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Ciana Rose

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We had been dancing for an hour. The floor was jam packed with couples who, like us were attempting to seduce each other with sexual moves. After all, isn't that what dancing is all about, seduction?

But Max had begun seducing me long before that. Three days of abstinence, three days in anticipation of another night of sexual adventure had slowly stoked my fires into a blazing inferno. Matters grew worse when I dressed for the night. Short skirt, high heels, and no panties always make me feel more feminine, more vulnerable--ready for a man, ready for Max. But that wasn't enough for him. Ruthlessly, he spent the entire dinner teasing me into a state that would guarantee compliance, to any whim. He keeps me needy deliberately. For that, I thank him.

The dancing was just another ploy to carve deeper into my hunger. Occasional brushings against my breasts, my bottom were meant to torture me, and keep my bare crotch in heat, and wetting. And after all that, Max sealed my fate even more solidly; kisses, heavenly, hypnotizing kisses--such soft, luxuriant mouth to lose my mind in. Max is a master at reducing me to serve his any desire. If he had asked to fuck me in the middle of that dance floor that night, I probably wouldn't have hesitated for an instant.

I knew the real thrill was about to begin when at the end of the song, Max took my hand and led me toward the back of the bar. That recognition alone was cause enough to start a flood at the juncture of legs.

I didn't know what to expect when Max, inconspicuously, pushed open an "Employees Only" door, and stepped through without hesitation. Worried, I glanced around to see if anyone had noticed, but Max tugged my hand and forced me to follow.

Once the door shut behind us, it shut out all the noise. I found myself in a dimly lit, narrow hallway. Cases of booze, and mops and buckets were stacked along one side. There were several rooms off the other side. Something about a deserted place always gives me goose bumps.

Max seemed to know exactly what he was doing as he led me toward the end of the hall. The goose bumps grew more prickly, as did my nerves. I was sure a door was going to fly open any moment, and we would be caught trespassing. But it didn't happen.

At the end of the hall, Max opened another door and again, entered as though he owned the place. We stepped onto a better-lit landing at the top of a staircase. From the musty smell, I guessed it to be the basement.

Without explanation, Max slowly descended the stairs, and I followed. My heart raced with fear, and excitement. The danger was thrilling the hell out of me. It was also making me soaking wet.

The basement itself was cast in shadows, but the light from the top of the stair allowed sufficient visibility. Like most basements, it was being used for storage. There were crates, barstools, and tables piled everywhere, covered in dust.

Max made his way to an old desk in the corner of the room, with me in tow. He shoved some of the clutter aside and propped himself against the edge. Then he drew me between his spread legs, and into his arms.

He quickly wove me into a trance with another of his searing kisses. As far as I'm concerned, he can hold me captive with that sensuous mouth of his for the rest of my life, any time. Wishful thinking though, because to my regret, the kiss ended entirely too soon. My eyes popped open, bringing me to the present, only to be lost again in Max's penetrating gaze.

Like a puppet, I waited to see what was in store for me next. One arm wound firmly around my waistline, he turned me to stand a little more sideways. Then whispering, "Lift your skirt," he slowly lowered his free hand.

As I held the front of my skirt raised, my breath caught with the anticipation of his touch. He slowed his descending hand even more, just to torment me further. He takes immense pleasure in making me wait--and by his expression, it was no different then.

I was quivering by the time Max's fingers brushed my tender flesh. The contact made me whimper, and my body swayed toward him in its want.

"No." His wrapped arm tightened around me, allowing me to lean only my upper body against him. "Keep still."

"Damn you," I murmured, frustrated.

I had to fight to stand still, but couldn't stop whimpering while his fingers continued to fuel the flames of my core with light touches, and minute insertions.

Keeping me suffering, Max nuzzled against my hair and murmured, "My pussy." Two fucking words and my knees suddenly buckled. Catching me, he chuckled and withdraw his hand.

"Nooooo," I whined, unable to decide if I preferred the torment, or the lack of it.

As if to gloat over the power he holds over me, he sniffed his sticky fingers then rubbed them together. His smile of approval made me want to fall to my knees and beg him to fuck me.

Suddenly, Max spun me around and bent me over his arm, exposing my bare bottom from under my too-short skirt. It makes me tingle all over every time he boldly takes what he wants from me, as if it belongs to him. In truth, it does.

He grunted another approval as he rubbed his palm against my taut cheeks. "Nice," he murmured. "Such a nice ass for me to fuck." His hand slid down the back of my thighs possessively then returned for another grope of my full bottom. "You need to cum, baby? Hmmm?"

"Yes," I drawled, a little surprised by the offer.

"Then bend your knees more," he said, pronouncing my penance for the privilege of coming. He even kindly leaned to accommodate me. "That's it, baby, push out, make that pussy more available to me." Speaking, he pressed his palm against my burning center.

I moaned loudly, danger of being caught long forgotten. But then Max purposely patted my saturated entrance, and embarrassed me with the sound. I mumbled a protest that we both knew to be meaningless, and wet heavily.

"Good girl, show me how much you like me embarrassing you."

I groaned my surrender and allowed myself to immerse in the sweet pleasure of it all.

"Ooooo, so horny," Max said as he spread my tender labia and held it parted. "I'll give it a good fucking when I'm ready. Right now, why don't you just cum for me." And with that, he took my clit between his adept fingers and made it so.

Trembling, I came. But hell, between concentrating on keeping quiet and a hollow orgasm, it was hardly satisfying. But then that was the intent, wasn't it? This, like all the others, was a calculated delivery to keep me dangled with just enough nagging desire. And to make sure, damn him, he removed his hand before my spasms subsided and satisfaction could settle in. And so, I fell a little more in love with my man.

Straightening, I threw my arms around Max's neck and held him dearly. He indulged me for a moment, then with a hand on my shoulder, bid me onto my knees. I went down, happy to do so.

As I looked up from my kneeling position, I knew I had to be radiating with my urge to serve him. Max stared back with that conceited smile of his that says without doubt, the starved state he has worked me into, makes my best efforts at pleasuring him a given.

"What do you want, baby?"

I batted my eyelashes and answered, "Your big beautiful cock."

He grinned. "Hungry, are you? Patience, my love."

As I waited, I observed his every breath. I know all his expressions--every tick, every move, every nuance that defines Max. The look of ownership in his eyes as he extracted his semi hardness was one I've seen many times. Still, it never fails to cause my heart to skip a beat, or two.

When I lunged for the magnificent tool, Max swiftly moved out of reach. I gave him my most effective pout then smiled cunningly. He laughed, then placed his swollen penis between my lips.

With a flick of my tongue I treated my taste buds to sweet pre-cum. But I was too damned eager to play and swallowed most of his shaft into my mouth. He groaned with the pleasure. For me, it was getting to suck on him that made me moan.

In no hurry, Max watched me work on his handsome male organ. I know what great satisfaction he takes in my need for him. I gave him the treatment he deserves--lavishing with my tongue--long licks, slow circles. And after bestowing kisses of gratitude, I held the shaft and locked my lips tightly around the burgeoning head. I can never suck him hard enough. It's a means for replenishing my soul.

I froze on the spot when I heard the door of the basement open and close. As usual, Max kept his cool. At the sound of descending footsteps I tried to get up, but Max put a hand on my head and stayed me. Confused, I shot him an askance glance. He silently bade me to remain. My chest pounded wildly in a combination of dread and excitement.

Too soon, I heard the intruder at the bottom of the stairs and unconsciously sucked in my breath. A dead silence fell for the tiniest moment, then the sound of a soft male gasp echoed in the room. We had been discovered.

Tension followed as I waited for the intruder's reaction. I didn't dare to look at him. But when he continued to stand there, I grew curious, and courageous. Slowly, I turned my head.

The intruder was one of the bartenders. His nametag identified him as Joe. I remembered him for the one who had been sneaking glimpses at me earlier in the night. He appeared very young. He also filled his uniform quite well. That little detail I managed to notice regardless of the looming danger.

Joe met my eyes shyly. He seemed caught between wanting to smile boldly and being too timid, undoubtedly due to lack of experience. I felt charitable and smiled to put him at ease.

With a finger under my chin, Max brought my face back. He bent low and gently brushed his lips against mine. Then straightening, he held his rigid manhood to my mouth.

I sucked with vengeance. Even more aroused by having an audience, I put on my best performance. Max remained silent but I sensed his focus was more on Joe than the blowjob in progress.

Engrossed in devouring him, Max took me off guard when he suddenly withdrew and turned my head toward the bartender once more.

What I saw pleased me immensely. Apparently, he had adapted quickly, because he stood with his pants lowered to his hips and his cock waving prominently. It was a nice cock, but still too young to have achieved the manly experiences Max's has to offer. Eyes fixed on us, absentmindedly, Joe reached out and began to stroke his hard-on. With a smile, I returned my attention to Max.

I quickly submerged into the delights of attending to his cock. It's the love of my life, only second to Max. Its scent, its taste, its silky smoothness are a treat to my senses. I take special joy in laving it with my tongue. It's my way of expressing my love, my appreciation of Max. I do it often, as it is little due for the extent of the internal contentment he brings me.

Movement drew me from my reverie. I opened my eyes and found Joe standing within reach of us. Watching me suck, he stroked himself far more confidently. Without releasing Max from my mouth, I looked up and met the young man's eyes. He took a half-step forward and pushed his hips out, as if to present me his cock. I doubt he was even aware he had done so. Obviously, he was more proud of his manhood than he was shy.

I continued to divide my attention between the two of them. While I ravished Max with my mouth, I encouraged Joe with my eyes. He seemed to grow more emboldened by my watching him beat his swollen shaft. Apparently, he also enjoyed an audience.

In an unexpected move, Max suddenly withdrew and twisted my head toward Joe. I opened my mouth and Joe, eyes growing wide with astonishment, frantically stuffed himself into it.

His moans rose instantly as I gave him a special treat of the lessons Max has taught me. I had an urge to offer Joe my finest techniques. But I hardly got a chance, as he was already ejaculating barrels of hot sperm down my throat.

Max clutched a fistful of my hair in one hand, and stroked his erection with the other. "Oh yeah, suck him," he murmured, his voice laced with excitement.

Attuned to him with every fiber of my being, I sensed his impatience as he allowed the bartender to complete his release. But not a second longer. No sooner was Joe done than Max, with a yank of my hair, dragged my mouth back to his own bursting hard mass.

Knowing well what pleasures Max, I let some of the collected fresh cum ooze just as he placed his hot flesh between my lips. When he moaned, I deliberately relaxed my mouth and more of the hot substance slid down my chin.

"That's nice, baby." Using the liquefying cream as lubricant, Max briefly rubbed his cock-head against my cheeks and chin then returned it to be sucked again. Then, "Hold your face up for me."

My breath caught the instant I realized his intention. Providing Max his pleasures gives me a satisfaction that cannot be put into words.

As I tilted my face up, I saw Joe tending yet another fine erection. He seemed fascinated by Max's actions, probably more by his ability to command my cooperation so easily. Little did Joe know that I thrive on Max's demands.

Max glanced at Joe, more than likely to ensure he had the young man's full attention before he proceeded. Then he began to shoot his sweet semen, aiming to cover my face evenly. He did it quietly, as if for the bartender's benefit. Yet, every one of his heavy breaths was revealing of the depth of his gratification.

"Oh, shit!" Joe's sudden outburst sounded as though he had caught himself by surprise. With a loud grunt, he followed Max's lead. His eyes squeezed shut momentarily, then popped open. His expression was a mix of embarrassment and pleasure, but soon turned into utter mesmerism as he watched himself also squirt all over my face.

I turned back and forth between the two, trying to lick both cock-heads, and catch what I could with my tongue. It seemed endless--neither running out. Later, Max confirmed that, at least for him, it took a second coming to satisfy him adequately.

There was a lengthy silence, all of us returning from euphoria gradually. Then unanimous sighs of satiation exploded into the room. I glanced up at Max, wearing my affections in my smile. He returned it with one of his own--one that always makes me feel so very loved.

"Thanks, Joe," Max said, taking the towel Joe was offering. Gently, he began to wipe my face.

Once we were all fully recovered and in tact, Max took out his wallet.

"O' no, Mr. Connor, that's not necessary." Joe held up his hands and shook his head vehemently. "It was my pleasure. If ever again...I mean...well, any time, just call on me."

I should have known Max had arranged this little interlude. The man is hell-bent on fulfilling my every fantasy. Not to mention, a few of his own. I looked at him, my heart filled with love, proud to be his woman.

"Now, baby," Max said, swinging me in his arms, "why don't we go home and see about that fucking you need."

This time, I did the leading, promptly rushing us out of the club, and to the car.





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