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My collection of BDSM, D/s, & erotic stories & poems consists of my own original stories, submissions, and favorites from free sites. They include stories from published and new erotica writers. These are all free erotic stories & BDSM stories. They are mostly heterosexual stories but not all. The story theme is usually M/f but not always.

All rights are reserved. If you wish to use one of the erotic or BDSM stories, kindly obtain the author's permission.

Also, if you enjoy an author's work, take the time to let her or him know. Our creations are our pride and joy and we like hearing from you.


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"I was held captive beside her the whole time I could not stop reading. I've read it through twice now and think I'll read it again in the morning. Easily the best book I've ever read."

5/12 - Kasey

Thank you, Kasey, & everyone else who has read Isabel's story.




Daddy and Dee



Isabel's Lust

Not Enough




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Stories From Guest Erotica Authors


Alex Halley

Innocent Bliss 6-06
More Innocent Bliss 2-13


Anne Tyson

Baby Bear 2-07
(Erotic Poem)
Happy Hour 3-06
(Erotic Poem)
Queen Of Denial 3-06
(Erotic Poem)


Anne Weller

The Enhancement 3-01



Sisters! 7-07
Joan's Lesson 12-02
Back Alley 8-13
Bad Baby Girl 8-13
Bessy 8-13
Desk Lust 8-13
Going Home 8-13
In Red 8-13
Mine 8-13
Sweet Peeper 8-13



The Study 6-07
Not An Average Weekend 3-07



Aphrodite's Revenge 1-06


B. E. Thalia

Ellen's Bet 12-12


Big Red

Friends With Benefits 4-05


Brian Francis Ferguson

One In Three 4-04
One In The Same 1-04



Emily 3-08
Passion In Paradise 3-06



A Way of Life 4-03


Canadian Tease

What Are Sisters For 8-12
Gentle Hands 2-09
The Voyeur 3-09
Phone Tease 3-09


Carl LaFong

Expanded Horizons 10-09
Grudge Fuck 10-09


Chantelle O'Donnell

More Than Friends 9-06


Colleen Thomas

One Night At The Jefferson - Part 1 4-02
One Night At The Jefferson - Part 2 4-02
One Night At The Jefferson - Part 3 4-02


David Shaw

Home Sweet Homeland 12-02
Laid Aloft 12-02


Dean Rogers

The Gilded Cage 3-06



Hawaiian Lay 3-05


Don Winslow

The Kiss 5-04
So Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson 1-04
Dinner Time at Ca'del Bosco 3-03
Eyes Wide Shut 3-03
Night Hunger 8-02
Renata 8-02


Dragon Fire Stories

Teenage Crush 9-12


Electric Witch

The Voice 4-04


Emy Naso

The Girl Who Fell From Grace 9-10
A Sexual Twist 10-10


Fait Accompli

The Long Hot Summer 9-12


Frances LaGatta

The Head Hunter 9-03
Red Revenge 10-02


Helen Smith

And From Nowhere She Came 7-05



Blindfolded 9-03
The Darkness 8-02


Jack Allen

Redeye To L.A. 3-08
An Electrician's Choice 6-07
Madame Kon's Daughter 2-07
The Paper Boy 1-05
A Whisky And Lemonade 12-04
Trial By Sperm 11-04



What Happens In Vegas... 5-06


Jeremy Kennedy

Watching Out For A Friend 2-04



The Give-Away 5-08


Kelly Arthur

The Roadhouse 9-06


Ken Delbridge

A Game of Trust 9-03


Lady Yvette

Roll Of The Dice 1-07
Waiting For Him To Come 11-06


Laura Mead

The Diary Of Laura Mead - Room With A View 5-09
The Diary Of Laura Mead - Mr. Spank 5-10


Ldy Jessica

Award Ceremony
In The Long Run


Lizbeth Dusseau

I will Not Fail 2-08
Sophie Collared 2-03


Mark James

Purgatory Games 7-05


Marsha Hooper

Acrophobia 1-03


Mathew Steele

Ashley's Desktop Discipline 5-03



Andrea and Jody 12-02
LSD 12-02


Michelle Houston

Another Day At The Office 5-02



A Sweeter Kind Of Torture 9-11


Miss Irene Clearmont

The Chinese Vase 9-12


Misty Angel

A Day With Master
Master Proves A Point
Testing Waters
The Weekend


M. K. Racat

Milly And The Delivery Man 2-02



Wicked Thorns 5-02


Northern Light

Love At The 20th Floor 5-02
Starry Night 3-02



A Modern Love Story 2-03


Old Barabus

Fantasy Overload 12-02


Pain Train

Tales From The MILF Store - Part 1
Black Carrot - Part 1 4-11
Tales From The MILF Store - Part 2
She Cums Around Here Just About Midnight 5-11



Driven To The Breaking Point 2-14


Paul Taylor

Ask Me Again 2-09



In The House At The End Of The Street 3-06
Room Service 1-06
Reinventing Ashley 12-05



Inventory Control 12-02


P. T. Krys

Mr. Jonathan 12-04


Rick Canidy

Big Tipper


Rod Stiffener

Lady Jane 1-03



Illicit Liaison 6-04
Desperation 4-04



And Then You Came 8-04
A Loving Couple 8-04


The Sender

Jefferey and Jennifer 1-03



Cheating 7-06


Tom Clement

See No Evil 10-13


Voisard d'Orleans

Honor Student



Beck and Call 12-02


Zig Bushing

The Tenant 2-03
At the Window 11-02


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