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The Sender

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William Jefferey could hear water running as he floated in a semi-trance, slipping back and forth between a sweet dream and a memory of the things he and Jennifer had done the night before. He loved that time of morning, and he liked to prolong it whenever he could, so he stayed in bed with his eyes closed, drifting, listening to the shower, and imagining her body and the pleasure it had given him.

Last night, Jennifer had finally let him put his cock in her ass, and he could still see her looking back over her shoulder as he pushed it past her well- lubricated sphincter. "Please be gentle. Please don't stop."

Jefferey was gentle, he didn't stop, and she loved it, as he knew she would since the first time he'd touched her there.

He heard the shower stop, and after a few minutes, his lover came softly into the bedroom. Jefferey pretended to be asleep, eyes nearly closed in the half-light.

Jennifer watched him for a few seconds, and then very quietly opened the drawer reserved for their erotic toy collection and started filling the small gym bag they kept there.

Jefferey stayed in bed, playing dead, waiting to see what she had in mind. After a few minutes, she left with the bag, and soon he could hear her movements in the next bedroom. She crept across the hall to the guest bathroom, and he could hear cabinets opening and closing and more water running.

At this point, it was clear that Jennifer was working on something, and Jefferey was hoping that it would be a surprise for him.

Jennifer returned to the bedroom and went back to the toy drawer. She took out the ankle and wrist cuffs and set them on the dresser, along with the leather D-Ring belt they used in their bondage games. Then she came over to the bed to wake him with a kiss.

Jennifer kissed his face and my lips, and when her tongue went into his mouth, Jefferey came to life, kissing her back and reaching out to pull her into bed.

"Not so fast," she teased. "I've got other plans for you." She knelt by the bed and took his cock into her mouth for a few minutes, just long enough to bring it to life. Then she stood up, retrieved the cuffs and the belt, and brought them over to the bedside.

"Sit up and put these on." Her tone was firm, but flirtatious. She seemed to know that he would comply, and he did. "I've got a surprise for you in the next room. Are you curious?"

Jefferey smiled and nodded.

"If you want it, you'll have to work for it," she teased, and she clipped his wrists to the belt with a couple of snap-hooks and pushed him back on the bed.

Jennifer opened her robe and dropped it to the floor. Her petite breasts stood out firm and proud, nipples erect. As she stood next to the bed, feet apart, Jefferey could see the coral edges of her swollen labia peeking through her closely cropped bush. He knew what the price of his curiosity would be.

She took his cock in one hand and stroked it for a few minutes while she massaged herself with the other. Then she climbed up on the bed, straddled his head, and settled down on his face like a hen tending her eggs.

"You know what I like, now do it," she commanded. Jefferey went to work on her, using his tongue and lips to separate her folds and probe the opening to her vagina, before locking in on her clitoris. He trapped it between his lips and lashed it with his tongue until she came forcefully, almost drowning him in her secretions.

Jennifer climbed off, kissed Jefferey deeply, and licked her come from his lips. "Mmmm. I taste good, don't I?" Jefferey nodded his agreement.

"Now, it's time for your surprise." Jennifer went back to the toy drawer, retrieved a blindfold, and tied it around his head. She instructed him stand up, and then, with a firm grip on his cock, she led him down the hall to the guest bedroom.

"Sit back on the bed. I want you in position before you see what's in store for you." She pushed him back to the bed and sat him down, then released his wrists from the snap-hooks. "Now lay down and put your arms over your head. "

This was really getting interesting. Before today, Jefferey had always been the dominant one in the games they played, but Jennifer was really taking to the role, and Jefferey made up his mind to help her along.

He stretched out as directed, and felt Jennifer clip his wrists together and secure them to the headboard. Next he felt his right ankle pulled upward and outward and secured, dangling a couple of feet in the air. Then the other ankle followed suit. Jennifer worked quickly and without a word.

Within two minutes, Jefferey was bound and spread- eagled with his ass lifted off the bed. "Here, baby boy. This will make you more comfortable," she cooed, as she pushed a pillow under his ass.

It did help support him and he thanked her, addressing her as "Mistress." Jefferey could feel himself starting to slide into the submissive role, and it surprised him a little, but he had gone this far, and decided to keep playing along.

"Now it's time for my baby to see what's in store for him." Jennifer laughed, and she removed the blindfold.

Jefferey was stunned by what he saw.

The guest bed was an old four-poster canopy model that had been equipped for bondage. It had an assortment of rings and eyebolts mounted in strategic places, and Jennifer had used them thoughtfully. Jefferey's hands were tied off to the center of the headboard, and his legs were tied to the posts at the foot of the bed with some short cotton ropes from the toy drawer.

Jefferey had to admire Jennifer's handiwork. She had learned a lot in the months they had been together, but her obvious skill isn't what stunned him. What really caught his eye was the huge bulging black rubber enema bag that she had hung from another eyebolt on the cano- py frame. It was centered between his ankles, and he couldn't take his eyes off of it. A long thick hose with a squeeze-bulb in the middle hung down to the mattress and then curled back up, disappearing into the mouth of the bag, where a thick head of soapsuds was visible.

"Surprise, lover." There was a child-like glee in Jennifer's voice. "You fucked my ass last night, now I'm going to fuck yours. Nothing like a nice, warm enema to get you ready." Jefferey was speechless.

He didn't even know that Jennifer had an enema bag in the house, let alone one so exotic in appearance, and they had been living together for two months. She seemed to read his mind. "There are a few things you don't know about me yet," Jennifer said, teasingly. "I bet you thought that last night was your idea, didn't you? Well it wasn't. I got tired of getting myself ready and waiting for you to make your move, so I steered you a little. Now, it's your turn." She smiled broadly and gave the bag a little squeeze. Steaming soapsuds spilled over the side.

Jefferey could feel himself starting to panic. "This is how the game works," Jennifer explained in a matter- of fact tone, "I'm going to give you the three quarts in this bag, and once it's is empty, you will have to hold it for ten minutes before you get to let it out. I will make you work for every drop, and if you stop pleasing me, I will stop the flow until you figure out what I want. Remember that the ten-minute clock doesn't start until the bag is empty, and I've got all day. After this enema, there will be one more to rinse the soap out of you, and then it will be time for your stretching exercises. Don't let any water leak out, or I will make you drink what you spill."

Jennifer paused dramatically to let her speech sink in, then she reached up and withdrew the nozzle from the mouth of the bag. It was a good six inches long and about an inch in diameter. She smeared it with KY jelly, and then pushed another finger-full into Jefferey's ass and stroked his prostate.

"Don't you dare come," she warned, "or you will really regret it." Then she took his cock in her mouth and started sucking. Trapped between her mouth and her finger, poor Jefferey couldn't keep still, and soon he was thrusting to the rhythm she set up.

He was almost at the point of no return when she lifted her head from his cock and pushed the nozzle against his anus.

Jefferey impaled himself on it reflexively, and she pushed it home with a twist. He heard a click, and immediately felt the hot water flooding his bowels. His poor cock was left twitching in the air as his belly started to swell, and within a minute, he was cramping and begging for mercy.

Jennifer turned off the flow. "I've got all day, baby boy," she reminded me. "How about you? Wouldn't you like to get this over with?" She held the nozzle firmly in place as he started to squirm, then she climbed on to the bed and settled herself over his face, with her glistening lips a few inches above his nose. "Reach for it," she commanded, and Jefferey lifted his head, stretched his neck and started licking her in long, slow strokes. "Perfect," she murmured, "Perfect," and he heard that ominous click again. "Now my ass. Lick me there."

Jefferey shifted his attention to her puckered little bung and massaged it with the tip of his tongue. Jennifer groaned her approval, leaned forward and reached for the squeeze bulb. "Let's pump you up a little," she said in a teasing tone, and she gave the bulb a few sharp squeezes.

Each time she did, Jefferey felt his cock jump. He was invaded, flooded, pressurized, and really beginning to worry.

Jefferey didn't know how he was going to take the whole bag, let alone hold it for ten minutes. He had only had a few enemas in his life, and they were all un- pleasant and explosive.

Finally, the bag emptied with a slurping sound, and Jennifer produced a kitchen timer, which she set for fifteen minutes instead of ten.

"I lied." she said, and then she laughed.

"No, please. I can't hold it. I know I can't," Jefferey whined.

"That's OK, baby. I'll help you," she cooed. "Let's get that nozzle out of you. Clamp down now, don't lose any water." She slid it out and Jefferey clenched his buns together as tightly as he could. Jennifer walked across the room and returned with an inflatable anal plug that he had never seen before...he was beginning to realize that there was a side to her he had never imagined. She pushed the plug past his clenched sphincter and gave the pump three healthy squeezes. Suddenly, Jefferey felt like he had an orange in his rectum. Jennifer tugged on the plug a few times and nodded her approval. Then she told Jefferey to relax and let the enema work.

Jennifer re-set the timer for fifteen minutes and announced that they would spend the time in a 69, as long as Jefferey understood that he was not to come under any circumstances.

He hastily agreed, and she mounted him again. By this time, Jennifer was so wet and open that he lost himself in her scent and her sweetness. Her mouth and tongue were warm and soft on his cock, but he was able to hold his come and focus on her pleasure.

The timer sounded sooner than he expected, but Jennifer stayed in place, riding his tongue for several minutes more. Jefferey could feel her about to come, when she stopped, climbed off, and kissed him deeply on the lips, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

"I want your sweet cock inside me when I come," she murmured, then squatted over him and guided it home. Jennifer gripped his cock powerfully and rode it slowly at first, but they both knew she wouldn't last long, and Jefferey knew that he wouldn't either, in spite of her warning. He watched her breasts sway as she slid slowly up and down, then she leaned forward, gripped his shoulders, and filled his mouth once again with her tongue.

They exploded together in one wrenching orgasm.

Part 2

"I told you not to come," Jennifer said sternly. "You made a mess, and now you'll have to clean it up." she reached down with one hand and squeezed her lips to- gether as she pulled away from Jefferey's limp cock.

Once again, she squatted over his face. "Lick up your come and you can go to the toilet." She was so wet that he didn't know where to start, but he sucked every drop out of her and licked her lips clean.

Jennifer released his wrists, one at a time, and clipped them to his belt. Then she lowered Jefferey's legs, escorted him to the bathroom, and sat him on the toilet. She deflated the plug and the water poured out of his bowels.

To add to his embarrassment, she stayed in the bathroom with while he emptied, commenting on the odor, flushing the toilet from time to time, and preparing his next enema.

She filled a clear glass pitcher with tap water, then poured in a small cup of powder that she had already prepared. After stirring vigorously for a few minutes, the powder was dissolved and the liquid was clear again. "This time you will take two quarts of cool water with a little baking soda to kill the soap. I think you'll find it very soothing," she said in her best clinical tone.

How does she know this stuff? Jefferey couldn't help but wonder. After a good half-hour on the toilet, she stood him in the shower and rinsed him off. Then she rubbed him down with a fresh fluffy towel and led him back to the guestroom where his next enema was waiting.

The pitcher was on a small table at the foot of the bed. Next to it was the largest bulb syringe Jefferey had ever seen. It had to be five or six inches in diameter with a fat fluted nozzle about eight inches long.

Jennifer instructed him to kneel on the bed with his knees apart and to lean forward until his chest was on the mattress. With his wrists still clipped to the belt, Jennifer commanded Jefferey to reach back, spread his cheeks, and receive his enema.

Jefferey had a perfect view of the proceedings in the dressing mirror on top of the bureau to his right, and that scene in the mirror, along with his willing par- ticipation in it, filled him with a sense of humilia- tion. He had gone way beyond "going along," and he realized that he had finally embraced the role of "submissive" in spite of himself. That realization shamed him, and at the same time, it charged him with erotic energy.

Jennifer caught him looking in the mirror, and she made the most of it, "Watch everything I do," she commanded, and she walked around behind him to the foot of the bed.

She filled the syringe noisily and lubricated the fat nozzle with a flourish. Jefferey followed every move, waiting nervously for her touch. "Ass up! Arch your back," she barked, and he complied. With one hand on the small of his back, she wiped the nozzle against his anus, then opened him with it and pushed it all the way in.

Squeezing with both hands, she emptied the syringe in a couple of seconds. As the cool water surged into him, Jefferey's cock stiffened. Jennifer took notice. "My baby boy likes his enemas," she teased, and she fucked him with the nozzle for a few strokes before refilling the syringe and pushing it back inside.

To tell the truth, Jefferey was starting to enjoy the odd sensations she was generating, even the pressure of the enema.

It took six full bulbs to empty the pitcher, and Jennifer took her time administering them. By the time she was done, his anus and prostate were highly sensitized. When Jefferey heard the buzz of the vibrator, he knew that he was in even deeper trouble than he had imagined.

"You're going to love this," Jennifer teased, as she displayed the vibrator in the mirror. It was made of white plastic, long and slender, with a smooth surface. It looked more like a medical appliance than a cock- replica.

Jennifer set it on a low speed and started massaging his anus. Jefferey was desperately trying to hold the enema, but at the same time, he really wanted to make room for the buzzing invader in Jennifer's hand. It took a few minutes to find the right balance of tension and relaxation, but Jennifer was patient and per- sistent, and soon, his prostate and anus were tingling.

Jefferey was on the edge of an uncontrollable orgasm when Jennifer turned the speed up and started fucking his ass vigorously. He could not hold back, and he sprayed his come on the bed. "Bad boy!" she scolded. "Now lick it up. Now!!" She held the vibrator firmly in his ass while he crawled backwards and lowered his head to lick his come from the sheets.

After a few minutes of trying, Jennifer gave him a swat on the ass and told him to go to the toilet. Holding the vibrator in place, she followed him into the bath- room, sat him down and released the water. This time, he emptied out more readily, almost in one continuous flow.

Mercifully, she left the bathroom while he drained, and she made him wait on the toilet for a while to be sure that he was empty. After another shower and another towel drying, Jennifer pronounced him "fuckable," and led him back to the bedroom.

While Jefferey was in the bathroom, Jennifer had been re-decorating the bedroom. The room was lit with about twenty candles, and she had incense burning and Ravi Shankar playing on the stereo, very romantic in a Middle-Eastern sort of way. She sat Jefferey on the bed and knelt down in front of him.

"I think that you have some idea of the pleasure I can give you," she said softly, looking straight into his eyes. "I would rather fuck you as a willing partner than as a bound subject, but I will certainly fuck you, one way or the other."

There was no menace in her voice. Jennifer was matter of fact, almost pleading. Jefferey realized then that it would be better to give her a gift instead of forc- ing her to take it.

"I understand, Jennifer, and I would love to have you fuck me. Just remember that it's my first time."

She smiled and kissed him, and then she released his wrists. They stood and embraced, kissing deeply and caressing each other. Jefferey could see that it was his turn to flirt and tease and open himself up to her, to finally give her complete control over his body.

He was at once relieved, apprehensive, expectant, resigned, and a little bit ashamed. What would she do next? How could he get himself into this pre- dicament? Why didn't he stop it? Why was he so aroused?

Something inside kept him going with the flow, turning more and more control over to her, and he couldn't figure out what it was.

They sat down, then laid down on the bed, and started making out like a couple of teenagers in the back seat of Daddy's car, only this time, Jefferey was coy and apprehensive and Jennifer was the aggressor, as aggressive as Jefferey had ever been. Soon, she had him on his belly with his ass in the air, waiting expectantly as she attached a strap-on dildo to the harness she was wearing. Jefferey felt her tongue in his mouth and her fingers in his ass as she lubricated and stretched him, then she was behind him, massaging his cheeks and spreading them wide. She kissed his back and neck, and soon he felt the thick blunt end of her dildo pressing against his anus.

Jefferey looked back over his shoulder and found Jennifer staring into his eyes, "Please be gentle, please don't stop," he murmured She smiled, closed her eyes, and pressed forward. As Jefferey reached back to open up to her, his hands found her waist and pulled her forward. She slid inside easily.

Jefferey felt her hard nipples pressed against his back and her tongue teasing his ear. Her hair fell across his neck as she leaned over him. She put her hands on his shoulders and fucked him slowly and deeply. Jef- ferey closed his eyes and surrendered. It was the most amazing sensation.





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