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The Voice

Electric Witch

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She was sitting at the bar having a drink, her head pounding from the night before, when she had had too much to drink. She was slowly nursing her drink, hoping it would cure her hangover. The bar was is noisy, with people talking all around her. At first, all the voices blended together, nothing special. She sipped her drink again, and then she heard it, a soft, deep voice, cutting through the sea of other voices, finding it's way to her.

Instantly, her body reacted, a warm wave of pleasure rushed through her. She looked around, tried to pinpoint the location of the voice, but no one looked familiar. She sighed, took another sip of her drink, and then got up. Wanting to be alone, she moved to the only empty booth at the back corner of the bar. She sat down. Sipping her drink again, she leaned back, closed her eyes, and suddenly there was the voice again.

Believing it was just in her head, she didn't bother to open her eyes. Instead, she surrendered to the feeling that was rushing through her body. The voice was talking. She couldn't make out any specific words, just feeling the familiar ache, the need surging through her body. Knowing she was alone, and that no one could see her, she let her hand brush against her breasts. Her nipples were hard, poking through her shirt. A small moan escaped her lips. The voice "in her head" made her body ache. The voice. She couldn't understand why it demanded such a reaction from her body, but it always happened. She was used to it by now. She had learned to accept it.

Without opening her eyes, she let her hand drop under the table, lightly rubbing her aching sex. She felt the hot waves of pleasure surge through her body. She moaned louder. Suddenly she felt a warm breath against her ear. Her hand stopped, then moved to her side.

Then the voice whispered, "I see my little slave is enjoying herself."

She felt a slight amount of shame, touching his property in such a manner without permission. The voice. Her body reacted violently, her sex throbbing now, aching to be touched more, the words made her body tingle with excitement. She felt the touch of his warm hand caressing her neck lightly. She moaned louder.

"Do not open your eyes," the voice commanded.

Her mouth was now dry; she nodded, unable to speak.

"Now part your thighs," the voice whispered quietly.

Immediately she obeyed. Letting her knees fall apart, she was already wet.

"Now you may resume rubbing your clit like I've taught you." The voice alone was driving her body into ecstasy. She started with slow circular motions.

The voice commanded her. The sound made her pulse bound rapidly. She could hear it thumping in her ears. Blood rushed through her body. Her touch, so light at first, then build up in great urgency. She whimpered.

"I see you're enjoying this, slave," the soft voice purred into her ear. She nodded repeatedly, afraid to speak, afraid that the sound of her own voice would bring her back to reality, and his voice would be gone. "Now, that's enough, stop," the voice ordered.

Her hand stopped. She whimpered. She felt his breath against her neck. He blew softly into her ear. Her entire body was now shaking uncontrollably. "I have taught you well, my little sex slave," the voice whispered. The hot, sexy, soft, deep voice sent a wave of lust through her body, leaving her so weak.

"I want you to go now," he said. "Drive home, but don't you dare touch yourself." She felt something pressed against her palm. "I want you to listen to this cassette on your way home," he whispered into her ear, his breath making her shiver. Then she sensed he was gone. She opened her eyes, adjusting to the dimness of the light. She tried to look around. At first she almost believed that she has imagined everything, except she was holding the cassette in her hand.

Quickly she stood up, grabbed her purse, left the drink unfinished on the table, and rushed out the door to her car. She started the car, put it in gear, and started to drive home. She reached for the cassette, slipped it into the tape player, and waited. Nothing. Nothing but a hum. "What the hell," she said out loud to herself. The cassette was empty.

Then it started, His voice, so low, so soft, and so erotic. He knew her so well. He was describing her most intimate desires. The voice. It is all she needed. Not even the words mattered; just the low, sexy rumble of his voice is enough. She needed to be touching. The ache in her body was so strong, yet she knew she was not allowed to. It was driving her to the edge. "Pay attention," she told herself.

She forced herself to hear the actual words he was speaking, not just the voice. Now, his voice was telling her exactly what to do when she got home. Her entire body was quivering with anticipation of what was to come. Finally she pulled into her driveway. The tape finished perfectly. He had timed it so well. Knowing there was more on the other side of the cassette, she grabbed it and got out of her car.

Her legs were weak and trembling, her hands shaking. She opened the front door, kicked off her shoes, and headed to the bedroom. Without turning the lights on, she undressed and climbed into the bed. The house was silent. She slipped the cassette into the player, side two, then laid back and closed her eyes. His voice, so soft, started talking to her again. As usual her body responded violently. Waves of passion and lust surged through her, so close to the edge already. She needed her release, yet was unable to touch. Not allowed, she knew.

She listened to the voice, her need almost unbearable now. His voice tormented her, yet she needed it. She used to fight it, but gave up. She felt herself slipping into a "trance" of lust and passion. Through the haze of her passion, she heard the door opening. She knew he was there. The waiting was killing her. Her entire body was one huge, exposed nerve. She felt his presence. An involuntary moan escaped her lips, and electric shocks shot through her body.

"Were you a good little slave," his low soft voice whispered. She nodded frantically. "Good" he said.

Her eyes closed, she felt him climb on the bed. His thighs pressed against her sides as he sat down on her stomach. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh", she moaned. He pinned her arms to the bed under his knees. She whimpered as she felts the pulsing hardness of his sex against her right cheek, slowly moving up and down, then from side to side.

It lightly brushed against her lips, and they opened involuntarily. He rubbed the head against her lips, and then pushed it into her waiting mouth. She gasped, sucking hard, desperately needing to feel his hardness fill her mouth. He pulled back slightly. She whined in disappointment.

"Open your eyes. Look at me," he commanded. She immediately obeyed. His eyes locked into hers as soon as she opened them, drilling deep into her soul. He watched her every expression as his hips started pushing his now rigid hardness into her mouth. His hips moved back and forth. She was moaning wildly against him, sucking harder, taking him deeper down her throat. He let out a moan, almost an animal sound, as he grew even harder in her mouth. His moans sent her into frenzy as usual. He knew she couldn't last much longer. His moans grew louder. He pulled out of her mouth, leaving her gasping for air.

He moved down her body, lifted her arms above her head and pinning them down at the wrists with his strong hands. She saw him smiling at her through the haze. "Do you want it?" he teased her with his soft voice. She's nodded frantically. "I need to hear the words," he teased, knowing fully well that she was beyond words.

She was gasping for air, trying so hard to speak, and then finally got a whisper out through her dry lips. "Yes, please." He loved this part, knowing that he had driven her to this state. He commanded her, "Louder, slave, I can't hear you."

She struggled, cleared her throat, then moaned, "YES, PLEASE" in a louder voice. He loved teasing her, but he knew this time she's beyond teasing. He leaned over her, forcing her thighs apart with his knees, then plunged deep into her with one hard thrust. She moaned loudly in ecstasy. His mouth crushed hers. Her arms pinned by his weight, he started moving in her, slow, deep thrusts, then quick, shallow ones, rotating them back and forth. Her body was thrashing on the bed now, and she was moaning, lost in the moment, the feeling.

His eyes were on hers, watching every expression on her face. Her face was flushed, her eyes glossy, looking at him, begging. The waves of ecstasy washed over her, building stronger, so intense. She had long before given him the control. He felt the tightening within her, pumping at his rigid hardness.

He smiled at her. "Cum for me now, slave," he commanded. At the moment she heard his words, her body exploded. A loud moan of ecstasy, of lust, escaped her lips. Her body contracted. The first waves of her orgasm washed over her, leaving her breathless. Her sweet cum splashed against his hardness, flowing out of her pussy, down her thighs, and onto the bed. Over and over she came, building up stronger, stronger, and leaving her gasping for air. Her hot, wet, tight sex was pumping him hard, squeezing tight, splashing him with her gift. He moaned wildly, holding back until she was almost finished, then pushed one deep thrust into her, exploding deep inside her hot contracting pussy.

Finally, he collapsed onto her, both of them sweaty, hot, and breathless. He kissed her softly on her neck, breathing into her ear, then on her lips, so tender. Her body drifted.

She woke up, smiling, her body tender. She reached to play the cassette again, just to hear his voice. Nothing. The cassette was gone. Was this all just a dream?





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