Ciana Rose's Erotic Stories


Milly and the Delivery Man

M.K. Racat

All Rights Reserved







Milly sat in her large, comfortable recliner in the middle of her richly appointed living room, eating the remainder of the fudge ice cream, watching daytime soaps on her forty-two inch television. Actually, it wasn't really her recliner, her living room, her television, or even her ice cream. They all belonged to her boor of a husband, Marty.

She licked the last bit of ice cream from her spoon, got up, and walked into the kitchen. She hadn't even bothered to put on anything today. Just panties, a cotton robe, some slippers, and her large glasses.

She opened the dishwasher and placed her bowl and spoon within. I really shouldn't have finished that ice cream off, she thought, slamming the dishwasher door shut. Milly was on one of her perennial diets, trying to regain her former lithe figure. She wasn't fat, she thought. Well, perhaps fat, but not obese, not obese in clinical terms. At twenty-four, the 5' 7" blonde had the kind of curvaceous yet petite figure that so many women yearned for. At forty-two, she was perhaps seventy-five pounds heavier, having gone from a healthy 125 to a "plus sized" 200. She still had curves. Her weight was rather evenly distributed. Thankfully, as her waist expanded, so did her bust, thighs, arms and legs in similar proportions.

At least I was born with nice features, she thought. "Nice features" hardly did her justice. She had high cheekbones, naturally arched eyebrows, deep blue eyes, long lashes, full lips, a porcelain complexion, and a "perfect" nose and chin. She reminded one of other beauties that would have been more highly prized in Botticelli's day than in Calvin Kline's. Women such as Liz Taylor, Delta Burke, and Monica Lewinsky.

Marty had been drawn to her beauty ten years earlier. He had made his first million in bond sales by the time he was twenty-eight. He had a talent for convincing rich people and corporations to buy this lot of muni's, or that lot of junk bonds. At thirty-eight, still unmarried, he had hastily looked for a trophy wife, and Milly fit the bill. Milly initially found him somewhat charming, and of course, rich. So what if he was fat and homely.

That was ten years ago. He was worth at least nine or ten million now. But it was never enough. He liked the sport of selling. He did it well and he enjoyed it. He bought Milly a dream house in New Jersey and stocked it with the finest of everything. He hated the idea of Milly working, although she sometimes volunteered at the library. Childless and bored, she spent the years doing not much of anything.

Milly sighed as she settled back into her recliner. What insipid program is on right now, she wondered. She flipped the channels aimlessly. Maybe I should go back to school, she thought. "Perhaps I will. I'll go down to the community college. Tomorrow. I'm too tired for it today."

Just then, the doorbell rang. It startled her and she jumped up in the chair a bit. Almost no one ever came by in the day, unless it was some Girl Scout selling cookies. No, Milly thought, it's not Girl Scout cookie season. Not yet.

She opened the door and felt the heat and humidity. She saw a young black man in a uniform. He stood well over six feet tall, with smooth skin the color of dark chocolate. His arms and chest bulged against his uniform. He must have been about twenty-three.

"Hello," he said cheerfully, the sweat pouring off his face. "You've got a package here."

Milly had forgotten all about those dresses she had ordered for her niece's birthday.

"Oh yes. Right. Where do I sign?" she asked, taking the package.

"Right here," he said and handed her an electronic pad. She accepted the pad but continued to stare at him. His head was shaved, and he looked as if he had stepped out of one of those men's magazines. The kind that featured those guys on the cover with perfect teeth and washboard abs. His shirt was damp with sweat. It bore a patch that read "Air Express."

Milly's pussy tingled and dampened slightly. Her heart beat faster.

He continued smiling at her. He must get this look a lot from women, she thought.

"Umm, sign right there ma' am." He pointed to a small black space on the pad.

"Yes. Yes," she mumbled, looking down, using the pen to make an invisible signature.

While she signed, he noticed the house's interior. Incredible, he thought. A house like this must be worth at least two million. Nothing like I've got. I struggle to work full-time, raise kids, and go to class at night. Must be nice to have all this handed to you. Must be nice to get more than four hours sleep a night.

He looked at the driveway: Porsche. BMW. Mercedes. Now what does a housewife need three cars to buy groceries with, he asked himself. He thought of his family's one car, a 1985 Buick Skylark.

He glanced back at Milly when she handed the pad and pen back to him. "Thank you, mister..."

"Gannett," he said. She noticed his nametag--two n's and two t's.

"...Mr. Gannett," she said, and smiled, showing off her rows of straight, pearly teeth.

He nodded then turned and jogged back to his truck. She's not bad for a rich woman, he thought. At least she doesn't slam the door in your face with no thank you.

Milly did not close the door, but instead watched him hustle. "Nice ass," she said out loud, after he had jumped in the drivers' seat and was too far off to hear.


* * *


Marty arrived home at nine pm. He promptly wolfed down his dinner and then stuck his nose in the Wall Street Journal. His usual routine, Milly thought. By now, she had changed into jeans and a T-shirt. She crept up behind him and began massaging his shoulders. Marty pretended not to notice.

She lowered her head to his ear. "Hon," she whispered, "I'm feeling kinda hot."

He continued to read the editorials. "I am too. Turn down the thermostat a little, will ya?"

Milly rolled her eyes. She had to spell everything out for him, she thought. "Sex, Marty. Sex. You know, human contact, intimacy?"

Marty crumpled the paper together and turned in his chair to face her. "Mill," he said, "I am exhausted. I have to get up at five to drive into Manhattan to catch the early trading. Not now." He picked a bit of salmon from between his teeth.

Milly glared at him. "You always get up at five to catch the fucking early trading," she hissed, whipping her hands away from him.

"That's what buys you all this stuff," he laconically noted. She stormed off.

Milly went to her bedroom--she had had her own for the last three years--and sat down on her four-cornered bed. That Marty, she thought, he's probably fucking his secretary. Asshole.

She thought of the delivery man. Such a strong body, such a nice smile. I'll bet he's got a big dick too, she thought and giggled to herself. She lay back on the bed and ran a hand over her breasts. Her nipples hardened. She made circles around one of them with her finger, and felt her pussy dampen.

She loved playing with her breasts. Ever since she was eleven, she had started her masturbation sessions by caressing her breasts. She closed her eyes and imagined the delivery man's strong hands gently kneading her breasts. She sat up and pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing her tits. She continued to run her hands over them. Her pussy tingled more. She began squeezing her breasts, pushing them together. She pushed one up and licked the nipple, flicking her tongue over it. In her fantasy, the tongue did not belong to her. It belonged to a young man in an "Air Express" uniform.

"That's it baby," she murmured, "play with my tits. Oh yeah, you're making me so hot." Her breathing quickened as she continued her breast play.

She glanced up and remembered she hadn't locked the door. She rolled out of bed, walked over to the door and turned the lock. This is for me, she thought, not for Marty. Not that he would be interested anyway.

She kicked off her sneakers. Loosening her belt, she pushed her jeans and panties down her hips and wriggled out of them, then tossed them in a pile in the corner. Clad only in gym socks, she walked over to the nightstand and opened the top drawer. Lying on top of some magazines and next to a box of tissues, she saw her friend, her companion, her lover--the Rabbit Pearl. It was five inches long and one-and-a-half inches thick. The pink vinyl shaft culminated in a facsimile of a cockhead, albeit one with a tiny smiley face. In the center of the shaft, there was a hollow area filled with little plastic pearls that bulged out a bit. A little rabbit grew out of the base, forming its own miniature dildo with long rabbit ears.

Milly smiled. "What would I do without you?" she said teasingly. Reclining on the bed, she began to circle her nipples with her finger, first one, then the other. She placed the end of the shaft in her mouth and shut her eyes.

In her fantasy, it was no longer a shaft of pink vinyl, but a large thick black cock. She imagined pulling her lover's pants down and watching his cock rise. She began to suck on the vibrator, fantasizing about his shaft sliding in and out of her obliging wet mouth. "Oh God, yes" he shouted, "Suck my cock, Milly. Oh, you're so good. So good! Oh God!" She could almost taste the saltiness of his cock.

Her fantasy, combined with her breast play, had swollen her cunt lips and clit, making her pussy hot and wet. She pulled the shaft from her mouth and flipped on the switch. It began to buzz loudly. The entire shaft rotated in a small circle, tumbling the little pearls in its midsection. The rabbit ears twitched rapidly.

She let her hand drift down to her hot, wet pussy. She parted her lips with a finger and began to slide it back and forth inside of her. Seconds later she placed her finger near her swollen red clit and made small circles around it.

"Oh yes. Yes."

She felt the blood rushing into her genitals, forcing more and more moisture through the walls of her pussy. She felt an explosion building inside her, its potential becoming stronger and more intense. She withdrew her hand from her pussy and placed the head of the vibrator between her labia.

"Ahhhhh." The vibrations spread up her pussy lips, into her cunt, and to her clit. She forced the shaft further in, her pussy parting easily for it. She pumped it in and out of her a few times. She felt the tumbling pearls against the walls of her pussy. The rabbit ears teasingly made contact with her clit with each thrust. Her heart pounded and her chest rose and fell rapidly from her heavy breathing. The pressure inside of her grew stronger.

"Oh, fuck me with your big, black cock! Fuck me!" she whispered loudly. "Yes! Shoot your hot white come deep inside of me!" She pumped the shaft in and out of her cunt rapidly. It shimmered with her hot sticky juices. She shoved the vibe in as far as it would go. The twitching rabbit ears made contact with her swollen clit and Milly let out a long, high-pitched scream.

For a brief moment, Marty looked up from his paper. "She's like a cat in heat," he mumbled aloud. He shifted in his chair and thought of the thrice-weekly blowjobs he got from the new girl in accounting. The one that got the rent paid on her Manhattan apartment by Marty. That's what I need, he thought, couple minutes in my office and I come down her throat. She takes a breath mint. Don't even have to undress. No mess. No mess at all. Not like Milly.

As Milly shrieked, a clear stream of liquid gushed from her urethra, spilling on the sheets. Her wet cunt began a quick series of contractions around the shaft. Waves of pleasure rolled through her body. Milly shuddered and collapsed back on the bed.

She lay there for perhaps a minute, the Rabbit Pearl half inside of her. She pulled it out and walked over to the bathroom. She washed the vibe with hot soapy water and dried it off. "You're my best lover," she told it as she rubbed the towel against it. She walked over to the nightstand and gently placed the Rabbit pack. Looking down at the comforter, she saw the little puddle she had made and began to towel it up.

I really should put the towel down underneath me before I get started, Milly thought. "Damn. The maid's not here until Thursday," she said aloud. She was one of those rare women who sometimes ejaculated when they climaxed. She used to think it was pee, although it was always clear and sticky. She didn't feel all right about it until she saw the video, "How to Female Ejaculate." She loved the final scene, where a roomful of women use vibrators and dildos to fuck themselves to orgasm, ejaculating all over the place. Marty, of course, never really got used to such wet sex.

The thought of Marty made Milly feel depressed again. She flopped down on the bed.

There's no one to rescue me from this, she thought. I'll bet Marty wouldn't even pay for college. I have no friends. No one to spend the day with. I wish I had a real lover.

She abruptly glanced up into the air. Wait, she thought. Wait. Opening her nightstand, she pulled some catalogs out from the second drawer. She flipped through them until she found the one she had ordered those dresses from. She picked up the phone and hurriedly dialed the toll-free number. She heard a voice coming from the handset and quickly pulled it up to her face.

"...And thank you for calling tonight. What may I help you with?" a young pleasant female voice said. No damned voice-mail menu to punch through, Milly thought. I love this catalog.

"Yes, I'd like to order..." she paused. "Uh...some towels? Do you have towels?"

"Yes, ma' am, we have lots of towels. Would you like the hydrangea towel set, the natural towel set, the Vinca towel--"

Milly cut her off. "Natural. No, Vinca. Oh, whatever is cheapest."

"They're all the same price, ma' am."

"Natural then." Milly heard typing on a keyboard.

"Would you like them embroidered?"

"What? Oh, uh, no." More typing.

"That set is $39.00. Where do you live?"

"New Jersey."

"Okay. Just to let you know, ma' am, if you order from our web site, there's no tax."


"And how would you like that shipped, ma' am?" The voice remained pleasant, despite Milly's curt responses.

"Do you use ' Air Express?' "

"Of course. We have two-day shipping for $14.95."

"Oh," Milly said, sounding disappointed, "is that the best you can do?" She heard typing.

"Actually," the woman said, "we could get it there tomorrow afternoon for...$32.95."

"You can! That's wonderful! Do it!"


* * *


Milly waited expectantly all day. They do use the same drivers for the same route, don't they, she thought. Maybe he's sick. No, he looked healthy yesterday.

Today Milly had put on make-up, although she was dressed with nothing more than her robe. This time, with no bra and panties.

Two o' clock came and went. So did three. And four.

"Damn that telephone operator," she muttered. "I guess it will arrive tomorrow." She flopped down in her recliner and clicked on the TV.

Shortly after five, the doorbell rang. Milly jumped slightly. Her robe fell away from her right breast. "I wonder if that's Mrs. Peterman from the library," she asked herself. "No, she always calls ahead."

The doorbell rang again. She gulped, pulled her bathrobe over her exposed breast, and stood up. As she walked towards the door, she took her oversized glasses off and placed them on the small oak table near the door. Better leave those off, she thought. Judge Judy blared in the background.

She opened the door. "Hello, ma' am," the man said without making eye contact. He was busy reading his electronic pad. "I've got an overnight package for you." He looked up and smiled.

Those dazzling white teeth again, she thought. Just like yesterday, the day was hot, and he was covered with a sheen of sweat. There were damp spots underneath his armpits and on his collar. She noticed, for the first time, a small gold crucifix hanging from a gold chain around his neck. I hope he's not religious or something, she thought.

"You've been getting a lot of packages lately. Are they for you or for a friend?"

"Oh, um, they're for me. I'm just greedy," she said, and chuckled nervously.

He handed her the electronic pad and pen. "Sign here, please." He looked around. Today it's Porsche, BMW, and Jaguar, he thought to himself. I wonder who has the Mercedes, the maid? In spite of it all, he liked this woman. She was pretty, and nice.

Milly began to sign. "Hot day, huh?" she said, while scrawling her name over the electronic sensor.

"Yeah, always. But you get used to it. Besides, it keeps me in pretty good shape."

"I noticed." Milly placed the pen back in its holder and handed the pad back. She stared at him intensely.

"And here you go." He handed her the large package.

"You must be parched. Why don't you come in and have a glass of water?"

"Oh, no thanks. I've got a bottle in my truck. Necessary equipment on a day like today."

"It's not cold water, though."

Gee, she really is nice, he thought. What a sweetheart.

"Yeah, that's true," he said. He seemed to consider it for a second. "Nah, that's okay. Thanks."

Milly unconsciously touched her hair with her left hand. "How about some cheese and crackers?"

He paused for a second, then grinned. "You know, I'd like to, but I've got enough packages to keep me going until seven o' clock tonight. Gotta get back to the wife and kids."

"Sure." Milly's heart raced and her mouth had gone dry. "How about me?"

"Hmm?" He looked slightly confused. "How about you? What, you want some cheese and crackers?"

"No, I mean would you like me?" She paused. "I mean," she paused again, "do you want to fuck me?"

He drew back a bit, nonplussed. His jaw dropped slightly. His eyes widened. Okay, he thought, nice has nothing to do with it.

He spoke, "Listen, um..." He stopped, at a loss for words. He remembered what the more experienced drivers told him. "It's pussy city, man," they had joked. "Too many bored housewives out there."

Okay, it's time to do or die, Milly thought. She remembered a sentence from a book on dating she had read years ago, before her marriage. "If you touch a man's penis, he WILL get AROUSED. Make certain that's what you want." Well, she thought, that's what I want.

Without breaking eye contact, Milly reached out and put her hand between his legs. She pushed her hand up against his balls and rubbed her thumb against his cock. She felt him stiffen instantaneously.

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed. He wanted to run. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped a little more. But after a second or two, he forgot about running. What she was doing felt too damn good.

Milly continued her ministrations. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Milly wrapped her hand around his cock and gently pulled him through the door. He didn't resist. Men are such sluts, Milly thought.

He walked through the threshold. Milly shoved the door behind him. It shut with a loud crack. Milly continued to massage his cock gently. His breathing quickened. He opened his eyes and, placing his large hands on Milly's shoulders, pulled her closer.

He kissed her hard, forcing his tongue through her lips and teeth. Milly closed her eyes and pushed her tongue into his mouth. They kissed hungrily, making sucking noises as they traded saliva. She continued to rub his balls and cock, and felt the blood rush into her pussy, making her wet and hot. They went on for nearly a minute, until Milly placed her hands on his meaty pectorals and shoved him against the wall. She pulled back and grinned. He did the same. My own young, black buck, she thought.

She pulled the top of his shirt open, exposing his chest. There was no hair at all. I'll bet he's amateur bodybuilder, she thought. His pecs tensed, and Milly drove her tongue in between them, licking the sweat off his chest. She continued to unbutton his shirt, running her tongue along his abs as she went.

She dropped to her knees and pressed her tongue against the fabric of his shorts, feeling his hard-on straining against the cloth. He threw his head back and grinned.

She pulled his zipper down and inhaled. He smelled a little sour, but mostly sweaty and musky. She reached up to his belt, unbuckled it, and unsnapped the button. His boxers were white and damp. She ripped his shorts and underpants down around his ankles. His eight-inch cock sprung out. It was hard and thick. Blood had fully swollen it, giving it a purplish color. Translucent pre-come oozed out of his hole and dripped off his glans. She flicked her tongue against the tip, licking up the salty warm fluid.

"Damn!" he said, shutting his eyes tightly and tossing his head farther back. He placed his hands on her head.

She ran her tongue slowly from his balls all the way up the shaft. She saw his balls tighten.

"Yeah, baby, don't stop!" he moaned. More pre-come dribbled out, this time milky and thick. She realized it wouldn't take much to make him come.

Milly enjoyed this thoroughly and wasn't about to let it end. She cupped his balls with her right hand and massaged them gently. She blew hot air on his cock. His cock dropped just a bit.

Milly looked up. "You like this, don't you?"

He looked down. "Don't stop, lady. Suck it!"

She grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands off her head. "I'm in charge here, understand?"

He looked surprised.

"I said I'm in charge here," she shouted. "Now do you understand?"

This is crazy, he thought, but if she doesn't finish me off, I'm going to have to jerk off in the truck. He paused. "Yes, I understand."

"You want me to suck your big black cock?"

"Yes, yes," he said, a note of desperation in his voice.

"How bad do you want it? Beg me!" She loved this feeling of control she had over him. The brain is no longer functioning, she thought. The dick is fully in control.

Sweat dripped off his forehead and on to the floor. He had a frustrated look in his eyes. "Please, lady, please, suck my cock." His cock dropped some more, and his balls loosened. The television blared something about Medigap insurance.

"Ask me to swallow your big black cock. Ask me to suck the come out of your balls."

"Please," he said, "please swallow my big black hard cock. I need you to suck it. I want you to suck on my hairy balls. I want you to suck the come out of my cock and lick up every drop of it."

She squeezed his balls a bit and smiled. "Then I will."

She placed her hands on his tight butt-cheeks and ran her tongue through his pubic hair, curly and thick and dark. He stiffened.

"Mmmmmm, I like this," she said. She ran her hands up and down his sweaty, muscular thighs, and then over his balls and up his cock. He shuddered as she made contact with sensitive glans. He is in my control, she thought.

She tilted her head a bit and licked around the base of his cock down to his balls. She licked his balls twice, and then put most of them inside her mouth. He gasped.

I could castrate him right now, she thought. Who says a blowjob isn't power? She sucked on his balls, feeling out his testicles with her tongue. She ran her tongue up his shaft again, sucking in the pre-come. Squeezing his ass with her hands, she put her lips around his cock and sucked in as much as she could. It was warm, full feeling. He sighed.

At first, she could only get about five inches in. It had been a while since she blew a guy. Slowly she got more of it in, feeling the head touch her throat. As she warmed to it, she slowly allowed more of his cock down her throat. Within a minute, she could take in his entire prick. Her chin brushed against his balls, her nose against his pubes. He kept groaning.

She could taste more pre-come drizzling out of him. She swallowed every drop. His breathing was ragged now. She began to suck harder and faster, her head bobbing up and down. He began thrusting his hips into her mouth. She could taste more pre-come and saw his balls rise. He was about to come.

Abruptly she stopped and pinched the base of his cock hard between her thumb and her forefinger. He groaned but did not come. She held the grip for a few seconds. I'm still in control here, she thought.

He looked down. "Lady, what happened?"

She glared at him. "Shut up. How'd you like it if I told your wife about this? I'll bet "Gannett" isn't exactly a common name in the phone book. Or maybe your boss? The reason you were late today was because some housewife sucked your cock!"

His eyes widened a bit. "You'd do that?"

She grinned. "Only if I'm an unhappy customer." She stood up and let her bathrobe fall to the floor, exposing her milky white double D's. She had silver-dollar, shell-pink areolas and stiff eraser-head nipples. Her breasts looked soft and pillowy to him.

Pink silky lips protruded between her legs, wet with come. They were clearly visible, as there was only a thin well-trimmed line of pubic hair extending vertically above her slit. With so little to do around the house, she always had time to trim her nether parts between masturbation sessions.

She walked out towards the center of the rug and turned to face him. Placing her arms akimbo, she barked out a command: "Strip!"

He felt a stab of anger. Who does she think she is, he wondered. But God, he needed it. He stepped out of his shorts and pulled his shirt off.

He began to unlace his boots, which looked like it would take a while. "Don't worry about those," she said. "Leave them on."

He stood up to his full height, clad only in boots. His body showed the hundreds of hours he had put in the gym since he was a teenager. He had thick bulging biceps, massive pecs, a tight six pack, and enormous thighs and calves. He looks a bit ridiculous, Milly thought, standing there naked in his boots. But, oh my, what a body.

"My own private stud," Milly said, eyeing him over. He was still almost completely erect, his cock pointing towards the roof, glistening with her saliva.

"Stroke your cock. I want you to keep stroking your cock until I say so."

This is crazy, he thought, but began to run his hand up and down his shaft.

"Now suck my tits," she commanded.

I want to do that, he thought. He loved breasts, the bigger the better. He walked over, placed a nipple in his mouth, and began to suck lightly.

Milly let out a long deep groan as she closed her eyes. Resting her hands on his head, she felt the blood rush to between her legs, and her pussy get wetter. She felt the blood rush into her nipple as he continued to suck. She felt a warm electric feeling go from her breasts straight down to the base of her spine and into her crotch.

"Ohhhh," Milly murmured. He brought his hand up and began to stroke the other nipple.

"Keep stoking yourself." Milly said, without opening her eyes. He quickly dropped his hand to his cock and grabbed a hold of it. He began to lick around the nipple, flicking it and sucking. He licked and sucked under the breast, and then returned to the nipple, gently nibbling. He gently placed the nipple between his teeth and pulled lightly. Losing himself in the moment, he surrendered to his lust.

"Other one," said Milly. He quickly obliged. Milly ran her right hand softly over the saliva-covered breast. She placed her left hand over her pussy, parted her lips with a finger, and gasped as she touched herself. She began to finger her clit lightly, feeling it engorge and harden.

He continued his attentions for at least five minutes, alternating between breasts as Milly directed him. She felt blissful.

"Lick my pussy, stud. Now!"

He dropped to his knees and inhaled her scent. It smelt deeply of raw sex. He closed his eyes and ran his nose through her pubic hair. He exhaled hard on her vulva and began to kiss and lick it, lapping up little drops of come.

"Uhnnnnnnnnn," Milly exhaled. She parted her outer lips with her hands, never opening her eyes.

He ran his tongue up and down her slit, drinking in the copious flow. Girl come, he remembered reading somewhere, is finely filtered blood plasma. That's why it's so salty. And I love it. It briefly reminded him of his lovemaking with his wife last night, a thought he quickly chased away.

He thrust his tongue deeply into Milly's pussy and wriggled it around. Milly cooed. He sucked in an inner pussy lip and gently nibbled on it. He then returned to lapping at her cunt, like a bull at a salt lick. He forgot about everything--who he was, who she was, what they were doing. He just wanted to maintain this incredible feeling of stroking himself and licking pussy..

She looked down at his bald head, his tongue buried deep in her cunt. She watched him fondle himself. She hadn't felt this hot in years. She began to thrust her pelvis into his face, smothering him with come. "That's right, stud," she said to him.She looked down at his bald head, his tongue buried deep in her cunt. She watched him fondle himself. She hadn't felt this hot in years. She began to thrust her pelvis into his face, smothering him with come. "That's right, stud," she said to him.

He swirled his tongue around Milly's clit, around and around. Oh my God, Milly thought, where did he learn to eat pussy like this? He flicked his tongue across it. "Suck it," she said. "I want you to suck my clit." He placed his lips around her hot clit and sucked lightly. Her heart pounded.

"Oh God," Milly groaned. She could feel the pressure building inside her. It built like a wave coming into shore. She whimpered as he continued his delicate sucking. "Oh God," Milly said. "Oh God, oh God, oh God..." She felt weak in the knees. The wave built, becoming stronger and stronger. She trembled. Then she came.

Milly shrieked as she ejaculated. Come flooded out of her on to his face. He quickly tried to catch the flow, sucking and drinking it in. But to catch all of it was impossible. Thick clear fluid poured out of Milly over his face, down his cheeks, mixing in with his sweat. He couldn't believe a woman could come like this. He grabbed her ass and buried his mouth inside of her, sucking and swallowing every drop he could catch. Come coated his nose, his upper lips, and his chin.

Milly stood there for at least half a minute as he drank her in, her face flushed, her nipples erect, her eyes shut tightly.

He looked up at her. His face glistened. I guess this she doesn't get it that often, he thought, so she wants to play with me.

Once she caught her breath, she looked down at him. "I want you," she shuddered. "I want you. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, please!" She grabbed her breasts and fell to her knees.

He felt control shift from her to him. He grabbed her face and neck and kissed her passionately. She sucked and licked her own salty juices out of his mouth, then off his chin and cheeks. They crumpled to a heap on the floor. The television still blared, but neither of them heard it.

Grunting, she spread her legs and took hold of his erect shaft. Kissing her, he shifted himself between her legs and thrust in. Milly's pussy parted easily for him. He pushed his entire shaft into her. Milly yelped, but not from pain. Furiously, he pumped his cock in and out of her. His dark cock stroked in and out of her pink cunt like a piston. His cock became covered with her come. She grunted with every push, thrusting her pelvis back with each stroke. He could feel her cunt wrap tightly around his cock as it pulled and sucked on his shaft.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" she shouted, digging her nails into his back. She felt another explosion building, this one more powerful than the last.

His face scrunched up in a look of sheer intensity as he stopped thrusting. He shot a load of hot, white come deep into her body. Then another. Then another.

As he pumped his seed into her, Milly came as well. The muscles around her cunt began to spasm, sending wave upon wave of pleasure into her brain. "Yes, yes, yes!" she screamed. Tears ran from her eyes down her temple. She wrapped her legs around his back. Her pussy contracted so tightly that it forced his cock out of her.

He pushed himself up and rolled off Milly. He slowly licked his lips. His cock, wet and shiny, was still semi-erect.

Milly lay in a heap, breathing heavily. No doubt, he thought, the sex was hot. His lust vanished. But somehow he felt dissatisfied. He thought of her commanding him like he was her slave. I guess she's used to bossing people around. He looked around at his surroundings. This house is worth more than my whole neighborhood.

Milly didn't move, although her rapid breathing began to subside. The delivery man continued to stare at her. Now that he didn't feel an irresistible force driving him to come, he felt disturbed. No one had ever ordered him around like that. Not even as a game. He made love to women passionately, and tenderly. But she hadn't been tender with him. Just dominating.

Milly looked up at him. "Good," she said. "Good."

"Good?" he said. What the hell did that mean, he thought, I've fucked you, now please leave. He wondered if she was going to give him a tip or something. He couldn't decide if he liked her or hated her. Maybe a bit of both. He felt disgusted. His lust had taken control of him, and he didn't like it.

"Look," he said, standing up, "I'm done here." He didn't sound pleasant.

The change in his tone bothered Milly. He had made love to her tenderly. She didn't want him to leave angry with her.

"No, wait," she said, putting a hand in the air. She smiled at him. "Don't leave."

He smirked. "Oh, yeah? Why shouldn't I?"

"Because I don't want you to."

He stared at her. "That's not good enough." He towered over her.

She withdrew her hand. Why is he angry all of a sudden, she thought.

"No, please, wait. Don't leave just yet," she pleaded.

"Rich white woman, all high and mighty. I'm just your plaything, your diversion. Just got bored with the soaps!" he shouted, pointing at the TV. "You think you're so much better than me."

She pulled herself closer to him. "No. No, I don't think that."

"Lady, I graduated first in my high school class. I'm driving a truck because I got my girl pregnant. But I got 1320 on my SAT's. But you think you're smarter than me?"

"No!" she retorted.

"I know about ' jungle fever.' Just wanted to see what brown sugar was like, huh? I'll bet you'll be laughing about this at the country club with your lady friends."

"No. I never thought of doing that." She had used him like a toy, she thought. But she liked him. She liked his smile. She liked that he had treated her like a real person, even if it was for just a few seconds at the door. She thought that she could use him to drive away her loneliness. If he had to leave, he should leave. But she couldn't stand this resentment.

"Don't leave. You made love to me beautifully. It made me feel like a human being again."

"A human being?" he chortled. "How did you think I felt? You wanted to humiliate me. You got me hot and bothered, and then wouldn't let me come."

He was taking this all wrong, she thought. "No. I just loved the feeling of power. I have so little of it in my life."

He glared at her. "Me too, lady. I've got no power in my life." He went to pick up shorts.

She crawled towards him, not daring to get up.

"Wait, please. It did feel good to have that power. And I want you to have it." She paused. "Use me, like I used you."

"What do you mean?"

"I m-mean," she stammered. "I mean I'm completely in your power. I have nothing. I am nothing. Use me, but don't leave angry with me." Her head dropped.

He looked at her quizzically. "Why did you do what you did? At the door?"

"I don't know. I just saw you and I had to have you. Please don't hold it against me."

"Oh, I see. You just had to have me. I get it. You're just a slut."

She looked up and met his gaze. She felt guilty for using him, for enticing him into adultery, for just seeing him for his body. She felt guilty about being a self-pitying, selfish, lazy woman.

"Yes," she said, "I'm just a slut."

"And you don't deserve all your money either."

She maintained her gaze. "No."

"You rich white slut."

She didn't blanch or tremble. She kept him in her eye. "Yes. I'm a rich white slut. Use me. Punish me if you want."

He said nothing for several seconds. Then he spoke. "This is consensual, right? You want this. You want me here."

She reached out and touched his boot. "I desperately want this."

He paused. "Okay."

He stepped closer to her. He was standing directly over her, his semi-hard prick hanging immediately above. Strong and powerful, he didn't look ridiculous in his boots any more.

"Tell me, rich white slut, tell me how much you want to lick your cunt juices off my cock."

Her eyes widened. How quickly she went from dominant to submissive.

"Let me suck my cunt juices off your big black cock!" she said.

He smiled. "With more feeling." His cock quivered in the air.

"Oh please, let this rich white bitch suck her own come off your hard prick!" she bellowed.

She's calling herself a white bitch now, he thought. He realized that he had tapped into some deep and powerful emotions. Hers. His.

"Suck my cock, white bitch! Clean it up!"

She got up on her knees and eagerly took his cock again into her mouth. He engorged rapidly. She hungrily took it all the way down her throat. She sucked so hard the air passing into her mouth made funny noises as it passed through.

"Mmmmm, that's good," he said, staring at her head bobbing up and down. He loved the visual effect of a woman sucking cock. She's white, she's older, she's rich, he thought, and she's sucking my cock.

Milly kept at it for several minutes as he regained a full erection. When he felt he was about to come, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off. "Now, slut, beg me to fuck you in the ass!"

"Please, sir" she gasped, "Please fuck this slutty bitch in the ass. She's your toy, your plaything. Fuck this bitch!" Milly shocked herself at the filth coming out of her mouth.

He grabbed her waist and almost lifted her into the air as he spun her around. She thrust her copious white ass up into the air. He spread her cheeks wide open and thrust his tongue into her bunghole. She squealed. "Oh yes, oh please fuck this whore, sir!"

With two fingers, he entered her cunt from behind while continuing to lick her hole. It was clean but smelled pungent. He stopped licking and drove his index finger, slick with her pussy juices, into her ass. Milly gasped. She had never been fucked in the ass.

He continued to ram his finger in and out of her hole. Her face remained pressed down into the shaggy carpet. A thin trickle of drool emerged from the corner of her mouth.

He drove a second finger in. "That's right, you like it, don't you. You want it in your pretty white ass," he said.

"Yes! Fuck this harlot's pretty white ass!"

He pushed his two fingers in deep. She moaned. It hurt. At least at first it did. His constant motions began to ease her muscles into relaxing. He could feel it happening. He continued to thrust in with his fingers, maintaining a constant rhythm.

"Beg for more, slut."

"Give this slut more."

He slowly eased in a third finger. Milly's eyes bulged. Her cavity stretched to accommodate his fingers. He started slowly at first, then resumed his rapid stroking.

"All rich, bored, cock-sucking slutty housewives like getting fucked in the ass. Don't they?"

Milly shut her eyes and ground her face into the carpet. She felt as if she would faint. "Yes, they do. They want to get fucked in the ass by big black dick!"

He stroked his cock a bit to make it fully hard. It was still wet with her saliva and juices. He then replaced his fingers with the tip of his cock. He eased the first two inches in.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh," Milly groaned.

He placed his hands on her cheeks and spread them again. Slowly he eased his cock in farther, then withdrew a bit. On his third stroke his cock easily slipped in to the hilt. He felt her muscles contract tightly around him.

"Oh God," Milly shouted. His cock was two inches around. It felt like he was splitting her in two. He pulled back again, then thrust in.

"Rich white bitch likes it, huh?" he shouted.

"Yes! Fuck her in the ass!"

He quickened his pace. Grabbing hold of her ass, he pushed himself in and out with increasing fury. For Milly, the pain gave way to pleasure. She grunted each time he pushed himself in. Faster and faster he went, his balls slapping against her ass. He watched her ass ripple a bit as he smacked against her. After a few minutes, the pounding had thoroughly loosened her muscles.

"Finger your clit!" he commanded. Milly complied, and felt a surge of energy emanate from her cunt. As she rubbed it harder and harder, she felt herself building towards climax yet again.

He beat her to it. His balls tightened again, he shot another load of come into her.

Milly felt him shoot hot come deep into her bowels. It pushed her over the edge. She screamed as loudly as she could, feeling the energy pass through her.

They collapsed on their sides. He wrapped his arms around her body. Neither said a word for at least a minute, as their rapid breathing subsided.

Finally, Milly sat up. He slid out of her. "Thank you," she said. "I needed that. I needed all of that. The tenderness. The humiliation." She touched his cheek. Now they were both sweaty.

He smiled. The experience was cathartic. He no longer felt anything but warmth towards this woman. "You're welcome." He smiled. "Are you a happy customer?" he asked.

"Oh yes." She smiled too.


* * *


Several hours later, Marty pulled his Mercedes into the driveway. He walked into the house and saw his wife wrapped in a bathrobe, with a cup of herbal tea in her hand. She was staring into space, the corners of her mouth curled in a smile.

"Go shopping today?" Marty said as he opened the refrigerator door.

"No," Milly causally replied.

"Oh. So what's for dinner?" He shut the refrigerator door and looked at her. She did not look back.

"Umm...order a pizza." She sipped her tea.

He glared at her for several seconds. She was lost in her silent reverie. It was like he didn't exist.

"Okay," he grunted, "whatever."

"Oh and, hon," she said, finally turning to meet his gaze. "Give me the phone when you're done. I need to order a sweater or two."


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