Ciana Rose's Erotic Stories


One Night At The Jefferson

By Colleen Thomas

All Rights Reserved




Part 1 of 3


Lauren drove home with a great deal more care than usual. Today was Friday, her vacation had just started, and she was taking no chances on missing her evening flight to New Orleans. A vacation, she hoped, to be long remembered. Unfortunately, traffic was unusually heavy and she soon realized she'd be hard pressed to make her flight.

She reached her home without incident and hurried inside. After collecting her bags, she said a fond farewell to her pets, left instructions for their care with her roommate, and raced off to the airport. Now traffic was worse than it had been on the way in, and by the time she reached the airport parking lot she was running late. She found check-in jammed with people trying to make their flights and she had to scurry to make it to her gate.

It was only after she was seated in her assigned seat with a drink in her hand and the plane in level flight that Lauren relaxed enough to begin to think again. This trip would be so much fun. She had never been to New Orleans, but she had read a great deal about the fabled city and she was enchanted with its reputed air of romance and mystery. Her hotel was right in the middle of the French Quarter, and she had devoured all the literature sent by the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce.

Even more exciting to her than the city was the prospect of meeting Roxanne for the first time. Their first contact had been in a chat room devoted to BattleFaeries, an online game. They had gradually become friends and had exchanged photos and then intimate details about their personal lives.

Although they had similar interests and temperaments, they were physically quite different. Roxanne was a slight woman with small bones and delicate features, and long auburn hair that set off her sparkling green eyes and pale skin. Despite her small size, she had a good figure and well muscled limbs. In contrast, Lauren was tall and big-boned, reaching almost six feet in height, with dirty-blonde hair worn shoulder length. Her figure, often described as lush, showed large, heavy breasts and plenty of behind. Would Roxanne like her? Photos were one thing, but meeting someone in the flesh was something else.

Lauren had spent the better part of a year coaxing, cajoling, and patiently trying to finally convince the shy woman to meet in person. Lauren had only a tentative promise from Roxanne, with a warning that Roxanne might chicken out and not show up in New Orleans. Still, the idea of finally meeting Roxanne excited Lauren, who realized her feelings for Roxanne were deep but confused. She and Roxanne seemed alike in many ways, but something else was there that Lauren could not put her finger on. An undercurrent of something she was unable to define. She was certain of it, but what was it?

What did she want from Roxanne? Was it love? Lauren felt a shudder of ambivalence. Was that the undercurrent? Maybe she wasn't ready yet to deal with that. She dozed awhile on the flight, waking with an indistinct memory of a pleasant dream.

In New Orleans, as the plane touched down smoothly and began to taxi towards the terminal, Lauren felt the beginning of excitement. She was finally here! After the plane glided to a stop, she gathered her carry-on bag from the overhead compartment. As the line moved slowly down the aisle, she was more than ready to leave the plane that was now becoming stuffy without air-conditioning. Or was she just nervous? She couldn't tell.

Inside the terminal, when she reached the end of the tunnel, Lauren glanced around expectantly. But no one in the crowd of waiting friends and relatives looked like the photos she'd seen of Roxanne. Lauren felt a deep disappointment, but she told herself that with all the new security measures, Roxanne might not have been able to make it to her gate.

Lauren hurried to the baggage claim area, again scanning the crowd, but she saw no one familiar in the milling faces. By the time she reached the main concourse she had decided that her friend had backed out. She felt hurt, but she did her best to shrug it off and remember that with or without Roxanne she was on vacation here.

She followed the signs to the taxi-way to find a cab to her hotel. As she walked through the door and out of the terminal, she caught her breath as the heat and sultry humidity suddenly assaulted her senses. It seemed like stepping fully clothed into a sauna, and she put her bags down and wiped her brow. She was not used to this. She felt a strange excitement, something in the air. A suppressed feeling of waiting for something to happen.

Then, as she reached down to pick her bags up, a small voice behind her said, "Lauren?"

Lauren turned quickly to face the person who had spoken. She was a small woman, dressed in jeans, a flannel work shirt and work boots. Her auburn hair was up in a pony tail and she looked like she was dying in the heat in those heavy clothes.

Lauren remembered suddenly that Roxanne had said she would have to leave straight from work to catch her plane. Lauren felt a bit silly now; she'd been searching for someone dressed like a woman, as she knew Roxanne liked to do.

"Roxanne?" she asked.

The smaller woman smiled shyly and nodded. Lauren could see how much just this simple exchange was taking out of Roxanne. She could see it in Roxanne's eyes and face, and she felt bad that she had inadvertently forced Roxanne to approach her. She was also flattered -- she knew just how difficult it was for Roxanne.

She wanted to hug Roxanne at that point, but something held her back. Instead she held out her hand and the smaller woman shook it. Lauren found herself at a loss for words.

"How was your flight?" she asked finally.

"It was okay," came the reply. Roxanne's voice was low, pleasantly modulated, but too deep for her size. Lauren remembered that Roxanne was very self-conscious about her low voice and she was determined not to mention it to Roxanne.

The silence that followed was awkward, and Lauren was happy to have a taxi finally pull in to the curb. A tall black man in gray livery climbed out and helped them put their bags into the trunk.

The cool air-conditioning inside the cab felt wonderful after the stifling humidity outside. Roxanne seemed even more grateful for the coolness and sat in the corner pressed up against the door.

"Where to, ladies?" the driver asked in a voice heavy with a southern accent.

"The Jefferson," Lauren replied.

"Nice place," the driver said as he pulled away. "First time in the city?"

"It is for me, but my friend has been here several times before," Lauren said.

"It's a great place to visit. Good thing you didn't come at Mardi Gras your first trip. It's a different place then."

They continued chatting as he drove through the streets of the city. Lauren stole a glance at Roxanne, who was staring out the window apparently lost in thought. Lauren was happy for the talkative driver. She was sure the ride would be silent otherwise.

The Jefferson was situated on Rue De Bienville in the heart of the Quarter. The hotel was four stories high with a red brick and wrought iron facade that fit perfectly with the architecture around it. Inside, the hotel was decorated in lavish Victorian style. Lauren and Roxanne made their way to the desk, where a formally attired man in his middle fifties greeted them.

"May I help you?" the man asked with a smile.

"We'd like to check in," Lauren said.

"Reservations?" he asked.

"Yes," Lauren said, as she handed him her print-out from the reservation company.

He looked it over, then glanced up and smiled. "Are you


Lauren was amused when she saw Roxanne blush and seem to be looking for a place to hide. Something about Roxanne at that moment touched Lauren. Roxanne seemed so totally vulnerable. Not certain if it was her own maternal instinct or something else, Lauren took the print-out from Roxanne's hand and said, "Yes."

The concierge arched an eyebrow but said nothing as he took the two print-outs and entered the information into the computer on the desk. Lauren felt rather than saw Roxanne move slightly closer to her. The concierge programmed two key cards and handed them to Lauren.

With a smile, the concierge said, "I've taken the liberty of moving your friend to a room adjoining yours, second floor end of the hallway. The bell-hop will bring up your bags in a moment."

They made their way across the beautiful lobby. Old paintings showing the riverfront in the days of steamships and antebellum homes decorated the walls. The wainscot was expensive wood and all the trim was mahogany. The architect had done an outstanding job of transporting those in the lobby back to a more elegant and genteel time. The elevator in the corner was right out of a movie -- an open wrought iron cage with an elderly black man dressed in the hotel's livery operating it. "Floor, ladies?" he asked in a deep baritone, his voice infused with an uncertain accent.

"Two, please," Roxanne said quietly before Lauren could answer.

"Two it is, then," he said as he worked the archaic controls and the iron grille slid closed. When he opened the grille again, they were on the second floor landing. Lauren stepped off the elevator and started down the hallway, but when she realized Roxanne wasn't with her, she turned back and saw Roxanne dropping a dollar bill in the elevator man's hand. He tipped his hat to Roxanne and smiled as she left the elevator.

Lauren was reminded again how very thoughtful Roxanne was. painfully shy but thoughtful. Lauren found it incredibly sweet.

When they reached Roxanne's room, she slid the key into the lock and opened the door. Lauren continued down the hallway to her own room. She had a corner room, the last one on the floor. She opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her before she flipped on the lights and stood there in amazement.

The room was simply stunning. The lights were all shaped to look like gaslights. A large, four-poster canopy bed dominated one wall. It was finished in a dark color, but had sea-foam green linen and a comforter on it. The walls were neutral beige, but the whole thing was finished in a dark wood trim. On the wall opposite the door was a stone fireplace. Lauren remembered reading that the fireplaces were gas operated and could give heat in the winter or just light if it was warm. A large print over the fireplace showed two steamboats racing up the river. There was a small writing desk in the corner, near a pair of French doors that apparently opened onto the balcony. There was another door she assumed was a closet, and one that had to be the bathroom. A smaller door was set into the wall that she shared with Roxanne's room.

On the wall nearest Lauren, was a massive armoire of dark wood, with two wingback chairs were positioned in front of it. A beautiful settee with delicate Queen Anne legs was placed in front of the fireplace, together with a coffee table that looked to be a real antique. One corner held a kitchenette situated behind a counter, with two barstools in front of it. Lauren moved into the room and began to explore it.

The armoire held a huge television and stereo system along with a VCR. The bathroom was finished in fake marble tiles and featured a large bathtub, rather than a shower. White linen with the hotel monogram was stored in a small closet. The kitchenette had a small fridge, a microwave, and a wet bar. She noticed that the bar was empty and decided she would have to remedy that first thing. The fridge was likewise empty. She found the thermostat on the wall and turned it way down to cool the room as much as possible.

As she played with the fireplace controls, Lauren heard a discreet knock at her door. She opened it to find a porter holding her bags. He brought them in and placed them on the floor. As he was leaving, Lauren tried to give him a tip.

"Oh, no ma'am, the lady next door took care of it. Thank you much though," he said as he departed.

After he left, Lauren remembered the adjoining door. She walked over and undid the bolt on her side and tried the knob. But it wouldn't budge. She knocked on the door and then heard movement on the other side. The bolt on the other side came undone, and Roxanne opened the door a crack and peered through. She had removed her work clothes and was wrapped in a red satin robe, her hair spilling down her back in a tangled mess.

"Welcome to the Ritz," Roxanne said softly.

"Decadent, isn't it?" Lauren laughed.

"Almost like the Poconos," Roxanne said and smiled. It was the first real smile by Roxanne that Lauren had seen, and it made her feel better. Roxanne seemed to be losing some of her shyness. She opened the door all the way and then walked into the bathroom, the source of the sound of running water.

Lauren entered Roxanne's room and looked around. The room was smaller than her own, but similarly decorated. Both Roxanne's bags were open and on the bed, and Lauren could see that the smaller bag seemed to contain nothing but lingerie. She remembered Roxanne's admitted addiction to frilly things and found herself smiling. Lauren rarely wore sexy underthings. She wandered over to the bed and had a closer look at the lingerie in the open bag. A corset was already on the bed: ivory satin, trimmed in black lace, and with black garters.

"Do you like it?" Roxanne's voice came from behind Lauren.

Lauren whirled around, a little embarrassed. She felt the color rise to her cheeks for some reason. "Maybe on you, but not on this girl," she said with a laugh, hoping to cover her embarrassment.

"I think you'd look smashing in one," Roxanne said quietly.

Lauren eyed her critically, raising an eyebrow. Roxanne's face was serious, with no hint that she was joking. The green eyes were intent and unreadable, and Lauren found herself coloring again. A strange feeling was upon her, one she wasn't quiet comfortable with.

Lauren said, "So what do you want to do tonight? Or are you too tired to go out?" She wanted to change the subject.

"It's up to you. I just need to get a bath, I feel so sticky," Roxanne said with a smile.

Lauren couldn't help but take a moment to admire Roxanne. She was shorter than Lauren, about 5'6". Her skin was pale, with a dusting of freckles, and hardly any blemishes that Lauren could see. Roxanne's eyes were deep green, her auburn hair worn long.

The robe she wore came only to mid thigh and Lauren could see most of her legs. They were well-toned from her job. Roxanne was not beautiful in the classic sense, but she was certainly attractive. Her demeanor added to her looks, making her seem wistful and lonely and somehow unapproachable.

"Well, if you're not too tired, I'd like to see Bourbon Street," Lauren said.

"Great!" Roxanne said enthusiastically. "Just let me get a bath in."

"I think I will too. See you in half an hour?"

"It's only eight thirty, how bout an hour? That tub looks too inviting to rush," Roxanne said with a dreamy smile.

"An hour it is, then," Lauren said with a chuckle. Roxanne looked so cute with that expression on her face.

Lauren retreated to her own room and ran a quick bath. She did not dally, and she was out and dressed with time to spare. When she looked through the open door, she could see that Roxanne was still in the bathroom, as the bathroom door was still closed.

Lauren leafed through the information packet that she found on the writing desk. It contained a coupon book for things to do in the city and information on the hotel services. Tucked into a side folder was a brochure with lists of movies available to rent. That explained the VCR. She glanced at the list of movies, seeing many current hits and quite a few older films. The last page was filled with adult titles, and she laughed at some of the films names.

When she glanced up at the clock and saw that it was almost nine, she rose and walked quietly over to Roxanne's room. As Lauren entered, the door to the bathroom opened and Roxanne emerged, her skin rosy from the hot water and with a soft pink hue. Roxanne had her robe draped over her shoulders, but not tied in front.

She quickly pulled her robe shut, but not before Lauren had a glimpse of her breasts, her flat tummy, and her fiery red pubic triangle.

"You're impatient! I'm hurrying," Roxanne said with a giggle as she skipped past the doorway towards the bed.

Lauren laughed herself and went back to her room. In a few minutes Roxanne joined her, wearing a simple black dress with black stockings and low heels. The dress seemed familiar, and then Lauren recognized it as a dress she had seen in one of Roxanne's photos.

"Ready?" Lauren asked.

"Ready," Roxanne smiled. She seemed to be more comfortable, less prone to the long silences that Lauren had come to expect from her.

"Where to?" Roxanne asked as they made their way down the hall towards the elevators.

"I have two free drink coupons for Pat O'Brien's, so how about if we start there?"

"Great, I haven't been to Pat O's in quite a while," Roxanne replied.

"We aren't going to get lost are we?"

"I doubt it, I've been here many times."

"I'm so excited!" Lauren exclaimed.

"Its a wonderful place. It has it's own aura. Sensual, mystical, mysterious, I love it here," Roxanne said earnestly.

"I know you do. You'll have to give me a grand tour," Lauren said with a smile.

They left the lobby and entered the quiet Rue De Bienville. This street was mostly antique and estate shops and was usually deserted by dark. The boisterous noise of Bourbon Street could be heard as Roxanne led Lauren down a darkened side street. The night was sultry, but not as humid as it had been. Lauren saw a few puddles and realized it must have showered while they were getting settled in.

Emerging onto Bourbon Street, Lauren was assaulted by the myriad of sights, smells, and sounds. People were everywhere, pressed into lines in front of bars and shops, small groups making their way up the packed street. The noise of a hundred conversations mixed with music from the clubs to create a cacophony that was somehow pleasant. The smells of stale beer mixed with exotic Cajun food, and the press of people in close quarters, combined to create a distinct aroma in the air.

Roxanne gently touched Lauren's arm and smiled at her, then started off down the packed street. Lauren followed, dodging in and out of groups of people. Many of the people were apparently college kids: she saw shirts proclaiming several different schools and universities. Everyone seemed to be drunk and having a good time. Roxanne and Lauren passed shops of all types, mostly souvenir places that sold shirts and mugs and the like. Many of the clubs had long lines that they had to detour around or push through. Pat O'Brien's was no exception, and they had to wait almost 45 minutes to get in.

Once inside, they were given a table and they ordered drinks.

Roxanne had a Long Island Iced Tea in a hurricane glass. Lauren had a Crown and Seven. Roxanne downed her drink very quickly and ordered another. Lauren remembered that Roxanne was very uncomfortable in crowds and decided Roxanne was probably attempting to relax.

Lauren was a bit concerned: the last thing she wanted was to put Roxanne in an awkward position. But the drinks seemed to help, and soon Roxanne was laughing and chatting away. They spent a few hours drinking and talking, and by the time they decided to leave, they were both pleasantly buzzed. When they left the bar, the streets seemed to be just as crowded as when they'd come in.

"I thought it would be a little less packed," Lauren said.

"Not here. The party won't slow down till well into the morning," Roxanne said with a laugh.

Then they turned into a side street and were suddenly alone.

Lauren could tell Roxanne was happy to be away from the press of bodies. As they passed a stairway leading down to basement apartments, Lauren noticed a young man and woman making out. Their bodies were intertwined and she could hear the quiet noises of their passion. The stairway was the perfect place for a couple, the very air heavy with sensual tension. Lauren suddenly wished she were with a lover. It had been so long.

Roxanne noticed the sudden change in Lauren's mood. "Are you all right?" Roxanne asked quietly.

"Yes, fine," Lauren said, with a forced smile. She fought hard to keep back the tears that suddenly threatened to overwhelm her.

"Are you sure?"

Lauren looked down at the smaller woman. In the half-light, Roxanne seemed even smaller. Her eyes seemed huge though, with a luminous disquieting quality. In those eyes Lauren saw concern, more than she would have imagined. It touched her deeply, and impulsively she enfolded Roxanne in her arms. Roxanne hugged her back, holding on tightly.

"I'm fine," Lauren said again as she broke the embrace.

"We'd better get going before someone gets the wrong idea," Roxanne said with a mischievous grin.

Lauren laughed deeply, and the sudden emptiness inside her was gone as quickly as it had come.

"Let 'em!" Lauren said in a loud voice, and then laughed even harder as her friend blushed and giggled.

"My hero," Roxanne said.

Lauren was about to make another comment when they rounded the corner, but she decided not to. There were several people in front of the hotel and she did not want to embarrass Roxanne.

They made their way up to their floor and both went into Lauren's room.

"Drink?" Roxanne said as she walked behind the bar.

"Sorry, but the cupboard is bare," Lauren replied ruefully.

Roxanne reached into the fridge and brought out a bottle of Crown and a two-liter bottle of Seven Up. "Really?" she asked.

"What the hell," Lauren sputtered.

Roxanne burst out laughing. "Silly Lauren, haven't you ever heard of room service? I ordered the drinks from the package store. They delivered, and someone from the hotel brought them up."

Lauren smiled at Roxanne as Roxanne fixed two drinks. Roxanne brought Lauren's drink to her, and they sat beside each other on the settee.

Lauren found the drink was good, if a little strong. A silence fell upon them then, Roxanne staring at her with an uncertain look. Lauren suddenly felt warm and the room felt stuffy. She felt like a schoolgirl on a date again, unsure of what to say or do. She felt a tension in the air, something almost palpable.

Roxanne drained her drink and smiled softly. Lauren found her eyes drawn to Roxanne's. Something passed between them, but Lauren wasn't sure what it was. Her eyes darted to Roxanne's lips. She realized Roxanne's eyes were on her own lips. Lauren's head moved forward, just slightly, hesitantly. Then she stopped. What was she thinking? She felt a sudden panic well up within her and she drew back.

Roxanne frowned and suddenly rose. "Good night, Lauren." She turned and hurried to her room and closed the door.

For a long time Lauren sat there trying to decide what had just happened. She finished her drink slowly as she tried to work through her own feelings. In the end she gave up.

"Horny, drunk, and tired," she muttered to herself as she stripped off her clothes and curled up under the sheet. She lay awake for a long time, unable to get her mind off Roxanne's face. It floated there before her eyes as sleep finally claimed her.

She awoke with a start. The room was still dark, no sunlight shown through the curtains. She was bathed in sweat and had kicked off the sheet. She realized her nipples were aching and her hand resting between her thighs. Her breathing was ragged and her mouth very dry.

She brushed her hair back from her face.

"What a dream," she whispered to herself. It was then that she realized her fingers were sticky and that she was very damp between her legs. I must be losing my mind, she thought. She rose from the bed to get a glass of water. She dried herself with a towel and washed her face. The image that stared back at her from the mirror seemed alien. She returned to her bed, but try as she might, she could not remember what she had been dreaming.

Lauren awoke to the enchanting smell of fresh coffee, and she was instantly aware that someone was in the room with her. She sat up quickly, pulling the sheet up to cover herself.

Roxanne was there. "Good morning, sleepyhead," Roxanne said. She walked out of the kitchenette with a hot cup of coffee in her hand. She wore a deep metallic blue nightie that barely covered her ass, and Lauren had to pry her eyes off Roxanne's body to take the steaming cup of coffee from her. Roxanne looked so happy and relaxed.

Lauren propped herself up on her pillows and sipped her coffee. It was hot and incredibly thick and strong.

"It's good, where did you get it?' Lauren asked as Roxanne walked back to the kitchenette.

"I brought some with me. It's almost eleven o'clock. I've been up for a while. How do you like your eggs?"

"Scrambled," Lauren said automatically.

"Me too," Roxanne said as she started to break the eggs.

"I'll help."

"You will not. You'll stay right there and relax. You're on vacation."

"So are you." But Lauren's protest was only half-hearted. She really did not want to get up.

"I'm happy to cook for you, so just lie back and enjoy it," Roxanne called out.

Too drowsy to argue, Lauren relaxed and closed her eyes. Soon the sounds and smells of breakfast cooking filled the room, and she had to admit it was wonderful to be pampered.

When Lauren opened her eyes again, Roxanne had brought her food on a silver bed tray. Lauren suddenly found herself ravenously hungry and attacked the sausage, eggs, and toast with gusto.

Roxanne pulled up one of the wingback chairs and sat down, watching Lauren eat. The redhead crossed her legs at the ankles and propped them up on the bed, Sinking deeply into the chair, she sipped her own coffee. Lauren glanced up at her and smiled.

"You'd make a good wife for someone," Lauren teased between bites.

"Are you offering?" Roxanne asked. She had a smile on her face, but the question seemed to carry a deeper meaning.

"I don't know. Can you keep house?" Lauren took the last bite of her toast.

"With the best of 'em. I even do windows," the smaller woman said cheerfully.

"And how are you in the sack?" Lauren asked, instantly rewarded by seeing Roxanne blush a deep crimson.

"Score one for me," Lauren said with a giggle.

"Bitch," Roxanne said, giggling herself.

"I'll show you bitch!" Lauren said with a laugh, suddenly jumping out of bed and leaping on her friend. She dug her fingers into Roxanne's sides, eliciting a squealing giggle.

"No!" Roxanne managed as she tried to squirm away.

Lauren pulled her to the floor and rolled on top of her, straddling Roxanne's hips as she dug her fingers in and tickled her again. She continued to tickle Roxanne until Roxanne was reduced to gasping sobbing laughter. "Give up?" Lauren said with a smile as she stopped.

Roxanne's face showed a strange look of surprise -- and something else. Then Lauren suddenly realized that she'd leaped out of bed naked, and that Roxanne's eyes were now glued to her breasts just inches from her face. Lauren pulled her hands away from Roxanne's body and rose quickly.

"Oops," was all she could manage.

Roxanne's nightgown had ridden up, and when Lauren looked, she saw that Roxanne's panties were visible. Noticing Lauren's glance and coloring furiously, Roxanne quickly pulled her nightgown down. Lauren was uncertain about what was happening. Was it possible that Roxanne was sexually aroused? Lauren was suddenly more aware than ever of her own nakedness.

Now, as Roxanne's eyes roved all over Lauren's naked body, Lauren was aware of a strange feeling rising within herself. She gave a nervous laugh and hurried to the bathroom. She could feel Roxanne's eyes on her until she closed the bathroom door.

When Lauren left the bathroom, she found herself alone in her room. She quickly dressed and had a second cup of coffee. Roxanne came in a few minutes later.

"Ready to go?" Roxanne asked.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see," Roxanne said with a smile.

They left the hotel and walked through the Quarter. It was hardly crowded and Lauren was able to enjoy the scenery. The buildings were a mix of architectural styles, many obviously quite old. The first place they stopped at was Marie Laveau's Voodoo shop.

Inside the small shop were tarot cards and gris-gris bags. All the trappings of the fabled Voodoo priestess were displayed. There were potions here and there and magical charms everywhere.

Roxanne picked up a green bottle and said, "Here ya go. Have a swig of this."

Lauren examined it. "Love Potion No.9" was emblazoned on it. Lauren giggled and put the bottle back on the shelf.

They browsed for a while, showing each other anything they found interesting, and then they left the shop.

A few doors down was a shop devoted to Mardi Gras masks. They amused themselves trying them on and showing them to each other. The proprietress seemed used to such things and only smiled. Roxanne bought a small mask before they left.

Laughing and enjoying each other's company, they made their way up to Jackson Square. Lauren was immediately taken with the cathedral there. It was beautiful and majestic, rising above the square. They waited in line for the tour conducted by a very short priest with a French accent.

After the tour Roxanne led Lauren across the busy street to the famous Cafe Du Mond. Lauren took a seat and was watching the crowd when Roxanne returned with two cups of coffee and a plateful of baguettes. Lauren took a bite of the sweet pastry. It was very good, very much like a funnel cake. She then took a swallow of her coffee. It was awful, thick and hot but terribly bitter.

Roxanne exploded into gales of laughter as Lauren struggled to keep from spewing coffee and cake all over the place. When she finally was able to swallow, she gave Roxanne a dirty look.

"What is that shit?" she demanded.

Roxanne giggled. "It's called chicory. The locals put it in all their coffee."

"That was a dirty trick," Lauren said as she wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"Score one for me," Roxanne said sweetly.

"You'll pay for that, I promise," Lauren said with a hint of a smile.

"Ooh, a threat," Roxanne cooed.

"Not a threat, a promise," Lauren said, smiling broadly now.

They finished their snack. Lauren could not take the chicory coffee and was forced to go get a cup of regular coffee. When she returned, she found Roxanne staring at the cathedral with a strange expression. Lauren looked at the cathedral but could not determine what Roxanne was staring at.

They made their way up the steps to the River Walk after they finished eating. They had a beautiful view of the ships moving busily along the river. The River Walk was filled with shops, and they passed a long time shopping. Lauren bought a few CDs in the small underground music shop. Roxanne bought a few knickknacks for friends.

By the time they passed the Jacks Brewery, it was dark outside. They made their way up the silent streets filling with people again. Roxanne seemed to be looking for something. She stopped outside a nondescript shop with a sign that said "Second Skin" and pulled Lauren inside.

The shop was filed with leather goods. The walls held an unbelievable number of jackets, skirts, pants and boots. Lauren was amazed at the colors, from traditional black and brown to outrageous pinks, purples and even Day-Glo orange.

"Ready for some fun?" Roxanne asked.

Lauren looked at her suspiciously. Roxanne laughed and took her arm, half-leading, half-dragging her through the hanging beads that masked a doorway that separated the shop into two parts. A sign read, "Over 21 Only".

This room was crowded with people and held a selection of what Lauren gradually recognized to be bondage gear and sex toys. She knew of the existence of such things, but she had never actually seen a display like this. Restraints of every kind lined the walls. Leather corsets and dresses with cut outs at the most private places. Collars, hand cuffs, gloves and anything else one might possibly imagine. Lauren was dumbfounded.

Standing close to Lauren, Roxanne spoke softly: "I thought you might like it here."

Lauren looked at the other people in the room. Women were trying on various things under the watchful eyes of their apparent masters. Lauren watched as one man tapped a paddle on his woman's behind. A tall blonde woman led a smaller brunette through the racks on a leash. Videos of X-rated bondage films were showing on several screens around the room.

Lauren felt her heartbeat quicken and her breath seemed to catch in her throat. A tall, heavily muscled man wearing only leather chaps and boots approached them. His nipples were pierced and he wore a spiked collar.

"Can I help you ladies?" he asked in a deep voice devoid of accent.

He exuded raw power as his black eyes gazed at Lauren. Except for the purple Mohawk, he might have been one of the men from her favorite fantasies.

"I was looking for a collar," Roxanne said.

His eyes finally left Lauren's and she found she could breathe again.

"Of course. Any particular style?" he asked as he led Roxanne to a counter a short distance away.

Lauren was left standing there, still trying to take it all in. She'd heard of places like this, but she had never expected to see the inside of one.

"A pretty little thing, is she yours?" a voice asked.

Lauren turned to see a tall blonde woman standing at her side. The woman wore her hair in a sever bob, and she was coldly beautiful. She was even taller than Lauren and exuded an aura of supreme confidence. Her blue eyes glued to Roxanne's ass, she licked her lips hungrily.

For some reason, that look angered Lauren more than she would have believed. In her mind's eye she could easily see this cold woman hurting Roxanne. Without considering the implications, she said, "Yes, she's mine."

"Pity. You should keep her on a short leash. She's too edible to last long around here." The blonde tugged on the leash she held and moved away with her sub meekly following behind her.

Lauren stood there trembling in rage. She was not even sure why, but she mastered herself and walked quickly to the counter where the man was showing Roxanne a huge selection of collars.

"What do you think?" Roxanne said with a smile as she showed Lauren a black leather collar with a metal D ring in front. "It's called a mistress collar."

Lauren's eyes were on the blonde woman who was watching them from across the room. She barely heard Roxanne.

"Lauren? Lauren, are you all right?" Roxanne asked, her voice rising.

"What? Yes, it looks fine, I think you should get it," Lauren finally said.

"I will then," Roxanne said, her voice showing her confusion.

"Will you excuse us?" Lauren said to the man as she took Roxanne by the arm and steered her towards front of the shop.

Roxanne paid for the collar and was about to put it in her bag, when Lauren said, "Put it on," Roxanne giggled and said, "Are you crazy?" But as she looked into Lauren's eyes, the smile faded from her face. She fumbled with the collar and meekly put it on.

Lauren nodded and led her out of the shop. The last thing Lauren saw was the blonde staring at them as they left.

Lauren remained angry for about a block. Then she looked at Roxanne and smiled. "You can take it off now," she said easily.

"What got into you?" Roxanne asked as she removed the collar.

"Nothing,' Lauren said.

Roxanne searched her face, and then shrugged. But her expression showed she wanted to ask more.

"I'll tell you later," Lauren said.

By the time they reached the Italian restaurant where they planned to eat dinner, they were laughing and joking again. The head waiter showed them to a secluded booth and took their drink orders.

When the waitress arrived with their drinks, took their dinner orders and left, they were left in comparative privacy. Roxanne sipped her wine and stared at Lauren. Lauren was on her third drink before she finally spoke.

She explained what had happened in the shop. Roxanne watched her intently but said nothing. When Lauren finished, she eyed Roxanne and waited.

"That was incredibly sweet of you," Roxanne said at last.


"Yes, very sweet,"

"Why do you say that?"

"You wanted to protect me, I find that sweet. Is that so odd?" she asked in a quiet voice.

"Well, not if you put it that way, I guess. I don't know. I don't know what's come over me. Let just try and forget it and enjoy our meal."

The meal was excellent and the drinks were good. Lauren had a fine Penne Rustica while Roxanne had chicken parm. By the time they finished, Lauren was feeling mellow. Roxanne was giggly, and Lauren remembered that Roxanne had once mentioned that wine had a strong effect on her.

On the way back to the hotel, Roxanne laughed and talked endlessly. Lauren hadn't yet seen Roxanne like this, cute and bubbly and without a trace of her usual shyness. Lauren decided she would get some more wine. She liked this side of Roxanne.

They stopped at the package store and Lauren picked up a bottle of wine and a two-liter Seven Up.

When they were back in her room, Lauren poured Roxanne a glass of wine and a drink for herself. She put the Enigma disk she'd purchased in the CD player and clicked on "infinite repeat". Then she sat down on the settee next to Roxanne.

Roxanne looked at her glass with a small smile and said, "I probably shouldn't drink anymore."

Lauren laughed. "Aww, go ahead, you're on vacation."

Roxanne giggled and took a sip. Her face was flushed and she had a crooked grin. Lauren took a swallow of her drink and closed her eyes. She let the music take her mind away.

She opened her eyes to see Roxanne swaying with the music, a serene look on her face.

"What ya thinking?" Lauren asked.

"Hmm?? Oh nothing, really," Roxanne replied a bit too quickly.

"Like what nothing?" Lauren asked as she placed her glass on the table.

"Well, I was just thinking how nice it has been and how glad I am I met you here," she said quietly.

"That's nice, I'm glad you came too. What else?"

"Truthfully?" Roxanne asked, suddenly serious.

"Of course," Lauren replied, her eyes locked onto Roxanne's.

Roxanne looked at her, and then licked her lips. "I was thinking how pretty you are."

Lauren smiled at her. "Hold that thought, I have to powder my nose," she said as she rose and went to the bathroom. After she relieved herself, Lauren wet a towel and wiped her face. She looked at herself critically in the mirror. Are you sure you know what your doing? she asked herself. Her reflection stared back, showing the doubts she felt. She straightened up and shook her head once to clear it. No, I guess I don't, she thought, smiling wanly to herself.

When she returned to the settee, she took a big gulp of her drink and leaned close to Roxanne. "Now where were we?" she purred.

Roxanne's eyes widened a bit and she stammered. "I was saying how pretty I thought you were."

"And?" Lauren whispered.

Roxanne stared at her with wide eyes. She licked her lips nervously but said nothing.

Lauren had to make a decision now. Did she press or back off? She knew it was unknown territory. Did she know what she wanted? In the past she'd pressed online, even though the pressure was vague, and had upset Roxanne badly. What do I want, Lauren thought? Did she want to seduce Roxanne? You do indeed, she thought. That was exactly what she wanted.

Their bodies were close; only inches separated them. Lauren could smell Roxanne's perfume, a very light floral scent. Her own nipples were hard and she could see Roxanne's nipples forcing the fabric of her green dress away from her breasts. Roxanne was breathing heavily and her face was flushed, but Lauren was certain it wasn't the wine this time. Her eyes locked onto Roxanne's. The deep green pools of Roxanne's eyes seemed bottomless. Lauren's gaze shifted to Roxanne's full, soft lips. She leaned forward slowly, bringing her face to Roxanne's.

But Roxanne rose abruptly, and with a strangled sound she ran to the French doors and out onto the balcony. Lauren sat back and snorted in frustration. The city, the booze, the music, having her friend nearby, her own aching loneliness, had all brought her to this moment. If she didn't follow Roxanne, she knew she would loose her nerve, and somehow she knew if she let it pass, the moment would never come again. For several heartbeats her emotions warred with one another. Her fear of pushing Roxanne away was great and Roxanne was so unpredictable. Lauren's own nature was not aggressive and she had never attempted anything like this before. Rejection would hurt her even more than acceptance would frighten her. Finally, it was not something she considered normal. Two women. It all seemed so unbearably doubtful. On the other hand, her instincts told her this was right. Yes, it was right. She knew it was right. She gulped the last of her drink and she rose determined not let this moment pass. She walked quietly and quickly to the open French doors.

The sultry, velvety darkness of the New Orleans night enfolded her as she stepped out on the balcony. Roxanne stood against the wrought iron railing, staring into the darkness. Lauren walked up behind her and leaned forward to place both her hands on the railing on either side of Roxanne.

"Are you all right?" Lauren asked softly.

"I... I don't know," came the nearly inaudible reply.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't explain," Roxanne said.

Lauren's head was very close to Roxanne's; she could smell the faint strawberry scent of her shampoo. She could feel the heat of Roxanne's body radiating through the thin fabric of her dress. Her breasts grazed Roxanne's back, and then Roxanne turned suddenly to face Lauren within Lauren's arms.

When Roxanne made no move to run away, or to even escape the circle of her arms, Lauren leaned very close to her. "Do you want me to stop?" Lauren asked in a voice she barely recognized as her own.

Roxanne shook her head, apparently not trusting her voice.

As Lauren leaned closer, Roxanne's hands lightly touched Lauren's arms. The feeling was electric. As Lauren's gaze fastened on Roxanne's lips, she saw the lips quiver slightly. Roxanne's eyes closed and her lips parted as she leaned forward hesitantly.

Their lips touched, and for a fraction of a second the world seemed to stand still. As they kissed, still unsure of herself, Lauren tentatively pressed her tongue against Roxanne's soft lips. The lips parted readily and Roxanne's tongue gently responded. Lauren could taste the sweetness of the wine and a taste she realized absently was the taste of another woman's lips. For a long time they stood like that, tongues caressing each other. Roxanne's hands moved up Lauren's shoulders and held her while Lauren's own hands left the railing and locked behind the smaller woman's back.

When the kiss finally ended, Lauren's eyes questioned Roxanne. The redhead's eyes were closed tightly as she licked her still parted lips. Lauren pulled Roxanne gently off the balcony and back into the room. The song on the CD had changed. How much time had passed? But time seemed to have no meaning now. When Roxanne looked at Lauren, Lauren smiled.

"May I have this dance?" Lauren asked, unable to restrain a giggle. Even as she said it, she thought it sounded corny. Well, never mind that.

"Of course," Roxanne murmured, her voice extremely soft. Was she afraid to make a loud noise that might break the spell?

They moved together again, still hesitant. Neither woman was exactly certain of what to do, or how to do it. Lauren slipped her arms around her smaller friend's slim waist. Roxanne's arms draped over Lauren's shoulders and held tightly to her. Lauren locked her hands together at the small of Roxanne's back and gently but firmly pulled her close. For a long moment they stood like that, not really dancing, but simply rocking slightly back and forth in time to the music. Each woman seemed to take great pleasure in the close proximity of the other and neither wanted it to end.

It might have ended there, going no further than that single kiss. Lauren was unsure of what to do next, and Roxanne seemed to be in a dreamlike trance, simply swaying along with her. Then fate stepped in. The song ended and another began. Lauren, knowing the CD by heart, changed to the new rhythm almost instantly. Roxanne was slower to pick up on the new beat and for a moment the two were out of sync. Lauren's knee slid between Roxanne's legs and her thigh gently bumped Roxanne's sex. A small gasp escaped Roxanne's lips and her eyes shot open in surprise.

"Oops," Lauren whispered with a smile.

After a moment, Roxanne returned the smile as her legs parted further. Encouraged, Lauren slid her hands down and over the rise of Roxanne's ass. She spread her fingers and then gently squeezed the firm flesh in her hands, pulling Roxanne against her. Roxanne moaned softly, the sound incredibly erotic to Lauren. She could feel herself becoming aroused now, passing the state of needing someone close, becoming excited. Her left hand continued to gently squeeze Roxanne's ass while her right hand glided back up to touch the bare skin of Roxanne's neck.

Their bodies were pressed tightly together now. Lauren's thigh pressed against Roxanne, trapped between the smaller woman's thighs. Lauren's nipples pressed into Roxanne, the soft swaying gently stimulating Lauren's nipples until they became stiff and sensitive. Then the tenor of their swaying changed, becoming more urgent. Lauren looked into Roxanne's eyes and slowly pulled the zipper of Roxanne's dress down.

The sound of the zipper was unnaturally loud as it slowly slid downward. Lauren's eyes never left Roxanne's, her eyes searching Roxanne's eyes for any sign that she was going too far. When the zipper reached the end of its run and stopped. Lauren held it a few seconds longer before giving it a final tug. Satisfied that it was all the way undone, her hands glided up the silky material until they rested on Roxanne's shoulders. For a long moment they stood like that, neither woman moving, both frozen as still as statues.

Last chance to stop, Lauren's rational mind told her, but she no longer wanted to stop. If this was wrong then so be it; her instincts were in control, her instincts and her suddenly awakened passion. Her fingers curled around the two halves of the dress and then gently pulled them apart. Roxanne released her hold on Lauren's shoulders and held her arms out and down. Lauren slowly pulled the top down, sliding it off of Roxanne's arms. The top came free and flopped forward, hanging down the front of the skirt, which was still held up by Roxanne's hips.

Lauren placed her hands on Roxanne's shoulders and held her back, looking down to see what was revealed. Roxanne wore the ivory corset Lauren had seen earlier. A black lacy bra held her heavy breasts up, the bra contrasting with her pale skin and setting it off beautifully. Lauren traced a finger along Roxanne's bare shoulder and down her arm. Roxanne shivered at the gentle caress. Lauren's fingers glided back up, feeling the silken skin under them. Her fingers hooked under the dainty straps of the bra as she looked into Roxanne's eyes once again.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" she asked softly.

"Oh, Lauren. I've never been so sure of anything in my life," came the breathless reply.

Lauren nodded and their lips met again. There was no hesitation this time as they kissed. Lauren's tongue slipped between Roxanne's soft lips and the smaller woman sucked gently on it. The feeling was incredible and Lauren felt her own heartbeat quicken. Her thumbs slid under the straps to Roxanne's bra and lifted them off Roxanne's shoulders. Her hands slid behind Roxanne's back to fumble with the bra's closure. She had undone and done her own bras a thousand time with no problems, but now she found herself frustrated by this one. Lauren broke the kiss and growled in annoyance.

"Problems?" Roxanne asked with a sweet smirk.

"Take that damned thing off," Lauren said in a gruff voice, her best macho-guy impression.

Roxanne giggled and reached back to deftly unclasp her bra, remove it, and then drop it to the floor. Her breasts were heavy, with coral colored aureoles about the size of a half dollar. The nipples were very long and very erect, standing out from the aureoles. Her skin was even paler than Lauren had imagined, and Lauren could see the network of tiny veins just under the skin. The breasts were still firm and well-shaped, just beginning to show the effects of maturity.

Lauren managed to pull her eyes away and look at Roxanne's face. She could see apprehension in Roxanne's features, and she remembered she was dealing with someone who had a wretched self-image.

"Beautiful," Lauren whispered, and was immediately rewarded with Roxanne's lovely bright smile.

More certain of things, Lauren licked her lips as she tentatively reached out to gently stroke one of the breasts. Her fingers traced along the underside, then up over the nipple, which seemed to jump under her touch. Roxanne's body shuddered and a long hiss passed her lips when Lauren cupped a hand under each breast to lift them together. Lauren's thumbs gently rolled the taut nipples, producing tiny whimpering sounds from Roxanne.

Lauren continued to gently knead and fondle the breasts,

fascinated at their shape and texture. Roxanne's skin was soft and warm, like heated silk in Lauren's gliding hands. The aureoles were rougher, the nipples as hard as pebbles. Lauren took one nipple between her thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed it, which brought a moan from Roxanne. Lauren continued to caress the breasts and cup them, gently working the soft flesh with her fingers and palms. She glanced up at Roxanne's face. Roxanne's eyes were clamped tightly shut as she unconsciously chewed her lower lip. As Lauren watched, a quiver ran through the redhead's body and she began to sway unsteadily. Apparently her nipples were far more sensitive than Lauren's own.

"Problems?" Lauren asked, smiling.

Roxanne did not seem to hear her. "Oh God," she whispered.

Lauren noticed that Roxanne's hips were bucking slightly. Lauren was very aroused and more than a little envious when she realized that Roxanne was very close to coming. Lauren had always found it so difficult to achieve orgasm with a partner.

Reluctantly releasing Roxanne's breasts, Lauren watched as the redhead immediately crossed her arms over her chest and hugged herself tightly. She shivered as though the room was too cold.

Lauren put her hands on Roxanne's waist and slowly slid her hands down to Roxanne's hips. She pushed the green dress downward. When it passed the widest point of Roxanne's hips, it fell to the carpet around her feet with a soft flutter. When Lauren looked down, she chuckled.

Roxanne wore royal purple high-thigh panties, and she wore them over her garters. Her black stockings were laced at the tops with a lavender thread, purple bows were attached to the front of each.

"What's this, then?" Lauren asked in a husky whisper.

"Well, I knew you liked purple, and well..." Roxanne's voice trailed off.

"You little minx, you were planning on this!" Lauren said, laughing to herself and shaking her head.

"Not planning," Roxanne said defensively, "Just hoping. I knew purple was your favorite color, and well... I brought my purple corset, but I saw you looking at this one and..."

Lauren's hand trailed down to twirl around one of the bows, instantly silencing Roxanne.

"And you wore them for me?" Lauren said quietly, looking directly into Roxanne's eyes.

Seeming unable to answer, Roxanne nodded slightly.

"That's so sweet," Lauren said. She smiled and then kissed the tip of Roxanne's nose. Lauren could not remember the last time someone had tried to do something so special for her, merely to make her happy, much less to turn her on. While she was generally indifferent to lingerie, the thought behind it touched Lauren deeply. She realized Roxanne wanted to make her happy, not just excite her. That too was something Lauren had not experienced in a very long time. She wrapped her arms around Roxanne and gave her a strong hug, literally lifting the smaller woman off her feet. Roxanne giggled and wrapped her arms around Lauren's neck.

Lauren had an idea then. She held one arm around Roxanne's back, and she stooped to quickly sliding the other arm behind Roxanne's knees to scoop her up. Roxanne held on tightly to Lauren's neck and kicked her feet as Lauren carried her over to the big four-poster and lay her down on it.

Roxanne rolled over on her belly and turned her head to stare at Lauren as Lauren kicked her sandals off. Lauren's eyes never left Roxanne's as she caught up the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head and tossed it away. Roxanne immediately rose up to get her knees under her, sitting back on her feet, her eyes glued to Lauren's chest as if trying to see through the plain white bra.

Lauren moved next to the bed and Roxanne rose up on her knees and embraced her. Their lips met, and this time it was Roxanne's tongue that invaded Lauren's mouth. This kiss was more urgent, hungrier than those that had come before. Lauren realized that Roxanne was really turned on, and the fact that Roxanne was so hot for her was an ego boost to Lauren, a fillip on top of the arousal she felt.

Roxanne's hands cupped Lauren's face and gently held Lauren's cheeks as their tongues continued the sweet duel. The ferocity of the redhead's desire took Lauren's breath away. Lauren's hands were on Roxanne's hips; she slid them downward until they cupped Roxanne's ass cheeks. The slick fabric of Roxanne's panties felt cool, but Lauren could also feel the heat from the firm flesh under the material. She squeezed and kneaded the soft half-moons, working her fingers into them. Roxanne broke the kiss to moan as Lauren's hands continued to work on her. Roxanne then sucked Lauren's upper lip into her mouth and traced her tongue slowly and sensuously along it.

It was more than Lauren could stand. She gave Roxanne a gentle shove, which tossed Roxanne onto her back. Panting, Lauren could feel the thin sheen of sweat that now covered her own body. Roxanne looked up at Lauren over her heaving breasts and ran her tongue over her lips, as if trying to savor a last taste of Lauren's mouth.

"Damn it, girl," was all Lauren could manage.

Roxanne smiled, sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. She reached around Lauren's body and tried to undo Lauren's bra, but she had even less luck with the maneuver than Lauren had had earlier.

"Not as easy as you thought, is it?" Lauren said with a laugh as she reached back and easily unclasped her bra. She hesitated a moment. She really dreaded this. She was very unhappy with her tits. They were too big and gravity had not been kind to them. Her eyes never left Roxanne's as she let the bra fall to the floor. Unconsciously, she held her breath as she searched Roxanne's face for any sign that Roxanne found her breasts as unattractive as she herself did.

Roxanne smiled at her, and when she spoke, her voice seeming breathless, the words stunned Lauren: "Oh God, Lauren, You're so beautiful."

Lauren shook her head. "You're nuts."

"Come here and I'll show you how nuts I am." Roxanne held a hand out to Lauren.

Lauren took the hand and Roxanne pulled Lauren gently to the bed, guiding her down onto her back with her head resting comfortably on the big pillows. Then Roxanne straddled Lauren's hips and sat up straight, looking down on the big woman. The redhead squeezed her own breasts and jiggled them, laughing as a smile came to Lauren's face. Roxanne then lay on Lauren's body with her face only inches away.

"Relax," Roxanne cooed, and then trailed her tongue softly over Lauren's lips. Lauren opened her lips, but Roxanne had already withdrawn her mouth. She kissed softly up the line of Lauren's cheek, and Lauren was vividly aware of Roxanne's hard nipples as they dragged across her own swollen breasts. Roxanne's firm nylon-covered thighs gripped Lauren's hips, creating a unique friction as she pressed farther up Lauren's body.

A soft warm breath in Lauren's ear snapped her attention back to Roxanne's face. A second exhalation sent chills down Lauren's spine. As the tip of Roxanne's tongue traced along Lauren's earlobe, the feeling was indescribable.

"You're so beautiful," Roxanne said. "I've wanted this for so long," she whispered. Lauren was so aroused she was unable to question Roxanne before Roxanne's soft, warm lips kissed her neck. Roxanne started behind Lauren's ear and worked slowly down towards the nape of her neck. Each kiss light as a feather, she stopped here and there and gently licked or nipped. She focused a moment at the nape of Lauren's neck, gently kissing and licking her skin. Then she moved back up to kiss Lauren's chin.

Roxanne stared into Lauren's eyes. Lauren had never seen anyone's eyes sparkle like Roxanne's sparkled at that moment. Lauren gasped when Roxanne's hands gently seized her tits. Roxanne kissed Lauren's chin then, and after that her lips. Lauren tried to enjoy the kiss, but Roxanne's small hands were positioned over her breasts in such a way that her nipples were caught in the middle of each palm. Each time Roxanne gently squeezed her breasts, Lauren felt as though a tiny mouth were pulling at her nipples. Roxanne's hands kneaded and caressed Lauren's tits all through the long passionate kiss, and by the time Roxanne broke the kiss, Lauren was panting.

Roxanne trailed her tongue down Lauren's neck, stopping at the nape to kiss it once more. Then her tongue continued downward into the valley between Lauren's tits. Roxanne pressed the breasts together, her face between them, then she began to lick and suck in a slow circle around Lauren's left breast. She took her time, her warm tongue and feathery soft lips seeming to touch every millimeter of exposed skin. Slowly she wound her way around, rising a little each time. The sensation was pleasant, but slowly Lauren began to sense an increasing need to feel that soft, warm mouth on her nipple. While Roxanne slowly worked her way up, Roxanne's other hand gently massaged Lauren's right breast, her fingers kept well away from the sensitive nipple. Lauren arched her back as the concentric circles made by her lover's tongue began to zero in on her nipple. Finally, Roxanne's tongue was there, and she used just the very tip of her tongue to circle the aureole.

Lauren's eyes were closed. She arched her back more as she felt the warm soft breath cover her nipple. She groaned in frustration as she felt Roxanne's tongue slide down her breast and back into the valley between her tits. Roxanne's hand switched, and she began to gently massage Lauren's already achingly aroused left breast. Then her tongue began its long slow trip up her right breast. It was a sweet torture, and Lauren had to fight to keep from grabbing Roxanne's head and forcing it where she wanted it. Her eyes flared open and focused on her lover's face as Roxanne zeroed in on her aching nipple. Roxanne's pink tongue made a long slow swirl, just grazing the aureole and then stopped again.

"No," Lauren groaned.

Roxanne looked up at her and smiled, then opened her mouth and slowly, softly sucked Lauren's nipple into her mouth. Her eyes never left Lauren's until she began to gently suck. Lauren gasped at the contact. Her nipples had never been so sensitive. The prolonged teasing and anticipation made the contact almost unbearably pleasurable. Roxanne rolled the nipple in her mouth, her tongue gently swirling around it. Her hand gently massaged Lauren's other nipple.

Roxanne licked, sucked, and even nibbled, cushioning her teeth with her lips. Lauren had no idea how long it went on. All she knew was that it felt wonderful, and her whole world seemed to be centered wherever that soft warm mouth was. She had never had anyone pay such loving, gentle attention to her breasts. Roxanne seemed perfectly content to stay there for the rest of the night. The caresses were so soft and loving that Lauren could barely keep from saying something. Roxanne caught her nipple between her teeth and while she gently nibbled on it her tongue lashed it with a furious side-to-side motion. It was more than Lauren could stand.

Without thinking, Lauren violently arched her back and rolled over. She expected Roxanne to end up on her side next to her, but Roxanne grabbed Lauren's shoulders and pulled, wrapping her leg tightly around Lauren's ass. The result was Lauren found herself rolled over on top of her smaller lover. When her leg came clear, Roxanne wrapped both of her legs around Lauren, locking her ankles just below Lauren's ass. Roxanne wrapped both arms around Lauren's neck.

Lauren suddenly realized that her entire weight rested on Roxanne now. She pushed up with her arms, and tried frantically to disengage herself. This had the effect of shifting most of her weight to her arms and pubic bone, which rested squarely between Roxanne's legs. Roxanne gasped.

"Ohmigod, are you all right?" Lauren blurted out, fearing she had hurt her. One of her fears was that she weighed too much and would hurt her smaller lover.

"I'm fine," Roxanne said in a small voice. "Could you do that again?"

"Do what?" Lauren said, her relief showing in her voice.

"What you just did."

Lauren looked at her in confusion. "You mean this?" she said as she raised her hips a bit and let her weight fall back on Roxanne.

"Yessss," Roxanne breathed.

"You silly thing," Lauren admonished. She was so relieved that Roxanne wasn't hurt. "You could have been hurt, Now let me up," she said as she tried to rise.

"Oh no," Roxanne giggled, shaking her head and refusing to release her hold on Lauren.

Lauren jogged her hips experimentally. Each down thrust elicited small noises from her lover. She realized then that her pubic bone was pressed directly against Roxanne's pussy. While the stimulation was pleasant for Lauren, the contact point was too high to give her clit direct stimulation. But it seemed to be right on target for Roxanne.

"Sure about that?" Lauren asked with an evil grin.

"No way you're leaving me. I like having you on top of me," Roxanne said smiling.

Lauren chuckled and began to jog her hips. She did it slowly at first, but she quickly found a rhythm. She felt disconcerted to be in the masculine position; it was like nothing she had ever imagined.

"Oh god, no fair..." Roxanne whimpered.

"Whenever your ready, you can let go," Lauren said sweetly.

"Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh..." was all Roxanne could manage. She tossed her head from side to side as her moans became louder and louder. Lauren found herself really enjoying this. The feeling of power to make Roxanne feel so good was intoxicating. She moved her own legs upward, spreading them out until she could dig her knees into the bed to gain more purchase. Roxanne released her hold on Lauren's neck and her hands clutched spasmodically at the comforter. Lauren could easily get away now, but she no longer wanted to. Roxanne's moans became loud barks, each timed with Lauren's down thrusts. She could tell her lover was nearing orgasm.

"Come for me, baby," Lauren cooed. She quickened her pace. Roxanne's mouth opened into an "O" as a continuous series of little whimpers and cries escaped her lips. "That's it baby," Lauren urged. "Come for me. Don't hold back. I want to hear you scream, like you told me so many time you do."

That was all it took. Roxanne's face contorted and she screamed as her orgasm washed over her. Her head tossed violently from side to side. Lauren was actually afraid the noise would bring hotel security to investigate, but she was not going to stop. She continued ramming down on her lover until the screams faded to quiet whimpering and occasional moans. Roxanne slowly regained her composure and looked up at Lauren with an expression of love that was almost painful.

"Not fair at all," Roxanne whispered with a smile.

Lauren lowered herself onto her elbows and gently kissed Roxanne's lips. The lips were still sweet, but a salty taste of sweat was also evident. Roxanne unlocked her ankles and lay there limply. Occasional aftershocks rocked her body.

For several minutes they lay there, bodies pressed together as they kissed. They kissed deeply but unhurriedly. Lauren felt languid and relaxed. She felt no sense of urgency, but rather a general feeling of contentment and happiness. Roxanne's hands slowly stroked her back and sides.

Lauren slipped her arms under Roxanne's shoulders and then rolled over on her back taking her lover with her. Roxanne broke the kiss and sat up on her knees. She looked a little uncertain as she stared down. Lauren noticed that the crotch of Roxanne's panties was a much darker purple now, the panties soaked with the juices of her orgasm. The material clung tightly to Roxanne's sex, outlining it so that Lauren could almost tell exactly what she would see when they finally came off. Lauren reached down and stroked her fingers along the crotch. The panties were wet and slick, and she could feel Roxanne shiver as her fingertips pressed gently along the top part of her slit.

Roxanne inhaled sharply and shivered, and both of her hands trapped Lauren's. She brought Lauren's hand to her mouth and her lips bushed her fingertips.

"No, it's your turn," Roxanne said softly.

Lauren was touched. It had been a long while since she'd had a lover so concerned with her needs. She wanted to tell Roxanne that it was all right, that she was perfectly happy. She did not usually come with someone else, but Roxanne did not know that.

Lauren started to speak, but Roxanne gently placed a finger over Lauren's lips. "Please don't say anything," Roxanne said. "I don't know what I'm doing, but if we start to talk I'm going to lose my nerve," she said quietly.

Lauren smiled up at her and nodded. The look of determination on Roxanne's face was so sweet.

Now Roxanne sank back down on Lauren and they kissed again. Roxanne slipped down Lauren's body, remaining between Lauren's legs. She stopped and kissed each of Lauren's nipples, and then stopped again to gently tongue her navel. From there the redhead traced her tongue over Lauren's belly until her tongue stopped at the waistband of her panties. Kneeling between Lauren's thighs now, Roxanne's fingers slipped under the waistband of Lauren's panties and she tugged at them. Lauren lifted her ass, and in a moment Lauren felt the material slide over her hips, then up her thighs, and finally a tugging at her ankles and she was naked before Roxanne. Lauren felt a fleeting feeling of vulnerability, but it vanished the moment she looked at Roxanne.

The redhead was staring at Lauren's pussy with something akin to fascination. Then Roxanne hesitantly reached out and gently run her fingers through Lauren's dark reddish brown bush. Only her fingertips brushed through the soft curls, but even this slight contact sent thrills through Lauren's body. After a minute of this gentle torture, Lauren found her hips thrusting upwards, her body desiring more contact with the softly stroking fingers.

Roxanne suddenly seemed to come to a decision. She moved down the bed until she was at the very foot, her head near Lauren's feet. Lauren wondered just what Roxanne had in mind now. The previous lovemaking had aroused Lauren immensely.

Roxanne began by gently caressing Lauren's calves. She moved her face to Lauren's ankles and swirled her tongue around the little bone there. First the left, then the right, then back to the left, moving slowly upwards. Kissing along her inner calf, stopping and taking Lauren's skin between her teeth and gently chewing, then moving back to the other ankle and working upwards. By the time Roxanne reached Lauren's knees, Lauren was going insane.

Roxanne reached Lauren's knee and gently lifted Lauren's leg and ran her tongue lightly along the crease at the back of the knee. Lauren had never felt anything like it, partly tickle, partly sexy, totally erotic. She was so aroused now, she could feel her own love juices oozing down her ass to form a wet spot on the bed. She had to have release soon or she was sure she'd go mad. Her hands moved to her breasts and she gently massaging them.

Roxanne left Lauren's knees, kissing and licking slowly along Lauren's inner thighs. Lauren unconsciously parted her legs even more. As the soft mouth and maddeningly warm tongue drew ever closer to her sex, Lauren became aware of the scent of her own arousal. She could not remember anyone taking such pains to arouse and tease her. Roxanne had now reached the juncture of Lauren's legs and body. She flattened her tongue and ran it up and down this sensitive area. Lauren heard an animal-like groan and realized it had come from her own mouth.

Roxanne lay on her belly between Lauren's legs, her arms resting on Lauren's thighs. Suddenly, when all stimulation stopped, Lauren raised her head in surprise and looked down her body. She found Roxanne looking up at her, Roxanne's face just inches above Lauren's now smoldering sex. Roxanne gazed expectantly at Lauren, her eyes sparkling. She softly exhaled a warm breath on Lauren's wet pussy, causing Lauren to groan again.

"Please," Lauren whispered hoarsely.

Roxanne beamed, and in excruciatingly slow motion her head dipped. Lauren felt the soft fingertips on either side of her mound, the fingers slowly massaging her. And then, when the tension had become unbearable, Roxanne kissed her pussy. She started high up, just within Lauren's pubic hair, and worked downward. With just the tip of her pink tongue, she traced along Lauren's swollen lips. Lauren's hips began to undulate as she tried to bring her clit into firm contact with that warm mouth now the center of her universe.

Roxanne continued to tease her, lightly tonguing her labia, and even dipping into the entrance to her love tunnel, but carefully avoiding contact with her engorged clit. This went on for what seemed an eternity, until Lauren could not stand another second of it. Her hands wrapped into the mop of auburn hair and she firmly guided Roxanne's face to her clitoris.

Roxanne flattened her tongue and gently swiped it across the super-sensitive bud. Lauren gasped and moaned, despite usually being quiet during sex. Roxanne's fingers gently pried Lauren's slick lips apart, exposing her clit to the cool air, and then she began to flick her tongue over it. She seemed to instinctively know what to do, changing tempo and pressure often, pushing Lauren closer and closer to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Lauren felt the muscles deep in her pussy begin to contract violently. Blood rushed to her center and jagged waves of pleasure shocked her already overloaded system with each flick of the soft tongue. She was so close now, a continuous wave of small noises escaped her pursed lips. With uncanny timing, Roxanne gently pushed a finger into Lauren's sopping pussy. It was too much.

With a sharp cry, Lauren came. Red waves of pleasure washed over her, thick and heady. Her hips bounced like a bucking bronco, and it was all Roxanne could do to keep her tongue glued to Lauren's clit. The probing finger dived in and withdrew again and again, adding to the sensation as Lauren's mind spun away from her.

When Lauren became aware of things around her again, Roxanne was still softly tonguing her. Roxanne's finger was still inside Lauren's vagina, but she was no longer moving the finger in and out, merely keeping it deep inside. Aftershocks continued to rock Lauren's body. When Roxanne's tongue gently glided over Lauren's clit, Lauren's body jerked in response.

"Enough! Are you trying to kill me?" Lauren laughed, sitting up abruptly. Roxanne smiled up at her and withdrew her finger, which glistened with Lauren's juices.

"Score one for me," Roxanne said with a wink.

"Does that mean it's my turn again?" Lauren asked, arching an eyebrow.

"It doesn't have to be. I'm very happy right were I am," Roxanne said seriously. Her fingers were playing with Lauren's pubes again, and she seemed entranced by Lauren's sex.

Lauren considered a moment. "Roxy, honey, would you like to give sixty-nine a try?"

"Sure! But I want the bottom," Roxanne said with a giggle.

"Don't be silly, I'd squash you," Lauren laughed.

"Your not that big, damn it!" Roxanne snapped.

"Just look at me!" Lauren said in exasperation.

Roxanne smiled then. She said nothing, just looked at Lauren, and Lauren smiled as she realized how silly her last statement sounded. Lauren said, "I'm on bottom, I won't be able to enjoy it if I'm on top, honey."

"Oh, all right."

Roxanne looked so disappointed, Lauren almost yielded. But she truly feared hurting her smaller lover. Lauren said, "You be on top this time, and if we try it again, I promise we'll switch, how's that?"

"Deal," Roxanne said, smiling happily.

Lauren was amazed at how nice it made her feel to see Roxanne smile like that. Roxanne sat up on her knees and looked at Lauren. Neither moved then, the silence becoming awkward, if slightly comical. Neither seemed certain about how to proceed. Suddenly they both burst into gales of laughter.

When Lauren mastered herself again, she said, "Well, first things first. Let's get you out of your panties."

Roxanne quickly slipped her hands down and slid her panties over her hips and off her legs. Lauren, not looking at Roxanne as this happened, lay back and pulled a pillow under her head.

Roxanne moved up next to Lauren's head and carefully straddled it. Draping her body over Lauren's, she settled herself and moved a little to get comfortable. Lauren felt Roxanne's fingertips pull her labia apart, and then she felt Roxanne begin to gently flick her tongue over her still sensitive clit. But these feelings were not foremost in her mind. As soon as Roxanne had swung her leg over Lauren's head, Lauren found herself with a close up view of her lover's sex. Roxanne's bush was fiery red, and obviously damp. The delicate lips were swollen and puffed apart, revealing the brighter pink of her sex. Lauren tentatively traced her finger along the lips. They were incredibly soft, slick with Roxanne's arousal. Lauren pulled the lips apart and gazed at her lover's erect clit.

Here goes nothing, Lauren thought. She extended her tongue and experimentally touched the puffy lips. Her tongue glided along Roxanne's lips easily. The lips felt satiny soft as Lauren found herself engulfed by the scent of Roxanne's arousal. Now Lauren's tongue burrowed in between the lips and she began to gently lick a woman for the first time. Roxanne's sex was warm and wet, and Lauren could tell Roxanne was very excited. The taste was different than anything Lauren had ever experienced. Far less overpowering than the taste of a man, it was musky, with a strange sharpness. Delicate overtones of something sweet were present also. Lauren would have been hard pressed to describe it, for it tasted like nothing she had ever known.

Both women were now lost in the moment. Each woman licked and nibbled and tried to bring the other the maximum amount of pleasure. Lauren was aware that the change in position had changed the angle at which Roxanne's tongue caressed her. This only seemed to make it feel better. Her body was still wired from the earlier stimulation, and she realized that she would not be able to do this for too much longer before she came again. She bore down on Roxanne's clit with her tongue, lashing it with more pressure and faster than before, hoping to bring Roxanne to orgasm before her own orgasm crashed in on her.

From Roxanne's moans and whimpering, Lauren could tell she was having the desired effect. Roxanne was close too. Roxanne suddenly pressed upwards with her legs, raising her self off Lauren's tongue. She sucked Lauren's clit harder and inserted one finger and then another into Lauren's pussy.

"Cheater!" Lauren moaned.

Roxanne did not reply, but began to gently drive her fingers into Lauren's sopping cunt, the stimulation causing Lauren to gasp. She realized that Roxanne, the little bitch, was trying to get her to come again before she did.

Lauren reached up outside of Roxanne's hips and pulled her down. Holding the redhead tightly, Lauren began to desperately lick her pussy, concentrating on her clit and the upper part of her slit. She managed to get a finger into Roxanne's tight love channel and began to frig her.

Now Lauren felt the muscles inside of her own pussy begin to contract and grip Roxanne's probing fingers. She forced a second finger into Roxanne, realizing even as she did so that she could not hold back much longer. Roxanne was moaning, but Lauren knew she was closer than Roxanne was.

Suddenly, Lauren realized that one of her fingers was close to Roxanne's rosebud. Remembering that Roxanne had once told her she enjoyed anal stimulation, Lauren removed one of her fingers from Roxanne's pussy and she pressed it gently against Roxanne's anus. Lauren's finger was slick with Roxanne's natural lubrication, and as she applied firm pressure, she felt Roxanne's sphincter allow the finger to pass. After a few experimental attempts, Lauren managed to establish a rhythm with both fingers penetrating Roxanne simultaneously.

It took less than a minute of this before Roxanne screamed and came again. Hearing it, and feeling her lover's body shudder, was more than Lauren could stand, and she went over the edge as well.

Lauren awoke to light shimmering into the room through the lace curtains. She stretched languidly, her muscles more relaxed than they had been in years. Then she became aware of the small figure curled up next to her, and she propped her head up on her arm and looked down at Roxanne.

The soft light played across Roxanne's face. Lauren thought she looked so serene, almost child-like. A stray strand of auburn hair had fallen across her face during the night, and Lauren gently brushed it back.

"Hmm?" Roxanne questioned in her sleep. She shifted her body backwards until she pressed firmly against Lauren. A soft sigh escaped Roxanne's lips.

Lauren thought about how much this vacation had changed her life. And to think, it was only Sunday.


Part 2


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