Ciana Rose's Erotic Stories


One Night At The Jefferson

By Colleen Thomas

All Rights Reserved


Part 3 of 3


Lauren's eyes flared open. The room was still filled with a murky darkness, and unfamiliar shapes stood out as deeper shadows on the velvety backdrop. A brief moment of panic assailed her before she remembered that she was in a hotel room. The luminous face of the alarm clock read 4:45 AM and provided the only real source of light in the room. Outside, it was the twilight time before dawn, and the weak light barely penetrated the curtains. Something had wakened her from an incredibly erotic dream. Her mind was still cloudy, but she remembered a sound, an animal sound. Something warm and soft brushed her clitoris and she moaned softly.

Her nipples ached, the tips of her breasts straining against the thin T-shirt she wore. Her arms extended perpendicular to her body, her hands clutching the sheet tightly. She could feel the tension in her back and arms. Another warm soft contact forced her to arch her back, driving her shoulder blades down into the soft mattress. Another quiet whimper escaped her lips. She managed to raise her head and look down the length of her body. She could see her nipples making little tents in the thin fabric of her T-shirt. The shirt had been pushed up and was bunched under her breasts, leaving her belly bare. A mop of red tresses that looked almost black in the semi-light covered her hips and pubic area. Lauren threw her head back as that warm, soft tongue caressed her most sensitive place again. "Mmm, haven't you had enough?' she said, her voice sounding unnaturally loud in the quiet room.

There was no reply.

Lauren's mind was beginning to function now. She realized the sound that had roused her from her sleep had been her own moan. The erotic dream had probably been inspired by the slow and gentle action of her lover's tongue on her sex. Roxanne must have been at it for a while, because Lauren's nipples were achingly hard and she was very damp. The day before she had literally worn herself and Roxanne out. Now her mind was forcefully pulled back to the present as Roxanne's tongue glided upwards between her labia and flattened out across her clitoris. Shivers of delight

ran through Lauren, and she realized she was close to orgasm.

"Yesss..." she hissed.

Roxanne's tongue glided back down Lauren's slit and forced its way into her slick channel. It lingered there, probing the opening gently and occasionally lapping up her copious juices. Roxanne's nose pressed between Lauren's swollen lips, bumping her inner folds with each movement of her tongue. Lauren arched her back again, trying to press her pussy move firmly against Roxanne's face. This was to no avail, since the little redhead had both of her arms under Lauren's thighs and her fingers locked together above Lauren's mound. Roxanne's face simply floated with the movements of Lauren's hips, so that Lauren's wiggling did not stop the stimulation.

Lauren snorted in frustration. Still sore from the night before, she had to relax after a few moments of straining. But as soon as her body relaxed on the bed again, her lover's soft warm tongue traced up and down her slick lips.

Roxanne seemed in no hurry, as if she wanted to build Lauren up to a fever pitch. Her tongue made languid trips up and down Lauren's slit, occasionally dipping between the lips to caress the soft inner folds.

To Lauren it quickly became sweet torture. Always the touches were feathery soft and infuriatingly slow. The occasional swipes over her engorged clit were never hard enough or long enough to do more than heighten the excitement. Her frustration mixed with the pleasure until her body was taut with unreleased tension. Her hands massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. This added jagged bolts of pleasure to her system but did nothing to help her gain release. She groaned in frustration and again tried to bring her hips up to have firmer contact with her lover's tongue, but this again brought a stop to the stimulation.

"Bitch," she managed through clenched teeth.

Roxanne finally used three fingertips from each hand to gently slip between Lauren's wet lips. With a touch at once gentle and firm, she pried the lips apart, exposing Lauren's tingling clit to the warm air. She placed her pursed lips on top of Lauren's pussy and kissed it gently.

"Good Morning," Roxanne said in a soft voice, looking up for the first time, her face shadowy and vague in the half-light. Only her luminous eyes caught the faint light and sparkled.

"Don't stop," Lauren moaned. She was too wound up now for pleasantries. She tangled her hands in Roxanne's hair and pulled the redhead's face back to her soaked cunt. Her body felt on fire, with every nerve ending tingling. She was sure that Roxanne must have been teasing her a long time.

Roxanne needed no more encouragement. She flattened her tongue and began to swipe it quickly back and forth over Lauren's sensitized clit. This pushed Lauren towards a crashing climax. The redhead's tongue seemed to be totally empathetic to Lauren's body, varying pressure and tempo in response to the unspoken signals her body was sending. She built Lauren up to a peak, and just as Lauren was about to go over the edge, Roxanne would back off or change tempo. The tension built in Lauren until it was unbearable: she felt as if she were about to explode.

"Now... please now," Lauren begged, her breathing ragged and the pleasure so acute that the stimulation seemed almost painful in its intensity. The muscles in her legs and back were becoming tired from the straining and they began to knot.

Now Roxanne attacked Lauren's clit in earnest. Using her tongue like a little buzz saw, she swiped it side to side, just brushing Lauren's bud. Lauren's hips bucked against Roxanne's face as her orgasm began. She felt the warm rush of blood and the muscles clenching and relaxing spasmodically deep inside her. With a suddenness that caused her to gasp, the dam burst and the orgasm washed over her and threatened to drown her consciousness in its intensity. Her mind struggled as the heady waves of pleasure flooded her senses. Nothing in her experience had prepared her for this. Each wave seemed stronger and more all-encompassing than the one before. She finally gave up the struggle and just rode the crashing waves, losing herself in the chaos.

For a time, Lauren felt submerged in the feelings, giving no conscious thought to anything. Then slowly she began to take notice of things around her, but her vision remained soft and foggy, out of focus around the edges. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head as powerful aftershocks racked her body at uneven intervals.

"Wow," was all she could think to say.

Roxanne was still between Lauren's shivering thighs, running her fingers through Lauren's soft pubes. Her touch was light and comforting rather than stimulating, but in Lauren's heightened state even this was unbearable. More light filtered into the room now, and Lauren could see her lover's face. Roxanne was watching Lauren intently with that questioning expression of hope and fear that Lauren was beginning to get used to. Roxanne's lips and chin glistened with the juices of Lauren's orgasm. Even with this ample evidence of the pleasure Roxanne had given her, Lauren could see that Roxanne was concerned that Lauren had not enjoyed the lovemaking.

"That was some good morning," Lauren said in a contented voice.

Her words brought a smile from Roxanne. "It was nice for me too."

"Now come here," Lauren said, sitting up and placing her hands under Roxanne's arms. When Lauren lay back, she pulled her lover up with her and kissed her tenderly. Roxanne's lips were soft and yielding, and soon Lauren's tongue slipped between them. She could taste Roxanne's sweetness and a musky taste she realized was her own. A week ago the thought would have been unsettling to her, but now she greedily explored the smaller woman's mouth.

Roxanne was still wearing her corset and stockings from the day before, and Lauren could feel the cool materials against her legs, hips, and belly. Her hands traced down the lacing to the small of her lover's back, and further, until she could feel the warm silken skin of her ass. Roxanne's hands covered Lauren's breasts and squeezed gently. Lauren broke the kiss and suddenly smacked Roxanne's ass at the same time.

"Are you trying to kill me?!" Lauren asked, laughing deeply.

"Ummm, yes!" Roxanne replied, kissing Lauren's nose and massaging her breasts.

Lauren rolled over, pinning the smaller woman beneath her. Roxanne's legs and arms wrapped tightly around her instantly, and Lauren still could not understand the redhead's enjoyment of being beneath her.

"What has gotten into you? I should think after yesterday you'd still be asleep," Lauren said. She meant it as a joke, but Roxanne seemed to think she was serious. The redhead's brow knit in concentration, and Lauren decided not to tell her she'd been joking.

Roxanne looked at her. "Yesterday was like nothing I've ever experienced. It wasn't just the sex, it was feeling loved and protected and secure and happy."

The look on her face was precious, and Lauren felt moved to kiss her again. A soft kiss, lingering and meaningful.

Now Lauren rolled off Roxanne and stretched. The aftershocks were still zipping through her, but she was also very relaxed. Roxanne turned over, facing away from Lauren, and started to snuggle back against her. Lauren reared back and again slapped Roxanne's ass.

"Ow!" Roxanne cried out in surprise. She turned her head and gave Lauren a hurt look over her shoulder.

"Get to work, woman. You got me up and now I want breakfast," Lauren said with a laugh.

Roxanne pouted. "Get your own breakfast."

"You don't want to fail your audition, do you?"

"Audition? For what?"

"You don't remember?" Lauren tried to keep her voice and face serious.

Roxanne seemed confused. "No, I don't."

"For my wife," Lauren said with a laugh.

Roxanne looked at her blankly for a moment and then began to laugh with her as she remembered the off hand comments of a few days ago. Lauren could hardly believe four days had passed.

"Well, I guess I've answered your question," Roxanne said as she rose gracefully and left the bed.

Lauren remained in bed and watched her, enjoying the way the redhead moved in the tight corset. Each movement seemed deliberate, not the seductive movements of a stripper, but erotic nonetheless.

As Roxanne bustled around the kitchen, Lauren propped her head up on the pillows and closed her eyes. She again enjoyed the sounds and smells of someone bustling around a kitchen preparing food. She tried to sort out her feelings and address the many questions this vacation had brought to her. While it was only Tuesday, she realized that time was running out.

The real sticking point in Lauren's deliberations was what Roxanne wanted. The redhead was so difficult to read, and Lauren's own feelings were inextricably tied to those of her friend. The walk back to the hotel had been their first real demonstration that they were together in any sense other than simple friendship. Roxanne had seemed perfectly all right with it, but she had also been only half-alert because of her painkillers. Lauren wasn't sure now about the significance of that walk, but at the time it had seemed so right.

Remembering the events of Sunday night inevitably brought Lauren's mind to the previous day. She tried to remember how many times they'd made love. She eventually decided she couldn't. She remembered all of them, but she could not delineate where any one ended and the next began. She did remember falling asleep between Roxanne's legs with her strap-on buried in Roxanne and the redhead stroking her hair. The memories were so vivid and so sexy that she felt herself beginning to get aroused again. My God, she thought, what is happening to me? I should be asleep, not getting hot again. Her thoughts were interrupted by Roxanne arriving at the bedside with her breakfast.

"Breakfast is served," Roxanne said with a curtsey.

Lauren chuckled. "Thank you, my dear."

Lauren ate heartily and drank three cups of coffee. The food was good and the coffee was excellent, but she knew a lot of it had to do with her being hungry. She could not remember the last time she had exerted so much energy in such a short space of time. Instead of feeling tired though, she felt invigorated.

Roxanne nibbled at the food on her plate, and kept stealing glances at Lauren. When Lauren finished, Roxanne took the dishes away and washed them without a word. Lauren rose and stretched. Her legs were still a little wobbly and she had to hold onto the bedpost a few moments until she could be sure of her balance. As she walked to the bathroom, she noticed that Roxanne's mood seemed to have abruptly changed.

Roxanne's suddenly quiet mood troubled Lauren. She wondered about it as she brushed her teeth. The smaller woman was like a Chinese puzzle; with each bit discovered, more questions were raised. It troubled Lauren that she might be falling in love with someone who was too unsure of herself. Lauren did not relish the idea of giving her heart to someone who might suddenly decide their relationship was wrong and just disappear from her life. That would be a pain she'd be unable deal with. She realized she could easily drive herself crazy with this, and she decided to push it firmly from her mind for the time being.

Lauren thought of taking a shower, but after seeing the big tub she decided a bubble bath would be much better. She walked out of the bathroom to ask Roxanne if she'd brought any bath oil, knowing the redhead's penchant for pampering herself. But the room was empty, and the door that adjoined her room was closed. This disturbed Lauren. She was not normally a nosey person, but she was now worried about Roxanne. If they became a couple, that would be fine and good, but Lauren did not want to lose a friend if things did not work out for them.

She walked quietly to the door between the rooms and tried it. The handle turned easily, and she pushed the door open a bit and put her head to the crack and peered in. Roxanne was sitting on her bed and staring out the window. One leg was curled under her, her hair hanging down in a loose tumble. She looked so wistful, and so utterly vulnerable. Lauren felt her heart go out to that suddenly tiny figure.

Lauren realized the questions troubling her own mind had to be torturing Roxanne as well. Lauren was certain that the redhead was agonizing over the situation. She wanted to just go to her, and hold her, and tell her it was all going to be all right. But she fought back that impulse and closed the door quietly. She would give Roxanne time to make up her mind, but she was beginning to think that sooner or later she herself would have to force the issue.

Lauren now returned to the bathroom with her emotions in turmoil. With a determination that surprised her, she decided she would have to find out tonight what their future would be. There was no excuse for the two of them to be in such a state on their vacations. They had to decide about their lives one way or the other.

She decided now to pass on the bath and she started the shower. Distracted as she was, she nearly burned herself when she tested the water temperature on her arm. Cursing her own carelessness, she turned on the cold water and tested the temperature again. Now the water was hot but not scalding, and she tossed her T-shirt on the floor and stepped in under the stinging spray.

The thrumming spray felt wonderful as it worked the tension and fatigue from her muscles. Her mind moved back to the lone figure sitting on her bed in the other room. Lauren could not get that poignant image out of her mind. If it had not been for Roxanne's semi-nudity, it might have been a Rockwell painting. There was no question that Roxanne could touch her heartstrings without even trying, but was she in love with her? That question stood out again, even though she tried very hard to ignore it.

Lauren reviewed her own feelings again, but she decided it was no use. The complexities of this situation were far greater than any she had dealt with before. Without a solid idea of where Roxanne stood, or wanted to stand, Lauren felt she was just spinning her own wheels. Her mind returned to the walk back from the carriage ride. She'd thought that Roxanne's reaction to being seen in public with her as a couple would be a good gauge of where Roxanne's mind was. Lauren had to know if this was merely a fling to Roxanne, a simple bedroom adventure. Was Roxanne falling in love also? Lauren did not want to commit herself without knowing. She told herself she could not take the pain of another breakup. She groaned in frustration when she realized she was making circles in her head, crossing over ground she had already covered. What a mess, she thought. What a mess this is.

Her mind was pulled from her musings by a sound like a knock on the bathroom door. She poked her head out of the shower and listened again. After a pause the knock came again.

"Yes?" Lauren called.

Roxanne called through the door: "Can I come in?"

"Of course," Lauren called back.

Roxanne came in and leaned against the counter. Her eyes looked up and down Lauren's body, and she blushed despite the intimacy they had shared. Roxanne was still wearing her corset, but she had removed her stockings. The garters, no longer held tight by the stockings, hung down at odd angles.

"Are you all right?" Lauren asked.

Roxanne smiled. "I'm fine, I just need you to help me out of this thing. I need a shower too." She turned around and backed up so that Lauren could reach the laces. Lauren untied the laces and pulled them out until Roxanne could wiggle out of the corset.

"Thank you," Roxanne said, breathing deeply.

"Going to take a shower?"


"Why not join me?" Lauren said.

Roxanne looked at her and then at the tub. "Is there enough room for two?"

"If you don't mind getting close," Lauren said with a laugh.

Roxanne smiled and Lauren helped her step into the tub. They were now standing face to face with the water beating on Lauren's back. Roxanne seemed hesitant, and Lauren decided the little redhead had never done this before. She stepped back until she felt the cool tiles on her back and ass, and then she pulled Roxanne to her. This brought the smaller woman into the water. Lauren watched as the water ran down Roxanne's body in rivulets and dripped from her large breasts. Roxanne giggled and then sighed as the warm water beat down on her.

"Nice, isn't it?" Lauren asked as her hands slipped down Roxanne's sides to her hips.

"Mmm, yes, very nice," Roxanne said. Her eyes closed, she brushed her hair back with both hands. Lauren noticed that when Roxanne's hair was wet it looked darker, and she found herself wondering what Roxanne would look like as a brunette.

Lauren took the cake of lilac scented soap and unwrapped it. She tossed the wax paper to the floor outside the shower and lathered up her hands with the pale purple soap. The scent was strong, and before she had even worked up a good lather, the smell of lilacs mixed with the steam of the shower.

Roxanne stood there looking rather nervous, and Lauren realized the redhead was very self-conscious about her nakedness. Lauren smiled at the seeming incongruity. This was the same woman who a little while ago had brought her to orgasm with her tongue. One had to really know Roxanne to understand her behavior was perfectly in keeping with her complex personality. Lauren smiled reassuringly at Roxanne and put the bar of soap back on the soap dish.

"Relax, baby," Lauren cooed, and then she gently pushed Roxanne back out of the spray of warm water. She placed her hands on Roxanne's shoulders and began to rub the lather in, spreading it over her still damp skin. Slick with the soapy lather, Lauren's hands glided over Roxanne's silken skin easily, leaving a pale lavender foam wherever they touched. The little redhead closed her eyes and relaxed under Lauren's touch.

Lauren thoroughly soaped up Roxanne's shoulders, and then slid her hands down the slopes of Roxanne's breasts. She reached back and felt around with her left hand for the soap as her right hand made circles around her lover's left breast. She found the bar of soap and brought it to Roxanne's chest. Soon she had both of the redhead's breasts well lathered. She kept circling her hands around the breasts, enjoying their weight and the way her slick hands glided over them. Roxanne's nipples were hard and pointy now, and each time Lauren's hands slid over the nipples, Roxanne sighed and made small sounds in her throat.

Lauren squeezed the slippery soft flesh in her hands and leaned forward and bent her head to kiss Roxanne. The redhead's lips were soft and inviting, parting immediately at the touch of Lauren's mouth. Lauren pressed her tongue into Roxanne's mouth and felt the redhead began to suck gently on it. Lauren now released the breasts and pressed forward until Roxanne's shoulder blades were pinned against the tiles.

Their mouths locked together as Lauren's upper body pressed tightly to Roxanne's. Lauren moved her hands to Roxanne's shapely ass, and she began to lather up the globes. Her own breasts now pressed against the upper slopes of the shorter woman's breasts, slipping against Roxanne's skin as she moved her hands over Roxanne's buttocks. Her own nipples were hard and sensitive, the friction sending jagged shocks through her breasts as they slid against Roxanne's body.

Roxanne moaned into Lauren's mouth, the feel and sound of the moan exciting Lauren. The smaller woman's hands went around Lauren's shoulders, her nipples dragging against Lauren's diaphragm and causing them both to gasp. They broke their kiss. Roxanne licked Lauren's upper lip sensuously and Lauren shivered. The smaller woman smiled as they resumed their deep kiss. This time their tongues battled one another, each trying to push into the other's warm mouth. Lauren's hands were still busy, and soon her little lover's ass and back were slick and covered with soap. Lauren broke the kiss long enough to hand the soap cake to Roxanne. "Your turn," Lauren said.

Roxanne took her time lathering up her hands, which made Lauren impatient, and she soon pressed against Roxanne and kissed her again. Their tongues resumed the sweet battle as Lauren felt the smaller woman's hands on her back. Roxanne slid her hands down to Lauren's ass, and she began to massage the buttocks and work up more lather. The scent of the soap mixed with the steam filled the room, but Lauren could also smell something else: the delicate scent of their sexual arousal.

Now Lauren returned her hands to Roxanne's ass and began to massage the soap into the redhead's skin. The firm globes of Roxanne's buttocks were incredibly soft to the touch, and Lauren remembered the way they'd looked with her handprint on them. This made her even more excited, and she dug her fingers into the yielding flesh. Then she dropped her hands to the point where Roxanne's legs met her body and cupped the cheeks. Roxanne moaned again. By this time Roxanne had lost the battle to remain composed, her hands busy soaping up Lauren's ass as she sucked on Lauren's probing tongue.

Lauren now stiffened her index finger and ran it along the crack of Roxanne's ass. The soap made a slick channel and her finger glided easily up and down the groove. Whenever the finger crossed the small rosebud of Roxanne's rear entrance, Lauren could feel the shivers run through the redhead's small frame. She pushed her finger downwards until she could feel Roxanne's pussy, and then she brought the finger up and stopped at Roxanne's anus. Lauren slowly ran her finger back and forth over the slippery track, probing at each orifice as she touched it. Roxanne's hips jogged whenever Lauren's fingers probed at one of her openings.

Lauren pushed her finger into Roxanne's slick pussy and felt the velvety tightness enfold her finger. She worked her finger in and out until she had it coated with Roxanne's natural lubrication. She then drew the finger back up to press it against Roxanne's anus again. They were still kissing as Lauren opened her eyes and watched the redhead's face as she pressed down with increasing force on the rosebud. Roxanne's eyes remained closed. Lauren gently massaged the anus, working soap and Roxanne's juices into the opening and around it. Her fingers returned to Roxanne's cunt to retrieve more juice, then moved back to the smaller woman's rear entrance to massage more of the lubricant into the opening. If Roxanne was aware of Lauren's intentions, she showed no sign of it as she continued to passionately tongue Lauren's mouth.

They had discussed anal sex in long and sometimes embarrassing conversations, and Lauren knew that Roxanne liked it as much as she did. She again stiffened her finger and pressed it against Roxanne's rosebud. She moved her hand slightly and the angle changed. The slickness of both her finger and Roxanne's ass came into play, and her lover's sphincter now yielded to the pressure. Lauren's finger slipped in up to the first knuckle before Roxanne's body tensed and gripped her fast. Roxanne's eyes shot open and she tried to speak, but Lauren only kissed her more fiercely. The little redhead's eyes held surprised panic, but she did nothing to stop the gentle intrusion. Her hands gripped Lauren's buttocks tightly and then relaxed as Lauren's finger pressed further into the narrow hot channel.

Lauren kept her finger there, enjoying the sensation of Roxanne's inner muscles gripping the intruding digit. When she slowly pulled the finger back, she reveled in the way Roxanne's ass gripped it as though unwilling to have it leave. She pressed in again, this time maintaining the pressure until the entire finger was lodged inside the little woman.

Gradually, Roxanne's body relaxed and her eyes closed again as she returned to soaping Lauren's back. Lauren waited a few moments, and then she slowly withdrew her finger until just the tip was inside the anus. She then slowly pushed the finger back inside with a bit more force. Roxanne emitted a tiny exclamation but did not resist, and Lauren continued ravaging Roxanne's mouth with her tongue. The taller woman slowly established a stroking rhythm, her finger sliding smoothly in and out of the little redhead's tight ass.

Roxanne now pulled Lauren tightly to her and kissed her with increased passion. The redhead's hands slid around Lauren's hips and she began to soap Lauren's crotch. Her touch was soft and tender, and soon Lauren's pubes were matted with lather and her sex slippery with more than soap. Roxanne's finger slipped between the lips and began to stroke back and forth over the inner folds. Lauren jumped when her lover's fingers first brushed her clitoris. After a while, Roxanne slipped her finger into Lauren's slick vaginal channel, her finger sliding in and out to match the rhythm of Lauren's finger in her rectum.

For a long while they remained that way, pressed tightly to one another and lost in their own sensations. Lauren's recent orgasm had left her sensitive, and she began to respond to Roxanne's delicious fingering. Her hips rocked back and forth, meeting Roxanne's thrusting fingers. This brought the heel of the redhead's hand into contact with Lauren's over-heated clit at the end of each thrust, and Lauren could feel her climax building quickly. This one seemed different from the powerful orgasm she'd had earlier, less intense, almost calm, but just as pleasurable. She shook and humped against Roxanne's hand, riding the waves with ease this time. Roxanne held her tightly with her free hand, and Lauren rested against the smaller woman until the spasms subsided.

When Lauren relaxed again, Roxanne withdrew her finger and smiled seductively. She brought the finger to her mouth and sucked it, but then made a distressed face and jerked the finger from her lips and spit into the tub.

When Lauren gave her a quizzical look, Roxanne laughed. "Soap tastes nasty."

Lauren smiled. "That's what you get for being bad."

Lauren now reluctantly withdrew her finger from Roxanne's ass and pulled the smaller woman with her until they were both under the water. The warm jet washed the soap from their upper bodies. Lauren held Roxanne tightly to her, feeling her breasts pressing into the smaller woman. Roxanne's arms snaked around Lauren's neck and she held Lauren with surprising strength. They kissed again passionately.

They remained like that for a long while, bodies pressed tightly together as the warm water ran down their chests and pooled between them. After a time, Lauren returned her finger to Roxanne's anus and pressed against the opening. Her fingers slipped in easily this time, almost as though her lover's ass was happy to have it back. She quickly reestablished the rhythm she'd used earlier, and before long the little woman began to respond to Lauren's renewed assault. She pressed back against Lauren's hand and moaned softly around Lauren's tongue. Lauren maneuvered the redhead around until Roxanne was pressed into a corner with her legs spread slightly. The taller woman pressed her thigh firmly against Roxanne's soapy crotch.

Lauren started to finger Roxanne's ass faster and with more force. This had the effect of driving Roxanne's pussy hard against Lauren's thigh each time she drove her finger in. When she had the rhythm she wanted established, Lauren took hold of one of Roxanne's breasts with her free hand, squeezing it, feeling the warm skin and its texture like raw silk under her fingers.

Roxanne moaned continuously now, and Lauren found the sound incredibly erotic. She broke their long kiss and nuzzled Roxanne's neck. Roxanne groaned and humped against Lauren's thigh. The redhead's sex was wet and slick with its secretions. Lauren drove her finger in and out of the redhead's ass faster and faster, now pinching Roxanne's nipple between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. This brought a long series of moans and sighs out of Roxanne. Lauren had learned to recognize the signals of Roxanne's orgasms, and it was evident that the little woman was close to coming again. As Lauren drove her finger in deep and wiggled it, she ground her thigh against Roxanne's sex. The redheaded cried out as she came, the sound of it music to Lauren's ears. The ability to make her lover lose control like this was intoxicating.

Lauren continued working her finger in Roxanne's ass until Roxanne stopped shaking and quivering. Then Lauren withdrew the finger and kissed the redhead's lips gently. The water was now beginning to get cold, and she quickly took hold of the washcloth and rubbed Roxanne down with it. Lauren smiled when her lover jumped as the washcloth touched her nipples and sex. Then Roxanne finally took the washcloth from Lauren and washed away the remaining soap from Lauren's body.

Lauren shut off the water and stepped out of the shower. She took one of the big fluffy towels and held it out for Roxanne. The redhead stepped out, and Lauren wrapped the towel around her and began to towel her off. By the time she finished, Roxanne's pale skin was a rosy pink. Lauren wrapped the towel around herself, took Roxanne's hand and started pulling the naked redhead out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Roxanne laughed and grasped a towel of her own, but when they reached the bed, Lauren snatched the towel off Roxanne and pushed her with force onto her back.

"What?" Roxanne started.

Lauren dropped to her knees and pulled Roxanne towards her until the redhead's ass was on the edge of the bed. She pulled the smaller woman's thighs onto her shoulders and smiled at her.

Roxanne squirmed. "Oh no, I can't take any more!"

Lauren kissed her thigh. The skin was warm and soft as her lips barely brushed it. Roxanne stopped and struggling and moaned softly. An aftershock from her recent orgasm seemed to pass through her small frame, and Lauren smiled. She kissed the place where Roxanne's legs joined her body and trailed her tongue along the sensitive crease. Roxanne shuddered and drew her legs up. If she wanted to pull away from Lauren's probing tongue, she found it impossible.

Lauren gripped Roxanne's body more tightly and continued to lick her soft skin. She worked her way closer and closer to the hot little pussy. Roxanne moaned softly, her hands gripping the comforter. When Lauren reached the damp reddish pubic hair, she pressed her lips firmly into the top of the slit. This brought a gasp of pleasure from Roxanne's lips.

The scent of the redhead's sex was part lilacs, part arousal, and thoroughly sweet to Lauren's nose. She used her fingertips to part the puffy lips of her lover's core. The inner folds were still sticky with the juices from her last orgasm and glistened in the light. Lauren used the tip of her tongue to trace along the lips, and then plunged in to lap up the sweetness she found there.

Roxanne wiggled and squirmed as Lauren's tongue caressed her most sensitive areas. Lauren took her time, tonguing and licking with slow soft strokes. She deliberately avoided Roxanne's clit except for occasional touches. Slowly, she built up the tension in her lover's body. She now had a better understanding of what gave Roxanne the most pleasure.

It did not take long before Roxanne's hips began to jog, her breathing a series of sharp gasps. Lauren would not tease her much this time because she had plans for the evening. She wanted Roxanne relaxed and happy, but not exhausted. She flattened her tongue and swiped it repeatedly over the redhead's clitoris, as Roxanne tossed her head from side to side and cried out.

Now Lauren sucked the hard little clit into her mouth and gently bit it, using her lips to cushion her teeth. Roxanne screamed and came.

To Lauren it seemed as though the redhead was having a seizure. Roxanne's entire body seemed to be shaking. Her thighs clenched tightly to the sides of Lauren's head and then slowly relaxed and clenched again. Finally, when the orgasm seemed finished, Lauren rose and wiped the wetness from her face. Then she lay down beside Roxanne and held her as the aftershocks rocked Roxanne's body. At last Roxanne curled up in Lauren's arms and slept.

Lauren quietly untangled their legs and arms and climbed out of the bed. She went to the settee, grasped the phone directory in her hands, and sat down. It took her several minutes to find what she was looking for.




It was nearly four in the afternoon when Lauren again sat on the bed beside Roxanne. The redhead was sleeping deeply, her chest rising and falling in a soft rhythm. At some point during the day, she had apparently rolled up under the comforter. Lauren bent over and kissed Roxanne's shoulder several times, working towards her neck. Roxanne murmured something in her sleep and then woke with a start.

"Shush," Lauren said quietly and kissed her cheek.

Roxanne relaxed and smiled at Lauren and then yawned. Lauren thought the little redhead looked precious.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Roxanne said, "What time is it?"

"Nearly four. Time for you to get up, sleepy head."

"Do I have to?" The redhead's voice was childlike.

"Don't make me tickle you," Lauren said with a soft chuckle.

Roxanne immediately sat up. "I'm up!"

Lauren reached to the bedside table and handed Roxanne a hot cup of coffee. The redhead took it and sipped on it for a while before she spoke again: "Why do I have to get up?"

Lauren looked at her and considered just how to respond to that. Her plans were all made, but she hadn't been able to decide how to manage this part of it. She'd expected Roxanne's question and she'd hoped a glib answer would come, but she found herself sitting quietly while Roxanne gazed at her and waited.

Then Lauren said, "I was wondering if you'd like to go out on a date with me."

Roxanne gave her a puzzled look. "A date?"

"Yes, a date."

Roxanne hesitated. "What do you mean by a date?"

"Just that. I'm asking you if you would go on a date with me." Lauren felt foolish. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

"I don't understand," Roxanne said.

"What's not to understand? A date is a date."

"But what do you mean by a date? We've been going out together since we got here."

"I know, but that's been as friends. I'm now asking you out as my date," Lauren patiently explained.

"Oh," Roxanne said softly.

Lauren watched as Roxanne realized what was being asked of her. She wondered how Roxanne would react, and she watched her face closely. She could see Roxanne considering what the question implied. She saw the blush rise to Roxanne's cheeks.

"Well?" Lauren asked when the silence became unbearable.

"I'd be happy to," Roxanne said in a whisper.

"Thank you," Lauren said. She leaned forward and kissed Roxanne's cheek. Then she sat back and looked intently at her friend. Roxanne seemed to be lost in thought.

"You'd better get up and get ready," Lauren said with a smile.

"Where are we going?" Roxanne asked as she shrugged off the comforter.

Lauren rose. "It's a surprise." She helped Roxanne leave the bed.

"But I need to know what to wear."

"Dress casual dressy."

"Casual dressy? Some help you are!" Roxanne groused as she walked into her own room.

Lauren felt content as she moved to her bathroom to get ready. She put her hair back in a ponytail, since that was the easiest way to deal with it. She quickly put on her makeup and brushed her teeth. She looked in the mirror critically for a moment, and then a wry smile creased her face. She would never understand what Roxanne saw in her, but she knew the smaller woman thought the exact same thing when she looked into the mirror.

Lauren shrugged out of the oversized sweatshirt she was wearing and kicked off the comfortable sandals she favored. She tossed her sweatpants on top of the shirt and went to her dresser.

As she donned her plain bra and panties, she could not help but wonder what Roxanne would choose to wear. Lauren laughed out loud when she realized what she was thinking about. She had never considered underwear as anything more than a necessity. She found it amusing that Roxanne was forcing her to slowly change her mind about that. Not that she had an interest in wearing any of her lover's frills. But she had to admit that Roxanne's lingerie did make the little redhead more desirable.

Lauren pushed these thoughts from her mind and struggled into a pair of comfortable black jeans. A black silk blouse and black dressy boots completed her outfit. She hung her new pendant outside of the blouse where its garnet eyes winked at her. Satisfied with her appearance she sat down and turned on the television.

Nearly an hour passed, and Lauren began to fidget. She wondered if maybe Roxanne was having second thoughts about things. Lauren finally rose and went to the door that connected their rooms, but she found it locked. When she knocked on the door, she heard a muffled voice on the other side.


"Are you about ready?" Lauren called.

"Getting there."

"Well hurry up!"


Lauren snorted and went to the kitchenette. She poured herself a generous drink and went back to the settee. She was on her second drink when her impatience got the better of her and she knocked on the door again.

"Yes?" the muffled voice called.

"Are you coming or not?" Lauren demanded.

"Be there in a minute."

Lauren threw her hands up in frustration and returned to the settee. She was about to get up and beat on the door, when it suddenly opened and Roxanne came in. Lauren's mouth dropped open and she stared at the redhead without making a sound.

Roxanne wore her hair long tonight and it fell around her bare shoulders in a gentle cascade. Her dress was lovely, black silk embroidered with oriental dragons in a slightly less dark shade of black. The bodice was tight with a scoop neck that revealed a good bit of her cleavage. The skirt was straight and fell only to mid-thigh. Her legs were encased in delicate black stockings with seams up the back and a rose embroidered in black lace just above her left ankle. She had on black stilettos, with four and a half inch spike heels, the shoes buckled around her ankle with small silver buckles and a thin strap. She wore a small silver anklet and a matching bracelet. Around her neck was a very delicate silver chain of tiny links. Suspended from the chain was a silver crucifix, which hung low enough to almost be lost in the deep cleft between her breasts. A small black velvet handbag hung from her shoulder by a black strap. Her nails were bright red and so were her lips. Her makeup was impeccable and she had obviously spent a great deal of time to get it just right. A belt of silver discs around her waist completed the outfit. She looked absolutely stunning.

Lauren rose and approached her, still unable to utter a word. She had no idea that Roxanne could look like this. Roxanne watched with a curious expression as Lauren stopped in front of her and just stared.

"Well?" Roxanne asked.

"Beautiful," Lauren whispered.

Roxanne gave her a small smile. "Worth the wait?"


Roxanne beamed and Lauren hugged her gently, taking care not to wrinkle the redhead's dress or muss her makeup or hair. Roxanne hugged back and kissed Lauren's cheek.

"Ready?" Lauren asked, finding her voice at last.

Roxanne nodded and followed her out of the room. They walked down the hall and took the elevator to the first floor.

When they reached the hotel entrance, Lauren pulled open the heavy glass door and held it for Roxanne. The redhead blushed a little as she walked out into the night. Lauren followed her, admiring the way Roxanne's heels forced her ass out and added a saucy wiggle to her walk.

Lauren hailed a cab, and when it stopped beside them, she held the door open for Roxanne and then slid into the seat as Roxanne scooted over to make room for her.

Roxanne sat primly with her legs crossed. Her hem had ridden up a little, and Lauren thought for a moment she could see her stocking tops. Lauren smiled when Roxanne's hand automatically tugged her hem down.

"Where to, ladies?" the driver asked.

"Turconti's Restaurant," Lauren replied.

The driver nodded and flipped the meter. He accelerated smoothly out of the hotel's driveway and up the darkened street. Lauren sat back and relaxed, enjoying the music and the ride. The driver had some kind of exotic Caribbean music going, music with a sensual beat.

Turconti's Surf and Turf was one of the new restaurants on the old waterfront. It was built with a weathered wood facade and a nautical motif. The walkway was lined with ship ropes, and a great anchor mounted on a concrete pedestal perched out front.

When the cab pulled up to the sidewalk, Lauren climbed out before the driver could. She held the door and helped Roxanne out and then paid the driver. At the front of the restaurant, a long line waited at the door, some people sitting on benches and leaning on the railing to watch the traffic on the Mississippi River.

Roxanne said, "Maybe we should go somewhere else."

"Nonsense," Lauren said. She led Roxanne to the end of the line.

"I hate waiting in line," Roxanne whispered to her.

"I know," Lauren replied with a smile. They stood in the line as it moved forward. Couples and families moved past them and back to the front porch carrying brightly colored beepers that would let them know when their table was ready. Soon Roxanne and Lauren were standing second in line.

"Forty-five minute to an hour wait," the young girl at the hostess station said.

The man in front of Roxanne and Lauren shook his head and guided his girlfriend out without taking a pager. Lauren could hear him cursing under his breath while his girlfriend whined about wanting to eat here. The hostess gave Roxanne and Lauren an apologetic smile.

"Table for two?" she asked in a tired voice.

"We have reservations," Lauren said, winking at Roxanne as Roxanne's face showed relief.

The girl found their reservations, and a waiter immediately seated them. They had a small booth with deep blue upholstery and a checkered blue and white tablecloth. The booth was cozy, with high wood walls separating it from the booths on either side. A candle on the table supplemented the indirect glow of track lighting.

The menus were sitting on the table, and the waiter dropped off two glasses of water before he moved over to another table to take an order. Lauren picked up her menu and scanned it quickly. She'd asked about the food when she'd made the reservations, and she quickly found the dinner recommended by the person she'd spoken to. The "Fisherman's Platter" consisted of three filets of a fish of choice, six shrimp boiled or fried, six oysters fried or on the half-shell, scallops, stuffed crab or crabs legs and a salad or soup. Lauren knew she'd be unable to eat all of it, but the dish would give the widest variety, and she could always take the uneaten portions back to the hotel.

The waiter returned. He was a handsome young man with unruly black hair and sexy brown eyes, lanky and tall and looking rather ridiculous in the flatboatman outfit that all the waiters wore.

"Are y'all ready to order?" he asked in a thick southern drawl.

"Give us a few more minutes," Lauren said after glancing at Roxanne and seeing the blank expression on her face.

"Sure. Can I get you something from the bar?"

"I'll take a Crown and Seven, and she wants a Long Island Ice Tea," Lauren replied.

"Sure thing, I'll be right back," he said, hurrying off.

Lauren kept the menu in front of her but watched Roxanne over the top of it. The redhead seemed to be fine as looked intently at her menu.

"What are you having?" Lauren asked.

"I think I'll have the steak and crab legs."

"What do you want to drink?"

"Sweet tea."

Lauren wrinkled her nose in amused disapproval.

The waiter returned with the drinks and sat them down on the table. He took a pad out of the apron around his waist and a pencil from behind his ear. "Ready to order?"

"I think we are," Lauren said glancing at Roxanne.

There were so many choices, it took a few moments for the waiter to finish taking down Lauren's order. Finally, he said, "And to drink?"

"Unsweetened tea," Lauren said.

"And for you?" he asked, turning his attention to Roxanne. She started to speak, but Lauren cut her off.

"She's having the London broil and crabs legs," Lauren said, watching Roxanne intently. Roxanne looked startled and blushed, but made no effort to assert herself. The waiter turned his attention back to Lauren and began the routine series of questions about the order for Roxanne.

Finally, Lauren said, "She'll have the soup and sweet tea to drink."

"Great, I'll have your teas out in a just a moment, would you like me to just leave a pitcher?"

"Please." Lauren said.

After he left, Lauren turned her gaze to Roxanne. The smaller woman returned her stare for a short time, then looked away blushing.

"What's the matter?" Lauren asked.

"Nothing!" Roxanne replied quickly.

Lauren arched an eyebrow and remained silent. She took a sip of her drink and watched Roxanne. She could tell the drawn out silence was making Roxanne nervous. The redhead had begun to fidget, and her eyes darted around ceaselessly.

"I just didn't expect you to order for me," Roxanne blurted out finally.

"Did it bother you?"

"No, it was just unexpected and a little embarrassing."

"I asked you out on this date, and it's customary for the one who asks to order and pay, isn't it?"

"Well, yes... I guess it is."

"And you really like it when your date takes charge, don't you?"

Roxanne blushed again. "Well, yes..."

"But you don't want me to?"

"I didn't say that!" Roxanne replied quickly.

"Then what's the problem?"

"It's just that everyone will know, I mean people will think..." Roxanne's voice trailed off.

"Are you embarrassed to be with me?" Lauren asked. She was enjoying the pretty blush on her friend's cheeks and the confusion evident on her face. More than that, she was determined to find out this very night how Roxanne felt about their relationship. Lauren's own mind was fairly close to being made up, but she had to know what Roxanne wanted before she would commit herself.

Roxanne's voice was plaintive: "No! I'm not embarrassed to be with you."

"Then what's the problem?"

"It's just... Oh, never mind."

Lauren let it drop for the moment. She would have her answer before the night was out, but she thought if she pushed too hard she might drive Roxanne away.

They finished their drinks and the food arrived. The meal was excellent and the quiet buzz of many conversations filled the restaurant. Roxanne was very quiet, chewing her food slowly with a pensive expression. Lauren had expected this. She was beginning to learn how her new lover ticked, but she still found Roxanne's quick and deep withdrawals into herself to be disconcerting. Her own nature was more open and explosive, and it took a great deal of mental agility for her to glimpse things from Roxanne's point of view.

When the waiter came with the check, Lauren took it automatically. She avoided taking the extra food home when she realized she did not want to return to the hotel immediately.

"Can I get you anything else?" the waiter asked, taking their plates.

"Two coffees, please," Lauren said.

Before long the waiter returned with two large china cups of coffee on small saucers. Lauren took her time fixing hers and watched Roxanne. The smaller woman doctored her coffee almost mechanically, and then took a sip without seeming to taste it.

"Are you all right?" Lauren asked softly.

"Hmm? Yes, I'm fine," Roxanne said, her voice lowered to barely above a whisper.

"So what would you like to do now?" Lauren asked.

"Whatever you want."

"I was thinking we might take a walk in the park, and maybe go to a club if you're up for it."

"That sounds nice."

"Are you sure you're all right?" Lauren asked. She was becoming concerned at the strange look on Roxanne's face, and the faraway tone of her voice. Lauren had her hand on the table, tapping nervously. She hadn't even noticed it was there until Roxanne placed her own hand gently on Lauren's.

"I'm fine," Roxanne said. She stared at Lauren then with such gentle love in her eyes, it was almost painful for Lauren to look back at her.

Lauren nodded but couldn't speak. That gentle touch had totally unnerved her. All of the certainty she had built up vanished like a cloud under the bright sun. That simple touch and the accompanying look related to her a love so deep and tender and gentle, a love that seemed impossible. She knew now that she would wait for Roxanne's answer for as long as it took. She would not push the question as she'd planned.

As Roxanne sipped her coffee, it took Lauren a moment to realize that Roxanne had not removed her hand.

They finished their coffee in a silence deep and meaningful. Now the evening seemed pregnant with an uncertain portent. The small booth seemed to be insulated from the world around it, a haven for just the two of them. Something seemed to be building between them, and it became more and more unbearable as the minutes passed.

"Are you ready?" Lauren asked at last.

"Yes," Roxanne replied. Her face was red with a blush that had no explanation.

They rose and walked to the counter where Lauren paid for the meal. Roxanne had walked ahead of her, so she was not in the way of the people in line behind Lauren. When they started for the door, Roxanne was in front of Lauren. She stopped at the door and waited, and it took Lauren a second to realize Roxanne was waiting for her to hold the door.

Lauren quickly opened the door and held it for Roxanne, and Roxanne smiled at her as she walked out.




Willie's was a small jazz club off the main strip in the Quarter. Lauren had made several calls to other clubs before she found it. Tonight's act was a jazz trio she had seen back home some months before. Their sound was classic jazz, with a bluesy undertone that she found very sensual. She hoped Roxanne would like them too.

She found the place, and they entered through the scarred wooden door. The inside was smoky from countless cigarettes and cigars, and the haze and the low lights made it difficult to see much upon entering. As her eyes adjusted, Lauren made out a small room with a few booths along the walls. The majority of the patrons were black and seated at the wooden tables arrayed in front of the small stage. Each table was covered in a red or white cloth that stretched to the floor. At the moment, canned music was being piped through the speaker system, which pleased Lauren, since she assumed it meant they hadn't missed the opening act.

An overweight black man with graying temples and black sunglasses sat behind a section of counter that had been converted into a security station. As he leaned back in a corner on a bar stool, with a half empty bottle of whiskey in his hand, he said, "Evening, ladies. Y'all here for the show?" He had a deep bass voice that seemed to rumble up from his chest.

"Yes we are," Lauren said with a smile.

He sat forward on his stool and put his elbows on the counter. With one hand he lifted his shades and stared at Roxanne. "You sure you're old enough to be in here, missy?"

Roxanne blushed, but before she could reply he smiled warmly and laughed. Lauren smiled too.

"It's a ten dollar cover tonight," he said.

Lauren placed a twenty on the counter and he took it. He put the bill into an open cigar box on the counter and retrieved two blue tickets.

"Free drink tickets. Enjoy the show," he said, smiling as he sat back to take another swig of whiskey.

They made their way through the crowded tables and towards a secluded booth with a good view of the stage. Lauren noticed that people were looking at them. Most of the looks were appraising looks from the men. The majority were directed at Roxanne, and Lauren felt a confusing mixture of pride and jealousy.

The booth held a small round table, with an upholstered bench in a semi-circle around it. The upholstery, imitation leather, had once been red and was now a dingy maroon with many stains and cigarette burns. The table was of darkly stained wood, with a multitude of cuts and scratches. Roxanne sat and scooted towards the back part of the circle so she could see the stage. Lauren sat on the other side of the booth and scooted back as well. They were now seated beside each another in the deepest part of the arc that the bench formed.

The table was like a bulwark between them and the stage. A tired looking waitress in a faded dance-hall-girl outfit wound through the tables taking orders. She reached them on her way back towards the bar.

"Drinks?" she asked in a pleasant but tired voice.

"Crown and Seven for me and a glass of wine for her," Lauren said.

"White or red?"

"Do you have a Merlot?"

"Yes," the waitress said, scanning a laminated card taped to the back of her order pad.

"What kind?"


"That's fine," Lauren said.

The waitress took both tickets from Lauren's hand and disappeared from their view in the direction of the bar. Lauren turned to find Roxanne staring at her with an amused expression.

"What?" Lauren said.

"Wine?" Roxanne asked with a small grin.

"You wanted something else?" Lauren captured Roxanne's eyes with her own. The redhead blushed, but did not attempt to break the hold Lauren's eyes had on her. The blush became deeper, and Lauren felt the world close in until it seemed to consist of just the two of them.

Then the waitress returned with their drinks and the moment passed.

Roxanne took a sip of her wine and looked around. Lauren sipped her drink and also glanced at the part of the club she could see. Several tables occupied the space between their booth and the stage. Lauren noticed a small section of the floor to their right was sectioned off as a dance floor. Then music coming through the speakers ended abruptly and the lights dimmed.

For a moment it was absolutely dark, and then the stage lights came up. These illuminated the stage well, but left the booth of the two women cloaked in deep shadow. Lauren heard scraping sounds as people seated in chairs adjusted them so that they could view the stage. Before long, four men filed out of a curtained side entrance and approached the stage accompanied by mild applause.

Lauren's attention was diverted from the stage when she felt Roxanne shift her body. She turned to look at Roxanne and saw that Roxanne had tucked her leg under her body and was leaning back into the cushion. The redhead held her wine glass in both hands, and Lauren smiled when she noticed the glass was already almost empty.

Lauren caught the attention of the waitress, held up a finger and pointed to Roxanne. The waitress nodded and continued to take orders from around the floor. The band started their first number and Lauren sat back and closed her eyes. The first number had a very strong bass line that thrummed through the small club. Behind Lauren's eyes, red and green clouds coalesced and tumbled to the beat of the music.

Her mind slipped back to the day before. She remembered lying on top of Roxanne with the strap-on deep inside the little redhead. They had both had orgasms, and Roxanne had said I love you, or rather mouthed it, no sounds from her lips. Did Roxanne mean that? Was she prepared to accept all that went with it? Lauren wondered.

The waitress arrived and placed the second glass of wine on the table. Lauren paid her and gave a good tip. Roxanne put her first glass down and picked up the second. She took a sip of it and set it down again. Her eyes closed, and she began to sway with the music. The next song was slower, filled with soulful wailing and powerful percussion.

Lauren leaned back again. Her shoulder touched Roxanne's and she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the music and the pleasant buzz in her head. She found herself sexually aroused again, and she felt a growing frustration, a longing for some sign from Roxanne besides the shy smiles and anxious glances. She felt a turmoil over what she should do. She wanted something definitive from Roxanne, something that would allow her to make up her own mind.

When the song ended, Lauren opened her eyes. Roxanne was still sitting with her eyes closed and her wine glass in her hand. Most of her wine was gone. She looked deliciously sexy, and without thinking of the consequences, Lauren put her arm around her lover and pulled her close. Roxanne seemed not to care about consequences as she snuggled close to Lauren and finished her wine.

Although the booth was still dark, their eyes had adjusted to the dim light. Lauren looked down at Roxanne to see that she was looking up at her with those big green eyes. The redhead's eyes showed a restrained excitement that aroused Lauren even further. The music was slow and soulful now, almost prompting Lauren to make a move. She leaned down and Roxanne's eyes closed as her lips parted slightly. Lauren parted her own lips and pressed them to Roxanne's. The redhead's lips were warm and yielding as Lauren slipped her tongue between them for the briefest moment and then pulled back. Roxanne's eyes were still closed, and as Lauren watched, Roxanne's tongue lick her lips. Lauren could taste her lover's lipstick on her own lips.

Suddenly sensing eyes on them, Lauren looked at the tables between their booth and the stage. In a moment she located two people gazing at them steadily: a man and woman. They were at a table near the stage, but they were not watching the performers. Instead, both man and woman were staring directly at Lauren and Roxanne.

Although she felt self-conscious, Lauren returned their frank stares. And then, in a few moments, she realized the couple were both involved in more than mere watching. The young woman's arm was rhythmically working on something under the table, and Lauren had no doubt on what. For his part, the man's hand was also out of sight, and the expression on the woman's face left little doubt where his hand rested. The man smiled and raised his glass to Lauren.

Lauren was amused. She looked down at Roxanne's face and gestured with her head to indicate the couple at the nearby table. A frown crossed Roxanne's features as she gazed at Lauren with curiosity in her eyes. Lauren smiled and shook her head slightly, and then took Roxanne's chin in her hand and kissed her again. She felt her lover's soft lips part, and was surprised when it was Roxanne's small tongue that darted into her mouth. Lauren accepted the kiss for a few moments and then broke it. She pulled her head back and turned Roxanne's face to show her the couple watching them.

Roxanne looked blankly out at the crowd for a few moments, and then a deep blush rose to her face. She turned to Lauren and hid her face in her hands. Lauren slipped her hands inside of Roxanne's and raised her face. She stared into her eyes and smiled. As embarrassed as she seemed, Roxanne smiled back at Lauren.

The music was still in play, now a deep bluesy song with the lead singer almost mumbling the words. Lauren lowered her head once again to Roxanne's. Their lips met and Lauren kissed her deeply, her tongue probing into Roxanne's mouth. She could taste the sweetness of the wine, and searched through her lover's mouth for little pockets of it. Roxanne received the kiss in the soft and accepting way Lauren had come to expect from her.

Lauren had begun to greatly enjoy this aspect of their new relationship. The soft and yielding nature of her new lover was in such contrast to the men Lauren had dated before. The caring and concern, as well as the vulnerability so integral to Roxanne's make up, brought out Lauren's protective side. Furthermore, that same softness and vulnerability excited her tremendously, a keen sexual excitement that was undeniable.

Lauren now slipped her hand down and squeezed Roxanne's knee gently as her tongue continued to probe Roxanne's mouth. The little woman shivered and sighed softly, the sound lost in Lauren's mouth. Their tongues continued to battle as Lauren slowly worked her hand up until she was gently kneading Roxanne's thigh. The redhead held onto Lauren tightly, but made no attempt to stop the caress. This surrender to her desires, when Roxanne was well aware that they were being watched, touched Lauren deeply. This was close to the kind of sign she'd been hoping for.

When the song ended, Lauren was only vaguely aware of the lead singer saying thank you. Her mind was still unsettled, and both she and Roxanne were surprised when the house lights came on. Their kiss broke quickly as they turned and tried to appear normal. Lauren was relieved to see that only that couple that had been watching them all along seemed to be aware of what they'd been doing. She didn't really care about people looking at them, but she did not want Roxanne to be too embarrassed. Her eyes strayed to the small dance floor as several couples began to dance to the stereo music. The she looked at her lover again.

Roxanne was staring at the couple that had been watching them. Lauren followed Roxanne's gaze and saw that the two people were now kissing passionately, oblivious to what was going on around them. No one seemed to notice or care. Conversations continued at the other tables, and the waitress even passed near the couple as they continued to kiss.

Lauren slipped her arms around Roxanne and pulled the startled woman toward her. Roxanne looked up, but Lauren simply lowered her head and kissed her. Roxanne's lips parted and accepted her tongue, and soon they were kissing passionately again, paying no attention to the club around them. When the lights went down for the band's second set, Lauren moved her hand back to Roxanne's thigh.

Lauren was startled when she felt Roxanne pull her skirt hem up to allow Lauren's hand to rest on her stockings. Lauren broke the kiss and looked at the redhead, who smiled sweetly and shrugged. Lauren chuckled softly and glanced over at the couple at the other table. The woman was staring at her with a penetrating gaze while the man's head lolled back. The woman's arm seemed in rapid motion, and Lauren guessed the man would soon reach a climax.

Then Lauren's attention was drawn back to Roxanne as she felt Roxanne's hand gently squeeze her left breast. Lauren looked at Roxanne in surprise and Roxanne leaned up and kissed her. This caught Lauren off guard and was totally unexpected. As the redhead pressed her advantage, her small tongue invaded Lauren's mouth. Lauren then felt Roxanne turn and capture her right breast in her other hand. Roxanne's tongue ravished Lauren's mouth while her hands gently fondled and squeezed Lauren's breasts.

Lauren quickly recovered from her surprise and kissed back hard. Their tongues battled for supremacy awhile as Lauren's hand moved up Roxanne's thigh to lightly brush her panty-covered crotch. The touch of Lauren's fingers on the lips of Roxanne's sex caused the smaller woman to gasp, and now Lauren had the initiative again. Her tongue forced its way into Roxanne's warm mouth as Roxanne's small hands closed firmly on Lauren's breasts in a way that made Lauren quiver.

As Lauren continued to gently stroke Roxanne's crotch, the smaller woman worked over Lauren's breasts. Roxanne seemed to be fascinated by Lauren's breasts, her hands stroking, circling, squeezing, and hefting them. She cupped one and then the other, gently pinching the nipples through Lauren's blouse and bra. Lauren now wished they were back at he hotel. She traced her fingers along the silky panties and then moved back to the soft skin of Roxanne's thigh. She knew she could easily have the smaller woman in a terrible state if she continued in that direction, but she was not aiming for that tonight. She wanted to put an end to the turmoil in her mind. Bringing the smaller woman to orgasm in a crowded bar with people watching was not likely to put Roxanne in the frame of mind Lauren wanted. On the other hand, having Roxanne hot and bothered might have it's own rewards, she thought wryly.

If Lauren was trying to keep things at a controlled level, it quickly became apparent to her that Roxanne was not. The redhead's warm hands continued to gently stroke and cup Lauren's breasts. Roxanne took the nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezed, then began to slowly roll them between her fingers. Lauren could feel herself beginning to lubricate, and she realized that if she wanted to keep her own mind focused she would have to stop Roxanne's caresses.

She wrapped Roxanne in her arms and pulled her close, breaking the kiss to whisper in her ear: "Do you like the band, baby?" Her voice was husky. It was only when she heard her own voice that Lauren realized just how worked up the little redhead had her.

"Yes, very sexy," Roxanne whispered.

They hugged one another tightly, and both of them glanced towards the couple at the other table as if they were of one mind. The young woman was gone, or it appeared that way at first. Lauren suddenly realized the young woman was under the table, and in a moment Roxanne seemed to realize it also. Both women snickered as the man flashed them a toothy grin. Lauren took a swallow of her drink and then held it to Roxanne's lips. The redhead took a sip and made a face. and then Lauren laughed and finished the drink. Both women cuddled together in the dark until the band finished its set and the houselights came up.

Lauren glanced at the other table and saw the young woman rising with a spoon in her hand. No one seemed to notice anything amiss, but the young woman glanced at Lauren and Roxanne and winked. Then she opened her mouth in an "O" and revealed her tongue covered in white.

Lauren heard Roxanne gasp, and when she turned to look at the redhead, she found Roxanne's face beet red.

"Oh wow," Roxanne whispered.

Lauren chuckled. "Ready to go?"

"Yes, definitely."

They scooted out of the booth and walked between the tables to the front door. The doorman had finished his bottle and was smiling broadly. He leaned forward as they approached the door.

"Evening, ladies. Come again," he rumbled as they passed.

Outside the club the darkness was total. A few steps away from the dimly lit doorway and they were surrounded by the velvety New Orleans night. Lauren picked her way carefully along the street; she had laid the route out in detail in her mind. The next intersection would lead them towards their hotel by way of the park. At least she hoped it would. Roxanne walked along beside her lost in her own thoughts. Lauren did not disturb her; she was too preoccupied with finding the right route back to their hotel.

The narrow street they were on opened suddenly into a beautiful square. The buildings facing the square were all of the same design, with tile roofs and covered balconies. The park was surrounded by a short, decorative, wrought-iron fence. Huge oaks decorated with Spanish moss filled the park, and a small walkway wound between them. At the center of the park, a statue of a man on a horse was illuminated by ground floodlights. The statue was fashioned in white marble and seemed to glow in the light. The path was not illuminated, and there were many dark nooks where couples could hide, as well as a few benches.

An impromptu trio played at the entrance to the park. The leader was a tall thin black man with a trumpet. He was flanked by a smallish white man with a guitar, and a very young black boy playing bongos. The sound was a mix of jazz and reggae and was not at all unpleasant. The guitar case was open in front of them, with a few coins rested in it.

Lauren stopped and waited while Roxanne fished a dollar out of her purse and tossed it into the open guitar case. The trumpet player nodded and tipped his hat without missing a beat.

Lauren led the way into the darkened park. She felt Roxanne move a little closer to her as they walked. She stopped at a darkened intersection of footpaths under a large old oak. A slight breeze stirred, and the soft sound of music drifted to them on the wind. Lauren wet her lips and tried to relax. She wanted to say something, but she could not find the words now that the moment had come. She looked down at Roxanne, and her small friend smiled up at her shyly. Lauren felt tears of frustration sting her eyes. She knew when she looked down she could not ask, she could not push, not for anything in the world could she risk pushing Roxanne away from her.

Roxanne reached out tentatively and took her hand. Lauren looked down through her tears to see Roxanne staring at her. Roxanne smiled tentatively and nodded, and Lauren was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion. She squeezed Roxanne's hand tightly.

"Lauren?" Roxanne asked quietly.


"Are you all right?"

Lauren could only nod. She tried to speak, but no words would come.

"What's the matter?" Roxanne asked

"Roxy, I'm falling for you, really falling for you. I want so much to be with you, but I don't know how you feel and I'm afraid I'll push you away if I press too hard, and now I just don't know what to do and this evening has been so nice, but I can't get the questions out of my mind."

Roxanne looked at her curiously and released her hand. Lauren wasn't sure what to make of that. She had said what was on her mind, and now she could only wait.

Finally, Roxanne spoke: "Am I that much of a mystery to you?" When Lauren said nothing, the redhead continued, her voice filled with emotion: "I am, aren't I?"

This time Lauren found her voice. "Sometimes I can tell what you're thinking before you think it. Sometimes I just know what you're going to do. But this time I don't know, and I really need you to tell me. If you don't feel the same way as I do, that's all right, we'll still be best friends."

The look on Roxanne's face went from bemused to determined. She took both Lauren's hands in her own and looked her in the eyes.

"Lauren, I love you. I'm not falling for you, I've already fallen. I was in love with you before I got on the plane in New York. Do you think I haven't considered the consequences? I have. And I don't care! I just want to be yours. I've tried to tell you so many times this week, but I was so afraid you'd hate me." Tears were streaming down her cheeks now.

Lauren gathered the smaller woman into her arms and held her tightly as she rocked back and forth.

"Shush, it's all right. Don't cry, baby."

Roxanne was now racked by sobbing. Her emotions seemed to have overwhelmed her, as if the release of putting into words all she'd been feeling had been too much for her. Lauren held her and rocked her, letting the sobs subside. When Roxanne had been quiet awhile, Lauren released her and looked down at her. She wiped the tears from Roxanne's face and bent down to kiss her nose.

No more words were needed. Lauren offered her arm and Roxanne took it, placing her head on Lauren's shoulder. They walked back to the hotel unaware of anything around them.




The room was dark when they walked in. Lauren flipped on the lights and Roxanne made a beeline for the bathroom. Lauren went to the kitchenette and made drinks. This called for something special and she knew just what she wanted to do. It was wicked and hot and she knew Roxanne would never forget it. She wanted to repay Roxanne for having the courage to speak and setting her mind to rest.

Lauren took a drink in each hand and headed out into the living space. Roxanne emerged from the bathroom looking a lot happier, and Lauren handed her a glass of wine. The smaller woman accepted her drink and took a sip. Lauren smiled down at her and gave her a mischievous wink.

"When I get back from the bathroom I expect you to have that glass empty," Lauren said, taking Roxanne's chin in her hand.

"I don't think that's such a good idea--" the redhead


Lauren interrupted her. In the sternest voice she could muster, Lauren said, "I didn't ask you what you thought. I told you to have it empty when I get back, didn't I?"

"Yes," Roxanne replied meekly.

"Good. Now drink up and I'll be right back." And after that Lauren walked into the bathroom.

Lauren relieved herself in the bathroom and finished her drink. She washed her face with a damp cloth and examined herself critically. Are you ready? she thought. She shook her head at her reflection and laughed. Too bad, because here we go. She dropped her smile and tried to make her face expressionless. Roxanne had apparently enjoyed the other evening, when Lauren had assumed control of everything as a stern domme. The problem was whether Lauren could control her own emotions in Roxanne's presence. Lauren expected that once she was face to face with Roxanne, she would have to fight the impulse to smile or to take Roxanne in her arms. Lauren understood her sternness would fulfill her lover, but the role still seemed strange to her.

She opened the door and walked into the room to find Roxanne standing exactly where she'd left her, the empty glass in her hand. Lauren walked up to her, and when Roxanne smiled shyly at her, Lauren took the glass out of her hand, stuck her forefinger in the glass and wet it in the small amount at the bottom. She gave Roxanne her fiercest look, which caused the small woman to visibly pale.

"Does this look empty to you?" Lauren asked, her voice filled with a false sweetness.

"No," Roxanne whispered.

Lauren held her finger out. The red liquid formed a drop that threatened to fall to the carpet.

"Finish it," Lauren commanded.

Roxanne reached out to take hold of Lauren's hand with her own, but Lauren slapped Roxanne's hand away with her free hand. "I didn't give you permission to touch me. Just suck it off," she said sternly.

Roxanne leaned forward hesitantly and opened her mouth. She closed her eyes, and in a moment Lauren felt the redhead's soft lips close over her finger. Roxanne's tongue swirled around her finger while she sucked softly. She treated Lauren's finger like a miniature cock, sucking and licking as she cleaned the finger thoroughly. Lauren shivered as the sensations traveled from her finger to her brain and then rippled out all over her body. She withdrew her finger with an audible pop and dipped it back into the wine glass.

When Lauren extended her finger this time, she had no need to say a word. Roxanne quickly enveloped the stiff finger and began to suck. The little redhead's soft tongue and warm mouth made Lauren tingle. Roxanne seemed so willing and so eager to please. Lauren almost felt guilty about the deep feelings of contentment and excitement that Roxanne's submissiveness evoked within her. She felt flattered to be the center of this woman's attention.

After a while, Lauren pulled her finger out of Roxanne's sucking mouth. "Go get your collar," Lauren said, her voice husky. She was more excited than she'd realized. Roxanne looked at her for a split second, and then scampered off to her own room.

Lauren walked over to the dresser and rummaged around. She found what she wanted, and turned just as Roxanne reentered the room. The manacles dangled from her finger as she watched the smaller woman. Roxanne froze in her tracks and then came closer.

Lauren held out her other hand and Roxanne placed her collar in Lauren's outstretched palm.

"Why don't you take off that dress?" Lauren said. It was phrased as a question, but Roxanne seemed to understand it was an order.

The little redhead quickly removed her dress and stood there in her lingerie shifting her weight nervously from foot to foot. She wore red tonight. Her bra was red satin, and Lauren liked the way it seemed to sculpt the large tits, uplifting them and really defining the cleavage. A red lace garter belt held up the stockings, and Lauren wondered how she could have ever not appreciated what lingerie did for a woman. Roxanne's panties were also satin and matched the bra. The were high-cut and thin and clinging, and Lauren could see her lover's little mount clearly defined.

"Very nice," Lauren said. She stuffed the collar inside her pocket. She walked around to stand behind Roxanne, appraising the redhead's body. The panties barely covered the cheeks of Roxanne's ass. When Lauren lightly swatted one cheek, Roxanne jumped at the contact but did not emit a sound.

"Arms behind your back," Lauren said. She no longer affected a stern voice; she realized there was no need for it. She understood now that Roxanne would do as she asked without any extra effort on her part. The stern voice and stern expression were merely window dressing.

Lauren attached the cuffs to her lover's wrists and then shortened the chains until Roxanne's hands were crossed behind her back. Only a single link separated the metal D rings, giving the redhead only that link's amount of play. Lauren stepped back and admired her work. The black cuffs with their sturdy D rings and chain made a delicious contrast to the soft feminine lingerie and pale skin of her lover.

Lauren now moved back around Roxanne, taking her time and admiring the redhead as she made a complete circle around her. Roxanne was obviously made for sex, her body just the right size and shape, and with the cuffs on, Roxanne's sensuality seemed to burst forth. Lauren reached into her pocket and took out the collar. The black leather felt warm to her touch; she fingered the cold metal D ring set at the throat.

"Kneel," she said.

Without a word, Roxanne sank to her knees.

"Head up, please," Lauren commanded.

Lauren took the red cascade of hair in her hands, and held it up on Roxanne's head to expose the pale skin of her neck and shoulders. She then gently placed the collar around Roxanne's neck and pulled the strap through the silver buckle until it was snug. She did the buckle and tucked the excess under the band.

"Too tight?" she asked.

"No, it's fine," Roxanne said in a restrained voice.

"Good. Now stand up."

Roxanne rose slowly, balancing herself without using her arms. Lauren went back to the drawer and retrieved the blindfold, then crossed back to Roxanne and secured the blindfold around her head. She passed her hand in front of Roxanne's face.

"Can you see that?"

"No, I can't see anything," Roxanne said.

"Good," Lauren said. She let Roxanne remain there and wonder about what come next. Lauren had read in her little book that anticipation, and the sub's own imagination, could be more powerful than anything one actually did. Knowing Roxanne's incredible imagination, Lauren did not doubt it.

She moved around the room making preparations. Her plan tonight was to absolutely drive Roxanne wild. Her lover had made her so happy with her profession of love that Lauren wanted to do something very special for her. She knew the redhead wanted her to be dominant. Lauren found the idea exciting, but she realized that Roxanne's feelings were even stronger and deeper. Tonight Lauren wanted to bring Roxanne more pleasure than she could handle, a outward display of the profound inner feelings Lauren had for her.

Lauren went to Roxanne's room, took the cushions off the settee and tossed them on the bed. She took the cushions off her own settee and added them to the others, and then she took the restraints she'd bought and secured them to the bed's four posts. She made sure to make plenty of noise, and she occasionally caught Roxanne cocking her head and listening. She piled the cushions up in the middle of the bed and stood back to admire her work. Satisfied with that, she went to the bar and fixed herself another drink.

After she had her drink, Lauren pulled over the small chair from her bedside and sat down in front of Roxanne. She sipped her drink and remained as quiet as she could, just watching the little redhead. The blindfolded woman turned her head from side to side, apparently trying to hear what was going on.

When Lauren finished her drink, she walked over to the dresser. She placed her glass on the counter and took out the slim vibrator she'd bought. She walked back to her bound lover and stood behind her. A visible shiver ran through Roxanne.

Lauren pulled the red hair back, and brushed her lips over Roxanne's shoulder. Another shiver ran through the smaller woman's body. Lauren kissed gently up to Roxanne's neck and then to the sensitive spot behind her ear. Lauren lingered there for a bit, kissing, and eventually softly licking. She breathed softly on the bound woman's earlobe and was rewarded by a sharp intake of breath. She continued to lick and nibble on Roxanne's ear, while sliding her hands around the redhead's small waist. She pulled Roxanne tightly against her body. She now placed her right hand on the crotch of Roxanne's panties with her index finger stiffened. Her left hand holding the vibrator, she placed it on her right hand. She did not want Roxanne to know about the vibrator just yet.

Lauren pressed her finger inward, forcing the slick fabric of the panties between the outer lips. She could feel the heat and moistness of the pussy. She was not surprised that merely being bound and blindfolded had excited Roxanne to such an extent. She very slowly flexed her finger, forcing the wet material against her lover's cunt while gently licking her earlobe. Roxanne moaned softly.

Now Lauren brought her hand slowly up Roxanne's body while pushing against her hip with the heel of her other hand. She could feel the soft skin under her hand. Roxanne's body jerked when Lauren's fingers reached her bra and trailed over it and up to her head, where Lauren caught her jaw and turned her head to kiss her. As her lips pressed against Roxanne's, the smaller woman's lips parted instantly for Lauren's probing tongue.

Lauren's tongue probed her lover's mouth, sliding over her teeth and searching the hollows for traces of the sweet wine she had consumed earlier. Roxanne's tongue stroked her tongue, giving it full access to her mouth but also struggling with it. Lauren trailed her hand back down and cupped one of Roxanne's breasts. She could feel the weight of it straining against the confining material of the bra. She lifted the breast and gently squeezed it, causing Roxanne to whimper into her mouth.

Lauren felt a thrill run through her own body, a thrill of excitement like none she had experienced before. It was partly sexual, but on a deeper level it was the thrill of being in total control, the thrill of a heady sense of power. She realized that she, and she alone, controlled how much pleasure her lover would receive. She could tease her for hours, denying her sweet release, or she could see how many climaxes she could wring from the smaller woman. The fact that Roxanne had given her this power, voluntarily placing herself in Lauren's hands, made it all the more intoxicating. She had seen the hungry looks the men in the club had given Roxanne, and it was a massive boost to her ego that she was the one who excited the redhead.

She pressed back on Roxanne's hip with her hand, forcing the redhead's shapely ass tightly against her own pelvis. The smaller woman ground herself against Lauren's body, her manacled hands attempting to fondle Lauren's sex. Lauren continued to knead Roxanne's breast as she brought her left hand upwards. She removed her hand from Roxanne's breast long enough to twist the vibrator on before capturing the breast in her hand again. With her left hand she traced the very tip of the vibrator along Roxanne's thigh. The contact caused the redhead to stiffen momentarily and then relax again. As they continued to kiss, Lauren moved her hand from breast to breast, stroking, kneading, and rubbing. She could feel the hard pebbles of her lover's nipples, and she paid them special attention. She moved the vibrator up along Roxanne's leg until it crossed the elastic leg band of her panties. She moved it up past the waistband and lightly along Roxanne's belly. This produced a moan and some squirming from the ticklish captive. The moan turned into a gasp of pleasure as Lauren made the last inches in a quick leap and pressed the tip of the vibrator against one Roxanne's straining nipples. Lauren broke the sensuous kiss and placed her lips on Roxanne's shoulder. Her hands worked in concert now as she used the vibrator and her fingers to tease and titillate the redhead's breasts. Each time the vibrator passed over one of the nipples, the little redhead whimpered. Each time it happened, Lauren found that helpless exclamation to be incredibly erotic. She licked and nibbled along the line of Roxanne's shoulder to her neck as she continued to work over her lover's tits.

Lauren now hooked her thumbs into Roxanne's bra and tugged it down. She took her time, careful not to lose her grip on the vibrator. In a moment she had the cups underneath their charges, forcing the big breasts up and out. She looked down as she kissed Roxanne's neck to see the naked tits. The long stimulation was apparent, the breasts appearing tight, the veins underneath the pale skin more prominent. The nipples were hard and extended, the puckering of the tight aureoles forcing the nipples out even farther.

Lauren captured a nipple between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed. She released the pressure and squeezed again, this time harder. Roxanne moaned loudly and arched her back. Lauren held the captive nipple tightly and then applied the tip of the vibrator to it. A ragged, gurgling cry tore from Roxanne's lips as she threw herself forward to escape Lauren's arms. The bound woman stumbled forward and collapsed to the floor when her heel caught in the carpet.

"Are you all right?" Lauren asked as she rushed over to check on Roxanne.

The redhead's breathing was ragged, and she seemed unable to speak. Lauren grasped her ankle and checked it, but she could detect nothing wrong.

"It's all right," Roxanne said, her voice husky.

"Apparently you're too free for your own good. We'll just have to do something about that, won't we?" Lauren said with a chuckle.

"I'm going to get you for that teasing," Roxanne said in a determined voice. There was no rancor in it, and Lauren laughed again. She rose, helped Roxanne to her feet, and then led her blindfolded captive to the bed.

Lauren now hooked her fingers into the waistband of the red panties and slid them slowly down Roxanne's legs. She helped the bound redhead step out of the panties, smirking when she noticed the panties were drenched with Roxanne's juices and smelled strongly of her arousal.

Lauren stroked her lover's hip. "Now I'm going to help you onto the bed, baby. I want you to turn to face the headboard on your knees once you're up, okay?"

"Yes," Roxanne said, her voice a weak murmur.

The small woman maneuvered her body until she sat on her feet facing the headboard. Lauren pulled out the restraints and placed them near her lover's ankles.

"Up on your knees, Roxy."

Roxanne immediately rose up to a kneeling position. Lauren pulled her feet apart abruptly and fastened the leather cuff around her left ankle. The heavy black cuff made a distinct contrast to Roxanne's pale skin. Lauren gently touched the cool metal ring set into the leather, and traced her fingers up Roxanne's calf. She moved to the other side of the bed and attached the second cuff. She then took the pull strap in her hand and began to put steady pressure on it. The slack came out quickly, and then as she continued to pull, Roxanne's leg began to moves towards her.

"Hey!" the redhead said, trying to keep her balance.

Lauren went to the other side and did the same. She could feel Roxanne fighting her, but the straps were tough and she was able to use her whole body while her captive had only the strength of her thighs. Roxanne's ankles were inexorably pulled towards the corners of the bed, forcing her crotch lower and lower. Lauren made the final tugs carefully to align Roxanne's body with the four cushions in front of her on the bed. When she was done, she stood back to admire her work. Roxanne was kneeling now with her ankles pulled towards the corners of the bed. She looked absolutely helpless, and Lauren felt herself becoming wet with excitement.

Moving to the foot of the bed, Lauren climbed up behind her pretty captive. She scooted between Roxanne's spread legs and found that she could bring her own crotch right up to Roxanne's soft ass without Roxanne's legs getting in the way. She leaned forward and kissed Roxanne's ear and slipped her hands around to gently fondle Roxanne's breasts. The smaller woman shivered as she pressed her ass back against Lauren.

Lauren was content to remain as she was awhile, nibbling on Roxanne's ears and slowly fondling her heavy tits. Her own nipples were pressed into Roxanne's back, and every movement of the smaller woman caused pleasure to shoot through the nipples as Roxanne's skin dragged across them. Before long the redhead was moaning, her hips thrusting back uncontrollably.

"Ready for a surprise?" Lauren whispered into her lover's ear.

"Yesss..." Roxanne hissed.

Lauren released her hold on her lover's breasts and deftly unsnapped the bra. Roxanne's ragged breathing told Lauren the redhead was approaching orgasm. She again envied Roxanne for the ease with which she orgasmed. Lauren now pressed upward on her legs and thrust her upper body forward. Roxanne yelped in surprise as she fell forward, her body brought up short of the bed by the cushion of pillows. Lauren caught her own body on her outstretched arms but kept her hips thrusting hard against Roxanne's shapely ass.

"You sneak!" Roxanne exclaimed, laughing.

Lauren smiled and climbed off the small woman. Roxanne now lay on the pillows, her ass thrust high into the air, her red hair spilled out onto the white comforter. Lauren admired the redhead a moment, and then unhooked Roxanne's arms and removed the bra.

Before Roxanne could use her arms to push herself up, Lauren seized her right wrist and slapped a cuff on it. She then made her way around the bed to the other side while Roxanne struggled to free her right hand. Lauren grabbed Roxanne's left arm and pulled it to the cuff. Again her superior strength won out, and in a moment her lover's left hand was secured.

"What are you up to?" Roxanne asked. trying to raise herself.

Lauren took up the slack and began to pull on the strap.

"Hey! No! Stop!" Roxanne cried, fighting with all her strength now.

Lauren leaned back, using her weight and strength, and slowly Roxanne's wrist inched towards the post. When Lauren was sure that hand was taken care of, she hurried to the other side and began to take the slack up there. Roxanne bounced and fought, but the cuff slowly moved toward the corner post. Lauren stopped only when Roxanne had hardly any room to struggle. Moving to the cushions, Lauren pushed and tugged until the cushions rested against the fronts of Roxanne's thighs.

"I'm going to get you for this," the redhead panted.

"Really?" Lauren said. She took two lengths of white rope from the bed and tied one securely to the bed rail.

"Really," Roxanne groaned, with no conviction in her voice.

Lauren laughed as she wound the rope around Roxanne's lower thigh. She pulled the rope tight and moved to the other side of the bed. She repeated the process on that side and then returned to the straps and began to pull. The last of the slack in Roxanne's body began to be pulled out. As she was stretched forward, Roxanne's upper body was pulled down onto the bed, which forced her ass even higher. Lauren then repeated the process on the other side.

"You need to learn not to make threats when you're at my mercy," Lauren said, chuckling quietly. She stood back and wiped her brow. This had been more exercise than she'd expected, but the result surpassed her wildest hopes. Roxanne was on her knees with her beautiful ass stretched taut and thrust up into the air, her chest resting flat on the bed so that her flattened breasts were hidden. Her head was turned towards Lauren and her hair was a mess.

Lauren now moved to the foot of the bed and examined the results from that angle. Roxanne's ass was high and her pussy open and exposed. Lauren could see the puffy coral lips and the delicate pink inner walls. The lips were gaping slightly with Roxanne's arousal, the inside showing the slick sheen of Roxanne's juices.

"So you're going to get me, eh?" Lauren said as she moved back to the side of the bed.

Roxanne groaned. "You bet your behind I am!"

Lauren retrieved the paddle from the dresser and stood next to the bed. She ran her hand gently over Roxanne's smooth buttocks.

"You mean you want revenge for my being so nice?" Lauren asked with mock hurt in her voice.

"Really, Lauren, I'm going to make you pay for this."

"Well, if you don't appreciate my efforts, I suppose I should let you go, or at least remove your blindfold." Lauren placed the paddle on the comforter and removed Roxanne's blindfold. She tossed the blindfold to the floor and smiled. "There, are we friends again?"

Roxanne raised her head and stuck her tongue out.

"Ooh, insult or invitation?" Lauren asked with a chuckle. She had her hand on the paddle and she now pulled it into Roxanne's view. "Think very carefully before you answer," Lauren said, arching an eyebrow and smacking the leather paddle into her palm.

Roxanne's eyes went wide. Lauren smiled and moved the paddle slowly back and forth in front of the redhead's eyes. Like a bird held in thrall to a snake's gaze, Roxanne's head followed the black paddle wherever it went. She seemed to be trying to speak, but no words came out.

Finally, Roxanne said, "Lauren, you can't! Not like this. You'll kill me!"

"Insult? Or invitation?" Lauren said, allowing the cool leather to graze Roxanne's ass after she trailed it down Roxanne's back.

"Invitation," Roxanne said in a whisper.

Lauren gave her a wicked grin. "Thank you, lover, I appreciate the invitation. I never dreamed of using this on you, but since you're inviting me, how can I refuse?"

Roxanne protested. "No!"

But Lauren had already moved from her sight. The redhead

struggled to turn her head, but she had almost no room to move in the position she was in. Lauren trailed the paddle over the up-thrust ass and a moan escaped Roxanne's lips.

Lauren laughed. "I think you're looking forward to this, aren't you, you little minx?" She withdrew the paddle three inches from Roxanne's right cheek and snapped it to her skin with a flick of her wrist. The blow was not hard, probably did not even sting, but Roxanne flinched nonetheless.

"Admit it, you want it, don't you?" Lauren teased.

"No, please..."

Lauren trailed her bare hand over the smooth ass and down to Roxanne's slick wet sex. She pressed a finger against the opening and it slipped easily into the hot pussy. Lauren pulled the finger out and held it in front of Roxanne's face.

"Not excited at all, eh?' Lauren said.

Roxanne blushed crimson and shook her head. Lauren pressed her finger to her lover's lips, looked into those green eyes and held the redhead's gaze.

"You know what to do," Lauren said.

Roxanne hesitantly opened her mouth to accept the finger. She sucked and licked Lauren's finger clean of her own juices, which thrilled Lauren. Besides the sensuous caress of her lover's tongue on her finger, the knowledge that Roxanne was tasting herself as she did it made Lauren very wet. She realized this kind of control could be addictive.

When her finger was clean, she pulled it gently from Roxanne's mouth. She stepped back and again massaged Roxanne's up-thrust derriere.

"Ten again? Or more, I think," Lauren said thoughtfully.

"Please..." the little redhead whimpered.

Lauren lined up the paddle and swung it hard against one cheek. The thin whistling sound ended in a shocking splat that sent ripples through Roxanne's buttock. Roxanne screamed in anguish.

Not so hard, Lauren reminded herself as she gingerly caressed Roxanne's ass cheek. Enraptured, Lauren watched as a red welt appeared on the pale skin.

"How many is that?" Lauren asked.

Roxanne answered in a breathless voice: "One."

Lauren nodded and reluctantly removed her hand from Roxanne's ass. She delivered the second blow with less force, but it still caused Roxanne to cry out.

"How many?" Lauren asked again.

"Two," Roxanne said in a voice that nearly cracked.

At this point Lauren wondered if she ought to stop. The anguish in her lover's voice was almost more than she could stand, but she noticed that Roxanne's pussy was wetter than before, and that her sex-lips gaped wider. She likes it, Lauren thought. Roxanne obviously liked it.

Lauren landed a third and fourth blow, and with each blow, Roxanne counted the number between clenched teeth. By the time Lauren reached ten, the little redhead's face was streaked with tears. Lauren put the paddle down and gently rubbed the scarlet cheeks of her lover's ass. The fierce heat that radiated nearly made her pull her hand back. Her lover's skin felt hot and at the same time as smooth as heated velvet. Roxanne's sex was completely drenched with her juices.

Lauren put away the paddle and went to the bathroom to get some baby oil. She had plans for this too, but rubbing it in to soothe the hurt was a good subterfuge. Her own pussy was on fire and she gently fingered herself through her pants. She was tempted to give herself an orgasm but she decided to wait. She had further plans for Roxanne, and her own excitement would make her more attentive to Roxanne's needs.

She returned to the bedside and admired Roxanne's scarlet ass and soaked pussy for a few brief moments. She popped the cap of the bottle of baby oil and poured a generous amount of the slippery liquid on her palm. She then gently began to massage Roxanne's ass, working her fingers deeply into the hot flesh and causing grunts of pain mingled with pleasure to issue from her Roxanne's lips. Soon Lauren's hands were dry, but this time she squirted more oil directly onto Roxanne's buttocks.

Roxanne made a sound of pleasure. "Mmm..."

"You like, baby?"

"It feels cool. You really tore me up, you know."

"And you loved it, didn't you?" Lauren coated the redhead's ass with the slippery oil. She worked it into the crack, her fingers pressing gently on the little rosebud. To her delight, Roxanne's ass thrust back against her fingers.

Lauren now withdrew her hands and wiped them dry on a towel. Roxanne's ass glowed in the soft light, and Lauren had to force herself not to skip right to the climax rather than stick to her game plan. The red straps of Roxanne's garters framed her ass so perfectly, Lauren ached to plant a kiss on each cheek.

"Now what sort of punishment should you get for lying to me?" Lauren said thoughtfully.

"Punishment? Lauren, no! I can't take anymore. That was wonderful, but any more will really be painful."

"Hmm, not the paddle, then. Ah, I have it," she said, and walked back to the dresser. She retrieved one of the few things she'd picked out without Angela's help. She took it and walked back to the bed, sitting on the edge near Roxanne's head. "Do you know what this is?" Lauren asked. She was holding a long thin tube of gray cardboard. The top was like a poster tube and featured a tiny pull ring. She stroked it softly in front of her captives face. Roxanne's eyes were glued to it and filled with apprehension.

"No," Roxanne said, her tongue wetting her suddenly dry lips.

"You don't? Pity, I bought it especially for you," Lauren said as she continued to stroke the tube.

"You did?" Roxanne seemed nervous, her eyes were glued to Lauren's fingers.

Lauren smiled. "Oh yes. Would you like to see it?"

"Yes." Roxanne whispered.

Lauren popped off the lid and reached in with two fingers. With agonizing slowness, she withdrew a long purple feather that came to a fine point. She gently preened it.

"NO!" Roxanne cried out.

"Oh yes," Lauren said with a wicked laugh.

"Don't you dare, I'll scream my head off!" Roxanne's eyes were wide with fear.

"Party pooper," Lauren said in a disappointed voice. She set the feather on the bed in front of Roxanne's terrified eyes and moved to her dresser. With a few deft motions she tore open a package and returned to the bed. She sat back down and smiled sweetly. With a quick movement, her hand shot out and pinched Roxanne's nose shut. When the startled redhead opened her mouth, Lauren's other hand quickly jammed a red ball-gag into the open mouth. She pulled the straps back and fastened them behind Roxanne's head as Roxanne protested into the gag. Lauren then picked up the feather and ran her fingers in a caress up the outside of it.

"Now where were we? Oh yes, your punishment. This should do nicely. It's funny, I picked that little gag up because you're so loud when you come. Aren't you glad I did?"

Lauren lightly traced the tip of the feather along Roxanne's armpit. The bound girl reacted violently, throwing herself against the bonds with hysterical strength. Her frantic eyes pleaded with her captor in such a piteous way that Lauren had to force herself to look away. Lauren continued to trace along the sensitive armpit and then down Roxanne's side. The entire bed shook as Roxanne lunged against the cuffs.

Lauren continued for a minute or more, until Roxanne was thrashing so hard Lauren feared her lover would hurt herself. She stopped and rubbed the areas she had tickled until Roxanne calmed a bit. The redhead's lovely skin was covered with a thin sheen of sweat.

Lauren now moved to the foot of the bed, where she noticed her lover's frantic struggles had produced some slack in the restraints. Lauren quickly took out the slack before the exhausted Roxanne could take advantage of it. Now for the wicked part, Lauren thought as she climbed onto the bed between her captive's spread legs. Lauren was now behind Roxanne, on her hands and knees with her face inches from Roxanne's overheated sex. The labia were puffy and gaped open a little, and the delicate aroma of arousal was intoxicating. Lauren took the feather and traced it along one of the coral lips.

Roxanne screamed into her gag and lunged forward, but the tightened restraints did not allow her to break contact with the maddening feather. Lauren traced the other lip and then lightly dusted her mound. The girl's body plunged forward again, shaking the entire bed, but Lauren knew from her earlier struggles that Roxanne would not get away. She returned the feather to the top of her lovers slit, and with a delicate back and forth motion, traced down along the lips.

Roxanne again screamed into the gag.

Lauren continued the maddening torture for several more moments before stopping. Roxanne's taut body now sagged in her bonds. Her pussy was red now and inflamed, the lips very puffy and gaping wide. Lauren could see the delicate pink of the inner labia. She allowed Roxanne to rest and recuperate for some time, and then she applied the tip of the feather to the inner folds.

Roxanne's body went taut, straining with almost superhuman effort to escape the terrible feather. Her struggle was to no avail, and soon Lauren had reduced the redhead to shuddering ragged breaths. Roxanne's pussy was soaked, a thin rivulet of her juices running down her inner thigh. The coral lips were now an angry red, and they gaped open so much Lauren could make out the hood that protected her clit. Lauren used her finger to spread Roxanne's lips, and then she applied the devilish feather directly to her lover's clitoris.

A long, screeching moan came out of Roxanne's throat. The sound was audible through the gag, but Lauren also saw the signs that Roxanne was about to come. The redhead's hips jogged and her thighs began to spasm as the orgasm arrived. When Lauren stopped the stimulation, Roxanne's body immediately sagged into her bonds again.

Lauren then rose and returned the feather to its case. Roxanne's eyes were closed and she barely stirred when Lauren removed the gag. The redhead's breath came in desperate gulps, her brow covered in sweat. Lauren soothed her, whispering how much she loved her and how beautiful she was.

After that Lauren rose again and quickly stripped out of her clothing. She took the harness from the drawer and stepped into it. The large vibrator attached to the inner harness sliced easily into her soaked vagina. When she had the harness buckled, she turned and walked back to the bed aware of the feel of the heavy cock and the vibrator inside her vagina.

She climbed back onto the bed, and on her knees she pressed the head of the cock to Roxanne's swollen lips. Lauren stroked the phallus slowly up and down the wet sex until Roxanne moaned.

"Ready, baby?" Lauren asked.


"Please what?"

"Please fuck me," Roxanne hissed as she tried to force herself back on the big cock.

Lauren picked up the bottle of baby oil and poured some into Roxanne's ass crack. She worked the oil in, massaging the anus with her thumb. She then poured a liberal amount onto the cock itself and worked the oil along the shaft.


"Yes!" Roxanne groaned.

Lauren smiled as she ran the tip the big cock up her lover's slit. She dipped just the head into the quivering pussy, and then moved the tip up and pressed the head firmly against Roxanne's rosebud.

Roxanne moaned. "Lauren..."

"Yes, love?"

"What are you doing?" Roxanne moaned again as Lauren worked the head firmly against her anus.

"What you wanted, of course. I'm going to fuck your cute little bum," Lauren said with a chuckle.

"Cheater!" Roxanne cried.

"You lie, I cheat, we make the perfect couple," Lauren said as she moved her knees forward until they were touching the cushions. She held the cock steady on target and slowly pressed forward with her hips.

"Oh please... go easy," Roxanne groaned.

Lauren found it difficult to hold the head on target and still get enough purchase to enter the redhead's ass without ramming in. Finally she managed to get her weight behind it at the right angle, and she slowly forced her way forward. Lauren had never seen anything so incredibly erotic in her entire life. She watched enraptured as Roxanne's sphincter slowly gave way to allow the big black head of the cock to slide slowly inside.

When the head was all the way in, Lauren saw her lover's ass close onto the shaft and grip it tightly. Lauren was now reminded of the harness's unique features when Roxanne pressed back and the nubs on the inside of the harness forced themselves against Lauren's soaked cunt.

Lauren now removed her hand from the shaft and gripped Roxanne's slippery hips. She pressed forward again. Looking down, she was able to watch as inch by inch the black intruder entered Roxanne's bum. Roxanne was groaning and grunting, making animal sounds in her throat as her rectum was slowly filled and stretched by the hard latex cock. Lauren finally worked the whole thing in except for the base. She pulled back experimentally, watching the ring of Roxanne's anus hold onto the cock as if refusing to let it go.

Lauren held Roxanne's hips to lever herself back in after withdrawing. She loved the way the garter belt framed the up-thrust ass. She wanted to grab the belt and use it for purchase, but she was afraid she'd ruin it. She withdrew most of the length of her cock and stopped. She added a liberal amount of baby oil to the exposed shaft and pressed back in.

"Oh God," Roxanne groaned.

"Ready for some real fucking?" Lauren asked huskily.

"Yes. Do me. Fuck me silly. I love it and I love you," Roxanne said through clenched teeth.

That was all Lauren needed to hear. She pulled back and rammed forward, causing Roxanne to yelp. Lauren paid no attention; the fucking was too hot, too much, more delicious than she'd imagined. She established a rhythm to her liking, long, hard, deep thrusts as she held onto Roxanne's quivering hips. The friction of the cock forcing it's way in, and Roxanne's inner muscles trying to hold it in, were translated through the cock to the harness and directly to Lauren's clit.

A few minutes of mad thrusting and Lauren could feel her cunt begin to clench and unclench. Her body spasmed once, then again, and then a monster orgasm hit her. She rode the red waves of pleasure this time, not even trying to fight them. A second orgasm began before the first had subsided, and she lost all track of time as the intense pleasure crashed through her system.

She realized she was still pounding into Roxanne. The poor woman was now nearly mad with desire, babbling incoherently. Bound as she was, she could get no friction on her clit. The night's teasing was beginning to break down her sanity. Lauren reached down and grabbed the vibrator she had started the evening with. She flipped it on and pulled back until just the tip of her cock was in her lover. In a single motion she inserted the humming vibrator into Roxanne's drenched cunt and thrust forward with her cock. Roxanne began to come in less than two strokes. Lauren slammed the cock into her with brutal force as the vibrator sent her into a wild orgasm.

Lauren continued to pump Roxanne's ass until the redhead's body slumped in her bonds. Then Lauren slowly withdrew the cock and the vibrator and she switched the vibrator off. Roxanne lay there quivering as Lauren removed the harness and then undid the restraints.

Now Lauren began to worry because Roxanne hadn't said a word. She rolled the redhead's limp body over and kicked the cushions off the bed. Roxanne's face was red, her breathing still ragged and shallow.

Lauren cradled her lover's small body in her arms and rocked her like a child while whispering nonsensical endearments to her. Eventually Roxanne's eyes fluttered open. She stared up unseeing for a few heartbeats and then blinked. A quiet moan escaped her lips. Lauren kissed her forehead and felt an after-shock rock Roxanne's small frame.

"Roxy?" Lauren asked quietly.

"Hmmm?" Roxanne said in a dreamy voice.

"Are you all right?"

"I think you orgasmed me to death."

Lauren looked down, but Roxanne gave her a soft reassuring smile. Lauren kissed her gently on the lips.

"Sleep, pumpkin. Tomorrow is another day."


"Yes, baby?"

"Did I pass the audition?"

"Yes, baby, you passed." And then Lauren added, "Will you marry me?"

"Yes," Roxanne said with a smile. Her eyes closed in contentment as her exhausted body and mind were claimed by Morpheus for the night.




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