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My dream came true. I finally found an exam table like the doctors used and had my wife spread her legs on it for her yearly exam, and she was all mine.


Last month while waiting my turn for my annual physical, I noticed they were doing some remodeling. I asked the doctor when she came in about how the remodeling was going and she said good, except for some items they could not put in the Dumpster. She had called a local salvage yard and they told her she would have to pay for them to send someone over to pick the stuff up and she would have to wait a couple of weeks.

When I asked her what she was going to have hauled away, she showed me a room with odds and ends and 3 exam tables. I asked her why she was disposing of the stuff as it all looked good, she said it was just showing too much wear and tear and she wanted to keep everything looking good. Then I asked her if she would have a problem with me hauling it in for her the next day as I was going to the salvage yard with some aluminum cans anyway.

She thanked me and said she would give me what the salvage yard said they would charge her. I asked why not just take it off my bill for the exam today, which she was more than happy to do.

I have wanted one of those exam tables ever since my wife Samantha told me she had to put her legs in stirrup's at the bottom corners of it so the doctor could take a pap smear. The stirrup's, one on each side on the bottom corners held her legs just below the knees up in the air and spread generously but not painfully situating her bottom right at the edge allowing the doctor to sit right between her legs and have full access to her vagina.

The next morning before heading over to pick the stuff up I asked my neighbor Ted, if he had some spare time to help me load some things on the truck. He said he just had to cut his grass before his wife got home and all he had running was his old push mower. His riding mower was in the shop in need of repairs from his wife running over the decorative bricks surrounding their new flower bed.

I told him he could use my riding mower and get it done in no time after we were done. I stopped at the shop and grabbed a moving dolly, because the tables were really heavy when left assembled and I had no idea how they came apart. I made sure we left the one in the best condition for last, saving all the attachments from the other tables so I had plenty of extras.

We put the exam table in a storage bay I had rented for extra furniture and motorbikes I wanted to restore until I could figure out what I wanted to do with it. After all, I had listened well when my wife spoke of what would have been nice when she had to climb on one. Cold metal, not much padding, the pad pillow was to high up the table when she assumed the position. The only problem was Ted was very curious, and was beginning to get some ideas of his own.

That night I tossed and turned for hours, the fantasy was back, the one that had taken months to get out of my head. Where I would walk into the exam room where my wife was waiting for her exam. Spread wide and exposed, dreading the cold metal spoons. At least that is what she called them. The doctor inserts this spoon shaped tool and squeezes the handles and it would hold her open while he checked the coloring and took a specimen. Only what I had in mind was warm and soothing.

My hands would be free to play with her breasts and tickle her sides. I was able to play with her clitoris, tickle her inner thighs, while making love to her, and take my time as her legs were resting comfortably in the stirrups.

The next Saturday I left for the rent-a-bay before the sun was up to start making repairs to the table. I was just about ready to break for lunch when Ted walked in asking if I could use some help. I was stunned he was there, because we never seemed to be interested in the same things. All I could say then was that I was going to lunch and if he wanted to talk about it, he could come along. While we were eating Ted asked me what my plans were for the table, and no matter how hard I tried to feed him a line, he would not buy it.

I finally told him I wanted it for something personnel, and it was not open for discussion. Then Ted hit me with an offer I was not ready for, he would pay 75% of the renovation cost as long as he could have a say about some of the modifications and have use of the exam table on occasion, maybe twice a month. I told Ted to give me a little time to think about it. He paid for lunch and said he would be waiting for my answer.

Over the next week I completed refinishing it and was now ready for the finishing touches. I had been checking on the materials I wanted and the total cost. This was going to take longer than I thought, as Samantha watched our finances very close. I was only sleeping a couple of hours a night because all I could think about was my fantasy's surrounding this table. Walking around half the day with my pants tented was getting on my nerves and a little embarrassing to.

The next Saturday I stopped by Ted's and told him to put his money where his mouth was, and he had to let me know 5 days in advance when he wanted to use the table so any plans I made would not get ruined. Ted agreed and off we went to the rent-a-bay. He said he had been in touch with a furrier and had already made a deal to have him make some pads, pillows, and mittens made from mink.

He said with all the animal rights nuts, fur was cheap and he could get the best for next to nothing. The furrier could take coats apart and sew them into anything we wanted. I had considered rabbit fur mittens to stimulate the wife with during foreplay but never got around to having them made. I told him I wanted to see how fur went over with my wife first and asked how much and if I could get a pair of the mittens to try out that weekend. Ted must have anticipated my asking because he walked over to his car and handed me a pair.

Later that night I used the mittens to rub Samantha's backside and inner thighs asking her what she thought about them. Her answer was to take one of them off and rest my bare hand between her legs. I had no doubt about what she thought as she had soaked the bed underneath her.

When I climbed between her legs, it seemed I was being lead by my ragging hard on. All I could think about was getting her on the table and sticking it into her. It was raw sex, I needed sexual release, and this fantasy was eating me live. With all the groping, rubbing, and cock teasing I had been doing to Samantha she was moving right along with me.

After obtaining our mutual release, she asked me what I had been thinking about. Samantha said that she could tell I was thinking about sex as I was running around half the time with a woody. I told her it was something special and she needed to wait to find out. Just before drifting off she asked me where I had gotten the mittens and how much money I had spent.

While I lay there thinking up an answer, she fell asleep. I preferred not to lie to her so I was safe for the time being, maybe. Samantha was beginning to seriously wonder what it was that had me thinking about sex all the time, because every time I was near her I was copping a feel. Walking up behind her while she was working at the kitchen counter and hugging her while rubbing myself against her backside. Grabbing her by the hips as she was bent over picking things up around the house. I was even setting her nightie next to the tub for her instead of her housecoat.

When I caught up with Ted the next day and told him that the fur was a go, he just smiled and nodded his head OK. We took all the measurements needed for the furrier and Ted left to call them in. We had decided to use it on the stirrups as well with some added straps that could be used to gently hold the legs in place; straps for the top of the table to hold the hands above the head and others to hold the hands to the sides as well.

I thought this a little bold but I had agreed to let him have his say, so they were added. We also decided to change the locks on the drawers, 3 for him and 3 for me so we could store our own stuff separately. I liked my privacy and he said he could take it or leave it. With everything coming together, we decided to rent another bay next to mine and move the table over to it.

We soundproofed the walls and ceiling and put padded carpet down as concrete can be cold anytime of year. Ted added a couch, love seat, coffee table, TV and VCR. Last but not least a small refrigerator for beer and wine. I had told Ted I wanted some antique reading lamps that could be set behind a chair.

It took a while but we finally found some at a flea market outside of town. Cleaned up and refinished they would work great. We replaced the bulb socket with a three-way socket so it could be set low when needed. I added a tape deck and speakers to the head of the table so I could play some tapes I had made about our fantasies. With Ted and I spending all our free time working to complete this, our wives were getting upset with us for not spending more time with them.

We later found out that Ted's wife Liz was talking to Samantha about what we might be up to. Liz had found some receipts for several fur coats and was upset until she called the furrier and found out that they were converted over into other things. When Liz told Samantha about the fur, she started thinking about the other night when I had used the mittens on her.

Liz told Samantha how she had a thing for fur while making love with her husband Ted. Which had them both wondering what was going on. Samantha started looking around our house for clues in the form of receipts. Samantha also checked my shop and finally the rent-a-bay we used. We lucked out having moved the table next door, so they were at a dead end at least for now. After a week of waiting, Ted got the call the furrier was done making all the changes.

All we had to do now was go over and try them on the table and make sure everything fit okay. He had treated the fur with something so not much would stick to or stain it, and recommended that we bring it in after each use for cleaning. Something neither of us had considered was how to keep the pillow in place as it would need to be all the way up at the top sometimes and half way down the table at other times. The furrier had installed small strips with Velcro at each end of the pillow so we could lock the pillow anywhere we had the strips on the sides of the table.

Ted had four sets of everything made up, two for each of us. After installing my set on the table and finding all the fits to be perfect, Ted put his stuff away in his drawers. He said he would like to stop in that weekend to put some other things he was going to need in his remaining drawers, so he would have whatever he needed when he and Liz were there.

I told him that would be fine because I was planning something sooner.

He laughed and said I had it bad, the strain was showing too much during the last week. I would have 2 days to get the things together that I felt I would need for my drawers and I would have to get busy. I had just enough money left over from selling some extra motorbike parts I no longer needed and my old set of golf clubs to get what I wanted. Now all I needed was some extra time to get out and get them.

That night while lying in bed with my wife, she asked me the same question as before. What was I thinking about that had me horny all the time. I figured oh well might as well spill it since it would be happening soon. I asked her if she remembered my fantasy about making love to her on an exam table.

Samantha said that she did, but hadn't thought about it lately. I slipped the mittens on and started rubbing her back while she lay teasingly on top of me. Slowly sliding my penis between her legs but not letting me get inside her. She was really getting aroused and I was having a hard time holding on with the bump and grind she was doing on me.

I thought what was good for the gander was good for the goose. I asked her how she would feel, if she had her legs in the stirrups and I was between her legs, rubbing her belly and breasts light as a feather with the mittens, while slowing sliding my penis along her opening just like she was doing now. I told her I wanted to eat her while I rubbed her inner thighs with the mittens.

She just kept speeding up and finally slipped me right inside her, within moments both of us cumin together longer and harder than we had in a long time. She must have cum several times by then because I was soaked and so were the sheets. I was thinking towels, several towels would be needed at the table and added them to the list of purchases for tomorrow.

I stopped in at a new adult store that bragged about having the newest toys on the market. To say the least, I was surprised at was available now. With all the new developments in technology, the toys had changed a lot since I went shopping last. Cyber skin, ultra skin, soft touch, with or without floating balls in the sack. I felt like a little kid in a toy store. It took me well over an hour to decide what I wanted with all these new choices to pick from.

I wanted diversity so that we could follow more than one fantasy as we had a few. I ended up buying 2 of each of the Cyber skin, Ultra skin, and soft touch in 6" and 8" lengths. An Accommodator, which was a phallus that you place on your chin and is held in place with straps that went around your head and neck, a fleece lined blindfold and plenty of ID personnel lube and toy cleaner. I stopped off at a department store and picked up 6 ultra-soft cotton hand towels on the way over to the rent-a-bay.

After cleaning all the toys and putting them in their drawers, I was all set for that night. Now I just had to find out if Samantha had made any previous plans for tonight and tomorrow. Ted would be there Saturday and or Sunday.

Samantha was waiting at the door when I arrived back at the house and dinner was sitting on the table . Something was up here that I didn't know about. Had Ted said something to Liz and she to Samantha or was it just a coincidence.

I figured to sit back and see what would develop during dinner. She gave me a hug and a kiss before I went to get cleaned up for dinner telling me to hurry so dinner didn't get cold. I didn't know how well Liz and Samantha knew each other.

Samantha never said much about Liz except to say they had been talking about what we were up to and she knew about the fur and Ted's involvement with it.

During dinner she seemed to be anxious, like she knew something was going to happen tonight. I feign innocence all through dinner, all the while seeing her getting nervous and somewhat excited. After dinner I carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen for her to rinse off before loading the dishwasher.

She was standing there at the sink when I brought the last of the dishes in from the dinning room. I set the stuff down on the counter and walked up and gave her a hug while rubbing my hard on against her backside.

I whispered in Samantha's ear that she was looking really hot tonight and she needed to be hosed down bad, her answer was to reach back and hold my hips while pushing herself back at me and moaning. I asked her if she was in the mood for something different, and away from the house tonight. Something we had talked about but had never followed through with. Samantha said she wanted to know more as we had talked about allot of things and some, she had no intention of following through with. I told her it was just us, eliminating the ones I knew she would be nervous about. She said that would be fine as long as it was just us. Her breathing had really quickened and I could smell, and feel, her sex becoming heated and wet during this verbal exchange. This was going to be a night to remember.

I told her she would have to be blindfolded as we got in the car to leave the house and she started to get nervous again. I explained it was just to keep the location a secret and she could take it off when we got inside. Samantha thought about it for a minute and reluctantly agreed.

After I put the blindfold on her I drove a roundabout way there so she would not be sure just what rent-a-bay we arrived at. Not that she would be able to recognize it after all the modifications Ted and I had made, but only to be on the safe side.

As I pulled in front of the bay, I told Samantha we had arrived and asked her to open her door and get out as I wanted to slide across to her side and make sure she did not peek. She gave me one of those looks that husbands get when they say something really stupid. But she got out anyway and waited for me to join her. I gave her a hug and asked her to bear with me for just a few minutes because I felt it would be worth it.

Unlocking and opening the door, I helped her inside, turning on the lights as I locked and closed the door. As I removed her blindfold, I suddenly noticed somebody had put 5 large red potted tree roses around the room. All heavy, with large fragrant blossoms, though unexpected, a nice romantic touch.

I should have thought what else had been added but was too interested in what Samantha's reaction would be. Samantha just kept looking at everything and looking at me. I took her hand, giving her a light kiss and asked her what she thought. Still holding my hand, she led me over to the exam table. I looked in her eyes to get some idea at her response to seeing the table. They were large and glassy, her hand was trembling lightly, and she was breathing a little hard to. All good signs, so I kissed her lightly and asked her if she would mind disrobing and climbing on the table for her exam.

She just smiled and looked back in my eyes as she took my hands and put them on her waist, saying she might need some help with the disrobing as her hands were shaky. I told her that was not an unreasonable request as I slid my hands up under her blouse and unhooking her bra, lifted it up off her full breasts.

We continued to kiss passionately as I unsnapped her jeans, sliding my hands along her hips pushing both her panties and jeans just down off her hips, giving me access to her luscious backside, which I kneaded lightly. She pulled back and gave me a look saying this is not disrobing. I told her all in good time, as I wanted to savor everything that we did.

Samantha said that while going slow was fine sometimes, now was not one of them. She wanted to see what kind of exam I had in mind. So I started kissing her lips and neck, and pulled her hips against mine and slowly moved her over to the foot of the table as I took her top and bra off throwing them on the chair. Her pants being just down off her hips allowed me to get away with doing it slowly. When she bumped the table, she slid her backside up on the table letting out a sigh.

I asked her what she thought of the cover and all she could do was grind her backside against the fur letting out small sighs. I stepped back and removed her shoes setting them next to her top and bra on the floor. As I stood up again, I asked her how she felt as I slid my hands down her hips taking her panties and pants off and setting them with the rest of her clothes.

I knew from the odors lifting from between her legs , but I wanted her to say it. She asked me to kiss and hold her as she was more excited than she could remember and her insides were trembling as well as her hands. Samantha pulled me in close, kissing me hard while she wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me in between her open thighs.

My penis was hard as a rock and could feel the heat through my pants. I asked her to lie back on the table so I could adjust the pillow for her head. The table placed her at just the right height for my groin area, she could also reach me without having to bend uncomfortably while I was along side her. After I unlocked the drawers and starting pulling out the stirrups, I looked at Samantha, eyes were like saucers.

Keeping my eyes on her as I set the stirrups in place, she lifted her legs up and placed then in the stirrups, sliding her backside down and slightly over the bottom of the table. I asked her if she was comfortable with the way they were set.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and let it out saying she needed me between her legs and I was taking to long getting there. I slipped my mittens on, sat down on my exam stool and slid right between her legs where I had dreamed of being for the last 4 weeks. As I leaned forward lightly running my hands from her knees up to her breasts and back again, I inhaled the aroma lifting from her sex.

Samantha's juices were running out of her so fast that I could see drops falling from her backside to the floor. As my lips made contact between her thighs, I moved my hands up and down the back of her thighs slowly and lightly. I started teasing her, licking a trail from one side of her inner thigh around to the other moving up just enough to miss licking her clitoris. She stared lifting her hips as I would include clitoris and I lifted my head to keep it oh so close.

After the 6th trip around, she said she would wrap her legs around my head putting it where she wanted it if I find it real soon. I grabbed the 6" Cyber skin penis out of the drawer, lubed it and slid it inside her. I placed my chin at the base of the thing and pushed it in until my tongue made contact with her clit, my chin holding the cyber skin inside her. By opening my jaw, it would let her push the phallus out part way and when I licked upwards, my chin would push it back inside her.

The Accommodator would work better but she wanted it now. We had found that Samantha could last longer with a helper (phallus) inside her as I ate her out. Tonight it might help, but not by much I think, as she is hotter than I have ever seen her in the 18 years we have been married. Samantha tells me that everywhere I touch seems to be connected to her pussy, amplifying what she feels there.

I could tell her clitoris was getting too sensitive fast as she started squeezing my head between her thighs where I had to stretch my tongue out to reach her clitoris. So I started slowing down, pushing my tongue flat against her as I moved, at the same time taking my shirt off.

When she said it was too much a slid up closer to her, removing the 6" cyber and replacing it with the warmer 8" cyber skin from the drawer. I slid my shoulders down between her thighs, at the same time putting my hands around her ample breasts and pulling her down the table enough to lightly push the cyber skin back inside her.

As I pulled back away from her it would slid out against my chest with the pressure she was bearing down with and I would pull her back to me as I moved back against her jamming it back in. She said it felt like the real thing when we did it this way because of the skin to skin contact, and I liked it because I could pinch and roll her nipples while doing it, which really added to her pleasure.

I knew she would soon want me inside her so I used one hand to unbuckle my pants lifting my butt up enough to slide my pants down. I wanted to use a prophylactic, in case I wanted to eat her out more later and could not get myself to go down on her after filling her with my seed. Samantha said it was time as the phallus felt cold now and she wanted heat. So I pulled it out and slid mine home.

She could always tell when I had a rubber on and asked me why. I said if she wanted me to go down on her anymore tonight, I was wearing one. If not, I would take it off. She looked at me and smiled as she said leave it. As I entered her with one swift hard thrust, I started slowly pulling everything but the head out and pounding it back home, picking up the pace going faster each time. She started moaning and arching her back after 2 minutes.

She was almost there and I was right behind her, maybe. I had to concentrate hard or I was a goner and would reach it before she did. Almost there, I started shortening my stroke and if possible quicker, like a rabbit. Just as I was about to cum, Samantha's stomach and legs started quivering. She whispered that she was seeing spots and her eyes were closed, scared me to the point of almost losing my woody.

I asked her if she wanted me to stop, and she told me no, Seconds later I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten around my penis and I heard what sounded like a plunger in water, that suction sound each time I pulled part way out and rammed back in. Her moans started getting longer as she said she almost couldn't take it any more. Her words were like growls when she talked now. She said she was coming so fast that she felt like she had been cumming for the last 5 minutes, and that was it for me.

It was so intense that it felt like I was shooting my load from my toes to the top of my head. It seemed like we both blacked out for about 2 to 3 minutes. When I came to my senses, my head was resting on her breast. This was really scary for us both.

Samantha seemed to come awake as I pulled out of her and stood up. I asked her if she was OK and if she hurt anywhere when I fell on her. Samantha said she seemed to feel OK, just tingly all over. When my breathing and heartbeat returned to normal I asked her if she would like to come back the next night and do things a little differently.

I think she nodded off there because she asked me what I had said. I told her that I thought I had, had enough for one night and wanted to know if we could continue the next day. Samantha said that was fine with her. She said she felt drained and it felt like she had pulled some muscles. Which, looking back would be no surprise with the way she was twisting herself around there at the end.

I helped her clean herself up and get dressed, telling her to go ahead and lay down on the couch while I cleaned everything else up. I changed all the covers and cleaned the toys up, putting them away. I bagged all the used covers up to go to the cleaners and put them in the trunk of the car to be dropped off on the way home.

I checked to make sure everything was picked up and went to wake Samantha up, putting her blindfold on and telling her it was time to leave. After driving several blocks away I took the blindfold off Samantha and asked her what she thought about the table. She asked for more time because her head was still fuzzy and she wanted to sort out her feelings.

When we arrived home, she decided to soak in the tub for a while and then go to bed. I told her I was going to shower downstairs and would be up to check on her when I got done. I had never felt anything as intense and wanted some time to think too. I had some questions for Samantha about the toys and how they felt, was the table warm enough. Did she want something added, changed. Too many questions and not enough answers.

When I made it to our upstairs bathroom, she was nodding off again. I helped her out of the tub, dried her off, and helped her into bed. Sometime in the early morning hours, she woke me up by going down on me. It felt like we were back at the rent-a-bay and I was dreaming, but she had not gone down on me and I was fully awake then looking to see what was going on. Samantha said she wanted to do something special for me after what I had done for her. She did not really like to give oral sex so it really meant something to me.

When I started to reach for her, she told me to hold off till later that night when we went back for round 2. Samantha told me that last night, when she felt me cum inside her, it made her orgasm that much stronger some how. She said she felt like she was melting somehow. That most times when she had an orgasm it felt centered in her groin and stomach area. But that as they kept building and getting closer together, it felt like one long drawn out orgasm, she felt it all over her body.

I said that I had some questions for her about everything and wanted to talk to her after breakfast, she said OK and cuddled up to me as I dosed off.



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