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Award Ceremony

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Steve walked into the awards ceremony being held by the local town newspaper. He was one of the staff writers and his article on erotic writers was being given an award. He scanned the banquet tables for the woman that he had written about. All in all he thought it was a very well done article and very factual. He was dressed in his usual jeans and his tall, nicely built frame and good looks attracted smiles and glances from the women in town. Most of the attendees were dressed in business suits but he preferred his jeans.

Finally he noticed her entering. Her blonde hair and slender body had always drove his senses wild. But tonight, in a short skirt with her long, slim legs in spike heels he felt his gut tighten. His gaze followed her to the table next to his and he walked over to say hello.

"Good evening, Catherine, did you like the article I did? And thank you for explaining about the business."

Her blue eyes blazed into his, "Well you're welcome, kind of, but you said some things that weren't really nice. But someone had to come to this!"

He ignored the fact that this wasn't his table and changed the name settings so he was sitting across from her. He noticed she was surprised but didn't voice any objection to his joining her. He had seen her at various local town functions and had always been attracted to her, but their paths didn't cross very often. At one or two banquets he did manage to dance with her and knew she felt an attraction to him. His body against hers on the dance floor had proved that to him. He knew she had moved tighter against his groin enjoying the feel of him getting hard against her. Tonight he planned on dancing and doing a lot more with her.

"Well, Catherine, I'd still like to know you weren't offended by the article, so if I get the opportunity to ask you to dance you won't throw something at me! Will you dance with me later?"

Looking at his dark mustache and broad smile and then into his eyes she smiled and laughingly answered, "Oh Steve, yes, I'll dance with you but you kind of knew that, huh?" They smiled at each other...their eyes locking.

The waitress brought champagne to the table and the banquet and awards ceremony started. The lights lowered but not before she gave him one more smile that made him feel like he wanted to pull her on top of the table and fuck her! He knew that when her blue eyes looked into his he wanted her. He knew that tonight he was going to have her! He had waited and wanted her long enough. He chuckled to himself at this thought - that in the middle of getting an award all he could think about was that he was going to fuck the hell out of Catherine!

At last they were giving the last award for the night which was his and then the dance music would start. All he wanted was his award and her in his arms, but not necessarily in that order. Walking up to get his award he kept looking back to make sure she was watching him and not leaving. Taking the microphone he smiled at his fellow writers.

"I'd like to thank all of the men and woman in the industry that I work for and the erotic writers for allowing me into their world. I'd like especially like to thank one person--Catherine."

He could see her surprise and heads turned to see where he was looking. Whispers started wondering who Catherine was but he only smiled more and left the podium walking directly back to her at the table.

"STEVE! Why the hell did you say that?"

Laughing at her shocked expression he picked up his champagne giving her one of his own looks. Toasting her he said, "Tonight!"

She looked at him but shyly smiled, "And just what does tonight mean or shouldn't I ask?"

"Catherine, don't ask. How about that dance?" Holding out his hand she slid her slim fingers into his and walking to the dance floor they blended in with the crowd. His body was tight to hers as they danced. He knew she felt the bulge in his jeans. Rubbing his groin against her he felt her sigh and press herself against him. He whispered in her ear, "Let's get the hell out of here."

Outside he turned to her, "Catherine, leave your car here and come in the limo with me for a ride first, okay?"

"Limo!" she stammered just as a long, white, stretch limo pulled up in front of the club. Still standing staring at him, he opened the door and held out his hand. She smiled and said, "Oh hell, why not!"

They climbed into the car and he offered her a drink from the limo bar.

Sitting back on the leather seat across from her his stare began to send shivers through her body.

"Catherine, all kidding aside, and me being a writer and editor aside, I think you're beautiful and you know I've wanted to have my cock deep inside you for months!"

Looking into his eyes she knew he was sincere as well as in lust. If there was one thing Catherine could tell looking into a man's eyes was lust for lust and lust with sincerity. She smiled as the attraction was mutual and she had not been with a man in quite a while.

"So, Mr. Editor, is this going to be an interview?"

"I think it might have to be a continuing interview over a length of time--a long, slow interview." He moved across the limo and was kneeling in front of her - his hands sliding up her silk stockings, pushing her skirt higher as his lips moved closer to hers, "Would you like to be interviewed by me Ms. Erotic Writer?"

Her hands slid onto his shoulders pulling him closer as her lips moved closer to meet his - she answered, "Depends on the length of your question, Mr. Editor?" Her long nails dug into his shoulders.

He grinned just before his lips claimed hers, "It's not the length of the question, honey, but the content and thrust of the subject!"

His arms went around her waist pulling her against him and his lips gently, slowly roamed over hers....lightly. His hands caressed her back as he held her to his body...he felt her starting to relax. Not rushing he took his time kissing and holding her to him. His lips slowly kissing her lips...her cheek...her neck. His mind was registering where they were but his body was registering a heated need.

He smiled at her and raised an eyebrow, "Damn, wish we were somewhere else but I want you so damn much. Would it be very upsetting to you here in my limo?"

She was running her fingers over his face...outlining his dark eyebrows...his sensual lips--she smiled into his eyes, "Limo sounds good to me."

Smiling at her, his fingers slowly moved to her blouse...button by button he removed her blouse and then her ivory, lace bra. He wanted her naked so his eyes could finally roam over what his imagination had always visualized. Finally, he helped her remove her skirt and she was naked on the leather seat.

"Steve, will the driver put down the window? And you're still dressed!"

"No, don't worry about the driver--just worry about me wanting you!" He moved back to the other side of the limo, sliding off his shoes and jeans.

Sitting on the seat he stroked his cock, letting her see how hard he was for her. With his shaft now erect he slid to the end of the seat letting her get a good view of his balls. He watched her staring at his hand as he stroked his cock in slow movements. Finally he crawled back across the limo to her. He slid her off the gray leather seat, turning her so she was leaning on it with her knees on the limo floor.

"Jet, rest your head on your arms!" He slid her thighs wider and gently slid his fingers over her soft folds. His fingers slid slowly, over her wetness and he smiled to himself as he whispered to her, "You're nice and wet for me. Feel my fingers on you!"

His index and middle fingers slid into her depths as he felt her push back on them. Fingering her he took his time sliding his fingers inside her and lightly fucking her and then sliding them out and to her swollen clit. Her whimpers and breathing were faster while he felt her pussy and played with her clit.

"Steve! I want you!"

His cock was throbbing and waiting...needing release. Positioning himself behind her he looked at her with her legs spread open...her smooth white ass. He held her hips in his hands just pushing against her...teasing. Feeling the head of his cock pressing on her opening...her pussy juice wetting it.

"Are you ready for me? Are you ready now, this very minute to be fucked in a limo?" Her whimpered yes was what he wanted as he slid further into her body. She was tight. He loved a tight woman on his cock. He pulled her hips back watching his cock going in and out of her pussy. Leaning back he liked to playfully slide in and out - fucking her - just watching his cock getting wetter and wetter from her.

The rain on the roof was pounding as he began to fuck her harder...pushing her onto the seat with each thrust. She was so tight on his cock...he could feel her tightening on him. Their scent of lust filled the limo and he began to pound into her...leaning low over her back his one arm around her waist holding her in position. He plowed into her till his balls fiercely slapped against her. Suddenly he heard her whimper as she began to come and her pussy clenched tight on his cock--he groaned deep as her pussy sucking at his cock made him shoot his load. He threw his head back while staying deep inside her moaning, "Yes, that's it baby--fuck this cock, drain it!"

He finally felt her moving under him - he still knelt behind her. Slowly sliding his cock out of her he grabbed a handful of tissues sliding them over his dripping cock.

He grabbed more tissues sliding them over her dripping pussy dripping their mixed come. "Stay there a minute. Okay, I think we're a little cleaned up now!" She just turned over sitting on the carpet staring at him, "Steve? If you interview as half as well as you fuck you should have all the awards!" Laughing they both got dressed and moved to one seat together. Picking up the phone he called the driver.

"I think our interview is done for this night. Can you drive Catherine back to her apartment and I'd like to arrange for the car for tomorrow night. We still haven't covered all aspects of this interview that have to be researched!"



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