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The Beginning



I knew I had only been asked out to dinner as a 'Thank-you' for the assistance I had given at the recent conference. My host was a middle-aged married ex-sailor whose previous appointment I had taken when our Chief Executive re-arranged his office staffing. I knew him well and had always admired his 'deep brown' voice when I heard him at work. I dressed reasonably conservatively, for I assumed he would like to see me looking smart but not 'tarty'. It had been some time since I had last dated a man--someone who still visited me very occasionally--and stayed the night--but suffered the unfortunate failing of unbelievably premature ejaculation, a problem that had left me frustrated on more than one occasion. The rendezvous was only a pub, but the meal was excellent and having picked me up at home, he returned me to my front door later that evening. I made the usual offer of coffee and it was accepted. He sat on the sofa while I did the necessary in the kitchen and then joined him. We spent the next few minutes chatting over a cigarette--about work, about my own background in the Naval Reserve--in fact, about many inconsequential things. As I listened to his lovely deep voice I was surprised to feel tiny twinges of desire stir inside me. Then he turned towards me, our faces were only inches apart, and the inevitable happened.

The kiss was fantastic, a little wet, but hungry and I felt his hand slide up to cup my not insubstantial breast through my blouse. The effect was electrifying and I sensed the unfamiliar little flood between my thighs.

We parted and looked at each other, almost guiltily. I knew he was married and he knew that inter-office liaisons were not encouraged. The second kiss made me wriggle slightly and his fingers found the gap between my blouse buttons--making two of them pop open. Now I felt his hand on the bare flesh above my bra and I knew that the sofa was not the most convenient place to continue this unexpected conclusion to the evening. I pulled away.

"I think we would be more comfortable upstairs," I ventured hesitantly. He moved to let me stand up and I led him gently to the stairs and up into the bedroom.

It was then I started to worry. At 37 I had come off the pill almost a year earlier (on my Doctor's advice) and I doubted he was prepared for what might occur so I went to the dressing table drawer and found my cap--unused for months--but thankfully laying alongside an almost empty tube of the revolting cream that had to accompany it. "I'll just nip to the bathroom," I said with an apologetic glance that I think he understood. Once behind the closed door I quickly stripped off my tights & very plain white knickers and washed, noting that I was quite slippery in the right place. Then the gymnastics of putting one foot on the toilet and inserting the cap, suitable covered with cream. I replaced my panties and returned to the bedroom.

He had been very patient and had not undressed, although I could see a rather exciting bulge in his suit trousers. We undressed to our underwear without further contact and climbed onto the bed.

"I'm afraid I'm out of practice and these undies are not exactly sexy" I apologised. "It's what's underneath that interests me more" he replied kindly and with expert fingers undid my bra as we embraced. Slipping it off, I lay back and let him caress my breasts--something that turns me on very quickly. He bent to suck the now erect nipples and I could feel the arousal building rapidly inside me. We eased apart so that two pairs of underpants could be removed and as we embraced again I felt his solid warm erection press between my thighs.

For reasons I didn't learn until later, it was obvious that he was desperate to enter me and that the occasion was not going to be one of slow seduction. It was ravenous hunger for urgent release.

He climbed on top and my knees parted to allow him instant access to the one place that I wanted him. He entered me easily and deeply, moaning with pleasure as I clenched my muscles around him.

"This isn't going to take long," he muttered, thrusting firmly. "Not long at all" I gasped as the heavenly sensations rippled through my frustrated body. I felt him swell at the same time as I heard his groan of satisfaction, then the spasms of ejaculate jetting into my vagina.

My own climax followed immediately--not clitoral but very satisfying. We drew apart breathing heavily and grinned at each other.

"That was wonderful" he said quietly, "The first for a long time." I must have looked puzzled for he added "Something that doesn't feature in the routine at home any more" My mind was in turmoil. I knew that what we had done was wrong -- I was acquainted with his wife, and I knew it ought to be stopped there and then, but he had given me something I wanted more of--and knew it would be hard to say 'No' if the opportunity arose again. "I ought to be heading home," he said, looking at his watch, "I've been out with the lads for the evening but the pubs will be closed by now" As I went to the bathroom I hoped his alibi would be adequate. I sat on the toilet and was secretly pleased I had managed to hold his offering inside until I was ready to let it go. I reached for my flannel and after a discrete wipe, returned naked to the bedroom to find him almost dressed. We didn't discuss the future, but kissed passionately inside my front door before he headed to his car and was gone .I had a coffee and tried to overcome my conscience as I lay in bed having a final cigarette.

What would happen in the office tomorrow?

Would he ignore me--as a conquest no longer to be considered? I dropped off to sleep with some very pleasant feelings deep inside me.



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