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The Darkness


Copyright 1998

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Our plan was to drive together to the Victorian bed and breakfast for a weekend getaway. But then you'd called me earlier, requesting to meet me there instead due to an unexpected meeting. You finished that phone call by saying that you wanted to make sure the room was ready. Just what the hell does that mean, I wondered.

At the door to our room, I knock, as you instructed. I don't understand the need to announce my presence to you but am urged to do so by this unsettling yet exciting feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have a hunch that if I do as you ask, I am definitely in for a treat. "It's open," I hear you reply. Turning the knob, I step into the darkened room. The light from the hall gives a quick impression of Victorian splendor but it is the four poster bed that quickly grabs my attention. My heart leaps in anticipation and an ear-to-ear grin quickly appears on my face. Now I know I must do as you ask because you know how much it turns me on to be tied up.  The door shuts suddenly, leaving me in darkness and my vision fights to adjust. Out of nowhere you appear behind me, your arms slipping around my waist. I fleetingly wonder how you find me so quickly, and you whisper in my ear, "Ready for some fun?" Always ready for you, I whisper back "Yes." "Good. Take this. You know what to do with it." You place something in my hands and it only takes me a second to realize the softness that I'm holding is a silk scarf. "Isn't it dark enough already?" I ask, an edge of excitement evident in my voice. I feel a stirring between my legs as I sense this may not be just any ordinary evening. "Let's just say I have a surprise for you and I want to make sure you can't see it just yet. But I also want you to focus on your other senses."

Helping me secure the blindfold in place, you nestle up closer behind me, pulling the hair up and off my neck, kissing and exploring the back of my neck and over to my ears, nibbling at them. God, I can feel your hardness against my ass through the thin fabric of my short skirt as you press yourself into me. Your hands run down the length of my torso, feeling the curves of my waist, my hips, and keep going until they reach my bare thighs. Pressing against my thighs, you pull the hem of my skirt up until your fingers are tracing the edge of my sweet valley. Not one for wearing panties, you are always amazed at my boldness when I wear short skirts. "Mmm, maybe I'll forget about your surprise and just fuck you now," you growl. Your touch against my naked flesh, the smell of you makes me hot, heightening the desire. All the senses are on edge here in the darkness. Roaming upwards again, your fingers begin undoing the buttons of my blouse, your hands cupping my tits from underneath, feeling their weight through my bra. My nipples strain against the fabric, silently begging to be released, kissed, sucked, for your touch. Obliging me, you undo the front clasp of my bra, setting my fantastic tits free. Spinning me around, you press me close and your mouth finds mine, our tongues beginning that oh so familiar dance of desire.

My hands discover that you're already naked, and I wrap my slender fingers around your cock, causing you to involuntarily draw in your breath. I love hearing your pleasure. You slide out of my reach, stepping away from me. "No, love, I waited here for you and now your fun is only just beginning." Leading me by the hand to the bed, you guide me to the footstool that helps me up and into it. Sitting on the bed blindfolded, I am unsure of where anything is. Suddenly I feel so vulnerable but it makes me want you even more. Reaching for the growing wetness between my thighs, I am stopped as your hands gently guide me back against the stacked pillows at the headboard. In the darkness I am forced to trust you.

Straddling my waist, you take a nipple into your mouth. Lazily, your tongue works its way up my chest, my neck, once again finding my mouth as your hands remain behind and continue teasing my nipples. Not stopping at my mouth, you move up and begin kissing the blindfold over my eyes, my forehead. Spreading my arms out above my head, your mouth moves up the inside of my right arm, tickling it with the lightness of your lips against my skin. Your cock is nestled between my tits and I try to reach down to squeeze it between them but you stop me short. Astonished, you take my right wrist and wrap around it what feels like another silk scarf. Not sure of what's happening because of my sight deprivation, I try pulling it back towards me and discover that you are tying me to the bed. Expertly and quickly you move to my right ankle, my left ankle, and complete the circle with my left wrist, all tied up in the luxurious sensation of silk. I am exploding with excitement as this has been one of my many fantasies that I've shared with you. "Are you comfortable?" you quietly ask me. "Yes," I barely manage to whisper. "Good," and you kiss me long and deep on the mouth.

Something soft and silky tickles the inside of my thighs, lightly brushing against the soft fur of my pussy, swirling around my navel, and up through the space between my tits to the softness of my neck. I smell the fragrance of a rose, as you bring it to my lips... and then you're gone. Straining against my silky restraints I call your name! No reply. Then I hear your voice, whispering for me to relax. I fall back onto the pillows, ragged with excitement. I'm right here, I hear you say. I feel the warmth of your breath, the wetness of your tongue as it circles my nipple. But then I feel another tongue on my other nipple and I inhale sharply, arching my back at the sensation of two mouths on me. Oh God, I don't understand... is it a woman or another man? Overcome with desire and increased wetness between my thighs, I'm sure I don't care. Laughing with delight at my reaction, you tell me this is my surprise. Remember a few months back when I asked you what your deepest fantasy was? Remember how you didn't' t want to tell me but you gave in to my pleadings? Well, baby, you're tied to a bed and blindfolded, with two men who want to please you. My partner prefers to remain anonymous but he wants you to know that he thinks you have a gorgeous ass. He seemed such a logical choice for all three of us to have our fantasies fulfilled.

Two mouths return to my tits. I am absolutely elated with the realization that my fantasy is coming true! The ache of desire hurts, driving me wild as I arch my back as far as I possibly can on the bed. Stuttering, I whisper, This.. is torture.. fuck me, dammit.. I want you.. him.. both of you.. please.. untie me.. I have to touch you.. stroke you.. suck you. Patience, love, you remind me. A mouth wanders downward, I don't know whose it is; the other one lingers at my nipples, torturing me further. A hand slips between my thighs and up to my drenched pussy lips. A finger traces my lips, softly gliding over my clit, teasing me. I realize that it's you, as you insert two fingers inside me, sliding into the depths of my wetness. Is this what you want? You slide another finger inside me and your mouth finds my clit. A mouth and hands giving my tits glorious attention, and another set working on my dripping pussy. My hips begin to buck wildly, straining at my silken cords. Just as quickly as you are at my pussy, you're gone.

And just as suddenly, I feel a lubed finger flirting with my ass, sliding down my crack. The anticipation is agonizing and again my breath sucks in sharply. Is this what you want? you ask, and I can only moan in reply. Sliding a finger into my ass, I gasp as the pleasure consumes me and you begin finger fucking my ass while you suck my clit. Your partner is kissing me, deep, wet kisses, filling me with even more desire to have him. I cum, gloriously, furiously, soaking you with my sweet juices.

My sight deprivation is forcing me to rely on my other senses of smelling, touching, tasting. I want to be fucked by both of you, I need to be fucked by both of you. I want to taste both of you, stroke both of you. Please, baby, fuck me.. I need to feel your cocks inside me.. please untie me. Your blindfold cannot be removed. Do you agree to that condition? Yes! You untie first my ankles and then my wrists. With my hands free, I grope in the darkness for those two cocks I know are rock hard. Finding them, I quickly encircle the stiff shafts, stroking them, kneeling between the two of you. Bending over, I take your cock into my mouth and a moan escapes you. Having lubricated it with my saliva, my hand strokes its entire length as I turn to your partner's cock. I rim the head with my tongue and lazily allow my tongue to swirl around his shaft. What must it be like for you to watch me give head to another man? To view my profile in the darkness, my head bobbing up and down on his stiff cock? The thought alone is such an incredible turn on. With each bob of my head, I take more and more of his cock into my mouth. His hands are entangled in my hair, while you are playing with my tits. You know how sensitive my nipples are, how much they love to be stimulated. I so badly want to feel your cock inside me, I don't know how much more I can take. Ready, partner? you ask your cohort. Waiting for a clue as to his identity, I am denied that when I hear only a grunted affirmative answer. He gently pulls his cock from my mouth.

Still blindfolded, you instruct me to get on my hands and knees. You kneel on the bed in front of me, your cock lightly brushing against my lips. I feel his hands on my ass, gently applying more lube to my tight ass. I am overcome with excitement, the anticipation of a long awaited fantasy about to become reality; to suck on one cock while being fucked in the ass by another! Oh yeah, fuck me in the ass, fuck me! I beg. Inhaling your cock, the suddenness of the deep penetration causes you to moan. I'm going to give you the blow job of your life, I growl, as I wrap my lips around you. Slowly, carefully, your partner's cock enters my ass. The intensity of the pleasure I feel is growing, the desire I have for you to watch another man fuck me in the ass, to suck you while he's doing it... His rhythm builds, his thrusts are becoming stronger, I have to break from sucking you. Stroking your cock, my ass high in the air, I whimper, Fuck me.. I can hear his balls slapping against my ass. About to cum, I take your cock full into my mouth again. Exploding with a phenomenal orgasm, you erupt nearly instantly and fill my mouth with your cum, as my ass is also filled with cum, leaking down my chin as it leaks down my ass and to my pussy lips.

Collapsing, I am sated. I love you, thank you for making my fantasy a reality. No, thank YOU, you reply in unison, unintentionally I'm sure. I still don't know who your cohort is but I'll beg you to bring him back to me again.. and again.



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