants were enjoying a good, deep, long screw. Tammy cast her mind back into the fantasy once she had adjusted the speed of her thrusts.

Tammy and the husband quickly rearranged themselves so that they appeared never to have so much as shaken hands, with Tammy certain to arrange the wife back as she had been. The only difference this time was that Tammy took the husband by the arm and made the wife look like the stranger. She held him for a while before whispering into his ear. "Wake her up and let her see us like this. Don't worry, honey, I'll be careful not to endanger you. Have faith."

The husband had to shake his wife hard to arouse her from her drink and drugs induced slumber. She looked over to him sleepily and then awoke sharply as she saw Tammy draped over his arm.

Before the wife could speak, Tammy smiled sweetly at her. "I am sorry we had to wake you but I just wanted to thank you and your husband for your support. I'm a very nervous flyer you see and I've just had a panic attack. In fact, I am still feeling very nervy now. Your husband has been a love in allowing me to hold onto him for the rest of the flight."

The wife seemed uncertain and desperate to think of a reason to reject the supposed aid but it was a harmless enough request in itself, she thought. She oozed into her fake charm. "That's OK, my dear. I am glad you and my husband have had the chance to chat whilst I have been sleeping."

Tammy looked her straight in the eye but maintained her humble exterior. "He's a lovely man. Thanks to our little chat I feel I have come to know you both intimately whilst you were asleep."

Tammy left the word "intimately" hang with just a little too much load to allow the wife to feel comfortable. Especially as Tammy was wearing a tight top, which clearly showed her nipples, but the hang was not enough to give the wife cause to question what she meant.

Tammy enjoyed making the wife squirm for the next twenty minutes, with the odd "accidental" stroke of the husband's chest and arms and the odd private joke whispered between them. Becoming bored of the warm-up, she then whispered into the husband's ear again. "It is my turn to come now. I am going to swap places with you and turn to face your wife, blocking you almost completely from her view. Whilst I keep her distracted I will sit on your hand and I want you to make me climax whilst she watches."

The husband nodded his agreement before Tammy talked to the wife again. "I was reading a book, it's very good. Here, let me show you bits out of it."

Before the wife could respond Tammy had changed places with the husband and had sat with her back to him. With expert timing he placed his hand on the seat a fraction before her bottom came to rest on it, giving him complete covert access to her clitoris and womb.

Tammy launched into a monologue as she described parts from her book and showed the wife the appropriate pages. The husband began to stimulate Tammy's clitoris and little waves of pleasure assaulted her mind, although she never let her innocent and calm demeanor fail as she talked.

The husband was clearly enjoying himself, given the skill he was putting into making soft movements. He was stimulating Tammy just enough to achieve their aim without making her hips move at all. Tammy could feel herself coming after a while and decided to add insult to injury. She brought the conversation with the wife around to a supposed sex-scene in the novel. "One of the best bits is where this guy, whose wife is a real dried-up cow, decides to have an affair with this woman he barely knows. He picks her up on a train or somewhere, anyhow the important bit is where this other woman decides to phone up the wife out of spite. Whilst she is on the phone the husband is masturbating her."

Tammy paused for a second to savor the attentions of the husband but not long enough for the wife to object to the nature of the conversation. Tammy looked directly into the wife's eyes, as a challenge, yet kept her voice light and friendly. "Anyway, she says 'I only just met your husband but already I have given him better sex than you ever could. I have felt his dick inside me and his sperm is presently swimming inside my pussy, glad to have some freedom at last. I have sucked him, something I know you deny him out of spite, and I have tasted every one of his seven inches with my tongue. The best bit is that he is, as we speak, masturbating me, sticking two fingers up to you by sticking one finger up me, and I just rang you to let you hear my orgasm.'"

With that, Tammy shuddered as she came and fell onto the wife, giving the husband enough time to settle himself again, as his wife was distracted. Tammy clung onto the stunned woman as she composed herself and whispered into her ear. "Your husband is a very good lover."

Then, as she pulled back, Tammy said, "Said the woman in the book. I am so very sorry to have fallen on you like that but that shudder was another panic attack hitting me. I'll go back to my seat and see if I can't sleep the rest of the way."

Tammy allowed the fantasy to drift away as she came on the sofa, panting but released in a most delicious fashion. Bastion correctly concluded that she was not going to provide any more directly sexual entertainment that night.

"Gentlemen, I think that was the main event for the evening. I will of course keep the feeds on automated for you throughout the rest of the night. I'm closing down the communication channel until 7:30 tomorrow, to get some sleep in preparation for Miss Squire's first day at the office. It should be worth watching. Good night."

Bastion closed his console and walked to the window of his office to savor the 32nd floor view of the Lexington skyline. He knew he did not own it all but he owned, heart and soul, those who did. As long as the show rated well, he thought he was indispensable, king of the shadows with power that even governments could only dream of. He could not have been more wrong as he slept that evening.

The following day Bastion was woken by his alarm at 7:00 AM. As he washed and shaved, he kept an eye on Tammy as she prepared for her first day in her new office. He also ordered the computer to update him verbally on how the night had gone. Few Guild members had bothered to continue to watch Tammy after around 9pm and she herself had slept by ten. All in all, it was a standard low-interest evening.

Most Guild members did not watch the show in the daytime. In part, it was down to their jobs and in part, it was down to the content. Most subjects did little in the day other than work and eat, hardly the stuff of eroticism, and the kind of men the Guild audience contained would have no interest in seeing how underlings went about their business. It was part of the deal, however, to keep the show on constantly and Bastion did his best to make it entertaining. Sometimes he would arrange for office gossip, a crisis at work or some such to make more of a "soap opera" world for his main stars. In Tammy's case, he was going to include sexual harassment in the office, in the forlorn hope that sexual-friction might just increase daytime Guild interest.

Guild members often just downloaded a daily digest of the activities of a subject when they returned to watch in the evening. For this reason, Bastion continued to add his own commentary to events so that the digest would have the feeling of being "live." At 7:30 AM, he began his day shift.

"Good morning, gentlemen. As you can see, Miss Squires has been getting ready for work and will leave in about ten minutes. We have complete camera coverage in her company car and office, as well as mobile units and a feed from the conventional city wide CCTV. We cannot possibly miss anything she does or says today."

Tammy set off for work at 7:45 AM. Despite her professional, conservative dress-sense, Bastion used the in-car cameras to accentuate every bulge and curve of her body as she sat. Unknown to her, she was tailed by two cars that provided additional footage.

After an uneventful journey, Tammy parked in the subterranean office car park. She left her car and began to walk to the elevator. Bastion thought a comment would help explain the next thing that would happen. "Miss Squires is about to meet her new boss, John Green. He will intercept her before she boards the lift and will then accompany her to their office. Mr. Green has been briefed that he is to harass Miss Squires sexually from day one in order to see if she will lose her dream job or capitulate. If she resigns we will consider her to have lost value and will, of course, terminate her."

Tammy was approached by a very well dressed man in his thirties. He looked over and greeted her warmly. "You must be my new PA, Tammy Squires. I have heard a lot about you and look forward to us working together closely."

Tammy smiled and attempted to make a good first impression. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Green"

"John, please. We need no formality between us, Tammy."

"Perhaps you can show me the way to the office, John?"

"With pleasure, follow me."

With that, John led Tammy to the elevator. As they boarded, he softly placed his hand on her shoulder in a gesture designed to intimidate. She looked round and he was smiling with a meaning that made her feel uneasy. This was not going to be an easy assignment, she thought.

They entered a very impressive office complex that spanned the entire 15th floor. Everyone deferred to John as he walked by and it was clear he was in complete control of those who worked for him. Tammy noted that most tried to avoid eye contact as he walked to his office.

Once inside the office the noise outside vanished. Such was the soundproofing that Tammy thought she could be inside a library vault. Whilst there was a panoramic view from the window she noted that no one could see into John's office from outside. Clearly, he valued his privacy.

Bastion made a comment for the daily digest. "John Green will begin innocently enough but he will become blatant by the end of the day. We hope that she will play along in order to safeguard her position, allowing Guild members to vote on how they wish Mr. Green to humiliate her. Mr. Green can get instructions from me via a carrier signal beamed into his inner ear. We of course have total coverage across the entire floor."

John sat down and asked Tammy to take dictation of a letter. Once complete, he looked over to her with the smile of the serpent. "One small thing, Tammy, and it's probably a failure of communication on our part, is dress code. You have come dressed to be a PA to an important man, which in itself is fine. I, however, prefer a more informal dress code. I am away from my wife for many days sometimes and I enjoy the presence of a beautiful woman such as you, especially if she is dressed in a manner more befitting my tastes. Is that OK?"

Tammy was taken aback but keen to please on her first day. "Sure, John, whatever pleases you."

"Good to hear. We will take care of that later. In the interim I could do with a coffee, please."

Bastion watched her prepare the coffee as he talked to Green. "OK, John, take it slow for another hour or so. Keep it light and boring then hit her with the first stage at about 11:00."

John silently nodded to show he had understood as Tammy came towards him with his drink. For the next whilst Bastion saw John make Tammy relaxed. He told her of her fine future with the company, hinted at a substantial bonus at the end of the month and generally motivated her to want to keep the job. Then he pounced.

"OK, Tammy, stop that letter for the moment. Your dress today is beginning to grate with me so what say we arrange for some new clothes to be delivered here, at my expense of course?"

It seemed like a fair request to a woman desperate not to make waves. "OK, John, that's fine."

John reached into his drawer and took out a tailor's tape measure. "OK, Tammy, I am going to need to measure you in order to make sure everything fits perfectly. Come here, please."

She reluctantly went over to his chair. Hoping to deflect him she said, "I know my measurements, John, there really is no need to bother yourself."

John's smile became more fixed as his tone became more clipped. "It's no bother, Tammy, because I need measurements you may well not know off hand. Come over here and face me, please."

Tammy stood in front of John as he got out of his chair.

"First things are first, your waist measurement. Turn around, please and remove your jacket."

Tammy turned and removed her jacket. She could feel John's breath on the back of her shirt as he took the measurement, using it as an excuse to hold her as he did so. He held her so tight that, to her horror, she could feel his erection dig into her buttocks, despite all the layers of clothing between. She froze, scared and unsure of what to do but feeling like a tiny girl inside.

When John released the hold she thought it was over but he replaced it with his hands, feeling all round her waist like a pawing bear. "I find I am a good judge of a lady's size, Tammy. I like to verify the tape measure with my own personal intuition. Hold still whilst I check you."

Green continued to feel her waist for a good minute until he appeared to be satisfied. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear in a manner that terrified her. "Now for your chest measurement, please raise your arms."

Tammy put her arms up as John took the measurement, hating every element of surrender that it suggested. Then, as before, he placed his hands on her. This time he settled with one hand cupping each breast through her shirt and bra.

"I am a little uncertain as to your chest measurement, Tammy. I am afraid I shall have to ask you to strip to the waist in order for me to verify it."

Tammy tried to fight back in a way that did not seem like she was arguing with the new boss. "But that would expose me, John, and I am sure you would not want me to do that, now would you? We can guess it, surely?" The eyes unknown to the Guild bristled at the impending humiliation.

John stepped back and Tammy instinctively turned to face him. He looked angry as he spoke. "Look, Tammy, we all have to sacrifice a little if we want to get ahead in this game. I have no desire to see you exposed but I simply have to have a PA who is in tune with my sense of dress. I have a lot of power and am capable of rewarding dependable people handsomely, making them for life. I also have the power to punish undependable people so that they never work again, except maybe frying burgers. Don't make me think you are undependable so soon, Tammy, just co-operate and we can get this over with. Please."

The threat was clear and Tammy suddenly felt very vulnerable. If she lost not only this position but also the chance at another, her life would collapse under her debts. She needed time to think about how to counter all this but at the moment, she needed to play along. "I am sorry, John. Forgive me."

Tammy turned her back on John again and then stripped to the waist. Her attempts to maintain any modesty were shattered, however, when John came over behind her again and cupped her naked breasts in his hands. All he needed to say was expressed by the slow, deliberate way he molested her. "OK, Tammy, now for your buttocks. Turn and face me, please."

Trying again to save some dignity, Tammy asked, "Do you want me to put my shirt and bra back on first?"

John's tone returned. "No, we do not have time for all that. Just turn, please."

As Tammy turned, John kneeled to ensure his eyes were at the same level as her breasts. He did not even bother with the pretext of the measuring tape this time before he placed his hands on her buttocks. John feigned concern. "You work out, which is good but this skirt is getting in the way of a proper measurement. Take it off, please, facing me all the time."

Tammy felt cold inside as she removed her skirt for him. She could see John's eyes move from her breasts down to her pussy, which was barely concealed under her black satin panties. John placed his hands on her thinly clothed buttocks and felt their firmness with delight, becoming more breathless as he slowly lowered himself a little before pulling Tammy towards him. He was rewarded with a full-face and up-close view of her pussy, silhouetted by the dark satin.

Tammy was terrified about where this was going to lead but she hoped, against hope, that simply seeing her naked would be enough for him at the moment. She had no doubt at all that he would ask her to remove the last of her clothing shortly. She was also, unknown to her and Green, about to find a savior.

John threw her with his next question. "Do you shave your pussy, Tammy? I ask simply because I prefer to see a clean-shaven pussy and, given that we will be away on business a lot, I expect I will see yours accidentally from time to time."

The brazen nature of the inquiry, let alone the inference for the future, shocked Tammy even though she was already reeling from the current situation. She knew he was about to see anyway so lying was pointless. "Yes, I do."

"Show me. Remove your panties, please."

There, it was said. Tammy was beginning to recover herself slowly and her impatience at wanting to get this over caused her to snatch her panties down in a sharp motion. John did not seem to care at all, for he was lost in his desire for her.

"You know, Tammy, some women shave well and some don't. It's often a fine line between the two but to a man used to the best things, like me, it's important. The only way to know for sure is by touch. I don't mean fingers either, for they are not sensitive enough, I mean the face. It's important to me that my PA shaves her pussy well."

Before Tammy could comment, John gave her an order. It was an order, not a veiled-order like before, but a quietly aggressive demand. "Sit in my chair and open your legs to me."

As Tammy sat in the chair, her legs open, she feared rape. She was reassured to see, however, that he approached her fully clothed. He knelt down before her and began to give her head silently. Despite her fear, Tammy had to admit that after a minute or so she was beginning to enjoy it. Here was the CEO to a major oil company, a very powerful man, on his knees attempting to pleasure her. She scolded herself but nonetheless could not help enjoying the situation, whilst still hating the circumstances that had created it. John was very talented and within four minutes, Tammy came with a yelp.

John stood over her. "You see, Tammy? I can be very generous to my PA's if they prove to be reliable. I think you are going to work out just fine and your pussy has passed inspection. There is only one more measurement to take before we are done and you can get dressed again."

The words sent another cold shiver through Tammy that overpowered the warmth of her afterglow. As they did, another pair of eyes watched the Guilds antics with avowed intent.

"Stand up and let me sit there, please."

Tammy stood and allowed John to sit down, still wondering what else he wanted before he would leave her alone.

"I need new underwear, as these boxers of mine are too tight. I find it hard to judge, you see, never having measured my penis when it is erect. We can order some new ones for me when we order your clothes, Tammy, but I need you to measure my penis first. You will not need the tape-measure."

John stripped and exposed his erection to Tammy. She figured he wanted her to "measure" it with her hands and so she knelt and began to stroke him gently. John closed his eyes for a second to enjoy the sensation before speaking again. "That's good, Tammy, but I've found that ladies measure a penis best with their mouths. Isn't that the way you usually do it, Tammy, measure a boyfriend I mean, before you let him fuck you? It's with your mouth. Measure mine like you measure theirs, with your mouth and tongue, and start slowly but then build. Take measurements until I say to stop."

As Tammy began to blow John in his chair, he decided to make a call. It soon became clear that he had called his wife and he chatted to her whilst watching. Tammy felt sick to be made to be a part of it. A part of her remembered her fantasy from last night and she felt ashamed to have ever found it erotic.

Eventually John came and allowed her to get dressed again before sending her to lunch. She cried in the elevator as she descended to the car park, intent on driving to a nearby park to think about what she should do. Bastion watched her with satisfaction because he thought that the weeping was a positive sign. He continued with his commentary for the digest. "Miss Squires is no doubt off somewhere quiet to think about things. The tears seem to indicate she is not about to rebel, though time will tell."

Bastion was so intent on his commentary that he failed to notice the man as he approached Tammy. The first he knew was when this well-dressed individual greeted her from off-camera, forcing the mobile unit to pan in order to show who owned the distinctly British-accented voice.

"Hello, sweetheart, I thought I'd surprise you, as I'd caught an earlier flight than I expected!"

As the man spoke he rushed over and embraced Tammy with real warmth and affection, turning her startled form ever so slightly so that her body blocked his hands from the mobile unit's camera. Only Tammy could see that he had drawn a pistol from his pocket and that the pistol was pointing at her stomach. As she froze in terror the embrace almost became comical but this individual was clearly practiced at making the unusual look normal. He hissed into her ear. "Miss Squires, there is no time to explain and this is not the place. I assure you that I am here to help you but I also assure you that unless you come with me, right now, I will kill you where you stand."

He took Tammy's arm in a casual manner that belied the steel grip it endowed before half marching her to a waiting car. He opened the passenger door and bundled her into it, all the while maintaining a breezy monologue about how busy the flight had been, before hurrying around to the driver's side. Getting into his car and starting it with almost one motion, they were so practiced, by the time Bastion could regain his senses the car was already racing from the parking area.

As the car began to speed away Bastion acted with the cool detachment of the professional assassin, evaluating the unexpected whilst at the same time calculating a way in which it could be channeled to suit his plan. He opened private channels to the forces he had at his disposal. "Mobile One, stay with them but keep your distance. We can use conventional CCTV to keep track if the need arises. Mobile Two, stay loose around Mobile One and cease filming. Your mission is to pick them up when they stop in case they have somehow identified Mobile One as following them."

Bastion was interrupted by a signal. "Bastion, this is Aegis. I am watching the show and wondered if you needed any assistance?"

Aegis was more than just another Guild member to Bastion, although they both occupied the same seniority, he was the nearest thing he had to a friend. Even though they knew nothing about each other outside of their professional contacts, they trusted one another implicitly. It made the request a sincere gesture, as opposed to the breach of protocol that one watcher stepping on the territory of another it could have been. Bastion could not help smiling despite himself.

"I did not know you were a fan of the show, my old friend. No thanks, I am sure it's nothing and we have it covered. Stick around and see how it works out."

Aegis laughed. "It should certainly liven up the daily digest if nothing else. I'll leave my offer on the table and then, of course, defer to your own expert handling of situations like this. Have fun Bastion."

Inside the car, Tammy had regained her composure a little but it was clear that she had no way out of this, not least because of the speed at which the man was driving. She thought it best to try to strike up a rapport with him in the hopes she might live long enough to seize her chance. "I don't suppose you have a name, do you?"

It was an aggressive question to fire at a stranger who had just kidnapped her but it was the best she could do without thinking. He kept his gaze on the road as he replied, "What name do you most like, Miss Squires?"

It was not the response she had anticipated but it was said with politeness and not a hint of malice or aggression. Tammy shrugged. "There was a boy at school called Connor. That always seemed like a nice name."

"Then you are in luck, Miss Squires, for my name is Connor."

She caught the half-smile on his face and decided not to argue. The one thing this man seemed, apart from an expert driver, was friendly. She took it that he simply did not want to share anything he did not have to.

"If it's not too obvious a question, Connor, why have you kidnapped me at gunpoint?"

Connor laughed in the restrained manner indicative of his nationality. "Not obvious, straight and to the point. I fear, Tammy, if I may call you that, it was the only way to give us a little space from those who were truly holding you captive. You have from now until the time it takes for me to drive you home to make the most important decision of your life. Namely, do you trust me? If the answer is no then I will let you go and you shall never see me again. However, after you have seen what I have to show you, I hope you will say yes and in so doing liberate yourself from an early grave."

Tammy did not know what to say and so she said nothing in reply, just stared at the road ahead. Connor opened a compartment in the car dashboard. "Inside there you will see a mini-computer that is much smaller than the commercial laptop you could buy down the mall but, I assure you, just as functional. I have pre-set it to receive a certain Internet signal and I just need you to retrieve the unit and activate it. The console is self-explanatory and I want you to assimilate as much of the data as you can in the next ten minutes. Say nothing, just watch and learn. Then give me your comments."

Tammy retrieved and activated the computer. The initial shock of seeing the live feed from the Guild's program, the rear of the car she was in as it ducked and weaved, was as nothing compared to the ice that gripped her soul soon afterwards. She read her own therapy notes, saw her life laid bare in the most intimate details and saw highlights from the previous night's show which included how she had helped to masturbate hundreds of men. She read about the job offer, heard the decision to make John Green sexually harass her and saw the numerous camera angles on her humiliation from this morning. She had been given everything she ever could have needed but her mind was reeling too badly to think straight.

"Who are you, Connor?"

"The most important first step for you, Tammy, is to know who they are, who the bastards behind that program are and what they want from you. Have you ever heard of the Illuminate?"

"Yes, some secret society thing that's meant to control the world, isn't it?"

"They go by a lot of names and have a lot of agendas but, fundamentally, you're correct. Everyone thinks of them as a group plotting to take over the world but that is old-hat, for they already have taken over, give or take the odd influential individual. Their main function now is to prevent anyone from realizing it, stirring up the masses and challenging their grip with a popular uprising. They are men, by and large, and therefore they also use that power for sexual dominance and recreation, of which that show is the center-point. You are I fear, Miss Squires, the star in an all-too real reality show from which you are unlikely to escape without my help."

"Why can't I just go to the cops or jump on the next plane out of here?"

Connor talked with the patience of one addressing a small child. "Tammy, they are more than just the police and there is nowhere, absolutely no-where that your plane could take you that they would not find you. If you are seen to run they will know you know about them and they will kill you. Nothing is more important to them than maintaining secrecy and if a breach is ordered by a watcher, every resource on the planet is available to that watcher to close down the leak."

Tammy looked puzzled. "A watcher?"

"The Guild has very few full members but many partial members. In between those levels are those select few whose mission is primarily to protect the interests of the Guild. They are the Watchers. They are distinct to other Guild members because they are given names associated with defense, with the highest watcher being the only one also to be a full Guild member. He is simply called C, in deference, but I can tell you that the one we need to worry about most is called Bastion. Bastion fancies himself as a master entertainer. He has gained special dispensation from the Guild in exchange for providing shows like the one you are part of. If we are to ever liberate you then we must close down Bastion once and for all."

The car was rapidly approaching Tammy's house.

"Why are you helping me, Connor?"

For the first time in their brief acquaintance, Tammy thought she saw a look of genuine vulnerability flash on Connor's face.

"I've never been a fan of the Guild and have locked horns with them before however I recently lost someone close to me. She died in circumstances that were innocent to the police but that smelled like a Guild occurrence to me, so I began to dig. I found and killed a Guild member in the hope that his computer might give me clues. It did more than that for it showed me how they had put her through this so-called show before becoming tired of her after four days. I assumed the identity of the Guild member, for the show at least, and I have been getting live-feeds ever since. When I saw they had a new victim I decided to act, in her memory and in the name of common decency."

The car pulled up outside the house and Tammy saw that the show was broadcasting every minute of it. Connor turned to ask her the question she knew was coming but she interrupted him before he could speak. "Yes, Connor, I trust you. What can we do about all this?"

Connor looked deep into her eyes. "Firstly you have to continue the masquerade with the Guild. If they find out you suspect they will kill you. Secondly, you have to obey me without question, no matter how odd the instruction may seem. Finally, I am posing as your boyfriend. They know you do not have one but they are human, they will doubt themselves and do endless checks. That may just buy us the time we need to plan a proper means of ending all this. Now, kiss me."

Tammy was surprised by the request. "Sorry?"

"Hurry, they are watching us and we are in a parked car talking. I am the boyfriend you have not seen in weeks and unless you kiss me they are going to assume it was not sweet-nothings we were exchanging."

Tammy sank into a kiss with Connor and for the first time all day, she felt safe. It was a shame when the kiss ended and they had to leave. As Connor took a few bags from the trunk of the car, he slipped in his computer, all the time making more small talk about how things had been for him in the last two weeks. Tammy quickly realized that he knew the Guild could hear every word and she joined in as best she could.

Once inside Connor put his bags in the main hall. He called to Tammy who was in the kitchen. "Honey, I know you have to get back to work in a few minutes but I am very dirty from the flight and need a shower. Why don't you join me?"

Still getting used to her role, Tammy hesitated for a moment before remembering what she needed to project to the audience. "OK, Connor, sounds wonderful. I only have ten minutes though before I get back."

They ascended into the bathroom and closed the door. Connor spoke clearly to Tammy for the first time. "For reasons best known to him, C vetoed the use of audio or visual equipment in the bathroom during the show. Maybe he's got an aversion to bodily waste or something. It does mean, importantly, that this is the one room we can talk in freely. I've set a precedent for us showering together now but they will expect us to come out of here having showered. The smallest slip may alert them. I am afraid modesty must be left to one side, Tammy, during this matter. We need to shower now, please."

Connor broke the ice first by stripping quickly. Tammy could see he was well built even for a man in his 40's and she could not help but feel a little aroused as she watched him enter the shower. She disrobed herself in a matter of seconds and joined him.

The shower was designed for one and there was little room for two strangers to be in there without touching. Tammy did her best but every now and then, her breasts caught his arm or back, making her wince. Connor had clearly noticed it.

"Tammy, we are meant to be a couple of over a year's standing and unless we get our body-language right out there we are going to fool no-one. I understand and respect your shyness but it will get you killed unless you move past it. I think the fastest way for that to happen is for us to touch each other in here, get used to our bodies, as lovers should be. Soap up your hands and stimulate me, make me erect and get a good look at my erection. Then wash my body, slowly, until you get over your shyness around me."

Tammy soaped up her hands and began to stroke Connor's flaccid penis with one, soft finger before she cupped his balls and massaged them. Connor groaned as the sensations registered and soon Tammy could feel his manhood becoming firmer. She felt herself becoming aroused as she looked at him and felt pleased that, if she had to have a pretend boyfriend, it was at least with someone who was so sexually confident.

Her hands began to wash Connor, exploring every inch of his muscular frame as the water washed away her inhibitions. When she was done Connor soaped up his hands and began to massage her shoulders, sending shivers up and down her back, before he placed the most delicate of touches onto each breast. As the soap washed away, he replaced his hands with his mouth, suckling each breast in turn as his hands stroked her buttocks, in a combination that made her understand just how talented this man was. Looking deep into her eyes, Connor slowly moved his fingers to her vagina and began to stimulate her inside and out in a way that made her knees buckle.

Finally, he washed her legs and back before he was complete. Looking at her again, he said, in a voice designed to reassure, "You are beautiful, Tammy, and we will get you out of this, you have my word. I hope this initial session helped that objective greatly. Now you have to get dressed and return to work to face John Green again. Remember he is designed to push you to well beyond your limits, to see if the money and the prospects will make you into a de facto prostitute rather than quit and face ruin. If they think you will play along then you will remain interesting to them and you will live. Never forget that rule, Tammy. The show is designed to provide sexual interest, nothing more or less, and the moment you stop showing that promise to them, they will cancel you for good. Improvise if you can but follow their bread-trail if you cannot."

"What about you?"

"I will stay here and work. I've unnerved them enough and I do not want them to think I am a loose cannon. I have just flown in so it's logical that I would take the day off anyway. Come straight home after work."

Bastion watched his monitor as it showed him the couple exiting the bathroom very much arm in arm and clearly in love. He decided a comment for the daily digest was in order. "As you can see, gentlemen, the man called Connor is clearly a boyfriend, although one our extensive research failed to find. Although his presence was not anticipated it is in the very nature of the show, the thrill shall we say, that it is unscripted. Whilst our research continues on Connor we shall focus back on Miss Squires as she continues at work. I have cancelled the personal-trainer who was meant to become Miss Squire's boyfriend for the moment, though that option remains open again if we decide to eliminate Connor."

Bastion closed the channel as another opened. "Bastion, this is Aegis again. Nice speak to calm the jitters of the listeners but what do you really think about this new guy?"

"We only have a still from the camera and a first name, so searching the databases will take time. We are starting in Lexington and working outwards."

"You could expedite the search greatly if you declared a breach, for you would gain a lot more than just your own network."

Bastion snorted in contempt. "A breach? For a boyfriend coming to visit? I can assure you that whichever researcher missed Connor will pay for it dearly but I think it a little premature to sound the alarm just yet. At best, it would make me look a laughing stock if he turns out to be the nothing he appears. At worst, after C inevitably hears about it, it may cause him to question my ability to handle my team. Connor is part of the show until I identify he no longer needs to be a part. When that time comes I intend to handle it within my own team, as I am sure you understand Aegis."

"I do Bastion and I was merely offering my thoughts. I'll watch the show with a keener interest than usual, my friend. Take care."

Tammy felt strangely empowered as she drove back to the office. Although the events of the past twenty-four hours had been hellish, simply knowing what was happening gave her some sense of control. Connor had not only briefed her but he had also grounded her, giving her both a morbid dread of the future and a hope that she could somehow avoid what had happened to the other contestants. "Keep sexually interesting," that was what Connor had said. As long as she was, she would remain alive. Tammy entered the office again and walked confidently into John Green's office. Her confidence took a battering however when she saw the clothes he had bought for her. Green laid them out on his desk.

"As you can see, Tammy, I have had my people busy during your lunch. These are more the sort of things I expect my PA to wear."

Tammy looked them over with her best acting face on. They were cheap, tarty and more suited to a street hooker than an office worker.

"You can change into them now."

The inference was clear given the events of the morning. Green had no intention of turning his back whilst she did and so she simply discarded her top layer of clothing quickly, denying him the tease of a slow strip whilst obeying every order as she knew she must.

As she reached for the clothing, Green stopped her. "I think a PA works much better when she is not encumbered by underwear. Remove your bra and panties, give them to me, and then put on the new uniform, please."

When Tammy handed him her undergarments he sniffed the crotch of her panties with deliberate relish, watching her dress in the mini-skirt and low-cut top he had provided. With no bra to assist, the top held her so tightly as to make it virtually see-through.

Green sat down on his chair. "Now we are ready for another letter, Tammy." As Tammy went to sit in her chair he held his hand up to stop her. "No note-taking this time, my dear, I thought it best to dictate to tape. You can audio-type it later."

Green reached into his desk and produced a Dictaphone. He handed the main unit to Tammy but kept the mini-microphone, which was on a very long lead, to himself. Tammy suddenly became nervous as to where this was leading.

Green beckoned her closer before he gave her another straight order. "Come kneel on my desk, facing away from me."

Tammy knelt in a tight doggie-style position and the mini-skirt melted before Green's eyes, revealing her naked shaven pussy in all its glory. Green placed the mini-microphone holder inside her vaginal lips, so only the microphone itself was visible. She heard his aroused voice from behind her.

"I've always preferred hands-free Tammy. You hold the microphone and work the machine, I'll just get close to the mike to make sure my voice is clear for you later."

Tammy could feel Green's breath as he began to dictate a letter with his face almost smothered by her sweet, musky perfume. For what seemed like an age he remained, panting like a dog on heat whilst all Tammy could do was feel desperately lonely. She knew she had to play along for the Guild but she wanted Connor to hold her again and make this humiliating pain go away.

Eventually John Green finished and returned to his chair as if he had simply dictated a letter in the normal way. The practiced air of professional normality, Tammy concluded, must be what allowed his wife never to find out just what an evil man she had married.

Green informed her that they had a meeting to attend later that afternoon and so they began his preparation. When it came to matters of the business, he certainly knew his stuff and for the next ninety minutes, he was the very model of the dynamic CEO.

As the meeting drew near, Tammy was preparing the final draft of his notes when he suddenly changed the subject. "Oh, by the way, Tammy. Before we go into the meeting, there is a little ceremony I am expected to perform here, to congratulate our employee of the month. I'll send for him now. Shouldn't take long."

Green pressed a button and a young man, probably no older than twenty-six, entered the office. He looked very nervous indeed. Green flashed a smile at him as he entered.

"Close the door, David, please and stand in the middle of the room. Miss Squires, this is David Grundy, a hot young junior executive who has outperformed all his peers demonstrably this month. As a token of our gratitude, we are going to award him $10,000 and present him with a lasting memento."

Green stood up and invited David to sit in his chair, whilst Tammy was told to sit in her chair facing him.

"There, David, give it a try. If you keep on going as you are one day it'll be yours for keeps."

David looked sheepish as he replied, "Thank you, Mr. Green. I hope so."

"How is the family, David? Married six years isn't it?"

"Yes, sir."

"Two young children and one on the way I hear? Productive in and out of work it seems," Green said with a small laugh.

Tammy could not help noticing that David was distracted by her presence but then, in these clothes, she could not imagine he would not have been. She felt deeply embarrassed for him.

David blushed at Green's attempt at humor. "Yes, I am sir."

Green moved over to behind David before he spoke again. "The money will help I guess, David, given that you are the only breadwinner in a house filled with debt. Now, another question, have you ever looked at another woman's pussy since you married your wife?"

David turned in horror, unsure at how to reply to his boss but outraged at such a personal question. Green shouted at him, "If you value your income, your home and your livelihood you will keep facing Miss Squires and answer my goddamn questions!"

David turned and rigidly stared at Tammy with the look of a terrified animal caught in the headlights. His answer was in a very weak voice, "No, I have not looked at another woman's anything since I got married. I love my wife too much."

Green continued in his normal calm tone, assured he had made his point. "In fact, David, you made great play about the fact that she was your only girlfriend. You waited before marriage before you even held hands, didn't you?"

"Yes, it was a matter of principle for us both. We are still glad we waited, as it makes our union so special."

Green looked at Tammy. "Spread your legs for David, Miss Squires."

David gasped more out of fear than arousal as he was forced to watch Tammy open her legs to him. After a few moments, however, the male instinct within him made him want to stare at the pussy of this gorgeous woman and that made him feel the most intense shame of his life.

Green leaned into David's back. "Beautiful, isn't it? Tammy, come here and sit on my desk just in front of David. Spread your legs again and let him get a good look at what you have between them."

Tammy felt sickened more than ever, as she had to comply. Her face tried to show David how sorry she was for her part in all this but he was too terrified to notice. Soon David's face was a mere inch from her pussy and he could smell her for the first time. The memories of his wife kept him from screaming, for he knew they needed the money more than he needed to run.

Green was now enjoying himself immensely as was self-evident from the tone of his voice.

"What is your wife's name, David?"

"Julie, it's Julie Grundy."

"Well it's only fair that we do not forget her in all this, after all she's been your support whilst you have worked so well for us. Show your gratitude for her by tracing with your tongue on Miss Squire's clitoris, 'David Grundy loves Julie Grundy, his one and only lover, forsaking all others.'"

David hesitated and Green added, with new menace, "Unless you want me to tell her you've been fired for feeling up my PA?"

David began to trace the letters on Tammy's clitoris, doing it so gently that she knew in her heart, he had only ever done this for the one woman he loved. It made her cry inside that she was being made to corrupt such a loving soul even though the motions began to give her pleasure.

Once he had finished, David withdrew with small tears in his eyes. This only seemed to spur Green on further. He leant into David again as he spoke. "That was a nice gesture, David, I am sure Julie would have appreciated it. You have a few close friends in the office, David, and one of them told me that you and Julie took some shots and video on honeymoon, close moments shall we say, which you have stored on a web-based email. You like to view them sometimes during lunch as a reminder of your first time together. I am sure you would like to share such a happy moment with us today. Download them onto my PC at once."

David was resigned now but even so this extra violation, of his most sacred moments with his wife, caused him to hesitate. Then he remembered Green's threats and he felt compelled to download the files.

Green opened them and Tammy saw the young couple, clearly nervous and complete virgins, begin to embrace and make love the best way they could figure how. They did not undress and Julie was still in her wedding dress whilst David wore his marital suit. The video was good quality and the sound was so good that they could almost hear the heartbeats.

Green took the mouse and waited for the moment when David was about to enter his wife for the very first time, and then paused the video. He opened another series of still shots, which showed Julie Grundy exposing herself around her wedding dress. These had clearly been taken before they made love, as Julie looked very nervous.

Green let out a low mocking whistle as he cycled through the shots. "There we are. That's the bride's virginal tits, her pert ass and her virginal pussy. To think it took her four years to show you them and yet she's shown me in under an hour. Now, let's see how good that sound really was."

With that, Green allowed the video to move on. As it showed David penetrating Julie, she gasped but Green, looking for something else, ran it back and forth a little. He then opened another program on his PC and copied the moments of penetration, in sound only, to a splitter program. Just before the gasp, it was possible to hear a tiny, wet crack.

Green smiled. "How lovely of you David to share the sound of your wife's hymen breaking. If you excuse me for just a moment, I am going to make that sound my notification of new email, her moan upon entry, my new window sound, and that shot of her with her legs spread and tits out in her dress, my wallpaper."

David just shrunk as Green took his most precious memories of Julie and debased them into pornography for his own gratification. Tammy could not believe that even Green could be so sadistic but, with her life on the line, she could do nothing but watch in silent horror.

Green finished and then leant into David again. "You know Julie's nice but Miss Squires here is much better looking. I could not allow you to leave here without a nice memento to celebrate your employee of the month status. If you refuse any part of my gift I will fire you and ensure Julie is handed enough fabricated evidence to think you are an embezzler and a womanizer. Do you understand me, David?"

"Yes, sir," David said in a hoarse whisper.

Green smiled. "OK, well according to the video your first wedding fuck lasted five minutes and thirty-three seconds. Miss Squires, go into the first closet and get changed into the outfit that awaits you. David, go into the second and do the same. You have three minutes to return."

Both of them entered the closet wondering and returned in certain, hellish knowledge, as to what Green planned. Green told them to stand before him.

"Miss Squires is wearing the exact same wedding-dress and underclothes that Julie was wearing and you, David, are wearing exactly the same clothing as well. Thanks to your friends, I learnt you kept them, unwashed, at home, as a keepsake and I had them stolen and brought here. Your main prize for winning the employee of the month, David, is to claim Miss Squires as another wife whilst smelling Julie every second. Miss Squires, lie on the desk and then, David, I want you to mount her. I will turn the screen towards you and you must mount her as you did Julie on that night. Any deviation will result in all sanctions mentioned earlier."

Tammy lay down and arranged herself, still dressed but fully exposed, as she had seen Julie do in the video. David entered her with a look of utter, utter defeat and self-loathing on his face. As David entered her, Green played the sound of Julie's hymen breaking. He then quickly said, "Do not fuck your new bride yet, David, just rest up her vagina for the moment. As I said, it's a shame to exclude your wife from your happy day, so I want you to ring her up at home. Tell her to download the video and that you want to relieve your first ever time together. Tell her you want her to masturbate whilst she watches it, allowing you to hear her on the phone, and that you will masturbate and allow her to hear you. Finally tell her you want it to last exactly five minutes and thirty-three seconds, like your first ever fuck did. If she asks where you are say you sneaked off work and have grabbed a private office for a quick bit of illicit sex. David, one last thing, make her agree and when she does I want you to fuck Miss Squires for the same time. You are to come at the same time as your wife, on that mark, and you are to moan throughout so she can hear you fucking another woman. Tammy, remain silent. I will video you both."

David made the call. "Hello love, don't talk just listen," he began.

In a few moments, he had convinced Julie to play and Green put her on speaker. At his Mark, David began to fuck Tammy as Julie masturbated noisily on the other end of the line. Green not only taped the incoming call alone, to allow him to hear David's wife masturbate for him whenever he liked, but also video taped David as he became more and more aroused fucking Tammy. Despite the situation David could not help but enjoy the sensations of the tight, gorgeous pussy around his near virginal shaft. Green was right; Tammy did feel better than his wife ever had.

On the Mark, they all came, through more faking than actuality, and Green sat back to hear them all pant. He put the speakerphone on mute whilst he checked to see if David's sperms really was inside Tammy's vagina and, when satisfied, allow them to get off the table.

He said to David, "Tell Julie, while you recover, you want her to tell you every naughty thing, every sex act and every fantasy that you have shared as best she can remember. Tell her to make it a monologue, as you just want to bask in the sound of her voice. Then get dressed but remain silent and stay here."

David complied and soon Green sat back to record every intimate moment of their six-year marriage, every fuck, every illicit blowjob in public, every fondle and every fantasy that Julie could remember. He thrilled knowing that he was violating the sanctity of their union with every syllable, for those with no love in their heart hate true love most of all.

When Julie had finished, Green got David to end the call. He looked over to him. "David, I hope we understand each other. I have video of you being unfaithful to your wife and I shot it in such a way as to make it look like you were alone together. Not only will I use that if I have to but also I will ruin your financial security. You will obey me from now on or I will destroy you. Get changed into your work clothes again and go home, to begin on a project for me. You have two months to convince your wife that you want to get involved in the swinging scene, threaten divorce if she refuses. In eight weeks you will invite me to your home to sleep with your wife whilst you watch and you will make her watch as you profess your desire to suck my cock. You and your wife will then take it in turns to suck my cock and swallow my seed, both on your knees, whilst I stand over you in your front room. Fail me and you may as well end your life, David, for I will make you wish you were not alive. Now go."

David changed quickly and then fled as Green turned with a smile to Tammy. "Now, time for that meeting I think. Get changed back out of that wedding dress, Miss Squires, it makes you look like a $2 whore."

Bastion was pleased that Green was living up to his brief. The daily digest needed spicing up and the Guild members would appreciate the power-game Green was playing. Bastion thought another comment would help the audience gain a better appreciation. "John Green is my own personal find and, I think you will agree, gentlemen, a real asset to the production team. In a few years, he may even prove worthy enough to become a partial member of the Guild. In the meantime, he has been granted all the power he needs to serve us, with his own inimitable style added of course.

Our unexpected houseguest, the man called Connor, has been lazily sitting around Miss Squires' house watching television. Other than the nature of his arrival he currently appears unremarkable but we shall see over time."

Bastion ended his commentary and opened a new channel. His tone changed immediately from the one he had adopted for the audience, suddenly becoming annoyed and maybe just a little tense.

"Agent 7, this is Bastion. What's the progress on Connor?"

Agent 7 replied with the air of a seasoned professional footballer that is about to tell his coach that he suddenly cannot catch the ball anymore.

"We know a lot about what he is not, sir. The photograph and name do not cross-refer to any database in Lexington and, though we are only partially through searching them yet, it is looking like he is on no Federal database either. That includes immigration, which we checked because of his accent. We have contacts running through military and civilian intelligence in Britain but he's certainly not on their general police or governmental systems either."

Bastion paused for a moment, his mind racing. "What about Lexington airport?"

"First place we checked, sir. No one with the name Connor, first or last, looks like the man in the house. We also checked all the CCTV from the airport from the last week, let alone day, and he's not come in under any other name either. The car registration is false but the car itself is an exact replica for one reported crushed a month ago in Midland, Texas."

"Why would he have chosen Texas, Agent?"

The agent took a second to think before sighing. This was clearly a stab in the dark answer... "Well, it's across federal lines so the update to local law-enforcement would lag. Being such a large area the vehicle could have been brought to Midland from pretty much anywhere without attracting too many witnesses. It smells to me like a professional decoy but a true professional would know that the car, at worst, would be notified onto local records within two weeks. He's overdue a change."

Bastion relaxed a little. "So he's already making mistakes then?"

"Yes, sir, unless he wanted whoever ran the car to know he knew enough about counter-surveillance to use the maneuver in the first place."

Suddenly Bastion was worried. He showed it in a manner typical of the child-man he was. He shouted. "Listen, I don't care what games he may or may not be playing. There is not a man born of woman that the resources of the Guild cannot find! I expect to know his mother's maiden name, let alone who he is, within twelve hours. Twelve, do you hear me, agent?"

"Yes, sir. It will be done."

The channel closed. Bastion had just a second to compose himself before another channel opened. It was not enough.

"What?" he bellowed.

"Sorry, Bastion, this is Aegis. Have I caught you at a bad moment?"

The friendly voice brought Bastion round instantly. "No, not at all. I am just surrounded by incompetent underlings, that's all. How can I help you?"

"I know it's a breach of protocol but some of your agents came sniffing around mine for the British information search on Connor. I took the liberty of asking them to copy me with what they found. I thought you might appreciate an ear to talk to without having to go to C."

Bastion sat back in his chair and thought for a moment. If it was a choice between ego and good council, he prided himself on choosing the council. It was a typical self-deception.

"Aegis, if it were anyone else but you I would decline. The floor's yours. What's your call on all this?"

Aegis's cultivated tones were barely done justice by the crystal-clear signal. "The odds that we missed Connor in the research are slim. The odds that Tammy Squires has a boyfriend who we missed and who just happens to live the life of James Bond are nil. The man is clearly there with an agenda and Miss Squires is a vehicle for that agenda, nothing more."

Bastion interrupted. "How do we know that Squires is not a co-conspirator?"

"Impossible. Your agents trailed and researched her for two years before she was ready. There is no way she could have been recruited without our knowledge. This man is the only kind of random element, the loose cannon with a mission, our network cannot detect in advance. I doubt he knows of our existence, or else he would never have entered that house. Only a suicidal man would seek to challenge us so blatantly. If he were linked to some covert-operation, our contacts in the governments would have found out what it was by now. Even if they had not already given us their customary twenty-four hours warning, which they have never yet failed to do. My best guess is that he's passing through Lexington and has either bribed or threatened Miss Squires to shelter him, possibly whilst they were in his car. We cannot, however, assume he does not have friends who care enough to check on him."

Bastion relaxed at that analysis. A gangster or lunatic was no threat to him. "So you suggest an undertaker unit, Aegis. End him quickly?"

"No, quite the contrary. Until we know the consequences of his death, it would be foolish to assume that there would be none. He's connected well enough to avoid the usual records and we need to know what that means. My advice is to play it one of two ways. Call a breach and let us turn the entire weight of the Guild on him and pull him apart or allow your agents to get there in the end, meanwhile keeping the tone of your show sexual rather than political."

"Which would you chose Aegis?"

Aegis sighed. "You already know, old friend, just as I know you will choose option two. Good luck. Aegis out."

The reference to "sexual" suddenly brought Bastion back to his primary focus. He cursed himself for having devoted twenty minutes to something that others had covered, time he should have been spending on the star of his show. Bastion took one last look at the feed from the house and laughed to himself. How could this Connor, a man who seemed to spend all his free time watching trash television, possibly hurt him? Bastion looked at the feed from the office and saw that Green and Tammy had moved from his office to the boardroom.

Tammy was sitting next to Green at the head of a huge table. The table was solid wood and far more suited to a medieval banqueting hall than a boardroom, with room for several courses per guest and elaborate table decorations. The actual dressing of the table, little more than a pen and pad per delegate, made the emptiness striking.

At the corner of the room was a projector designed for Power-Point presentations and the ubiquitous flip-chart that always seems to grace, or otherwise, any corporate meeting. Green sat with his back to them, in a leather chair fit for a despot, as the delegates filed in. Tammy had expected them to all look scared of Green and she was not surprised when they filed in looking more like prisoners that valued participants. The only mild surprise was that one of the eight was a woman, in her middle ages but still attractive in an executive sort of way. They sat down and looked at Green.

Green addressed them warmly. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending this inaugural meeting. I know you know each other but I expect few of you have ever worked on the same project before. I chose you because your records indicate you have real commitment to the company, to the ethic of teamwork, and because of your seniority within your respective divisions. This session is mainly designed to break the ice, brief you on the new project and to test you. I warn you that your loyalty to the company in general, and me in particular, will be tested here today. If you pass you will enter a new phase of your career. Heaven alone can help you if you fail. Any questions?"

None dared to ask any. If they were nervous before, thought Tammy, they were terrified now. Tammy could only wonder what humiliation lay ahead this afternoon and again she found herself yearning for the comforting presence of Connor. She hoped he was OK.

Green continued, "The theme of today's meeting is twofold. The first is closing the sale and the second is screening out distractions in the workplace. This will lead to a new international expansion project for those who can convince me they have the necessary skills."

Green went to the flipchart and grabbed a pen. "OK, who can start me off with some distractions they may face in the workplace?"

The woman said, "Too many emails."

Green wrote that on the board. "Yes, Mrs. Winters, a good start. Too many emails, not enough delegation. Anyone else?"

One of the male delegates took the lead. "Noise. A noisy working environment."

Green noted it on the chart. "That's fine, Mr. Ferguson. We all know how much we value our offices for escaping that one."

The table had relaxed now. Another delegate spoke up. "Swamping. A lack of prioritization."

Green wrote that down and then turned to them. "That's fine, Mr. Yates, but I was thinking of another word that begins with the same letter."

With that, he wrote, in letters that filled the remaining space on the board, 'sex.'

The table froze in silence. Green turned to them and spoke with the manner of a firebrand preacher. "Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The buyers, the contacts, the clients out there will also be ladies and gentlemen. Some will be downright ugly and staid, some gorgeous and wanton, but we have to do business with them all. We have to stay focused no matter what the sexual distractions may be. I only want focused people in my new team, the rest are heading for the welfare queue."

Green let that threat rest for a moment before he turned to one of the men who had spoken. "Mr. Ferguson, you are in charge of sales of our technology to partners. A little role-play now. Bring your chair over here to the corner and I will bring mine. I am to be the buyer and you are to be the seller."

As Ferguson brought his chair over, Green activated an intercom. "OK, bring them in, please and then leave."

Ten men silently brought in laptops and placed on the table where each delegate was assigned to sit, the ninth was given to Green and the tenth to Tammy. All were switched on and ready to receive. Tammy looked at her screen and saw it was plain blue, giving nothing away. In addition to the laptop, for each of the male delegates only, a small gray box was placed under the table.

Green sat in front of Mr. Ferguson, in a corner of the room now illuminated so that each delegate could see the whole of each man clearly.

Green addressed the room. "OK, you will all participate in the role-plays today. I want you now to read your screens and assimilate the assignments you have been given. Watch them for further updates as well. Only Miss Squires and myself will see all the information, a point you will appreciate in a second. Read and then raise your hand to agree you will participate in your assigned role."

Tammy saw the data being transmitted. It was the personal dossier on each delegate, and was a veritable work of art, covering each sexual secret, dirty dealing and criminal act they had committed since working for the company. Green had used the Guild well, Tammy thought, for each and every person in this room could not afford for even half the information contained in their dossier to become known. At the end of each dossier was a stark warning. Obey all orders in this room from Green, speak of this meeting to no one and watch everything with complete attentiveness. Failure to comply meant exposure; success in complying meant great career advancement.

Slowly, in a state of shell shock, each delegate raised his or her hands.

Green spoke almost apologetically. "I need you to know that you can trust me and I need people I can trust. This is a test of your obedience, nothing more, and certainly not something I will enjoy having to put you through."

Tammy almost laughed out loud at the barefaced lie Green had just told with such sincerity.

Green spoke next to Mr. Ferguson. He turned his screen, now empty of all but Ferguson's dossier, and told him to read. Ferguson turned white and then slowly raised his hand.

Green smiled and began the scenario. "I am the most important client in the world. If you do not get me to buy your technology then the whole corporation will fold, costing thousands of jobs, including your own. I am more than eager to buy but you have one problem. This is the clinching meeting but here, in my country, we have different customs than anywhere else. You must sell to me no matter what. If you hesitate you will lose my interest."

Green typed to Tammy 'Do whatever it takes to arouse him sexually. I want to see his cum but you are not allowed to fuck him.'

Tammy walked slowly over to Mr. Ferguson and sat on his knee, allowing him a clear down-top view of her bra-less breasts. She could feel him stiffen more by the second.

Green talked to the room again. "I want you all to watch this closely, with the exception of Mrs. Winters. Before you do, gentlemen, I want you to unzip your trousers and place your flaccid penises completely free of your garments. Mrs. Winters, you are, under your clothing, to remove your bra and panties and then give them to me. Whilst you watch our role-play Mrs. Winters will come to each of you in turn. Her mission is, by touch alone, to judge whom has the largest cock amongst you. She will wait fifteen seconds with each delegate after she has finished. In that time, you are to feel her vagina, under her skirt, and guess how large it is. You are also to guess her bra-size by feel alone, again under her shirt. Send me your answers via my laptop. Proceed."

Mrs. Winters wriggled for a minute before loosening her garments. She presented them to Green, who smelt them deeply, before she began to work her way around the other delegates.

Meanwhile Mr. Ferguson had begun to launch into his spiel about the technology whilst Green just sat back and blanked him out. All he was concerned about was how his game would go.

Tammy began to stroke Ferguson around his face and shoulders whilst moving herself so that her naked pussy burned its way through his trousers and onto his erection. She slowly began to grind his crotch as she undid his shirt, tantalizing his chest hair with soft breath and tiny kisses. Ferguson's voice began to crack and Green shot him a black look, forcing him to resume as if the most beautiful woman he had ever seen were not making out with him.

Tammy guided Ferguson out of the chair and sat down. She pulled him gently into her lap and then pushed up her skirt, so that Ferguson could see nothing but her gleaming, excited and shaved pussy. Tammy was as surprised as Ferguson himself that she was aroused and looked deep into herself for a second. Maybe it was just the abused turning into the abuser, a woman glad that she was being given the power instead of it being taken from her. Or maybe it was just the primal paradox within women that seeks to break their mate yet despise them when they do. All she could say for certain is that she was genuinely aroused by the power she had over this man.

As Ferguson spoke his breath stimulated her clitoris, like a cooling breeze that fans the flames ever higher, and she opened her legs to enjoy the sensation. Her conscience suddenly returned with a vengeance and she quietly checked each of Ferguson's fingers for a ring. Finding none, she was content that at least she was not going to hurt two marriages in one day, a thought that was a psychological divide between this man and David Grundy. Why should she make that distinction, she wondered. Had she really been brutalized by Green so quickly that she discounted a man's sexual feelings unless a woman was also going to be hurt? Whatever the reason she was shocked to feel a small part of her was disappointed that Green was not going to allow her to rape this man.

Ferguson continued to talk as Mrs. Winters went around the room. Mr. Yates was fourth and she looked him up and down for a moment. He was a very handsome man of approximately her own age and she savored the chance to see, let alone play with, his cock. At first, Mrs. Winters had been nervous but, after the first man, a small part of her was beginning to enjoy this despite herself. As a woman, she was not aroused solely by the physical sight of genitalia but the idea that she had all these senior, power men, literally 'by the balls' appealed. Not only was she getting to be intimate with men who would have dismissed her for some younger model but also she knew these men could never again dominate her, knowing she knew what they carried between their legs. She almost pitied their little-boy egos.

With the others Mrs. Winters had felt them whilst standing but with Mr. Yates she knelt down, filling her face with his limp cock as she played with it a mere inch from her eyes. She knew he dare not look down for fear of breaking Green's ground rules and she used this to tease him mercilessly, taking some of his pubic hair in her teeth and pulling until she could see his eyes water. Once finished with her evaluation Mrs. Winter again changed her technique. With the others she stood whilst they fondled her but with Mr. Yates she saddled him, exposing her pussy wide as she placed the head of his soft cock at the entrance of her vagina. She knew that Yates was allowed to look at her only during his feeling of her and so she waited.

Yates had to turn his head and instantly saw Mrs. Winter's pussy, wet and excited, almost ready to swallow his cock. He began to measure her pussy dutifully with his fingers and then tried to evaluate her breasts with his cupped hands. Mrs. Winters could feel his cock throb softly as he touched her and she waited until his hands were filled with her breasts. She pushed forward and kissed him passionately, in a motion that completely threw his reason and allowed nature to rule in its stead. She pushed her pussy onto his now-raging cock and gasped as he penetrated her. His face was one of frozen surprise, pleasure and fear all at once but he suddenly remembered he had to watch Green again or break the rules. Yates put his hands back to the side as Mrs. Winters, after only five thrusts or so, dismounted him and went on to the next man. Her face was one of erotic triumph mixed with disbelief at just how brazen and empowered she felt.

Tammy was feeling similar emotions, mixed still with a rapidly fading guilt, as she stood Mr. Ferguson up and stripped him naked. She sat him down, with the man still giving his sales pitch to Green, and admired his erection. Tammy looked on it not only with the lust for power that had gotten her so seamlessly to this point but also with vindication. A few men could fake orgasm but none could fake arousal. Where a woman would have been dry in these horrendous circumstances this man, and most men, were so much the beast that their animal instincts could overcome even the deepest feeling of shame and foreboding. If Mr. Ferguson was, at some level at least, enjoying this, then why shouldn't she?

Tammy took Ferguson into her mouth and felt a new sensation that augmented that of power. She felt challenged by this man now. Her Ferguson was being forced into humiliating actions in front of an audience, yet the main reason Green had any power is because Ferguson had done something so wrong that he could not afford to be exposed. Tammy had seen it. Ferguson had cheated on every girlfriend, every business-deal and every human being that had ever trusted him. He deserved to be rotting in jail, not sitting as some high-paid executive in a position of trust. Tammy had the chance, if she could put him off his stride enough, to make him lose and make Green expose him. Committing herself to every woman who Ferguson had ever hurt, Tammy put her heart and soul into trying to achieve just that.

Tammy knew she'd been gifted when it came to fellatio but she had always held a little back, out of a desire to give the perfect blowjob to her future husband as her wedding night gift. Suddenly that had changed and she now wanted it to be no longer a gift of love but one of righteous retribution. As Tammy began, Ferguson knew he was in trouble, for the one thing he adored more than anything was fellatio and he knew that if he climaxed, he could lose everything.

Tammy began slowly as Ferguson continued to sell his product to Green. She slowly moved her tongue around Ferguson's tip until she found his sweet spot. When she hit the most sensitive part she saw him squirm involuntarily and she went to work on it, mercilessly stimulating it no matter how much he attempted to squirm it clear. Ferguson looked down and looked deep into eyes such as he had never seen before, intense eyes that held both complete excited passion and complete contempt in equal measure. He instinctively knew he was being sucked by a vengeance demon and it scared him to the core.

After a minute, Tammy decided to increase the pressure. Still performing the fellatio she carefully guided him off the chair and laid him on the ground in front of Green. Tammy knew Ferguson was forbidden to resist and she mocked his lack of power with her slow, deliberate movements. Tammy knew that as well as physical stimulation a man needed visual stimulation, so she went into a classic sixty-nine position and filled his vision with her wet pussy. She was careful to place it just in front of his nose so that her arousal would instinctively excite him as well and she was rewarded with a sudden additional hardness of his cock in her mouth.

Tammy was more aroused than she had ever been in her life. Her knowledge that she could beat this man and have him punished, coupled with the sheer, raw power she had over him right now, made her feel alive. Tammy decided not to cheat herself and, in an attempt to celebrate her arousal as well as to push Ferguson closer to his judgment moment, she placed a finger into her open pussy. Tammy masturbated one half inch from Ferguson's face and she began to hear his presentation falter, under deeper and deeper breathing, but he still held on.

Inside his body, Ferguson knew he was a prisoner. He was a prisoner of his own biological urges as well as of his selfish, wicked past. He said a silent prayer to the God he had long since disowned but received no mercy, indeed the sight of that gorgeous pussy being stimulated sent him ever closer to the edge. His cock ached for release and his breath became more and more strained. He knew he could not last much longer but still strained every mental sinew to avoid the inevitable.

Tammy came with unprecedented intensity within thirty seconds and the orgasm almost threatened to give Ferguson clemency, taking her breath away, as it did. Tammy held on though and now dipped her fingers into her glistening pussy, forcing the juice into Ferguson's mouth to stimulate yet another sexual reaction from him. Tammy went to work with renewed passion on his cock and listened to his voice getting ever higher and shallower. Suddenly Tammy felt Ferguson's cock go rock hard and she knew she had got ten him, he was about to go over the edge and there was nothing he could do about it. Tammy looked quickly between her legs and locked eyes again with Ferguson, reveling in the excited terror for one more second before she felt him cum into her mouth with exceptional force. The ejaculation was so strong that Ferguson just crumpled in the middle of one sentence, screaming out in the ecstasy of the release and the anger of the defeat.

Before Ferguson could do anything else Tammy whipped round and gave his panting mouth a mocking kiss, pushing his cum down his throat so hard that it made him choke. She looked up at him with spent anger, panting at her own exertions, before she whispered, "Swallow that, bitch."

Tammy got off Ferguson and he saw Green stand over him. Green was calm despite the sexual thrill he had gained from seeing Tammy win. He looked into Ferguson's face and said, "You lose, Mr. Ferguson. Run now and the police may not catch you for weeks."

Ferguson rousted, in such a hurry to leave the battlefield that he fled the boardroom naked.

All the delegates at the table had been morbidly fascinated by the scene in the corner and now sat in stunned silence. Mrs. Winters had long since finished and now approached Green.

"Ah, Mrs. Winters. So, in your opinion, who has the largest cock amongst the delegates? Who also has the smallest?"

"I think that by far the largest is Mr. Yates, sir. The rest are just minnows by comparison. The smallest is Mr. James, who I reckon is packing little more than four inches."

"I see. I have the results of their guesses on you, regarding your pussy and breast sizes. Do not expose yourself to them but come closer and raise your skirt to me so I may check."

Mrs. Winters moved over to Green and, careful not to expose her buttocks, she raised her skirt. Green moved beneath it and placed a single, deep kiss, on her vaginal lips. He then stood and she undid her shirt, allowing him to feel her breasts for size. Green not only felt them but he also placed a single kiss on the end of each one.

"Now, do yourself up Mrs. Winters, please."

Mrs. Winters buttoned her shirt again.

Green looked over to the male delegates at the table. "OK, gentlemen, line up in front of me and remember to take the box at your feet with you."

The six men lined up in front of Green and Mrs. Winters, each placed their box at their feet. Tammy sat on the corner chair and watched with morbid interest.

"Mrs. Winters, we need to check their cock-sizes. Undress them completely, please."

Mrs. Winters had lost her inhibitions now. She made no secret of the fact she enjoyed slowly, mockingly, stripping those expensive suits to expose the bare-flesh beneath them. She especially took her time over Mr. Yates, admiring his toned bottom.

Green waited to speak again until she had finished. "OK, Mrs. Winters. In each box, there are handcuffs and a hood. Apply them to each man."

When each man was helpless, Green took Mrs. Winters to the other end of the boardroom. He whispered, "You are a widow aren't you?"


"Your husband was killed by a business rival, much like these men, but the police had no proof yes?"

Mrs. Winters looked shocked for the second it took her to remember to whom she spoke. "Yes, eight years ago. I have spent all my time in my work since."

Green looked her in the eyes. "I want you as my deputy. You are dependable but also open to my tastes. I will give you a cast-iron guarantee to delete your dossier and to give you power over those six men down there, via their own dossiers, if you agree. I will also place the man who killed your husband in your power, without consequences."

Mrs. Winters was stunned but Green, for once, seemed genuine. The idea appealed for revenge, as did the power. She agreed and Green embraced her warmly.

"I note you liked Mr. Yates. Would you like to have him right now?"

Mrs. Winters flushed with desire. "Yes, please."

Green led her down the office to the blindfolded men and motioned her to be silent.

"Gentlemen, my PA Tammy will now stimulate you to erection so we can check if Mrs. Winters was correct."

As he spoke Tammy rose but Green indicated she should stay. He motioned to Mrs. Winters to go over to the men and she needed no second invitation. With a series of strokes and kisses, aided by the men's own mental images of Tammy, she was soon able to prove that Mr. Yates was the largest. The rest were similar with the exception of poor Mr. James. Tammy pitied the woman who felt that pathetic specimen between her thighs and still had to fake excitement.

"Congratulations, Mr. Yates," said Green. "Your prize is to make love to my PA. Given your state, it will have to be doggie style and I will guide you over."

With another gesture Green told Mrs. Winters to get ready and she bent over the table. Green guided Yates into her pussy and Yates made love to Tammy in his mind, making the physical love filled with extra passion for Mrs. Winters.

As Yates made love to Mrs. Winters Tammy could see her face and she recognized her own newly discovered feelings were being mirrored in those eyes. Mrs. Winters was feeling intense sexual power of a type that she had never imagined possible. Tammy knew that Mrs. Winters had been reborn by Green and wondered if her own feelings were as permanent. Perhaps Connor could help her find out.

Green turned to the other delegates who, still shackled and naked, could only be hoping that things were now ended. Green spoke and shattered their illusions. "According to the results from my laptop, Mr. Kent was the closest in his guess of Mrs. Winters' dimensions. Your prize, Mr. Kent, is to make love to Mrs. Winters. Before we get you started however I am sure you noted that I have protected her from being exposed to any sense other than touch. For this reason, I will deny you sound along with the vision you already do not have. Hold still and I will apply ear-plugs to you."

Green approached Kent as he pulled the earplugs from his pocket. Careful not to raise the hood too much, he firmly applied them and rendered Kent completely deaf. He then returned to the room. "OK, Mr. James, as the least impressive male of the group you are excluded from this next exercise. Mr. Kent is excused because he won the second prize. You other three are to sit down and I will form you into a triangle."

The men sat down and Green arranged them into a triangle, freeing their hands from the cuffs as he did but still keeping them hooded. He placed each man's one hand onto the now flaccid penis of the man next to him.

Green then silently beckoned Tammy to come over to him. When she did, he whispered to her. "As they come, collect their sperm together and place some inside your vagina to claim them as lovers. The rest bring back to me."

Green then addressed the sitting men as Tammy squatted near them. "OK, gentlemen. You are average men, nothing special but no freak like Mr. James either. Celebrate that which nature gave you in the most natural of ways, by orgasm. You are to masturbate the man you have in your hand to climax. Once you have his sperm in your hand you are to wait until it is collected and then rest. If a man amongst you fails to climax within five minutes then both that man and the man stimulating him will be thrown to the wolves. If you succeed then this is the last task you will perform and you are in for very lucrative careers. Begin."

Tammy watched as they fumbled with each other and was both amazed and appalled by the power of the male's sexual imagination. They must all be fantasizing the situation away, moving into a more comfortable mental space, for they were all becoming erect easily. Tammy was stunned that even men with so much to lose and so much to gain, yet powerless at the hands of another, could perform. She knew she would never trust a man again when he claimed that she alone turned him on.

Tammy watched as the men began to writhe, clearly enjoying each other as dogs enjoy licking their own bullocks, and silently amused herself by placing a bet on which would come first. She congratulated herself as she got it right, with the youngest and most horny climaxing a good minute before his peers. Tammy then just placed her ear next to the other two in turn before closing her eyes to listen to their grunting. She wondered how many girlfriends had heard exactly the same noise, congratulating themselves on their skill as a lover. If only they could see these men now.

Eventually all three men were sitting there panting, their erections fading and their semen ready for collection. Tammy placed some of their fluid inside her vagina, pushing deeper for the one who had won, and most shallow for the last to finish. It seemed only right to give their respective sperms their proper place in the pecking order although they, like the men who had donated it, were horses challenging for a non-existent prize.

Tammy went to Green with the rest of the semen and he told her to wait. He went over to Mr. James, who was still standing and waiting nervously, listening to the others wanking each other.

"Mr. James," Green whispered, "as the man closest to a woman amongst the delegates you get a very special prize. You get to be the man I have. You will show your delight as I fuck you by screaming your pleasure constantly. You won this because you are one of nature's freaks I am afraid and, as such, you were born to be dominated by more impressive males. My cock will pin your ass to the table, overpowering you and nature in one fell swoop. Let me guide you to your passion palace."

Even though he wore the hood, Tammy could imagine the look on Mr. James's face. She tried so hard to feel sorry for him and then remembered all the despicable things he had done, that had been listed so fully in his dossier and which now compelled him to comply. All compassion dissipated.

James was placed in a tight doggie-position. Green went to Tammy and whispered, "Place the semen of the others inside his butt as lubricant. With the exception of Mr. Yates, the winner and a man I have given to my new lieutenant alone, I want every superiorly-endowed male to have a genetic part in fucking this runt."

Tammy went over to Mr. James and studied him. He was not only tiny between the legs but tiny all over, a real woman in a man's skin. She imagined his lubricated anus would make a very realistic substitute for a pussy as she pushed the semen deep inside. Once complete, she stood to one side expecting Green to approach. Green in fact went over to Mr. Kent and then beckoned Tammy to come across too. Once there she saw Green remove one of Kent's earplugs and heard his whisper. "OK, Mr. Kent, time for your prize. Mrs. Winters is ready for you and I will guide you into a little foretaste of the pleasure that awaits you."

Green beckoned Tammy to lie on her back and guided the hooded Kent to her pussy, encouraging him to smell and taste it. Once done, Green whispered again. "Now, to protect Mrs. Winters, you are to take her anally. I want to introduce you to your channel of pleasure now. Kneel up for a second."

Green indicated that Tammy should go on all fours, ass high in the air, and that her hands should stretch her anus wide. She complied.

"Now I will guide you again, Mr. Kent. I want you to kiss and lick the lady, to say hello."

As Tammy felt Kent begin she gained another thrill, not from the touches which did nothing for her, but from the fact that this high-powered executive was literally kissing her ass in deference. Tammy felt the power-craving kick in again and then wondered if Green knew what he was doing to her, that perhaps the games he played with others were merely tools to warp her soul. The thought sobered her a little but the power craving soon took over again.




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