Ciana Rose's Erotic Stories


One Night At The Jefferson

By Colleen Thomas

All Rights Reserved


Part 2 of 3


When Lauren awoke for the second time, the morning's light had faded, and the gentle pattering of a summer shower quietly splashed against the window. The stereo was still playing her Enigma disk and the quiet hum of the air-conditioner could barely be heard. Roxanne's gentle breathing was almost inaudible.

Lauren slipped out of the bed and padded quietly to the bathroom. She wet a washrag and wiped her face and then eyed herself critically in the mirror. She looked exactly like she had the day before. A smile played at her lips as she wondered if she ought to have expected any difference.

When she returned to the room, she made her way quietly to the kitchenette and started a pot of coffee brewing. Soon the warm and comforting smell of the fresh coffee filled the tiny space. She poured herself a cup and sat quietly in the chair near the bed. Roxanne was still snuggled under the covers, and all Lauren could see of her was her hair and one foot. Lauren took a sip of her coffee and considered her feelings.

The events of last night were still vividly impressed upon her mind. She was not exactly sure where to begin in sorting out how she felt. Her mind was focused on the immediate consequences. She wondered how Roxanne would react when she awoke. As much as she loved her friend, she could not yet tell how she would react to situations.

Love? Lauren wondered if that was what she felt. If she did, she knew it would be a significant lifestyle change for her. She wondered if Roxanne would leave New York and come to live with her. How would she explain that to her friends and her parents? She shuddered slightly. That was something she did not want to deal with.

You're putting the cart before the horse, she thought. She chuckled to herself as she sipped more of the coffee.

Snap out of it, you'll soon be talking to yourself, she thought, shaking her head. She was surprised that one night could do this to her. The feelings she was experiencing were intense to be sure, but more so than the feelings caused by her other affairs? She wasn't certain. She was certain only that if she kept dissecting herself, she would go mad.

She finished her coffee and rose carefully. She walked towards the bed almost on tiptoe. She smiled at the sleeping figure for a few seconds and then jumped on the bed with a sharp cry, landing across her smaller friend's legs and grabbing the foot that was protruding from the blankets. Before Roxanne could wake up or even assimilate anything, Lauren began to tickle her.

Roxanne shrieked and tried to roll away, but she was no match for Lauren and was soon reduced to screaming giggles.

"Wake up!" Lauren said, trying to make herself heard above the redhead's hysterical shrieks.

"Stop!" Roxanne screamed.



"Are you sure?"

"Yes!" I'm awake... I promise!"

Lauren traced her index finger along Roxanne's instep, eliciting another shriek. She released Roxanne's foot and rose quickly, and Roxanne curled up into a ball on the bed. Lauren laughed as she went to the kitchenette, picking up her mug on the way. She poured herself another cup and made one for Roxanne. She was pleased that her smaller lover was as ticklish as she had claimed. Lauren made a mental note of it for future use. She felt devilish.

When Lauren returned to the bed, Roxanne was propped up on the pillows. Lauren smiled at her lover. Roxanne was such a contradiction: her eyes were glued to Lauren's body, but at the same time she had the covers demurely pulled up to her neck. Lauren sat on the bed and handed Roxanne her mug.

"That was just mean," Roxanne said as she accepted the cup of coffee.

"It was just fun, you mean," Lauren said with a broad smile.

"I'll get you for that."

"Get me back? I still owe you for the teasing you gave me last night!"

Lauren was gratified to see Roxanne's cheeks turn a beautiful shade of red. She loved the way Roxanne, who could be such a little minx in bed, would blush at the drop of a hat. It was just one facet of Roxanne's personality that Lauren found charming. She'd had some inkling of what Roxanne was really like from their long conversations, but it was delightful to learn about Roxanne first hand.

"So what do you want to do today?" Roxanne asked, trying to change the subject.

"Well, first I'm going to take you to breakfast, if I can ever get you out of the bed," Lauren replied with a wink. When Roxanne blushed even more, Lauren leaned over and kissed her forehead.

Then Lauren continued, "After that shopping, and then we're going to an Anne Rice book signing, and after that to the Ghost Light Tour."

"And after that?" Roxanne asked with a mischievous grin.

Lauren sipped her coffee and looked thoughtfully over the rim of the cup at Roxanne. She had been afraid that Roxanne would wake up regretting what had passed between them last night. Roxanne was such a sensitive soul and her reactions were very hard to predict. But when Lauren looked into Roxanne's eyes, she saw nothing of regret or fear. If anything, the penetrating gaze looked hungry.

"And then, my dear," Lauren said, "I'm bringing you back to my bed and fucking your brains out." She spoke slowly, enunciating each word with an extra emphasis on the word "fucking" while she intently watched Roxanne for her reaction. The little redhead's eyes grew wide and she colored furiously, looking down quickly. Lauren laughed and finished her coffee with a long swallow.

"Come on, finish your coffee, it's almost 10:00 and we don't want to miss breakfast," Lauren said.

"I think you just like making me blush," Roxanne said as she finished her coffee.



"I'm a what?" Lauren asked as she launched herself forward and dug her fingers into Roxanne's ribs.

"No!" Roxanne screeched as she burst out laughing.

"I'm a what?" Lauren asked as she continued to torture the smaller woman. Roxanne wiggled and squirmed as she tried to escape. Lauren thought quickly of what she would make Roxanne say to stop the torment. Lauren found herself enjoying her ability to exploit Roxanne's weakness whenever she wanted. So many times the little redhead had frustrated Lauren with her stubbornness. Roxanne's constant downplaying of her self and derogatory comments on her own appearance had been particular bones of contention. Then a wicked idea occurred to Lauren.

Did she dare go through with it? It would be great fun, she thought, but she wasn't sure how Roxanne would react. She remembered conversations about sex and Roxanne's veiled references to her submissive nature. Lauren was by no means dominant. She had always been passive with the men she dated. Although she'd occasionally wondered what it would be like to be in charge, she had never seriously entertained the idea of trying it.

She had Roxanne pinned now, and while she'd been thinking, she hadn't noticed that Roxanne had been reduced to tears. Lauren stopped and waited for the smaller woman to regain her breath and composure. Roxanne panting under her reminded Lauren of the night before, and Lauren suddenly and vividly remembered bringing her lover to orgasm while simulating intercourse. Remembering how wonderful it had felt to be in charge and to be able to make Roxanne feel that good, Lauren decided to carry out her idea.

"Say you're going to do exactly as I say for the rest of the day," Lauren said, her voice husky as she realized she was becoming aroused.


Rather than repeat herself, Lauren simply dug her fingers in again. She could feel the heavy boning of Roxanne's corset.

"All right!" Roxanne squealed, again trying to get away.

Lauren stopped immediately. She easily rolled Roxanne over on her back and looked directly into her eyes. She tried to keep her expression blank, but she was sure her eyes would betray how uncertain she was.

"You're going to do whatever I say for the rest of the day. Agreed?"

"Sure, just stop tickling me before I pee,' Roxanne replied smiling.

"Say it," Lauren said seriously.

"It!" Roxanne said with a laugh, and tried to throw Lauren off. Lauren dug her fingers in again. A few more shrieks and screams and Roxanne capitulated. "I agree, I agree!" Roxanne wailed.

Lauren stopped again. She chose her words with great care. "I'm serious, Roxy. The only way you're getting out of this bed is to promise to do what I say for the day," she said evenly. She watched her friend's face, ready to pass it off as a joke if she saw the least bit of hesitance. Roxanne smiled shyly and then surprised Lauren.

"I will do exactly as you say for the rest of the day, Lauren. But you didn't have to tickle me, all you had to do was ask," she said softly. She lowered her head away from Lauren's intent stare, coloring deeply.

Lauren placed her fingers on Roxanne's chin and gently lifted her face up. She stared into those deep green eyes, then lowered her head and kissed her. Roxanne's lips parted at the first touch of Lauren's and she gently sucked Lauren's tongue into her mouth. Lauren could taste the sweetness of the coffee and that other taste she was beginning to get used to, the sweet taste of Roxanne's mouth. Their tongues began to duel and Roxanne's hands went to Lauren's back.

"None of that, we'll miss breakfast," Lauren said as she broke the kiss. She rose and pulled Roxanne to her feet. She looked at her lover, who was still dressed in the corset and nylons she had worn the night before, and had a fleeting urge to return to bed with this lovely woman.

"Later," Lauren whispered in Roxanne's ear as she hugged her. "Now go get dressed and don't take too long." She slapped Roxanne's bare ass.

The smaller woman yelped and scurried off to her room, throwing Lauren a glance both reproachful and playful at the same time. Lauren watched her until the door closed and then relaxed. She hadn't realized it before, but she'd been so tense she had almost been holding her breath.

Her tickle attack had not been merely for the devilish fun of it, although she would have launched it without any ulterior motive. The reason for the tickling was that she hadn't wanted her new lover to wake up and immediately ponder her feelings about the night before. While she cared deeply for Roxanne, Lauren still hadn't solved many of the riddles of the smaller woman. In particular, Lauren had trouble deciding what Roxanne would react to and just how she would react.

The sex last night had been good, Lauren admitted to herself as she brushed her teeth, but it was not worth losing a friend for it. Roxanne had seemed so willing and Lauren was sure the redhead had enjoyed it. She wondered if Roxanne was thinking about last night while she dressed in the other room. Roxanne was such a sensitive soul. Would the implications of last night's lovemaking upset her? Lauren always had the disconcerting feeling that she was walking a thin line with Roxanne. Incidents that had happened online flashed through Lauren's mind as she put on her sandals. Always it was a misunderstanding; Roxanne had a penchant for thinking in terms of worst-case scenarios and reacting accordingly.

Lauren's musings were suddenly interrupted when Roxanne came into the room from her own. Lauren looked up and smiled at her.

"I swear, you're the only one in the world who goes on vacation and dresses up the whole time," Lauren said.

"Hush, I don't get to wear nice things much in my job, you know that," Roxanne replied as she walked over to the kitchenette and poured herself a cup of coffee.

Lauren's eyes followed Roxanne's movements of their own accord. Lauren realized she had never looked at another woman the way she was now looking at Roxanne. Roxanne wore a powder blue dress that fell to just below her knees. The skirt flared at the hips and had a scoop neck that revealed a good bit of cleavage. Black stockings and moderate heels accentuated her legs. From her trim waist and the way her breasts stood out, Lauren could tell Roxanne was again wearing a corset underneath. Lauren wondered if it was the same corset Roxanne had worn the previous evening.

Roxanne seemed oblivious to Lauren's appraising stare as she finished her cup of coffee with several large gulps. Lauren suspected there had been more than cream and sugar in it. When Roxanne turned to face her, Lauren could see her fears about Roxanne's reaction were justified. Roxanne's face showed a wealth of information for someone with Lauren's intuition and empathy. The redhead's smile was forced and her hands tapped nervously on the counter top.

Lauren considered her options, and after a few moments of thought, she decided she would have to do something or the day would be ruined. She advanced on Roxanne silently, her face blank. When she stopped moving, she was standing in front of the smaller woman.

"What's wrong?" Lauren asked quietly. Their bodies were only inches apart and Lauren became aware of the tension building between them. She had never experienced a relationship that provoked such a powerful emotional response. With something akin to dismay, she realized she was becoming sexually aroused again. Nothing in her experience had prepared her for such overwhelming feelings.

Roxanne seemed incapable of speech. Her mouth worked but no words would come. Lauren guessed Roxanne was feeling the same things she was.

"You've been thinking again, haven't you?" Lauren said, trying to get a smile from Roxanne to break the ice.

"I guess so." Roxanne seemed nervous.

"Roxy, I know we're both going to have to make some adjustments. To be honest, I am not sure how I'm going to deal with all of the implications, but if you withdraw into yourself, we're going to waste the time we have. No one in this city knows either of us, so why don't we put our concerns aside and try to enjoy the day?"

"Oh Lauren," Roxanne said, sliding her arms around Lauren's neck and hugging her fiercely. "I don't care about what others think, I was just afraid you wouldn't like me anymore." She gushed, relief evident in her voice.

Lauren chuckled as she pulled Roxanne close and held her tightly. It dawned on her that Roxanne's fears and anxiety had been over her feelings and not Roxanne's. Again, Lauren realized she still had a great deal to learn about this enigmatic woman who had so recently become her lover.

"You silly thing," was all Lauren could manage to say. She again wondered if what she was feeling was love.

Roxanne's body was pressed against hers and she enjoyed the closeness. She gently disengaged herself from the embrace. "Lets get going or we'll miss breakfast," she said.

Roxanne smiled and nodded. Lauren was forced to laugh at the expression on her face. Roxanne looked so happy that Lauren found herself feeling better than she had all morning.

They made their way down the hall to the elevator. The old gentleman was at the controls, and he smiled as he greeted them. "Good Morning, ladies. Lobby?" he asked as he tipped his hat.

"Please," Lauren said.




The dining room in the Jefferson was in keeping with the elegance of the foyer. White starched linen tablecloths covered the antique tables. The chairs were dark wood with red velvet upholstery. Red carpet covered most of the floor. The wait staff, dressed in the hotel's livery, scurried back and forth with trays of food. The walls were beige, with oil paintings of the river and scenes of the antebellum south carefully placed to draw the eye.

The dining room was already half full. No one was at the hostess station: a small placard on a wooden stand read "Please seat yourself".

Lauren quickly looked into the room, saw that the booths were all taken, and led Roxanne to a small table in the back, situated under an oil painting of a riverboat.

Lauren pulled out a chair and then turned to face Roxanne. The redhead gave her a questioning look. Lauren arched an eyebrow and indicated the chair with an almost imperceptible nod of her head. Roxanne colored and lowered her eyes when she realized that several people were watching them curiously.

"Thank you," she murmured as she sat down.

Lauren seated herself and scanned the menu. She quickly settled on the special and put the menu down. Roxanne was still studying hers.

After a few minutes, Lauren finally asked, "What are you having?"

"Me? I think I am going to get the special," Roxanne replied without looking up.

"Me too," Lauren said. She waited a moment and then added, "What do you see on that menu that's so engrossing?"

"What? I... Nothing." Roxanne replied, appearing confused.

"You're so cute. Now put the menu away and talk to me," Lauren said with a smile.

The waitress came and Lauren ordered for both of them. When Roxanne saw that no one was paying them the least bit of attention, she relaxed, and soon she and Lauren were chatting about their plans for the day. Lauren told Roxanne where they would go and what they would do. Roxanne never questioned it; she seemed happy to do whatever Lauren wanted.

This might be a lot of fun, Lauren thought. Roxanne's submissive nature intrigued her. Lauren's own nature leaned towards the submissive side, but she'd always had a yearning to try the more dominant role. She'd been the aggressor with lovers, but it was always occasional. A way to change things and keep the sex exciting. She realized, looking at Roxanne, that she could be dominant with the redhead as though it were natural for her. She remembered Roxanne's orgasm when the redhead was under her with Lauren thrusting at her. Lauren decided she indeed wanted to be dominant with this woman; the more she thought of it, the more the idea excited her.

The next question was how to proceed. She would need to handle it very delicately. She was certain that Roxanne would be easy to push into a submissive role, but Lauren did not want their relationship to degenerate into something harsh. She wanted a gentler approach, one that would not frighten Roxanne or damage their relationship. She decided she would steer things in the direction she wanted a step at a time and with patience. Her first steps would be small, just little things to bring her lover into the state of mind Lauren wanted her in.

The waitress came and refilled their coffee cups. Lauren sipped hers and watched Roxanne intently. Roxanne was chatting happily about the Ghost Light Tour and Anne Rice's signing. Again, Lauren felt uncertain of her feelings, but she knew that Roxanne was dear to her on a level that transcended just the physical.

"Ready to go?" Lauren finally asked, glancing at her watch.

"Sure," Roxanne replied as she finished her coffee.

Lauren took the check and paid for the meal. Once they were out of the hotel, they walked along the street, stopping here and there to window-shop. The sun was out now and the humidity rose rapidly. They turned onto the Rue de Bienville and entered the first of the many estate and antique shops located there. The interior of the shop was dark and cool compared to the humidity outside. An air-conditioner could be heard humming quietly in the background.

The shop consisted of a long narrow room. The front portion was taken up with display cases containing an incredible assortment of jewelry, watches, silverware and other knickknacks. Deeper into the shop were antique pieces of furniture and other large items, including an old-fashioned jukebox. In the very back were racks of clothes, hats, handbags, and shoes.

Lauren and Roxanne browsed awhile, chatting and showing one another various items. Lauren was taken with an antique cat pendant fashioned in jade, with garnets for eyes, and hung on antique silver chain. She passed by it several times before she decided she had to know how much it was. When the clerk took it out and placed it on a felt covered board for her to examine, she knew she had to have it. She turned it over in her hands, noticing how it felt cool to her touch and heavy. The back had a price sticker, and when she read it she nearly choked.

Roxanne watched it all, but she said nothing and turned back to the case of jewelry she'd been looking at. Lauren returned the pendant to the clerk and moved further into the shop.

She was soon surrounded by lovely wood furniture, each piece with a placard containing descriptive information. French dining room sets were placed next to British armoires and Shaker bedrooms. Lauren lost track of time as she moved from piece to piece reading and admiring. She was standing next to a large poster-bed when she realized she hadn't seen Roxanne in a while. She glanced around the shop, and then shrugged and turned back to the bed. She had just finished reading the placard that explained the bed was from the state of a wealthy family, when she felt rather than heard Roxanne standing beside her.

"Where were you?" Lauren said.

"Just browsing," Roxanne replied. She had a guilty expression on her face and Lauren gave her a hard look.

"Okay, what have you done?" Lauren asked.

"Nothing! I've just been looking around," Roxanne protested.

Lauren continued to gaze at her, but Roxanne seemed earnest.

Together they continued back into the area with the clothes. Roxanne took a green dress off the rack and held it up. Lauren burst out laughing. It was a dress from the 60's, all beads and sequins and just awful. Soon they were giggling like schoolgirls as each tried to show the other an outfit that was more hideous or funnier than the last.

Lauren was browsing through a rack of old formal gowns, when she noticed Roxanne had become quiet. She turned to find the small redhead staring at a mannequin. Lauren moved directly behind Roxanne and peered over her shoulder. On the mannequin was a corset in white satin with pink ribbons and bows. A weathered box was taped to one of the suspenders, and Lauren realized it held, or had held at one time, real silk stockings. At the base was a hatbox with a pair of button-up boots, and another box that proclaimed gloves on its cover. Lauren read the hand-written placard leaning on the hatbox: "Edwardian lady's necessities Hat, gloves, corset, stockings, and boots. Circa 1900. From the Estate of Mrs. Cardie. See Clerk for further information. Do not touch."

"Looks uncomfortable," Lauren said.

"It looks dreamy," Roxanne breathed. She reached out and fingered the delicate lace along the bodice top.

"You and your underwear fetish," Lauren said with mock disgust.

Roxanne turned her head and made a face. "You have no romance in your soul," she said with a smile.

They were standing near the back of the shop and Lauren could see all the way to the entrance. The clerk's view of them was blocked by the large pieces of furniture along the walls and on the aisles. Lauren made sure no one was in the shop and then smiled. She had always had a bit of the exhibitionist in her. It was something she always found exciting but had never really explored very much.

"If you like it so much, get it," she whispered into Roxanne's ear. As she did so she placed both of her hands gently on Roxanne's waist.

Roxanne jumped slightly at her touch. Lauren flexed her hands, causing a shiver to run through the redhead's body. She took Roxanne's earlobe between her teeth and gently nibbled it.

Roxanne moaned softly as she pushed herself back against Lauren's body. Lauren slid her hands up Roxanne's sides and then gently cupped her breasts.

"Lauren!" Roxanne burst out in a barely controlled whisper.


"Stop!" Roxanne hissed trying to disengage herself.

Lauren's fingers gently lifted Roxanne's large breasts. Lauren thrilled again at their weight and firmness. She could feel the material of Roxanne's dress slide over the silky cups of her bra. She felt the stiffening nipples and circled them with her fingers, then gently squeezed one nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Roxanne's body stiffened and her struggles ceased. Lauren positioned herself so she could keep an eye on the door and aisles.

While she could have fun with this, she knew that the spice of such an act was the threat of getting caught. The heightened tension could cause an increase in arousal and satisfaction. She also knew that discovery would be too much for Roxanne. She was simply too shy and unsure of herself to be able to handle that.

From Lauren's vantage point, the chance of anyone discovering them was minimal, but her smaller lover could not know that. From where Roxanne stood they might as well be in the middle of Jackson Square. Lauren did not let her turn; she felt the fear of being caught would be that much more intense for Roxanne.

"Lauren, please!" Roxanne whispered urgently.

"Now who has no romance in her soul? Hmmm?" Lauren teased as her fingers continued to gently squeeze the smaller woman's nipples. She ran her tongue along Roxanne's ear lobe, using just the tip to tease the sensitive skin. Roxanne shuddered and whimpered under her lover's touch.

Lauren's hands continued to gently massage and fondle Roxanne's sensitive breasts. She took the redhead's earlobe between her teeth and gently chewed, breathing soft warm breaths over Roxanne's ear between nibbles. Roxanne bit her lower lip as her body began to respond to the gentle caresses.

After a while Lauren felt Roxanne's body begin to tense and relax rhythmically. She began to work Roxanne's tits harder, increasing the pressure and giving more attention to the sensitive nipples. The smaller woman's breathing had become ragged and her hips began to buck slightly.

Lauren's right hand trailed down Roxanne's belly and then to her hip. She firmly pulled Roxanne's ass to her own pelvis. She pressed herself against Roxanne's ass, then released and pulled her back again. After a few times, Lauren ceased to have to pull as her lover took up the rhythm on her own.

"You like that, don't you?" Lauren whispered.

When Roxanne did not respond, Lauren smiled. The redhead was now biting her lip furiously, trying to keep the flood of noises from escaping as her excitement mounted. Lauren's hand moved back to the juncture of Roxanne's legs, where she began to pull the hem of the dress up.

Roxanne quickly grabbed Lauren's hand and tried to stop her. Lauren growled in her throat and firmly bit Roxanne's neck. A gasp escaped Roxanne's lips and she immediately released Lauren's hand. One hand ineffectually covered the hand Lauren had on her breast as the other hand tried to push her mouth away. Lauren lifted her head and took Roxanne's finger into her mouth. She dug her teeth in to keep it there and then swirled her tongue around it, sucking softly.

Roxanne tried to pull her hand away, but Lauren refused to let go. Roxanne's hand, which had been trying to disengage Lauren's from her breast, shot to her own mouth. She balled it into a fist and pressed it tightly to her lips, trying to keep the steady stream of tiny sounds from becoming audible to everyone on the Rue de Bienville. With both of her hands taken up, she could only watch as Lauren slowly pulled the hem of her dress upwards. Lauren took her time, letting the anticipation and fear mingle with the constant stimulation to bring Roxanne to a fever pitch. Finally, her fingers closed on the hem of the dress, she used her wrist to pin the bunched material to Roxanne's waist. Lauren's fingertips traced along the cool nylon of Roxanne's stockings. They crossed the tops of the stockings to the incredibly hot silky skin of her thighs. They followed the garter upwards, taking time to massage and caress.

Roxanne's thighs seemed to part involuntarily. Lauren's fingers slipped across her panties and continued towards the redhead's sensitive parts. Roxanne's panties were slick with her juices, and Lauren could clearly feel the puffy lips of her sex. She stiffened her index finger and pressed it firmly into the slick satin. She felt Roxanne's lips part and heard the muffled groan as her stiffened finger pressed the damp satin against her clitoris.

Lauren began a slow up and down motion with her fingertip, varying the amount of pressure she applied. In moments Roxanne's hips began to buck wildly. Lauren could feel the little redhead was about to orgasm and she suddenly stopped her ministrations. She released Roxanne's finger from her mouth and smiled as Roxanne's hips continued to buck, as if they were searching for her finger.

"Still want me to stop?" Lauren whispered.

"No..." Roxanne groaned.

"What do you want then?" Lauren asked, her hand tapping Roxanne's crotch and causing Roxanne to jerk like a marionette whose strings are pulled.

"You know..." Roxanne breathed.

"The last thing you said is you wanted me to stop." Lauren was determined to make Roxanne say it.

"Lauren, please..." Roxanne moaned.

"Please what?"

"Please let me come," Roxanne hissed between clenched teeth.

It did not take any more than that for Lauren to return her fingers to the sopping panties and resume her gentle stroking. Roxanne's body stiffened and suddenly began to spasm as the orgasm passed through her. Even with her hand in her mouth, a sharp sound almost like a bark was torn from her. Lauren released her friend's breast and dropped her arm to Roxanne's chest as she found herself supporting the smaller woman's weight.

Lauren held her until the shaking subsided. When Roxanne was able to stand again without support, Lauren smiled and whispered, "How's that for romance?"

Before Roxanne could answer, the bell at the front door rang, announcing another customer. Roxanne straightened her dress and tried to steady herself. Lauren watched as an elderly couple came into the shop and began to browse.

"Are you going to get it?" Lauren asked after Roxanne had composed herself somewhat.

"I would dearly love to, but I can't afford it," Roxanne replied. Her voice still held a quiver and her legs did not seem to be working right. Lauren smiled; she knew exactly what the redhead was feeling.

"I thought you brought plenty of undies money?"

"I... well it's already spent," Roxanne said lamely.

Lauren looked closely at her. Roxanne's expression was hard to read. She was still flushed and obviously embarrassed, but there was something else there that Lauren could not decipher.




They left the shop and crossed over to Bourbon Street. Roxanne was still wobbly and Lauren had to smile: Roxanne looked a little drunk.

At the corner they decided to take a late lunch at the open-air bistro so Roxanne could sit down. They seated themselves at a table and ordered, Feeling adventurous, Lauren tried the Cajun red fish. Roxanne ordered chicken fried steak. Their drinks came, and for a few minutes they just sat and watched the people pass. Lauren felt tranquil, and she guessed Roxanne did also. Neither of the women said much.

But after a while Lauren thought Roxanne seemed withdrawn. Maybe the attempts she'd made to draw the redhead out were not getting anywhere. Had she gone too far with Roxanne? The comfortable silence seemed awkward suddenly, and Lauren excused herself to go to the ladies room.

Lauren was worried now. Everything had seemed to be going so well and now she was becoming more certain by the moment that she had miscalculated. She felt the tears begin to sting her eyes before she reached the quiet safety of the ladies room. She relieved herself and then washed her face. She would have to try and repair whatever damage had been done, but she did not have any idea where to begin. She steeled herself to go back out and try to draw Roxanne out. She had memories of the many times she'd pressed too hard online only to have Roxanne disappear for days.

By the time Lauren returned to the table, the food had already arrived. Roxanne watched Lauren intently as she approached the table. Lauren had barely sat down when she noticed a small yellow paper bag sitting next to her drink. She looked at Roxanne, but Roxanne only displayed a ghost of a smile. Her face was tight and her eyes had the worried look Lauren had come to know so well.

"What's this?" Lauren asked.

"Open it and see," Roxanne said with a nonchalant shrug. Her attempt to appear at ease was betrayed by her eyes.

Lauren was confused now. Was Roxanne upset or not? She couldn't tell. She opened the small bag and took out a black jewelry box. She was certain she knew what was in it. Relief flooded over her, but she tried not to let Roxanne see it. She knew now that Roxanne's withdrawal had been nothing more than a desire not to present the gift until it could be a surprise.

"This had better not be what I think it is," Lauren said.

Roxanne only smiled and took a sip of her drink.

Lauren's hands were shaking as she opened the box. As she expected, the garnet eyes of the cat pendant twinkled out at her from a white felt bed. Lauren was overcome with emotion for a moment. She hadn't told Roxanne how much she'd liked the pendant in the shop. Many years had passed since Lauren had been with anyone who paid such close attention to her and tried so hard to make her happy. She felt the tears well up again, and she fought to master her emotions.

When she finally composed herself, she looked up at Roxanne. Those intent green eyes seemed to be staring into her, past the facade she maintained, past the many defense mechanisms built by a lifetime of experience, right to the center of herself.

"This is why you couldn't afford the corset, isn't it?" Lauren asked quietly.

Roxanne nodded. Lauren could see the anxiety written across her face now. Roxanne seemed afraid Lauren wouldn't like the gift and she could not hide that fear. Lauren was forcefully reminded that she was in the presence of someone who was incredibly unsure of herself. Lauren made up her mind then and there that she was going to change that.

"It's beautiful, and I do love it, but I can't accept it. You're going to have to take it back," Lauren said.

"Can't, all sales are final," Roxanne said, her face breaking into a relieved smile. She rose, and with a shaking hand she took the pendant out of the box and moved behind Lauren. "Hair up?" she asked.

Lauren pulled her hair up on her head and Roxanne fastened the chain behind her neck. Roxanne's hands were warm and soft, and when they brushed her skin, Lauren was reminded that she was still very aroused. She'd had no relief in the antique shop. She felt the cool weight of the jade pendant between her breasts.




Lunch was pleasant, with the quiet buzz of conversation from the other patrons, and the occasional raucous laughter of the people moving up and down the street. Roxanne was quiet, no longer withdrawn, and it seemed to Lauren that Roxanne was content.

When they finished eating, Lauren paid the bill and they walked back out onto the street. Roxanne started up Bourbon Street, but Lauren took hold of her shoulder and steered her back towards Bienville Street.

"What?" Roxanne asked.

"We're going back to the shop, of course."

"No! I want you to have it. I am not taking it back!"

"Shush, you're going to do what I say today, remember?"

Roxanne looked at her, frustration showing on her face, but Lauren merely smiled and continued to guide her back to the shop.




By the time they reached the shop, Roxanne was sullen and quiet. Lauren thought the redhead so cute when she was being petulant like this. She wanted to give Roxanne a hug, but she resisted the temptation.

"Hello again," The clerk said when she looked up and recognized them.

"Hi," Lauren replied.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I wanted to inquire about the display in back." Lauren watched Roxanne as she said it. The little redhead's face showed confusion and then she blushed.

"Which one?"

"The Victorian corset and things," Lauren said.

"Edwardian," the clerk said.


"Of course," the clerk said. She came out from behind the counter and led the way towards the back of the shop.

"You realize of course that corsets are usually sized to fit the wearer," the clerk said delicately. Lauren had to smile to herself. The people here were so courteous and careful. Back home the clerk would have merely told her there was no way she could fit into it.

"Yes of course, but I think it will fit her, don't you?" Lauren said with a grin as she watched Roxanne go crimson.

The clerk turned and looked at them both, and then a smile spread across her face. "I think it will," she said in a voice suddenly more pleasant.

The clerk showed Lauren the hat. It was a little black thing with a lace veil and a long silver hatpin. The gloves were white kid leather. Lauren smiled as Roxanne stood there shifting her weight from foot to foot and looking as though she wanted to find a hole to crawl into.

"I think she'll look good in it," Lauren said.

"She'll be adorable," the clerk said, looking Roxanne up and down as Roxanne blushed again.

"I'll take it," Lauren said as the clerk opened the box showing the black silk stockings still wrapped in crepe paper.

The clerk smiled and nodded, collecting the various boxes. "I'll be up in a moment if you'd like to look around some more," she said as she turned the mannequin and deftly unlaced the corset's strings.

A few minutes later, when they reached the front counter, the clerk placed the things in boxes and then in a pair of large yellow bags with the shop's logo on them. Lauren tossed her credit card on the counter.

"Before I ring this up, might I suggest these?" the clerk said as she reached under the counter and brought out a green felt display board. There were several ornate silver hooks on the board. Many were beautifully decorated.

"What are they?" Lauren asked.

"Those on the left are corset hooks. The smaller hooks are for the boots."

Lauren selected one of each and the clerk added them to the bag. Once the card receipt went through and Lauren had signed it, she took the two large bags and handed them to Roxanne.

"Enjoy your purchase," the clerk said to Lauren with a wink. Lauren smiled back and put her arm around Roxanne's shoulders.

"I'm sure we will," Lauren said.




The walk back was fun for Lauren. Roxanne was quiet, but the simple smile on her face and adoring looks made Lauren feel like she was on top of the world.

When they reached the hotel, they hurried upstairs and into Lauren's room. Roxanne immediately went to her room with her bags and Lauren hurriedly dug through her carryon bag to find her copy of "Interview."

Roxanne returned after a while, clutching a book in her hand.

"What took you so long?' Lauren asked.

"I... I had to change."


"Yes," Roxanne said, coloring and obviously wanting the subject to change.

"Change what?" Lauren pressed. She really enjoyed teasing Roxanne.

"My panties, if you must know!" Roxanne blurted.

Lauren burst out laughing. Roxanne glowered at her a few moments and then joined in. When their laughter subsided, Lauren took her book and said, "Come on, we're going to miss the signing."




They took a cab to the book signing and joined the long line of fans. The night was sultry and dark, the buzz of many conversations drowning out the sounds of the city around them.

Lauren was pleased that Roxanne stood very near her while seeming not to notice the glances of some people. Lauren was also pleased when she noticed the book Roxanne had brought to have signed was one of the "Claiming of Sleeping Beauty" series.

After they had worked their way through the line and had their respective books signed, they hurried the few blocks to the starting point of the Ghost Light Tour. This was one part of the trip Lauren had really been looking forward to.

A crowd of people stood outside the small building where the tours originated. These tours were conducted from a horse-drawn carriage and covered the oldest section of the Quarter and some of the places that people might not otherwise see.

Each of the open carriages was made to seat four and pulled by a pair of draft horses. As one carriage would come in, the riders would climb down on the street side and the new passengers would board, much like a taxi line at the airport. One in every three or four that arrived was a carriage that carried only a single couple. These boarded at the first gate only and the line was significantly longer.

"Want to ride by ourselves or share?" Lauren asked Roxanne.

"Let's share, I hate waiting in line," Roxanne replied. Lauren looked at her because her voice sounded different. Roxanne's face was relaxed, but the pupils of her eyes were dilated.

"Are you all right?" Lauren asked, suddenly concerned.

"I had a headache and took my medicine," Roxanne said in a dreamy voice.

"Do we need to go back to the hotel?" Lauren asked. She knew that Roxanne suffered from migraine headaches from time to time.

Roxanne looked at her and smiled, a soft smile with that same dreamlike quality. "Don't worry, I'm fine. I don't think it was a migraine, just a little headache. I just took the big pain killer so I could make it to the carriage ride with you."

Lauren eyed her carefully. But Roxanne smiled at her and nodded reassuringly. Lauren then turned back as the carriage that would take them arrived. The footman opened the door for the departing customers, then came around and opened the door for Roxanne. He took her hand and helped her up into the carriage. She quickly took the seat facing towards the back, and Lauren climbed up sat next to her.

The seats in the carriage were deep bench seats covered in maroon velvet. Lauren settled back, sinking into the soft seat while Roxanne did the same in the opposite corner. An elderly couple joined them, taking the other bench seat. He was a slightly built dapper man in his late seventies with white hair and a neatly groomed goatee. The woman was heavy set, with a lively smile and a crown of silver hair. She had obviously been quite beautiful in her day.

"It looks as if we'll be sharing a ride," the man said in a cultured voice.

"Yes it does," Lauren replied with a smile.

"I'm Henry Rollins and this enchanting creature is my wife Hetta," he said, extending his hand.

"I'm Lauren, and the quiet one over in the corner is my friend Roxanne," Lauren replied, extending her hand.

The woman looked at Lauren quizzically as she extended her hand. After the introductions, everyone settled in and the carriage started forward with a jolt.

"Is this your first trip to New Orleans?" Mr. Rollins asked.

"For me it is," Lauren said.

"We were married here back in 1944. I was home on leave and she came down to meet me from our hometown," he continued. He smiled and his eyes twinkled in the fading light as the two joined hands. Lauren thought it was so sweet to see people still in love after so many years together.

"We met right over there," he said, indicating a small park they were passing.

"Henry, I'm sure the poor dears have something else in mind than listening to you prattle on about ancient history," Hetta said in a voice that was warm and kindly and only mildly chiding.

"Quite right, my dove, quite right," Henry said.

They were passing a light and Hetta caught Lauren's eye. She smiled and Lauren immediately felt like they were old friends. Hetta winked and then settled back into the bench with her husband.

Once into the old quarter, the lighting was only intermittent. Lauren and Roxanne were surrounded by the quiet darkness. Only the clip-clop of the horse's hooves and the comforting squeaks of the carriage's springs broke the quiet of the night.

Lauren started when she felt something touch her hand. She realized it was Roxanne's hand and immediately took it into her own. She looked into the darkened corner where Roxanne sat. The shadows grew less dark as her eyes adjusted, and she could faintly make out the outline of her smaller friend. Lauren gently tugged on Roxanne's hand and the redhead yielded, moving over on the seat closer to Lauren.

They passed the old convent, and soon the streets changed from pavement to stones. Far from taking away from the moment, the rattle of the wheels seemed natural and even more romantic. Lauren could easily imagine herself the heroine in any of the many cheap romances she had read in her lifetime.

When she felt Roxanne's head rest on her shoulder, she guessed Roxanne's active imagination was casting herself as the heroine in her own little novel. Lauren felt certain that she herself was being cast as the hero. She released Roxanne's hand and then wrapped her arm around Roxanne's shoulders. Roxanne nestled into the crook of Lauren's arm, her body warm and soft, and Lauren could smell the scent of her. Strawberries and cinnamon, wholly intoxicating.

Lauren felt totally relaxed, totally at ease. As the tall walls of the old cathedral came into view, she became aware that Roxanne's breathing had become deeper. Lauren smiled when she realized that Roxanne had fallen asleep.

The light of a passing street lamp momentarily revealed the other couple: Henry sat nestled against his wife, his head resting on her breast, sound asleep. Hetta's eyes sparkled as she gazed at Lauren.

"How long have you been together?" the older woman asked softly as the velvety night blotted her from view again.

"We aren't really. We've known each other for a while, but... this is totally new." Lauren's voice was just above a whisper.

"She's very pretty," Hetta said.

"Yes, she is, isn't she?"

The clip-clop of the horse's hooves was the only sound for a while.

"Hold on to her," the older woman said, breaking the long silence.

Lauren thought she ought to feel surreal, or at least embarrassed, but instead she felt as though she were talking to an old friend. "I don't know if I'm ready for that," she said, "and I have no idea if she is."

The older woman laughed quietly. "Of course she is."

"May I ask why you say that?"

Again the gentle laughter, in no way mocking, sounded from the dark. "One doesn't live to be as old as I am without learning to see the signs," the woman said.

"What do you see?" Lauren asked. The carriage suddenly hit a bump, jostling Roxanne, and she murmured something unintelligible. When Lauren tightened her comforting grip, Roxanne sighed softly and went back to sleep.

Hetta said, "She looks at you with the same look my Henry has for me."

The street lights were now more frequent, and Lauren realized they were nearing the end of the trip.

The older woman spoke: "It isn't my place, but if you'll listen, I'll give you some advice."

"Please..." Lauren said.

"I've been married fifty-seven years. In that time we've gone through fat times and lean times, but I've never once regretted my decision to agree when Henry asked me to marry him. A love like ours will sustain you through the years and bring more rewards than you can imagine. In my day a relationship such as yours would have been impossible. If you choose to pursue it, I'm sure you'll face your share of hardships even in these enlightened times." The older woman paused to catch her breath. "She seems a quiet and reserved child, but you may well find that she has strength beyond imagining. Love as deep as the love I see in her eyes is not something you'll find often in this life. Don't run away from it."

The carriage turned onto a well-lighted road and made it's way towards the loading point.

"You had better wake her before I wake him," Hetta said quietly.

Lauren nodded and gently shook Roxanne. The little redhead murmured and nestled more tightly against Lauren. Lauren caught Roxanne's chin between her fingers and tilted her face up and then gently kissed her. Roxanne's eyes shot open for a confused second, and then she just melted into Lauren's arms.

When the kiss broke, the carriage was rolling to a stop. Roxanne seemed to suddenly remember her surroundings and a blush rose to her cheeks. She started to pull away, but Lauren held her tightly and gazed at her. Roxanne's struggles ceased and she closed her eyes. Her lips parted slightly as Lauren's brushed them with her own. The kiss was soft and lasted only a brief moment.

The coachman now arrived at the side of the carriage to open the door. Hetta gently shook her husband awake. He looked confused, and it took a few gentle words from his wife before he seemed to realize where he was. The coachman took Lauren's hand and assisted her to the ground, followed by Roxanne and Hetta, and finally the old gentleman.

Henry offered his arm to his wife and she took it, and then he tipped his hat to Lauren and Roxanne. "A pleasure meeting you ladies," he said.

"Likewise," Lauren said with a smile.

Hetta looked at Roxanne, who was standing beside Lauren, and then she glanced meaningfully at Lauren. Her expression spoke volumes and Lauren felt a sudden warmth rise within her heart.

"Come along, Henry," Hetta said as she led him away.

Watching the two of them make their way, arm in arm down the sidewalk, made Lauren feel happy inside.

She looked down at Roxanne and smiled. With a flourish and a smile, she offered her arm to her friend. Roxanne looked at her with a questioning stare, part fear and part happiness. Lauren nodded slightly to her, never taking her eyes from Roxanne's face. Roxanne shyly took her arm and they started off towards their hotel. The walk there was strange for Lauren. The soft sounds of the night were pleasant and the few people they passed gave them no more than curious glances. Roxanne rested her head on Lauren's shoulder and her hips and legs brushed Lauren's with every step. The closeness was so nice, so comfortable, so right. Lauren was almost sad to see the hotel.

By the time they reached the front door of the hotel, Lauren was almost guiding Roxanne. The painkillers were finally hitting the little redhead, and she was almost out on her feet. In some ways it was easier, because Roxanne looked like nothing so much as a little drunk. Lauren guided her to the elevators, and then with more difficulty to the door to her room.

She managed to open the door to the room and get Roxanne inside. Once the door was closed, Lauren lifted Roxanne and carried her to the bed. Roxanne stared at Lauren with pupils the size of dinner plates. Lauren scolded at her: "You took more than normal, and then you lied to me about how bad it hurt, didn't you?"

"It was worth it. I had the most wonderful time," Roxanne murmured.

"You silly woman, I'd give you a good spanking if I thought you'd feel it."

"Promises, promises," Roxanne said, on the verge of sleeping.

Lauren grasped the redhead's shoulders and shook her hard. "Wait until morning. I'll show you."

Roxanne giggled, and Lauren shook her head, rolled the redhead over and unzipped her dress. Roxanne managed to sit up and shrug out of it. She wore the purple corset underneath the dress. Lauren sat on the bed and unlaced the corset as Roxanne fumbled with her garters. Lauren noticed the marks the laces had left in the redhead's soft pale skin. She wondered what a good spanking would do to Roxanne's pale behind. As a shiver of excitement passed through her, Lauren suddenly realized what she needed to do.

She tossed the corset on the floor and helped Roxanne out of her stockings. Roxanne remained clumsy and uncoordinated as Lauren pulled back the covers and tucked her in.

"Lauren, please don't leave me," Roxanne said in a little girl's voice.

Lauren lay down next to her and held her. "I'm here, baby, go to sleep."

Roxanne squirmed around, pressed against Lauren, and fell asleep in seconds. Lauren lay there a few minutes, and then she carefully rose. She retrieved the brochure she had taken from the folder on the desk earlier, and she quietly left the room.




Bourbon Street was hopping as Lauren made her way down the crowded sidewalks. She was only partially aware of the crowds and noise; her mind was set on getting to her destination and getting back before Roxanne noticed she was missing. Each step carried her closer to something she was not sure she was ready to do. All of her anxieties and the powerful desires she had felt seemed focused on one thing. Without really being aware of it until she had her hand on the door, she found herself there. She took a deep breath, steeled herself, and walked in. The shop was filled with people trying on clothes and browsing. Lauren had no real awareness of them as people; her eyes were glued to the doorway that lead to the other side of the shop. She paused just outside of it and realized her knees were shaking. Annoyed by her weakening resolve, she forced herself to pass through the doorway and into that other world.

This half of the shop held fewer customers than the other, but there were still more people here than the first time. Lauren walked around, looking at the huge selection of leather restraints. She realized with a sinking feeling that she had no idea what most of them were intended for. She suddenly decided this had been a bad idea. She had convinced herself to do this, but standing here surrounded by all of the odd things the shop had on display caused her resolve to quickly deteriorate.

Then a feminine voice with an exotic accent said, "May I help you?"

Lauren spun on her heels to face the speaker. She was a short young woman with her head almost shaven and rich cream colored skin that reminded Lauren of hot chocolate. She was slightly built, but well muscled, and she seemed to exude an aura of confident power. On her left arm she had a tattoo that proclaimed "One Bad Bitch" in bold lettering, surrounded by thorn vines with a single rose from which a single drop of blood fell. She wore black leather pants, black boots, and a white cotton halter-top. Lauren noticed an ID card pinned to her halter that identified her as "Angela".

"I don't know," Lauren said. Her resolve to leave was still strong and she felt extremely vulnerable. When Angela laughed softly, Lauren found herself smiling.

"You're new to the scene, aren't you?" Angela asked in that softly accented voice.

After a moment of hesitation, Lauren nodded. "Yes."

"Relax, we were all new once. It's not as bad as you think. Why don't you come with me?" she turned and moved to a door marked "Employees Only". She opened the door and motioned to Lauren to follow her.

Still filled with trepidation, Lauren passed through the door and walked into the room. She hadn't been sure what to expect, half-fearing a room set up for sex. Instead, she found herself in a break-room, a room with a small battered table and a counter with a coffee pot and a small fridge.

"Have a seat and relax. How do you take your coffee?" Angela asked.

"Cream and sugar."

Angela prepared two cups of coffee and sat down opposite Lauren. The girl was so casual and at ease, Lauren soon found herself relaxing. Angela seemed to realize how nervous Lauren was. She made small talk, asked about Lauren's trip, her job, how long she'd been in town, and then suggested places of interest in the city. She seemed to deliberately steer the conversation away from anything that had to do with the reasons Lauren was in the shop. Finally, when Lauren was less nervous, Angela turned to those reasons.

"First things first," Angela said. "Are you a top, a bottom, or do you switch?"

Confused, Lauren colored slightly. Angela seemed to grasp immediately what was happening and continued. "A top is the dominant partner," she said. She explained that the dominant partner was also called a "dom", or "domme", depending on gender. A bottom was the submissive partner, also called a sub regardless of gender. A switch could be dom or sub, depending on partner.

Lauren shrugged. "I don't know, really. I can be the aggressor or submissive in bed, so I guess I'm a switch, but I've never done anything like this."

"All right, tell me about your current partner. I assume he -- or she -- is a large part of why you're here."

Lauren colored a bit and looked hard at the young woman across the table. As she debated what to say and what not to say, Angela's frank and open gaze reassured her. Lauren thought herself a good judge of character, and Angela seemed sincerely interested in helping her. Lauren said, "My partner is a she, and this is the first relationship like this for either of us. She has some experience with this aspect of a relationship, but I don't know how much."

"And she's what? A sub or a domme?"

"She says she's a sub. I think she probably is."

"So you're here because you think she wants to bring this into your relationship?"

"No, I'm here because I want to try it. I think she'll enjoy it also, but over the time we've been together I've discovered I rather enjoy the feelings associated with being the dominant partner."

"The domme," Angela said.


Angela nodded. "All right. What are you interested in with her? Is it just restraints? Or do you plan on inflicting pain? Humiliation? Is this just bedroom games, or are you considering a life style change?"

Lauren considered the questions carefully, and then said, "No pain, I could never hurt her. She's very shy, and while it's fun to embarrass her on occasion I wouldn't want to humiliate her. At this point I think it's just bedroom games. Neither of us is sure about the future of our relationship, it's too new."

Angela rose and smiled. "All right, I think we can find the things you're looking for. Lets go take a look around the shop."

Lauren followed her back into the shop, and Angela led her to a wall filled with restraints. Lauren recognized many as simple restraints: cuffs, straps, shackles. But others were unrecognizable to her: she had no idea what they were for. "Let's start simple," Angela said. "You're going to want to restrain her. The level of helplessness can be an integral part of your sub's enjoyment, depending on her. I think you should probably start simple." She took down a set of leather cuffs joined by a short length of silver chain.

"Probably," Lauren said. "But I don't even know what a lot of this stuff does." She took the cuffs and examined them.

Angela laughed. "Some people are very much into the bondage aspect. To them total immobilization is vital. I find that a set of cuffs is usually sufficient to enforce the idea that I'm in charge."

Lauren found herself staring curiously at an item. She could not figure out what it was for. "What's this?" she finally asked.

"It's called a single glove," Angela said, taking it down. "You place your hands in it wrist to wrist and then zip it up. Once the straps are tightened, your arms are totally useless. It's one of the better forms of dynamic bondage, because your sub can still walk or kneel. I don't like them because I prefer my sub to have the use of her hands most of the time." Angela put the single glove back on the rack and took down a type of belt. It looked to Lauren like the girdle-belts women were often seen wearing in medieval paintings, except this one had metal "D" rings set into it.

Angela said, "This is much better for mobile restraint. You can attach her cuffs to the rings and keep her arms immobilized, but still allow her to use her fingers."

They moved slowly around the store, with Angela showing Lauren how many of the items were meant to be used. One wall held whips, paddles, quirts and canes, and Lauren studied them with interest.

"Do you plan on CP?" Angela asked. She was standing close, and Lauren was aware of a mild tension developing.


"Corporeal punishment, or more commonly called spanking," Angela replied with a laugh.

Lauren smiled. "I think so. I promised her a good spanking."

"Get this one then," Angela said, taking down a paddle and handing it to Lauren. It was black leather with a wooden handle, plain and unadorned. It seemed less menacing than those with the spikes and studs. Lauren gave it an experimental swing or two and them smacked it against her palm. It stung.

"Why this one?" Lauren asked.

"It's simple and inexpensive, for one thing. For another, it's not made to leave marks -- other than a well tanned behind."

When they had made their way around the shop, Angela led her into an alcove in the back covered with a black curtain. The small room was filled with toys. More toys than Lauren had ever imagined existed. She browsed a bit, still not believing that this was real. One rack held books, and Angela pulled one out and handed it to her. The cover showed a blonde bombshell in leather thigh-high boots and a bustier holding a crop. The title was simple: "The Scene".

"It's a very good book for beginners," Angela said.

Lauren took down a box that said "Pleasure Harness". She looked on the back and realized it was a strap-on dildo set. She remembered Roxanne pressing back against her in the shop and immediately felt a rush of excitement.

"Don't get that one," Angela said. She walked over to a wall and brought down a black leather harness. "Get this one. It's real leather and will last, unlike the boxed ones." She handed it to Lauren.

Lauren examined it curiously. The waist belt was wide and had a silver buckle in back. The leg straps were leather also, but backed by a cotton fabric to avoid chaffing. The strap that would go between her legs had two ovals of leather with orange studs. The ovals were not attached, but rather threaded through so they could move. The front was a triangle of leather with another of the orange studs on the outside and supple rubber nubs on the other side.

"What are these for?" Lauren asked, indicating the studs.

Angela took one of the dildos off a stand and pressed it against the stud. Lauren heard an audible popping sound and when Angela released it the fake cock stayed on the harness. Angela smiled. "We carry a whole line of toys you can attach to the studs. This is a custom harness. More versatile than the commercial type."

Lauren saw a second belt on the rack, and blushed as she asked about it.

"It's called a pleasure belt. It's similar to the restraint belt I showed you, but it has a strap to keep a vibrator or plug or both in place. Once you lock it, whoever is wearing it can't remove them until you unlock it. Having your sub wandering around all day with a vibrator going has certain advantages," Angela said with a wry smile.

Lauren nodded, thinking of how it would feel to be in such a device all day. Sweet torture.

Angela continued: "The one you're holding has no D rings. It's meant to be worn under clothing. Some of the vibrators come with a remote control, and you can imagine the mental games you could play with a sub. My favorite use of it is to take mine out to a public place and then turn it on. Watching her try to function normally, without letting on what's going on, is quite a trip."

Lauren suddenly chuckled, which caused Angela to look at her curiously.

"Sorry," Lauren said, still chuckling.

"Going to let me in on it?"

"My girl is very loud when she comes. I was just imagining her trying to keep from drawing attention to herself."

"Well, that's even better."

They took a few more minutes, walking around the shop, and then started back where they had begun. Lauren selected items as they moved from one display to another, careful to not go overboard. Angela was very helpful in this, showing her the less expensive items and discouraging her from purchasing the more exotic items that caught her eye. Even then she had far more by the time they reached the counter than she had intended to get. Angela tossed a small box that looked like a jewelry box onto the pile with no explanation.

Angela left her to have her things rung up and bagged, but joined her as she was leaving. She reached into her back pocket and produced a laminated card, which she handed to Lauren.

"That's my business card, but it also has my home phone on the back. If you'd like to go out sometime, I can show you some of the places in town that cater to us. I think you and your girl would really enjoy it."

Lauren thanked her and hurried to return to the hotel. She was surprised to see the streets were nearly empty. A glance at her watch showed her that she'd been out nearly four hours.




When Lauren returned to the hotel room, she quietly entered and found Roxanne still sound asleep. Lauren carefully put away her purchases and put the empty bags outside the room. She hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and locked it.

She stripped out of her clothes and crawled into the bed, causing Roxanne to stir.

Her voice groggy with sleep, Roxanne said, "What?"

"Shush, go back to sleep, baby. You have a big day ahead of you." Lauren whispered as she wrapped her arms around Roxanne's waist and pulled her close.

"Mmm, big day?"

Roxanne snuggled up against her and was back to sleep in an instant. Lauren held her tightly and closed her eyes, but sleep was a long time coming.




Lauren awoke to the smell of bacon and hot coffee. The sounds of Roxanne padding around the kitchen came drifting into her consciousness. They were just the small sounds of someone making breakfast, but they were comforting and made Lauren feel special. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sounds and smells. She wondered if this was how a husband felt on his honeymoon.

"Wake up, sleepy head," Roxanne called as she made her way from the kitchenette to the bed with a silver tray in her hands. She wore a lovely robe in jade green with black trim, and she looked so happy she almost seemed to glow.

Lauren smiled at her and gratefully accepted a cup of coffee. She took a sip and had to admit Roxanne made a good cup of coffee.

"How's your head?" Lauren asked.

"It's fine. Just a little fuzzy from the medicine."

Lauren ate her breakfast while Roxanne nibbled on a piece of toast. Lauren found herself hungry and ate with rare gusto. Roxanne took away the tray and dishes once Lauren was done and refilled her coffee cup. Then Roxanne sat down and smiled.

"I take it that it was good?"

"You can sure cook," Lauren said.

Roxanne laughed. She drew her legs up under her and sipped her own coffee. Lauren stared at her for a while. Neither said anything, but the silence was warm and friendly, not at all awkward.

"So what's the plan for today?" Roxanne asked.

"It's a secret, but I think you'll enjoy it."

Roxanne perked up and gave Lauren a questioning look. Throughout her sleepless night Lauren had played this scenario through her head over and over. Her plan was not formalized but rather a set of ideas loosely held together. She had no intention of playing things by ear.

"You're being mysterious this morning," Roxanne said with a smile.


"Well, while you're being mysterious, I'm going to clean up."

Roxanne rose and went to the kitchen. Lauren lay in bed awhile longer with her eyes closed, just enjoying having someone nearby. Then finally she left the bed and padded into the kitchenette. Roxanne had her back to her and Lauren stepped up behind her and put her arms around the smaller woman's waist. She pulled Roxanne tightly against her and kissed her neck gently.

"Mmmm," Roxanne breathed as she pressed back against Lauren's body.

"Good morning," Lauren said. She nibbled on Roxanne's earlobe.

Roxanne giggled as she slipped out of the circle of Lauren's arms. She turned with a smile and was about to say something, but Lauren stopped her. Lauren pressed the redhead against the counter and wrapped her in her arms. Her pelvis pressed against Roxanne's as she forced her leg between Roxanne's thighs. The intimate contact immediately brought a gasp from Roxanne.

"You're in a mood this morning!" Roxanne groaned as her own arms slid around Lauren's neck.

Their lips met and a long kiss followed, a kiss passionate but at the same time languid. No sense of urgency pervaded either of them. Their tongues dueled as Lauren's lips pressed tightly against Roxanne's. Lauren forced her tongue into Roxanne's warm mouth and greedily explored.

When the kiss broke, Roxanne was flushed and breathless. Lauren pressed her advantage and slid her mouth to the nape of Roxanne's neck, where she licked and sucked and traced her tongue along the hollow she found there.

"What's gotten into you?" Roxanne moaned.

Lauren lifted her head and looked into Roxanne's eyes. "Wrong question," Lauren said. As Roxanne looked at her in confusion, Lauren held her smaller lover's eyes and slowly untied the sash that held Roxanne's robe closed. "The right question is, what's getting into you?"

Roxanne colored furiously and looked away from Lauren's intense gaze. Lauren finished with the sash and pushed her hands into the robe to open it. She passed her hands gently over Roxanne's soft belly and up to the domes of her breasts. She held each breast in her hands and squeezed softly, her thumbs pressed into the nipples and slowly rotating them. Roxanne's head turned back and Lauren captured her eyes again with her own.

"Now go get the things I bought you yesterday," Lauren said in a husky voice. "I'm wearing my present and I want to see you in yours."

Roxanne nodded, her eyes meek. Lauren released her hold and Roxanne immediately hurried into her own room. Lauren moved to her dresser, where she took out the paddle she'd bought and quickly hid it under the seat cushion.

Roxanne returned with the box that held her corset. She had retied the sash that held her robe together. She placed the box on the bed and opened it. "You're going to have to help me with this one," she said as she brought the corset out of its box.

"How?" Lauren asked as she approached Roxanne.

Roxanne removed her robe and held the corset to her body. "It's easy, just lace it up and then take out the slack, like tying your shoe."

Lauren took the heavy cord and laced up the corset slowly. She admired Roxanne's buttocks as she did so, imagining the rosy blush that her paddle would bring to the soft pale skin.

Once the corset was laced up, Lauren tugged on the strings a few times. The corset was far from closed.

"Now what?" she asked.

"That depends on how tight you want it," Roxanne said. "It's fine now. You can just tie it off and push the excess cord up under it."

"It's closed."

"This is a wasp-waist corset. If you closed it all the way, my waist would be down to twenty inches or so," Roxanne said with a laugh.

"How tight can you wear one?"

"I have no idea."

"How would I get it tighter? I can't pull any more slack out."

"It's fine as it is, really." Roxanne now turned around.

"I want it tighter," Lauren said.

Roxanne looked at her curiously. She started to say something, but then stopped. She nodded and took the corset hook out of the box. "All right, I'll hold onto the bed post. Put your knee into my back and pull out as much as you can. You can use the hook after that to take out slack." The little redhead turned her back and took a firm hold of the post.

Lauren put her knee into the small of Roxanne's back and gave the strings a vicious pull. After minutes of straining and pulling, both women were panting.

Roxanne breathing was shallow as she took small sips of air. "Happy?" she said in a tight voice.

Lauren held up the hook and smiled.

"God, are you trying to cut me in half?" Roxanne said.

Lauren had realized in the shop the night before that a corset was in and of itself a bondage device. With what she intended to do, it would be a plus to have Roxanne a little short of breath.

When Lauren finally finished with the hook, Roxanne's waist was down to twenty-two inches. Her bust looked to be at least two sizes larger. The effect was stunning, and Lauren decided maybe there was more to lingerie than she'd guessed.

"Satisfied?" Roxanne asked archly. She was standing straight up and her chest was thrust forward.

"Not even close, but that's good enough for now."

"Sadist," Roxanne smirked as she made her way carefully back to her room.

Lauren turned the chair to face the door to Roxanne's room and sat down. She made certain she could reach her paddle and waited impatiently. Eventually, Roxanne's door opened and she walked into the room. The sight of her took Lauren's breath away.

The little black hat was pinned on and the veil was pulled over the top half of her face. The black color set off the rich auburn of her hair and the pale white of her skin. She had on a deep red lipstick that drew attention to her lips. The corset gave her an hourglass figure, and the very feminine pink ribbons and bows seemed to accentuate her charms. Black stockings showed off her legs to great advantage, and the boots with pointed heels, keeping her on her toes, looked sexy. The gloves completed the outfit, with only the white thong panties being out of place.

"Well?" Roxanne asked in that breathless voice that Lauren was beginning to find extremely exciting.

"Take off the panties, they don't look right," Lauren said, surprised at the lust she could hear in her own voice.

Roxanne snickered and gingerly removed the thong. Lauren loved the way she moved, the way each action seemed deliberate and careful. When Roxanne stood holding the panties, Lauren's eyes were drawn to her bush.

"Well?" Roxanne asked.

"You look wonderful, baby." Lauren said softly.

Roxanne smiled and primped, causing Lauren to laugh. Lauren decided this would work after all.

"Are you ready for your spanking?" Lauren asked.

Roxanne froze, her mouth slightly open, the look of surprise priceless to Lauren.

"W--what do you mean?" Roxanne finally stammered.

"I promised you a spanking last night, and now it's time for you to get it," Lauren said. Her voice sounded unnaturally loud in the quiet room.


"Come here,' Lauren said, patting her lap.

Uncertainty in her eyes, Roxanne came closer. Lauren held out her hand, and when Roxanne took it she gently but firmly pulled the little redhead down across her lap.

Lauren had joked with people about spanking for many years. In the chat room she frequented, she was constantly giving and getting spankings in jest. Now she found herself with a woman across her knees. She felt her excitement mounting and slowly overcoming her trepidation.

She gently ran her hand over Roxanne's buttocks, enjoying the feel of the soft warm skin under her hand. She took her time, and after a while Roxanne sighed and wiggled her hips. She obviously enjoyed Lauren's caresses.

Now Lauren raised her hand and brought it down swiftly and without warning. The cracking sound was almost eclipsed by Roxanne's yelp. The redhead tried to wiggle free, but Lauren simply hooked her fingers under the strings of the corset and held on. Her eyes never left the soft cheeks as her handprint slowly appeared in red on the pale skin. She raised her hand and smacked the other cheek.

Roxanne protested. "Ow! Stop it! That hurts!"

"That's what you get for lying to me," Lauren said, sarcastic sweetness in her voice.

Roxanne struggled further, this time with more determination, but Lauren found she could easily control the smaller woman's movements. The corset greatly restricted the redhead's ability to twist her body, and Lauren realized Roxanne would have trouble rising even if Lauren were not holding her down.

"Stop struggling or you're really going to get it," Lauren ordered. She raised her hand and brought it down hard on Roxanne's ass to emphasize her point.

"I'm going to get you for this!" Roxanne hissed.

"Are you?"

"You bet I am."

Lauren reached behind her and brought out her paddle. The wood was cool to her touch and the paddle felt heavier than she remembered. She held it down so Roxanne could see it.

"Oh, my God. don't you dare!" Roxanne groaned.

"Oh, but I have to. You're going to get me for this. so I have to get all I can out of it, don't I?"

Roxanne began to struggle again. This time it was in earnest, but Lauren held her firmly in place. The little redhead's struggles ceased quickly and now she was panting. The corset simply did not allow her to breath deeply enough to keep struggling without getting winded.

Lauren brought the paddle down hard. It made a strange whistling sound as it cut through the air, the crack of it sounding like a shot when it landed on Roxanne's exposed ass. Roxanne screamed. Lauren gently massaged her lover's ass. She hadn't meant to really hurt her. The paddle was very effective and she'd have to be careful with it if she planned to continue.

"How many licks for telling fibs?" Lauren asked.

"That was plenty," Roxanne said with a whimper.

"I think ten will be sufficient."

"I don't think I can take ten."

"I think you can." Lauren brought the paddle down again. Her eyes remained glued to Roxanne's shapely ass as the paddle landed again and again. By the time she was done, her lover's ass was a brilliant scarlet, with Roxanne sobbing quietly.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Lauren said after a time.

"No," Roxanne moaned.

Lauren put the paddle down and gently ran her hand over Roxanne's buttocks. The skin was still smooth but now it was hot, a deep fierce heat. She slid her fingers between Roxanne's legs and slowly forced a finger into the redhead's wet sex. A second finger slid easily into the hot slick cavern, and Lauren began to slowly masturbate the little redhead. "I think your fibbing again," Lauren said happily.

Roxanne groaned, but her legs parted to give Lauren more access. Lauren's own pussy was becoming hot and itchy. She continued to finger Roxanne, enjoying the tiny noises of pleasure escaping her lover's mouth.

"You like this, don't you?" Lauren said with a husky voice.


Lauren suddenly stopped and helped Roxanne to her feet. Disheveled as she was, Roxanne was still beautiful, the tear streaked face only adding to her appeal. Lauren led her to the bed and gently pushed her onto it. Roxanne winced when her ass hit the bed, but the cool sheets seemed to make her more comfortable.

Lauren opened her dresser and took out a blindfold. It was made of black satin and looked very much like a night mask. She handed it to Roxanne.

"I'm new to this, Roxy, I won't lie to you. I've agonized over this all night. I want to do more. but I won't risk making you run from me. So here's the deal. You can hand that back to me and we'll get dressed and go out sightseeing..."

"Or?" Roxanne asked when Lauren hesitated.

"Or you can put it on and we'll stay here all day making love. But if you do put it on, we're going to do what I want. I'll be in charge."

Roxanne gave Lauren a steady look and then smiled and put the blindfold on. Lauren felt a rush of excitement only slightly less forceful than the relief she felt. She went to the dresser and took out the leather cuffs.

"Put your hands out," she said. Roxanne complied, and Lauren fastened the cuffs around her wrists. Once the cuffs were secure, she removed the blindfold.

"Come here," she said as she returned to the dresser and took out the heavy leather harness she'd bought. Roxanne's eyes widened in surprise, but Lauren also saw hunger there.

"You know what this is, don't you?" Lauren asked.

"Yes I do," Roxanne said, her voice a whisper.

Lauren handed the harness to her. She then took a bag of items from the dresser and went to sit on the bed with Roxanne following her. Lauren looked at the redhead and removed a thick vibrator from the bag. She pressed the vibrator firmly to the leather oval on the inside of the strap, and it connected with a popping sound. She then took a bottle of astroglide and lubricated the vibrator. She took the harness from Roxanne's hands and stepped into the leg straps and pulled the harness up. She aligned the vibrator with her aching sex and slowly pushed it into her vagina. It was cold, but the astroglide and her own copious juices allowed it to slide all the way in with no discomfort.

"Buckle it," Lauren commanded.

Roxanne cinched the harness and did the buckle with little difficulty despite her cuffs. Lauren kept her back to her friend, and from the bag she removed a large black dildo. The phallus was ten inches long, very thick and with fake balls and heavy veins. Lauren had chosen it because of a story she had told Roxanne about one of her former lovers, and because the little redhead had confided in her that she had never been with a man who was well endowed.

Lauren turned around and took Roxanne's face in her hands and gently kissed her. Roxanne had always been so soft and yielding, but there was something different now. A quality of helplessness that made her even softer. Lauren loved it.

Roxanne said, "You told me yesterday you were going to fuck my brains out, but I never expected this." Her voice was almost a whisper as she took the black cock in her hand and gently stroked it.

Now Lauren truly appreciated the design of the harness. Directly behind the stud, the group of supple rubber nubs pressed directly against her clitoral area. Every motion of the latex cock produced a reciprocal motion against her most sensitive place. With the vibrator filling her vagina, the level of stimulation was beginning to be incredible. She could feel the weight of the dildo and Roxanne's stroking of it. and it was already driving her to distraction.

Roxanne's eyes were glued to the cock. She seemed fascinated by its appearance.

Lauren gently lapped her hand away. "Stop before I have a premature ejaculation," she said with soft laugh.

Roxanne snickered. Lauren quickly undid the cuffs and tossed them to the floor. When Roxanne gave her a questioning look, Lauren shrugged. "We'll play with those things later. Right now I just want to make love to you."

Roxanne nodded and looked at Lauren with that hungry expression Lauren had seen earlier. Lauren hesitantly took the redhead in her arms and pulled her close. The cock pressed against Roxanne's belly, and she grasped it and pushed it upwards so that it was sandwiched between them. The movement of the dildo sent a shock of pleasure through Lauren's system. She wrapped her arms around the smaller woman and pulled her close. Roxanne's eyes were closed and her face tilted upwards. Lauren pressed her lips against the soft inviting lips of her lover, the redhead's lips parting easily as Lauren's tongue invaded her mouth. Roxanne kissed her back passionately.

Now Roxanne grasped Lauren's cock and began to stroke it again. Lauren moaned softly into her lover's mouth. When the kiss broke, Roxanne leaned back and continued to stroke the cock as she stared at it with wide eyes. Lauren placed her hands on Roxanne's breasts and began to rub the nipples through the satin of the corset.

"Can you feel that?' Roxanne asked curiously as she continued to play with the cock.

"Oh yes," Lauren replied.

Roxanne increased the tempo of her stroking and Lauren's hands went to her smaller friend's shoulders. A quiet moan escaped Lauren's lips and her hips began to buck after a short while.

"I guess you can," Roxanne said with a smile.

Lauren felt her orgasm building. She would have never believed it possible, but the stimulation was incredibly intense. She gripped Roxanne's shoulders tightly and Roxanne sank to her knees.

"What are you doing?" Lauren gasped.

"Proving I love you."

The little redhead continued to stroke the fake cock, and then she looked up at Lauren's face and slowly sucked the head into her mouth.

Lauren groaned. She could not feel her lover's tongue or mouth; her rational mind told her that. Nevertheless, her imagination could feel everything, and the visual stimulation was intense. On her knees in her sexy underwear, Roxanne kept one hand closed around the black cock, the other hand holding onto Lauren's hip for balance, her red lips wrapped around the big phallus. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Lauren's hips bucked quickly, her inner muscles tightly clenching the vibrator in her vagina, clenching and relaxing spasmodically. She felt like a bottle of champagne repeatedly shaken, the pressure building up fast until she realized the cork was about to pop. Her hand flew to Roxanne's head to steady herself as the dam burst. Wave after wave of red, raw pleasure swept over her. She felt her legs go weak and she thought she would fall over. When the spasms subsided and her breathing returned to normal, she looked down to find Roxanne smiling up at her, still stroking. Lauren collapsed back on the bed.

"Whew," Lauren said, fanning herself.

Roxanne laughed happily and straddled Lauren's hips. She lay forward and kissed Lauren's nose. Lauren remained inert, experiencing after shocks, and now the pleasure of the close contact of Roxanne's body.

Rather than tease her as Lauren expected, Roxanne merely lay there seeming content to enjoy the feel of Lauren's skin.

Finally, when the aftershocks had faded, Lauren gently rubbed Roxanne's back. "Are you ready, baby?" Lauren whispered.

"Yes!" Roxanne said, her enthusiasm evident. She sat up and looked down at Lauren.

And Lauren gazed back at her lover, at Roxanne straddling her thighs, the big black cock nestled between them, and at that cute little hat -- all of it combined to form an intensely erotic picture.

"Climb on, then," Lauren said huskily as she grasped the base of the dildo to steady it. Even as she did so, she saw Roxanne's face fall. Roxanne recovered quickly, but the disappointment had been there. Lauren remembered that Roxanne wanted to be on bottom.

"Oh hell,' Lauren said. She kicked up with her legs and forced herself up with one arm. She rolled over, forcing Roxanne's body under hers. She put both hands down and rested her weight on her knees and hands. Roxanne was under her with her legs splayed wide.

"You're silly, you know that?" Lauren said with a teasing smile.

"Why? Because I like you on top of me?"

"Yes. Why does it mean so much to you?" She was amused when Roxanne's brows knit in concentration. Roxanne was so damned cute sometimes, and the fact that she was totally unaware of it made it that much sweeter.

Roxanne said, "I've always dated men who were bigger than I am. I guess I've come to enjoy the weight of a lover resting on me. I won't break, Lauren. I'm not made of glass. Besides, I like the feeling of helplessness and knowing that you're in control." A blush came to her cheeks as she finished.

Lauren only nodded, and then settled her body onto Roxanne's. She gently unpinned the hat and tossed it aside. Their breasts pressed tightly together, their bellies touching. Lauren felt the soft skin of her lover's thighs and the cool silkiness of Roxanne's stockings against her hips. She kissed Roxanne's neck and nibbled along her breastbone, causing Roxanne to coo and sigh and quiver.

Lauren was keenly aware of the hard dildo sandwiched between their bellies. She took both of Roxanne's breasts in her hands and pressed them together. She hunched her back and began to tongue the breasts until the semi-hard nipples became tiny pebbles and the aureoles drew up into tight buttons of flesh.

Before long Roxanne was moaning softly, her hand wrapped in Lauren's hair. The spanking and the dildo and the cuffs had obviously had the desired effect on the redhead, and she seemed intensely aroused.

Lauren pressed upwards with her knees and firmly grasped the dildo. She pushed it against Roxanne's wet sex, and Roxanne's eyes shot open in surprise.

Lauren stared into Roxanne's eyes as she slid the head of the cock up and down the increasingly wet slit. She glanced down between their bodies to see the head of the cock coated with Roxanne's juices. Roxanne moaned softly as her hips twitched, as she attempted to bring the cock into more solid contact with her cunt.

Lauren continued the slow, languid stroking, keeping her hips far enough away so that the contact was little more than a feathery kiss against her lover's flesh. Roxanne moaned again, and her hand went to Lauren's shoulders to pull her closer. Her face was a mix of pleasure and frustration. The hunger in her eyes was like an aphrodisiac to Lauren, and she felt herself becoming increasingly excited.

"What do you want?" Lauren asked in a hoarse whisper.

"I want you inside me," Roxanne groaned.

"No, tell me what you want," Lauren said.

Roxanne looked at her in confusion. Lauren smiled and pressed the dildo more firmly against her for a fleeting second, provoking a frustrated groan. Roxanne wiggled and squirmed, then humped her pelvis up while pulling hard on Lauren's shoulders. Lauren merely smiled and refused to give her what she wanted. "Tell me what you want, baby, I can do this all day."

Roxanne looked up at her and Lauren arched an eyebrow meaningfully. It seemed to dawn on Roxanne then what Lauren wanted to hear. Even in her flushed state a deep blush rose to the redhead's cheeks.

"I want you to fuck my brains out," Roxanne whispered, her eyes closed.

"Say it like you mean it," Lauren said, still keeping up the devilish teasing.

"Lauren, please..."

"No?" Lauren stopped the dildo with the head at the very entrance to Roxanne's sopping vagina.

"Please, fuck my brains out!"

Lauren chuckled and moved her knees up to give herself better support. She held the shaft of the cock and slowly pressed forward with her hips. The head slid forward but missed its target and slipped downward. She pulled back and sat up on her knees. She used her left hand to press the damp bush of Roxanne's pubic hair out of the way, and with her right she guided the head of the dildo back to the entrance of Roxanne's slick channel. She pressed forward again slowly and watched as the tip of the black cock pushed against the lips of the cunt. A bit more pressure and the pink folds parted as the tip disappeared between them. Lauren slid forward a little more, watching with fascination as about half of the bulbous head slipped in. Roxanne's sharp intake of breath told Lauren she was on target this time. She could almost feel the tightness of Roxanne's vagina as she pushed ahead further.

A groan brought her eyes to Roxanne's face. The redhead's eyes were closed and a frown of concentration showed on her face. This turned into a sharp look of pain as her muscles yielded and the head of the cock forced it's way inside her.

Lauren felt a sudden concern. "Are you all right?"

"Its big..."

"Want me to stop?"

"If you do, I'll never speak to you again."

Lauren nodded and returned her eyes to the juncture of Roxanne's legs. She pressed forward again tentatively but found herself making no progress. She applied more pressure, and about two inches of the dildo sank into her lover.

"Ow!" Roxanne cried out.

"I have a smaller one. Do you want me to change?" Lauren was really concerned now.

"No, just be gentle and do it slowly,' Roxanne said, her voice husky with emotion.

Lauren reset her knees for better purchase on the slippery comforter. This time she pressed forward with her hips and watched as more of the big dildo disappeared between the puffy lips. She glanced up at Roxanne's face. Roxanne's eyes were still closed as she concentrated on relaxing. Lauren continued pushing forward until a little over half the big dildo was buried in Roxanne. She drew back a little then and pressed forward again. Working like this, she watched as more and more of the big cock entered the redhead's tight sex.

Finally, only the wide base and a small portion of the shaft were still visible, and Lauren slowly let her weight rest on the dildo. A look of agony swept over Roxanne's face as Lauren felt the last bit of the dildo enter the cunt. But in a moment the look of agony was replaced with a serene smile as Roxanne wrapped her legs around Lauren's hips and locked her ankles together. The redhead wiggled around until she found a most comfortable position.

"Is it good?" Lauren asked.

"Yes, it's good. It's wonderful."

The next few minutes were as confused and ultimately comical as anything common to teenagers doing it the first time. Lauren experimented, trying to get the hang of it, while Roxanne giggled and tried to accommodate her. Eventually, Lauren learned how to move and she established a slow rhythm. She could feel the resistance when she thrust down; she could feel the muscles of Roxanne's vagina holding on to the cock as she withdrew. The sensations were both clear and delicious.

Lauren picked up her tempo a bit, and for a while the room was silent except for the rhythmic sound of their hips meeting. Lauren concentrated on keeping a steady rhythm, while Roxanne gradually adjusted to the huge cock inside her.

As Lauren became more confident, she increased the tempo even further, withdrawing the cock in long deep outward strokes before thrusting in again. Roxanne began to moan and sigh. Her fingernails dragged across Lauren's back, spurring Lauren to even more powerful thrusts. Then Roxanne began to cry out with each down thrust. She tossed her head from side to side, her hips rising to meet Lauren's down thrusts. Lauren was now moaning herself, the stimulation quickly driving her towards a mammoth orgasm.

The sound of the dildo slicing in and out became more liquid, and Lauren could smell the heady scent of Roxanne's arousal. She began slamming the dildo into Roxanne with furious strokes.

"Oh... Oh... Oh." Roxanne moaned with each down thrust. Lauren wrapped her hands into Roxanne's hair and kissed her deeply as the tension built. The kiss was all it took. Roxanne screamed into Lauren's mouth as her body thrashed wildly. Feeling her lover come unglued beneath her was more than Lauren could stand, and soon her own orgasm burst through her belly. When Lauren became aware of her surroundings again, she found Roxanne gently kissing her neck and stroking her damp hair. The huge dildo was still buried inside of the redhead. Lauren smiled and lifted herself up on her elbows. Roxanne looked so totally content and satisfied, angelic in her happiness. Her hair was damp and a thin sheen of sweat showed on her brow.

"I love you," Roxanne mouthed, no sound coming from her lips.

Lauren could only nod, and then they kissed again.


Part 3


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