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Ldy Jessika

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Master's voice called to her, "Onyx, we're late now, hurry up and finish getting ready!"

Rushing, Onyx put on her new black spike heels, tying the bow around her ankles. One last look in the mirror told her that her mid-thigh, black leather skirt and matching halter-top had been a perfect gift from her Master. Quickly brushing her brown, shoulder length hair a few more times she smiled at her reflection. Finally, turning off the lights she went to the front door, where he patiently waited for her.

He waited for her to stand before him, her eyes downcast until he gently turned up her chin to make eye contact. He watched her eyes slowly meet his, as she said with pleasure and submission, "Yes, Master?"

Smiling down at her, he placed the leather collar securely on her neck with the silver ringlet at the front base. Then, he slowly walked around her making sure she was perfection before attaching a short leash to the ringlet. Then turning away from her he walked out the door with a slight tug on the leash for her to follow.

Onyx quietly followed him wondering where they were going tonight, but Master said nothing as they headed toward the city. Seated next to him in the car she would glance sideways at him admiring his legs in his tight black leather pants. Finally, he laughed and said, "Onyx, if you like what you keep peaking at, pull up your skirt for me and you had better not be wearing panties." Sliding closer to him she slid her black leather skirt up to her hips. She could hear her own voice getting deeper as she answered, "Yes, Master, i did put them on but then removed them...I'm learning, although i realize i don't do everything as instructed."

Reaching one hand to caress her nipples, he chuckled, "True Onyx, you're quite a handful, but in time it will feel your true nature, as I know it is and you know that as well."

Onyx watched his fingers slide into her halter-top and find her nipples. At his light touch, her nipple immediately peaked and hardened for him, as only he could make them do. She leaned her head back on the seat and looked over at him. She was watching him as he said, "Onyx, my pet, look at my fingers and how your nipples ache for their touch!" He twisted the tip of her tight nipple between his fingers, until he heard the moan he knew she couldn't hold back. She could see her nipple swell as the engorged tip throbbed, sending sensations spiraling through her body.

Her legs spread wider, at his command, and his fingers moved down to her mound. Cupping her sex, he let his thumb rest next to her clit and admonished her, "NO, Onyx, don't try to slide under my finger...I'll tell you when you can feel my finger on your clit."

Pouting for being reprimanded she answered, "Yes, Master, but..."

Again his voice cut her off, "NO, not but anything!" A sharp jerk on her leash made her cast her eyes downward and remain silent. Dropping the leash he again moved his hand down to her clean-shaven pussy.

As they pulled into a club she'd heard of, but had never been to, she felt his fingers start toying with her pussy lips. She had so many questions but didn't ask, since he'd now parked the car and his fingers slid between her soft private flesh. She began to think only of the sensations he was causing as he flicked her clit and whispered, "My Onyx, you have a question for me, Yes?" She had so many but her mind was now concentrating on his fingers, as she answered, "Yes Master, but not now!"

He laughed and suddenly pulled his fingers away from her clit and got out of the car. He opened her door but she was still dazed from his abrupt leaving...her legs wide open, and her pussy glistening and exposed. Reaching in he tugged on her leash, while she tried to pull her skirt down and at the same time get out of the car. He heard some men laughing at her attempts to pull her skirt down and he caught the glare she gave them. "Onyx! Only care what I think and what I want you to do!" He felt her move closer to his side as she said, "Yes Master i do only care what you think of me...that's most important to me!"

Walking into the club she tried to see everything going on, while not making eye contact with anyone. As she walked closer to her Master's side he wrapped the leash around his hand pulling her face close to his lips, "My Onyx, I know this is your first trip to this'll follow every instruction I give you tonight, no matter what it is, yes?"

Her nipples hardened at the tone of his voice and she said, "Yes, Master, I'll please you tonight very much, i promise!"

Chuckling at her serious look he pulled her leash and led her to a table against the wall, where in the safe shadows of the club he could watch the different scenes going on in front of them.

Watching as Onyx pulled out a chair he tugged on her leash. She turned to him with a confused look in her eyes at what she could've done wrong. He spread his thighs apart and motioned for her to sit on the floor between them, as other pets were positioned with their Masters.

Taking her place between his legs she rested her cheek on his thigh...confused by what she saw going on around them. He noticed she kept watching a girl at the next table having her nipples clamped by her owner. He saw Onyx's nipples hardening as she watched the sight and he leaned down to whisper close to her ear, "Does my Onyx like to watch others, Yes?"

She turned her head away from the scene but he turned it back, so she was looking at the other girl's nipples...clamped and now being pulled up by the chain that swung from each clamp. She looked questioningly at him and he asked, "Yes Onyx, you have a question? You may ask it."

She tried to keep her voice low as she asked, "Master, no one really minds what anyone else is doing?"

He ran his index finger down her cheek and softly smiled into her eyes, quietly replying, "Onyx, you've much to I'm going to ask you to do something for me, you will listen to me, Yes?"

He didn't wait for her to answer but reached for her hand and placed it on his hard cock straining beneath the leather. He watched her quickly glance around and he said in a harsh voice, "Onyx, you only pay attention to me...I'm your Master...what I instruct you is all that you understand, my pet?"

Her eyes immediately looked downward and then back at her hand now automatically massaging his rigid shaft inside the leather pants. She could feel him hard and straining against his pants when he leaned down and whispered, "Onyx, you'll free my cock and suck on here, you'll do this for me!"

She looked up at him and saw him waiting for her answer, which was barely audible, "Yes, Master, i understand." She reached for the zipper on his pants freeing his straining erection, as he pulled her leash bringing her face close to his shaft.

"Onyx, rub your face on my balls....let my scent fill you and then do what i've taught you to do to please me!"

Onyx, smiled and immediately rubbed her cheek on her Master's hard cock and balls loving the feel of touching him. His scent made her crave to rub and kiss him, as she began to place kisses on his flesh.

He grabbed her hair and twisting it pushed her harder against his erection, roughly demanding, "Onyx! stop playing and suck it now, suck Master deep in your mouth until I come!"

Her one delicate hand quickly cupped her Master's balls, as she cradled and caressed them - her mouth closed over the swollen head of his thick cock. She knew the girl across from them could see her but her only thoughts were now to please him. She didn't care that they were in public...the only thing that mattered now was his approval of her.

The music seemed to be fading as all her concentration was on his cock. Hers to please...She squeezed her Master's balls while her lips moved up and down his throbbing shaft. She could feel him thrusting slightly in her mouth, but his hips barely moved off the chair. She knew he made no noise and was looking down at her, watching her enjoy the taste of him in her mouth. She felt him lean down and heard him whisper, "Good girl, Onyx, you please me, yes, you please me very much....swallow all of my come and don't you dare waste any...this last night of ours!"

Onyx didn't understand what he meant by this being their last night but tried to nod in agreement. Suddenly without his permission she felt her pussy dripping for him. Her desire to please him was consuming her and she needed to feel her Master come in her mouth. She loved his hot seed shooting in her mouth which was her reward for doing as she was told. She felt his hands holding the sides of her head and pulling her mouth greedily down on his thrusting cock, as he whispered close to her ear, "NOW, Onyx, my gift to you, swallow it all, my pet!"

She felt him hardly moving in the chair but his pulsing cock released itself and she swallowed over and over making sure she didn't lose any of her Master's hot come.

She was still licking him when he pushed her gently away and zipped up his leather pants. Sitting back and taking a drink of wine he pulled on her leash until she knelt upright in front of him.

He knew his Onyx well enough to know she needed praise. Her eyes were watching his instead of looking down, waiting for his next instruction. He frowned at her saying, "Don't ask! Yes, you performed your task very well, now spread your thighs as you kneel there for my pet I'll truly miss."

He glared at her until she lowered her eyes and then she spread her thighs wider, kneeling on the soft carpeted floor. Pulling on her leash he brought her face close to his, as he laughed and said, "Onyx, you need to come for Master, Yes?"

He watched as a flush slowly spread over her face and he barely heard her whisper, "Master, yes please." He could feel her need but she couldn't always have her own way, "Not here Onyx, we're done here for the night. I have another place we must go now!"

He pulled her leash and she got to her feet rushing to keep up with him, while at the same time straightening out her outfit. He smiled at her movements and said, "You'll stay wet my pet...your pussy needing touch...needing release my Onyx, yes?" He stopped abruptly dragging her by the leash against his broad chest while his hand reached under her skirt and between her pussy lips. He quickly pinched her pussy lips and slid a finger up and down her dripping slit, before turning and walking out of the club, "Yes my pet, you'll come later. You'll beg and whimper as you always do my pet no matter for whom. Yes?"

Onyx knew that later she'd still need to come even if she tried to fight it and answered, "Yes, Master you know I'll need to come." His deep laughter filled the night air as they got in the car and drove to a friend's house. Once there he escorted her into the den, where she was surprised to see another man that she'd never met before. She kept her eyes downward and when introduced replied, "Hello, Sir."

Onyx tried to listen while the two Dom's discussed their pets. She thought they were discussing her in some manner. She couldn't quite over-hear what they were saying, since she was now kneeling on the floor waiting for her Master to give her direction. Finally, he walked over to her and picking up her leash pulled her to her feet. He brought her over to the other man that was staring at her and smiling. She watched as her leash was handed to this other man and her Master turned and walked out the front door saying over his shoulder, "She has not come since this morning and has needed to for quite a few hours--thanks--I know she'll please you." With that she was left with this new person she'd never seen before, and she didn't comprehend what she'd just heard. She felt a cold chill as the thought that she was just given away began to register in her mind. But she couldn't have just been given away--not after she went to a club and did what she was told. She looked at him and said, "Sir, what's going on and when will my Master be back to get me?"

He didn't answer but leaned down and unhooked her leash, "Follow me a moment, Onyx!"

She got up and followed him down a hall to his bedroom, then stood there shocked to see her clothes on top of a dresser in one corner of his room. Quickly turning to him she said in panicked voice, "Sir I have to use your phone, there's been a mistake!" She was stunned when he handed her the phone and said in a softer, kinder tone, "You can call his cell phone but he won't answer. He's gone to Europe for six months with.....well, with a new pet. You'll stay with me from now on!" He walked over to her and reached for her collar but she pulled away saying, "NO, he'll be back in a few hours!"

She lowered her eyes because she felt she would start crying and heard him saying, "Okay, but by the morning you'll know he's not coming back. Then you'll take off his collar. For now, you can continue to call me Sir, but in time you'll see you belong here with me." She then watched as he sat on the bed pulling off his jeans. Folding them he held them out to her, "Onyx, would you put these over there on that dresser for me?" She was so drained of emotion she reached for them and carried them to the dresser. She repeated the same steps with his shirt, socks, and she finally stood in front of him, as he sat there naked.

Her mind was racing, confused, frightened by not understanding what was going on - but she did notice he had a nice body with strong arms and dark brown hair on his chest, arms and legs. Her eyes glanced from his well-defined thighs up his body until she met his eyes and she whispered, "I'm going to sleep on the floor if that's okay, please, Sir."

She watched as he swung his long legs into the bed, covered himself with the blanket and said, "Suit yourself but undress and close the bedroom door. If you get cold, climb in!"

She was suddenly in darkness after he turned off the lights - but then he turned on a nightlight. Her eyes became accustomed to the low light and she moved and closed the door. Sitting on the floor at the opposite side of the bed from him she tried to think of what had happened. Finally, glancing at the clock she realized she'd been sitting quietly sobbing for three hours and it was almost daylight. She was cold and aching. She slowly slid out of her clothes and pulled the tip of the blanket over her shoulder. She was so exhausted that when she felt a hand touch her cheek she leaned into it, for the comfort of touch. She didn't even resist when she felt strong hands reach under her arms and a voice say, "Onyx, come under the covers now, it's too cold on the floor!" She slid under the covers and was pulled against a warm chest. She tried to keep her body stiff but the warmth of the covers and his hands soothingly caressing her back made her relax. She stayed quietly in his arms, sobbing, as he held her and rubbed her back. She was falling asleep, exhausted, when he said, "I'm taking off your collar now Onyx, you'll understand more in the morning, now sleep, my new pet!" She felt her collar being removed and tried to cover it with her hands. He pushed her hands away and unhooked it. She was too tired to resist and let it be taken off her neck. She hated the feeling of her neck without her collar, but stayed still, while his hands massaged the empty place where her collar had been. After a few minutes, as he held her cheek to his chest, she fell asleep.

Onyx woke up a few times, still held tight against him she looked at his features while he slept. She thought he was nice looking but then with an empty feeling in the pit of her stomach realized this was now to be her new home. She fell back to sleep feeling more tears welling up in her eyes.

Slowly, she felt her hips moving as if in a dream...the tingling in her pussy was so soft, so light that she knew she was dreaming. Her fingers moved over her nipples, pinching them to hardness - they felt so good finally being touched. She opened her thighs wider wanting more of the feeling, of the soft licking on her flesh. She moaned in her sleep feeling her body starting to seek release, as fingers deftly pushed in and out of her heat. She arched her body as she started to cum and heard a voice, "Good girl, come for me pet, all will be fine!" Her eyes flew open and she stared at him in shock, but her body was already clenching on his fingers. He smiled and said, "Onyx, relax and let it come, close your eyes!" She slammed her eyes shut not believing this had just happened, but his tongue was now lightly and gently licking her delicate flesh up and down, as he held her thighs open. Her body relaxed, and although she didn't move against his tongue, she didn't pull away, needing the feeling of being wanted.

She stayed still as she felt him licking her clit and then kissing his way back up her body, until he held her in his arms. She finally whispered, "He's not coming back for me, even though I always listened and was good?" He looked at her and in the first stern tone she had heard him use said, "Onyx! He's not returning for you and since you've just come for me never bring his name up again, is that understood? I'll give you a few days to adjust but know I'm a strict Master and will not put up with some of the things he put up with!" She glared at him and said, "Like what?" He moved over her body pinning her beneath him. Stretching her arms above her head he growled at her, "LIKE THAT!"

She didn't move and he suddenly got off the bed and held out his hand, "Onyx, come with's time to shower and we'll see how you do later in your first session with me!"

Onyx slowly took his hand and mumbled, "I'm still tired and rather confused, Sir." He pulled her along with him to the bathroom and chuckled replying, "Yes pet, so it seems!"

Once in the bathroom she stared at the large size of the room and the mirrors every where you looked, including the ceiling. She looked at him and said, "There are so many mirrors and the shower has a seat built into the side!" He didn't answer her and turned on the water pulling her into the large shower stall. She started a sentence, "Sir?" when he cut her off saying, "Onyx, Sir is for strangers, a polite way to refer to someone you don't belong to. Since you don't feel it now to call me Master, you can call me by my name, Travis. Now here's the soap, wash me and get used to the feel of my body!"

She took the soap and lathered her hands but said, "Travis doesn't quite sound right." She noticed the stern look he gave her and felt it best to keep her mouth shut. Rather then explaining why it didn't sound right she washed his chest.

She felt his strong muscles under her hands as she moved them over his chest and down over his hard, flat stomach. She tried not to think how she liked the feel of his skin under her hands, as they roamed over him. She resigned herself to the fact that he probably wanted her to get him hard so she moved her hands down to his groin cupping him.

She was surprised when he said, "Not now Onyx, I decide things like that, not you!" He turned and washed the soap off his body and stepped out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around his waist he said, "Finish your shower and join me on the patio for coffee. There's a new collar on the bed and a new outfit. I expect my collar to be on your neck and the outfit worn when you join me!"

Onyx finished washing and went back to the bedroom. Looking over at the dresser she saw her most of her clothes missing. She quickly walked over to the dresser looking for them and then through the window saw him carrying them to the trash. Almost in tears Onyx walked over to the bed to inspect the clothes in the bag that had been left for her. She first pulled out a delicate, thin leather collar with a small ring at the front. Another collar in the bag had rings attached at various places, where wrist cuffs could be attached. Next she was stunned when she pulled out a soft pair of blue jeans and a blue halter-top. She went over to the mirror and spoke to herself, "Well now what? I guess we'll just see what happens won't we! Well, he doesn't seem that bad but he just isn't Master. Maybe this is a test of some kind!"

Finally dressed in the jeans and the collar that had the ring attached to it she went to the patio. She saw him sitting in a lounge chair with a blanket on the ground next to him. She slowly walked to him and without saying anything took her place next to him - kneeling on the blanket, her hands resting on her thighs. She thought, I'll show him my last Master taught me well. She suddenly realized she had thought the words "last master" and feeling lost looked down at her hands. He picked her chin up and said, "Good girl Onyx, but that's where Christina sis and she hates to share. You'd better move before she comes back!" She immediately felt sad knowing he had another pet but before she could move a large collie bounded out of the trees, knocked her over on her back and started licking her face as he said, "Onyx meet Christina, you're on her blanket!"

Humiliated, Onyx turned crimson but she rubbed the dog's head as her new Master pulled Christina off of her. Onyx stood up as Christina took her place next to her Master stretched out on her blanket and went to sleep. He in turn patted Christina on the head and handed Onyx a cup of coffee. Spreading his thighs apart he pulled Onyx onto the lounge chair between them, wrapping one arm around her waist. She tried to sit away from his body but he pulled her back against him and said, "Tell me pet how long you were with him?" Her reply was only a whisper and it felt so odd that he was calling her pet but she answered, "eight months!" She heard him take a sip of coffee as his hand gently cupped her breast. He nuzzled her ear and in a teasing tone asked, "And while you were with him Onyx did he teach you about whips and floggers and ballgags and cuffs and things that go bump in the night?"She laughed, in spite of herself, and answered, "only cuffs." She felt his fingers tighten on her nipple and his arm tightened possessively around her waist, as he whispered in her ear, "Then my pet we have a world of exploration for you to learn and desire every day, when the sun goes down!" She felt an odd feeling of anticipation as she looked up at the sky and saw the sun still high in the day.

Onyx sipped her coffee and tried to relax but things just felt odd and she couldn't relax. Finally, he moved her forward and standing up he reached out his hand to her saying, "Let's go Onyx, we have food shopping to get done!" She stared at him and blurted out, "Food shopping?" He laughed and answered, "Yes my pet, food. You and I need to eat, and Christina needs dog food so let's get a move on it. You do expect to eat food, correct?" She got to her feet and said, "Well, of course I expect to eat food!" He was already at the door to the house when he looked over his shoulder at her and said, "My Onyx, do you want to know what I expect?" His eyes met hers and they stood a moment staring into each other's eyes, as she felt a chill of anticipation go through her body.

He smiled and said, "Yes my pet, I can see you'll need to know. When the sun goes down you'll know. Now it's off to the store!"

They went to Safeway and once inside the store he grabbed a shopping cart as Onyx followed him, not knowing what to do. He looked at her and said, "Here, you push the cart since you look lost. Do you like apples or oranges or do you want both?"

She replied uncertainly, "Which do you like?"

He frowned at her and replied in a semi-harsh tone, "Onyx, I know what I like, but I've no idea what you eat or what food you hate. There's quite a bit about you I do know since I did ask questions about you, but the food you like was not a high priority on my question list." He gave her a wicked grin and leaned closer to her and whispered, "I confess my pet, I was more interested in questions concerning the pleasures of your flesh then your dietary habits. So is it apples or oranges - or wait! How about this nice thick banana?"

He watched her turn scarlet while he stroked the banana and she said, "No bananas!"

Onyx felt so relieved when they finally left the fruit and vegetable aisle without the bananas. She was positive everyone had known what he was thinking.

She could've clouted him when he held up a cucumber and yelled over to her, "Onyx want a cucumber for dinner?"

She stuttered when she yelled back, "Uh, no we have plenty for salad." She watched him as he ran his fingers over it.

With a sly smile he called over to her, "Are you sure, Dear?"

Onyx felt a flush of embarrassment creeping up her neck as she sneered, "YES, Hon! We have plenty of cucumbers!" She left him there and pushed the cart down the next aisle, not caring if she'd be punished for leaving him.

Suddenly, she felt two arms wrap around her shoulders and pull her back against him. He whispered in her ear, "Shame on you for running away on me, pet."

She felt his groin rubbing back and forth against her ass and as he unwound his arms from around her body his fingers pinched her nipples. She was stunned that they instantly hardened for him. She knew he noticed it and as he went past her to grab the dog's food he said, "They will be harder and pleasured after the sun goes down." Finally, they paid for the groceries and on the way back to the house he pointed out to her the names of the streets and the stores she might like. They passed one store named Leather and Toys and he said, "That one we'll go to tomorrow and buy you some personal things."

She turned to him and questioned, "Like what things?"

He looked over at her and in a monotone voice said, "A whip for your ass for any transgressions. Have you been punished with one?"

Her voice was barely audible, "No, I don't think I was ever that bad."

He looked at her and said, "Oh believe me my Onyx, you've probably been that bad but just not taught very well how to be a proper pet!"

They pulled into the driveway and the conversation changed to taking in the groceries. He brought them in while she was told to let Christina out and exercise her by running with her in the backyard. By the time they returned all the groceries were put away and he was sitting watching television in the den. Christina ran in and immediately jumped on him getting hugs and kisses, before being pushed down on the floor. Onyx stood at the door not sure what to do. Finally, he looked over at her and motioned for her to stand in front of him. She slowly walked in front of him as he looked into her eyes and commanded, "Kneel my pet, interlace your fingers in back of your neck. Let's see how nice you can kneel for me!" A chill crept up her back as she knelt in front of him and his hands reached out to cup her breasts.

His voice seemed to get deeper yet more commanding as his eyes burned into hers and he said, "You've avoided using my name all day, now say it!"

Onyx looked into his eyes and whispered, "Travis."

His voice was deeper, as his fingers massaged her nipples through the thin denim, "Again pet, say it again to me, what's my name?"

Her nipples were hardening beneath his fingers and his name was easier to say as she said, "Travis, you're Travis!"

He didn't smile but kept pulling at her nipples until he finally untied her halter top. His fingers caressed her bare breasts as he said, "Yes Onyx, for now I'm Travis and you're mine from now on." He saw the hurt and the question form in her eyes and he answered her need, "I never give away anything I own, ever! You're mine since yesterday even if you don't feel it yet, but know you're mine now and forever my pet!"

She looked at his fingers pulling on her nipples and felt them swelling. A low moan escaped her lips and she quickly looked up at him. Her eyes met his and his seemed to burn into hers, as he pinched her nipples with more pressure. She swallowed and closed her eyes as the pressure on her nipples grew. She liked his fingers on her nipples and soon felt the need she was sure she wouldn't ever feel again. Her thoughts were confused as she felt the conflicting emotions of wanting to please this man - yet it had only been one night since she last saw her Master. She opened her eyes and met his with a confused look and knew that he sensed she had been thinking of her last master. She stuttered, "I'm still tired and a little confused!"

His fingers tightened harder on her nipples and as he cruelly twisted them pain shot through her body. He stood up and pushing her to a kneeling position on all fours said, "If your tired then sleep with Christina on the floor, until dinner." He got up and walked out closing and locking the door in back of him.

Onyx wanted to yell, "Don't leave!" but felt tears starting and was afraid he would think she was crying over her last Master.

Christina padded over and flopped on the floor next to her and Onyx curled up on the floor next to her whispering, "Christina, I'm so confused, you're a good dog tell me why I want to please him?" Christina moved closer and Onyx fell into a fitful sleep, feeling alone and the need to speak to Travis.

The door opened at 6:30 and Christina ran out the door as Onyx sat up just looking at Travis standing in the door. She quickly changed position to kneeling with her hands resting on each thigh and her eyes cast downward. She wished so much to hear his voice tell her she was doing good and was stunned when he said, "Onyx, mustard or mayo?"

Onyx could only answer in a stunned voice, "What?"

He repeated in a harsher tone, "I asked what you like - mustard or mayo?"

She quickly stammered, "Mayo!"

He turned and walked out the door, not even saying anything about her position. She heard him yelling from down the hall, "Sandwiches in two minutes. If you're not in the kitchen I'll give yours to Christina, she loves turkey sandwiches with mayo."

Onyx walked down the hall and as she entered the kitchen he said, "Yours is the one on the left, mine has the mustard." She quietly took her place at the table and wished he would stop being so formal. She wanted him to tease her like he had that afternoon.

He only made small talk about Christina and finally not being able to stand it anymore she asked, "May I say something?"

He put his sandwich down and leaned back in his chair answering, "Yes, Onyx, you may ask your question or you may say something."

She looked directly at him and her voice was almost a whisper, "Travis, I enjoyed this afternoon."

He didn't answer right away and then said, "What specifically did you enjoy about this afternoon, did you enjoy just the drive?"

She was looking down at her plate and answered, "No Travis, it was more than that."

He asked, "Well then, Onyx, was it the shopping or just the scenery, or exercising Christina?"

She was now fidgeting with her napkin as she whispered, "No, Travis, it was more than that." She noticed that he had not used the term pet since this afternoon. She had not pleased him and needed to know, "Are you going to get rid of me?"

His voice got deeper as he said in a stern tone, "i've already answered that question, what did I say?"

Onyx swallowed the lump in her throat and said, "You said you don't get rid of what you own."

He leaned forward, his arms on the table and said, "Look at me! Whose collar is it you're wearing and whose touch is it you're sitting there wanting?"

She said it low, but he heard her answer, "Yours."

He stood up and took his plate to the sink answering, "Then you have your answer, don't you my Onyx."

Onyx heard his answer but his last words, my Onyx, made her feel a need to be with him. She wanted him to be pleased with her so she answered, "Yes, Travis."

He walked back over to the table and taking her plate put it in the sink. Without further speaking to her he cleaned up the kitchen and let Christina out for the night. Finally, turning to her his voice was deep and again commanding as he said, "The day is over now my Onyx, go to the bedroom and wait for me, naked."

She started to walk out of the room when he said, "Onyx, come over here!"

Her senses started racing as she walked to him wanting to feel his hands on her. She just needed his touch, like last night when he held her. She stood in front of him looking down as she knew was proper and said, "Yes, Travis?"

He lightly touched the tip of her nipple through her halter-top. He felt it harden as he pinched it and lightly pulled at it. He cupped both of her breasts and crushing them said, "Be sure to be naked for me my pet, now go and wait for me and for the pleasure and pain."

Onyx walked to the bedroom but stopped at the den to pet Christina. Suddenly not sure of what was ahead, yet needing to please him, she sat down on the carpet trying to get her emotions under control. It had only been one day--one day and she had already displeased him a few times. Lying her head on the carpet next to Christina she ran her hands over the dog's silky hair. It comforted her to feel the dog's even breathing when she suddenly heard her name.


Startled she jumped up and ran down the hall to the bedroom where Travis was already sitting on the bed--naked.

She stammered, "Travis, I only stopped a moment to pet Christina, she was so lonely!"

She watched him stand and walk toward her. She quickly looked down and he walked past her slamming the door shut. She jumped at the sound and began to take her clothes off, to be naked as he had told her. Naked she walked to the bed and took her place sitting on it. She watched him walk to the end of the room and open a closet. On the door hung floggers and whips in various sizes. He motioned for her to join him and she slowly walked to the closet, in silence. The only thing he said from the time she heard her name yelled was now stated, "Pick one!"

Never having one used on her she stood there looking over some with long leather tassels, or short and thick, or short and thin. Finally she pointed to one. He looked at her, "You're not ready for that type pet, pick this one!" He handed her the one he referred to and walking back to the bed sat down adjusting the pillows to a pile in the middle.

"Onyx, lie on your stomach on the pillows!"

She walked to the bed and crawled into position wondering if he would give her a safe word. She knew she shouldn't ask and wait for his instruction so she slowly adjusted the pillows under her and tried to relax. He then produced cuffs and cuffed her wrists and ankles. Her breathing was escalating and she was feeling dizzy because she was becoming frightened. Her arms were pulled out in front of her and strapped by the cuffs to a ring on the headboard. Her thighs were suddenly pushed wide apart and strapped, but with room for her to remain kneeling.


Her mouth was dry. This was not what she was used to and she couldn't speak. She tried again and only managed a whimpered, "Yes?"

She felt his hands rubbing over her back in long smooth strokes, kneading the muscles at her neck that were now tight with anticipation. His hands massaged down her back and her sides, then all the way back up to her arms and wrists. She could hear his even breathing and she slowly began to relax while his hands continued to stroke her lower back and slowly over her ass. The scent of perfumed oil drifted to her, as his hand rubbed over the back of her thighs and higher over the cheeks of her ass. His fingers moved in a slow rhythm, spreading them and rubbing oil over the crack of her ass. Her mind was concentrating on his fingers and she knew her pussy was moist and wet for him. She sighed and relaxed totally to his hands.

"Onyx--Your safe words to use forever will be, "slower" if you're not sure, or if it's needed you'll use "stop" and all will cease--now do my hands give you pleasure?"

Her reply was a whisper of need to please, "Yes, Travis."

He slid his long fingers partially into her pussy. She tried to push back onto them but the wrist straps held her. Her nipples felt swollen and wanting to be touched and her pussy now needed more of his touch and comfort.

"Onyx, this pussy is for my pleasure and therefore it's mine--correct?"

Her mind registered one word--vows. He was leading her into his possession. She felt as if a dark tunnel was opening before her, as her mind swam in chaos of confusion but she answered, "Yes, Travis, this pussy is for your pleasure and therefore yours, Travis."

"Onyx, your nipples and asshole are for my pleasure and therefore mine?"

She swallowed and felt his fingers push slightly deeper into her, as she repeated his words, feeling them sinking into her being. Feeling the need to be possessed--owned -cherished. His fingers were pushing in and out smoothly and his other hand reached around her and began to rub her clit. It was already swollen to his touch. His voice grew deeper and more demanding.

"Onyx, your clit, your body--who do they now belong to--whose touch is it you're needing?"

She needed to please him, needed to hear the words, as she was now consumed with wanting to belong. "Travis, yours, Travis!"

She felt her hips being pulled back and her arms stretched painfully in front of her. His fingers slid out of her pussy and spread her thighs wider. Slowly she felt a vibrator filling her pussy and straps being placed around her thighs and waist holding it in place. She whimpered.

"Onyx, you'll not be hurt. I'll never hurt you - punish you? I'll do that, but I'll never hurt you, do you understand?" His fingers were pinching her clit and she felt the vibrator start its low buzzing through her body.

She didn't answer but moaned and tried to get closer to him. She felt the leather tresses sliding across the cheeks of her ass. Lightly they began to slap against her skin in smooth crossing movements. With each soft leather slap her pussy got wetter. Her ass was beginning to sting from the constant light slapping--first the right cheek--then the left cheek--criss-cross--slap--slap. She could almost count the rhythm in her head his movements were so light and smooth. She couldn't tell whether the vibrator was suddenly louder - or the sound of the whip - or her breathing as his voice kept her senses reeling with need. She heard whimpering and realized it was her own voice. She had a thin sheen of sweat covering her body and she needed to come.

"Onyx, say it to me, do you want to stay my sole possession?"

The need to belong and please was heard in her plea, "Please, yes, Travis."

"Onyx, say it, who am I pet? Who am I, my good possession! Who do you belong to? You have my permission to come NOW, for whom?"

The sounds and feelings were all mixing as one - the moaning, the whipping and the vibrator. All mixing into a crescendo in her brain into one word that tore from her being as her body exploded in sensations, "Master, for you!"

The whip came down hard in a stinging blow and his fingers found her clit, rubbing it harder. Her body clenched on the vibrator in a frenzy of release. She was whimpering and pulling on the straps that were holding her arms in place. The vibrator continued to fuck her body until her legs began to quiver from kneeling and coming. Then silence. She felt the vibrator turn off and slowly being removed from her dripping pussy, only to be replaced by his fingers.

"Again Onyx, who owns this dripping pussy?"

Her voice seemed far away, "Master, it's Master's pussy."

"And Onyx - who am I and will always be?"


"Yes, my good girl. I'm Master and you're mine."

Her hands were uncuffed and her thighs released. She stayed still while her body and mind drifted back to her. His hands continued to rub her ass and back as her senses came back to her. He slowly pulled the pillows out from under her and rolled her on her back.

"Onyx, don't fall asleep in my bed. Take your pillow and get a blanket out of the closet. You weren't here naked because you said Christina was lonely--I'm sure you want to keep her company in the den! Tomorrow when Christina isn't so lonely you can sleep with me!"

He got up and walked to the closet as Onyx sat up stunned. She knew she didn't listen but that was before! He surely was not going to make her sleep in the den just for not listening. He walked back and threw the blanket on her lap, "Get out of the bed Onyx, I'm tired and want to go to sleep now!"

Their eyes met and his were serious and not relenting. She slowly got up and started to walk past him when he pulled her against him, "Next time pet, you'll do what I say?"

She knew he was still going to make her sleep in the den, "Yes, Master."

He rubbed her ass, "Good girl, you really did fine for your first day since as you say being tired and confused. I think tomorrow you'll be less tired and confused and we'll go to the Leather & Toy Store. Now go and kiss Christina good night for me." He slapped her on the ass, got in bed and reached to turn the light out as she just stood there staring at him.

"Night Onyx, see you in the morning!"

Onyx made her way down the hall to the den and threw the blanket and pillow on the couch to sleep. Rubbing her ass sent shivers through her remembering his voice. The need to please him was so odd to her. It was stronger than with her last Master. She thought about what had happened and smiled at the thought of the turkey sandwich. Falling asleep she thought she would tell him tomorrow that she thought she would like to serve him.

Morning-light had started to filter in the window when she woke to voices. She could hear him on the phone in his room. He was saying that she did fine her first day and that maybe next week they would come over for dinner. Anger raced through her at the thought that her last Dom thought she cared about him after he gave her away and that she would come over for a friendly dinner. She picked up the phone in the den.

She knew her voice sounded sure and confident, "Hi, why not come for lunch today?"

She heard an elderly woman's voice answer her, "Oh how nice! I'd love lunch, is that okay Travis?"

She heard the undertone in his voice even if the older lady didn't, "Yes, Mom, that would be fine, we'll drive over an pick you up!"

Ashley sat there! The phones hung up and she couldn't believe what she had just done and it was only 8:00 in the morning - of the day she was going to show him how much she would listen.

She heard his footsteps coming down the hall, Christina jumped up running to the door to greet him and he stood with his arms crossed looking over at her.


Her voice was low and she looked down, "Yes, Master?"

"Look at me, damn you!" He sounded stern but she could see him starting to laugh, "Try not to invite my mother over for lunch very often. Now get your tired and confused ass dressed and meet me in the kitchen for coffee - then we's off to the store. There's a toy you now deserve - after we drop my mother back home."

Onyx was pleased that during breakfast she did everything she knew was correct - he smiled and teased her just to see if she knew positions.

Finishing breakfast they headed to the store.

Pulling into a parking place outside the store he grabbed her chin in his hand turning her to look at him, "Pet, remember your place! Now let's get you some toys!"

Onyx quietly followed him through the door, "Travis, welcome back it's been awhile since you've visited the Leather and Toy store. And who is this with you?"

Travis's voice was deeper than she had heard and very stern, "Someone that needs some nipple clamps and other toys!" He reached over and pulling her against him grabbed her nipple. The other woman laughed, "Yes, it see it's those nipples interest you quite a bit. What type? Alligator? Screw type?"

Onyx felt herself turning red as his hands pulled her halter top down exposing her breasts to the other woman.

The other woman's eyes traveled over Onyx and then back to her nipples, "Travis! you do have excellent taste in picking pet's with pretty nipples!" Her hand reached out and flicked one of Onyx's nipples with her long, red-painted fingernail before she smiled and went behind the counter. Handing Travis a small box she said, "Here, these will fit her nipples perfect, what else to you need?"

Travis had already moved to the wall hanging with floggers and paddles. He pulled two down and handed them to Onyx to hold. Swiftly moving around the store she was soon holding so many toys that she was having trouble holding them all. After paying for them he whispered something to the owner who laughed and replied, "Sure Travis, just go in the back room, so my other customers don't get wet or hard watching!"

Grabbing Onyx's hand he pulled her into the back dressing room. She watched him digging through the bag and said, "Travis? Should I call you Master in public?" He looked up at her and said, "Not for today, Travis will do fine but remember who I am to you!"

She smiled at him and for the first time felt happy, "Yes, I think I'll remember from now on. I'm not as tired and confused!"



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