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The restaurant was bustling, almost packed, since it was a Friday night and the football game at the high school had just let out. Jennifer was rushing between her five tables, trying to make sure everyone received their food on time. She felt a bead of perspiration roll down her spine. God, she thought, I hate Fridays!

The couple at table B asked for their bill. $9.54 and a dollar tip. Great, at this rate, she'd be rich by the time she was fifty, she thought sarcastically. She thanked the couple with a smile and wished them a good night. Jennifer paused as she cleaned the table, watching the two leave. The boy's arm was over the girl's shoulder, and their heads were close together. Jen sighed. She wished Mike, her boyfriend, was here, but he was out at his dad's this weekend.

Jen gave the table one more swipe, then let Jill, the hostess, know that a table for two was ready. Next, she headed for the kitchen to ask after table E's burgers.

The girl checked on two more tables before noticing the young man now sitting at B. Jen could see he was broad-shouldered, with really short brown hair. As she approached, the man looked up and smiled softly at her. The smile did not reach the cold blue eyes behind his wire-framed glasses. They seemed to cut through her, and she felt as if he were undressing her right there. Her welcoming smile slipped a little, then returned. After all, he was just another customer, right?

"Can I get you something to drink while you look over the menu?"

The man glanced down, then back up. His piercing gaze again affected her, and she couldn't help but wonder what his hands would feel like against her soft skin.

The soft, misleading smile appeared again. "Thanks," he said, his deep voice barely reaching her ears in the noisy restaurant, "but I already know what I want." Jen blinked, her green eyes held by his azure gaze.

The girl took a breath, then said, "Okay, what can I get you then?" She tried hard to ignore the excitement she felt when he looked at her.

"I'd like a regular burger, no tomato, and a diet coke."

Jen quickly sketched the order. "Got it. I'll be right back with your diet." She gave the man another smile, which he returned, then headed for the kitchen. Whoosh, she thought, yummy!

The man ate quickly, and soon asked for his check. Jen was slightly disappointed as he got up to leave. She bit her lip as he walked out, running her eager eyes over his muscular body. Too bad, she thought.

Jen turned to gather up the cash he had left. She whistled softly when she saw the extra twenty. Wow! Then she saw the note tucked between the bills.

'I couldn't help noticing your beauty, Jen. I will be at 14 Willow Dr. for the rest of the weekend. It's only a block from the restaurant. I'd love to see you again. Rick.

P.S. the number is 515-4532, give me a call or come over, your choice.

Jen stared at the note for a minute, imagining the possibilities. She couldn't go! What about Mike? She crumpled the note, ready to throw it away, but then she tucked it into her apron.

"Miss, could I get a refill?"

Jen pasted a smile on her face and turned back into a waitress. Her mind, though, was busy wondering what would happen if she went.




Jen sat in her car, pulled over to the curb. She had left the restaurant right after her shift, intending to go right home. Somehow, she had found herself on Willow Drive. Now she sat across from Rick's house, debating on whether or not she should go in.

She glanced over at the low ranch-style home for what seemed like the hundredth time, and this time the light over the front door was on. Rick stood there, looking right at her car. She blushed and looked away. "Fuck it!"

Jen got out of her car and walked over to Rick. He watched her come, a neutral expression on his face. Before she could say anything, he spoke.

"Before you come in, I want you to know I have only one rule. You do what I tell you when I tell you or we're through, and you leave. All you have to say is 'that's enough,' and you leave, for good. Understood?"

Jen paused, a bit startled at the ultimatum. Then she looked deep into Rick's eyes and felt a rush of excitement wash over her body. She wanted to go with him! "Alright, whatever you say."

Rick gestured for her to precede him into the house. Jen walked into a short hallway, which opened into a kitchen/family room on one side and led to a couple of doors on the other, which she assumed to be bedrooms. She entered the family room, stopping in front of a comfortable looking couch. She looked questioningly at Rick. "Well?"

Rick put his finger to his lips, telling her to be silent. "Not a word more until I let you speak. Stand with your shoulders back. I want you to pretend you're a model on a runway." Jen straightened her shoulders, feeling her uniform shirt pull tight against her full breasts.

The cold-eyed man moved behind her, so close she could feel his chest against her back and his breath in her ear. She shuddered slightly as Rick wrapped his arms about her, his hands moving to the buttons of her shirt. Slowly, one by one, he began to undo them. Jen took a deep breath and closed her eyes, straining to keep silent as she felt his hands pass across her bosom, causing her sensitive nipples to spring erect.

He pulled her shirt out of her pants, finally opening the last restraint. Her shirt now hung revealingly open, exposing her cream-colored bra. Rick slipped the shirt over her shoulders, letting it drop to his feet. He then traced the balls of his fingers across Jen's aching nipples and down her taut belly to open her uniform pants.

She felt him kneel behind her, his hands on her hips. With a slight jerk, her slacks slithered down around her ankles, leaving her in only her bra and a pair of light blue, now-slightly-damp, panties.

"Step out of your pants," Rick ordered, again standing directly behind her.

Jen nodded, flicking the now unneeded garment across the room with one foot. She suppressed a desire-filled moan as his strong hands firmly grasped her shoulders. They slipped around and came up under her arms to cup her breasts, causing Jen to gasp at the forceful pressure. Rick massaged her, his hands sure and direct.

She felt him open the hooks holding her bra together, and suddenly his hands caressed her nipples directly, seeming to ignite her with their touch. His fingers traced about her areola, causing her already erect nipples to tingle. She resisted the urge to subtly touch herself through her panties, not wanting him to get mad and call everything off. She was so wet!

Rick came around in front of her. Quickly, he stripped off his own clothes, revealing his muscled body. Jen's eyes were drawn to his penis, fascinated. He was not extremely large, about seven inches she'd guess, but he was fully erect. She seemed drawn to him, to his cock. Once he had all of his clothes off, he stood before her, his eyes traveling over her body as hers had traveled over his.

Softly he said, "Remove your panties."

Her hands immediately moved to obey him. She slipped the panties over her hips and down her legs. When she stood again, she was fully revealed before his ice-fire gaze. She felt her stomach flutter as he looked upon her.

Again he moved behind her. As he moved close, Jen could feel his manhood press urgently against her bottom. His hands roved over her nude body, sparking little tingles wherever they touched. He again caressed her breasts, and slipped his fingers down her belly. He traced about her mons, but refused to touch the oh-so-sensitive flesh beneath it. Jen bit her lip with frustration. She ached to have him touch her clit!

His hands returned to her nipples, pinching them painfully. "Ohh," Jen said softly, eyes wide.

"Kneel," Rick whispered in her ear. Jen responded immediately, dropping to the floor. She looked up to see Rick's erect shaft only inches from her. "Suck me, and show me you want me."

Jen stared into Rick's eyes for a second, then down at his cock, so close to her mouth. Her hands came up to grip him firmly, and her lips closed about the head of his dick. The girl slowly started to suck, drawing him into her mouth, occasionally teasing his swollen head with her tongue.

A few minutes passed as the kneeling girl serviced the man before her. Then Rick pulled away, once more moving behind her. He knelt, his hands roaming over her hips. "Go to your hands and knees, Jen," he whispered in her ear.

Jen moved immediately, raising her derriere for the man behind her. She ached for him. Her vagina was almost dripping, she was so aroused. She clenched her eyes shut, feeling his cock moving against her eager flesh. She felt him press against her swollen lips, then the head of his shaft slipped into her.

Rick sheathed his cock entirely within her yearning hole, then started to fuck her in a steady rhythm. She felt her breasts swaying, seeming to help Rick fuck her. Softly he said, "go ahead and fondle your clit. I want you to enjoy this too."

Jen was already enjoying this! As her fingers brushed across her ripe clit, she almost collapsed. Oh, goddamn!

She moaned when Rick pulled out of her. No! Don't stop! She suppressed the urge to cry out loud, instead only giving a little whine. She was a bit startled when she felt the head of his cock against her anus. Covered with her juices as it was, it took Rick very little effort to penetrate her ass.

Jen winced, and her finger almost automatically reached for her now-abandoned pussy. She slipped two fingers within, matching Rick's motions as he pumped her ass. Soon she found herself shuddering through an intense, grinding orgasm. Rick felt her begin to quiver, which pushed him over the edge. He filled her ass with his hot cum, groaning.

Jen collapsed, unable to hold herself up any longer. When she was again able to move, she looked up to see Rick sitting on the couch, wearing a short robe. He was sipping a drink and watching her supine, nude body.

"Do you wish to continue this?" he asked.

Jen nodded, unwilling to give this up.

Rick leaned forward. "If I am available, I will tell you where and when. Understand?"

Jen nodded again, "Yes," she softly said.

"Excellent. Our time tonight is done. Gather your clothes and leave." He rose, leaving her still on the floor. "I will look forward to your call," she said, smiling his cold smile. Then he left the room.

Jen quickly rose and dressed. She was still feeling the rush of following Rick's every command and doing whatever he wanted. She left the house, without again seeing Rick, wondering if tomorrow would be too soon to call him...


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