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Night Hunger

Don Wilson

All Rights Reserved



Amanda's gaze turned upward to scan the face of the young man that Brunell called "Sailor", looking down at her from under a shock of dusky hair that had fallen down across his brow. Those big, puppy-dog eyes held a look of hunger tinged with awe, a genuinely appreciative look that made her smile. Amanda lowered her head, demurely closed her eyes, and surrendered to him, letting herself be manhandled, spun over onto her belly.

Folding her arms on the pillow, she laid her cheek on her hands, content to let the naked, obviously aroused, hard-muscled stud have his way with her. Her legs scissored languidly; hips squirming on the sheets. She felt the mattress undulate with his shifting weight; knew he was kneeling so as to straddle her outstretched body. She let go, letting herself ease into a kind of lethargy, feeling mellow and sensual, even as a tiny part of her remained super-alert, waiting.

The electric thrill that coursed through her shook her to the core; body quickening in involuntary spasm. The first contact was the touch of wet, tickling lips that kissed her ass, nibbling, grazing all over her naked bottom, before kissing and licking her rear-end with broad strokes of a flattened tongue. The dreamy girl couldn't help whimpering through tightly-pressed lips; wiggling her hips in the grip of excitement. The man was making love to her ass! His exploring tongue slid along the twin curves, slipped audaciously into the into the valley, traced the under-curves with lips and mouth and tongue. The mattress shifted again, and the young man was nuzzling between her loosely parted legs, jamming his face into the soft underbelly of her darkly-furred pussy, inhaling her scent, invading her essence, his face buried deep in the moist folds of her vagina, using nose and mouth to pleasure her, till the helpless woman writhed sensuously on the sheets, whimpering like a hurt puppy.

Then his hands were on her ass; warm, comforting, masculine hands with strong fingers fitted to the curves of her cheeks. Sailor hungrily grabbed her, filling his greedy hands with the softly mounded flesh of the girl's pliant rear-mounds. Splayed fingers curved around and dug in, clutching her with an iron grip, holding her ass so tight it hurt, and as she groaned he used his thumbs to press into her rear-crack. Then he was prizing her open, spreading her cheeks, holding them splayed wide apart. The illicit thrill he gave her took her breath away -- Sailor insinuating that wet tongue of his deep into her secret valley to trace along the tallow rear-crack! He paused to stab at her tiny, clenching anus, getting from the girl a low, hollow moan.

She wriggled her bottom as the shiver that ran up her spine rippled through her shoulders. Then he was pulling her up by the hips, dragging her up onto her knees, raising her ass high in the air, preparing the woman for mounting. For Sailor, this was all so unbelievable, a supreme moment of triumph, that he had only dreamed of. He actually had a classy lady, one of those snooty, unattainable broads right where he wanted her, on her knees, shoving her rump back at him, offering him her ass, as she crouched down on her elbows, and deepened the curve of her back. In an excited frenzy he pushed her legs apart, pressed his thumbs up between them, to pry open her cunt-lips. And then she scuttled forward to bring his straining prick into place. With a mighty thrust of the hips he rammed into the girl, penetrating her open, moist and ready sex, driving his prick into her with one single, powerful lunge. Amanda moaned, reared up, and wildly tossed her head.

Taloned fingers clawed at the sheets as, scrambling forward on hands and knees, Amanda arched up and tossed back her hair, gritting her teeth against the onrushing surge of pleasure. Sailor was hunched over, plunging into her, fucking for all he was worth--grunting with each teeth-jarring thrust; small, tight, animal grunts, uttered through clenched jaws, as he fucked this beautiful rich man's toy, and she writhed in passion beneath him.

Pulling his chair closer to the bed, Brunell watched his naked mistress' thin body, sheened with sweat, shaking and trembling uncontrollably, dangling tits swinging merrily beneath her, succulent little titbags that he adored, bouncing and juddering at each savage thrust of her lover's prick into her churning, hungry cunt. He noticed how she moved with him, lewdly thrusting her ass back to meet each lunge. He heard the slap of flesh against flesh, saw the pumping hips that drove that wet gleaming prick pistoning into his woman' s cunt again and again, saw the man's ass-cheeks hollow as Sailor clenched his buttocks at each mighty thrust. Sailor reared back, straining erect, with head thrown back, and jaws clenched against the excruciating pleasure.

Amanda felt the massive shudder race through the man who was fucking her from behind, heard his deep-throated groan as he came, felt his prick, pulsating, shooting sperm deep inside her, again, and again, and again. A spasm of pure pleasure tore through her body, overwhelming her, obliterating everything in a flood of orgasmic ecstasy.

And with one final lunge he drove deep into the lust-crazed woman, slamming in to the hilt as convulsive contractions racked his rigid body. He held himself there, his hairy groin pressed hard, grinding his hips against the smooth, rounded contours of that solid, elegant ass, wringing out one last ounce of pleasure, before pitching forward to take her down with him as she collapsed under the weight of the man who covered her with his hot, sweaty body.





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