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Thanks for considering a link exchange with me.

Sorry, I am not exchanging links with the following types of sites any more:


Adult Toys Sites

Adult Movies Sites

Escort Services

Phone Sex


Nothing illegal, no banner farms, no circle jerks, no pop-up's, no junk traffic, no funny business, period! No free hosts either, unless you're an author.

Your site must have "true" content or be a "true" links directory or top list site. Preferably story related. If your site is not story related, it has to have something really impressive to offer.

Unless it's a story SITE, DO NOT add my link to a page, 3 levels deep & no obvious link to it from the main page, then send me an email to inform me: "Your link has been added to xxx/xxx/xxx/stories.htm, & by the way, here's the information you need to add our link."  I HAAATE THAT!!!

OK, now that I've ranted about that one...

If you still want to do a link exchange, send me an email. If it looks like we can establish a good link partnership, I'll add your site as soon as I get a chance. Please remember that this is an exchange, so let's make it a fair one. I have more links than it is wise so I have been & will continue to delete links that do not send traffic for more than 3 days.

As you can see, I only do text links, so a text link back is just fine. If you're generous & want to post one of my banners anyway, click on the "banners" link below. It would be much appreciated.



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