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"A habit depraved and unsavory
Held the bishop of Bingham in slavery
Midst screeches and howls
He deflowered young owls
Which he kept in an underground aviary."


-author unknown


Part 1


Sunday, April 2, 0805


"Do you have anything to declare Sir?" The burly man in the off-white shirt and gray slacks asked.

"No, nothing." Looking down at the small woman standing next to his shoulder, "Do you have anything dear?" She nodded no, her eyes saying "of course not" to the official behind the counter. "If you want to check, " the dark haired man lifted his suit bag up onto the counter.

"That should not be necessary. What is your business in Canada?"

Without hesitation, "Pleasure, and perhaps some business." The customs official held out his hand to the tall man and woman, collecting passports and stamping them with the appropriate seals.

Handing them back, "Have a wonderful stay Sir."

"Thank you." The tall, wide shouldered man, lifted his bag then walked on through the glass enclosed hallways into the interior of the airport, the tiny pretty woman following silently.


Sunday, April 2, 0831


A beefy hand squeezed one of her breasts, Loni grimaced then opened her eyes. "Morning", she mumbling still half asleep. The hand again squeezed, this time harder. "Please honey, let me wake up first?"

A scratchy two day-old beard shoved itself between her shoulder and neck, before lips began to suckle her sensitive soft skin. With the playful rough nips on her neck, "...before the kids wake up", was all that Loni understood. Though the words were redundant, since it was obvious what her husband wanted. A fumbling hand found its way between her soft thighs and pried her legs apart, before the same hand shoved itself up onto her panty covered sex mound, her nightie having road up during the night.

Out beyond the closed door of their bedroom, the sound of her kids beginning to wake startled her, "Please the kids!?" Yet he didn't stop, in fact his answer was to shove his forefinger up into her dry vagina.

With his finger still inside her, he rolled her onto her side, away from him. Wiggling up behind her he shoved his hardened pecker at her backside, the blunt point coming into contact with her invaded sex. Her vagina was barely left alone for a split second before the hard cock replaced the smaller digit.

Loni lifted her knees to give her husband better access, while also reliving some of the pain from her involuntary violation. As usual her husband began a jack-hammering effect against, and inside, her body. To silence her impending pain-filled sounds, Loni bit into the fluffy pillow case she lay upon.

Two fingers roughly pinched her nipples through the thin night gown. Again and again, her body was shoved forward and her pain never ending. She had thought her husband would become complacent and gentle with her after the marriage, since he was such a good "catch". If anything he became less caring of her feelings, and demanded his satisfaction upon command.

The only indication that he had finished was the flood of warmth covering much of her already cock filled vagina, the liquid even lubricated her, allowing a less-painful entrance. A few moments later he rolled off the bed and exited the bedroom, leaving his wife as he had last placed her. Resolved to her fate, Loni sat up and slowly relaxed her body and mind, looking out the window of her room to a bright spring day.

Across the street, Harold was shoveling the evaporating snow into the road to decrease the time it took to defrost. Loni wished she could have met such a nice man as her neighbors husband, always kind, gentle, and soft-spoken.

"Mom!! What's for breakfast?"


Sunday, April 2, 0922


The harsh sound of the shovel on snow echoed about the bathroom, and disturbed Melony's harmony. She lay, naked, in her huge bathtub with bubbles surrounding her. Harold, her husband had put this large antique in the master bedroom's bathroom just for her. Several times per week, she would escape into this room, lock the door and ignore everything around her for almost an hour.

This Sunday was no different, "Damn you, be quiet!" She thought out loud, since none could hear her it made little difference. Her long red hair draped over her shoulders to hide her bobbing breasts, the little that was uncovered with bubbles, and made her look angelic. Though this position was simply the most comfortable, she cared little how she looked, just how she felt was important.

Lazily, a long smooth wet leg lifted from the filled tube to point straight up to allow Melony to gaze in self adoration and appreciation at her best asset. Lifting a wet hand, she enjoyed the feel of her smooth skin, from her ankle to just below the knee. Not for the first time, she wondered what others thought of her legs, the part of her body she was most proud off. She remembered a time, not long ago, that she had allowed the paperboy to gaze unhindered at her uncovered legs as she pretended to get change for the bill. Her mind imagined that she had invited the handsome young man into her house on the intention of finding the proper change. Yet, she also imagined his strong young hands upon her rear thigh.

In her mind the paperboy spoke hoarsely into her ear, "You have beautiful legs Mrs. Griffith!" The young man idolized her legs and dropped to his knees to kiss and fondle them with closer proximity. She allowed his hand to reach up under her robe to grasp her naked crotch.

Melony lay further back in her tub, one leg draped over the lip of the tub, while the other was straight up in the air. She had her eyes, and mind, closed to her surroundings as she lost herself in her fantasy. One of her hands continuously stroked and fondled her raised leg, while the other was beneath the water stimulating her sex. A low moaning accompanied the sound of the water as it lapped the sides of the tub from her regular arm and hip movements.

In her fantasy, the paperboy knelt above her, his rock-hard cock deep inside her, while he held her legs next to his face and licked her ankles. She could feel the depth that his cock penetrated and the impending orgasm that was soon approaching. A movement across the hallway caught her eye and she saw her husband looking sheepishly down at his wife and the paperboy rutting on the carpet like animals. She spoke between the slap of the two bodies, "You could...not fuck me...properly, so you have to Fuck!"

The orgasm started deep inside her, just inches from the intruding fingers inside her vagina, then began to spread rapidly out to every curve and corner of her body. Melony spilled the water over the edge of the tub as she shivered in exquisite delight.

Outside the continuous sound of her husbands shovel.


Sunday, April 2, 1315


Deb felt the arms encircle her waist and lips kiss gently upon her neck. "Hi babe." She spoke, closing her eyes, enjoying the closeness of her husband. She could feel the demanding hardness against her buttock, and the heat of the breath on her skin. The dishes could wait as she turned about in his arms.

The attractive blonde rose upon her toes to meet the lips of her husband, while his hands grasped her round buttocks to hold her against him. Deb felt the desire in the kiss and was thankful they were finally alone, the kids having left to their friends house not a half hour ago. "Come on babe." She wiggled out of his grasp and even while he groaned grasped his hand and began to pull him into their bedroom.

Like teenagers they ran to their room and closed the door, without hesitation but with excitement they pulled the clothes off their bodies. Just as her husband was again reaching for her, Deb giggled and dropped to her knees before him. Barely a second passed before she had the familiar cock deep into her mouth, enjoying and savoring the taste. Hungrily she began to bounce her head up and down upon the shaft, her tongue swirling about the head before plunging back down, just as her husband enjoyed it. The proof of his enjoyment was evident when he grabbed her head in his large hands and began to pump his hips in time with her fornicating face.

Deb enjoyed exciting her husband, it caused her own body to shiver in lust as she looked up from her sucking to see the pleasure written plainly upon his face. Her hand reached down between her thighs to begin to slide a single finger along the length of her excited slit. The juices soon coating her fingers and even the inside of her thighs, and knew the scent was reaching her husband as he was inhaling the fragrance of his wife's pleasure. She would have continued this until her husband spent, yet he was the one that stopped the encounter.

Following his gentle unspoken instructions she crawled up onto the bed and knelt as she knew he enjoyed, with her arse raised up and her face and shoulders into the mattress. Deb spread her knees enough for him to stand behind her on the floor and gain easy entrance to her sex. Her breathing became labored as she waited, enjoying this moment as she knew her hubby was slowly stroking his saliva covered cock while enjoying the sight of his wife's raised buttocks and obviously excited vagina. Deb reached around behind her and pulled her butt cheeks apart, giving him even a better view.

Normally, her husband was a gentle and compassionate lover, yet he was impassioned with desire for his wife and she gasped as his tongue slide deeply into her wet sex. As if it was a small cock, the hardened tongue moved back and forth inside her while the face continuously slapped her buttocks and rear thighs deliciously. This didn't go on for long before the man rapidly stood and sunk his cock into his wife's ready and wet sex with just a simply smooth glide. Deb squealed in delight as her husband began to plow deep inside her filling her wet hole before disengaging. Again, and again, he did this. His fingers dug into her hips and the sloppy sounds of their pleasure was loud.

In the climatic moment, both adults orgasmed deliciously, the fluids flooding the other. They fell upon the bed, even while the man continued to empty his sperm deep inside his wife. His arms again encircled her and they cuddled for almost an hour, whispering and kissing lovingly.


Part 2


Tuesday, April 25, 1520


Melony wondered if she had enough time for a leisurely bath, but concluded her meeting with her friends, and long time neighbors, was less than an hour away and she never liked to rush her pleasures. Still in a huge terry cloth white bathrobe, the redhead prepared her clothing for her meeting. Meticulous and in-style were expected of her, and her clothing reflected this. After searching throughout her large walk-in closet for the perfect outfit and then matching shoes, hose, and hat took much of her time and concentration.

Yet, the quick glance outside only took a mere second of her precious time. A full second to catch a glimpse of her new neighbors in their backyard. Her time was not so immediate that she could not be inquisitive and get another look at the handsome man who moved next door. He was the talk of her circle of friends; Deb wondered if he was gay and the woman that lived with him was just a domestic since she had seen her dressed in a maids uniform late one evening. Melony had thought the man could not be gay, he was so "beautiful" that god would not be that cruel to play a joke like that. She looked out from between the blinds down to the backyard of her neighbors.

Laying upon a blanket, next to the pool, was the dark-haired handsome man. He was evidently sun tanning, though his skin was already a dark brown. Loni had voiced her opinion, last week, that he looked Mediterranean. The sight initially looked innocent, if not delicious to the middle-aged woman until her heart skipped a beat. The man was completely naked, laying upon his front as if asleep. "God! Is he dreamy." She spoke to no one.

Just as she was wondering if he did this often, the petite attractive woman came from the back of the house towards the tanning man. She was also naked! Melony jealously appraised the woman's body, seeing the well-developed muscle tone, the firm small breasts, and wonderfully shaped legs. Almost on par with her own, she thought.

The small woman knelt beside the man, unwittingly facing Melony giving her an excellent view of the couple. A small bottle of clear thick liquid was poured over the man's wide back and hard elevated buttocks. It glistened brightly in the spring sun. Then the small woman put down the bottle, and using both hands, began to rub the liquid firmly into the skin with almost loving strokes. The smile upon the face, told Melony that this job was far from being unpleasurable.

Melony consciously pulled the knot from the front of her bathrobe, before letting the heavy warm robe to fall to the floor at her feet. Excited and envious at the sight before her, the middle-aged woman used both her hands to begin squeezing her large heavy breasts even as the oil was being rubbing into the skin of the mans hard buttocks. The man didn't give any indication of pleasure from the attentions of the working hands, but lay still while the tiny woman completed her work.

When the dark-skinned man finally moved it was to turn about, onto his back. Melony gasped as his soft member came into view, it was huge. Larger than she had ever seen, or imagined. He again, relaxed upon his back as the tiny woman poured more oil upon his wide chest and flat ridged stomach. Looking upon the erotic and exciting sight, Melony felt the urge to grasp her sex, to attempt to quell the itch that had started when she first caught sight of her neighbor's naked body. Now with the sight of the man's penis within her view, she felt dizzy, excited, and warm. She hopped the couple would continue to sunbathe in this fashion, giving her the pleasure of witnessing the beauty that was yards from her window.

With long slow strokes, the tiny brown-haired woman had effectively coated the mans torso, completely ignoring the dripping oil coating his sex. When the rest of his body was glistening with the thick coating, the tiny woman finally wrapped both hands around the soft member and begin to manipulate it. Melony could not believe her eyes, and wondered if she was going to be late for her meeting. Though she honestly didn't care.

The voyeuristic sight was magnificent until the pleasure was compounded when the tiny woman bent forward at the waist to force the thick head of the cock into her mouth. Finally the man's cock increased in size, growing but little. Yet much larger than the middle-aged woman had ever seen before. She wondered how such a small woman could get the thickness of that cock into her mouth, and felt jealously towards the beautiful female.

No noise could be heard from outside, but Melony realized the sound of her fingers manipulating her sex were loud in the large master bedroom. She realized, her excitement was coating her hand and even sliding down her thighs where the air of the house chilled her. She slid another hand down between her legs, as she rubbed the slick sex-coated fingers along her heavy breasts coating them with her juices.

The tiny woman swung about, above the immobile man, until she was straddling his face with her thighs. All the while, she never took her mouth from the thick member, nor release her attention from climax she coaxed from the cock. Melony almost expected the man to begin licking at the pretty woman's flowered open vagina, to delve between those pale thighs and sink a tongue into the thick patch of hair above him. Yet, he didn't move. Instead, the tiny woman moved the hand from her breasts down between their bodies and began to masturbate herself as she continued to suckle his cock. Finally his eyes did open, but only to look upon the sight above him.

Melony was almost beyond self-control and was humping her hands while groaning in delight. Her own orgasm fast approaching, yet she wanted to feel her own electric passion come upon the waves of the man's own release.

The tiny woman wiggled violently above the dark-skinned man her orgasm fast approaching. The man below her didn't make any move, but suddenly the attractive small woman shot her head back mouth still open, as if hit with an object. Pearl colored cum blasted against her chin and into her mouth. She stuck her tongue out to attempt to catch every drop. Thrice more the cock shot its load upwards onto the attractive face until it finally began to whither. The tiny woman climaxed during this time, her passion evident but the loss of control to her bodily functions. Melony achieved timely orgasm immediately afterwards.

Melony fell backwards onto the wide bed, exhausted but pleased as the after effects of her orgasm shocked through her body. She smiled when she thought of the looks on her friends faces when she told them of the sight she viewed. Though what she had done while watching was her own business.

Melony cupped her sex and rolled to the side, savoring the sensations still running through her body.


Friday, Apr 28, 1135


Loni saw her neighbor come around the corner of the produce section of her supermarket, a shopping basket in his hand. The tall handsome man didn't seem to notice her as he looked back and forth from racks of vegetables and fruit. The quiet woman turned her face, embarrassed at the knowledge that Melony had gossiped to her. Not so much that the man had had sex, but that Loni could easily imagine his strong tall body standing naked with only oil covering him. The thought brought a shiver down her spin that ended somewhere between her legs.

"Hello." The voice was thick with a European accent, but deep and heavenly. "You live across the street right?"

Loni turned about to lookup into the face of the tall handsome man. She smiled and nodded.

"Mrs...", he searched his memory.

"Loni." She squeaked.

"Loni! Yes, that is it." He stuck out a large strong hand which she took. "May I say this is a lovely town, with lovely people."

She was consumed with the strength contained with his hand, and didn't want to withdraw. Loni was able to speak just as he withdrew his hand from hers, "I never lived anywhere else. You are from Europe?" She thought that it sounded so weak and stupid to ask such an obvious question.

"Yes, just moved here recently." His eyes pierced into hers, causing her knees to feel weak. "I am sorry we never met before now. Like this." He looked about to emphasize his point.

She wanted to feel his hand again, needed to feel his hand. But instead smiled shyly uncertain what to say. When his gaze turned back to her, he calmly and slowly looked down upon her body. Obviously appraising and studying her curves. This startled the married woman slightly, but felt the heat between her thighs almost burn her with the proof that such a handsome and worldly man thought her attractive. Her face flushed and she wished she had dressed in more attractive clothing.

"Well I must be going", not yet, she thought, "but I wish you a wonderful day Loni." The way he said it, it sounded like a completely knew and exotic name. She quivered with aftershocks as he disappeared the same way he had originated from.

Perhaps ten minutes later, she stood in line with her three kids when a tap upon her shoulder caused her to look about. "For you Loni!" The tall man handed her a long stem red rose before immediately departing. She blushed, yet again, and brought the flower to her nose to smell the fragrance.

"Mom who was that man", her eldest asked.


Friday, Apr 28, 2150


Deb giggled to herself picturing her best friend Loni standing tongue-tied before the newest addition to the neighborhood. So captivated was she, that her friend hadn't even thought to ask his name. So far no one knew anything about the man, or the woman he lived with. Even cold, cool, Melony seemed enchanted whenever the subject of her next-door neighbors came up. Obviously re-enacting the moments when she had witnessed the sight of the two adults having sex in the backyard. Deb knew her friend probably played with herself, so detailed and passionate she was in the telling of the tail those few days ago, it seemed obvious to anyone that knew her.


The doorbell sounded loud in the darkness while the woman waited. She was going to come over with her husband, but he had to drive to his brothers house to help take some old furniture to the junkyard. Deb put on her prettiest smile as noise sounded behind the door.

It opened and a tiny beautiful woman stood before her. Deb held out the steaming pie, "Hi I'm Deb. Just thought I would drop by and welcome you to the neighborhood." She spoke fast, as she often did when she was nervous or excited.

Hastily she noticed that the petite woman was extremely beautiful, her face angelic and refreshing. While her body tiny but well cared for and curved wonderfully in all the proper places. Just as Melony had spoke about.

The pale woman smiled and waved her in taking the pie. "Hum! That smells wonderful." She had an English accent, and an attractive quiet voice. "Please come in."

She entered, "Just realized no one had yet come over to welcome you to our neighborhood. Are you and your husband both from Great Britain?"

This caused a generous laugh to emerge from the small woman, "Lordy no! Dirk and I are not married." More laughter as she led her house guest into the living room decorated with expensive international styles.

Deb sat down, slightly puzzled. "I'm sorry, I assumed you were married." She realized the small woman was starring right at her bust line, and squirmed uneasily.

She nodded no, but asked, "Would you like some tea or coffee?" Deb nodded no and was about to speak up when the woman came over and sat right next to her, placing the pie onto the coffee table. "You seem uneasy, is there anything wrong?" The woman placed her hand upon Deb's skirt-covered upper thigh and squeezed affectionately.

Unsure how to handle the situation, Deb stood and walked to the window looking out through the thick curtains, glad to be away from the small woman. "No just restless." She realized she should get out of there, but she hadn't even learned the woman's name yet and felt embarrassed since the woman was just being friendly. Perhaps Deb had misread her intentions. "I was up late last night."

The woman also stood and approached behind Deb. With almost amusement she asked, "Did your handsome hubby keep you up?" A hand was placed upon her left buttock as the small woman stood next to her, also looking out the window. This time, the intention could not be misread as the hand felt the curvature and texture of the middle-aged ass cheek, while also pressing the dress and panties up into the crack. "Perhaps he spanked this delightful arse of yours?"

Deb quickly pulled away from the small woman, completely confused and only wanting to get out of this house. "I should go, my kids shouldn't be left alone long." The woman smiled and then stood in the path of the woman, grinning almost wickedly. Her own friendly smile finally gone.

"Leeza!" Deb spun about to stand before the man who all the ladies of the neighborhood were gossiping about. As foretold, he was beautiful. "You didn't tell me we had guests. Hello I'm Dirk and I see you have met Leeza?" He smiled pleasantly, but knowingly.

"H... hello." She nervously looked back towards the small woman, but realized the man seemed to control the situation completely. She was just about to give her apologies and attempt to depart when she saw that the man was appraising her. His personality and mere presence dominated the room.

Ignoring Deb, he spoke, "What a wonderful new friend you have made Leeza! Simply splendid." He reached out to grasp one of Deb's breasts in his large strong hand. His fingers expertly finding the nipple through the layers of clothing. The mother of two was about to spin about and run out of this house, so enflamed from this treatment, but a warning pinch on her sensitive nipple forced her to stand still. It felt as if it would be torn off if she even moved an inch.

Deb stood terrified and jumped when she felt hands encircle her body to cup the underside of each of her generous breasts. Lips kissed at her ear, warm moist female lips. They gently pecked at the length of lobes before sucking that part of her into the hot mouth.

Before her, Dirk grasped the other nipple in his strong fingers making her wince with pain. Behind Deb, gentleness and desire, before her dominating pain. She whimpered before speaking out, "I must go, please!" Her tormentor only smiled and twisted her nipples harder, seemingly as a punishment for speaking out loud.

For the first time he spoke to her, "You may leave when I am finished with you. And not before." She felt one of the female hands slide down from her breast to cup her sex mound outside the dress and panties. The woman behind her obviously knew how to please another woman and pressed firmly into sensitive spots that caused the middle-aged woman to react contrary to her wishes. "When she is ready bring her to my room Leeza." Dirk suddenly spun about and departed, leaving Deb's nipples with a phantom pain which didn't allow her to forget the pain and humiliation that she was enduring.

Behind Deb, Leeza ground her pelvis into the jutting buttocks of the mother and wife. Moaning with delight, Leeza also hoarsely whispered, "You will do as Dirk says or will hurt you or your family."

Still not moving, "What does he want me to do?" She felt the answer deep down in her gut and it scared her.

"Anything he asks." She was passionately grinding her whole body against the rigid woman's as she continued, "I'm going to make you feel real good before he fucks you. I am going to have you begging for more." The tongue began to slide up and down the sensitive neck. "You have never had another woman before?"

It was as she feared, she was going to be raped. She couldn't think straight, and wanted to get out of there. But didn't Leeza say he will hurt her family? She began to wonder if she was able to do as they asked just to get through this awful experience, to put it all behind her and get back to her wonderful family. Hoarsely she answered the lesbian behind her, "No."

"It can be a wonderful experience...if you want it to." She was spending a generous amount of time upon Deb's breasts, obviously enjoying the abundant flesh to the fullest. A tongue again ran along the exposed neckline. "Let us go to my room." Whispered Leeza, gently disengaging much of her hold upon the neighbor, and guided her towards the back of the house.

Deb was confused and scared, and allowed herself to be led down to the basement of the large expensive house. The two women, entered a small warm room that resembled a cell more than a bedroom. It even had a large lock on the outside of the thick door, yet Deb would only remember this small detail much later when her mind began to review all that happened to her. She only felt the small quick hands quickly disrobe her, while her mind thought only of her husband and kids -that she was doing this for them.

Only moments later when the attractive mother and wife lay spread-eagled upon the single bed and the thick quilt, did her attention again return to the moment. A tongue was touching her most sensitive of spots, her clitoris, with an expert feather touch. Her body was unbound, as she had half expected to be treated, instead she lay almost comatose with her own uncertainly and fear holding her down.

Again and again the tongue touched her vagina, involuntarily causing the inner lips to expand with excitement. The tongue would ignore the hard clitoris for many seconds at a time before placing a touch so light that it soon had Deb arching her back and moaning in surprising delight. Unlike her own experiences with receiving oral sex, Deb found the pleasure to be immense and long lasting. Leeza didn't seem to stop, her tireless tongue licking the spots that only Deb knew and understood about her own body. Spots that were only excited by her own hand, the erogenous zones not known to her husband. Soon, the middle-aged woman was rotating her hips, arching her back in time to the skillful tongue, and groaning with sinful delight.

Against her will, she felt an orgasm quickly approaching. Deb hated herself and Leeza, and would never have admitted the pleasure she was undergoing at this very moment. And would have fought hard just to have that tongue finish between her legs, so in love with the feelings her body was giving her right now nothing mattered but her explosive pleasure.

It was obvious that Leeza was expert at pleasing a woman; the light scratch of the nails on the inner thighs, the expert tongue on excited vaginal lips, and even the way she used her warm breath to heighten Deb's pleasure. All were used to quickly bring the unwilling sexual servant to new heights, the orgasm that was fast approaching. Only a part of the middle-aged woman registered that Leeza seemed to also be enjoying herself; the moans of delight, the leisurely but loving way the tongue worked upon the folds between her legs, the obvious lack of a arm since it was obviously between the legs to the working woman pleasing herself.

The warm damp air clung to the woman's body as the maid hastened the rapid licks and the sounds of pleasure echoed about the small room. Deb felt the sharp electric explosions rip from her sex and expand outwards until her whole body felt the orgasm that she had originally deemed "disgusting". Her body spasmed deliciously and wiggled about the small bed, yet by some subconscious desire, Leeza's head remained between the spread legs. Licking until the obvious ebbs of desire ran its course though out the attractive housewife.

Delicious exhaustion weighed both mind and body. So much so, that Deb did not even realize the tiny woman disengage herself from between her legs and climb up upon her body. With circular even motions, the lesbian began to agitate herself above her new friend. The two wet sex mounds wiggled and agitated in close proximity which caused Leeza to quickly reach the orgasm that she had also been building up to. Deb reached down and held the tiny waist to her, for the first time enjoying the smooth skin of another woman. When finally the two ladies had completed their glorious enjoyment, their mouths meet in a deep and passionate kiss. Deb would have never admitted that it was her lips that sought out the younger woman's, or that her hands cupped the hard buttocks above her.

Without a sound, nor with any guided movements, Leeza stood up from the bed and waited for her friend to do likewise until the two of them again reached the main level of the house. With but a kiss, Leeza pointed to a large oak door which told the cloudy minded women her direction. Dirk awaited Deb.

"Close the door behind you." Dirk sat in a dim large room, his naked form obvious even in that light. Deb did as she was told, and was her body tremble with fear and perhaps desire as the unknown tempted her reasoning. Alone with another man, something that she had not done except for her husband. "Kneel before me."

Deb felt her feet move forward and saw Dirk spread his strong legs to accommodate her. The mother and wife of a suburban household dropped slowly to the floor, her eyes upon the floor before her. The large man lifted her chin with his strong hands until she looked into his eyes, "I'm going to fuck you." It was spoken very simply and was not meant as a boast.

She trembled violently. "Yes", she whispered.

"Tell me, did you enjoy Leeza?" Embarrassed silence. "Did you enjoy her tongue inside you?" Nothing. "Answer!"

His voice had the edge of violence and danger. "No." She cried as she said it, wanting for it to be true yet knew she lied. His only answer was to laugh at her defiance, knowing the true.

His hand released her chin and moved to his groin, which was in shadow. Deb saw the monster cock raise up towards the light, only comprehending that it would soon be inside her. The warm flush between her legs, and itch somewhere inside her told the truth. Dirk slowly stroked the huge cock, while Deb stared openly at the instrument of his pleasure. It quickly hardened and a drop of fluid appeared at the head.

The hand withdrew and the full length of the manhood stood proud. Deb saw that a circlet was loosely wrapped about the base, a chain that sparkled with the color of gold. Only seconds after she noticed this, did Dirk speak up. "The gold chain you see is for my slave. It is for you Deb." He cupped one side of her face gently and with surprising passion. "Today I will fuck you with your collar still wrapped around my cock so you will feel its strong cold metal against your skin. When you return you will again kneel to me and beg for this chain to be around your neck and my cock to again fuck you."

Bewildered and confused the man took her hand and placed it upon his shaft and part of the chain. The cock throbbed in her palm while the cold chain was smooth and hard. She told herself that she would never return, that after this evening and the horrors she had to undergo she would return to her family and friends and never even look towards this house again. The things they made her do, disgusted her. Yet at the same time, they also heightened her senses measurably.

"Stand and bend over that." Dirk pointed towards what looked like a wooden horse in the rear of the room. Not wanting to take her hand from the huge manhood, Dirk stood and walked about her to stand before the horse awaiting her, his large cock almost obscenely sticking out from his body. It was true, she thought, it was a beautiful and a gorgeous cock.

The only reason she put herself through these disgusting acts was for her family, she thought. Yet, she stood and with only a few trembles, went before the wooden horse and bent before it. It was the perfect height for her, her stomach rested upon the padded silken wood, while her hands grasped the wooden rail below her face. Dirk stood still, making her wait for him, just as Deb's husband often did, which only caused her to tremble with hidden desire.

"Arch your back slave. Show me your ass." She did as commanded, knowing that her best feature must look wonderful in the shadowed light. Glad that he had picked this position, better to please him. Deb felt a chill when she realized her own thoughts and desires and wondered at which point she had forgotten her family and only thought of the monster cock and her next impending orgasm. She moved her feet a little wider and moved forced her bottom out towards her neighbor.

It was the sound of her own breathing that made her realize he was uncommonly impatient and had not said a word for several long seconds. She wiggled her ass and pressed her breasts into the rough leather seat of the horse. "God, don't make me wait!"

Her voice wasn't meant for any ears, but Dirk had heard. "Its not god who is making you wait but your master." A hand gently touched her right bottom cheek and slowly pulled her quivering cheeks apart. "You have a beautiful ass slave."

"Yes master!" Deb felt incredulous at her own words. She tried to wiggle her bottom so his hand came closer to her extremely excited sex. His firm hand did not let her move her intended dance. She tried another path, "Fuck me master!" The housewife shook her head in amazement at the sound of desperation in her own voice.

Dirk moved closer until Deb felt a wide blunt object press against her overly excited body. The object felt huge as it forced her wet and ready inner lips of her vagina apart. She, of course, knew it was the huge cock between her neighbors legs and she could only think to get it inside her. It was as if nothing else mattered.

When the head of the penis started its movement inside her, her body felt like it tore to accommodate it. Her husband's penis, average in size, had always filled her up but this monster organ must have been twice the size. Deb screamed between clenched teeth. Contrary to the pain she felt, she tried to push back towards the man to impale herself properly upon the organ which only had a single purpose.

Inch by inch the huge cock entered her until she felt like it was pressing up into her chest. It could go no further and Dirk held upon Deb's hips and waited patiently for the feminine cavern to accommodate him. It gave the attractive housewife time to catch her breath. Her body was refusing to acknowledge the incredible pain she had felt and was rapidly becoming more aroused than ever before. For a split second, Deb wondered what she must look like with the huge cock pressed into her body, how her face must be distorted but while her body tried to move in unison with the man behind her. She almost laughed when she thought the two of them would make a wonderfully erotic picture, with the deep shadows highlighting those parts of her body which was revealed.

Then Dirk pulled his manhood almost from her body before lunging in. It felt like an arm was inside her, but Deb felt a flash of deep pleasure from his motion. Like nothing she had ever experienced before. Again he pulled from her body. Then again. In seconds, the housewife was beside herself and felt the rush of her orgasm flood through her body. She saw a cloud pass over her eyes and wondered if she would pass out until the huge cock again drove into her and the pain would not allow her the respite. Her body, exhausted from it sexual release started that familiar climb again. Deb heard herself grunting and even the sound of her own sloppy sex almost as if she was listening to someone else.

The torment and pleasure lasted for an immeasurable time, and Deb wondered at the number of her own orgasms simply from the huge cock. All her other orgasms, before Dirk's cock, were insignificant, as was the cock, her husbands, before this one.. The thick tube pulled all the way from her cunt, and Deb cried out for more. Wanting the pain and pleasure to last forever, to be fucked forever by this stranger. She wanted to feel this man's seed flood her womb.

Then she saw it, bobbing right before her face. Dirk's hands held her head up by her thick hair while the penis was aimed right at her mouth. Deb tried to lunge towards it, her mouth open and salivating for the taste of him. All thoughts of Dirk's penis fucking her cunt was gone, replaced by the urge to have him inside her mouth. Deb knew she was a good cock-sucker, and felt a desire to pleasure her neighbor. She would have described her emotions as love, but it was most probably lust. Lust for the huge pole that now taunted her.

Quickly, it thrust forward and Deb found her mouth filled with its head. She gagged when he didn't stop and forced it further inside her stretched mouth until it moved down her throat. Deb almost cried in frustration, wanting to pleasure this man but knowing she could barely take him inside her mouth, let alone use the techniques she used to please her husband.

Dirk held the enthusiastic housewife's head firmly as his hips thrust back and forth and his cock moved with her mouth. It was all she could do just to ensure her teeth did not scrape upon the hard ridged surface. Her fucked her face with the same steady motion that had enjoyed her vagina. It lasted forever to the pretty housewife.

Finally, Dirk pulled from her and walked back to the chair he had initially sat in. She lay face forward over the horse, looking over her shoulder panting with fresh air and bewildered that he had stopped. Tears again started to bead in her eyes when she assumed she had not pleased him.

"Come here slave." It was almost a whisper.

Deb scrambled off the wooden horse as quick as her tired quivering muscles would allow. She crawled upon the floor towards his thrusting manhood, too scared to look up into his piercing eyes. Until she knelt before him, as she had done earlier.

The young housewife could see her own saliva and vaginal secretions upon the bumpy hard surface and gold chain. Suddenly she wanted that chain around her neck, to show everyone who's slave she was. To prove to Dirk that she could please him. As well as to remind herself of the pleasure she now felt.

She awaited his command. It came with a simple nod of his head and a quick movement of his hand.

Deb lunged forward with her mouth and body. She wrapped her lips about the huge smooth crown and both hands about the base of his cock. Both hands began to stroke him up and down with the same rhythm that he had used to fuck her earlier. And her tongue had enough space within her mouth to tantalize and tease his cock. She made love to that cock, to her masters cock, with more gusto and passion than she ever showed in her marriage bed. Nothing else mattered, not her husband, her friends, or her kids. Only this one moment in time, the moment Dirk had given her, and to which she was expected to perform.

The first shot of the salty cum surprised her, then she felt the huge man meat in her hands swell until it again spurted another huge gush of sperm within her mouth. That was enough, those two spurts filled her mouth and she tried to swallow his tribute but found that the next shot forced a mouthful of the life giving juices to slip from her lips. Again he shot and again. Deb felt like she swallowed a liter of the thick liquid but knew she had missed even more.

Finally, the huge organ in her hands slowly started to shrink. Not much, but enough that it could no longer stand at attention without Deb's helping hands. She jumped when Dirk finally spoke, "You missed some slave!" He sounded disappointed and she felt her body fall to the floor between his legs as her eyes sought out the fallen tribute. The bright pearl colored liquid was obvious against the dark wooden floor and Deb quickly lapped the cum with her outstretched tongue.

No longer caring how she looked or what anyone would think of her, she only felt joy that she was finally able to pleasure the only man, and his cock, that had pleased her so. It was obvious, even to Deb, that she was his slave.





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