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Another Day At The Office

Michelle L. Houston

(c) 1999 and 2002

All Rights Reserved






Part 1


The board meeting went on around me, but for once, I couldn't care less. Becoming the president of a large corporation at thirty-two was a major accomplishment. Especially for a woman. I had always given my full attention to every meeting, but today was different. Maybe spring fever was finally catching up. Or maybe I was on the road to burn out and it was time for a vacation. Or maybe, it was the new secretary in Marketing.

She was about mid twenties, with long auburn hair and green eyes. She was dressed conservatively, or so it seemed at first, but as the meeting progressed, the slit down the side of her skirt grew more pronounced. I was the only one seated facing her direction. Every one else sat facing me.  She smiled at me, then ran her tongue over her lovely red lips.  Almost hypnotized, I watched it lick her lips then disappear back into her mouth.

With an unsteady hand, I reached for my coffee cup, which had just been refilled by my secretary. Too preoccupied, I touched my lip to the rim and burned myself, spilling coffee in my lap. I jumped up with a yelp, pulling the hot material of my pants away from my burnt leg. Muttering that I was fine and promising to return soon, I hurried out of the room.

At my request, a bedroom and full bath had been included in the redesign of the boardroom and my offices. Often, I was too tired to make the hour commute home, only to catch four, five hours of sleep, then come right back.

As I crossed the plush deep green carpet of the suite, I stripped off my clothes. I was down to my panties and bra when I stepped into the elegant gray and dusty rose bathroom. My leg felt like it was on fire from the spilled coffee. Just as I reached inside the medicine cabinet, a sound from behind startled me and I dropped the tube of ointment. Turning, I found the pretty secretary standing in the doorway. Our eyes met and held briefly, then she bent and picked up the ointment.

"Go sit on the bed and let's attend to this burn," she said.

As the boss, and normally liking to be the one in control, it was odd, but I did as she said.

I sat on the bed, nearly naked before a beautiful woman, with her hands running over my leg. I could feel the pain easing, replaced by a building sense of desire. My pussy grew wet as she continued to massage my limb; her hand sliding higher and higher until the backs of her knuckles brushed my silk-covered pussy. I couldn't hold back a moan. My hips arched as she continued to caress my mound through the silk panties. I moaned again. Her touch was driving me wild. She brought me almost to the point of orgasm, then stopped.

"We better get back out there now, don't you think?" she asked, but it was not a question. It was a statement of fact--the meeting could not continue without me, and so I forced myself to get up and move to the closet. I grabbed an outfit that would be easy to get in and out of. She sat and watched while I dressed. Then she got up and walked by, giving my hip a gentle, passing caress.

I took a deep breath, then followed her into the boardroom. As I faced fourteen male eyes, I was glad I wasn't a man. If I were a man my state of arousal would have been obvious, but being a woman it went unnoticed. Each of the seven men stood as I entered the room. Someone, my secretary no doubt, had kindly wiped the coffee off my leather chair and I took my seat.

After what seemed like an eternity, the meeting finally ended. It was late and everyone was in a hurry to get home. My group of vice presidents rushed out, followed by the secretaries. But the one woman I had hoped would stay, did. She gathered papers, looking busy, until everyone left. Then the door closed softly and the papers hit the floor.

"Miss Stanley, would you like me to stay or leave? What I do is up to you."

I replied without hesitation. "Stay."

I knew that I shouldn't be doing this, especially in my own boardroom, but something inside me called out to be let loose, freed to play.

She turned and slowly began to approach, unbuttoning her shirt as she came. As I caught little glimpses of her firm breasts, my pulse raced.

"My name is Jessica, but you can call me Jess. Jessica is such a mouthful to say during an orgasm."

She smiled as she said that, then her shirt slid off her shoulders and fell to form a silk puddle at her feet. She continued the approach, unzipping her skirt, letting it drop down as well. Pausing, she stepped free of the skirt, then resumed her walk toward me.

I smiled as her hands moved over her breasts in a caress. She stopped less than a breath away and pulled me so close that the full length of our bodies touched. She ran her fingers through my hair pulling it free of the pins and letting it cascade down my shoulders. Our lips met; then our tongues.

I felt her nipples hardening against me and couldn't help thinking how fortunate the air-conditioning hadn't been on higher during the meeting; under that silk shirt, she wasn't wearing a bra. A small triangle of silk covered her pussy, and I was certain it ran up between her ass cheeks.

Our tongues tasted each other, as her hands and mine explored our bodies. Then, with a caress of my shoulders, Jess released me and stepped back.

"I want you to strip for me now."

I felt rather shy stripping for this beautiful woman. After all, I am the one normally in control--not the one bending to a woman. A woman who could be with anyone she chooses. Yet, she was here with me.

Slowly, I unbuttoned my blouse, and as the last button came free, I turned my back to her. Shaking my head, I let my long hair fall in waves about my back and slowly lowered the shirt to my waist. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Jess sitting in my chair, her legs draped over the arms, her hand between her spread thighs, without her panties, masturbating.

I smiled what I hoped was a sexy smile and unzipped my slacks. I slipped out of my heels and worked my hips free of the soft silk slacks. Slowly I lowered them past my slender hips to my knees. Then I bent over, giving Jess a clear view of my ass, and slid them to my feet.

Stepping out of the slacks, I turned to face her once more. Her eyes, those soft green eyes, watched my every move. I could see her pussy juices leaking onto my leather chair. I wanted so badly to replace her fingers with my tongue.

Suddenly, her back arched and her eyes glazed. As she had not told me I could touch her, I stood there and watched her come.

Licking her fingers, Jess smiled and stood.

"Very good.  You did well, restraining yourself from touching me.  I could see in your eyes how very much you wanted to.  Now, I would like to taste you.  Remove your clothes, then lie on the table with your legs hanging over the edge and your hips right up to the end."

On shaky legs, I did as she told me.  I needed to touch myself badly, but for once, I accepted not being in control.  I spread my legs just a she had instructed and lay still, my hands at my sides and my eyes closed. I lay so close to the edge that my hand dangled off the side and my butt felt like it would slide off at any moment. But I lay there, waiting.

Her lips brushed mine and her hands gently began to touch every inch of my body, except my nipples and pussy.  I moaned as I grew more aroused.  She giggled when I squirmed.  I had never been this ready in my life, all my nerves screamed for release. But Jess just touched and teased.

"Would you like me to touch your nipples now?  Hum?  Would you like your little pussy caressed?" she practically purred, so sure of her control over my body.

"Yes," I managed to whisper.

Her lips gently touched my left nipple then her tongue swirled about the very tip. My back arched off the table, needing more contact on my nipple. I wiggled my hips and rubbed my legs together, trying for some form of release.

Jess' hands grabbed my hips, halting my wiggling. Then one finger began to tease my pussy lips. I wanted to thrust onto her finger, but I knew she would stop. Gently her fingertips caressed my lips and clit as her mouth and other hand caressed my nipples, and the rest of my body.

My clit grew hard at her touch, my orgasm building. She smiled against my ribcage where she was placing feather-light kisses. My hips arched of their own choice, pressing my clit to her finger. Her light touches ceased, and for a moment, I thought she would stop. I wanted to open my eyes, but knew if I did, she would quit for sure.

Something wet caressed my clit, then her tongue drove hard against it. I almost screamed, so intense were the feelings inside my body. A tingling began in my toes and I knew I was growing close. Her tongue circled over my clit. Then she drew it into her mouth and sucked on it. This was enough to drive me over the edge. I came, screaming her name. My hips arched off the table in an effort to prolong my orgasm. I was coming so hard I could barely breathe.


Jess's hands gently caressed my body as I descended from my orgasm. Then she helped me climb off the table.

We dressed slowly, sharing many kisses. After we cleaned up the table and chair, she was ready to leave. She paused at the door and looked at me. "Wear a dress tomorrow, and no bra or panties. I will ask you to show me you are bare underneath sometime during the day. I hope you can prove it. I have so many fun things planned for us." Before I could say anything she turned and walked out the door.

With the memory of my orgasm still fresh in my mind, I knew I would do exactly as she wished. As long as there was no pain, or humiliation involved I would be her willing slave.


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