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Beck and Call


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MMF/f, forced, nc, bond




Melissa (an eighteen year old woman) is abducted in a Laundromat and held by two men and a woman who use her as their sexual plaything.



It was late, and although it was against her better judgment, Melissa decided to wash some clothes for her trip the next day. She had arranged for three days off and would be spending them camping along the Appalachian Trail in Virginia, on the northern Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a trip she had been looking forward to for some time and now, in the final stages of preparations, she was taking care of some last minute tasks. The Laundromat was empty at that hour, and the eerie silence was broken only by the metallic hum of the overhead fluorescent lights.

While loading the washer, she saw the lights of a vehicle slide across the back wall of the Laundromat. She heard the rough idling of an engine and then the silence return as the engine was turned off. Turning, she saw a woman behind the wheel of a small car. She watched as the woman got out, opened the back door, and removed a basket of laundry.

Silently relieved, Melissa continued to watch as the woman entered the Laundromat and walked to a machine. They exchanged glances and a slight nod of greeting.

Completing her task of filling the machine, Melissa sat down on one of the pastel pink plastic chairs and began reading her magazine. The churning rumble of her machine, and eventually the machine of the other woman, lulled her into a sense of isolation. Because of it, she failed to notice that the other woman had left. She also failed to notice the white van that had pulled into the parking lot, with its lights and engine off. She was startled to see two men enter the Laundromat and walk straight towards her.

One carried a blanket and the other a length of rope. Instinctively she knew she was in trouble and flung the magazine at them. She jumped up and made two strides away before they reached her. The blanket was flung over her head and a pair of arms grabbed her from behind. Pinned beneath the blanket, she began to scream and desperately flail her legs. The arms picked her up and threw her off balance. She felt herself pushed roughly to the right until she hit the edge of a washing machine. Pressed against the washer, she felt the rope encircle her several times, and then pulled tight, trapping her arms.

She continued to scream curses at her assailants as they again picked her up and began to carry her out. She heard the side door of the van open and she was thrown in. She bounced against the inside wall and the wind was knocked from her. Gasping for breath, she felt the weight of one of the men sitting upon her. She heard the door slam shut and the engine start. She lurched forward, and then backward as the van backed up, turned, and sped away into the night.

Now sobbing between gasps, her mind raced in terror. She had not had a good look at the men before being covered by the blanket. She had no idea what would happen to her. She was scared beyond words. Her friends and fellow workers were not expecting to hear from her for the next three days. Her only hope was that someone would see her car at the Laundromat and that would alert the police.

Pressed by the weight of one of the kidnappers, she was unable to move. She pleaded with them for her release, but each begging plea was answered with silence. She heard only the familiar drone of the road as they traveled well into the night. Finally, the smooth ride ceased, and was replaced by the pitching and bouncing of what seemed to be an unfinished road. This change in environment brought back the terror that had been almost lulled by the time and the never changing sound of the journey.

Finally, the van came to a stop. The engine continued to run as she heard a door open and then close. She heard the distant sound of a large door opening, and then someone reentered the van. It again moved ahead, this time slowly until Melissa heard the unmistakable sound of a garage door closing rang in her ears. Finally, the engine was shut off.

Roughly, but without injury, the men carried her into the house. Once back on her feet, she began to struggle, twisting and lurching in an instinctive attempt to escape. The arms again pinned her and began to squeeze. Finally worn out, she went limp. Still held by the arms, she felt the ropes beginning to be untied. When finally the ropes were loose, she remained still. She was stunned by her helplessness.

While pulling the blanket off, her blouse was caught, and the buttons snapped off, causing a staccato of clicks as the white buttons scattered across the floor. She felt her breasts spill out and the cold air tightened her nipples. However, with her arms still pinned, she was not able to do anything about her exposure, and began to blush brightly in despair. Her captor pushed her forward and she was directed through several dark, empty rooms, until they finally stopped at a closed door. "Open it." the man behind her said.

The door swung open and revealed a queen size bed, two large stuffed chairs and a small table. A single bare bulb illuminated the area from a ceiling fixture. The room had no windows. A white fitted sheet covered the mattress, upon which were four silk ropes, at the end of which were fur lined cuffs. Two pillows lie at the head of the bed.

The ropes draped over the corners of the bed, disappearing beneath the bed frame. At this sight, she again began to struggle against the hands that held her wrists from behind. The second man ran down the hall and joined in on the struggle.

They forced her face down onto the bed and secured her hands with the two silken ropes. Once completed, they begin spreading her legs, pulling them apart to meet the lower restraints. The short skirt she wore was pulled up to her waist by the twisting and turning, revealing her white cotton panties. Her legs stretched apart and her hips bounced in wild fury as she made one last attempt at freedom. The men lay across her, and with great deliberation finally got her ankles tied. One man reached between her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties aside, revealing her silken hair and thin slit. Then in the dim light, they stood and watched as she desperately thrashed about. Exhausted, she finally lay still, exposed to their sight, and in their total power.

One of the men finally came into her view. He was tall and muscular. His dark brown hair fell loosely to his shoulders. He knelt down at her head and leaned in close to her face. Melissa immediately turned away.

"This will go much easier if you cooperate." He whispered into her ear. "It's going to happen either way. How rough it becomes is entirely up to you. Keep your cool and you could get out of this with just a few sexy memories. Understand?"

She cursed at him, but agreed to comply.

Silently, they took positions, one at her head, and one at her feet. The man at her head placed a pillow under her chest, raising her upper body slightly upwards. She shut her eyes in mute defiance.

The muscular man reached down and took hold of her hair, commanding her to keep her eyes open. Melissa opened them and watched as he slowly unfastened his belt.

Melissa immediately knew what she was going to have to do, and cringed at the thought of his cock in her mouth, probably going deep into her throat. But there was little she could do about it. She could see the bulging outline beneath the fabric, and curiosity took her thoughts for a moment. She tried to judge how big he actually was. He unbuttoned his jeans and again, ever so slowly, started to unzip them.

To her surprise he was not wearing any underwear, and the tip of his prick slowly came into view, only inches away. She could almost feel the heat radiating from his organ. He stopped before it was completely released and told her to look at him. Straining her head, Melissa looked up into his eyes. Her mind was focusing on getting out alive. In the back of her mind, she hung onto the hope of her car being found and help being on its way. If she went along, she reasoned she might just survive this experience.

The man took hold of both sides of her head. "Suck Me." he said. She stared for a moment longer, acknowledging his control and then lowered her head. Staring straight at the twitching bulbous cock head, she began to slide her tongue and lips over the soft skin, feeling it fill her mouth and tasting the musk.

He sighed and thrust forward, moving the head deeper within her mouth until it touched her palette. She continued to swirl her tongue around the sensitive rim. Her own slurping and sucking noises filled her ears, as all else in the room was silent. He ran his fingers through her hair in an almost loving manner as she became more and more accustomed to his presence in her mouth. Melissa found that she had enough slack in the silken ropes to support herself on her elbows, and re-positioned herself, feeling more comfortable with less of a strain on her neck.

The muscular man's hips began a gentle thrusting motion, sliding the head just to her lips and then deep into her mouth again. Melissa picked up the rhythm of the movement and began to suck hard just as he is reached the edge of her lips, drawing him in hard as he began the counter motion. She was determined to make him cum as quickly as possible to end this degradation. Pulling out of her mouth for a moment, he reached down and pulled the zipper completely open, allowing the full seven inches to spill out of his pants. He stepped back from the bed and pulled his pants completely off.

From her position, his cock was directly at eye level, and Melissa saw his firm length pointing straight at her. She could barely see the faint image of his balls in the shadows as they hung low behind and beneath the wide and long shaft. Her saliva glistened along the first few inches of his cock and she unconsciously licked her lips in sympathetic response.

He returned to the bed and stood before her. She opened her mouth as the tip moved closer. When they finally met, Melissa instinctively moved her head closer, to bring more of him into her mouth.

At the other end of the bed, the other man moved onto the mattress. He dropped between her legs and stared intently at her pussy and asshole peeking out from the gathered fabric of panties. A salty aroma of perspiration from her struggles filled his nostrils and he leaned in closer to better see and smell her.

Melissa's hips were rocking slightly from the motion of the blowjob, and the sight was extremely erotic. Her juices had gathered at the edges of her pussy lips from the involuntary lust that was building in her.

The man reached forward and gently slid his fingertips across and up into her pussy lips. At the first touch, she moaned, and instinctively ground her hips against his long firm fingers. He slid one finger into her pink opening and swirled it about, probing every inch of her soft, warm interior.

Melissa groaned and pushed harder against his probing finger. The man removed his finger and brought it to his lips. He delighted in the sweet but salty taste, and his cock grew harder at her flavor.

The fellow at the bottom of the bed slid off to the right and took hold the silk rope. He released a foot or so of the rope, slid over and did the same to the left. He returned to his original position and took hold of Melissa's hips. He began to raise them. She understood what he was trying to do and pulled herself up to her knees. From the rear, the man enjoyed the sight of her raised buttocks directed towards him. He reached into his pants pocket and removed a small pocketknife. Carefully, he gathered the crotch of her panties, slid the knife through and cut away at the fabric. It fell away allowing full view to her open flesh. He took the opportunity to slide a knuckle against the partially open lips and Melissa sighed at his touch. Leaning back, he unfastened her skirt and pulled it off. By hand he ripped away the last vestiges of her white panties, until she was completely naked to his gaze. Her wet pussy beckoned to him. He leaned in close, just barely touching the skin with his breath.

The man in her mouth began to feel the pressure of his cum. He has placed his hand at the base of his prick and stroked himself in and out of her mouth. Melissa picked up the cadence and matched his moves with her lips and tongue. She found that her left hand had more freedom than her right, and by a little stretching; she could reach his balls with her fingers. She rubbed them between her fingers, feeling the warmth and hearing his groans from the pleasure.

Melissa felt a warm breeze waft across the bare wet flesh behind her. She realized it was the breath of the other captor. Melissa froze in anticipation of his first touch. He hesitated, mesmerized by the soft pink wet skin of her pussy seemingly inviting his tongue to caress it.

Finally, he reached out with his tongue and made contact with the sweet skin right at the sensitive spot between her pussy and her anus. His tongue slid up and down, never penetrating either orifice. Melissa pushed back and ground her open pussy against the slippery probe he offered. He placed his lips over her labia and drew them in, running his tongue over the entrapped skin. He let his teeth gently rub against them, causing friction on the soft sensitive flesh. Sliding his whole mouth up her slit, he sucked her isolated and sucked her clitoris.

For a moment, Melissa could feel the pleasure the cock in her mouth was enjoying. These lips on her clit were sucking the tiny nub as though it were a tiny penis. His tongue slid over and over her, occasionally stop-ping to allow his lips to pull and suck her clit.

No one had ever done this to her before and she was lost in the ecstasy. Her body twitched as she moaned in delight. Her lover continued to suck and lick her pussy until she had to release the cock in her mouth and cry out in delight. However, before she could cum, he removed his lips from her pussy and leaned back to admire the fluid dripping out of her.

Melissa regained her composure and took the cock back into her mouth. By now, the man was very nearly ready to cum, and he told her so. Melissa sucked harder on his cock, trying to draw out the salty liquid from his balls. But suddenly he pulled from her mouth in a single quick motion. Then Melissa understood why.

The unmistakable sound of the garage door opening came from beyond the room. From behind her, the man who has been licking her pussy moved from the bed and left the room. He quietly closed the door behind him.

The man at her head placed a finger to his lips and motioned for her to remain silent. Melissa lowered herself to the mattress and remained still, suddenly reminded of just where she was. Also disappointed at being interrupted at a moment of near orgasm.

Melissa heard a single set of footsteps make their way up the hall. Then she heard the door open again.

Melissa did not look for fear of who, or how many had entered.

There was a moment of silence and then Melissa heard the man at her head ask, "Did you bring her car?"

"Yes," replied a woman's voice. "I got her clothes from the washer too. Nobody will know she ever had trouble."

Spinning her head around on the bed, Melissa saw the other woman. She recognized her as the woman who had been at the Laundromat. She was smiling, looking first at Melissa's bare body, and finally at her face.

"Now she looks good," the woman said, with just a hint of a Southern accent. "You boys just keep on doing what you were doing. I'm just going to watch for a while."

The man at her legs returned to the bed. He placed a hand on each buttock and kneaded the flesh. Firmly he spread her cheeks apart. Talking to the other woman, he asked. "Tell me, baby, what should I do?"

"Put your mouth on her pussy, and put your tongue inside, real deep." she answered. "Wait, hold on," she added, "I want to see her face." The woman rose and moved the large stuffed chair from the far end of the room so that it was in front of Melissa. "Yeah," she said, "that's better. I want to watch her face when she cums."

Melissa watched as she made herself comfortable. The woman kicked off her tennis shoes, and unbuttoned the jeans. Looking directly into Melissa's eyes, she peeled them off. Revealing a black g-string. The tee shirt was long enough to cover the top of her g-string, and before sitting down, she removed them both in a mock burlesque. Then she sat down onto the chair, letting her left leg hang over the arm of the cushioned chair. A small area of dark hair topped her partially exposed pussy, but her slit was shaved bare. When the woman was settled in, she spoke again. "All right, now lick her."

Melissa felt the man's tongue return to her pussy and probe deep inside. The appearance of the woman, who seemed to suddenly be in control, was a twist that added excitement to the experience. She almost felt safer with the woman there. Sub-consciously she knew that was not necessarily true, but her conscious mind was now dealing with the exquisite feelings from behind her, and was scrambling to ease her fears so she could enjoy it.

"You, come here." the woman spoke, motioning to the man who had been at Melissa's head. Obediently, he walked over to her and stood beside her. She reached out and placed her hand on his semi-hard prick, wrapping her fingers around it. She stroked it a few times, turned her head and placed it in her mouth. She drew him deep within her, taking almost all of it in, and then shaking her head back and forth, causing him to cry out in delight. Then she slid her head back and looked back over to Melissa. She smiled. "Aren't these great?" she asked Melissa.

Melissa didn't speak, but sighed at the movement of the man's tongue that was now squirming inside her. She felt him place his finger on her clitoris and begin to slowly grind against it. With each rotation, her hips thrust against the movement, trying to prolong the extreme pleasure as he slid the flesh back and forth against it. Her hands took hold of the ropes and she lowered her upper body, raising her buttocks even further in the motion. The man brought his tongue to her anal opening and began to lightly flick his tongue across the tender flesh. Two of his fingers slid into her pussy and began an in-and-out motion. Melissa felt the pressure return as her orgasm made it's way from deep within her body. She cried out in regular moans as the man's fingers began to twirl around within her.

"Yeah, baby, that's it," the woman from the chair called out to Melissa as she stroked the man's hard prick and fondled his balls. "Cum for me, baby, cum for me."

Melissa answered by rolling her head from side to side and loudly groaning as the orgasm shook lose from her body and splashed onto the man's face.

After Melissa's shudders subsided, the woman rose from her chair and moved behind her. She heard the woman's voice say to the man behind her "Hold her open, let me see." She felt her legs being opened a little further as his hands pushed against her naked thighs. His fingers slowly slid upwards to her opening until he reached the joining of her thighs. She moaned as they slid against the extremely sensitive skin, teasing them apart. Then he slid two fingers from each hand into her pussy and drew her open, as if she were being examined. Melissa was both embarrassed and turned on by being so exposed. She felt his fingers move slightly in and out of the opening. Melissa groaned at the way it made her feel. The woman spoke again. "How does it feel?" she asked the man, "Like mine?"

"Yeah," he answered, "Real wet, like yours." He looked down at Melissa's pussy and then up to the woman, "Want to taste?"

Looking straight into Melissa's eyes, the woman gently slid two fingers into the wide entrance of Melissa's pink opening. She swirled them around the wet cavity, making Melissa groan at the welcome intrusion. Then the woman withdrew her fingers and drew them up in front of her face. The clear shiny liquid strung out in glistening strands as the woman separated her fingers, almost playing with the passion from Melissa's pussy. Smiling at Melissa, she slowly slid the sticky wet fingers into her mouth. She cooed at the sweet taste. Removing them from her mouth, she spoke "Let's see if it tastes like mine."

The woman spread her own legs apart and placed her fingers at her own crotch. She slid them around for a moment and then slipped her middle finger and index fingers in the cleanly shaved opening. A moment later she withdrew them, played with a similar strand of liquid between the fingers and slid them into her own mouth. She swirled her tongue around the fingers and look abstractly up, as if comparing vintages of wine.

Taking them from her mouth she smiled at Melissa and said. "Pretty close. I guess cum is cum, huh?"

Melissa smiled back, momentarily forgetting she was supposed to be afraid.

The woman spoke again to Melissa. "I want to watch him fuck you." Tipping her head to one side and in a girlish voice she asked, "Would that be all right with you?" She continued, "In fact, I want to help."

Melissa didn't answer. She returned her head to look forward at the empty chair and the man with the hard prick standing next to it.

Melissa felt a hand holding her pussy lips apart and the fingers of another hand rub up and down against her opening. A finger slipped in again. The woman spoke again, this time to the man standing next to her. "Give me your cock. Yeah, that's it."

The woman removed her finger from Melissa and spread the wetness over the tip of his prick. Melissa heard him groan as the woman grasped and pulled at his length.

"OK," the woman said. "Let's fuck." Keeping her hand on his prick, the woman guided it to Melissa's pussy. She rubbed it up and down the crack, making it slicker with each pass. Finally, Melissa yelped as the woman placed it at her opening and began to slide it in. Using it like a dildo, the woman pushed it in and out of Melissa, making her call out with each thrust.

Instinctively, Melissa began to meet the motions with those of her own. The woman occasionally took the cock out and sucked on it, again tasting Melissa's juices. Then she would again push it into the captive woman.

"Do you like this?" the woman asked.

"Yes, oh yes," Melissa answered, mostly out of unconscious response. This had transformed itself from abduction to an erotic bondage. Melissa no longer felt in danger. She simply wanted to continue to be fucked by the man, and spoken to by the woman in control.

"How about this?" the woman again asked.

Melissa felt a finger slide over her clitoris and rub against the sensitive flesh. The woman took the stiff nub of flesh between her fingers and moved it back and forth, sometimes gently twisting, sometimes gently tugging.

This feeling was new to Melissa, as no one had ever paid this kind of attention to that special spot. She shuddered as a small orgasm quickly ran through her body. The hard prick continued to slide in and out, under the direct manual control of the woman. Across the room, the man had begun to rub his hand over his cock, jerking off a few feet away from her. He stepped closer and Melissa opened her lips, inviting him to slide his prick into her waiting mouth. He held it just within reach and she began to lick the muscled shaft, alternately sucking the head and licking the length.

"That's nice," the woman spoke out. "That's the spirit. Does he taste good in your mouth my little darling?"

All Melissa could do was moan out a positive sound as the prick now deeply placed in her mouth prevented her from speaking. Melissa felt some movement from behind her as someone changed positions. Releasing the prick in her mouth, Melissa again turned her head to see what had happened. From her position, she could see that the woman had lain down on her back, with her head directly below and between the man's legs. Not sure of what was happening, but certain it would feel good, Melissa turned again to the wet, hard prick before her. She again took it in her mouth and sucked the man back into groans of delight.

From her new position, the woman could watch closely as the cock slid in and out of Melissa's pink wet pussy. His balls swayed over her face and she let her tongue reach upward, tracing a line of pleasure across them. The new feeling made him groan louder, and he increased the speed and force of his thrusts. Melissa responded to the new pace by sucking the prick in her mouth even harder. The standing man threw his head back and stroked the base of his cock as he held it in place in her warm and wet mouth.

Taking advantage of her position, the woman moved her left hand up between the man's legs and slid a finger up to Melissa's opening. She again began to rub Melissa's clitoris. Using her other hand, she began to rub her own clit as well. Within a moment, both she and Melissa were cumming, loudly and repeatedly. The sounds of both woman cumming and the sight of their naked bodies thrashing in the throes of ecstasy were more than both men could take, and they too were overcome by scream filled orgasms.

Minutes passed as the whole group twitched in the after shocks.

The woman finally spoke, "I think she has the idea. You can untie her now."

The man in front of her untied the bonds and gently rubbed her wrists.

Rolling over onto her back, Melissa looked up at the woman and man who had been behind her. They stood, smiling at her. Melissa, still a little afraid, but also still turned on, wondered what was next.





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