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Thanks for coming in to share my preoccupation with sexual fantasies. If you're looking for a huge selection of erotic stories, you won't find it here. That's because I prefer quality over quantity.

Enjoy. Hope some of these stories are as arousing for you as they are for me.


What you'll find on this page:


Me as an erotica writer

How you can contribute

Author & webmaster Opportunities

Me as a woman


Me as an erotica writer...


I love writing erotica. I write for my own pleasure, and believe good writing comes from the heart. Some of my stories are inspired by others but the writing of it is my own.

It does take me a long time to write each story, as I put a lot of effort into capturing the precise feeling, then structuring the sentence to best express that feeling. And yes, you'll notice big differences between my older works and the more recent ones.

This site and my stories have a theme of male dominance, but that's not to say I don't post stories of other nature.

I should also tell you that my stories of domination are usually consensual. And that they have little to do with cruelty and torture even though whips, bondage, and humiliation are very present in some of them. My focus is more on the natural exchange of power that's present in every relationship between lovers (of any sex). To me, the sexual satiation of the body is only a component of the bigger picture, the satiation of the psyche.

And yes, my works have been published, both in print and e-publishing.


How you can contribute




My writing is important to me, as is your input. I can't promise to act on every constructive criticism, but I'd like to hear it. And for heaven sakes, if you like a story, tell the author. Nothing is more rewarding than a good pat on the back. It encourages us to write more.


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Link partners are the key to a site's traffic. If you're not a site owner, this is how it works: the more visitors a site sends out to another, the more it gets back. With greater traffic comes more stories for readers, and more exposure for writers. Plus, it helps me devote more time to writing instead of playing webmaster.

A note on links: I include a variety of categories so as to offer something for every taste. You'll find from raunchy to classy and everything in-between. If you know of a site that might be a good addition to my list, let me know & I'll check it out.




For Authors


I do reserve the right to edit the submissions that I decide to post but we can talk about any changes with which you don't agree. Authors will be accredited for any stories I select to post.

Please do not submit stories to me if all you're looking for is praise. I invest a lot of time in going through your story, editing, & then giving you constructive criticism. I do this because I assume you are serious about your writing & would like to improve your skills. There are many story sites that will accept anything you put out there. Mine is not one of them. Quality is what sets my site apart from mass story sites. I praise where its due, & correct what I believe is wrong. Please be absolutely sure that you can handle criticism before you send me your story. I'm only trying to help you.

Now, if I haven't scared you away & you're still interested in submitting a story for posting, e-mail it to me. Please include the story in the body of your email instead of a file attachment.

My guidelines used to be few but now... I'm getting pickier as to the quality of the stories I post on this site. So, good story, acceptable content, & good writing. Do your best before you send me your stories. That includes polished grammar & punctuation. Also, make sure to remove all styling, special characters, tables, hard line-breaks, & whatever else sneaks into the document when you're writing. I use WORD as an editor & I would much rather not see a lot of red & green lines when I paste in your story. It would be a shame not to get your "good story" posted because of sloppy work.

It does take me a long time to get around to your submissions so be patient. I'm sorry but you will not hear from me if I decide not to post your story.

If you are a seasoned author with lengthy stories, you can take a shot at publishing your stories at A1 BDSM & Erotic Stories & earn a little bit of money. Or a lot. Just make sure you sign up through my site. :) There are no fees.


A1 BDSM & Erotic Stories


For Webmasters


If you have a site & would like to exchange links with me, please click here.


Me as a woman...


My submissive nature begins and bed.



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