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Surely I can't be the only woman who has gotten to the point where she is absolutely gagging for real sexual satisfaction. And I don't mean fumbling around in my panties with my fingers, or playing with a vibrator in bed until there's a sort of hiccup in my groin that signals a mild climax, only to leave me wanting a man even more desperately. I had a raging desire to feel a rigid human prick thrusting furiously into my slippery cunt and ultimately bucking violently as I feel the jets of semen filling me.

This was the way I felt yesterday.

Three weeks previously, Rick & I had parted acrimoniously after I'd heard from a girlfriend that he was screwing someone else. This was followed by a week of discomfort when I had my period and now I'd just reached the point where everything inside me was demanding more intimate attention again, as ovulation triggered all the sensitive nerve endings deep inside me.

What to do about it? That was the question.

There were a number of answers, but only one would achieve the desired result, and that was the most risky of all.

I had to find a man - any man, provided he was not totally revolting.

To achieve this I had to prepare myself and head for one of the busy pubs in town, have a few drinks to liven me up (and dull my normally very selective tastes), then go for it!

The bath was long and not too hot. The half hour spent lying on my bed was getting me more than a little turned-on at the thought of what might be ahead of me, and I valiantly avoided touching the one place that I could feel was already showing evidence of my frustrations.

I spent a long time completing my make-up and debating what I should wear. Contrary to my usual fairly conservative dress sense I decided to throw caution to the winds and really try to make myself tempting. After all, I was only looking for a randy hunk of a man, and inhibitions had no place in the evening's program.

I discarded thoughts of wearing panties and found a front-opening half-cup bra to hold my 38Bs more or less in place. I blushed to myself as I looked in the mirror to see the effect of the shortish black skirt with its revealing split up one side. A near transparent white blouse completed the ensemble, with a three-quarter-length coat to keep me warm until I was indoors again. I made sure that my little handbag was suitably equipped with a packet of condoms. As I sat in the Fiesta to drive down town I realized I would have to be a little careful, because even in the car I could see the pale bare flesh of my upper thighs as I sat at the wheel.

The Three Tuns was busy when I arrived, and after parking the car I went into the Lounge bar and ordered a G & T. I looked around at the other patrons and saw a number of young men who appeared to be unattached. Two in particular seemed to have noticed me, and one made a point of coming to the vacant space beside me when he ordered his next drink. I smiled as seductively as I dared and he responded.

"All alone?" he asked casually.

"Yes - at the moment"

"Can I get you another?" he asked, looking at my nearly empty glass.

"If you want to," I said equally casually, not wanting to appear overeager.

He ordered another G & T and suggested I join him and his mate at a table.

Introductions were exchanged and I saw the thinly disguised signals from Tom as he made his mate realize that his company was not required for much longer. Finishing his pint quickly, his mate made a hurried excuse that he had to go, and left the pub.

By now I was sure the evening had promise, and looking sideways at Tom, I saw he seemed to have a well-muscled trim body beneath the jeans and T-shirt. He looked to be in his early twenties--a few years younger than I am--and also appeared keen to make the most of my company.

Tom noticed a corner table become free and suggested we move. I saw his eyes widen as I sat on the cushioned seat, revealing a fair length of naked thigh, and it sparked something inside me; I felt a tightening in my bra and wetness on my thighs.

"What d'you do for a job?" Tom asked.

"I've got my own company in PR."

"Goodness, a high flyer. So what are you doing here?"

I leant over towards him and whispered in his ear, "I'm looking for a man."

He sat up and looked at me in amazement. "Any man?" he asked, grinning.

"More or less," I said. "Provided he's reasonably good looking and has the same ulterior motive as I do."

"Which is?"

"To make this evening memorable."

"And d'you think I fit the description?"

"I'm hoping that the next few hours will confirm it. Shall we go?"

Tom looked totally surprised, but rose to join me as I finished my drink and put on my coat. He followed me to my car and seemed in a daze as we drove back to the flat.

Once indoors I poured him a scotch and paid a quick visit to the bathroom, noticing that my thighs were very slippery with my juices.

I returned from the bathroom and sat next to him on the sofa, then leant over. "I want you and I want you now," I said, feeling desire ripple through me as my hand stroked his jeans and felt the beginnings of something encouraging.

He put down his glass and turned to me. "I've never been propositioned so easily, or so fast. I just hope I come up to expectations."

"As long as you cum, I'm sure you will," I said and smiled as I noticed the bulge in his jeans growing larger. I reached for his zip and soon uncovered a very alluring, a very large, circumcised erection.

"If you can contain that for a few minutes, I think we'd be comfier next door," I added, rising and beckoning him towards the bedroom.

By the time he joined me I had shrugged off my skirt and was undoing my blouse.

"No panties!" he exclaimed, then licked his lips as his eyes fixed on my trimmed mound with its glistening pouting lips.

"You'd better hurry and get those jeans off."

He wasted no time in stripping off, and joined me on the bed as I threw my bra onto the floor.

I lay on my back with knees apart. He knelt between them and looked at my open cunt. "You're really ripe and creamy."

"I have been since I met you, and now I don't want an hour of foreplay--just that inside me as soon as possible because I'm already very aroused."

He lowered himself onto me, sliding effortlessly into the warmth of my hungry cunt.

I pulled his head down and whispered, "I want you to fuck me until I'm sore."

I felt him shudder as he heard my command, and he started to thrust firmly into the creamy cavern.

"This won't take long," I gasped, reveling in the glorious feelings he was giving me.

"No it won't" he groaned. "Not very long at all."

I sensed his prick swelling as his thrusts became more violent, and I felt my stomach muscles tighten as my orgasm approached rapidly.

"Like now!" I gasped, lurching upwards and wrapping my legs round his waist as my floodgates opened, and he ground me into the bed uttering a deep throaty moan.

I felt his prick spasm and cried out with delight as we both climaxed together, the jets of semen blasting into my cunt and sending me into a series of ecstatic multiple orgasms as he continued to thrust.

We lay together panting heavily and to my horror, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to use a condom.

I pushed him away gently. "I had some protection ready but there wasn't really time, was there?" I said as I slid off the bed and walked carefully to the bathroom, the thick dribbles of semen running down my thighs.

"Aren't you on the pill? he inquired in a worried tone.

"No, but don't let it spoil the evening," I called as I sat on the toilet. "I can always nip down to the clinic and get a morning-after pill tomorrow."

I had a brief wash and returned to the bedroom to find him still lying on the bed.

I crawled alongside him and stroked his hairy chest, "That was wonderful, and I feel much better now. I hope you do too."

"I'm still in a daze--it all happened so quickly."

I let my hand stray further down his body and found to my delight that he was far from exhausted. His prick responded to my touch and was growing again within seconds.

"I'm glad you're so fit and healthy." I grinned as I held the swelling flesh.

"You must have a magic touch," he said with a chuckle.

"Well, we shouldn't waste it, should we?" I said, climbing onto my knees and putting one leg across him. I knelt over his body and slowly lowered my pelvis onto him, my hand steering him into the slippery opening between my thighs. When he was deep inside me I sat still, enjoying the sensation of his hands caressing my breasts.

Our movements were much slower and gentler than the first time and we both became immersed in the gradual build-up of arousal. It must have been fifteen minutes before our breathing quickened, and I could see the tense look in Tom's eyes as he realized he was nearing another climax. His hands were molding my breasts and squeezing the nipples fairly hard--always a good turn-on for me--and I knew that I too was approaching the point of no return.

Due probably to our earlier activities, neither of us was producing the same amount of lubrication, and I was aware that his thrusts were not as painless as before. But the expectation of another bout of uncontrollable orgasms overruled common sense and we continued to move on each other.

Tom gave a long drawn-out moan and arched against me. I felt him spasm but barely noticed whether he produced much semen. As he relaxed he must have touched somewhere slightly different on my cunt and I felt the shiver of an electric shock as my cunt flexed and contracted around him. The effort had been quite hard and I collapsed, exhausted, onto his chest.

After a few minutes I rolled over and realized very quickly that he had indeed fucked me until I was raw. I was very sore and certainly could not have entertained him further that night. After the walk to the clinic today I can still feel the effects of our overindulgence and doubt I shall even be able to masturbate for a day or two.

Tom slid off the bed and started to get dressed despite my offer of breakfast this morning. He said he had better call a taxi and head for home, as he had to be at work early. Before he left we exchanged numbers, but whether I shall call, I don't know.

Maybe next time I get into this state I shall want to experiment with a different man, who knows!



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